Feelin' Good With Duddy

By Duddy B

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 May 1, 2019


Feelin' good with Duddy. A show based on things that make us feel good. Hosted by Dustin Bushnell "Duddy B" of the "Dirty Heads" and Co-hosted by his brother Jake Bushnell.

Episode Date
Holiday Special

Duddy has selected on of the most unique Christmas songs to date and gives one hilarious play by play. Feliz Navidudd from the entire FGWD team!!

Dec 25, 2019
FGWD: 36 Season 1 Finale with Duddy & Jake

Our Season 1 finale is here and the guys are recapping all the fun they have had for 35 Episodes! Tune in to find out which episode most inside jokes, soundclips, and the most popular/fan favorite segment came from. Thank you for hanging out for all of Season 1 and get ready for Season 2, premiering February 2020!!

Dec 11, 2019
FGWD: 35 Greg Shields of Kash’d Out

Greg Shields, lead singer and guitarist of Kash’d Out joined Duddy and Jake this week for a new episode of FGWD. From Orlando, Florida - Kash’d Out have toured the country as support with notable bands to gain them their own following and soon their own headlining tour. The theme of this week is Keep on Movin’ and as we all know it’s always best to keep moving forward towards whatever you’re working on! This episode features a FGWD first, a LIVE acoustic performance from Kash’d Out! 

Dec 04, 2019
FGWD: 34 Matt Roads & James Begin of Tropidelic

Matt Roads and James Begin of Tropidelic took a detour from tour to stop by the FGWD studio this week. Matt and James discuss early beginnings of Tropidelic, tour life, and their new EP “Flyover Renaissance” out December 13th. The theme of this week is “Be Proud of Who You Are” and the super group having reggae roots out of Ohio is perfect for this weeks theme. Having a “reggae-like” sound in Ohio may not be the norm, but they have evolved and inturn are proud of who they are!

Nov 27, 2019
FGWD: 33 Kaleo Wassman of Pepper

Kaleo Wassman, Singer and Guitarist of Pepper, joins his long time pals Duddy and Jake this week. Kaleo talks early band life in Kona, Hawaii and celebrating 22 years together as a band, all original members!! This episode is filled with memories, fan questions, and a challenge for all our listeners so don’t turn this one off early! The Word of the Day is “Positivity” and you’ll find out quickly why this is the perfect fit for this episode. Mahalo!!

Nov 20, 2019
FGWD: 32 Josh Knutti, Overcoming You

Josh Knutti of the podcast Overcoming You joins the team for a positive episode to uplift! The trio discusses going through different life experiences, negative self talk, and how every single person goes through rough patches. The theme of the week is “Overcoming You” - push yourself to overcome yourself to be the best you can be. Inspirational and hilarious, this episode will have you Feelin Good!

Nov 13, 2019
FGWD: 31 Kyle Rising of Sensi Trails

Kyle Rising of Sensi Trails joins the brothers this week to talk about music and tour life. From band origins on the East Coast to taking the chance and moving to Southern California and tour life in a van - Kyle is perfect for this week’s topic: Comfort Zone. As Duddy mentions, sometimes you have to leave to do what you know is right and this can be applied to anyone’s life. Kyle also has two great stories to your two favorite segments - so get ready.

Nov 06, 2019
FGWD: 30 Omar Hassan, Legendary Skateboarder

Pro Skateboarder of 30 years Omar Hassan joins the FGWD Skate Gang this week. This legend recounts many skate memories from his early childhood to present; from musical influences in skate culture, the evolution of skateboarding culture, competition life, and being inducted into the FGWD Skate Gang! Join the Skate Gang for one episode that is definitely “on lock.”

Oct 30, 2019
FGWD: 29 Jared Watson, singer of Dirty Heads

Dirty Heads fans rejoice! The most requested guest of all time has arrived, Jared Watson, life long friend and co-founding member of Dirty Heads. The trio reminisced of their early musical careers that helped them all transform into who they are today.

This episode is filled with stories of prank wars, never before heard tour stories, and why fitness is a big part of Jared’s world. Transformation is this week’s theme and you’ll find out why it is an important word for Jared, Duddy and Jake.

Oct 23, 2019
FGWD: 28 American Ninja Warrior Jennifer Burdis

Educator, Author, and Two Time American Ninja Warrior Jennifer Burdis joins the guys this episode. Jen, a former 4th grade teacher, discusses why she is taking a year off from educating youth to educating the masses in fitness and health. From overcoming educational setbacks, becoming a college athlete, to American Ninja Warrior, Jen is the perfect guest for this week’s topic: No Excuses.

Oct 16, 2019
FGWD: 27 Comedian Eric Blake

Comedian and Comedic Ghostwriter Eric Blake joins the roundtable with the guys in our latest episode. Eric discusses life as a comedian, comedic ghostwriting ups and downs, and his awesome foundation for inner city kids called “Comedy Through Transition.” This week’s episode will enforce why ‘brushing it off’ is an important choice for this weeks theme.

Oct 09, 2019
FGWD: 26 Comedian, Podcaster, and Actress Vanessa Johnston

Comedian, Host of “Sooo Aggressive” Podcast, Actress, and all around badass Vanessa Johnston joins the guys in the studio. From her rise in comedy, to having no boundaries with her busy schedule - she is the perfect first female guest you can definitely respect. Join the boys for one energetic new episode!

Sep 25, 2019
FGWD: 25 Surf Legend Kalani Robb

Pro Surfer Kalani Robb stops by the studio this week to discuss all things surf. Kalani is perfect for this week’s theme: versatility. From early surf memories, an insane Band Camp surf story, and his awesome future business plans; we’re here for all of it.

Sep 18, 2019
FGWD: 24 Nick Wold, Lead Vocal and Guitarist of Dreamers

Nick Wold, Lead Vocals and Guitarist, of Dreamers is this week’s guest fresh off tour with Dirty Heads and 311. After many laughs and stories, no episode is complete without a Band Camp story, pooping your pants, and a new segment: The “To Don’t” List!

Sep 11, 2019
FGWD: 23 Tour Memories

Tour has wrapped up and the boys are back! While happy to be back home, this was one of the best summer ever for the guys. Duddy and Jake recap their favorite tour memories; from new friends, skate gang, the ultimate 311 fan, the cursed bus, and more! 

The theme of the week is “Quality Control” and this is something anyone can do with their life: review, reflect, and confirm you’re putting out the best you can. This episode also features a HUGE announcement! Listen closely and get ready for the next live podcast!!

Sep 06, 2019
FGWD 22 The Lost Tour Episode

Oh what a summer it was, and we have found the episode that almost didn’t air in our lost archives! After a series of technical difficulties, “The Lost Episode” was found with some hilarious ‘Best Of’ clips from a podcast that never aired. Join Duddy, Jake, fan fav Big Mike, Matt Sound (part of the OG Dirty Heads crew), and Tristan Tritt for one hilarious episode.

The theme of the week was chosen by Big Mike and it’s a great one: “Bounce Back!” Rough days happen, so get your life together and make it happen -- just like us making this episode happen despite technical difficulties! Get ready for an epic story involving a port-a-potty and Bambi thinking it was Superman...trust us, just listen.

Aug 28, 2019
FGWD: 21 David Bradshaw, Tour Stage Manager and Professional Cat Herder

In the last episode of the FGWD Summer Tour, meet David Bradshaw, stage manager for the entire tour. Bradshaw compares tour life to “herding cats” but makes sure to find a pool or body of water wherever they end up for fun. Once a member of the Air Force, Bradshaw talks about military life, PTSD, and why you should always tell your story! Bradshaw’s stories are inspirational and fun - Six Flags private party anyone? 

The theme of the week is “thick skin” and why it’s important in showbiz life. Don’t let things get you down and you will thrive! 

Aug 21, 2019
FGWD: 20 Live Fan Podcast in Rhode Island

This week Duddy and Jake host their first ever LIVE fan podcast in Providence, Rhode Island! Kevin Bivona, guitarist for The Interrupters sat down with the guys during their live show. Kevin is not only a guitarist but musical prodigy, including a songwriter and music producer for other artists and a Grammy award winning mixer / engineer. During the podcast Kevin discusses what it’s like working with his brothers and wife in The Interrupters...and of course has an epic Band Camp story. Thanks to Whiskey Republic in Rhode Island for an awesome event!

Aug 14, 2019
FGWD 19: Living Your Best Life

The FGWD Summer Tour keeps rolling with two pivotal behind the scenes members: Anthony Duty, Dirty Head's tour photographer and Josh Suguitan of TWA, FGWD videographer and photographer. Both of the guys speak of their humble beginnings that were fueled with determination and a strong work ethic.

From their similar beginnings of shooting photos and videos at weddings, to now large scale arenas -- both of these guys know the true meaning of perseverance. This week’s theme is perseverance: keep trying, keep going, and be persistent until you get what you want!

Aug 07, 2019
FGWD 18: Summer Tour Life, Slipped Discs, and ARM-ageddon

Another epic FGWD Summer Tour Episode with Ben Erdreich, Head Rigger and back by popular demand, Big Mike. Learn more about tour life and why our guest duo have a big stake into making sure shows on this tour go well! This week’s theme is adaptability and while life may throw you curveballs, the ones who will succeed in life will adapt - pivot - and move forward. Be ready for another Band Camp Story (Baby Blue Dickies anyone?) and the latest whiteboard rant with Jake! ARM-ageddon, August 9th featuring Red vs. Big Mike -- Save the Date!

Jul 31, 2019
FGWD 017: Day Drinking, Fan Questions, and Bullet Pointed Tour Stories

Members of the Dirty Heads camp Shawn Hagood and Big Mike joined the FGWD podcast on the road this week. After some day drinking, Shawn answers some fan questions (drumsticks or guitar picks for hands?) and Big Mike has a bullet pointed list of stories he wants to share; like his early days as an escort driver! This week’s theme is communication and why it’s key to have good communication with your loved ones, friends, and work. Get ready because the banana phone is ringing!

Jul 24, 2019
FGWD 016: Ron Talley - Barber, Father, and Motorcycle Enthusiast

Barber, father, and motorcycle enthusiast Ron Talley dropped by the studio this week. The owner of Electric Barbershop in Riverside, CA talks about how barber culture is back, the ultimate pet peeves of barbers, and how barbers enjoy getting to know their clients on a personal level while in the chair. This week’s theme is pride and why it’s important to not only take pride in your work but yourself.

Jul 17, 2019
FGWD 015: Ian "Silverback" Butler

MMA star Ian ‘Silverback’ Butler dropped by the studio for an inspirational episode of FGWD. From living in shelters, foster care, a brush with death, and rebuilding himself; Ian is the epitome of “started from the bottom now he’s here!” This week’s theme is motivation and you’ll find out what motivates the crew.

No episode can be complete without another epic “Band Camp” story and Ian’s Koko Head Hike will have you laughing and possibly searching for his shorts! Get ready!

Jul 10, 2019
FGWD 014: Duddy and Jake Get Violated by Jimbo & Jackie

Radio legend, Jimbo and his 3rd wife, Jackie are the perfect couple for this weeks Feel Good subject: Rebirth -- new opportunities, new friends, and a possible new favorite drink combo?!

Champskey (Whiskey + Champagne) creators, Jimbo and Jackie, have Duddy and Jake laughing all episode and you will too! Jimbo and Jackie talk share their first time meeting at Chuck E. Cheese, awkward first “evening in” at Jackie’s studio apartment, and champagne bongs -- with a burp off.

Don’t forget to tag Jimbo and Jackie & FGWD with your own Champskey’s of Proper 12 + Champagne drinks!

Jul 03, 2019
FGWD 013: Christian Fletcher Raw and Uncut

Legendary surfer, Christian Fletcher is the perfect edition to this weeks Feel Good subject: Be Yourself. Christian shares candid feelings on the surf industry and how he helped shape modern surfing. Tune in for crazy stories from around the world; including smoking his best friends ashes in Japan! This episode will have you cracking up and waiting for more! Remember — Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die!

Jun 26, 2019
FGWD 012: Our Ohana and Drummer from Pepper, Yesod Williams

Aloooooha!! In this episode we have our Ohana from Hawaii and drummer from Pepper, Mr. Yesod Williams. We talk about music, the struggles of being compared to sublime, and the meaning of Ohana. We also get a small crash course on the correct way of slammin da SHAKA!!  Grab your coconut shell drinks and feel good with us!

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Jun 19, 2019
FGWD 011: Father's Day Special With Randy Bushnell

Happy Father's Day! In this special episode we have the man, the myth, the legend our dad Mr. Randy Bushnell! We talk about the good old day growing up from peeing pants, skate ramps, crazy driving, and being a supportive parent!

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Facebook: Feelin Good With Duddy

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Jun 16, 2019
FGWD 010: Our friend, Johnny Christ from Avenged Sevenfold​

It’s time to Feel Good with Duddy B, Jake, and our pal, Johnny Christ from Avenged Sevenfold! Episode 10 is all about being grateful and we are grateful for all the memories shared during Episode 10. From jingles, pranking, to pee stories - you’re in for one epic show! Tell your friends and don’t forget to subscribe for your weekly dose of feel good.

Jun 12, 2019
FGWD 009: Comedian, Tour Manager of Sublime with Rome, Eric Freedman

On this episode of #FGWD our good friend Eric Freedman, comedian & tour manager, came by to share some awesome memories. Reminiscing about their time on tour, the first time being on stage, and his history with Mike Epps.

Jun 07, 2019
FGWD 008: Comedians, Actors, and Twin Brothers! the Sklar Brothers!

We have two very special guest on episode 8. The Sklar Brothers are identical twin comedians and actors. Randy and Jason discuss how being politically correct helped them be more creative and not be so sloppy with their material but more thoughtful. "...what we do and create is something that goes out into the world and then isn't like something contributes to the waste in the world..." So much feelin' good on this episode with the two brothers and we can't wait to have them back. And the search continues to get Duddy to throw out the first pitch at all 32 stadiums.

Jun 05, 2019
FGWD 007: Jalin Turner and Anthony Gonzales discuss what it’s like to be apart of an MMA family.

Theme of the week: team work! This weeks #FGWD the guys interview MMA fighter Jalin and his coach Anthony!

Find out why Jalin picked Anthony as his coach, why the legends value learnings from the new up & coming fighters...oh and guess who owned 200 TARANTULAS. 

May 29, 2019
FGWD 06: Taking You Back To That Early Tour Life With Cheez

On this episode we brought back our good friend: CHEEZ! We take a trip down memory lane with Cheez, discussing our humble beginnings and why staying true to yourself is important. Loyalty, whiskey, weed, and a surprise announcement about the new Dirty Heads record!!

May 22, 2019
FGWD 005: Good Friend Chadd McKeen

Episode 5 is all about good vibes and reminiscing how we first met Chadd McKeen meet backstage of Sublime show.  So much good energy on this show and we can't wait to have Chadd on again.  

May 15, 2019
FGWD 004: Red Page of Poor Man's Change

We have the great honor of having Red Page of Poor Man's Change a Southern Rock/Country band on this episode of Feelin Good With Duddy.  Where passion is the driving force for Red and his band. SXSW talks and the experience to why it's one of Red's top bucket list events.  



May 15, 2019
FGWD 003: Rome Ramirez of Sublime with Rome

The pursuit of a musical career can be tricky. Rome shares his story of becoming lead singer of Sublime with Rome and so much more. Listen to his journey of peaks and valleys on one of our many favorite episodes.  

May 08, 2019
FGWD 002: Winning With Josh Hader from Milwaukee Brewers

Duddy and Jake talk baseball with Josh Hader from Brewers before he heads out to play against the Angeles. On this episode its about winning and loosing in life. Simplify your goal to trying your hardest. Do you give it your all?

May 01, 2019
FGWD 001: Dirty Heads Manager Mike Brown "Cheez" Talk about What Makes Him Feel Good

Feelin' good is what its all about and on this very first episode Cheez lets it all hang out. Learn what makes him feel good in life and how keeping things positive keeps things awesome.  If you like stories Cheez has you covered. From the first time he met Dirty Heads "naked" to the 18+ years they spent together.

May 01, 2019
Welcome to Feelin' Good With Duddy

Feelin' good with Duddy. A show based on things that make us feel good. Hosted by Dustin Bushnell "Duddy B" of the "Dirty Heads" and Co-hosted by his brother Jake Bushnell.

Apr 17, 2019