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What drives people to change, to heal, to reinvent themselves? How do we reclaim our health, bounce back from heartbreak, flip the script? On goopfellas, two friends who have become familiar with unlikely personal transformations have raw conversations with people who have experienced profound shifts in perspective and well-being. Together, functional medicine practitioner Will Cole, DC, and chef Seamus Mullen get at the catalysts that bring people out of their dark night and into their purpose. Each of their goopfellas guests—from athletes to actors to authors—is different. As are the hosts: Mullen himself almost died from rheumatoid arthritis, and Cole’s day job is helping people uncover and overturn the roots of dis-ease. But you’ll likely see pieces of yourself in all their conversations, reflected in every one of their challenges. And we hope, from the lessons they learned along the way, you’ll find something you need to bring about a change, big or small, in your own life.

Episode Date
Kelsey Patel: How to Ease Burnout
“Each of us has a story of why we burn out,” says Reiki master Kelsey Patel, who just released her first book, Burning Bright. It’s in our nature to keep striving for more, to contribute, and to help others, says Patel. But we don’t have to suffer in order to do it: Today, Patel teaches us how we can begin to turn inward to fill ourselves up so that we can more productively turn outward to take on the world. She talks about tools that have been helpful along her journey, like emotional freedom technique (EFT), or tapping. And she takes us through a simple breathing exercise for checking in with our chakras and identifying energetic blocks. Patel believes that life can be enjoyed simply—with more ease and grace that we might assume. But to break free of the constant uphill battle, she says, we have to challenge our ego’s belief system. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Apr 29, 2020
Nigma Talib: Does Good Skin Begin in the Gut?
“Why force aging on somebody prematurely?” asks Nigma Talib, ND. The naturopathic doctor and author of Younger Skin Begins in the Gut joins the goopfellas to break down the factors that lead to premature aging—and to remind us that aging, simply, is natural, normal, and beautiful. In her practice, Talib finds that skin health is typically a reflection of what’s happening in our gut. She explains the four “faces” she’s come to recognize: gluten-face, dairy-face, wine-face, and sugar-face. And she shares how she helps patients repair their gut lining and balance their hormones. Finally, she shares a simple skincare routine (for both men and women) to further improve our skin health. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Apr 22, 2020
Donna Jackson Nakazawa: What’s Driving Our Brain?
“If we have a better grasp of the origin story of disorders of the mind,” says Donna Jackson Nakazawa, “we have a better chance of resolving them.” The science journalist and author of The Angel and the Assassin joins Will Cole and Seamus Mullen to explain the newly understood role of the microglia: a brain cell that has the capacity to help—or hurt—our brain function. Jackson Nakazawa explains how microglia—in healthy states—are like “elegant dancers” that move through the brain. But if they get overtaxed, she says they shift into “rogue assassins” that could impact a range of cognitive function and possibly ignite or contribute to disorders. Jackson Nakazawa explains how all of the factors in our environment affect the activity of the microglia. And she shares promising techniques that may reverse damaging behavior or restore and support healthy brain function (including intermittent fasting, TMS, and neurofeedback). “Let’s help people to understand that we’re the drivers,” says Jackson Nakazawa. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Apr 15, 2020
Paul Saladino: The Carnivore Debate
Paul Saladino, MD, wanted to find a solution for his chronic eczema. The former vegan ending up trying an extreme carnivore diet and later wrote a book called The Carnivore Code. Today, he’s making his case for a meat-prominent diet: why he believes it helps our bodies get the nutrients we need, may reduce inflammation, and could be part of sustainable agriculture solutions. He breaks down toxic compounds found in plants that may irritate our system and how to avoid them. “I’m not advocating that everybody on earth stop eating vegetables,” says Saladino. He’s perhaps most interested in starting a conversation: “There are more ways to be healthy than are being talked about.” (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Apr 08, 2020
Kulreet Chaudhary: How Could We Use Sound to Heal?
While looking for help managing migraine pain, neurologist and neuroscientist Kulreet Chaudhary, MD, decided to take a detour from a conventional path in medicine to explore sound healing. She now incorporates ancient practices, like sound medicine, at her wellness center in rural India, and wrote a book called Sound Medicine. Chaudhary says that sound medicine is simply a recognition that sound affects us—and an attempt to use the technology of sound deliberately to uplift the mind and body. In this episode, she takes us through sound baths, mantra-based meditations, how certain frequencies of sound might have the potential to restore health, and the simple daily practices she recommends to help center yourself. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Apr 01, 2020
Josh Axe: The Ancient Diet
Clinical nutritionist and Ancient Nutrition cofounder Josh Axe, DC, is sharing his food philosophy, starting with why he believes collagen is so critical and the best sources of it. Axe also breaks down common (and less common) adaptogenic herbs; explains his own, mostly plant-based diet; and shares what he’s learned from studying traditional Chinese medicine and ancient diets and practices. However you like to eat, though, Axe underscores why we could all benefit from a more personalized diet. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Mar 25, 2020
Mark Hyman: How to Fix Our Food System
Mark Hyman, MD, author of Food Fix, lays out a master plan for reversing the global epidemic of chronic disease. Hyman explains the way our food industry undermines our health, economy, and environment. The statistics he’s gathered are staggering: We spend an estimated $2 trillion worth of resources on growing food that is thrown away. According to the UN, we have about sixty crop cycles left. The conventional way we grow food is destroying the quality of our soil. The goodnews? Converting to regenerative agriculture could stop climate change for the next twenty years,says Hyman. Bipartisan teams are campaigning to drive policy change—and senators and congresspeople are listening. Consumers are changing their choices and voting with their wallets and forks, says Hyman. There are options for composting and ways to avoid industrial-made foods and GMOs. (And you can support campaigns like to hold legislators accountable for their votes on food and farm policy.) When we look at the big picture, we’re able to see that although food is the cause of the problem, it may also be the cure, says Hyman.  (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Mar 18, 2020
Max Lugavere - Living a Genius Life
New York Times–bestselling author and health and science journalist Max Lugavere has compiled everything he’s learned about the mind and body in his newest book, The Genius Life. And he’s sharing the highlights of his personal lifestyle program in this episode. He breaks down the science of circadian rhythms and explains “social jet lag,” blue-light-blocking glasses, and how to set yourself up for a quality night’s rest. He tells us about cruciferous vegetable hacks, strategies for optimizing a workout, and why he says the body has a double-edged-sword quality:Although easily adaptable, it also favors consistency. So it’s up to us, says Lugavere, to regulate what our body needs.  (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Mar 11, 2020
Daniel Amen: Can We End Mental Illness?
“When you get your brain right, your mind follows,” says Daniel Amen, MD. The psychiatrist and author of The End of Mental Illness urges us to care more about our own brain health. He believes that our current approach to mental conditions is missing the mark. He explains why factors like the health of your microbiome, nutrient deficiencies, quality of sleep, hormone levels, and blood pressure might affect your mental health. And he shares his personal take on psychiatry and the holistic tools he recommends we all employ for healthier brains and lives. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Mar 04, 2020
Doug Braun-Harvey: The Sexual Lives of Men
“The erotic is expected to be sacrificed in the name of these cultural narratives,” says psychotherapist Doug Braun-Harvey. “And that’s a big conflict.” As a certified sex therapist, Braun-Harvey has focused on helping men with out-of-control sexual behavior or with what feel like uncontrollable urges. He believes that we shouldn’t look at sexual behavior as a disease or an addiction. And that oftentimes, a man’s perceived dysregulated sexual behavior is an attempt to solve an issue with deeper roots. Braun-Harvey explains how erotic conflicts arise in relationships—and how to work through them. He also makes a case for reframing pornography: Let’s start by calling it sexual imagery, he says. Ultimately, his work lies in helping men express themselves sexually in a way that doesn’t feel out of control and that allows them to keep their agreements with themselves and others.  (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Feb 26, 2020
Chris Winfield: How We Connect
“One of the biggest misconceptions is that people don’t want to help you,” says entrepreneur Chris Winfield. The cofounder of Super Connector Media, Winfield is known for getting good at—you guessed it—connecting and networking with people in a different, deeper way. His personal story includes a failed business, a rocky path to sobriety, and a challenge to himself: to meet with one new person every day. The rules? To be open, honest, and vulnerable with each person. And to ask what they need from him, rather than the other way around. Winfield’s intimate conversation with the goopfellas covers imposter syndrome, the ways addiction can fuel self-sabotaging behaviors, and the daily routines (that we love and hate) that set us up for success. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Feb 19, 2020
James Sexton: Marriage Advice from a Divorce Lawyer
“Relationships are chapters in a long story,” says James Sexton, author of How to Stay in Love. Today, Sexton teaches us what he’s learned from twenty years as a divorce lawyer and from his own divorce. To make a marriage last: “Never stop trying to close your spouse,” says Sexton. Take preventative measures. Have a plan for how you’re going to argue and be in conflict—before you’re in conflict. Mind your plate. Pay attention. It’s not about being right. It’s about being happy. And if you’re not happy, have the courage to close one chapter and open another with compassion—for your partner and yourself.  (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Feb 12, 2020
Nir Eyal: Why To-Do Lists Are Problematic
“We need to free ourselves from the tyranny of the to-do list,” says Nir Eyal, author of Indistractable. Eyal joins the guys to teach us a different—and more effective—method for optimizing our input and realizing that we don’t generally control output. We tend to allow distraction to prioritize the urgent at the expense of the important, says Eyal. Instead, he uses something called time-blocking to reframe how we view productivity. Instead of blaming technology, Eyal helps people to identify the roots of chronic distractedness. In the process, he dispels some myths on habits and reminds us that we don’t need to go pro in everything. And he offers his four strategies for beating distraction: mastering internal triggers, making time for traction (more on that in the episode), hacking back external triggers, and preventing distraction with pacts. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Feb 05, 2020
Harley Pasternak: Are We Wasting Our Time at the Gym?
“The degree to which the diet is difficult to follow will determine how long someone will continue to do it,” says nutritionist and trainer Harley Pasternak. Why we like his conversation with Seamus Mullen and Will Cole: Pasternak doesn’t believe in dieting. He doesn’t believe in extreme exercising. He’d rather we go for a walk and call a friend. He understands why we like sugar (he’s also the cofounder of a mint brand called Sweetkick). Today, Pasternak shares the food, movement, and stress management philosophies—along with a system for tracking personal wellness goals—that has helped his clients (including half of Hollywood’s action stars) to feel their best. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Jan 29, 2020
Peggy Orenstein: When Boys and Men Talk About Sex
“From the get-go, boys are raised in a more emotionally impoverished landscape than girls,” says Peggy Orenstein, author of Girls and Sex and her latest, Boys and Sex. Orenstein’s research on how girls, boys, women, and men view sex, love, porn, the hook-up culture, and modern masculinity is: fascinating. In this episode, she shares from the many conversations she’s had about sex and vulnerability that have changed her own perspective, and certainly ours. How and from where do we learn about intimacy? What might we need to re-learn? Orenstein’s work is impactful whether or not you have children, but if you do, hear out what she has to say about talking with your kids about sex. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Jan 22, 2020
Taz Bhatia: What Men Don’t Know about their Hormones
“Men are sometimes shocked to learn that they have estrogen,” says integrative medicine physician Taz Bhatia, MD. In this episode, Bhatia shares the primary health issues that she sees among her male patients—from low testosterone to other hormonal disruptions, imbalances in the gut, and nutritional deficiencies. She talks us through hormone replacement therapy—and why she thinks you need to be very careful—and which supplements she typically subscribes. She also talks about the warning signs that something is up—changes in energy, weight, libido—and why many men have a tendency to downplay what their body is telling them. For men and women, Bhatia believes that insulin resistance plays a huge role in many health conditions and that often the first step to healing or optimizing our health begins with dealing with insulin resistance and inflammation.  (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Jan 15, 2020
David and Austin Perlmutter: The Disconnection Syndrome
“You are the architect of your future brain,” says neurologist David Perlmutter, MD, coauthor of Brain Wash. Today, he joins the goopfellas with his son and coauthor, Austin Perlmutter, MD. The Perlmutters share what they’ve learned about our brain’s ability to make good—and bad—decisions. The amygdala is responsible for emotional reactions and impulsivity, explain the father-son doctors. Willpower (or rather “won’t power”) fails because our environments tend to be set up poorly for our health—and our future brains. But there are simple things we can do to change our environments and the way we respond to them. And there are levers that we can pull for brain health, overall well-being, and joy. For example, getting out in nature helps, say the Perlmutters, and so does keeping plants or photos of nature inside. They share tweaks to nighttime routines for better sleep, technology that can support positive habits, and other tips for fostering connection.  (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Jan 08, 2020
Elissa Goodman: Soup Cleanses, Intermittent Fasting, and Other Ways to Heal the Gut
Elissa Goodman is a holistic nutritionist and author of Cancer Hacks. Despite the controversy, she’s a big juicer. Her soup cleanses—which include forty-five different vegetables—are becoming famous in LA. Inside her supplement box, there are probiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, and B12. She likes adaptogens—and Tulsi tea—a lot. She’s into collagen, and in this episode, she goes back and forth with functional practitioner Will Cole about the best forms, while chef Seamus Mullen explains how he makes his favorite bone broth. They talk about what else is in Goodman’s tool kit for healing the gut and supporting the immune and digestive systems, why we should follow our own instincts, and what it means to be a flexitarian or to go 80-20. And: why, above everything, Goodman believes the inner journey is the most important one. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Dec 30, 2019
Will Siu: What’s Beneath Our Anger?
Will Siu, Harvard-trained psychiatrist, shares what he’s learned about anxiety, depression, and mental health from experiencing and practicing psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy—along with other tools for understanding deeper parts of ourselves and our consciousness. Siu sees mental health as inextricably connected to physical health and he’s found that sometimes processing emotions or trauma involves a physical experience. In this personal conversation with Seamus Mullen and Will Cole, Siu focuses a lot on processing anger and why this is an emotion that men, in particular, default to. This was he lived for a long time, Siu says. “When we feel scared, when we feel ashamed, these are things that men are not allowed to fear—so we go to anger because it’s acceptable,” says Siu. “Anytime you’re feeling anger, look what’s under it.” (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Dec 23, 2019
Changing How Men and Women Work Together
“We have to make the issue of gender equality discussable,” says journalist Joanne Lipman. Which is what she’s done in her fascinating, well-researched, and even enjoyable book, That’s What She Said. Lipman joins Will Cole and Seamus Mullen to dissect the double standards men and women face at the office and throughout their careers and lives—many of these biases are unconscious and surprising. She shares insights from cultures and organizations that are making meaningful headway, along with actionable steps and strategies for becoming aware of our own biases, growing the courage to step up, and supporting men and women to close the gender gap. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Dec 18, 2019
Judy Ho: Stopping Self-Sabotage
“Allow the thought to be there, but change your relationship to the thought,” says Judy Ho, PhD, clinical neuropsychologist and author of Stop Self-Sabotage. Dr. Ho lends Will Cole and Seamus Mullen her toolbox for overcoming self-sabotaging and self-destructive behavior. She explains how trauma plays a role and why we might find ourselves in situations that mimic old wounds. She teaches de-stressing practices: box-breathing, slowing down our thoughts by writing them down, and physicalizing an emotion to create distance between yourself and it. Ho says that the perception that we don’t have control is wrong—we do have the power to choose and self-sabotaging behavior can be transformed. Also: You didn’t ruin everything by eating that one piece of cake. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Dec 11, 2019
Steve Madden: What We Gain When We Let Go
“That terrible thing that happened to me is a major reason why we’re so successful,” says Steve Madden. The founder of the renowned shoe brand joins Will Cole and Seamus Mullen to talk about the big and unlikely factors that can lead to success. Madden shares lessons from his childhood, from experiencing addiction, from becoming his own boss, and from being in prison. They talk about growing up in an environment where certain feelings weren’t expressed and others were overexpressed—and about learning to process them all. They talk about workaholism, parenthood, and the surprising things that can happen when you let go. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Dec 04, 2019
Jennifer Freed: What Psychological Astrology Can Teach Us about Ourselves
“If I’m not well related to myself, I’m not well related to you,” says Jennifer Freed, psychological astrologer and author of Use Your Planets Wisely. Freed joins Will Cole (who just had a session with her) and Seamus Mullen (the skeptic) to explain how she combines tenets of astrology and psychology to help people become their best selves. They talk about what we can learn from our birth charts and sun signs and how we can be more skillful at developing deep relationships. “Yes, it’s okay to be human and to have real foibles,” says Freed. “But then be very diligent about addressing them.” (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Nov 27, 2019
Steven Gundry: Foods, Supplements, and Practical Advice for Staying Young
“We’re only as good as our gut microbiome,” says Steven Gundry, MD, author of The Longevity Paradox and The Plant Paradox Family Cookbook. Gundry joins the goopfellas to talk about the foods and habits that promote longevity and health; some might surprise you. He explains why our current culture leads us to live longer, but unhealthier, lives. He breaks down—in fascinating detail—the nutrients in our food that keep us well and debunks common diet myths. They talk about FODMAP, carnivore diets, other food philosophies, different theories on aging, and the science behind supplements. And: how to eat food we love that, to quote Gundry, “loves us back.” (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Nov 20, 2019
Dan Kois: How to Be a Family
When Dan Kois, author of How to Be a Family, realized his family was struggling and disconnected, he and his wife did something drastic: They packed up their things and traveled around the world—from Wellington, New Zealand, to Hays, Kansas—with their two daughters, for one year. They wanted to see how other cultures viewed family. They thought they’d learn new ways to strengthen their relationships and function as a unit. And Kois, who was planning to write about the adventure, was curious to see how they might mess up their fantasies of living on the beach in a place like Sámara, Costa Rica. When he got home, Kois had a new take on the importance of making and maintaining friendships and listening to and granting power to kids. He also had a new focus. Instead of complaining about what his hometown was not, he became much more interested in finding ways to make it the town he wants it to be. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Nov 13, 2019
Stan Tatkin: What Keeps Two People Together?
“This idea of needing people or feeling needy…that is the natural state of the human primate,” says Stan Tatkin, renowned therapist and author of We Do. Through his work with couples, Tatkin has developed a keen understanding of what makes relationships work—and what makes them tank. He shares his principles for developing and maintaining a long-term relationship, and he explains how our early attachment styles affect how we express and respond to intimacy as adults. Find out whether you’re an island, wave, or anchor—and how to allow for a healthy amount of dependency in a partnership. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.) 
Nov 06, 2019
Coding Our Future
This is a wild one. Shaman Durek, author of Spirit Hacking, is sharing his story: how he became a spiritual guide, the near-death experience that brought his life purpose into focus, and what he’s learned about the power each of us holds over our future. The goopfellas ask him about his tools and strategies for deepening awareness, creating meaning, restructuring old thought patterns, and “soul-talking.”  (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.) 
Oct 30, 2019
Playing the Infinite Game
“We don’t get to choose the rules of the game,” says Simon Sinek, organizational consultant and author of The Infinite Game. “But we do get to choose how we play.” Sinek joins Will Cole and Seamus Mullen to explain the difference between finite and infinite thinking in business and in life. He explains why we all lose when the sole goal is to win—and why winning is never really an option. He talks about how we can begin to see other players as rivals rather than competitors, how we can develop trust with coworkers, and how we can rediscover the joy of creating and doing business. “What’s the point of accomplishing something?” Sinek challenges us to ask. And what matters most on the journey there. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.) 
Oct 23, 2019
Yung Pueblo: Clearing Out Mental Clutter
“The biggest changes happen through direct experience,” says Diego Perez, known as Yung Pueblo, poet and author of Inward. Perez joins the guys to share how he found poetry, meditation, and intentional awareness as a way to heal his pain—and how he came to realize that he could no longer ignore himself and the way he felt. He reminds us that our behaviors have ripple effects on others, on our relationships, on the world. And that if we want to make a positive impact, we can start with the internal: how can you be more honest with yourself? “Cultivate this culture of honesty inside of yourself, so that you’re not running away from yourself.” (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Oct 16, 2019
The Roots of Inflammation
“The basis of most chronic diseases is inflammation,” says Dr. Alejandro Junger, cardiologist, creator of the Clean Program (the OG elimination diet), and author of Clean7. Today, Junger shares how he came to functional medicine, Ayurveda, and intermittent fasting—and how he melded the three into a new, seven-day detox and clean-food plan that he believes will change the course of our health forever. The goopfellas cohosts ask Junger for his advice and tips—about traditional herbs, reducing toxic burden, aligning with your doshas, and much more.
(For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.) 
Oct 09, 2019
Kelly LeVeque: Changing Our Relationship to Food
“You should feel good about yourself when you get up from that table knowing that you’ve nourished your body with what it needs,” says Kelly LeVeque, a holistic nutritionist and the author of Body Love Every Day. LeVeque helps us flip our inner narratives about food and let go of the shame that sometimes surrounds how we eat. She shares her life hacks, like how to make her Fab Four smoothie that supports balanced blood sugar, how to reset and satisfy hunger hormones, and how to not regret your takeout order.
(For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.) 
Oct 02, 2019
Gabby Bernstein: How to Attract What You Want
“As a man, if you don’t express your fears fully and completely,” says Gabrielle Bernstein, “it’s going to be like a pressure cooker.” The New York Times–bestselling author of Super Attractor joins the guys to explain why she believes we’re capable of attracting what we want and why we block ourselves from this power in myriad ways. Bernstein shows us how to develop this skill, forgive our thoughts, redirect our energy—and use her tools of attraction.
(For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Sep 25, 2019
Faith and Fear
“Being strong for each other is just being real with each other,” says journalist Lauren Scruggs Kennedy, who lost her left arm and left eye after being hit by a plane propeller. Today, she talks with the goopfellas about fear and faith, finding peace as you move through grief, unexpected sources of gratitude, and how the accident redefined beauty for her. Getting your fear out in the open is paramount, says Scruggs Kennedy, because when left inside, it will only expand.
(For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub and the Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Foundation, which provides funding for girls and women to get prosthetic limbs they otherwise might not be able to afford.)
Sep 18, 2019
Queer Eye’s Antoni on Being Enough
“I remind myself I am enough, I have enough, and not everyone is going to love me,” says Antoni Porowski, Queer Eye’s food and wine connoisseur, author of Antoni in the Kitchen, and restaurateur. Today he’s sharing his experience with anxiety, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome. Porowski talks about taking in criticism, tackling compare-and-despair habits, building confidence and self-acceptance, and his unexpected homecoming. And of course, he talks to our cohosts about cooking and how food has shaped his life and the way he connects with others.
(For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Sep 11, 2019
Lewis Howes: The Mask of Masculinity
 “I never felt free in my life,” says Lewis Howes. “And I felt free for the first time when I started to share my shame and insecurities.” Howes—the bestselling author of The Mask of Masculinity, the host of the School of Greatness podcast, and a former pro athlete—joins the guys to talk about the different masks that he believes men hide behind. Howes talks about why, at the height of his success, he felt most lonely and unfulfilled. And then they get into the roots of anger and why so many boys are conditioned to misdirect and misunderstand the emotion. They talk about setting aside blame, rebuilding a culture where men have space to be vulnerable, accepting what’s enough, and breaking through whatever mask you’re wearing right now.
(For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Sep 04, 2019
The Moments You Can’t Plan For
“We tend to shy away from listening to our bodies and asking the right questions and seeking the right help in the moment,” says Michael Anthony, executive chef of the renowned Gramercy Tavern in New York City. Today, he’s catching up with the guys (Seamus Mullen is a longtime friend) to talk about a health scare that changed his outlook on life. Anthony had massive a heart attack that compelled him to rethink how he was living, to question the put-your-head-down-and-work chef mentality (that’s also familiar to many of us outside the kitchen), and to reconnect with the natural world, which he found a way to do through food.
(For more, see thegoopfellas podcast hub.)
Aug 28, 2019
Getting Involved In Our Own Healing
Dianne “V” Capaldi—aka PaleoBOSS lady—struggled for years with debilitating MS. At one point, she was given a bleak prognosis, and told to get her affairs in order. Her husband walked out. And she prevailed. Today, V joins the guys to share her wild story, the moment she decided she would never give up, and her “brick-to-forehead” moment when she says she realized what she needed to do: heal on a cellular level. She got conscious about owning her own life. And now, she’s paying it forward.
(For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Aug 21, 2019
An Unconventional Approach to Healing
“The main issue with conventional medicine is that it’s the wrong tool for the job that we face today,” says Chris Kresser, acupuncturist and functional medicine educator. Kresser, who wrote the books The Paleo Cure and Unconventional Medicine, believes we’re too often prescribed for our symptoms, and not often enough getting at the root causes of our illnesses. He shares his own story of chronic illness, trying every trick in the book, and finding the paleo diet and functional medicine approach that helped save him. Kresser talks to the guys about diet controversies, alternative therapies, shifting financial and self-care priorities—and the not easy, but simple things we can all do for our health.
(For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Aug 14, 2019
Being Rob Lowe
Here is Rob Lowe at his best: In this conversation with the guys, Lowe talks about his health obsessions new and old, from intermittent fasting to surfing, the Atkins diet, and the fitness instructors who bust his ass. He talks about the things he no longer feels compelled to do and how he’s learned to listen to his limits as he’s gotten older. Is he still competitive? Very—which he believes has helped him stay clean. And then there’s his family. Lowe talks about the big decisions he’s made as a father, how he thinks about raising good men, and what’s made his marriage work for nearly three decades. “If there’s any way to marry your best friend,” he says, “do it.”
(For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Aug 07, 2019
The Right (and Wrong) Way to Do a Ketogenic Diet
On this special episode of goopfellas, cohosts Dr. Will Cole and Seamus Mullen break down the ketogenic diet. Should you switch to a high-fat, low-carb baseline? What would you eat in a typical day? When do our bodies go into ketosis, and what are the potential health benefits? What about intermittent fasting? Seamus shares his personal experience of changing his diet while healing from rheumatoid arthritis. And Will shares examples from his functional medicine practice, the kinds of diets he typically prescribes for patients with chronic inflammatory and autoimmune conditions, and how he tweaks the conventional keto model to be cleaner and more vegetable-forward for anyone (he’s the author of Ketotarian, after all).
(For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Jul 31, 2019
Am I Allowed to Grieve?
“I’m going to be joyful.” This eventually became actor Kelly Rutherford’s MO after she experienced a harrowing, messy divorce that separated her from her children. (Stay with us; it gets better.) But first, Rutherford asked: “Am I allowed to grieve?” She learned how to allow her children to grieve. How to “intentionally let go” of the things that were out of her control. How to feel gratitude again. And in the process, she rediscovered all that her children had to teach her. And how she could still become a better parent, one who liberated her kids to be themselves and to find their own joy. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Jul 24, 2019
Terry Real: Why Relationships Fail
Therapist Terry Real doesn’t want to feminize masculinity. What he does want—and what he explains women really want—are men who are whole human beings, who can be strong and vulnerable. In his practice, Real sees couples on the brink of divorce. And today, he’s breaking down the reasons men and women find themselves unhappy in relationships. He believes that passion leaves an intimate relationship the moment we stop taking on our partner—or because we don’t really know how to fight with a partner or how to see the win-win possibility in conflict. Typical of Real, the conversation is full of practical takeaways and profound one-liners, like this one: “You cannot rightfully get angry about not getting what you never asked for.”
(For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Jul 17, 2019
Michael Stipe on the Future of Masculinity and Well-Being
“I set out on this fantastic adventure, and it actually worked out,” former R.E.M. front man Michael Stipe says, a bit surprised himself. In this candid conversation, Stipe talks about who he became after his band got famous, why he decided to speak up about his sexuality, and what it was like to “fall between the lines” and to redefine masculinity. He tells Will and Seamus why he quit drugs and, later, social media, and what it could mean to take an interest in your health. Stipe believes that we’re in a time of great transition, and his own transformation is ongoing, fueled perhaps by one thing in particular: Vulnerability, he says, can contain an immense power. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Jul 10, 2019
Why Men Are Afraid to Show Emotion
“We were taught as boys: You can’t cry, don’t show emotion, have no fear,” says Kurt Yaeger. “People think men who are nice and gentle and kind are weak. And you’re like: That’s the antithesis of weakness.” Today, the BMX rider turned actor talks about the very human revelations he had after a harrowing accident. In its aftermath, Yaeger found himself exploring parts of himself that he hadn’t connected to since he was a child. And the story that emerges from this experience suggests that strength and vulnerability are parallel paths made easier when pursued together. (For more, see The goopfellas Podcast hub.)
Jul 03, 2019
How to Change Your Default Mode
Kathryn Budig came to Los Angeles because she wanted to be an actor. She eventually left—without an Academy Award—but she found something else. The author, yoga teacher, and foodie talks to the goopfellas about how we earn self-acceptance and happiness. Budig had been convinced that as an adult, you settle for what’s good enough—while at the same time making yourself feel bad for not being perfect, for not having the perfect body or the perfect life. Over time, she realized this perspective wasn’t cutting it. Budig and the guys talk about overthrowing this mind-set and taking steps toward the life you want to live. (For more, see The goopfellas Podcast hub.)
Jun 26, 2019
Rich Roll: The Evolution of Success
Author, podcaster, and athlete Rich Roll grew up in a loving home. All his needs were met. He was a Division I swimmer at Stanford University and graduated from Cornell Law School. He had a family of his own and became a successful lawyer in Los Angeles. And, he says, he was deeply unhappy and unhealthy. After a WTF moment, Roll decided to make a few changes. He went on a seven-day juice cleanse (because he wanted to do something hard) and tried a plant-based diet (he was surprised by how good he felt). A couple years later, he was competing in the world’s most intense endurance competitions, like the Ultraman. Then came more challenges—to his finances, marriage, and self-esteem. And Roll had to figure out who he wanted to become next. For the first time, he let go out of outer expectations and looked inside himself for answers. What was revealed to him there continues to change the trajectory of his life. (For more, see The goopfellas Podcast hub.)
Jun 19, 2019
When We Stop Filling the Void
Melissa Hartwig Urban, the founder of the Whole 30 program, changed her life to get clean. She did not expect that her personal experience with drug addiction would turn into another mission: helping others find a healthy relationship with food. But then it made sense. Drugs and food, Urban believes, are not all that different from a psychological perspective. We crave; we overconsume; we numb; we try to fill voids. This brings isolation, stress, self-hatred. How do we break the cycle? Urban takes us through her process and shows us what food freedom looks like. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Jun 12, 2019
How to Win Your Own Head Games
“I felt like if I fully embraced taking on life and just exploring it that there were still infinite things for me to do,” says André Kajlich. Three months after being hit by a subway train, Kajlich woke up in a hospital. Both his legs had been amputated. He didn’t think he had the fortitude he needed to live a good life now—which he so wanted. But he made a commitment to himself to find it. To find out what he could do with what he had and who he could become, and to ultimately answer this universal question: What makes a life worthwhile? Today, Kajlich is an endurance athlete and a record-setting wheelchair athlete who has been on some wild rides. But mostly, this has all been an intellectual pursuit for him—a way of figuring out how to get unstuck, quiet the inner critic, call bullshit on yourself, and believe in the possibility of change. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub.)
Jun 05, 2019
Asking for Help
“Someone told me the truth and it got my attention,” says James Beard award-winning chef and food explorer Andrew Zimmern. Today, he’s sitting down with cohosts Seamus Mullen (an old friend) and Will Cole, to talk about addiction, the point at which Zimmermn hit rock bottom, and the profound moment of clarity that changed everything for him. When, for the first time in his entire life, Zimmermn called a friend and asked for help. From there, they talk about confronting the truth and how they’ve struggled, and succeeded, in helping friends to wake up out of their own dark nights. (For more, check out the goopfellas podcast hub.)
May 29, 2019
The Warrior Construct
For the inaugural goopfellas episode, functional medicine practitioner Will Cole and chef Seamus Mullen sit down with former All-Pro NFL player Keith Mitchell. Mitchell tells them about when his life began: He was lying on his back, in front of 80,000 people in the stands, millions watching on TV. What he didn’t know then? He’d suffered a paralyzing spinal injury. His football career was over. He had a relationship with himself that he’d neglected. He had three houses and cars all over, but he was confined to one interior room; he wasn’t happy. Mitchell did not change all at once. He started experimenting—conscious breathing, yoga, other mindfulness habits—and he built some momentum. “It sounds so simple, but it’s still complex to a lot of us,” he says. “The big picture of transformation can look scary.” Today, all three men talk about the little wins along the way, about why we lead with anger, about moving from force to finesse, about balancing trauma with healing, and about integrating masculinity, vulnerability, and well-being. (For more, see the goopfellas podcast hub and look out for Mitchell’s new book The Mindfulness Playbook.)
May 22, 2019
Coming Soon: goopfellas
goopfellas—the first show to spin-off from The goop Podcast—debuts May 22. It’s hosted by functional medicine practitioner Will Cole, DC, and chef Seamus Mullen: two friends who have become familiar with unlikely personal transformations.​
Apr 10, 2019