Mating Matters

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Dr. Wendy Walsh uses science, personal interviews and pop culture to reveal that mating strategy is the secret evolutionary motivation for most every human behavior. Let’s face it, we are wired to reproduce. So powerful is this instinct that it has secretly embedded itself in almost every human behavior. But we are so used to being human and hanging out with humans that most people can’t see it. Even when we are not thinking about sex, our ancient programming makes us respond to reproductive cues that impact just about every decision we make. On Mating Matters, Dr. Wendy Walsh looks at the biological, psychological and sociological underpinnings of love, attachment and gender dynamics. Visit for more.

Episode Date
Mothers, MILF's & Wives - Part 2
There’s probably no deeper, heart-wrenching emotional experience for women than the feelings that surround reproduction. Hope for a baby, the loss of a baby, the joy of a baby, the worry over a baby, and the feelings of sadness when a woman’s fertility window closes with no baby in sight. The risks and burden of reproduction seem to fall unfairly on women who face the challenges of survival with children in tow, and sometimes have to make heart-breaking decisions. This isn’t new. Our cave-women ancestors also faced harsh environments -- a famine a millennium ago has become a recession and job loss today.&nbsp;<br><br>Mating Matters Message Line: 323-207-8277<br>*We are currently seeking men and women who have stories, confessions, explanations or concerns about use of pornography.&nbsp;
Apr 17, 2019
Introducing: Committed Season 2
We’re back, baby! On April 11th, the Committed podcast is coming back for Season Two. Get ready to believe in love all over again as host Jo Piazza interviews couples navigating the good, the bad, the messy, the wonderful and sometimes the hilarious —-often all in the same story. As she did in season one, Piazza will cover an array of poignant and timely topics such as coping with a spouse stricken with a sudden illness, an engagement put in limbo because of immigration status, watching a husband transition to a new gender, processing the news that a newborn baby is diagnosed with a terminally ill disease, adjusting to marrying a famous person, coping with sex addiction, navigating marriage in a brothel and more.
Apr 11, 2019
Mothers, MILF's & Wives - Part 1
Motherhood is tricky. That's because motherhood is all about sacrifices and...worry. They worry about health, shelter, nutrition, education, and money. Despite this, about 80% of women become mothers one way or another, and most of the others are mothers to the village. Women have long had plenty of reproductive choices - if they have a baby, when they have a baby, with whom they have a baby, whether that baby will survive, and whether they’ll care for their own or others. If you’re a woman, there are plenty of ways to keep your genes in evolution’s chain or raise the species as a whole.&nbsp;<br><br>Mating Matters Message Line: 323-207-8277<br><br><br><br>
Apr 10, 2019
BONUS: Mating Messages of Status and Sexuality
Mating Matters has busted out a new message line for people to ask questions and tell stories. While we're super busy producing more episodes for you, we thought we could cover some other territory in the meantime. On this BONUS episode, Dr. Wendy focuses on two interesting calls she has received - one about how a short man can raise his dating status in this new world of trigger swiping dating apps; the other from a woman who got married young to a man she loves deeply, but has never been sexually attracted to. After ten years of marriage, they decided to switch to a poly amorous relationship. Tricky? Perhaps, but her actual question, though, may surprise you.<br><br>Mating Matters Message Line: 323-207-8277
Apr 03, 2019
BONUS: Evolution's Hard Truth
Evolution's Hard Truth addresses the fact that "survival of the fittest" can be a tough pill to swallow. About 10% of men never mate and about 18% of women never reproduce. Human mating is an inside job. though, and there are things you can do to make sure you find yourself a mate, if you want one. Dr. Wendy gives some tips on how we can win the mating game by raising our mate status and focusing on things we CAN control. No, you do not need to be rich and great looking, but you do need to get yourself in shape - inside and out - to be the person another person wants to be with. Use your single time to do important personal work so you're ready when someone special comes along.<br><br>Mating Matters also has a brand new message line! Call 323-207-8277 to ask Dr. Wendy a question, share your thoughts or tell us a story. We may include your voice on one of our episodes. Please know that by leaving the message you are giving us permission to use it.
Mar 27, 2019
Survival of the Gayest
Ever wonder why same-sex behavior evolved in our species? If we are wired to reproduce, being gay - and theoretically not reproducing - seems like a sure fire way for our species to struggle to exist. For the record, at this point in our evolution, humans still need an egg, sperm and a womb to reproduce. So how have people who may not reproduce stay in our gene pool? Historically, same-sex behavior actually has increased chances for survival. And did you realize heterosexual people have a&nbsp; secret advantage if they have a gay brother or sister? Mother Nature is a perfect planner. And survival of the fittest might also mean survival of the gayest.&nbsp;
Mar 20, 2019
Sexy Money
In this episode of Matting Matters Dr. Wendy explores how the pursuit of money is really pursuit of sex for men, and why it works in reverse for women; why some singles pay more for sexual opportunity than they do for rent; why prostitution rates rise when women are disadvantaged, and why the price of sex drops drastically when women rise in economic power! No matter how you reckon it, sex costs.
Mar 13, 2019
What is Love?
Art imitates life. The science of falling in love involves biological, social and psychological mechanisms. Dr. Wendy breaks down the underpinnings of everyone’s favorite drug - love -using vibrant examples from your favorite movies.&nbsp;
Mar 06, 2019
Dating App-athy
How dating apps can change your brain and bio-hack your evolutionary programming…unless you use them correctly.
Feb 27, 2019
The God Who Clubs
Religions created rules around dating, mating and procreating to increase reproduction and membership. If you don't know someone, but you know they share the same religion, or tribe, there is almost instant trust. Hint: the more punitive the God, the faster a religion grows.&nbsp;
Feb 21, 2019
The Trouble with Testosterone
How this hormone can affect a man’s ability to fall in love, and, in high testosterone men, increase death rates. Why we evolved to have some low testosterone men even while the pharmaceutical industry has turned it into a diagnosis.
Feb 07, 2019
Hidden Eggs (Ep.1)
Concealed fertility in humans has contributed to the sexual double standard, good dads, and strippers who make more money when they ovulate.&nbsp;<br><br><br><br><br><br><br>
Feb 07, 2019