Table for 2 - An MTG Arena Podcast

By Alexander Hayne & Kar Yung Tom

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Pro Tour champion and MPL member Alexander Hayne chats Magic: The Gathering with KYT over food/coffee.

Episode Date
Lions, Sheeps and How to Improve at Limited

Treat us to cups of coffee ☕ for our next episode -
(3:45) How was casting Fandom legends with Semulin and TheAsianAvenger?
(6:30) Why Alex stopped splitting finals?
(16:30) Q: How to not feel too high/too low? How to avoid autopilot?
(20:15) Alex's mentality walking into a Magic tournament, how he tried to trashtalk Jon Finkel
(24:15) Is it actually beneficial to play all the rounds ala Franky Richard?
(33:45) Q: How do you deal with nerves and letting people down?
(41:20) Q: How would you approach improving at a Limited format?

Jul 19, 2019
MTG Fundamentals, How to Improve and Social Media

 Treat us to cups of coffee ☕ for our next episode - 

(4:55) Answering Medina's question - How should one work on their MTG fundamentals?
(15:45) A huge sideboarding mistake a lot people make in Constructed
(31:15) I don't think anyone became a great Magic player by themselves - Alex
(45:35) When to trust yourself in Magic, why the Miracle deck posted a low win rate
(48:20) Lessons KYT has learned about posting on social media
(54:10) Reality vs. perception, is there a gap between the top MODO players/top live players?
(1:13:30) Quick answer to how Alex would approach improving at Limited
(1:18:00) That one time KYT was an MTG Insider, marketing vs. content

Jul 11, 2019
Timing, Sequencing and Mental Game

(0:00) KYT finishes the month at Mythic #115
(4:50) Alex played Mono Blue in recent Fandom Legends event and finished 4th
(7:40) What's the deal with all these small esports organizations?
(14:55) "Most people don't actually know what good Magic is." - Alex
(18:25) HIGH-LEVEL: Timing/sequencing subtleties
(31:00) Thanking listeners and how to pronounce gif
(33:05) Grand Prix Atlanta story - Booze Cube with Pascal Maynard & Dave Mantel
(36:25) HIGH-LEVEL: Mental game / answering @jamietopples's question / how we deal with tilt
(57:30) Is pattern recognition from chess applicable to Magic?

Jul 04, 2019
Esper at Mythic Championship III, More Sideboarding Advice

(3:20) Alex goes over his Mythic Championship III
(10:55) KYT gets Alex to talk about specific card choices of his Esper deck
(14:20) Why having even just 1-2 cards different can make a huge difference
(16:00) Why Alex didn't think Mono Red was that good heading into MC3
(17:40) HIGH-LEVEL: Why it can make sense to side out a land in a low curve deck
(24:00) How Alex trolled BBD by pretending to stream at MC3
(30:00) KYT & Alex go over a Brad Nelson decision in the Grand Finals: when to wait
(41:00) How to sideboard in Limited
----------- END -----------
(50:55) Food for thought for the next episode, nature vs. nurture, chess parallels
(54:00) KYT goes over the deck he has used to grind up to #50 on Arena - Bant Manipulation
(59:00) KYT wants to shed "just a content producer" tag
(1:05:20) Did people think Alex was a good player after he won a Pro Tour?
(1:12:00) Why brand value can be important, Lords of Limited shoutout

Jun 26, 2019
Why It's Hard to Improve at Magic

(0:00) Alex is headed to Mythic Championship III in Vegas
(3:50) Alex thinks with the way Magic is now designed, there's rarely a 65%+ deck
(4:30) How much better is a 65% win player vs. a 50% win player?
(7:35) Why KYT thinks it's hard to improve at Magic and why he thinks most people stay in the same tier
(18:30) Why KYT doesn't like Gruul in Standard and what he'd play to grind the Arena ladder
(21:50) KYT reflects on what Alex said on the show on his own

Jun 19, 2019
The Future of Competitive Magic, Approach to Sideboarding

(0:00) Support the show by gifting the guys a cup of coffee via
(2:30) KYT called his shot and won the Arena Super Cup with White Weenie
(5:05) How KYT arrived at his deck choice
(8:25) The difference between round 1 and the finals, how Alex deals with nerves
(16:15) Chatting about the upcoming RedBull tournament, how the game is now favouring popularity, esports vs. isports
(33:50) How chess is now getting into the streaming space
(39:10) Smaller skill gap is why top Magic players are more replaceable
(49:30) Why there's nothing wrong with using a sideboard guide
(52:20) GRANDMASTER AUDIO CLASS: Approach to sideboarding // A little bit bigger/slower
(1:04:00) Where KYT wants to see the content world move towards

Jun 14, 2019
Health, the Mental Game, Live Arena Tournaments


(0:00) MTG fitness, nutrition, sleep, drugs, do they affect performance?
(7:00) Tzu-Ching Kuo doesn't eat or drink water at events
(10:55) Discussion on sports psychology / therapy, Alex started to stop splitting finals
(21:00) Alex & KYT's experience with different diets, trying paleo/keto, settling on CICO
(34:55) Alex & KYT went to the brand new esports place that opened in downtown Montreal
(39:20) KYT says he's going to win the Arena Super Cup
(41:10) Alex & KYT discuss the viability of hosting local MTG Arena tournaments, reminisce about chess days
(51:15) Power of networking, bringing people together with ManaDeprived
(54:25) Alex asks KYT if he thinks he deserves to be invited to one of the Arena Mythic Championships?

Jun 10, 2019
GoFundMes, Ramp in Standard and High-Level Strategy


(3:25) Tackling the GoFundMe topic
(10:50) KYT thinking back to Jay Boosh getting funded to go to GP Toronto
(15:15) Should people have more foresight before they play an MCQ?
(26:05) KYT needs to figure out what Standard deck to play at the Arena Super Cup
(30:20) KYT tried tangrams' Simic Ramp list. tangrams first to 2 trophies in the current MTGO League.
(41:50) KYT loving River's Rebuke, but maybe Karn's Temporal Sundering is better.
(43:20) HIGH-LEVEL STRATEGY: Identifying what matters
(45:45) Thoughts on UR Phoenix, Alex doesn't understand how it wins
(47:20) Which decks Alex is down on?

Jun 07, 2019
Vietnamese Food, Standard, WAR Limited

(0:00) Vietnamese food go-tos
(5:55) Alex's GP Providence weekend
(8:55) Alex explains to KYT what "bang bang" means
(10:15) More value in today's GPs?
(16:50) Being a tourist in your own city, visiting Saint Joseph's Oratory
(27:50) Standard talk, mentally taxing decks|
(53:30) Do 70% decks still exist?
(56:30) GOING DEEP: Has podcasting made KYT less shy?
(1:07:00) KYT's one interaction with LSV
(1:11:00) WAR Limited, why KYT loves Ari Lax's content, going over Ari's blog post on WAR

May 31, 2019
Community Contributions, High-Level Strategy & Standard

(1:34) Hayne heading down to GP Providence, teaming with Sigrist and Martell
(5:05) Winning a team GP with Hoaen and Hron
(6:20) KYT asks if Martell is content with his almost-HOF career
(8:25) General Hall of Fame talk
(19:05) Hayne's frustration with the current state of Magic content
(22:14) GOING DEEP: Is writing paid articles community contribution?
(27:15) KYT's motivation for starting & where he is at now
(29:55) Hayne gives an example of bad Magic content he has read
(41:05) KYT thinks back on a strategic error he'd mindlessly make
(46:15) HIGH LEVEL STRATEGY: Abandoning preconceived notions
(52:55) Standard talk, more Command the Dreadhorde
(1:00:55) UG Incubation/Nissa
(1:15:24) Who is the best player in Kingston?
(1:16:00) Who is the best player in Ottawa?

May 22, 2019
MPL Reaction, Gerry Thompson Resigning, Standard Talk

(0:00) Is Detective Dhaliwal actually a detective?
(3:15) Hayne's reaction to Gerry's MPL resignation
(6:00) Reaction to the 2 new MPL additions
(19:19) Response to "entitled players complaining" comments
(29:40) Reaction to SaffronOlive/Simon Görtzen Twitter thread, thoughts on making MPL more interesting
(41:45) How can you tell a deck is bad right away?
(49:20) Command the Dreadhorde talk, how to tell when mana dorks are good, what Alex would play

May 17, 2019
WAR Standard, Top 5 All-Time, Rating MPL

(2:30) Reminiscing about old style PTQs
(3:25) Alex's first PTQ win
(5:00) WAR Standard talk
(7:50) Nexus
(10:20) Izzet Phoenix
(13:25) Mono Red winning the SCG
(19:55) 17 lands in BO1 Mono Red
(21:25) Mono Red choices, Frenzy vs. Chandra, Patrick Sullivan's thoughts
(26:15) Alex hates Risk Factor
(27:40) Lava Coil in the mirror
(29:30) Putting pros on a pedestal
(30:20) Alex getting on KYT for calling Edgar the hottest Canadian player
(34:45) New Karn in Tron
(37:05) MPL breakdown
(38:50) Rating Emerald group
(41:20) Rating Pearl group, Javier best active player?
(45:50) Rating Ruby group, Huey nigh-unbeatable when he's on
(49:05) Alex's top 5 all-time
(52:45) Rating Sapphire group
(01:01:10) Reacting to Yuuya being out of the Hall of Fame

May 10, 2019
The Pilot Episode

(01:52) Alex health update
(03:15) Playing Tron at the Mythic Championship
(06:50) Brian Ziemba losing Alex's decklist at GP Vancouver
(14:25) Derek Pite sitting at the wrong table in round 4
(17:45) Progression of Alex's Limited skills, Sigrist's approach to Limited
(25:18) Ben Stark, overrated/underrated
(29:05) War of the Spark, fast /slow?
(31:05) Yuuya Watanabe DQ reaction

May 02, 2019