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The new and the next is in OZY’s DNA. In The Future of X, OZY fast-forwards 50 years to explore the industries and domains that will shape our world, and some of the dreamers doing the shaping. First up from our host, Carlos Watson? Health care in 2069.

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Bonus: The Future (of Health) Is Female

On today’s bonus episode, Carlos sits down with two leaders from the world of health care to talk about their visions of the future — including their biggest fears. We speak with Debra Canales, executive vice president and chief administrative officer at Providence St. Joseph Health, a nationwide not-for-profit health system worth more than $25 billion. Canales is part of the majority-female senior leadership team — a rarity in the health care sector. She shares her personal story of #MeToo and discusses the role of women in the future of health care and a theme that keeps coming up: the importance of humanity in a tech-focused future. But first, we speak with Rod Hochman, the president and CEO of PSJH. He tells us about what the past means for the future of health, and some of the ethical questions that surround the groundbreaking advances ahead.

Apr 10, 2019
The Future of Dying: One Helluva Trip

What will dying look like after all diseases have been eradicated? Thanks to “psychedelic-assisted therapies,” heading into the great unknown in the future could be an exciting trip, rather than a dreaded crisis. In this episode, we talk to medical professionals about reversing the aging process, dying peacefully, body farming and achieving “digital immortality.”

Mar 26, 2019
The Future of Mental Health: Control-Alt-Delete Depression

In this episode we start in 2069 — when we just might be able to delete mental illness from our brains — and work back to the present. On the way, we learn about “neurodiversity” and how conditions like hypomania could come to be valued, and we speak to Arianna Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post who created a wellness startup after collapsing with exhaustion. Is the future about hacking our bodies to turn us into “short sleepers” who only need four hours a night?

Mar 19, 2019
The Future of Doctors: Digital Tattoos and Cut-Price Care

The U.S. is home to 18 million health care workers. But how will our relationship with them change, and how will care, like online shopping, come to us? In this episode we explore operating rooms on flatbed trucks, transhumanism and how we'll pay for the future of health.

Mar 12, 2019
The Future of Illness: When Loneliness Replaces Cancer

Welcome to the year 2069. The good news? Cancer has become a mere inconvenience. The bad? It’s been replaced by an epidemic that's far more sinister, spawning solo karaoke booths and one-person restaurant tables. In the first episode of The Future of X: Health, we explore the diseases we've yet to recognize, the next wave in biotech and how researchers are learning to hack our immune systems to cure conditions like Parkinson’s. Plus: Learn to watch out for "genetic discrimination" by your insurance company.

Mar 05, 2019
The Future of X: Health

Scrubs: check. Scalpel: check. VR headset and emotional well-being monitor: check, check.

Technology is having an increasing impact in the operating theater and beyond. Yet, as experts reveal in The Future of X: Health, patient treatment in 50 years' time won't be based entirely on robots or advanced A.I., but rather on raw human connection.

In this five-part series, in partnership with PSJH, OZY paints a picture of health care in 2069, from the chronic diseases we don't yet recognize to a world without hospitals.

Mar 01, 2019