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CUEcast is an every-other-Tuesday podcast spotlighting the world of faith based youth choirs. Hosted by YouthCUE founder Randy Edwards, the fifteen-minute episodes feature director interviews, conversations with students, discussions with YouthCUE alumni, anthem reviews, and best practices for student choir programs. Produced by YouthCUE, the premier organization for community based youth choirs since 1990.

Episode Date
Episode 17: A Fresh Face in Choral Education Gives Us His Story
In this episode we connect with Remington Lee Foster, a recent Stephen F. Austin University graduate, YouthCUE alumnus, and current full-time Marshall High School Choral Assistant. We discover his path into choral music, his experiences with YouthCUE, and the transformation he felt from student to teacher. We also get an update from him just a few short days ago, as a Marshall High School employee in the center of the COVID-19 pandemic. His personal story speaks in many ways to the joys of teaching, as well as the challenges choral directors all over the world are facing during this crisis.
Mar 31, 2020
Episode 16: Redeeming Lost Time During COVID-19
In this heartfelt episode, founder Randy Edwards addresses the coronavirus epidemic and YouthCUE's programming during this crisis. This unprecedented worldwide event has had a stark impact on schools, communities, and musicians everywhere. Randy makes a few personal suggestions for how we will get through this, and updates us on the resources YouthCUE will be providing to help. Interspersed with this message are beautiful anthems performed by YouthCUE choirs. Remember — we are all in this together.
Mar 24, 2020
Episode 15: A Retired Methodist Minister Provides Insights for Youth Ministry
In this episode, retired minister Dan Jean pulls from his two careers in communications and pastoral ministry to discuss some crucially important components of ministry for students. Dan and Carlene Jean became acquainted with and involved in the ministry of the San Antonio Youth Chorale in the four years before their retirement. In a future episode of CUEcast, we will interview Carlene, who led members of SAYC to become involved in a fascinating cutting-edge ministry in San Antonio.
Mar 17, 2020
Episode 14: An Interview with Holly Reynolds Lee
In 1998, university student Holly Lee began a community student choir in Dunkirk, MD, forty miles southeast of Washington, DC. Over the past twenty-two years, Voices in Praise (VIP) has grown, developed, and instilled crucial values in the students who participate. As VIP has deepened and strengthened, so has Holly, and ministry to her students is just as joyful and passionate as ever. This episode will explore the motivation and inspiration of Holly’s VIP programming and ministry.
Mar 03, 2020
Episode 13: An Interview with Dr. Claude L. Bass, Part 2
C. L. Bass is a consummate musical craftsman and a world-class artist of choral and orchestral expression and nuance. Those who know Dr. Bass best appreciate him not only for his artistry but also for being a highly approachable human being, a kind advocate, and a loyal friend. As we go deeper into the dedication of this servant-musician, there is much to learn from the vocational commitment of this creator of musical beauty. Not only is he a teacher second to none; he is also himself a student and a life-long learner.
Feb 18, 2020
Episode 12: An Interview with Dr. Claude L. Bass, Part 1
Over the past twenty-five years, retired church music professor and composer C. L. Bass has produced an abundance of musical resources for YouthCUE Festivals held throughout the United States and Canada. In the first of this two-part interview, Dr. Bass speaks about his primary years of musical discovery and how important personal relationships were to his early musical growth. A music educator par excellence, the informal conversation with C. L. provides powerful insights for us student choir directors as well as the teenagers we direct.
Feb 04, 2020
Episode 11: LOOK AT THE WORLD – Combined Artist Interview and Conclusions
Last September’s LOOK AT THE WORLD concerts gathered a wide array of talent combined for the purpose of communicating something positive to the San Antonio and Shreveport communities. We believe our listeners will enjoy and learn a great deal from the conversation between featured artists David Portillo, Angelique Feaster Evans, and Walker Burroughs. This extraordinary trio of artists explore the subject matter and themes of the concert while reflecting on their personal experiences working together.
Jan 21, 2020
Episode 10: How YouthCUE’s LOOK AT THE WORLD Has Impacted Four Students Who Sang in the Concerts
SAYC singers James Mack, Hope Berry, Noah Upton, and Amy Mack have each had unique though somewhat similar experiences singing as part of the LOOK AT THE WORLD mass choirs accompanied by full orchestras. We’ll take a look at not only their musical experiences surrounding these concerts, but also how the larger experience of singing together has impacted their lives for the better.
Jan 07, 2020
Episode 9: An Interview with Actress Angelique Feaster Evans
YouthCUE’s LOOK AT THE WORLD audiences over the past two years have been mesmerized and greatly moved by Angelique's evocative performances. A highly versatile actress and director of theater, Ms. Evans is especially skilled in the oratory of poetry with musical underlay. Today, listeners will get a glimpse into the background, life, commitment, talent, and vocation of an extraordinary professional who understands the teaching process and what it takes to raise up a new generation of artists.
Dec 24, 2019
Episode 8: An Interview with Walker Burroughs
This time a year ago, twenty-one-year-old Walker Burroughs began a months-long process of auditioning and being chosen as a finalist in the 2019 season of American Idol. The challenge was quite a ride for this young Birmingham native who is a music education major at Belmont Univerity in Nashville. In this episode of CUEcast, Walker encourages students and directors alike to set their sights high and to become all that God has created us to be
Dec 10, 2019
Episode 7: From Insecurity to a Singing Community
Four SAYC students—Pierce Haddad, Grace Mack, Laura Ramirez, and Shep Berry—tell us their stories about how they found their ways into the San Antonio Youth Chorale. Each has a very different story, and each had to overcome a sense of insecurity in order to become a part. However, each student is now heavily invested in the SAYC concept and are helping younger students to find their places as well.
Nov 26, 2019
Episode 6: From YouthCUE to the Metropolitan Opera and Back, Part Two
In this episode, Metropolitan Opera tenor David Portillo discusses his youth choir friendships and how the experiences of singing choral music as a child and teenager shaped his passion, his work ethic, and his joy for his vocation. David’s love for the art goes beyond just world-class musicianship; it also is a major driving force behind his desire to enrich the faith community and to be a peacemaker throughout the world.
Nov 11, 2019
Episode 5: From YouthCUE to the Metropolitan Opera and Back, Part One
In the first of a two-part interview with YouthCUE alumnus and Metropolitan Opera Tenor David Portillo, host Randy Edwards asks David to tell the stories of his time growing up in church, singing in school choir, and embarking onto his challenging path as a professional operatic singer. David provides unique insights for directors who lead gifted singers as well as average musicians who stand to benefit a great deal from the involvement in choral singing.
Oct 29, 2019
Episode 4: What Teens Get from Joining a Youth Choir
Students become involved in youth choirs for a variety of personal reasons. But not only will we receive varied responses and reasons from the different students we ask; ask any one student why she or he sings, and you will receive a variety of answers from the same teenager. If we hope to become successful as student choir directors, it is critical that we connect with the students in several key areas and meet a variety of needs for the adolescents we serve. Hosted by Randy Edwards. Theme Music by Robert Sterling. Technical Engineer: David Fong. Producer: Robert Sterling
Oct 15, 2019
Episode 3: Holy Histories, Furthered Futures
SAYC students Laura Ramirez, John Pradia, Macy Drew, Pierce Haddad, Leah Mayes, and Noah Upton again join host Randy Edwards to discuss how participation in student choir changes life for the better, but not just life in the present. The group discusses how directors can help students connect to a deeper, holy history in creating choral music and how that connection to the history will indeed enhance and bless their futures. Written by Randy Edwards. Theme Music by Robert Sterling. Technical Engineer: David Fong. Producer: Robert Sterling
Oct 01, 2019
Episode 2: From Performer to Teacher
Pierce Haddad, Leah Mayes, Noah Upton, Laura Ramirez, John Pradia, and Macy Drew join host Randy Edwards for more discussion. In today’s episode, the group discusses why the YouthCUE byline morphed in the early years from “For youth choir leaders who care,” to “Radically impacting the lives of youth.” The shift may seem insignificant, but it was a critical decision in the quest to reach today’s youth with the beauty of choral music. Theme Music by Robert Sterling. Technical Engineer: David Fong. Producer: Robert Sterling
Sep 17, 2019
Episode 1: Getting Started
Host Randy Edwards is joined by six high school singers who sing in the faith-based San Antonio Youth Chorale. Meet Noah Upton, Laura Ramirez, Pierce Haddad, Leah Mayes, John Pradia, and Macy Drew as they join in discussing the benefits of singing in an excellent student choir during their high school years. Included in Episode One is information on how to subscribe to the monthly newsletter and CUEcast, along with some anthem reviews which directors and students alike will find helpful. Theme music by Robert Sterling. Technical Engineer: David Fong. Producer: Robert Sterling
Sep 03, 2019
Episode 0: Introduction to CUEcast
CUEcast host Randy Edwards introduces himself and YouthCUE and tells listeners about the new podcast. CUEcast episodes will feature students, directors, composers, YouthCUE alumni who are professional musicians, performing artists, teachers, and professors. Episode Zero sets the stage for what listeners can expect in the every-other-week chapters.
Sep 02, 2019