The Sound Money Podcast

By Steve McGarry

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Category: Business News

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Business & Technology; the two pillars of today’s economy. Econ Major, and your host, Steve McGarry is fascinated by this new frontier of leveraging technology to create million dollar companies. His background of assisting blockchain startups and hyper lean companies gives him the edge needed to ask all the right questions to all the right people. Steve talks with the biggest and brightest players in this space, then he breaks it down and explains it in ways the rest of us can understand.

Episode Date
Risk & Reward

In this episode of Sound Money, Steve McGarry talks about risks versus rewards. Taking risks is indeed a  thing; that’s why some people would prefer to avoid risks since it’s safer than action. But most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that they got to the top and reap the rewards because they were willing to take risks no one else did. Steve reminds us that we should stomach some risks and allocate some funds to a little bit more on traditional assets.

Aug 15, 2019
Exodus Wallet: Making Crypto Easy for Everyone

Steve McGarry sits with Daniel Castagnoli, the CEO, and co-founder of the multi-asset cryptocurrency wallet, Exodus. In this episode, Daniel shares how he and his partner, JP Richardson, came up with the idea of working some technical magic to develop the software wallet. From a handful of people to about fifty at present, Exodus had come a long way to where it is now. Join Steve and Daniel as they discuss what Exodus Wallet is all about. Check out  for more info. 

Aug 13, 2019
The Hard Truth of Startups and Changing Your Mindset

Today, Steve sits down with Sahil Lavingia, CEO of Gumroad-- a platform that allows content creators to do what they love for a living. In this episode, Sahil talks about his 8 years of working on Gumroad including failing to raise money, laying off 75% of his company, building back up and so much more. Steve shares why he’s ecstatic to have Sahil on the show since he talks insights on how startup entrepreneurs do a lot of internal exploration as they do business since it’s part of their identity. 

Aug 09, 2019
Non-Accredited Investors vs Accredited

In this episode of Sound Money, Steve talks about the difference between accredited and non-accredited investors. Steve shares the advantages of being an accredited investor. The list of benefits includes access to high-yielding assets and consumer protection system. Steve also talks about the difference between accredited and non-accredited investors in terms of lifestyles. Because of the protection system, non-accredited investors often experience a more significant risk of losing their money in gambling and casinos compared to the accredited people. Steve shares that the accreditation system poses a difficult problem for aspiring investors.

Aug 07, 2019
Quality over Quantity

Steve dives into the importance of having a “quality over quantity” mindset in business. Despite the positive impact of social media, Steve revealed that a hundred loyal supporters are more beneficial for a company than having a thousand followers on Instagram. Steve also shares that it is essential for business owners to develop products and services over producing the same items to maintain customers. Steve shares that a business may lose consumers when the owner drives up the cost for a product. However, the decision allows companies to focus on improving the quality of the service.

Aug 04, 2019
Measuring Happiness

In this episode of Sound Money, Steve McGarry talks about how happiness fits in a business. Steve reveals how measuring happiness is a difficult task for business owners. However, they can do it by engaging customers in a survey about their products or services. Neoclassical economic theories suggest that a higher income will make people happy. However, Steve notices that the new generation of employees is switching to remote jobs to have quality leisure. Steve talks about the study of Daniel Kahneman and Angus Deaton to support how a higher pay might not improve emotional well-being. 

Aug 02, 2019
Keep the Air Clean to the Molekule

In this episode, Steve talks to Molekule Senior Vice President Gaurav Agarwal, who raised the bar in the air purifier market. Gaurav explains how Molekule used nanotechnology to come up with an air purifier capable of destroying pollutants in the molecular scale. With Molekule’s groundbreaking product, Gaurav shares how the startup business transitioned into a successful company. Gaurav also gives us tips on what to look for in potential employees. 

Jul 25, 2019
A Stylish Way To Protect Your Eyes

A lot of employees need to stare at computers and other gadgets all day long, which may damage eyes in the long run. As human beings, we need our eyes in a healthy condition at all times. For this episode, Steve talks with Felix Gray CEO David Roger, who created the Brooklyn-based company dedicated to providing people with a stylish way to protect eyesight. After hearing a lot of his colleagues complain about suffering from eye problems after long hours of work, David came up with a viable solution to help people with their office dilemma. 

Jul 24, 2019
Choose Comfort in Business Clothing

Ministry of Supply CEO Aman Advani talks about how he founded his business attire fashion empire. Six years ago, Aman struggled with work productivity due to uncomfortable clothes. Aman and his co-founders then decided to combine fashion and comfort with simple clothing hacks suitable for business use. Despite his lack of experience in the field of fashion, Aman pursued numerous avenues and overcame failed attempts to provide people with office-appropriate clothing as strong as athletic gear that can help them achieve their goals. Join Steve as he interviews Aman regarding Ministry of Supply’s growth and success. 

Jul 23, 2019
Sharing And Collaboration In Marketing With Alex Song

In this episode of the Sound Money Podcast Steve sits down with Alex Song the Founder of DojoMojo. Have you ever heard the saying, “eat your own dog food?” Well, this is exactly how DojoMojo created their business. Learning how to effectively create something that solves a problem that you have is the key to creating something that the market needs. This episode is all about sharing and collaboration in marketing. 

Jul 22, 2019
What SpankChain Has In Store For You

Steve gets to sit down and talk with Ameen Soleimani, the CEO and developer of SpankChain, an adult entertainment platform that aims to bring cryptocurrency into the mix. Thanks to Ameen’s innovative technology, you’ll be able to pay in cryptocurrency, and allow third parties to participate, as well as SpankBank--it supplies the currency SpankChain offers. In 2019, SpankBank aims to elevate everyone’s overall experience further.  

Jul 19, 2019
Project Hydro

Today, Steve sat down with Mark Anstead, one of the contributors to an open source project called the Project Hydro. Mark discusses what this global and decentralized project is about, what do the diverse growing community of developers comprising it are basically doing, and also shared some insights about what's currently happening in the blockchain ecosystem. On this episode, Steve and Mark also tackled about an interesting technology, the ERC-1484, that Mark and his team are implementing.  

Jul 18, 2019
Earn Bitcoin While Shopping Online

In this episode of Sound Money, Steve caught a few minutes with Alex Adelman, the CEO of the first ever bitcoin rewards application. Starting from a small team of nine people, Alex tells his entrepreneurial journey in making this phenomenal rewards site and browser extension that lets users earn bitcoin whenever they shop online. Join them on this episode as Alex makes an exclusive announcement about a massive partnership on the way.  

Jul 17, 2019
Flippa: Your Common Ground For Every Investment

In this podcast episode, Steve had the chance to talk to Blake Hutchison from Flippa. An interesting thing to note is that Blake was a former buyer in Flippa, until he made his way to be their CEO! They both discuss how Flippa allows non accredited investors to reach sellers, as well as be the facilitator in different transactions. Blake’s first-hand experience gives Steve a rundown on how Flippa supports nontraditional investments and so much more. 

Jul 16, 2019
A Decentralized Global Lending Platform

In this episode, Steve sat down with James Alexander, the chief credit officer of Cred, which a global cryptocurrency lending platform that facilitates open access to credit anywhere and anytime. One of the interesting things about Cred is that they provide borrowers the ability to leverage their crypto assets to pull out USD in the form of a loan. In addition to the interview with James, Steve also shared how they discussed on peer-to-peer lending and what's in it in the future.  

Jul 15, 2019
Credit Enhancement With Trust Science

Have you ever encountered bankruptcy? Are you in great need of credit, but your background stops you from doing so? In this podcast, Steve gets to have a talk with the chief architect and CTO of Trust Science, Sanjay. They discuss how the company has created a new platform and how they’re pioneering cutting-edge technology through data gathering to give people the second chance that they deserve. Sanjay talks about how it aims to create a marketplace between service providers and consumers that can determine the trustworthiness of either when making transactions. 

Jul 12, 2019
Theft and Misplacement Prevention

People always tend to misplace important items in the house, or worst-case scenario, have them stolen. Have you ever experienced robbery or simply forgetting where you left your keys? I’m sure everyone’s familiar with this kind of scenario. In this episode, Steve had the opportunity to talk to the lead scientists and developers of the XYO network, Erik and Graham. They share insights on their state-of-the-art device which lets you put beacons on any household items to pinpoint their exact location using an app. This invention will surely change the lives of millions. 

Jul 11, 2019
New Decentralized Private Exchange Network

Steve sat down with one of PIVX’s global ambassadors to find out how it sets itself apart and what is to come.  Standing for Private Instant Verified Transaction, PIVX is intended to be fast, have low transaction fees, and be ridiculously private.  As the first proof-of-stake privacy coin in existence, PIVX is set to launch on the new decentralized private exchange network, ZDEX.  Stay current by following PIVX on all social media or checking out 

Jul 10, 2019
Sound Money through Bootstrapping

In this episode, Steve brings in bootstrapping in the scene with Sasha from Swarm. Swarm is a new network that is entirely decentralized, and it makes use of masternodes. It's a great passive income opportunity because masternodes owners get a reward on a daily basis. Great isn't it? Not just that, it's also a new structure that ensures compliance and digital security. Shasha explains excitedly the future of business through this promising network that brings financial security and opportunity in a global perspective.  

Jul 09, 2019
Make Sound Money Through Unstoppable Domains

Steve is again excited to present another great technology through this episode of Sound Money.  This time, he introduces you to Unstoppable Domains in having your financial transactions. Fortunately, he had the chance to meet Bradley Kam, co-founder of Unstoppable Domains, and he sits with him in this interview. In this first-ever media exposure of Unstoppable Domains, Bradley points out that this product decentralizes the way people own domains, and it tends to change the world of cryptocurrency and freedom. Bradley also enumerates the present and the future offerings of this amazing technology. With this, Steve invites you to open Pandora’s Box through Unstoppable Domains and start making sound money today.  

Jul 08, 2019
On-Chain Atomic Swaps

Steve caught a few minutes with Josh from Decred, an autonomous digital currency.  As the Asia-Pacific Operations Manager, Josh says Decred has a global community of contributors. The system of community-based governance makes it extremely easy for individuals to get involved.  2019 is sure to be a big year for Decred, including new privacy features and atomic swap technology, so be sure to stay informed at 

Jul 05, 2019
Building New Digital Assets

Not only is he a lead developer for Ravencoin, but Tron Black is also doing big things as the Principal Developer for Medici Ventures.  As a serial entrepreneur, Tron credits the 2013 Cyprus bailout deal with turning his attention to money and security.  Ravencoin started as a code fork from Bitcoin, but Tron says they are always adding additional features such as asset management and even a messaging capability in the not so distant future. 

Jul 04, 2019
Community Driven Business Decisions

Steve caught up with Diego Salazar, a Monero contributor (open-source cryptocurrency) that's passionate about privacy.  Diego explains how they are like a decentralized Kickstarter that is open to any and all ideas.  From submitting a proposal to securing funding and bringing an idea to life, Monero recently was able to lower transaction times and fees by 80%.  This unique project thrives on active community engagement so get involved with the next big idea at 

Jul 03, 2019
What is Sound Money Podcast - What You Can Expect

Business & Technology; the two pillars of today’s economy.  Econ Major, and your host, Steve McGarry is fascinated by this new frontier of leveraging technology to create million dollar companies.  His background of assisting blockchain startups and hyper lean companies gives him the edge needed to ask all the right questions to all the right people.  Steve talks with the biggest and brightest players in this space, then he breaks it down and explains it in ways the rest of us can understand.  Tune in to learn what tools individuals and teams are using, from traditional software to cutting edge blockchain technology, to gain traction with this new way of running an organization. 

Jul 02, 2019
Coming Soon

Coming soon the Sound Money podcast!

Jul 01, 2019