Morning Meditations

By Nathan Cook

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Category: Government & Organizations

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These meditations are 5-10 minute segments to help focus on what God might want for us in the new day!

Episode Date
October 18- Knowing Where Our Hope Resides
Today we read Psalm 39 and realize that our hope is not in our own willpower or in our possessions, but in God alone!
Oct 18, 2019
October 17- Giving thanks because God is Good
In this episode, we hear Psalm 100 which reminds us to give thanks and praise to God because he is good and faithful!
Oct 17, 2019
October 16- Becoming an Ambassador
In this episode we look at the transforming grace of God that, not only reconciles is to God, but makes us ambassadors for God in the world!
Oct 16, 2019
October 15- Our Days are Numbered
In this episode, we learn from the psalms that knowing that our days are numbered brings wisdom.
Oct 16, 2019
October 14- Finding Meaning in Every Time!
In this reading from Ecclesiastes, we learn that the secret to a good life is learning to trust God for the time and place we are today and enjoy the work we are given to do!
Oct 16, 2019
October 13- Hearing the Voice
In this meditation we see Saul who went from knowing about God to hearing God’s voice!
Oct 16, 2019
October 12- The Wisdom of the Spirit
In this reading, we learn about the wisdom of the Spirit and having the mind of Christ!
Oct 16, 2019
October 11- Because we WANT to!
In this reading from 1 John, we realize that when we put our faith in Christ, the end result is obedience!
Oct 16, 2019
October 10- Desiring to Please God
In this meditation we learn that the Spirit prays for us when we don’t know what to pray. We trust that our desire to please God does in fact please God!
Oct 15, 2019
October 9- The Lord Is Near
In this famous passage about bringing our requests before God, we see that the underlying understanding that leads us to present our requests to God is that the Lord is near!
Oct 11, 2019
October 8- Learning to Discern
In this episode we learn that we are called to discern between true and false teaching as the Spirit leads us both as individuals and as a church and as we evaluate our lives to see if they are becoming more loving!
Oct 11, 2019
October 7- New Life in Desert Places
In this meditation, we hear the word of the Lord through Isaiah and are reminded that even in desert places, God is bringing life!
Oct 09, 2019
October 6- Cast All Your Anxiety on God
In this reading from 1 Peter, we are encouraged to trust God rather than our own abilities and to cast our worries, fears and anxiety on God who will then strengthen us!
Oct 09, 2019
October 5- Trusting God for Today and the Future
In this episode, Jesus talks about the end of the temple and the world. We are encouraged to live alert, trusting God for whatever may come.
Oct 05, 2019
October 4- From the Inside Out
Jesus is questioned about why he doesn’t wash his hands and he points the Pharisee to the understanding that it is what is inside a person that makes them unclean!
Oct 04, 2019
October 3- Generously Scattering Seeds
In this episode, we examine the parable of the sower and learn that, not only should our hearts be good soil, but that we also should scatter seeds of the word everywhere, never knowing where something might sprung up!
Oct 03, 2019
October 2- Concealing or Confessing
In this passage from Luke 12, we are five. The warning that what is on the inside of our hearts will eventually be shown for what it is and we are encouraged to confess rather than conceal.
Oct 03, 2019
October 1- Not Just Another Law
In this episode, we hear Jesus restating the command of murder to include even hatred, and we realize that this is more than another law.
Oct 01, 2019
September 30- The Secret to Finding Peace
In this episode we learn that replacing worry with trust and prayer allows us to release our concerns to God and finally be at peace!
Sep 30, 2019
September 29- God Our Refuge
In this episode, we see that when we realize God is all we have, we find God is all we need!
Sep 29, 2019
September 28- Wise Enough to Know What We Don’t Know
In this episode, we see two kinds of wisdom and we are called to seek wisdom that bring peace and not division.
Sep 28, 2019
September 27- When Jesus Heals
In today’s episode, we examine the story of Jesus healing a man who has been crippled his entire life.
Sep 27, 2019
September 26- Putting On and Taking Off
In this reading, we realize that there are some things that we need to “put on” in our struggle against the principalities and powers of evil in our world!
Sep 26, 2019
September 25- Finding the Straight Path
In this episode, we find that trusting in the wisdom of God helps us find the path that leads to life!!
Sep 25, 2019
September 24- Receiving the Gospel and Entrusting Ourselves to God
In this episode, Paul reminds Timothy of the Gospel he has received by grace and also challenges him to entrust himself to God.
Sep 24, 2019
September 23- Not Just Talking About It
Today, we hear Jesus teaching about putting his words into practice, and how this creates a strong foundation for our lives!
Sep 23, 2019
September 22- Choosing the Better Thing
In this episode, we hear Jesus encouraging Martha to choose worship over busy-ness.
Sep 23, 2019
September 21st- We are Not Alone in Our Temptation
In this episode, we learn that Jesus was tempted in every way that we are and did not sin. So we are not alone, Jesus understands our temptation!
Sep 23, 2019
September 20- Surrendering Our Will
In this episode we hear Jesus saying that those who follow him must take up a cross and follow him, surrendering their will to His.
Sep 23, 2019
September 19th- Failure Isn’t Final
In this episode, we witness Peter’s failure on the night of Jesus death. We realize that even though Peter failed miserably, with Jesus, failure is never final!
Sep 23, 2019
September 18- Testing is Pure Joy
In this reading from James, we realize that we can consider it joy when our faith is tested, because that is the only way we grow deep roots!
Sep 18, 2019
September 17- Feasting on the Word
In this episode we learn that Jesus has the opportunity to short-circuit the cross and drew upon scripture to resist!
Sep 18, 2019
September 16- Our Response to Temptation
In this episode, we learn that God will always provide a way out of temptation when we call on him!
Sep 18, 2019
September 15- Not-So-Doubting Thomas
In this episode, we see that Jesus is constantly nudging us towards faith!
Sep 18, 2019
September 14- Faith Credited as Roghteousness
In this episode, we learn that it was Abraham’s faith that was credited as righteousness, not any observance of the law
Sep 18, 2019
September 13- Where Else Could We Go?
In this reading, we see that some of Jesus’ disciples are having a hard time with Jesus teaching and begin to desert him. When Jesus asks the 12 if they want to leave to, they respond by saying, “Where else could we go?”
Sep 13, 2019
September 12- Is Anything Too Hard for the Lord?
In this episode, God visits Abraham and tells him that Sarah will have a son. Sarah learns that nothing is too hard for the Lord!
Sep 12, 2019
September 11- Faith Amidst the Waves
In this episode we learn that spending time in prayer and putting our faith in Christ are two essential elements of being a follower of Christ!
Sep 11, 2019
September 10- Christ as Sacrifice and High Priest
In this reading from Hebrews, the writer urges followers of Christ to draw near to God because Christ has made the most holy place accessible!
Sep 10, 2019
September 9- Having Great Faith
In today’s reading we see that a Centurion comes to Jesus in humility and trusting that his servant would be healed at Jesus’ command. We are challenged to learn to humble ourselves and trust Christ today!
Sep 09, 2019
September 8- Knowing Christ
In this episode, we learn that entering through the narrow gate is about knowing Christ rather than trying harder!
Sep 08, 2019
September 7- Discipleship Simplified
In this episode, we see Jesus calling his disciples and we realize the simple nature of being a disciple of Christ.
Sep 07, 2019
September 6- Losing Our Life and Finding It
In this episode we see that following Jesus means taking up a cross, and Jesus warns his followers not to lose their soul in gaining the world!
Sep 06, 2019
September 5- Getting Rid of Our Excuses
In this meditation, we look at three examples of people who give excuses about following Jesus.
Sep 06, 2019
September 4- The God Who is Patient With Us!
In this reading we see that Jesus surrenders to the will of the Father and is patient with his disciples who fall asleep in his hour of need.
Sep 06, 2019
September 3- A House that is NOT Divided
In this episode, we hear Jesus being accused of casting our demons by the prince of demons. Jesus argues that a house divided against itself will not stand, and we learn that ultimately purity of heart is to Will one thing!
Sep 05, 2019
September 2- Everyone Who Looks to Jesus Will Be Saved
In this reading Jesus is teaching Nicodemus and he uses the story of Moses lifting a serpent up in the wilderness as an analogy to Jesus being lifted up on a cross.
Sep 05, 2019
September 1- NOTHING Can Separate Us
In this reading, we learn that God has chosen us and that NOTHING can separate us from God’s love!
Sep 03, 2019
August 31- Humility and Trust
In this reading from 1 Peter, we learn that no matter our role in the faith community, it is through humility and trust that we are strengthened as disciples.
Sep 03, 2019
August 30- Citizens of Heaven
In this episode, Paul urges the Philippian church to understand themselves as citizens of heaven first and foremost!
Sep 03, 2019
August 29- Lord Strengthen My Hands
In this episode from Nehemiah 6, we realize that whenever we are seeking to do the things God has called us to do, that we may face opposition. Even though we may be tempted to despair and give up, maybe a better prayer to pray is “Lord, strengthen my hands!”
Aug 29, 2019
August 28- God is Faithful Even in the Times of Testing
In this reading from 1 Corinthians, Paul is warning his readers to learn from Israel’s mistakes and promises them that God will be faithful to them even in the times of testing.
Aug 28, 2019
August 27- Exercising Faith Through Obedience
In this reading from Genesis 22, we see that Abraham exercises his faith through trust and obedience!
Aug 27, 2019
August 26- By Faith
In this reading from Hebrews 11, we hear that faith is really shown to be faith when we can’t see how things might work out!
Aug 27, 2019
August 25- Knowing Christ and Making Him Known
In this episode, Paul is talking about people whose “god is there stomach” and whose “glory is in their shame.” He calls followers of Christ to live as citizens of heaven!
Aug 27, 2019
August 24- On Sustanance
In those reading from Matthew 4, we learn that there are things that sustain us that are great than food!
Aug 27, 2019
August 23- Radiant Faces
In this episode we see that Moses’ fast leads to an encounter with God where his face reflects the radiance of God!
Aug 23, 2019
August 22- Fasting is Feasting
In this episode we see Jesus in the wilderness choosing to feast on God’s word instead of give in to those things that often exercise control in our lives!
Aug 22, 2019
August 21- Fasting in Secret
In this reading from the sermon on the mount, we hear Jesus warning his disciples not to draw attention to their fasting.
Aug 21, 2019
August 20- A Time for Feasting and A Time for Fasting
In this reading, we see that Jesus’ disciples are not fasting. Jesus says that they will, but that the new thing he is doing will bring about a new way of even fasting.
Aug 20, 2019
August 19- It’s Harvest Time
In this episode, we see that Jesus is more concerned about doing the work of God than even eating. We also learn that others have gone before us and that God is working around us, which means that harvest time is NOW!
Aug 20, 2019
August 18- The God Who Sanctifies
In this episode, we hear some final admonition to the Thessalonian Church and we discover that it is ultimately God who sanctifies. We are then invited to respond!
Aug 18, 2019
August 17- Concerning the Sauls of the World
In this episode, we look at the Role of Ananias and discover that God sees the potential in even the Sauls of our world.
Aug 18, 2019
August 16- Friends for the Journey

In this episode, we examine the relationship of David and Jonathan and realize that the life of faith is one that is best lived in Community!

Aug 16, 2019
August 15- What Jesus Looks Like
In this reading from Philippians, Paul lifts up two examples who are noteworthy simply because their lives look like Jesus!
Aug 15, 2019
August 14- Brothers and Sisters “In Christ”
In this episode we examine the book of Philemon and discover that the gospel breaks through social constructs and makes us brothers and sisters in Christ!
Aug 14, 2019
August 13- Faithful Leadership
In this reading from 1 Timothy, we hear the qualifications of leaders while maintaining a balance between qualifications and legalism.
Aug 13, 2019
August 12- Serving One Another In Love
In this reading, Jesus washes his disciples feet and teaches them that service is the way of the Kingdom of God.
Aug 13, 2019
August 11- Intro to Luke’s Gospel
In this reading we hear the beginning of Luke’s Gospel and we are challenged to believe his account of who Jesus is!
Aug 13, 2019
August 10- Christmas in August
Today, we look at the story of the shepherds and the Angels and we realize that God often shows up in the midst of the ordinary.
Aug 13, 2019
August 9- God's Faithfulness and Our Response

In this reading from 1 Chronicles, we are ushered into a scene where the Ark of the Covenant is being brought to Jerusalem and David sings a psalm that remembers God's faithfulness and calls God's people to be faithful to the covenant that God established with their forefathers.

Aug 09, 2019
August 8- Practicing What You Preach
In this episode, Paul is letting the Corinthian know that he is not only writing about the faith but will live it out before them when he is present with them. We are challenged to live out what we know as well...
Aug 08, 2019
August 7- Treasure in Jars of Clay
In this meditation, we hear Paul reminding his readers that our own frailty and weakness only serves to reveal the power of God that is at work in us in the New Creation.
Aug 07, 2019
August 6- Blessed in the One who Trusts in the Lord
In this reading from Jeremiah, we learn that the one who trusts in the Lord will be like a well watered tree!
Aug 06, 2019
August 5- The Practice of “Putting On”
In this episode on the armor of God, we look at the idea that we care called to put on some things as Christians.
Aug 06, 2019
August 4- Scripture is God Breathed
In their episode we read a letter from Paul that admonishes Timothy to stick to the teaching he has learned and to realize that scripture has everything he needs to live the Christian life
Aug 06, 2019
August 3- Hearing The Testimony About Jesus
In this meditation, we see Jesus accusing The religious leaders of refusing to listen to the testimony from John, from the Father and even from Moses through the scriptures. We are challenged to allow the word of God sink into our bones as we seek to listen to the testimony about Jesus in the text.
Aug 03, 2019
August 2- God Has Given Us Everything You Need
In this reading from 2nd Peter, we realize that God has given us everything we need for godliness.
Aug 02, 2019
August 1- Live the Truth You Know Today
In this meditation, we realize that the laws of God are not far from us, they are actually written on our hearts.
Aug 01, 2019
July 31- Becoming HOLY (Wholly) Love
In this episode, we look at a scripture from 1 Peter that encourages the Church to “Be Holy because I am Holy.”
Jul 31, 2019
July 30- When Our Masks Are Gone

In this reading from Hebrews, we see that the Word of God has the power to unmask us, but that what we find in a savior who is our great high priest and offers us mercy instead of judgement!

Jul 30, 2019
July 29- The Truth Will Set You Free
In this meditation we learn that it is by continuing in the word (through obedience) that we are ultimately set free!
Jul 29, 2019
July 28- Seek God, Seek Wisdom

In this episode, we are encouraged to seek wisdom. We learn that ultimately God is the giver of all wisdom, so it is in finding God that we find wisdom and are led in ways of LIFE!

Jul 29, 2019
July 27- What’s on the Inside Eventually Comes Out
In this meditation from Luke 8, we learn that eventually everything inside makes its way outside. So ultimately we need a transformation of the heart!
Jul 27, 2019
July 26- Moving From the Letter if the Law to the Spirit of the Law
In this reading from Psalm 119, we hear once again that the law is for our good and that it is through allowing God to be our teacher that we move from the letter to the Spirit of the Law.
Jul 26, 2019
July 25- Participating in the Divine Nature
In this reading from 2nd Peter 1, we learn that God has given us the power to live lives of godliness and that it is through participation in the divine nature that we ultimately are able to love!
Jul 25, 2019
July 24- Remembering the Words of God
In this episode we hear the command to the king to listen and obey to the words of God as the leader of the people.
Jul 24, 2019
July 24- Training Ourselves in Godliness
In this meditation from 1 Timothy, we see Paul encouraging Timothy to devote himself to the reading of scripture, preaching and teaching. In this way, both he and his hearers will be saved.
Jul 23, 2019
July 22- Thinking and Putting Into Practice
In this meditation from Philippians 4, Paul tells the church to focus on the good and to put the teachings they have heard and seen modeled into practice.
Jul 22, 2019
July 21- Having the Heart of God
In this meditation, we see Jesus at odds with the religious leaders because they want to look good in front of other people instead of caring about what God cares about!
Jul 22, 2019
July 20- Be Strong and Corageous

In this meditation from Joshua, we see that Joshua is being called to trust God. To be strong and courageous knowing that God was going to be with him!

Jul 22, 2019
July 19- Meditating on God's Law

In Psalm 109, we are reminded that in meditating on the law of God the psalmist finds real life. We are challenged to meditate on God's law so that we can live in life-giving ways!

Jul 19, 2019
July 18- Remembering the God Who Brought Us Here

In this reading from Deuteronomy, the nation of Israel is reminded to Love the LORD with all their hearts and to love the widow, orphan and stranger in their midst. The reminder is that their very existence comes from God and so they should treat people graciously- the way God has treated them!

Jul 18, 2019
July 17- Ready to Listen and Obey
Today we look at the parable of the rich man and Lazarus and we learn that today we have the opportunity to hear God and to obey in tangible ways!
Jul 17, 2019
July 16- Becoming Wise and Gracious in Our Interactions with Others
In this reading from Colossians, we hear the admonition of Paul for the church to make the most of its interactions with those outside the faith.
Jul 16, 2019
July 15- You Are Going to Die... And That's Good News

In this reading from Ecclesiastes, we learn that if we can fight our culture's obsessive denial of death, we might just find life on the other side.

Jul 15, 2019
July 14- Praying For Leaders and Praying in Unity

In this reading from 1 Timothy, we learn that we are called to pray for our leaders, and that when we pray together we should be unified. This echoes the teaching of Jesus in the sermon on the Mount.

Jul 15, 2019
July 13- The Sacrifice and High Priest

In this reading from Hebrews, we learn that Jesus is interceding for us. We also see that Jesus' High Priesthood is not based on bloodline, but on his obedience to God. In this obedience, Jesus becomes both sacrifice and high priest.

Jul 15, 2019
July 12- Nothing Can Separate Us
In this meditation, we learn that God has predestined us to be conformed into the image of Christ and that nothing can separate us from the love of God. It might be just our unwillingness to receive God’s love that keeps us from everything God wants for us!
Jul 12, 2019
July 11- The Will of God Simplified
In this reading from 1 Thessalonians 5, we learn some simple ways to live in God’s will for us!
Jul 11, 2019
July 10- Confessing Our Corporate Sins

In Psalm 106, we learn the practice of confessing our corporate sins before God and trusting that God is merciful and that God's love brings transformation in our lives as we confess our sins to our Creator.

Jul 10, 2019
July 9- Trusting God and Praying Responsibly
In this reading from 1 Samuel, we learn that we are called to both trust God to be our Lord and take responsibility to pray for those within our charge.
Jul 09, 2019
July 8- Learning Intercession From Moses
In this episode, we see Moses pleading Israel’s case before God and we learn that we too can intercede for friends and family before the Lord.
Jul 08, 2019
July 7- Praying in our Brokenness
In this reading from 1 John, we are called to pray for our brothers and sisters who fall into sin, being reassured that we are children of God! We learn to pray for one another in our brokenness.
Jul 08, 2019
July 6th- Asking in JESUS Name
In this reading from John 14, we are assured that we have whatever we ask when we ask in Jesus’ name.
Jul 08, 2019
July 5- Pleading for Sodom

In this meditation, we learn from Abraham to pray for even those places in our city that might seem like lost causes...

Jul 05, 2019
July 4- Praying MORE!

In this famous passage from James on prayer, we see that, while we often focus on healing, the book of James might be instructing us to pray MORE and believe that God can do all things!

Jul 04, 2019
July 3- Trusting that God Wants Our Best

In this teaching of Jesus, we see that God wants to give good things to those who ask him!

Jul 03, 2019
July 2- Praying Specifically
In this reading from the first chapter of Colossians, we learn ways that we can pray for the people around us!
Jul 02, 2019
July 1- Constantly Praying
In this meditation we hear Paul’s reminder that the Thessalonians are constantly being prayed for and we are encouraged to have people that we constantly pray for as well.
Jul 01, 2019
June 30- God Who is Merciful
In this episode that culminates a week about confession, we see that when we turn towards God in confession, God is merciful towards us!
Jun 30, 2019
June 29- Finding Mercy
In this simple proverb, we find that confessing our sins helps us find mercy, but concealing them brings chaos in our lives.
Jun 29, 2019
June 28- Confession is Good for the Community
In this episode, we hear three verses from Nehemiah where the people of God seek to live faithfully to the covenant after exile by focusing on scripture, confession, and worship together!
Jun 28, 2019
June 27- God Remembers the Covenant
In this passage in Leviticus, we hear that even when the worst happens to Israel in the exile, if they will confess, God will remember the covenant he made with their ancestors!
Jun 27, 2019
June 26- EVERYONE Who Calls on the Name of the Lord Will Be Saved!
In this reading from Romans we learn that it is not our outward following of the law that saves us but believing and trusting in Jesus!
Jun 26, 2019
June 25- Staying Faithful
In this passage from Hosea, we learn that, much like a marriage covenant, it matters that we are faithful to God in the way we love each day!
Jun 26, 2019
June 24- Grace Leads to Obedience
In this episode, we hear from the book of first John that once we have been set free from sin, we shouldn’t return to sin. Also, we learn that obedience is the result of our experience of the love of God!
Jun 26, 2019
June 23- Mary and the Upside Down Kingdom
In this episode, we learn from Mary’s song that God’s kingdom is one in which the humble and hungry are filled with good things and the rich go away empty.
Jun 23, 2019
June 22 - Our First Love
In this episode, we hear the words to the church at Ephesus to return to their first love!
Jun 22, 2019
June 21- Seeing God in Suffering
In this reading from Job, we learn that it might be in our most difficult times that we get a new vision of who God is!
Jun 21, 2019
June 20- When Faith is Proven to be Genuine
In their episode we hear the words from first Peter that call us to faithfulness in the midst of suffering. It is in these times that our faith is shown to be “pure.”
Jun 20, 2019
June 19- The God Who Makes Order Out of Chaos
In this episode we look at the creation story and realize that the God of scripture is a god who makes order in our lives that are often chaotic and empty.
Jun 19, 2019
June 18- God is With Us in the Dark Place
In this passage from exile, Israel is reminded that God will be with them in the darkest moments of their lives as a people!
Jun 18, 2019
June 17- The Shema
This meditation looks at the heart of the Hebrew commandments, the “Shema.”
Jun 18, 2019
June 16- Learning the Shepherd’s Voice
In this episode, we learn that when we know the voice of the Good Shepherd and follow that voice, we experience abundant life!
Jun 16, 2019
June 15- God Our Refuge
In this meditation we learn that a high view of God leads us to put our trust in God, our refuge. Ultimately, this leads to peace!
Jun 15, 2019
June 14- Better to Be Silent than Thought a Fool

In this meditation, we hear wisdom from Proverbs that being silent is better than opening your mouth. Even fools are thought wise when they keep silent!

Jun 14, 2019
June 13- Changed by God’s Presence
In this episode, we look at Elijah in the midst of a crisis. We realize that God often offers us His presence rather than answers to our questions.
Jun 13, 2019
June 12- The Sacrifice of Fools
In this episode, we learn that we shouldn’t be hasty to speak before God because this is the sacrifice of fools. Rather, we should humbly understand our limitations before God.
Jun 12, 2019
June 11- Taming the Tongue
In this meditation we look at James’ words about the power of our tongues for good or for evil!
Jun 11, 2019
June 10- Opening the Door Through Silence
In this episode we re-examine the passage about opening the door of our heart with the understanding that silence is one of the ways that we open the door to hear God’s voice!
Jun 10, 2019
June 8- Two Kinds of People
In this episode, we see Jesus at the home of Simon the leper where he is anointed by a woman with alabaster. We also see the religious leaders plotting to kill Jesus. Which type of person will we be?
Jun 08, 2019
June 7- Remember

In this episode, Samuel sets up an Ebenezer (stone of help) to remind him that God had helped him in the past. We also look at the idea of hope where we believe that the God who has been with us in the past will be with us in the future.

Jun 07, 2019
June 6- Realizing We are Poor

In this episode, we hear God telling the Church at Laodicea that their ease and comfort have made them lukewarm. We discuss how understanding our own poverty allows us to have fellowship with God and be God's holy people. 

Jun 06, 2019
June 5- When Ritual Comes to Life

In this meditation, we find the instructions for building the temple. We realize that creating sacred spaces and participating in rituals help shape and form us when they serve to remind us that God is with us!

Jun 05, 2019
June 4- An Encounter that Leads to Obedience
In this episode we see Jesus transfigured before Peter, James and John and we realize that the correct response to a new revelation of God is obedience!
Jun 04, 2019
June 3- God is Doing More than You Know
In this meditation we find Elijah feeling alone and defeated when he hears the gentle whisper of God and is reminded that God is doing more than he knows!
Jun 03, 2019
June 2- Trusting and Delighting In God
In this episode we look at a famous passage of scripture that might not mean what we think it means!
Jun 02, 2019
June 1- Living in the House of God
In today’s meditation we look at the “Jacob’s Ladder” passage. We are challenged to realize that wherever we go as those who have received the Holy Spirit by faith becomes the House of God!
Jun 01, 2019
May 31- Taught By Christ

In this meditation we see that Paul is making a case that those who are trying to push Jewish practices on the Gentiles are missing the point. Instead, Paul's conversion came with a direct encounter with Christ, and our transformation will as well!

May 31, 2019
May 30- Not Our Will

In this episode, we learn that the battle of our will is often waged in solitude. We see Jesus surrender his will to the Father in the garden and realize that surrendering our will might almost look more like a wrestling match!

May 30, 2019
May 29th- A Time for Everything

In this meditation from Ecclesiastes, we learn that there is a time and a season for everything. We also discover that understanding our own mortality can lead us to receive each day as a gift from our Creator and help us live life to the FULL!

May 29, 2019
May 28- Faith Tested in the Wilderness
In this episode, we see Jesus Tested I’m the wilderness. We learn that often the true test of our faith comes in times where comfort and ease are stripped away.
May 28, 2019
May 27- Our Need for Solitude
In this meditation, we see Jesus’ example of drawing away for time woth the Father in solitude and we realize that we need moments of solitude in our lives as well!
May 27, 2019
May 26- Living Water In Jesus
In this meditation, we see Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacles offering living water to all who believe in Him!
May 26, 2019
May 25- All Creation Groans
In this episode, we look at Paul’s picture of the cosmic aspect of the renewal of all things. We are called to wait patiently in hope for our full redemption!
May 25, 2019
May 24- God's People, God's Representatives

In this meditation on 1 Peter, we see that the Gentiles are being reminded that they are being built into God's temple. They are the place where the presence of God dwells. The people are also called to be a royal priesthood, representing God to those around them!

May 24, 2019
May 23- What We Value

In this meditation, we look at Mary, who poured out an alabaster jar on Jesus' feet. We learn that there are moments when value systems break down and the things we truly value are brought to light.

May 23, 2019
May 22- Least is Greatest

In this meditation, we see that true greatness lies in allowing ourselves to become the least. Jesus also encourages his disciples to remember that whoever is not against them is with them. We are challenged to do small things with great love today!

May 22, 2019
May 21 - Finding God in the Wilderness

In this episode, we examine Psalm 63 where God finds himself in the wilderness and seeks God in the middle of a dry land. We also learn that we can find joy in the shadow of God's wings.

May 21, 2019
May 20- I Want to Know Christ

In this meditation, we look at Paul's letter to the Thessalonians and his desire to count everything else as garbage for the sake of knowing Christ. Even sharing in Christ's sufferings in order to share in Christ's resurrection...

May 20, 2019
May 19- Living Quietly
In this passage, the Church is instructed to live differently than the world around them. Part of that difference is to live quiet lives, to mind their own business and to work.
May 19, 2019
May 18- The Way to Life
In this episode we see Israel instructed to build an altar to God. We learn that the altar is a reminder that the ways of the peoples around them bring ruin, while the commands bring life!
May 18, 2019
May 17- Being In the Father’s House
In this reading from Luke 2, Jesus gets left in the temple. Jesus is willing to listen and be taught, and expects that his parents would know that he would be in his Father’s house. Could the same be said if us?
May 17, 2019
May 16- Offering Up Our Everyday Lives
In this episode, we examine the passage in Romans 12 that calls us to be living sacrifices. We realize that, rather than expecting God to show up in some set aside worship space, we can worship God through the most boring and routine parts of our lives!
May 16, 2019
May 15- Offering Our Talents to the Lord
In today’s meditation we look at the parable of the talents and we are challenged to place our work as an offering before the Lord!
May 15, 2019
May 14- Living Prepared for Christ’s Return
In this episode, we learn that living in such a way that our life honors God means that we will be ready no matter when Christ should return.
May 14, 2019
May 13- He Must Become Greater
In this episode, we hear John the Baptist’s words to his disciples that Jesus must become greater and he must become less. This would be a great way for us to live as well.
May 13, 2019
May 12- Humility Before God
In this episode we look at the parable of the Tax Collector and the Pharisee and realize that we all need mercy when approaching God!
May 12, 2019
May 11- While We Were Still Sinners
In this meditation we look at the argument of Paul that if we were made right with God through the death of Jesus while we were still sinners, how much more will we be made alive through the resurrection life of the Risen Christ!
May 11, 2019
May 10- Find wisdom, Find life
In this episode, we look at wisdom and how those who find wisdom find life!
May 10, 2019
May 9- Full of Grace And Truth
In this episode, we listen to the beginning of the gospel of John. We examine Jesus as the one who “moves into the neighborhood” and come full of grace and Truth!
May 09, 2019
May 8- The Commands as a Way to Life
In this episode, we look at the Ten Commandments and we realize that even the commands in the law point us toward the abundant life that Jesus came to bring!
May 08, 2019
May 7- Giving Because We’ve Been Given
In this episode, we examine the motivation behind our giving and we realize that as our generosity is a response to God’s generosity to us!
May 07, 2019
May 6- Making the Main Thing the Main Thing
In this episode we look at the greatest commandment and we are reminded that all our other relationships are tied to the main thing, Loving God with our whole heart!
May 06, 2019
May 5- Finding Rest
In this episode, we realize that when we come to Jesus, trusting like a child, we can find rest and peace under His yoke.
May 05, 2019
May 4th- Rooted and Grounded in Love
In the letter to the Ephesians, Paul prays that they might be able to know how expansive the love of God is through the spirit that is at work within them!
May 05, 2019
May 3- Don’t Forget to Ask
In this episode we hear a familiar passage from John 15 about abiding. But today’s meditation focuses on the fact that it is God’s wi that his disciples bear fruit and that we should remember to ask God for what we need!
May 03, 2019
May 2- Out of the Heart
In this episode, we discover that it is not the observance of rituals, but rather the condition of our heart that makes us “clean” or “unclean.”
May 02, 2019
May 1- Treasure in Jars if Clay
In this episode, we realize that, although our humanity is frail, its frailty allows God to receive glory for any good that may come of our lives. Whether or not we become the people we were created to be depends, not on our talents, but our willingness to surrender to the One who makes us whole!
May 01, 2019
April 30- Completely Reborn
In this reading from John, Jesus encounters Nicodemus who learns that the work Jesus wants to do is a work that is a completely new life that only God can give us!
Apr 30, 2019
April 29- For the Lord’s Renown
In this episode, we look at the passage from Isaiah 55 where the people are called to come and drink without cost. It is a passage about the mercy of God, but also a call for the people of God to live in such a way that the Lord is glorified!
Apr 29, 2019
April 28- Seeing for Ourselves
In this episode, we look at Job who experiences God in a whole new way during suffering. We are challenged to see God for ourselves, not just know ABOUT God!
Apr 28, 2019
April 27- The Tree Planted By Streams of Water

In this reading from Jeremiah, we hear the call of God through the prophet Jeremiah to trust God and not mortals. In doing so, God makes us like a tree that is near a stream which always produces fruit because it is constantly receiving from the source!

Apr 27, 2019
April 26- The Mind of Christ

In this episode, we look at the fact that the only way to discover the true nature of Christianity is to start on the journey. As we travel along this road of life, God's Spirit will conform our mind to the mind of Christ so that we will not live by the values of the current age, but of the age to come. This may seem like foolishness to those around us!

Apr 26, 2019
April 25- In Spirit and in Truth
Today we read about the Samaritan woman who Jesus offers “living water,” and discover that Jesus ultimately desires people who will worship him in spirit and in Truth!
Apr 25, 2019
April 24- To Know Christ
In this meditation we look at a passage from Philippians 3 in which Paul says that everything else is a loss compared to knowing Christ!
Apr 24, 2019
April 23- Seeing the Face of God
In this reading from Genesis 32, we realize that seeing the face of God is sometimes just a matter of holding on!
Apr 23, 2019
April 22- Who do YOU say that I am?
In this episode, we hear Jesus asking who people say that he is? It is a great question for us after Easter. To answer that Jesus is the Christ means that we will deny ourselves and take up our cross and follow!
Apr 22, 2019
April 21- Living Resurrection
On this Easter Sunday we look at the difference between knowing the facts about the resurrection and living the resurrection. It is when we really “see” the resurrection as God making all things new, we are invited to allow Christ to make us a new creation!
Apr 21, 2019
April 20- The Death of Jesus
Today we focus on the quiet darkness of Holy Saturday. It is in this quiet darkness that we examine our own mortality and give thanks for a Savior who loved us even to death on a cross!
Apr 20, 2019
April 19- The Truth of the Matter
Today we look at the interaction between Jesus and Pilate about kingdoms and Truth. We are then challenged to follow a different kind of king who is the Truth!
Apr 19, 2019
April 18- Free to Serve
In this episode, we look at Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. It is the fact that Jesus Knew who he was and why he had come to earth that allowed him to be free to serve. As we understand our identity in Christ, we are free to serve humanity as well.
Apr 18, 2019
April 17- Setting Our Faces Like Flint
In this episode we hear from the prophet Isaiah who speaks of a suffering servant who endures suffering. We realize that Jesus ultimately becomes this servant. We also realize that we can endure our suffering knowing that It is in suffering that we encounter God in new and unexpected ways!
Apr 17, 2019
April 16- Seeing Jesus in the Cross
In today’s passage from John 12, some Galileans want to see Jesus. We learn that, ultimately, we see Jesus when we look towards the cross!
Apr 16, 2019
April 15- A Fountain of Life
In this episode, the Psalmist sees God as a Fountain of life. We are challenged to seek this life like those explorers who sacrificed everything to find the Fountain of Youth!
Apr 15, 2019
April 14- His Love Endures Forever
In this episode, we look at Psalm 118, which the people quote when Jesus ride into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. We are reminded of our own fickleness of heart and of God’s steadfast love!
Apr 15, 2019
April 13- Freedom from Darkness
Today’s reading from Luke 22 looks at the plot of Judas and the Passover. It is a call for us to be willing to be honest about our own darkness and welcome the freedom from the Passover lamb, Jesus!
Apr 13, 2019
April 12- God's Steadfast Love

In this episode, we look at a couple verses in Isaiah 54 which remind us that throughout the history of Israel and the history of mankind that God's love has been steadfast and faithful to his people. Ultimately, Christ on the cross is a vivid picture of the steadfast love that God has for each of us!

Apr 12, 2019
April 11- Don't Stray From This Gospel

In the book of Hebrews 2, we are challenged to avoid drifting away from the message of the gospel that everything has been put under Chrtist's feet because he took the way of suffering and death, dying for all of us!

Apr 11, 2019
April 10- When We Don’t Understand
In this episode, Jesus tells the disciples his upcoming fate, and they can’t even comprehend it. Today we are reminded that The Spirit if Christ will help us when we don’t fully understand what it means to follow a suffering Messiah. Just keep following!
Apr 10, 2019
April 9- Abiding Amidst Antichrists

In this meditation on 1 John 2: 18-28, we hear the words to the early church to avoid being drawn in by the teachings ran run counter to Christ. (Antichrists) Instead, the Church is called to abide in Christ and thereby have confidence when Christ appears!

Apr 09, 2019
April 8- Don't Give Up on the Church

In this episode, we look at some verses from Hebrew 10 that encourage us to draw near to God, to encourage one another along the journey, and to not give up on meeting together. There is something about meeting with our brothers and sisters in Christ that encourages us on in our journey of faith.

Apr 08, 2019
April 7- When the Lord Restores Our Fortunes

The meditation today is a Psalm of Ascent. It was sung on the way to the temple in Jerusalem. It remembers how God has acted in the past and calls upon God to act in the future!

Apr 07, 2019
April 6- Trusting in the Wilderness
In this episode, Jesus is forced to live in the outskirts of town near the wilderness because there is a plot to kill him. We look at the wilderness as a place where we can learn to trust God for everything we need!
Apr 06, 2019
April 5- The Joy of Journeying Together

In this episode, we look at the church at Philippi and its members who are about to be reunited with their brother in Christ, Epaphroditus who has been sick. This passage gives us a glimpse into the joy that can be found in journeying together even when the circumstances are not ideal! 

Apr 05, 2019
April 4- Seeking the Interests of Christ

In this episode, we look at Paul's words about Timothy as one who seeks the interests of Christ and not like those who seek after their own interests. In a day where people still often seek after their own interests, the season of Lent calls us to re-examine our motivations.

Apr 04, 2019
April 3- More than Enough
Today’s meditation is about trusting the God of abundance, even when you aren’t sure about the situation you find yourself in!
Apr 03, 2019
April 2- Worshipping Together
In this episode we look at the importance of being a part of a worshipping community. We also discuss the temptation to worship other things instead of God.
Apr 02, 2019
April 1- Without Spot or Wrinkle
In this meditation we read from Revelation 19 and we realize that the powers that be in our world will ultimately now to our Lord and that the church is called to be like a bride preparing for her wedding day!
Apr 01, 2019
March 31- The Parable of the Older Brother and the Loving Father
In this episode, we look at the Parable of the Lost Son, realizing that it might be more about the Pharisees and Teacher’s of the law being the older brother.
Mar 31, 2019
March 30- Confession is Good for the Soul
In this episode we look at Psalm 32 that reminds us that the true way to a joyful life is to confess our transgressions and find forgiveness, peace and joy in God!
Mar 30, 2019
March 29- The Love of Christ Compels Us

In today's meditation, we look at the fact that it is ultimately the Love of Christ that compels us to live our lives, not for ourselves, but for Christ. It is in experiencing the Love of Christ that we love those around us.

Mar 29, 2019
March 28- A Foretaste of Glory Divine!
In this episode we hear the words of Paul from 2 Corinthians that remind us that, while our body is passing away, we are being renewed inwardly day by day!
Mar 28, 2019
March 27- Mustard Seeds and Yeast

In today's meditation, we hear Jesus' parables about the kingdom of God being like mustard seeds and yeast. When we surrender to the will of Christ, God's kingdom begins to take root in our life and change the way we think about the world and the way we live in the world. God's kingdom begins to take over our lives, our communities, and eventually our cities.

Mar 27, 2019
March 26- Live Like You Were Dying

In today's meditation, we read a Psalm of David in which David considers the brevity of life. Today we look at the idea that life is short, and that we should live each day to the fullest and listen for God's leading in our lives.

Mar 26, 2019
March 25- God's Kindness Leads to Repentance

Today's meditation is from Romans 2, where Paul is talking about our tendency to judge others. Paul assures the Church that God does not show favoritism and that the kindness of God should lead us to repentance. 

Mar 25, 2019
March 24- All Who Thirst

In this episode, we hear a call to the people of God who have been through exile. It is a call to come and drink and eat food that does not spoil. But there is a warning in the passage to seek the Lord while he may be found. Lent is a great season to seek God, trusting that God's ways are higher than our ways!

Mar 24, 2019
March 23-Good Trees and Good Fruit

This short little passage from Luke has a simple message- Good trees bear good fruit, and bad trees bear bad fruit. We look at the idea that whatever is on the inside ultimately comes out. Lent is a great time for us to examine our lives and see what kind of fruit we are producing and then ask God, our gardener, to prune and till the soil of our lives so that we can produce the fruit of the Spirit!

Mar 23, 2019
March 22- A Call to Wake Up

In this meditation we look at the word of the Lord to the church at Sardis. Although they have a reputation for being alive, they are dead. The call of God is for them to hear the word of the Lord, repent, and obey. We are called to do the same on this day!

Mar 22, 2019
March 21- Concerning Desire

Today we look at Psalm 63 where the Psalmist sees God as his ultimate desire. It brings up the question of our ultimate desires and the things that compete for our desires. And what do we do when we find our desire for God waning?

Mar 21, 2019
March 20- Strive for the Narrow Way

In this morning meditation, we look at one of Jesus parables about the banquet table. Many who presume to be in are left out, and many who might be thought to be left out get in. We learn that in striving for the narrow way, we are not earning our salvation, but rather placing our focus SOLEY upon Christ and his Kingdom!

Mar 20, 2019
March 19- Turning Towards Christ when Tempted

In this episode, we read a passage from 1 Corinthians 10. We look at the idea that all of us endure testing and temptation and that it is in drawing near to Christ that we are able to resist temptation and live in life-giving ways!

Mar 19, 2019
March 18- Repentance and God's Faithfulness

Today's meditation is from Exodus 33 after the people's failure at the golden calf. Moses pleads for the people, the people repent, and God is faithful to go with them on their journey to the Promised Land. We find that, no matter the depth of our sin, when we turn towards God, God is faithful to be present with us!

Mar 18, 2019
March 17- Finding God in the Waiting

Today we read Psalm 27 in which David chooses to seek the presence of the Lord in the midst of the trials of life. Today we learn that it is often in the waiting that we realize that God is right there with us and that God often used the waiting to transform us!

Mar 17, 2019
March 16- What Kind of King?

Today we read from Psalm 118, which is the Psalm that is quoted by the crowds on Palm Sunday. This meditation reflects on the fact that Jesus is often a very different kind of king than what we expect. We are challenged to lay aside our presuppositions about Jesus' kingdom and live into the type of kingdom Jesus is bringing into the world!

Mar 16, 2019
March 15- Citizens of Heaven

In the text today, Paul encourages his listeners to imitate him. He calls on followers of Christ to follow him in living in the way of the cross, and not be like those whose "God is their stomach and their glory is in their shame." Ultimately, during lent, we are called to name the sin that keeps us from being kingdom people so that we may pray as Christ taught us- "Your Kingdom Come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven."

Mar 15, 2019
March 14- Transformed into Right Relationships

Today we examine the words of Paul in Philippians chapter 3, where he considers all his previous attempts at righteousness to be rubbish. We learn that it is in knowing Christ through faith that we are made righteous, and ultimately end up living in right ways as we draw nearer to the heart of God.

Mar 14, 2019
March 13- God Gives and Takes Away

In this episode, we read the beginning of the book of Job. Job teaches us that the worship of God is not dependent on what God gives us, but rather who God is!

Mar 13, 2019
March 12- Even the Harsh Words are for Our Good

The reading for today from 2nd Peter 2:4-21 describes a people who have lost their way and fallen into all kinds of sin. The words from the writer are harsh. Today's meditation reminds us that ultimately even the harsh words in scripture are to lead us back to relationship with God!

Mar 12, 2019
March 11- Lament that Leads to Love

Today we look at a Psalm of Lament that reminds us that God wants us to be honest about our anger and frustration, even with our enemies. The amazing thing we find is that when we leave our enemy in God's hands, we open ourselves up to the potential of loving our enemies as God transforms us!

Mar 11, 2019
March 10- Everything is a Gift!

Today we read a passage from Deuteronomy that reminds the Israelites that everything they have is a gift from God. We North Americans could stand to hear this reminder as well. Remembering everything is a gift should then lead God's people to be generous towards God and toward those around them, especially the vulnerable populations like aliens, widows and orphans.

Mar 10, 2019
March 9- In Every Season

In today's meditation, we are reminded by the writer of Ecclesiastes that there is a time and a season for Everything. The challenge for us is to refrain from always looking toward a different time and realize that God is with us even in the worst of times. It might even be in these times that we grow the most.

Mar 09, 2019
March 8- Freedom For the Discouraged

In this episode we look at the story of Moses and how soul crushing circumstances can sometimes keep us from seeing the freedom that God wants to give us!

Mar 08, 2019
March 7 - My Life is in Your Hands

In this episode, we look at a Psalm of Protection and realize that our lives are in God's hands. The call of God's people is to trust God to be all that we need in any given circumstance!

Mar 07, 2019
Ash Wednesday- Eyes to See

Today we begin the journey of Lent. In this podcast we discus the fact that our fasting often is concerned about how God sees us, but our fasting should open our eyes to how God sees the world!

Mar 06, 2019
Intro- What are Morning Meditations?

In this first episode, we look at what we hope to accomplish with this podcast and invite listeners to join us beginning Ash Wednesday, March 6th!

Mar 01, 2019