The Work in Progress Podcast

By Andy Mineo & Delgis Mustafa

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Category: Music

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Work In Progress is a new music podcast and upcoming eighth studio album brought to you by rapper, Andy Mineo. During each hour-long episode, Andy and featured guests discuss the creative process, inspiration and themes behind songs from his highly anticipated “lost files” LP. New audio & video episodes will be released every three weeks on Fridays.

Episode Date
Andy and the crew come together to discuss the current divide in the country and the difficulty of being a Christian during the current political and social climate. This conversation will create space for dialogue that often shows up in Twitter hot-takes give more space critical through. Podcast Guest: Kareem Manuel CEO, We Society
Jun 05, 2020
Another Me
Andy and the crew come together to discuss setting the proper priorities, the impact of legacy and the reality of impermanence. Andy shares his own wrestles with honing his craft, and investing in his family. Podcast Guest: Lecrae Recording Artist; President at Reach Records
Oct 03, 2019
Family Photo
Andy and the crew come together to discuss the impact of trauma, the consequences of broken family dynamics, and the value of counseling. Andy opens up about his relationship with his father and it’s impact on him today. Podcast Guest: Swoope; Artist
Sep 26, 2019
So Far Gone
Andy and the crew come together to discuss the art of honing your craft, Andy’s experience going viral, and whether or not technical ability matters in rap anymore. The conversation explores the rich heritage of technical skill in rap harkening to 90’s era hip-hop and the unhealthy skill-shaming that often colors the conversation. Podcast Guest: Marcus Hollinger VP of Marketing, Reach Records.
Sep 19, 2019
I Ain't Done (BEAM Version)
Andy and the crew come together to discuss the tension between technical ability and feel when delivering an end product. This conversation will reveal the untold story behind the two versions that existed before the release of Andy’s “I Ain’t Done”. Exploring cultural movements like punk-rock and new-age cinema the team will uncover the beauty of sometimes going with the “feel” of a thing. This conversation will also cover anxiety and self-doubt as referenced in the track. Podcast Guest: Cristina Mineo
Sep 12, 2019
Til Death
On this episode of Work In Progress Andy and Del are joined by author, speaker, and life coach, BJ Thompson to discuss themes surrounding marriage and relationships.
Sep 04, 2019
Andy and Del are joined by Rob Markman, Head of Artists Relations at Genius and Chaz Smith YouTuber and Content Creator. Andy, Del, Rob and Chaz sit down to discuss Andy’s song “OTOD” and how getting to our destinations sometimes require back and side roads rather than through a linear progression.
Aug 26, 2019
Andy and Del are joined by Reach Records artist Tedashii! This weeks conversation will explore how Andy and his crew got together to discuss aging and the fear of aging. Andy, Del and Tedsahii explore different perspectives on aging along with commentary on how Andy’s track “1988” came together and why we never released it commercially.
Jul 13, 2019
I Don't Need You
Andy and Del are joined by John Onwuchekwa Author, Pastor of Cornerstone Church Atlanta, GA. They discuss the differences between vulnerability and transparency, and the difficulties in making of the song. The conversation explores the dangers of the self-made man myth and the beauty of community.
Jun 28, 2019
Anything But Country
Andy and Del are joined by this weeks guest Marcus Hollinger, VP of Marketing at Reach Records to discuss the challenges and patterns associated with overthinking and creative fear. Shedding light on Andy’s song “Anything But Country,” the conversation explores themes on stereotypes, unhealthy perceptions and the story behind the creation of the song.
May 31, 2019
Keepin it Movin
Andy and Del welcome Ace Harris, Director of A&R at Reach Records, to discuss the benefit of self limiting systems. Andy proposes the notion that limitations help foster creativity and the team shares some of their own “limiting systems”.
May 10, 2019