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Campus Election Engagement Project is a nonpartisan organization committed to teaching our nation’s students to be active citizens and voters. #studentsvote

Episode Date
See A Vote Send A Vote | Aigne Taylor
Welcome to Your Vote Matters, your nonpartisan guide to navigating the political process! Today we're joined by current CEEP Fellow Aigne Taylor, who shared her experience at a civic engagement conference hosted at Harvard University. It's a Party at the Polls Y'all! Dan, Talyce and Ellie chat about voting as an act of celebration - looking back on its history and future potential. And of course, CEEP remains committed to a strong COVID-19 response. We'll go in depth next episode, and we introduced it today. Spoiler: It's all about #televoting! Resources Mentioned in This Episode: #Televoting Infographics - Find them on our social media @campus_elect Are you a first time voter? Be sure to send us your stories! Cover Art: Brandie Stonge @hummingbee_studio
Mar 24, 2020
This week on Your Vote Matters, we jump into the history of student voting rights and voter engagement, and how the landscape has changed rapidly over 50 years. Student and youth voters are becoming a major voting block, and we dig into the social change needed to make this happen. Also, we started a staff March Madness bracket! Stay tuned for updates. Resources Mentioned In This Episode: Students Learn Students Vote Coalition Cover Art: Brandie Stonge @hummingbee_studio
Mar 02, 2020
Generational Voting | Brandie Stonge
This week, Talyce and Ellie sit down with guest artist Brandie Stonge to talk about the relationship between politics and art, and how visual representation reaches voters. After the break, we take a look at generational voting rights through the lens of Black History Month and the Equal Voting Rights Act of 1965. Join the conversation. Cover Art: Brandie Stonge @hummingbee_studio
Feb 24, 2020
A Day In The Life | Ryan Drysdale
Welcome back for our first episode of 2020! This episode Your Vote Matters is joined by Ryan Drysdale, Assistant Director of the ALL IN Democracy Challenge. After the break, Dan, Talyce, and Ellie dive in to what it's like to work in the nonpartisan world, and why we chose it. Resources Mentioned This Episode: ALL IN Democracy Challenge National Study of Student Learning, Voting, and Engagement Cover Art: @hummingbee_studio
Feb 10, 2020
Pizza At The Polls | Kat Calvin
We're back for our last episode of 2019! On this episode of Your Vote Matters, we're joined by special guest Kat Calvin, Founder of Spread the Vote. She gives perspective on identification as means of elevating the quality of life for millions of people without one. Once people can change their lives, then they'll vote. Spread the Vote just began work in two new states - Michigan and Pennsylvania - and Talyce and Ellie were natural volunteer recruits. After the break, Dan, Talyce and Ellie turn back to the 2020 Presidential Primary! We break down the primary schedule, state's rights, third party candidates, and more. Presidential primary season is around the corner, and we want everyone to be in the know. We'll be back in January with more phenomenal guests and nonpartisan election coverage! Find Spread the Vote on Social Media @spreadthevoteus Cover Art: Brandie Stonge @hummingbee_studio Like what you heard? Leave us a review! As always, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @campus_elect. #pizza at the polls
Dec 17, 2019
We All Have A Voice | Rainesford Stauffer
We're back from the holiday break! On this episode of Your Vote Matters, we're joined by special guest Rainesford Stauffer, a journalist who covers culture and politics. She gives insight on rural and young voters, nonpartisan work in journalism, and sheds light on this hot topic: should the voting age be lowered to 16? After the break, Dan, Talyce and Ellie give a breakdown of how a caucus works versus a ballot primary! Presidential primary season is around the corner, and we want everyone to be in the know. Next week we'll be joined by Kat Calvin from Spread the Vote. 'Tis the season for exciting special guests! Find Rainesford on social media or Muck Rack by searching @RainesfordStauffer. Cover Art: Brandie Stonge @hummingbee_studio Want to share your thoughts on the interview? Tag us on Twitter or Instagram @campus_elect. Like what you listened to? Leave us a review!
Dec 10, 2019
Fellow Interview + Q&A
This episode Dan joins Talyce and Ellie as our co-host! First, we interview Kayla Payne, a current CEEP Fellow from Louisville Kentucky. In the second half, Dan, Ellie, and Talyce host our first Q&A! We answer questions about absentee ballots, the census, and more! Resources Mentioned this Episode: On Eventbrite: Western Pennsylvania Student Voting Summit Eastern Pennsylvania Student Voting Summit - Presentation Proposal Form: [Deadline December 13!] League of Women Voters Ballotpedia Cover Art: Brandie Stonge @hummingbee_studio Stay tuned for our November live streams, and we'll be back early December!
Nov 18, 2019
Getting Into The Groove of Voting
Your Vote Matters Episode 2: This episode, Talyce and Ellie dig into grassroots voter engagement, recap the 2019 Election, and talk about voting in pop culture! Lizzo and Maggie Rogers both had voter registration drives at their concerts, and we get into it. Mentioned in this episode: When We All Vote National Study of Learning, Voting and Engagement - Tufts University Remember next week is our Q&A Episode! Send your questions to @campuselect or tag #yourvotematters. #VotingSquad Cover Art: Brandie Stonge @hummingbee_studio
Nov 11, 2019
Go Vote! Election Prep + VA Spotlight
Welcome to the first episode of Your Vote Matters, a podcast dedicated to a nonpartisan approach to the political process. This episode, Ellie and Talyce take a deep dive into Voting 101, aka everything you need to know before voting this November! Resources Mentioned this Episode: League of Women Voters Secretary of State's Website at the State Level Cover Art created by Brandie Stonge @hummingbee_studio Note: Campus Election Engagement Project was founded in 2008, and serves as an ongoing project since 2012. More on us during the next episode!
Oct 30, 2019