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Auto Talk Live is the one podcast that talks everything Automotive with a no bull perspective. On and off the road, in and out of the dealership.

Episode Date
05-26-2019 We're back Auto Talk Live Podcast

05-26-2019  We're back Auto Talk Live podcast with Spoilers Rumors and Recalls. Field of Ferraris and 3 million dollar Cuda. Coming up four part podcast on Car Sales people and there perception on you and more. 2020 no BS Jeep Gladiator test drive! Prize pack giveaway for Jeep Trivia question. 

May 26, 2019
05-16-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast

05-16-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast featuring Spoilers rumors and recalls. Discussed Nascar news and the top 5 Suspension lifts for your new or used 4x4 vehicle. Wrap up and upcoming podcasts info.

May 17, 2019
05-14-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast

05-14-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast. Spoilers Rumors and recalls. We discuss wheel and tire combinations and what's right for your ride as well as the options and outlets to get yours next set.  What is your deciding factor, Style, functionality, comfort. Listeners emails and wrap up the show.

May 15, 2019
05-09-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast

05-09-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast. Spoilers Rumors and recalls. No BS test drive on the 2019 Ram Power Wagon results. Also Summer Maintenance tips before you take your vacation trip. Don't take one without listening to what you need to have checked on your ride. Listener emails and wrap up.

May 09, 2019
05-06-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast

05-06-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast show with Spoilers Rumors and recalls. Nascar news and coverage from the Dover race. Driver talk and points standings. Getting your best deal when you go to the car dealership. We tell you how and what to do ahead of time and then when you get there. Helpful tips to save you time and money. Wrap up show.

May 07, 2019
05-05-2019 Auto Talk Live Promo Update

05-05-2019 Auto Talk Live Promo for upcoming show and more. Martin Bros interview, suspension upgrades, 4X4 mods as well as turbo upgrades for your ride and more new vehicle no BS test drives and more. Make sure to listen to upcoming podcasts for more details.

May 05, 2019
05-02-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast

05-02-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast featuring Spoilers Rumors and Recalls. Top affordable accessories most people buy for there new or used vehicles and some that have been forgotten. No Bullshit test drive on the 2019 Cadillac XT4 Sport Crossover. Wrap up.

May 03, 2019
04-30-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast

04-30-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast with Spoilers Rumors and Recalls, Top ten Car obsessed cities in America. Update on Cadillac XT4 test drive and Five Road trips destinations for you to take this summer. All promise to be incredible experiences. Final thoughts to end show.

May 01, 2019
04-28-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast

04-28-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast with todays show talking about late 60's and early 70's classic hot rods and what made this genre of cars so sought after and desired. The top 5 misconceptions the average customer has about car dealerships. We debunk each of them for you the listener. Listeners emails and wrap up.

Apr 29, 2019
04-25-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast

04-25-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast  Today we discussed new Mid engine Corvette about to be unveiled for the public, Top 10 most affordable brand new pick ups. Gas prices and an app that will help you find cheapest gas in your city. Listeners email questions.

Apr 27, 2019
04-24-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast

04-24-2019  Auto Talk Live Podcast. Spoilers Rumors and Recalls, Newest cars trucks and SUV's coming out for 2020, Do you know Neal Mcdonough? Actor who's played in over 51 films but know one knows him by his name. We discuss the importance of people knowing who you are in sales and in your business. Helpful tips to promote you and your business. Don't be like Neal

Apr 24, 2019
04-22-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcat

04-22-2019 Auto Talk live Podcast.  Spoilers Rumors and recalls. Top 10 cars stolen in America is yours one? Top things to do to protect your vehicle from being stolen or broken into and how to prevent it. Final thoughts.

Apr 23, 2019
04-21-2019 Auto Talk Live Easter Edition

04-21-2019 Easter Edition Auto Talk Live. 

Apr 22, 2019
04-17-2019 Auto Talk Live Podacast

04-17-2019 Auto Talk Live 2019 Jeep Rubicon Wrangler Review. Spoilers Rumors and Recalls No bull assessment of the new Jeep Rubicon. Final Thoughts wrap up

Apr 19, 2019
04-15-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast

  04-15-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast with Spoilers Rumors and recalls. Listener shout outs plus the top 35 cars JD Power says to stay away from. Auto Accessories and more. A 12 Billion dollar industry and growing. Sean's new Hellcat as well as updates on upcoming test ride vehicles. Final thoughts of the show.

Apr 16, 2019
04-14-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast

04-14-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast featuring Spoilers Rumors and Recalls. Listeners Emails and replies and we elaborate on how important your Credit score and credit is important when it comes to buying a car and more. Helpful tips to help you get a better interest rate and more.

Apr 15, 2019
04-12-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast

04-12-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast Logan Tate interview from Tate Bros Motorsports. Listener questions and 2019 Infiniti QX50 test drive. 

Apr 14, 2019
04-11-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast

04-11-2019  Auto Talk Live Podcast. We discussed Spoilers Rumors and recall news, Sean and the infamous Hellcat search. The best auto parts store DIY cleaners from Waxes to Glass cleaners to everything in between. 

Apr 12, 2019
04-09-2019 Auto Talk Live Episode

04-09-2019  Episode of Auto Talk Live were we discussed Spoilers Rumors and Recalls in the automotive world. Tech on newest cars and the importance of salespeople showing it to you, Listeners emails and responses and final thoughts.

Apr 09, 2019
04-08-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast

04-08-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast. 2020 Shelby GT500 news, Tesla being investigated yet again, the importance of maintaining your ride and helpful tips. Also Are you a candidate for a Hybrid or regular Gas Auto? Insight to make your decision.

Apr 09, 2019
04/07/2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast

04/07/2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast were we discussed latest auto rumors. Need for Automotive Technicians and what they can make. Top ten list of new vehicles buys for 20k or less. Listener questions related to Automotive needs. 

Apr 08, 2019
04-04-2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast

      April 4, 2019  Auto Talk live podcast show that discussed Latest news in automotive world, Ford and Chrysler Sales issues. Texting and driving. Rocky Ridge off road company. My buddy Sean and his search for the unicorn Hellcat.

Apr 05, 2019
04/02/2019 Auto Talk Live Podcast

April 2, 2019 Auto talk live podcast episode discussing new automotive rumors, new 2019 Honda Passport test drive, The Batman movie car Tumbler as well as Car Salesmen at the dealership and there knowledge of the cars they sell and more.

Apr 03, 2019
Auto Talk Live April Fools Edition

April 1,2019 Auto Talk Live  April Fools Edition podcast talks about new pricing announced for Gladiator, Beetle dying and Road trip and more.

Apr 02, 2019
Auto Talk Live Episode 03/30/2019

    Auto Talk Live episode talking about New Jeep Gladiator,  latest rumors in the automotive world and more. Movie cars, and Hollywood A listers and there cars plus more. 

Mar 31, 2019