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Category: Christianity

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Religious affairs programme, tackling the thornier issues of the day in a thought-provoking manner

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Ageing and Spirituality
On All Things Considered this week there's another chance to hear a programme first broadcast in October 2017 in which Roy Jenkins and guests discuss ageing. One in three children born today is expected to live to the age of 100. It is a staggering thought, with all kinds of implications. The rapid rise in life expectancy has created a large privileged group, with time on their hands, and the health and money to enjoy it. It has also left many older people struggling with illness, poverty and loneliness. Caring for them presents huge social and political challenges. When people can be effectively written off once they've had a certain number of birthdays, how can their potential be released? How can attitudes be changed? And what of the spiritual issues to be confronted in the later stages of life?
Aug 19, 2018
Interfaith marriage
The summer wedding season is in full swing, as ancient castles, swish hotels and theme parks now vie for a business which was once dominated by places of worship. But for some couples, choosing the venue can be a relatively minor headache compared with opposition from their families - and others - who think they shouldn't be marrying someone from a different religion. A report this week expresses concern that synagogue membership has fallen because more Jews are marrying non-Jewish partners. Some Sikhs, Muslims and Christians can face serious problems if they choose to 'marry out'. On All Things Considered this week, Roy Jenkins and guests discuss interfaith marriage. Should it be welcomed or resisted? Does it strengthen a community, or add unnecessary stresses? And what challenges face the people embarking on it? This programme was first broadcast in July 2017.
Aug 12, 2018
Dr Gemma Simmonds
Theologian Dr. Gemma Simmonds talks to Roy Jenkins about her work with street children in Brazil, as a chaplain in Holloway Prison and the place of women in the Catholic Church.
Aug 05, 2018
Faith and the Royal Welsh Show
Roy Jenkins visits the Royal Welsh Show to explore the distinctive contribution that faith communities are making to this agricultural event. He starts his day with the Rev Michelle Bailey, who leads a team of chaplains whose work begins before the visitors arrive, and he finishes his day with the Street Pastors who are duty each night after the show.
Jul 29, 2018