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Insurance and financial professionals: Advisorist is a podcast for advisors that want to grow their business with what's working NOW. Based on over 60,000,000 leads generated, get front-line hacks, tips, tricks and insider interviews on lead generation, appointment setting, scripts, funnels, strategy and growth - FREE! Learn more at

Episode Date
EP 20: America's # 1 Business Consultant Tells All

Wealth is not money. Money is simply the fuel. Wealth is discretionary time. The ability to do what you want, when you want is real wealth. 

In this podcast, Alan enumerates on diverse tips and strategies that can be used to kick start your own journey as an advisor:

  • In order to stand out, you should become a contrarian and someone who is provocative. You should be able to suggest preferred methods of doing a certain thing. This means that you should not stop thinking of something new.
  • People trust their peers and peer references more than the most common ways to utilize a certain service. Aim for referrals. Do not conform to what is easy and usual, like common forms of advertisement.
  • Organizing your time and yourself can lead to better productivity and a good number of accomplishments.
  • Identify your clients thoroughly. Worst clients keep complaining and best clients give you the benefit of the doubt, which supports the idea that customers aren’t always right.
  • Work on your skills – specifically writing and speaking. These are crucial productive skills in getting your message and service across.
  • Perfection can be the enemy of excellence. You should always give your best and know that there are chances to fail. If this happens, you must have the resilience to bounce back.
  • Do not make unguaranteed promises. Do your best to help your client achieve reasonable goals and objectives.


Alan Weiss is a renown consultant, speaker, and author. His consulting firm, Summit Consulting Group, Inc. has clients of over 500 leading organizations. 

He is an inductee into the Professional Speaking Hall of Fame® and the concurrent recipient of the National Speakers Association Council of Peers Award of Excellence, representing the top 1% of professional speakers in the world.


Michael Levin is a versatile and talented columnist, author, distance runner, and musical performer who has ghostwritten more than 700 books ranging from finance and entrepreneurship to health care and technology.

Sep 16, 2019
EP 19: The Speaker's Platform -- Getting Fun and Lucrative Gigs

In this podcast, we discuss: 

  • Guidelines for TEDx Talk
  • TEDx Talk subject - Parenting is a Breakthrough, not a Break from your career.
  • Saying yes to the right questions to secure TEDx Talk
  • Experience as a speaker as a pre-requisite to giving a TEDx Talk
  • The popularity of TEDx Talks, even though they are non-paid. 
  • TEDx talks selected for placement on website 
  • Criteria for moving from TEDx to TED talks
  • Process of building a speaking career to supplant or replace income.
  • How a Speaker's Bureau works, along with advantages and process.
  • Coaching individuals on topic selection, writing and delivering a speech


Bea Wray has dazzled audiences for 20 years speaking about entrepreneurship, leadership, and women in business.

Although she has been taught by the best minds in academics and business at Harvard Business School,  motherhood was what really taught Bea how to negotiate, communicate in the business world, think on her feet and adapt to ever-changing circumstances. Raising three kids is undoubtedly the best training for understanding what it takes to succeed and thrive in the entrepreneurial universe. Those lessons traveled directly from the playroom to the boardroom.


Michael Levin is a versatile and talented columnist, author, distance runner, and musical performer who has ghostwritten more than 700 books ranging from finance and entrepreneurship to health care and technology.

Sep 16, 2019
EP 18: Inside Digital Marketing, and What Makes People Do What They Do

For a change of pace, Michael puts Jeremiah Desmarais in the hot seat to talk about digital marketing. Jeremiah doesn’t disappoint and gives away tips you can start using immediately.

In this episode, Jeremiah takes you inside the world of Advisorist and helps jumpstart your digital marketing efforts:

  • The single, most accountable way to grow your business.
  • EASY SOLUTION to keep your digital marketing and social selling efforts within regulatory compliance.
  • This one thing is maybe the most effective (and easy) way to post on LinkedIn.
  • How to make a POWERFUL, PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL first impression with your new social connections and followers.
  • Are you giving your social connections a good enough reason to initiate a relationship with you?
  • Referrals vs. digital marketing; where should you put your effort.
  • The inside scoop on how to move a prospect from CONNECTION to RELATIONSHIP to CLIENT.
  • Your most consistently producing strategy for growing business.


Jeremiah Desmarais is an acclaimed digital marketer. He is the CEO of Advisorist, author of Shift: Digital Marketing Secrets of Insurance Agents and Financial Advisor, and a popular TED Talk speaker.

When it comes to marketing, Jeremiah practices what he teaches. He builds his own business using the same tools and strategies he shares with others. So you know that the strategies and techniques presented are up-to-date and well-proven.

Jeremiah, like so many of our podcast interviewees, talks about consistent persistence. Now you’ll discover how it pays off in your business.


Michael Levin is a versatile and talented columnist, author, distance runner, and musical performer who has ghostwritten more than 700 books ranging from finance and entrepreneurship to health care and technology.

Sep 16, 2019
EP 17: Strategies to Combat Financial Illiteracy within the Sound of Your Voice

Jim Silbernagel is more than a certified financial planner and insurance agent; he’s also a fighter. He is fighting to raise the financial literacy of people within the sound of his voice.

In this episode, Jim shares his ideas on diversification, collaboration and communication:

  • How do you approach business: transactional or holistically? And why it may matter.
  • A strategic collaboration that gives advisors a role in estate planning.
  • Why your competition may be getting your business, and what you can do about it.
  • Understanding the power and potential in family financial meetings.
  • The BIGGEST MISTAKE most advisors make may cause you to leave money on the table.
  • Should you leverage a turnkey communication vehicle or start your own podcast from scratch?
  • The POWER OF FORESIGHT: Why it matters, how you can acquire it.
  • Should you specialize or diversify your practice?
  • The app you should be leveraging to book more meetings.

In the process of educating his audiences on financial topics, Jim Silbernagel is getting the word out about who he is and what he does. His vehicle is called Real Wealth Media.

If you have aspirations for reaching your audience, your market, to help raise their financial literacy and promote your practice, Jim shares advice to get you started.

Jim takes a very practical and common-sense approach to building a practice. His innovative strategies may help you find new ways to grow your own business.

Sep 16, 2019
EP 16: Build a Platform Organically to Share Your Message, the Sky's the Limit

Today Meridith Alexander is a best-selling author and top female motivational speaker. But that wasn’t always the case. In fact, she was terrified of public speaking. But one terrible event changed everything.

In this episode, Meridith shares her story and some of the resources that helped her along the way:

  • Are you dodging boulders or using them to take charge and become bolder?
  • It’s possible to find your greatest calling in your darkest moment.
  • Create a personal empowerment system and write your life masterpiece.
  • Discover resources you can use to build your brand, gain media coverage and raise your Social Selling Index.
  • What does it mean to mimic the best?
  • ONE technique you can use to influence influencers.
  • The BIGGEST MISTAKE you can make when trying to find your audience.


Her story is inspirational. It also serves as a useful blueprint for anyone with a message or knowledge who wants to share it but doesn’t know where to start.

Meridith Alexander built her platform from scratch with persistence not money. In other words, she built her public platform organically. And so you can you. All it takes is a deliberate mindset.


Michael Levin is a versatile and talented columnist, author, distance runner, and musical performer who has ghostwritten more than 700 books ranging from finance and entrepreneurship to health care and technology.

Sep 16, 2019
EP 15: Advisor Recruiting Secrets and how to Sell $91,768,483 in Voluntary Benefit Premiums

Growing Your Practice: Adam Maggio’s Secrets To Starting From Zero, Recruiting Advisors, And Absolutely Crushing It

In this episode, Adam shoots from the hip about:

  • His philosophy of "data not drama" saved him time and unnecessary stress...and showed him precisely what needed improvement in his business.
  • What Adam focused his time on for the best learning (Hint: it wasn't attending training!)
  • The Power of...firing your clients?
  • How to flip the script when meeting with vendors...and coming away with more business
  • Adam's 4 Keys to constant improvement
  • Why social media is so vital today (and a KILLER LinkedIn tip for booking quick appointments!)
  • Why prospective companies won't be able to refuse "The Mafia Offer"

Aside from Adam's massive success, he's committed to giving back, both to fellow advisors as well as the local community itself.

He saw his agency go literally underwater during Hurricane Sandy. But his drive brought him right back to the top.


Adam Maggio, CEO of Enrollmynt, began selling supplemental insurance for AFLAC at age 21. Within 3 years, he had placed 8th in production among over 68,000 reps.

After becoming a District Manager, he was named Rookie Manager Of The Year.

He's personally enrolled over $5 million in personal benefits premiums.

Sep 16, 2019
EP 14: The Influencer Mind, and How to Attract Attention

Want to be an influencer in your industry? Think a book will help you open doors? Then you want to listen to this first.


Max has a motto, it would have to be, “I’ll be funny.” After all, his career as a writer started as a lark. But what he discovered almost serendipitously about influence has become more powerful than even a platform for his ideas.

Max has gone from the celebrity, uber-gonzo, ultra-outrageous writer to the founder of Scribe Media, which provides writing, marketing and publishing services to aspiring authors.

In his journey, Max has effectively unlocked the mysteries associated with celebrity influencer status and systematized the process for generating attention. Today his company is helping organizations and individuals build audiences for business or cause.

Sep 16, 2019
EP 13: Seeing Addiction Through the Eyes of a Sober Man

Alcohol. Drugs. Sex. Food. Money. Addiction is all around us. Sometimes it’s in our family. Sometimes it lies within us. And yet it can take years to seek help, and in some cases never. Why?

In this episode, Michael takes us inside the addict’s challenging journey—from hitting bottom to recovery:

  • Understanding the impact and effect of addiction on loved ones.
  • The ONE question that only addicts and alcoholics ever ask.
  • The hardest challenge in breaking through the addition and opening oneself up to recovery.
  • Is F.I.N.E a call for help?
  • Exposing the powerful relationship that alcoholics and addicts have with their addiction.
  • Discover the powerful technique for making better decisions and previewing consequences.

“I burned my life to the ground before I got there,” admits Michael Graubart (not his real name). In this gripping interview, Michael helps us understand addiction through the story of his 27-year journey of sobriety—from Al Anon to clarity to AA. Using his talents as author and songwriter, Michael brings to life the cold reality, the raw, personal consequences of addition.

He is the New York Times bestselling author of Sober Dad: The Manual for Perfectly Imperfect Parenting, and his fourth book, Morning Coffee, was just published.

Sep 16, 2019
EP 12: What Your Financial Seminar Attendees Really Want to Buy

If you do financial seminars, you probably know Frank Maselli. If you don’t, you’re in for a treat.

Frank’s philosophy is simple (and sound): Give people your value and wisdom, share as much of your energy as possible, and they will track you down to do business.

But before you can help solve people’s financial needs, you need to get them into the boat. And for that to happen, he first connects with them emotionally.

In this episode, Frank shows us why he is among the best in our industry:

  • Discover the ONE and ONLY product you ever need to sell.
  • How to lead off with a Power Opening and keep the engagement high throughout.
  • Why humor can be a tricky tool in your presentational arsenal, and the SIMPLE STRATEGY to make it work.
  • Make an intuitive connection with your audience that translates into business.
  • Discover the visual tool that works with audiences every time.
  • The one phone app Frank relies on for business.


Frank Maselli has spent the last 35 years in the financial services industry. Today he’s an author, industry consultant and highly sought-after speaker. But what pleases him most is giving back to the profession he loves. To date, he’s coached and trained literally tens of thousands of top financial advisors.

Sep 16, 2019
EP 11: Embrace your Life with a Survivor’s Attitude and Thrive

We all carry baggage--personal challenges, problems, and pain. But when disaster reduces our existence to a basic struggle to survive, we gain a new perspective on our issues and what really matters most.

In this episode, Dean shares his inspirational philosophy:

  • How to be your best most AUTHENTIC self.
  • Make your own destiny; what you can do when you wake with a positive mindset.
  • The lessons of survivor that translate into resilience and fearlessness—and how to put them to work.
  • It is important to understand that every client, every person has a story; I want to know that story so I can provide the greatest possible help.
  • Establish an equal footing with people that that translates into stronger relationships.
  • The importance of emerging from traumatic tests as survivors and not victims.
  • Be rich within yourself.


Dean Murinik—South African financial planner and business organizational speaker—surviving one of the worst tsunamis in recent history reduced his life to the most basic common denominator. It is “no time or space for egos,” he explains, “we are all on an equal footing.”

Sep 16, 2019
EP 10: 5 Steps To More Seminar Sales With Karl Wolf

With a batting average of about 70%, Karl Wolf is an expert at generating new sales and clients with seminars. Here’s his outline for seminar success.

Karl Wolf shares expert seminar success tips directly from the front lines, including:

  • Why your seminar ISN’T about selling your product, and what to sell instead
  • How to manage unruly attendees in a way that BUILDS relationships, instead of ending them
  • The ONLY metric you need to measure seminar success
  • Why you SHOULDN’T buy dinner for your audience, and what to focus on instead
  • How the room set-up can make or break your seminar
  • A SIMPLE “two-part” seminar technique that skyrockets conversions
  • Why, and what, you need to GIVE attendees for better follow-up conversions
  • The KEY role email plays in long-term sales conversions from seminars
  • The ONE thing you need to understand to keep high ratios all year round
  • How to give yourself a 75% chance to close at every follow up appointment
  • One simple story you can swipe to sell more annuities
  • How to EASILY compete with the Big Boys in the financial markets


Karl Wolf is the founder of Atlantic Asset Management, and one of the most successful and talented speakers in the industry. He holds more than 50 workshops a year and regularly enjoys 70% conversion rates for new appointment generation - directly from his seminars.


Jun 16, 2019
EP 9: How To Write An Authority Generating Book That Sells With Tom Ziglar

In line with Ziglar legacy, business success all comes down to a few foundational principles and values. Here’s the path to winning sales and marketing, according to Tom Ziglar, on this episode of "All Eyes on You" with host Michael Levin.

In this episode Tom Ziglar shares:

  • Where to start when you’re overwhelmed by all the noisy inputs to get CLARITY
  • The UNIQUE sales approach at the root of Ziglar’s success
  • A twist on the sales relationships that creates TRUST and enthusiasm in your prospects
  • How to navigate and grow a legacy brand in a way both contemporary and AUTHENTIC
  • The one CRITICAL aspect of business success robots can never replace
  • A simple, secret way to write a WINNING book, build your authority, and open new doors to success
  • The BIG BENEFIT of having direct conversation with your audience and prospects, beyond sales

Tom Ziglar is an author, speaker and podcaster as well as CEO of Ziglar, Inc - founded by his father, legendary sales expert Zig Ziglar. He co-wrote with Zig Ziglar ‘Born To Win’ and just released the brand new book, ‘Choose To Win’, which carries on the famous Ziglar philosophy: “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

Jun 16, 2019
EP 8: How To Replace The Constant Prospect Chase With Bill Cates

The oldest and most reliable business building method isn’t dead - it’s just in disrepair. Bill Cates, The Referral Coach, teaches you how to rebuild and maintain a solid referral engine for constant growth without the endless chase.

Bill Cates is the undisputed industry expert on how to get more and better referral business as a financial advisor or insurance agent. He’s been featured on many prestigious outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, has published 3 widely loved and transformative books on building referral business, and has worked with top players in this sector, including Capital One and All State. Bill’s methods produce staggering growth results, as high as 60% in a single year, all without chasing down new, cold leads.

In this episode Bill will share the secrets you need to know if you want to stop chasing and start multiplying your best clients as well as your bottom line. You’ll discover:

  • The oldest business growth strategy and why it continues to THRIVE and drive success
  • How to ensure you’re building your business on the ONLY bedrock that guarantees referral success
  • One word you should use to REPLACE “referral” for more success in your client conversations
  • The email “handshake” technique for better, more genuine introductions
  • How to overcome the fear holding you back near EFFORTLESSLY
  • The one “W” you need to answer in all your client interactions for limitless referral opportunities with ease
  • A simple hack to supercharge your referral efforts using ONE, specific social media
  • The best business mantra for making the right decisions: O___ F____ H_____ B_____
  • The SINGLE thing you need to focus on to reset and accelerate your business growth
Jun 16, 2019
EP 7: The Secret Hidden In The Myths: How To Create Powerful Reach In Your Business With Michael Gerber

There is one missing piece almost all financial advisors and insurance agents overlook when trying to be seen and heard by their prospects. In this episode of "All Eyes on You" with host Michael Levin, you'll hear what Michael Gerber, whose voice has global, best-selling, thought-movement creating power, says it is.

Here’s a quick look at what you’ll learn from Michael Levin and Michael Gerber in this episode:

  • How to cut through the digital clutter to get all eyes on you
  • The ONE fundamental thing you need to develop to stand out for your prospects
  • The #1 tool for capturing and KEEPING attention in crowded markets
  • The CRITICAL lesson all advisors and agents need to learn from musicians
  • What the pursuit of extraordinary in your practice actually looks like
  • The single thing you need to focus on BEFORE jumping on social medias to reach your prospects
  • How to develop a voice your prospects feel is worth listening to
  • The habit you can start building TODAY that will exponentially increase your reach and impact
  • The one “W” everyone forgets that makes their communication efforts meaningless
  • The fundamental work every advisor needs to do to see GENUINE success in their business

Michael Gerber is the worldwide phenomenon and thought leader behind the ground-breaking “E-Myth” bestselling series of books. He is widely acknowledged as the World’s #1 Best Small Business Guru, and has helped millions of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and companies. Check out his “E-Myth” books specifically for Financial Advisors and Insurance Agents to rise above the ordinary and pursue the extraordinary in your practice today.

Jun 16, 2019
EP 6: 3 Secrets To Get Affluent Appointments With Social Media

Hear Amy McIlwain’s top 3 secrets to getting affluent appointments from the most unexpected source. “People with money don’t waste their time scrolling through Facebook and other social networks.” You probably heard this from someone close to you. Luckily for us, this statement is nothing more than an opinion. A wrong opinion, for that matter.

Listen to today’s episode of the Advisorist podcast with Amy McIlwain and discover:

  • Why social media is NOT a waste of time for advisors
  • A SIMPLE strategy you can swipe to grow your practice with the most popular social networks
  • Why you need OMNIPRESENCE and how social media is key to cultivating it
  • Why “Content Is King” but the QUEEN holds all the power
  • How to find and attract affluent appointments directly from social media, hassle-free
  • Where so many business owners go WRONG with their social media strategy, so you can steer clear
  • What “Personal Branding” really means, and why you absolutely need to build and maintain your own
  • The importance of a “Scientific” approach to LASTING success in your practice


Social Media Queen” Amy McIlwain is the former Global Industry Principal at Hootsuite, an Amazon Bestseller, and a regular contributor to prestigious outlets including The Wall Street Journal, where she uses her 15 years of immense industry experience to help financial professionals and other entrepreneurs drive revenue, decrease costs, and manage risks with social media.


Additional Info:

Jun 16, 2019
EP 5: How Financial Professionals Can Get A Slight Edge And Why That’s All You Need To Succeed With John Lee Dumas

On the episode of "All Eyes on You" with host Michael Levin, you'll hear what you really need to succeed as a business owner in your insurance or financial practice, according to John Lee Dumas - and it’s not more complicated marketing.

John Lee Dumas is the founder and host of the award winning and hugely influential business podcast, “Entrepreneurs on Fire”, where more than a million entrepreneurs tune in every month to get the top business advice from John and his celebrity guests. He regularly interviews the likes of Tim Ferris, Seth Godin, and Gary Vaynerchuck. Listen to his podcast here.

There are some real differences between those that succeed and everybody else, but John Lee Dumas knows from personally interviewing thousands of ultra-successful entrepreneurs that those differences aren’t what people expect.

John Lee Dumas shares business secrets powering some of the most successful and influential entrepreneurs of our time, including:

  • The #1 trait you NEED to cultivate and sustain positive growth in your business AND life
  • A piece of business advice that transformed JLD’s life, from a famous physicist
  • The athletic perspective that SIMPLIFIES success and what it takes to achieve it
  • What FOCUS really means, and where to put yours
  • Why and how to REPRIORITIZE your business goals for real success
  • The difference between “Means Goals” and “Ends Goals”, and why it matters
  • ONE simple daily habit that ACCELERATES your growth and goal achievement, and an affordable tool to help you stay on track with it
  • Why you only need a SLIGHT edge to reach success, and how to apply it


Jun 16, 2019
EP 4: The 8 Basic Rules Of Story-telling

Here’s how to revive dying seminar conversions and boost them to even higher heights - with one simple strategy switch.

Love giving seminars but not seeing the ROI you need, let alone the ROI you want? Industry expert and top financial advisor trainer Frank Maselli shares how financial professionals can give powerful, sales-generating seminars, including:

  • The ONE advanced presentation technique you need to adopt to captivate your audience’s attention
  • Why a simple switch creates immediate connection and PRE-SELLS your services
  • When and where to add this twist for maximum effectiveness
  • The critical elements of a seminar that sells
  • Why it’s not WHAT you say, but HOW you say it that creates results
  • How to use this technique to create MORE audience interaction, discussion, and action
  • The technique you can steal from your favorite fiction novel to fuel audience engagement
  • A common PITFALL many advisors fall into with this strategy, and how to avoid it
  • How to use humor the RIGHT way when making sales presentations
  • Why it pays to BE GENUINE and how to ensure your authenticity is communicated
Jun 16, 2019
EP 3: How To Get Four Insurance Appointments A Day Using Linkedin

This is how you can get direct access to 90% of your best prospects, start conversations, and generate new appointments daily - in under 20 minutes - to stretch your dollar farther, less the cold-outreach stress.


In this episode you’ll discover the secrets behind:

  • How to trigger maximum creativity in yourself on demand
  • The #1 social network financial advisors and insurance agents can use to find 90% of their best, QUALIFIED prospects
  • One tweak you can make in your marketing efforts to boost your performance 78% higher than your peers
  • A ZERO cost option for generating multiple appointments and new prospects every day
  • How and why to keep things SIMPLE when marketing online
  • The VALUE first approach to take when executing this simple strategy
  • A simple, low-cost tool for HYPER-TARGETED prospecting, and why you need to niche down
  • The exact ROIs and stats you should be expecting, and a FREE template to get you started

A tool that allows you to get 61% more profitable leads

Jun 16, 2019
EP 2: 6 Sales Email Hacks To Sell More Insurance Policies

Here’s how insurance agents and financial advisors can build a personal “black box” that spits out 38 dollars for every one dollar input.

If you had a little black box you could slide a dollar into and 38 more dollars would pop out the other side, how many bills would you put into it?

Hit play to discover:

  • A 5 second mental trick to instantly boost your problem-solving capability
  • ONE easy method to get more clarity and direction when you’re stuck
  • Where to spend your digital marketing dollars for a 38x ROI
  • 3 ways to ensure your cold B2B emails are converting - COMPLIANTLY
  • The single line email with a 33% conversion rate… from a COLD list
  • How and why to humanize your emails for stronger conversions
  • A simple “squint test” you can perform in your own inbox to engineer winning subject lines
  • Examples of the EXACT emails used to generate new clients and sales that you can swipe
Jun 16, 2019
EP 1: Hierarchy of ROI for Insurance and Financial Services Digital Marketing

Throw out everything you’ve been told before. This is where you need to focus your efforts if you want great results with digital marketing in the insurance and financial services industries, according to veteran marketers in this space.

In the exciting, inaugural episode of the Advisorist podcast, you’ll learn:

  • A scientifically proven hack for reducing anxiety and stress in your practice
  • Why everything you’ve heard about how to get started marketing online is BACKWARDS
  • How to create a website that generates real ROI
  • What you need WAY MORE than visual branding appeal when marketing online
  • Why Ken Fisher’s simple landing pages generate MILLIONS, and how to replicate his success
  • Where to spend your dollar so you make more than a dollar back, RELIABLY
  • The #1 Social Networking Platform you NEED to be utilizing for more valuable prospecting
  • One simple email that can bring dead leads back to life in under a minute
  • A powerful marketing hack to generate leads for PENNIES if you’re in a pinch
Jun 16, 2019
Advisorist Podcast - Trailer
Mar 12, 2019