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Campus Election Engagement Project is a nonpartisan organization committed to empowering the next generation of voters. #studentsvote

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Climbing the Political Ladder | Ryan Pierannunzi
#VoteSafe! This Fall, we're excited to have Jane joining us on the show! Welcome Jane. This episode Jane, Ellie, and Dan welcome Ryan Pierannunzi from Power The Polls, an organization dedicated to recruiting over 250,000 young poll workers this election. We dive into the essential nature of poll workers, the implications of a generational shift in who serves as a poll worker, and why you should go sign up to be one! Yes you! After the break, we dive into the Political Ladder, an unofficial term used to describe the path local politicians take toward higher office. Some begin with school board and move to city council, state legislature, and eventually U.S. Congress. Voter turnout in local elections are historically low, meaning not only are so few choosing their local representation, but so few are opening the gates for many to enter a career in politics. The three of us get into it from all angles. Remember to check out and our new series on!
Sep 14, 2020
Anticipating Challenges to Voting | Tim Hughes
Nothing like digging into a laundry list of challenges and solving them in live time! Dan and Ellie *attempt* that on this week's episode of Your Vote Matters. First, we had the opportunity to chat with Tim Hughes, a candidate for the Nevada State Board of Education. Tim demystified a few questions about the roles of school boards and state boards of education, and expanded on how all constituents play a role in engaging with them. Spoiler: College students should engage! Listen in for his perspective on why. After the break, Dan and Ellie take their sweet time analyzing challenges to voting in November, both old and new. Unfamiliar vote by mail processes, poll tax, lack of poll workers, the list goes ON. By acknowledging these challenges upfront, voters can be more prepared to work around them. Dan introduces the 4 R's to Voting By Mail or Dropbox: Request, Receive, Read, Return. Simple as that. Of course, we tackle the elephant in the room: is all this extra effort needed to vote this year worth it? In a word, absolutely. CEEP is proud to be one of hundreds of organizations working to make voting as accessible as possible this Fall. Resources mentioned this episode: Sign Up to Be a Poll Worker: Your Vote Matters. Make sure your friends and family know their votes matter too!
Aug 17, 2020
Disability Pride Month | Warm Cookies of the Revolution
Yum! This episode, Evan Weissman, Founder and Executive Director of Warm Cookies of the Revolution joins us to discuss his mission and success as the first Civic Health Club. Sometimes it helps not to take yourself too seriously when it comes to civics - who knew? After the break, T'alyce, Ellie, and Dan take a look at Disability Pride Month, rooted in the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act in July 1990. We discuss the history, meaning, and future of Disability Pride. We also explore some digital accessibility tools that we can all weave into our organizing. Resources Mentioned This Episode: WAVE Tool Alternative Text Enjoyed the episode? Make sure to leave us a review!
Jul 20, 2020
The Values I Was Taught To Love | Rachel Janfaza
Happy Summer everyone! This episode, we're joined by Rachel Janfaza from CNN Politics to discuss Contemporary Patriotism, specifically among young people and students. Do young people adopt patriotism in the same way? What values does Gen Z consider American? Does each person experience the idea of American values differently? We dig into all of it. After the break, T'alyce, Dan, and Ellie hold a discussion on Sustainable Digital Organizing, expanding on our intro segment from April. We break down the dynamics of how to keep going once momentum fades, and continue to engage in meaningful causes. Remember to update your voter registration! Are you registered to vote at your current address? If not, check out
Jul 08, 2020
Staying Engaged Off Campus | Dr. Sam Wang
Welcome back to Your Vote Matters! In this episode, Dan, Talyce, and Ellie discuss gerrymandering and its impacts on American Politics. First, we spoke to Sam Wang, a professor of neuroscience at Princeton and founder of the Princeton Gerrymandering Project, as well as Aaron Barden, Legal and Policy Analyst at the Project. They share the data and trends their project has found as it relates to the impact of gerrymandering and speak on how their project seeks to connect citizens more closely to democracy, with a focus on 2021 redistricting. After the Break, Dan, Ellie, and Talyce discuss the ways to stay civically engaged after college is over for the Class of 2020, and college students who are not on campus during the summer. This episode was full of amazing information that you absolutely won’t want to miss! Resources Mentioned in this Podcast: COVID-19 Updates: Campus Elect: Princeton Gerrymandering Project: You can find Sam Wang on Twitter at: @samwangphd Campus Elect Voter Guides: Cover Art: Brandie Stonge @hummingbee_studio The views of our guests do not reflect the views of Campus Election Engagement Project as an organization.
Jun 01, 2020
We <3 Local Elections | Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler
Welcome back to Your Vote Matters! In this episode, Dan, Talyce, and Ellie cover the importance of local elections, and explored the various roles that young voters can play in them. First, we spoke to Elizabeth Fielder, a Representative for District 184 in the Pennsylvania State House and candidate for re-election. Elizabeth recounts how local elections are just as important than national elections, even though they are not always as popular as national elections. After the Break, Dan, Ellie, and Talyce explain the impacts of state governments, and why voting for their members is important. They then shared their memories of local races that were influential to them. Finally, we spoke to CEEP Communications Staffer, Cynthia Capota about political parties, their development, and how they impact politics and voter turnout in the U.S. This episode was full of amazing information that you absolutely won’t want to miss! Resources Mentioned in this Podcast: COVID-19 Updates: Campus Elect: Cover Art: Brandie Stonge @hummingbee_studio The views of our guests do not reflect the views of our organization
May 18, 2020
Stronger Together | Fellow Features
Welcome to Your Vote Matters! This episode, Dan, Talyce, and Ellie had the opportunity to connect with students at the forefront of civic engagement through our Fellow Feature Series. First, we spoke to Greg Gavazzi, a Penn State CEEP Fellow, who discussed the possibilities, advantages, and disadvantages of mail-in voting for remaining primaries and the general election during the COVID-19 pandemic. Next, we spoke to Noah Robertson, a Penn State CEEP Fellow, who makes the case that universities have a responsibility under the Higher Education Act of 1998 to educate students on civic participation, as well as to register students to vote especially due to students being off-campus during the Pandemic. Next, we spoke to Carlie Pritt, Andrew Goodman Fellow, and Sierra Nathans, both Bowling Green State University Fellows, about their experiences with voting during their childhoods, and how that has formed their relationship with civic engagement in adulthood. After the break, Ellie discusses friend-mapping as a beneficial tactic to increase voter turnout with Sierra and Carlie. Finally, we discussed Kaitlyn’s GOTV playlist, detailing how music can help to increase voter engagement, specifically with younger voters. These fellow features are highly informative, packed full of information you absolutely will not want to miss! Resources Mentioned in this Podcast: Kaitlyn's GOTV playlist: COVID-19 Voting Related Updates: SVI Toolkit Sign on:
May 04, 2020
Digital Organizing 101 | Jasmine Gomez
Welcome to another exciting episode where Dan, Talyce, and Ellie cover the cutting edge world of Digital Organizing. First, we spoke to Jasmine Gomez - a Women's Health journalist with a background in political writing - about the changing tide of mainstream women's journalism towards involving politics alongside fashion and entertainment. After the break, we explored the fascinating realm of Digital Organizing, and how in this moment, it's the only type of organizing we have. So we're making the best of it. This episode marks the beginning of our Fellow Features series - where we have some of the brightest minds in civic engagement join us. Our first feature comes from Kaitlyn Levon, a Fellow from the University of Florida.Last and certainly not least - we ask "what happened in Wisconsin?" and gain insight from Dan, our very own poll worker. It's a rollercoaster of an episode you won't want to miss. Last and certainly not least - we ask "what happened in Wisconsin?" and gain insight from Dan, our very own poll worker. It's a rollercoaster of an episode you won't want to miss. Kaitlyn's GOTV Spotify Playlist: Dan's Op-Ed: Student Voting Initiative Sign On Letter: Cover Art: Brandie Stonge @hummingbee_studio
Apr 20, 2020
Welcome to Episode 10 of Your Vote Matters! This week, Dan, Talyce, and Ellie discuss how COVID-19 is changing the landscape of civic engagement. Since so much engagement traditionally relies on in person gatherings, we're moving online, something we're calling TeleVoting. We discuss how the pandemic affects primary elections, different abilities to engage in the political process, and the three stages of TeleVoting: Know Before You Vote, Use Your Voice, and Stay Connected. We break down different means of engaging in elections, the political process, and finding community from a remote space. Resources Mentioned This Episode: #televoting graphics on Twitter and Instagram @Campus_Elect Election Updates @Campus_Elect Your Voice Matters Twitter Chat April 16 8:30 EST Cover Art: Brandie Stonge @hummingbee_studio
Apr 06, 2020
See A Vote Send A Vote | Aigne Taylor
Welcome to Your Vote Matters, your nonpartisan guide to navigating the political process! Today we're joined by current CEEP Fellow Aigne Taylor, who shared her experience at a civic engagement conference hosted at Harvard University. It's a Party at the Polls Y'all! Dan, Talyce and Ellie chat about voting as an act of celebration - looking back on its history and future potential. And of course, CEEP remains committed to a strong COVID-19 response. We'll go in depth next episode, and we introduced it today. Spoiler: It's all about #televoting! Resources Mentioned in This Episode: #Televoting Infographics - Find them on our social media @campus_elect Are you a first time voter? Be sure to send us your stories! Cover Art: Brandie Stonge @hummingbee_studio
Mar 24, 2020
This week on Your Vote Matters, we jump into the history of student voting rights and voter engagement, and how the landscape has changed rapidly over 50 years. Student and youth voters are becoming a major voting block, and we dig into the social change needed to make this happen. Also, we started a staff March Madness bracket! Stay tuned for updates. Resources Mentioned In This Episode: Students Learn Students Vote Coalition Cover Art: Brandie Stonge @hummingbee_studio
Mar 02, 2020
Generational Voting | Brandie Stonge
This week, Talyce and Ellie sit down with guest artist Brandie Stonge to talk about the relationship between politics and art, and how visual representation reaches voters. After the break, we take a look at generational voting rights through the lens of Black History Month and the Equal Voting Rights Act of 1965. Join the conversation. Cover Art: Brandie Stonge @hummingbee_studio
Feb 24, 2020
A Day In The Life | Ryan Drysdale
Welcome back for our first episode of 2020! This episode Your Vote Matters is joined by Ryan Drysdale, Assistant Director of the ALL IN Democracy Challenge. After the break, Dan, Talyce, and Ellie dive in to what it's like to work in the nonpartisan world, and why we chose it. Resources Mentioned This Episode: ALL IN Democracy Challenge National Study of Student Learning, Voting, and Engagement Cover Art: @hummingbee_studio
Feb 10, 2020
Pizza At The Polls | Kat Calvin
We're back for our last episode of 2019! On this episode of Your Vote Matters, we're joined by special guest Kat Calvin, Founder of Spread the Vote. She gives perspective on identification as means of elevating the quality of life for millions of people without one. Once people can change their lives, then they'll vote. Spread the Vote just began work in two new states - Michigan and Pennsylvania - and Talyce and Ellie were natural volunteer recruits. After the break, Dan, Talyce and Ellie turn back to the 2020 Presidential Primary! We break down the primary schedule, state's rights, third party candidates, and more. Presidential primary season is around the corner, and we want everyone to be in the know. We'll be back in January with more phenomenal guests and nonpartisan election coverage! Find Spread the Vote on Social Media @spreadthevoteus Cover Art: Brandie Stonge @hummingbee_studio Like what you heard? Leave us a review! As always, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @campus_elect. #pizza at the polls
Dec 17, 2019
We All Have A Voice | Rainesford Stauffer
We're back from the holiday break! On this episode of Your Vote Matters, we're joined by special guest Rainesford Stauffer, a journalist who covers culture and politics. She gives insight on rural and young voters, nonpartisan work in journalism, and sheds light on this hot topic: should the voting age be lowered to 16? After the break, Dan, Talyce and Ellie give a breakdown of how a caucus works versus a ballot primary! Presidential primary season is around the corner, and we want everyone to be in the know. Next week we'll be joined by Kat Calvin from Spread the Vote. 'Tis the season for exciting special guests! Find Rainesford on social media or Muck Rack by searching @RainesfordStauffer. Cover Art: Brandie Stonge @hummingbee_studio Want to share your thoughts on the interview? Tag us on Twitter or Instagram @campus_elect. Like what you listened to? Leave us a review!
Dec 10, 2019
Fellow Interview + Q&A
This episode Dan joins Talyce and Ellie as our co-host! First, we interview Kayla Payne, a current CEEP Fellow from Louisville Kentucky. In the second half, Dan, Ellie, and Talyce host our first Q&A! We answer questions about absentee ballots, the census, and more! Resources Mentioned this Episode: On Eventbrite: Western Pennsylvania Student Voting Summit Eastern Pennsylvania Student Voting Summit - Presentation Proposal Form: [Deadline December 13!] League of Women Voters Ballotpedia Cover Art: Brandie Stonge @hummingbee_studio Stay tuned for our November live streams, and we'll be back early December!
Nov 18, 2019
Getting Into The Groove of Voting
Your Vote Matters Episode 2: This episode, Talyce and Ellie dig into grassroots voter engagement, recap the 2019 Election, and talk about voting in pop culture! Lizzo and Maggie Rogers both had voter registration drives at their concerts, and we get into it. Mentioned in this episode: When We All Vote National Study of Learning, Voting and Engagement - Tufts University Remember next week is our Q&A Episode! Send your questions to @campuselect or tag #yourvotematters. #VotingSquad Cover Art: Brandie Stonge @hummingbee_studio
Nov 11, 2019
Go Vote! Election Prep + VA Spotlight
Welcome to the first episode of Your Vote Matters, a podcast dedicated to a nonpartisan approach to the political process. This episode, Ellie and Talyce take a deep dive into Voting 101, aka everything you need to know before voting this November! Resources Mentioned this Episode: League of Women Voters Secretary of State's Website at the State Level Cover Art created by Brandie Stonge @hummingbee_studio Note: Campus Election Engagement Project was founded in 2008, and serves as an ongoing project since 2012. More on us during the next episode!
Oct 30, 2019