Families First- Families learning to prepare for the unknown.

By Lance K Ewing

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Category: Kids & Family

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A Guide for parents and families who choose to be prepared for a National electric grid failure.

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Lance K Ewing Families First- My back Story and plans for the group.

Lance K Ewing Families First- My back Story and plans for the group.

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Apr 13, 2019
Families First -Families preparing for the unknown in trying times Intro.

Stay tuned for more podcasts discussing all things to help your family and mine be prepared in trying times.

We will discuss scenarios from my books including a segment on each of the 30 questions below to start:

Once we have answered these questions, you will have more basic knowledge about surviving a disaster or electrical grid collapse than 95% of the rest of the world.

1. The first thing to do when the power goes out and how to know in two minutes if its going to be really bad.

2. How long will it be before everyone else knows and the looting of grocery stores, liquor stores and even electronic stores begins?

3. What are 10 items you can buy on Amazon right now for $10-20 each that will literally save your life?

4. What are the top 10 items to trade that will be worth their weight in gold?.

5. I have guns for protection, but what are the best in variable situations? Oh no, I don't have any guns, what else can I do to protect my family?

6. What items should you scour your house for right after a grid collapse?

7. Will my vehicle run or will i be stranded?

8. Should i carry a small bug out bag in my car at all times starting now?

9. What is a bug out bag and what should be in it?

10. Should I have a food inventory sooner than later?

11. What about the Police and other law enforcement? Can I count on them to rescue my family?

12. What will my Government do to help?

13. Are the females and children in more danger than Dad?

14. Do I band together with neighbors, or my Church, or is is best to stay stay small and not group up?

15. How do I know if ill have to leave my house and bug out?

16. If we do have to leave, where should we go?

17. What if my family is split up by a few miles or a thousand when it happens?

18. Will my credit cards still be good?

19. What about my cash.

20. Should I start preparing now?

21. How do I know where to start?

22. How can I get 50-100 gallons of water out of my house after the water stops running?

23. Why is it a good idea to have cigarettes and alcohol on hand even if you don't smoke or drink?

24. What about clean water and when will it stop running in my house?

25. My spouse thinks I'm crazy and a Doomsday Prepper wannabe. How do I get them on-board?

26. I can't talk to my co-workers or family about this without sounding like a fear monger. How do I approach thee subject?

27. I live in the concrete jungle of a large city or suburb. Is their any hope for my family.

28. What can learn from Survival experts that I can apply to my families situation?

29. What is the real likely-hood that this could happen in our lifetime?

30. Has it happened before in other Countries? What about the US?

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Apr 12, 2019