Just Stick To Parenting podcast

By Doyin Richards

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Category: Self-Help

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"Just stick to parenting, dude." Those are words host Doyin Richards has heard far too often. Doyin is a best-selling author and dynamic keynote speaker, but he's mostly known for being one of America's most respected voices in the realm of modern fatherhood. For years, he only talked about neutral parenting topics like ponytails and playdates on his popular social media platforms to keep everyone happy — which worked out nicely for everyone except for him. Eventually he decided to speak his truth and pivoted to race-relations, mental health, healthy masculinity, feminism, politics, and more. Many loved the change. Some didn't. Either way, he knew that the world isn't going to improve unless tough topics are candidly addressed. Get ready for rants, revelations, and realness from Doyin as he tackles hot-button topics, dishes out parenting advice, and delivers strong opinions in his unique and often humorous style. And yes, he will "just stick to parenting," because all of those topics are important when it comes to raising tiny humans.

Episode Date
Just Stick To Parenting Ep3: The Day I Wanted To Quit Fatherhood Forever

In episode #3 of the Just Stick To Parenting podcast, Doyin focuses on mental health, the dangers of social media, and how therapy saved his life.

A few things you'll find in this episode:

- Scary statistics about kids and sex (6:45)

- How social media negatively impacts mental health (13:00)

- The day Doyin wanted to quit fatherhood forever (25:15)

- Doyin's revelations on mental health (33:30)

- Doyin discusses a man's perspective on miscarriages (37:15)

Jul 16, 2019
Just Stick To Parenting Ep2: Hey White Folks, Shut up and Listen

In episode #2 of the Just Stick To Parenting podcast, Doyin talks about things that make some white people uncomfortable (namely, race-relations in America). He also describes why it's dangerous to raise kids to be colorblind, and how a white woman's borderline racist comment inspired him to start his Instagram feed.

A few things you'll find in this episode:

- Why raising kids to be colorblind is dumb (5:45)

- How a white woman's comment inspired Doyin to start his Instagram feed (15:30)

- Why it's incredibly difficult being a Black man in America today (22:00)

- The time Doyin pooped himself on a first date (yes, you read that correctly) (33:00)

- The most unpopular opinion Doyin has (37:15)


Jul 11, 2019
Just Stick To Parenting Ep1: The Origin Story of a Flawed Black Dad

In the inaugural episode of the Just Stick To Parenting podcast, Doyin tells his origin story that outlines the highs and lows of being thrust into the public eye simply by being a normal dad in America. He also describes why he quit Facebook and Twitter, rants about the one word he hates hearing dads say, and dishes out parenting advice to a new stay-at-home dad who is worried about the public perception of "not working."

Things you'll find in this episode:

- The story behind Doyin's name (1:00)

- The format of each episode (3:50)

- The day Doyin broke the Internet (9:25)

- Why Doyin "Just Sticks To Parenting" in his own way (19:00)

- The thing Doyin cannot stand to hear dads say (28:50)

- Why Doyin quit Facebook and Twitter (35:45)

- Doyin delivers parenting advice to a new stay-at-home dad (45:00)

Jul 04, 2019