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 Feb 25, 2020
I am very grateful for this podcast. I don't live in California, but I do live somewhere that is talking about this crisis, without actually talking to those in crisis. I do not know how to be an ally, thank you for educating!


We The Unhoused is a podcast that lifts the voices and struggles of the unhoused in LA and beyond. Host Theo Henderson is currently unhoused and resides in Chinatown, Los Angeles. He tackles issues such as police brutality, harassment, policy, and the survival challenges of unhoused people. Through a series of interviews, we will discuss issues that are germane to unhoused people like the cost of living, gentrification, health struggles, harm reduction, and trauma-informed care. The revolution will be heard on this podcast. Tune in each week to be a part of it.

Episode Date
Episode 27: Black Unhoused Lives Matter

Theo covers and speaks at the "Defund The Police: Rally For Black Unhoused Lives" in Echo Park. We hear powerful testimony from Unhoused Echo Park resident Lady Bliss, a musical performance from Unhoused EP resident Ayman Ahmed, a call to action from LA CAN's General Dogon, John Blackman, and EP resident Zach talks about a camp shower he built. Theo then interviews congressional candidate David Kim, a self professed "PHIMBY" aka Public Housing In My Back Yard. (Photo: A portrait of Charley "Africa" Keunang, an unhoused resident of Skid Row who was murdered by LAPD in 2015. Rest In Power)

Jun 27, 2020
Bonus Episode: Meeting In The Light Of Understanding 1

The first in a five part series "Meeting In The Light Of Understanding" hosted by Theo. This forum is the place where hard conversations are had and no judgment is given. We examine the George Floyd uprisings and our feelings about it. (Photo: Theo leads a march of over a thousand people during the Rally and March for Black Unhoused Lives in Echo Park)

Jun 22, 2020
Episode 26: Black Trans Lives Matter

Amidst the uprising, Theo interviews Black Trans Organizer Chella Coleman, who experienced homelessness and currently sings in a band.

Jun 16, 2020
Episode 25: Hands Up Don't Shoot


Jun 08, 2020
Episode 24: The Other First Responders

Covid 19 has left our unhoused community with no food, water or access to many other public health resources. Maxine Sealy and Kathy Huck are among many local heroes who have stepped in to help feed the community. Unhoused residents Kristey and Keith tell us how they are coping with the shelter in place order. (pictured: An unhoused resident receives a meal from a Street Watch LA volunteer)

Jun 01, 2020
Episode 19: In Covid Limbo

Week three of shelter in place has Theo interviewing unhoused community members Dennis Peck, Lady Bliss, Keith Hall, Joey Mills and Bobby T on surviving the covid 19 pandemic. Returning advocate Melissa Acedara tells us how feeding the Unhoused community has changed. (Photo: Lady Bliss)

Apr 17, 2020
Episode 18: Pandemic Political Compassion

In this episode take in various opinions from the unhoused community on covid 19 and Garcetti's covid shelters vs hotels. Theo interviews Allison, Todd, Osvaldo, Davon, and James. Theo then narrates over an audio recording of a recent incident where sanitation and police attempt to displace Theo from his spot at Alpine Park. (pictured: Police and Sanitation intimidate Theo at Alpine Park)

Apr 16, 2020
Episode 17: All In The Same Boat

Covid 19 and Garcetti's Shelter in place order has caused a ripple effect on everyone. For the unhoused community, it has presented new and unique challenges. Theo talks with Harvey, Sara, Raymond and Victoria about how the city is treating unhoused people during the pandemic. (Artwork: Poster Syndicate/WRAP)

Apr 16, 2020
Episode 16: Fight For Your Right To Housing

Amidst the Covid-19 outbreak, Theo talks with Martha, Ruby, and Benito who are unhoused reclaimers of vacant homes in El Sereno that are owned by the state of California. Theo also talks with NLG observer Jordan and Street Watch LA organizer Joanna. (Photo: Ruby and community supporters reclaim a vacant home in El Sereno on Wednesday, March 18)

Mar 26, 2020
Episode 14: Sheroes In the Fight For Housing

March is Women's history month. Join us as we continue to celebrate powerful and inspiring women in our struggle for housing and human rights, as Theo interviews Michelle Liu, Laura Fighter, Charisse, Khinn Kim, and Melissa Acedera.

Mar 19, 2020
Episode 15: Extraordinary Women

Continuing our recognition of Women's history month, we hear from extraordinary women pushing forward to be seen and heard in an indifferent and callous society. Cindy Justice, Kaalyaa Mendoza, Lydia Nichols, Jane Nguyen, and Joanna Swan join us for this week's episode. (Pictured: Cindy Justice)

Mar 17, 2020
Episode 13: Chatsworth Terror Is Not The Answer

For the unhoused community, voting rights are paramount. Council members John Lee and Nury Martinez are up for re election, and we will hear from candidates who wish to unseat them, including unhoused resident Mark Kline (vs Nury) and Dr. Lorraine Lundquist (vs Lee). Theo also talks with unhoused Chatsworth residents Lauren, Laura and Rob as well as Executive Director Kathy Huck of About My Father's Business. Don't forget to cast your ballot and let your voice be heard. (Photo: police evict an encampment in Chatsworth in January 2020)

Mar 06, 2020
Episode 12: Hollywood Dreams and Nightmares

Hollywood is the center of fame, greed and success in the film industry. Many travel from far and wide to make their dreams into a reality. But the reality of Hollywood for the guests of this episode is the stuff of nightmares. Facing hostile harassment from police, sanitation, housed neighbors, and vigilantes, Theo talks with unhoused Hollywood residents Hal, Jay, Black Lily, Papa Smurf, Lezzie, and Maddog. (Photo: Horseback Police approach a tent on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood)

Feb 27, 2020
We The Unhoused Episode 11: Ballots and Banishment (Part 2)

We hear from unhoused residents and housed supporters during a direct action to stop the city from evicting the unhoused from Echo Park Lake. The unhoused community continues to demand a meeting with their Council Member, Mitch O'Farrell. Theo interviews Pete White of LA CAN, Unhoused resident Lloyd Edward, Ground Game LA organizer Ashley Bennett, Bishop John Taylor, Catholic Worker activist Bobby Peppey, and more. (Photo: The direct action moves to Mitch OFarrell's office, where tents are put up)

Feb 26, 2020
Episode 10: Ballots and Banishment (Part 1)

This episode discusses how the voting rights of the unhoused community are crucial but in jeopardy, and how many current local candidates in LA support criminalization. Theo interviews Joseph Mohammed on the challenges of being transgender, disabled, outspoken and unhoused. Theo also talks with Charlie Winters, a transgender socialist candidate for congress in Colorado who wants to encourage more trans community members to run for office.

Feb 24, 2020
Episode 9: Community Power And Love

Theo speaks with Unhoused Echo Park residents Ayman and Lloyd, who have been fighting criminalization and eviction from Echo Park Lake by organizing and building community power. Theo also talks to K-Town For All organizer Sabrina Johnson about standing together with the unhoused community in the face of oppression. (Photo: Group photo from Feb 1st "Community Power Potluck" at Echo Park Lake)

Feb 22, 2020
Episode 7: Down In The Valley (part 1)

Part 1 of a two-part series focusing on unhoused residents struggling to survive in the San Fernando Valley. Council President Nury Martinez and City hall continue to use City resources and duplicitous messaging to harm and eject unhoused residents from parks and sidewalks with heavily armed police. Theo interviews Unhoused North Hollywood residents Merlene and Raymond Liges who share their stuggles under siege by the city. Theo also sits down with SELAH founder Nityha Raman, who is currently running for city council district 4. (photo: LAPD officers armed with shotguns present for an eviction of unhoused residents at Sepulveda Basin on January 9, 2020. photo credit: @disruptobserve)

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Feb 06, 2020
Episode 6: The Battle For Mental Health

In our sixth episode we discuss how our unhoused neighbors deal with mental health challenges, and how the community can be better educated on this subject. Theo talks with formerly unhoused resident Merideth Spriggs about taking a holistic and organic approach to mental health treatment, while Tando Goduka explores the concept of Trauma Informed care for the unhoused community. Unhoused residents Cerriah Jackson, Black Wolf, and Black Lily join Theo to discuss their mental health challenges while living on the streets.

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Feb 04, 2020
Episode 5: Know Your Rights! (Part 1)

In the first of a multi-part Know Your Rights! series, Theo talks with Kath Rogers and Tarek Shawky of The National Lawyers Guild - Los Angeles about unhoused people's right to rest in public space and how best to respond to police encounters. Theo also interviews unhoused residents James and Mona in the aftermath of a park ranger sweep, and presents another edition of unhoused news. And always remember: You have the right to monitor, document, and film any police or sanitation worker interactions, as long as you don't interfere with what they are doing and obey their lawful police orders. We strongly advise you to exercise this right!


To support the podcast visit paypal.me/TheodoreHenderson

Feb 02, 2020
Episode 4: Exposing Business Improvement Districts

Theo interviews Adrian Riskin of the blog michaelkohlhaas.org about Business Improvement Districts (BIDs). They talk about how BIDs facilitate gentrification, their violent private security forces, why Adrian started monitoring and exposing BID activity in Los Angeles, and how we can fight back. Theo also shares his personal experiences with the Chinatown BID. Plus, an edition of unhoused news.



Jan 03, 2020
Episode 3: Can't Sweep Us Away

In this episode of "We The Unhoused," host Theo Henderson talks to a unhoused residents who endured a recent sweep at Echo Park Lake, including Terrance, Iman, Cerriah, Alison, DeVon, Guillermo, and a concerned housed resident named Constance. Themes in this episode include personal accounts of the sweeps, how they affected residents, being an unhoused youth, the struggles of living in a van and more. Plus, a new edition of Unhoused News and an original poem by Theo.

Dec 20, 2019
Episode 2: Fighting The Fires Of Hate

In this episode of "We The Unhoused," host Theo Henderson explores how vigilantism affects the unhoused through conversations with several people who have experienced violence and harassment firsthand. Theo first interviews Freddy G, an unhoused resident living in Echo Park, who had an explosive device thrown at his tent and narrowly missed being hit. He also has a roundtable conversation with several people living at Echo Park Lake and interviews Harvey, an unhoused resident of the El Pueblo Chinatown neighborhood. Finally, we wrap with another edition of Unhoused News and Theo's thoughts on how hatred against the unhoused spreads on social media and what allies can do to stop it.

Dec 05, 2019
Episode 1: Rising in Power feat. General Dogon

In the first episode of “We The Unhoused,” host Theo Henderson interviews Human Rights Organizer with the Los Angeles Community Action Network General Dogon about the long fight for unhoused rights in LA. Plus, a conversation with writer and friend Sara Chisholm. Finally, we wrap with Unhoused News, including Theo's take on a recent Steve Lopez LA Times article.




Dec 02, 2019