By Yoonsup Choi

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This is a show where we talk all thing League of Legend with Locodoco and Thorin

Episode Date
Listen Loco Ep. 66 TSMs Jungle, CLGs Upgrade, and a SIX-WAY Tie
Thorin and I chat about LCS as we head into week 4
Jun 22, 2019
Listen Loco Ep. 65 LEC, Invincible G2, and Imports in EU Ft. FoxDropLoL
This episode we discuss LEC so far and whether or not anyone can beat G2.
Jun 22, 2019
Listen Loco Ep. 64 A Weird Start to Summer, LCS So Far, and NA Junglers Ft. MarkZ
This episode we take a look at how each LCS team is doing and where they rank. Special thanks to William Hishon and Tobias Bernasconi for supporting ListenLoco
Jun 15, 2019
Listen Loco Ep. 63 LEC Week 1, Tentative Predictions, and Riot's New Game Ft. Riot Vedius
This episode we talk with Vedius about everything summer LEC
Jun 12, 2019
Listen Loco Ep. 62 Summer LCS Week 1, Proview, and Patreon
Me and Thorin chat about the opening weekend for Summer LCS and why he didn't tell me he was coming.
Jun 06, 2019
Listen Loco Ep. 61 Summer Split Predictions, Team Rundowns, and ANOTHER BET Ft. Dodo
As LCS Summer Split starts up we go over who we think are the best and worst teams going in
Jun 01, 2019
ListenLoco Ep. 60 – Perkz’s Brain, Bot Lanes, and Drafts Ft. G2 Perkz
This episode we catch up with G2 Perkz to find out his thoughts on his MSI competition.
May 31, 2019
ListenLoco Ep. 59 – What IG Did Wrong, LPL Coaches, and Tfue vs Faze Ft. RazLPL
This episode we look back at what went wrong for IG at MSI and try to figure out why Korea is failing.
May 31, 2019
ListenLoco Ep. 58 – Inside G2, MSI's Meta, and Cap's advice to Faker Ft. G2 Caps
This episode we talk with MSI 2019 Champion and possibly the best player in the world, Caps.
May 31, 2019
ListenLoco Ep. 57 – MSI 2019 Semis, Finals, and Building Team Liquid Ft. MarkZ and Liquid Steve
We discuss the ending to MSI 2019 with MarkZ and Liquid Steve, the owner of Team Liquid.
May 31, 2019
ListenLoco Ep. 56 – MSI 2019 Groups, Playoffs, and Predictions
As MSI Groups come to a close me and Thorin reflect on how the upcoming playoffs may play out.
May 31, 2019
ListenLoco Ep.55 - MSI 2019 So Far, Crazy Reddit Mods, and More Drama
This episode we sat down for another good ol 1 on 1 episode to discuss how MSI 2019 has been going so far.
May 31, 2019
ListenLoco Ep. 54 - MSI 2019 MEGASODE Ft. Kelsey Moser, Veteran, and AtlusTV
This episode we guest hop! Having 3 total of 3 guests we talk all things MSI.
May 31, 2019
ListenLoco Ep. 53 – MSI, Team Liquid’s Chances, and CLG’s decline Ft. Gbay100
As MSI starts to warm up we look back a some of the more interesting games so far and talk about what we think may happen as well as some recent developments for NA teams.
May 31, 2019
ListenLoco Ep. 52 – Balancing, Voice Coms, and Bot Lane Changes Ft. Riot Blaustoise
Between splits and before MSI picks up too much speed we decided we would do some more general episodes. So in this one we talk with Blaustoise about balance in the competitive and casual scenes.
May 31, 2019
ListenLoco Ep.51 – Minor Leagues, MSI Play-In Teams, and Match Fixing Ft. Jensen Goh
This episode we talk with Jensen about some of the smaller leagues and their chances at MSI. No not that Jensen. This one works for Splyce as a coaching consultant.
May 30, 2019
ListenLoco Ep.50 – LCK, Vision Metas, and Missing Money in Korea Ft. PapaSmithy
For our 50th episode we had to have everyone's favorite English LCK caster on to speak about how the Korean teams did this split and what we can expect in MSI
May 30, 2019
ListenLoco Ep. 49 – Dating in Esports, Journalism, and Esports Media Ft. Lisa Doan
This episode we welcome Lisa Doan as she quickly flames me and gives her opinions on esports media.
May 30, 2019
ListenLoco Ep.48 – GRF vs SKT, Super Players, and Reddit
We talked a bit too much about LCS in the last episode, so me and Thorin decided to sit down and focus a bit on the 2019 LCK SPring Finals between SKT and Griffin
May 30, 2019
ListenLoco Ep.47 - A Late Host, LEC Finals, and the G2/Griffin Alliance? Ft. GrabbZ and Veteran
Thanks to Veteran for playing the part of Budget Loco in this LEC episode and to GrabbZ for giving us a view of what coaching the powerhouse of G2 is like.
May 30, 2019
ListenLoco Ep.46 - LCS Finals, Betting, and Dignitas is Back?! Ft. Curry
This episode we discuss the LCS finals with the head coach of FlyQuest, Curry.
May 04, 2019
ListenLoco Ep. 45 – LCK Finals, The Downfall of Griffin, and The Strength of Korea - Ft. LS
LS makes his premiere appearance on Listen Loco's LCK themed 45th episode.
May 04, 2019
ListenLoco Ep.44 - Doublelift’s Buff Goons, Finals , and a Bet - Ft. Goldenglue
Big thanks to Goldenglue to giving us his views on the semifinals from the C9 perspective. Who do you guys think is going to win 2019 Spring Finals?
May 04, 2019
ListenLoco Ep.43 - Trick joins Schalke, Forg1ven's Comeback, and Fnatic vs Origen Ft. Veteran
This week we do it up with another LEC episode talking about team matchups, rosters, and drama. Joining us is analyst and previous head coach for H2k-Gaming VeteranEU
May 04, 2019
ListenLoco Ep. 42 - Thorin Quits Listen Loco!? Ft. Solo
This episode we focus on the LCS Quarter finals and the semi finals coming up this weekend. Who do you think the final 2 will be?
May 04, 2019
ListenLoco Ep.41 - Awards Predictions, Upcoming Match-ups, and Failed Teams
I totally meant for this to be a 2 person podcast and definitely didn't mess up the guest scheduling.
May 04, 2019