Performance on Demand Podcast

By Jeremy Brown

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Category: Fitness & Nutrition

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This podcast is geared towards endurance athletes looking to unlock their minds to help them access their true potential

Episode Date
A Mixed Bag of thoughts, conversations and ideas
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy talk about an assortment of things including Craig's new book, process work and more!
Jan 24, 2019
Sh*t Happens!
It happens, literally and figuratively. What can you do about it? Well we have some ideas!
Jan 24, 2019
We the Sheeple
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy talk about how many of us are often like sheep. Are you unsure what we mean? Great.. listen in for the full explanation.
Jan 24, 2019
The secret to getting shit done...revealed
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy talk with Jeremy's wife about getting s**t done. Is there one simple answer?
Jan 24, 2019
Who needs a little extra Motivation?
Listen in as Craig and Jeremy Chat about Motivation
Jan 24, 2019
Words are for the Birds
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy talk about how works are for the birds....or are they?
Jan 24, 2019
Perserverance and Farting your way to a Better Swim
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy chat with Olin Lester who is a husband, father, veteran, triathlete and a sniper for the Charlotte Police Department! There isn't much this guy doesn't do!
Jan 24, 2019
Interview with pro Triathlete Nickie Luse
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy chat with Professional Triathlete Nickie Luse
Jan 24, 2019
What is Endurance

In this episode, Craig and Jeremy chat about ... Endurance. Do you know what endurance means?
Jan 24, 2019
John Kelley, Exercise Practice and Winning the Barkley Marathons!
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy chat with Barkley Marathon finisher John Kelly. The Barkley Marathon started back in 1995. This ultramarathon trail race held in Tennessee annually is brutal as it must be completed within the 60 hour time limit. In fact, since its inception, the course has only been completed by 15 people, John is one of the elite!
Jan 24, 2019
Rob Goyen and Trail Racing Over Texas
In this podcast we are joined by Rob Goyen with Trail Racing Over Texas and No Fine Print apparel company. We talk about everything from weight loss to fitness and from pizza to fortitude!

Tune in and see what you can take away from this awesome chat!
Jan 24, 2019
Well that was Stupid
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy chat about ... well.. just listen in.
Jan 24, 2019
Don't Call it a Comeback
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy chat about comebacks. When something happens in your life that temporarily pulls you away from your training, how do you get back?
Jan 24, 2019
Engage with YOUR Moment
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy chat about engaging in the moment
Jan 24, 2019
Body Image Issues
In this episode, Craig chats with endurance athlete Michael Kloosterman about his bout with body image issues and how he has overcome to become an elite endurance athlete. If you have experienced body image issues, this is a must listen!
Jan 24, 2019
The Power of Flexibility
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy speak on the power of physical and mental flexibility
Jan 24, 2019
Performing on Demand
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy chat about the process of performing on demand and a little about how we came up with our podcast name
Jan 24, 2019
Riding the Wave
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy are excited to talk about riding the waves.. both in life and in the sport.
Jan 24, 2019
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy talk about expectations and what they do for us.
Jan 24, 2019
Take Ownership
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy talk on ownership and how it can change EVERYTHING
Jan 24, 2019
What is Value in Endurance Sports?
In this episode, Jeremy rides solo and talks of equipment and other things.
Jan 24, 2019
Be as You Are
Craig and Jeremy chat about being who you are. We often look to emulate other to achieve their level of success however your path is and will always be different. Be As You ARE! Listen in on this amazing podcast!
Jan 24, 2019
Getting Unstuck
In this Episode, Craig and Jeremy talk about why you get stuck and how to get out of it.
Jan 24, 2019
The Power of Habit
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy RANT about Habits..
Jan 24, 2019
Our Chat with Joe Friel
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy are excited to chat with the legend Joe Friel. Joe is one of the first coaches in triathlons. He is published 10 books and is a found of Listen in on this amazing podcast!

Highlight: (01:15) Introduction of Joe Friel (04:30) Tell us about your latest book "Fast over 50" (07:30) Talking about his talk at The Summit (10:45) The more Joe gave away, the more it helped him be successful (13:15) With the evolution of triathlons increase since 2000, where does Joe see the sport going and what does it need to get there (15:45) Marathons and their transitions to parades (16:50) The Why, do you see something consistent being most triathletes "WHY" (20:15) What is the key to Longevity in this sport? (23:00) What is the reason someone should hire a coach for triathlons? (25:15) How facts no longer are considered facts? (27:15) The mind should evolve (28:50) Who is your favorite Male and Female Pro? (31:00) Is there a time that is best for base training? (34:00) Rest and Recovery (37:45) Who is the next Joe Friel (44:00) The governor of our mind (45:25) The mental aspect could benefit every athlete (46:40) How to listen to Joe Friel in person (53:00) Question Time
Jan 24, 2019
Be Ready for the Call
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy chat about what it takes to be ready for the call. Always be ready as you never know when your number will be called!
Jan 24, 2019
Next Level Mindset
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy talk about taking it to the next level regardless to where you are at. Listen in...
Jan 17, 2019
Be a badass with Special Guest Jess Meyers
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy talk with one bad ass lady, Pro Jessica Meyers.. This was a blast.. you MUST listen!

Highlight: (02:00) Introduction to Pro Triathlete Jessica Meyers! (05:22) Have your motivators changed since the beginning? (08:00) Can't be afraid to work hard! (09:35) How is it being a mother of twins as a Pro Triathlete (14:15) Found out she was having Twins at the Olympic training center (22:10) I'm Busy (23:55) The power of routine (24:20) What is it you do to eliminate excuses (36:50) What is next? (38:55) BIG NEWS! Jessica has signed on with Maverick Multisport (42:30) Future Races she will be attending (47:15) How to get ahold of Jessica and how to support her! (48:36) Sponsor call out! (50:15) Question TIME
Jan 17, 2019
Get to know host Craig Willard!
In this episode, We get to know host Craig Willard like never before!
Jan 17, 2019
Get to know host Jeremy Brown
In this episode, We get to learn a little about our Host Jeremy Brown!
Jan 17, 2019
What is holding you back from your best?
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy talk about what is holding you back... and how it can have a significant impact on your performance, training and results. This is a must listen!
Jan 17, 2019
Dealing with Fear
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy chat about Fear and how to deal with it
Jan 17, 2019
Chatting with Triathlon Pro Pat Evoe
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy chat with ProTriathlete Pat Evoe about his path and include many great tips for Athletes of all levels!

Highlight: (03:20) Intro to Pat Evoe (12:50) How long did you compete Age Group before turning Pro? (21:30) Even with the risk.. It is worth it. (24:15) Creating Action..POD 021 !00% Rule (25:30) Why do you give it everything you have? (31:45) Top 3 tips for those getting into the sport and 3 tips for turning pro. (59:30) Question TIME
Jan 17, 2019
Dealing with Stress
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy talk about Stress. What is it and how to work through it
Jan 17, 2019
How to deal with downtime and a fatigued body
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy talk about downtime, how to deal with it along with a fatigued body

Highlight: (03:50) Taking some downtime (05:15) The Fatigue body (06:15) Feedback on how to mentally prepare for downtime (06:35) What you do tends to become your identity and this can lead to a loss of self (08:45) Setting that 2nd and 3rd goal (POD 008) (13:00) To take a step back doesn't mean to lose anything (14:15) How do we prepare for our plan for downtime (16:45) What can I do during downtime? (21:20) Your results are only as good as your planning (22:00) Affirmation (23:00) The 100% rule (POD episode 021) (25:00) Finding that level of acceptance (Double C - POD 029) (26:30) Trust your coach! (28:00) Grant yourself the gift of patience (29:30) Question TIME
Jan 17, 2019
Getting in the "Zone"
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy talk about Getting in the Zone.. It is after all, where you will find your peak performance!

Highlight: (02:30) What is the Zone? (04:00) Do you feel that the more you try to find the zone the less you find it. (06:30) Do you have to be a Pro to get into the zone? (09:20) What workouts create the opportunity zone? (11:10) The Zone starts with process work (12:15) One key to the Zone! (14:40) Things that keep you from being in the Zone (17:20) Focus talk.. Podcast #10 (18:10) The Zone exists... Trick to get there.. (25:40) The biggest distraction is...
Jan 17, 2019
Equipment Must Haves for Triathletes
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy talk about equipment that you, as an endurance athlete must have! This is a must listen!

Highlight: (02:30) Introduction to the top 5 list of equipment musts (03:45) Item #1 (05:45) Item #2 (09:45) Item #3 (11:00) Item #4 (12:00) Item #5 (19:40) Extra equipment #1 (23:10) Extra equipment #2 (25:50) Extra Equipment #3 (30:00) Item #1 wouldn't buy!
Jan 17, 2019
Training with a Busy Schedule - Guest Eddie V of FDNY Tri
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy talk with guest Eddie Vega who is a New York Firefighter and with to discuss managing training with a very busy schedule. This is a must listen!

Highlight: (01:25) Introduction to Eddie Vega of (05:50) What is the one key thing to making the sport and life work? (09:55) Question #1 Sleep and recovery when you have a crazy schedule (16:05) Worrying about losing the ability to perform (17:15) Goal setting (20:45) Question #2 Nutrition question about fluid consumption (24:55) Over-nutritionate! (29:25) Eating healthy who do not have access to fresh food and microwaves (37:30) Mental strength / Grit to train when its hard to get time (48:00) I'M BUSY! (52:30) Go check out http://www.FDNYTRI.COM (55:55) Question Time
Jan 17, 2019
Beliefs and their power on your Progress
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy talk about Beliefs and how they affect your performance. Beliefs are the equivalency to the foundation of a house while the house is your life.. Don't let your beliefs limit you.

Highlight: (02:28) Virtual Spin Class opportunity (Free) (04:17) Introduction to Beliefs (04:25) Are your beliefs good for you? (06:00) Difference between those who are good and great (07:00) Your beliefs is your foundation (08:00) Client example on beliefs (09:25) Top 4 beliefs for an endurance athlete. (12:20) Elephant story - Dying before you die (17:30) Some must DO before they can belief (18:25) Different kinds of people (19:30) You don't have to believe (21:00) Your belief structure is a huge component in your progress (WHY NOT??) (21:45) The power of our verbalized words (22:30) Words/Phrase that will cause you problem (23:55) Our beliefs are always true to us (28:45) Final thoughts on Beliefs (30:00) Question Time
Jan 17, 2019
The Double C Mindset
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy talk about who you are , The Double C Mindset, created by Craig Willard at, and how it can have a significant impact on your performance, training and results. This is a must listen!

Highlight: (02:30) What is The Double C Mindset? (04:20) What coaches often times miss (06:00) Jeremy's change in coaching because he learned the Double C (07:00) If your coach has a problem with your desires..this is dangerous! (08:10) Evolution can happen, just makes sure your coach knows (14:00) Understanding where you are and where you are headed (mental coaching) (17:30) The coaching connection... a point of emphasis and the quality of coaching (18:30) Share this PODCAST with your coach! (20:00) Mental coaching (21:00) Ensure your coach is on the same page! (22:00) Anxiety... we can fix that! (22:30) Goal Setting and the power of them (23:25) When do we get most frustrated (24:30) The most important thing you need to know about goal setting (26:15) A final wrap up of The Double C (30:00) Question Time
Jan 17, 2019
Base training? What? Why? I want to go FAST!
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy talk the off-season and what that looks like. The Off-Season is a must if you want to improve! Listen in on some great coaching tips

Highlight: (08:45) Intro to the Off-season (13:15) The coach must... (15:20) Talking about Podcast #3 - Trust Your Coach (17:15) Broken Bone analogy (19:15) Biggest gains are when its healing (21:00) Do most coaches agree with Off-Season perspective? (23:55) What does the Off-Season look like (31:25) Goal Setting (33:00) Great time for Mental Coaching (35:45) Mental Tip (43:45) A message from Kung Fu Panda (47:40) Off-Season Plan from (50:32) What's the Free Mental Coaching Consultation like
Jan 17, 2019
Racing with Amnesia
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy talk about the importance of having amnesia during training and racing. This is a must listen!
Jan 17, 2019
Top 10 Race Day Tips
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy tell you the TOP 10 Race Day Tips! This is a must listen!

Highlight: (01:45) The start to our Top 10 Race Day Tips (5 Performance and 5 Mental tips) (02:08) Tip #1 Trust the process (04:10) Tip #2 Don't worry about sleeping the night before (06:35) Tip #3 Trust your plan (08:25) Tip #4 No Time Expectation (09:58) Tip #5 Your own job is to eat and drink.. and obviously work (11:20) Tip #6 No Negative Self Talk (13:10) Tip #7 Control the controllable (14:50) Tip #8 Stay in the Moment (16:13) Tip #9 Savor the Journey (18:30) Tip #10 Compete or Complete mindset (know this!) Bonus Tip #11- You will have go listen but it will make a huge difference!
Jan 17, 2019
What is your Why?
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy talk to the one and only Mr. Mark Miller about his amazing run of long course racing, tips in staying in the game plus a ton of laughs!! This is a must listen!

Highlight: (01:15) Introduction to Guest Mark Miller (03:20) How do you keep going after so many races? (07:25) Dealing with POST IRONMAN Blues (10:30) What is it that makes you want to do more and giving more than you take (14:30) 3 Tips to stay in the sport for a long time (20:55) What is your favorite half and full Ironman? (23:30) Mark tells us about his background (28:00) Question Time!
Jan 17, 2019
Common Age Group Questions with POD listener Tracy Scott
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy talk to a new listener of our show. She happen to run across our podcast out of luck and loved it. We reached out to us and we brought her on the show with some age grouper questions.. A TON of info in this one folks.. GREAT PODCAST!

Highlight: (01:20) Intro into this podcast (02:00) Introduction to Tracy S (04:30) What is your WHY for racing triathlons (08:53) "You are an IRONMAN".. How sweet were those words (12:00) What did you tell yourself in order to get out of bed and workout at 4am (13:55) Age Grouper question #1 (Nutrition) (21:33) Age Grouper question #2 (pre-race preparation including mental coaching session) (38:45) Age Grouper question #3 (45:29) Conversation on Anxiety (48:20) Question Time!
Jan 17, 2019
Training for long course racing as a parent - With Special Guest Crystal Self
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy talk with triathlete Crystal Self regarding the balancing act of training for long course races while also being a parent.

Highlight: (01:40) Introduction to Mind Right Multisport athlete Crystal Self (04:15) Does a busy professional have time to train? (04:45) How do you fit everything in your schedule (11:10) Can a mother do an Ironman? (14:15) Double C Mindset (complete vs. complete) (15:25) What inspires you? (Mental Training with Craig Willard) (17:35) Demand the Impossible (18:25) Through your journey to inspire you were inspired (20:00) Do you have a quote/motto that you go back to? (22:45) If a mother is listening that feels like she can do a triathlon what would you tell them? (30:45) Helpful tips for mothers (34:15) Question Time!
Jan 17, 2019
The 100% Rule
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy talk about the 100% Rule which affects all parts of your life whether its business, life, marathons, triathlons, endurance sports and more... This is a must listen!

Highlight: (01:00) What is the 100% rule (01:38) Rest Day? Light Day? Heavy Day, Swim day? (02:22) Double C's (03:45) Giving your all? (04:18) Even during recovery? (05:33) Not every day is the same (05:58) No workout you ever regret (07:00) Always put forth the effort (08:30) How do you know you have given it all? (09:15) If you give it your all, what do you do? (10:57) REST (11:55) Its YOUR 100% (12:36) What are you doing it for? (13:22) Coaches must give their 100% too! (16:00) Give 100% of everything you do (17:20) Tips from the special forces (18:40) Athletes with bad fundamentals (19:55) Sometimes you have to slow down to speed up (21:35) The results of 100% or not.. (22:00) Why would you ever give less than your best? (24:25) Question Time!
Jan 17, 2019
Are you consistently underperforming?
In this episode, Craig and Jeremy talk underperformance, what could be happening and how to move foward

Highlight: (01:00) What is performance (05:16) Set race expectations? (06:35) External circumstances (08:00) #triexcuse (08:50) Underperforming could come from... (10:45) Burdens (11:00) What are the top three things to help get past under-performance (13:10) The coaching plan (14:00) anxiety and depressive thoughts...LET IT GO (15:20) Focus podcast mention (16:00) Mental coaching conversation (18:00) Proper goal setting (18:10) Rock in the lake (20:15) Pressure on yourself (smile) (22:30) Put in it what you want out of it (100% rule) (23:00) Question TIME!
Jan 17, 2019
Triathlon Long Course Racing Thoughts
In this episode, Craig interviews Athlete Nichole Nuccio and Tom Rehbeck about Long Course Racing! It is definitely worth the listen, especially if you like CARBS! Questions, comments or topics you would like to cover - email us at Follow us on Twitter @Performondemand Your show hosts: Craig Willard - Certified Mental/Life Coach and Owner of U-Discovered, LLC • Contact • • • • Twitter @U_discovered Guests Athlete Nichole Nuccio and Tom Rehbeck Show Highlight: (00:50) Introduction to our Guest Nichole Nuccio and Tom Rehbeck (04:00) What is long course racing (05:40) Can anyone do a long course race? (06:25) Fears, concerns and anxieties from completing your first long course (09:45) Do you have a WHY for racing a long course race (14:00) Does age matter for a long course race? (16:25) How much time is needed for preparation of a long course (19:45) Invest in a coach? (21:20) Can someone who is busy do a long course race (23:00) Have Fun / Double C (29:10) Mental part of Long course racing (33:25) Is long course racing expensive (40:30) Bike fitment (42:25) Do you find completing a long course race worth it (45:00) Dieting for a Long Course, (not what you would expect!) (48:50) What a long course diet is NOT (49:30) What is your favorite Carb? (53:25) Last thoughts and tips for the Long Course Race (59:25) Fun Question Time
Jan 17, 2019
The Taper Effect
Highlight: (02:00) What is tapering? (04:20) How long should you taper? (05:20) Things that can happen during a taper. (06:00) The mental side of tapering? (07:20) The key to tapering (09:00) What can you do mentally (13:10) One thing that less experienced athletes do (14:30) The art of setting up the appropriate taper (15:00) Debating your training at the start of taper... (15:50) 100% Effort (18:30) Mental preparation tips (21:10) Anxiety (23:00) Something you can do during taper (25:30) More mental tips for tapering (28:15) Fun Questions
Jan 17, 2019
You Are a Champion!
Highlight: (02:00) What is being a Champion? (05:40) What does a Champion to be physical? (08:00) Be a Champion today (08:45) How do you become a Champion? (13:10) How do we get out of a Non-Champion mindset (23:45) Parents and Coaching (25:10) Being a Champion drive confidence automatically (29:45) 5 Points on being a Champion (33:10) The spiraling of thoughts (36:10) Fun Questions
Jan 17, 2019
The need for an off season with Coach Derek Dalzell
Highlight: (01:30) Introduction to Derek Dalzell ( (05:50) What is "Off Season"? (06:30) Derek tells a story about his passion having an off season (08:56) Is there an average amount of off season time? (11:48) Jeremy speaks from an Athletes standpoint (12:23) Craig talk of the mental part of the Off Season (15:25) Are there goals during off season? (17:46) What about nutrition? (20:00) Two common worries with having an off season (24:00) More information on Dalzell Coaching (27:10) Is there a certain amount of time annually for downtime? (30:00) How many time a year can the body peak? (31:30) One point that helps solidity the importance of downtime (34:30) When your coach tells you that you need downtime, tips to help. (37:10) What do you do mentally for off season? (45:00) What is the most common piece of advice given to athletes and what is your favorite thing about coaching? (52:30) Final Thoughts (53:40) Question time
Jan 17, 2019
All about Confidence
Highlight: (01:30) What is confidence? (04:00) External confidence (04:50) Internal confidence / external confidence (05:30) The most powerful form of confidence (06:00) Confidence from your journey (07:00) When you lack confidence (07:30) People who tend to step outside their comfort zone are more confident (09:00) Showing confidence even when you don't have it (10:20) Confidence gained gear (12:15) Confidence = belief (14:00) Definition of confidence (16:30) What is the core of confidence (17:15) When do you feel the most/least confident? (22:48) When you don't feel confident, quick tips (25:50) How to look at your data to see growth and development (27:00) A neat way to look at how much work you have completed in preparation (28:00) Fear of failure (31:45) Our bodies governors (34:15) Fun questions
Jan 17, 2019
Your definition of success makes all the difference!
Highlight: (02:00) What is success? (05:15) Outcome goals as a level of success (07:10) Success = ?? (09:00) Does confidence connect with success (10:30) Connecting success to self (11:25) Failure doesn't exist (12:55) Happiness and success (13:30) Success formula? (14:45) Critical points on success, goal setting and success/failure doesnt determine self worth (16:15) Success doesnt equal happiness (16:45) Fears of success (18:00) Subconscious vs conscious actions, thought provoking question (19:30) How to help get away from impact of the work "success" (25:40) #1 question from any coach should be .... (27:30) Goals and success (31:20) Success comes before work, at times (31:55) Listener question (35:15) Thoughts that drive... thought (36:00) If failure is not an option (doesn't exist), what can you do? (39:00) Get a hold of us (41:00) A note to you! (42:30) Fun question time! (46:30) Final thoughts
Jan 17, 2019
The Emotional Wheel
Highlight: (01:40) How much do your emotions play in your performance/competition. (02:35) When things go south (03:00) When does your emotional state get the best of you? (03:25) When things get close, what happens? (05:40) Regrets (07:00) What happens in high stress and angry situations? (07:30) The Emotional Wheel (08:15) How do you get out of the Emotional Wheel?
Jan 17, 2019
What is the true meaning of Focus?
Highlight: (00:35) Intro into Focus. (00:50) What is Focus? (02:12) Important point to listen to. (03:35) " I don't know how to focus" (06:50) Interesting point on self-talk. (09:40) Prioritization of thought. (11:30) Potential things to focus on. (13:00) Common confusion on focus. (14:20) Exercise on the prioritization of focus question? (15:20) Focusing exercise (18:30) How Nutrition affects focus. (20:15) How music affects focus. (21:00) Focusing technique. (23:00) Length of Focus. (24:30) Specifics of focus. (25:00) Management of time. (27:00) Blog Post on Focus including tips on focusing (29:00) Closing recap and tips. (31:30) Fun questions! Must listen! (31:35) Question #1 (34:00) Question #2 (35:30) Question #3 (38:30) Crazy riddle, can you get it before we give it away? (40:00)
Jan 17, 2019
Endurance Sports as a Team Sport?
Highlight: (01:50) Why is endurance sports a team sport? (11:45) For those endurance athletes who do not have a team work with yet want more, what can developing a team do for them? (19:00) How much extra work is it to be the lead guy in a ride? What are your thoughts? (25:00) Thoughts on yoga for endurance athletes. (26:10) Thoughts on massage therapy for athletes. (26:30) Thoughts on chiropractic services for athletes. (27:00) Thoughts on strength coaching. (27:50) Thoughts on mental coaching.
Jan 17, 2019
Proper Goal Setting
Show Highlight: (00:50) How do you know when your performance in improving?(01:30) What is goal setting about? (02:10) Athletes and goal setting (02:35) Quick tips on goal setting (12:00) 3 main areas of goal setting, this is critical! (13:00) Process goals (15:50) Performance goals (16:50) Outcome goals (21:00) Adaptable goals (23:00) Jumping over process goals going straight to performance goals
Jan 16, 2019
What is an endurance coach?
Show Highlight: (01:30) What is an endurance coach? (03:40) What is the difference between good and great coaches? (06:30) Can you have more than one endurance coach? (09:04) What questions would I ask while interviewing a coach? (11:50) What does the success of a coaches athlete mean about their coaching? (15:45) Quantifiable value of a mental coach? (16:30) The value of mental coaching along with endurance coaches. (18:00) The next breakthrough in performance. (18:50) Coaching themselves? (19:00) The power of belief. (19:25) A great question to ask a potential coach. (19:30) Mental coaching questions to ask. (21:00) What fear does to some. (24:00) When is mental skills important to implement (26:00) Should coaches be your friend? (30:00) Fun question
Jan 16, 2019
Triathlon for Beginners
Show Highlight: (01:41) How do people get started in triathlons? (04:00) Information that is out on the internet. (06:20) The power of habit. (08:30) What do I focus on first... run, bike or swim? (09:15) One of the biggest problems with a new triathlete. (10:30) If I am a good runner, does focusing on biking cause me to lose running skills? (12:45) Information overload? (14:45) What is a sprint distant triathlon? (15:25) What is an olympic distant triathlon? (16:30) What is half distance triathlon? (18:10) What is a full distance triathlon? (22:30) The beauty of having a coach along this journey.
Jan 16, 2019