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By Najwa Zebian

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Category: Self-Improvement

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We live our daily lives thinking that no one can see what’s going on inside of us. We wish to be seen and heard. We wish for that pain to just go away. Stories of the Soul brings you stories of people you meet every day. It opens your eyes to the depth that lies beneath the surface of every person’s exterior, just like the depth that lies beneath your exterior. In Stories of the Soul, you will listen to interviews with people from all walks of life. You will learn the beauty of digging deeper with your everyday relationships. You will also realize that you are not alone and that you are part of a bigger community of those who believe in the power of stories. You will learn that you can rise after your fall. And that you can own your healing as you’ve owned your pain. This podcast will be the springboard to your healing. Are you ready?

Episode Date
004 | David | How Forgiveness and Emotional Transparency can Help You Build Healthy Relationships with Your Parents

In this show, Najwa conducts an emotional and insightful interview that is full of great tips on how to build or mend a parent-child relationship.

In this show, our interviewee David reveals how his relationship with his father suffered a setback and they stopped talking for a while following a heated argument. A protective son, David stood up for his mother and asked his father to help out with household chores. His father did not take kindly to this suggestion, and, in a fit of anger, stated that he wished that his son was never born.

David, reeling in hurt and shock, distanced himself from his father. However, over time, he realized that he needed to overlook the negatives in his father, and concentrate on the positives instead.

In this show, we delve deeply into the nuances of a parent-child relationship and contemplate why relationships tend to go sour over time. We point out how men and women have different ways of tackling emotions and relationships. Men, particularly the older ones, have a difficult time expressing their feelings and showing vulnerability.

How can you, as a child, ensure that you don’t drift away from your father as you grow older? And, how can fathers understand their children, and do their bit to keep their bond healthy and strong?

The most important takeaway from this show is the power of forgiveness. David reveals how he ended the impasse with his father. Choosing to move on, David expressed how proud he was of his father. His older and now-mellow father completely broke down and hugged his son.

Hearing David recount his heart-wrenching personal experiences makes us realize that it is better to move on sooner rather than later. Are you losing out on years of warmth and laughter because you are not making the first move to mend your relationship? David urges listeners to avoid sliding into the typical mentality where emotional transparency is perceived as a sign of weakness.

We wrap up this show with some great tips on how to tackle anxiety and depression. Tune in for some excellent insights!

Oct 16, 2019
003 | Saira | Arranged Marriages: Breaking Out of Shame and Forgiveness

In today’s show, our interviewee, Saira shares her heart-wrenching story in which she experiences a failed marriage, physical abuse, financial abuse, and emotional trauma. How did Saira manage to forgive the people who put her through this distress? Read on as we reveal her amazing story.

Saira, Muslim by religion, was residing in Canada when she first met her ex-husband, a Saudi national. At the urging of friends and family, Saira ended up marrying her now ex-husband and moved to Saudi Arabia to stay with him. 

In a short marriage lasting barely 9 months, Saira conceived her daughter. Why did Sarah continue with an abusive relationship for so long? In this segment of the show, listeners will get a peek into arranged marriages which are present in many cultures around the world. You will learn that women across the globe, fearing a societal backlash, often sacrifice their self-respect and continue with an unhappy marriage.

When Saira returned home to Canada, her troubles did not go away. In fact, they simply compounded. She discovered that her sister-in-law had created misunderstandings between all her family members. And, if this were not enough, she also discovered that her sister-in-law was fleecing her mother and brother off hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So, how did Saira’s sister-in-law react when her intentions were finally uncovered? Did Saira and her family report her to the police? And, did Saira’s sister-in-law play a role in spoiling Saira’s marriage? As this shocking and sad story unravels, listeners will surely feel Saira’s pain and hurt.

Towards the end, Saira shares how her daughter constantly misses her father. Having grown up without a father, Saira can completely relate to her daughter. Can a single parent provide a healthy and wholesome upbringing to a child? Hearing the plight of her daughter will make listeners realize how divorce and separation affect young children. 

So, has Saira managed to forgive and move on? How have her experiences changed her outlook toward life?  Tune in for some excellent pearls of wisdom!


You Can Heal Your Life

Oct 09, 2019
002 | Jenna | Moving on From Eating Disorders and Numbing Methods, Gaining Powerful Habits for Building Self Love

In today’s show, Najwa interviews Jenna who shares her struggles with self-love and addiction. What are some of the negative consequences of a poor self-image? And, what are some effective ways of addressing these issues?

Jenna started grappling with self-image issues when she hit puberty at the age of 13. As her body started to change, she became obsessed with losing weight. Slowly but surely, this led to bulimia. How did this eating disorder have a ripple effect on all aspects of her life?

In the next segment of the show, listeners will learn how Jenna relied on drugs and alcohol to push herself through. What are the ill consequences of numbing your senses? Jenna shares how her approach fueled a need for instant gratification. This is what eventually pushed her towards a toxic and abusive relationship.

On realizing her follies, Jenna ultimately embarked on a painful but necessary journey of self-improvement, leaving behind love that she knew was true and pure but needed to be left behind. In the next segment of the show, Jenna has some excellent advice for those who wish to stop numbing and find the courage to face the realities of life once again.

To help listeners gain perspective, Jenna likens the self-improvement process to building a house. Like building a house, self-improvement requires patience and immense effort, especially when you are doing it for the first time.

This serves as a good segue to our next topic which is about building healthy relationships. Eventually, as Jenna cleaned herself up, she found healthy unconditional love – a love that is honest, transparent and without any agendas. Can you find true love if you do not love yourself? Was it a coincidence that Jenna transitioned to a healthy relationship once she sorted out her issues?

Finally, Jenna gives listeners a reality check and shares her concept of “building a home within yourself”. Even on finding true love, Jenna points out that you cannot lose yourself completely in a relationship. How do you ensure that the fine line between being grateful and being completely dependent is not crossed?  

If you are struggling with self-image issues, this is a show that you cannot miss.

Tune in for some excellent nuggets!


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Oct 02, 2019
001 | Welcome To Stories Of The Soul

This podcast was started because Najwa wants to connect with each and every one of us on a different level. To speak to us directly and share stories that will open our eyes to the world around us and let us know that we are not alone.

The theme for the first season of this podcast is “Forgiveness.” 

This is because Najwa personally struggled with this for a very long time and had a different understanding of what she thought it meant to forgive someone.

She openly shares her feelings about forgiveness, talking about the weight of the pain and how it made her feel and what it eventually made her realize.

Do you have the skills of forgiveness to become the best you that you can be?

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Sep 26, 2019