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Hosted by Alexandra Chando and Blair Bomar, The Her Voice Podcast is about getting candid and having meaningful conversations with female filmmakers in regard to their challenges and triumphs in the film and television industry and their unique experience of finding their voice. Male entertainment industry professionals who are opening doors for gender equality will be invited to the conversation as well, providing their own insights and perspectives on an evolving industry.

Episode Date
Alexandra and Blair in the Time of Coronavirus
In episode 12, Alexandra and Blair check in with each other amidst the global pandemic and talk about Alex’s own experience after testing positive for Coronavirus (Covid-19). They flip the script on one another and discuss their own career paths, answer some quick fire questions, and share their own anxieties. But most importantly, they look for the silver lining in this chapter of life and remain hopeful for what’s next.
Apr 01, 2020
Sabrina Jaglom
During this trying time with COVID-19, episode 11 delivers us an emboldening conversation with writer, director, producer extraordinaire Sabrina Jaglom. We delve into her intuitively creative nature fostered from an early age, her less than conventional parents, and the unique path that continues to foster her voice and vision. She hales from Los Angeles, has studied in New York, London and Prague to name a few, and is now working full time in pursuit of her dreams. We listen in on her experiences working with Nancy Meyers, her time in the tv/film development world, and when she finally felt confident enough to fully claim and take credit for her accomplishments to date. We go on to discuss the complementary juxtaposition of directing film/music videos vs. theatre, how one finds the right representation, and the importance of working with people you’re naturally drawn to. One of the projects we’re most excited to see from Jaglom is the short form documentary series ‘Girl Problems’ which will shine a light on women’s issues around the world. She also wraps up by describing restrictions as something to be utilized, which is exactly the message we needed to hear right about now.
Mar 25, 2020
Kimberly McCullough
Episode 10 fades in with former actress turned director Kimberly McCullough. After being on General Hospital since the tender age of 7, McCullough found herself directing her first film at just 16 years old. Although she claimed many accolades as an actress, this film lit a fire that would lead her into a career as a highly versatile and accomplished director in her own right. She attributes this sensibility to being surrounded by intense and powerful female roles models. McCullough has had the moxie to learn how to direct many different genres of television and was able to discover what she loved along the way. She touches on the importance of women in positions of power being the rule and not the exception, and the next steps that need to be taken in order to continue on this trend. Aside from fighting for and empowering women from the director’s chair, McCullough has a two year old with whom she is also exploring uncharted territory in regards to basic women’s rights in the workplace. She makes it abundantly clear that we are stronger together, there’s room enough for everyone at the table, and that it’s our job as adults to listen to the younger generation.
Mar 18, 2020
Episode 9 is a special edition conversation with four very special guests recorded at Mammoth Film Festival. Joining us at the round table are two incredible actresses Lesley-Ann Brandt (Lucifer, Gotham) and Anne Heche (Hung, Hour of Lead), documentary director/producer Tara Wood (QT8: The First Eight), and producer/director Steven Garcia (Chasing the Cure, Josie). We open with expressing the desire to move past the conversation of equality between men and women and towards pinpointing where our voices are making the most impact now. We take a closer look at our relationship to ego as it relates to being in the film industry, how to most successfully be an advocate for women, and how to best take responsibility for ourselves amidst ‘the Harvey (Weinstein) of it all’ and in light of his recent indictment. The discussion touches on the differing ways in which we battle with feeling less than, the power that is derived from sitting in uncomfortable situations, and the reverberations we continue to feel as a result of this heavy swinging of the pendulum — one which will hopefully bring forth a more enlightened state of collective consciousness.
Mar 11, 2020
Sarah Carter
In our 8th episode, actress Sarah Carter (Falling Skies, Rogue) describes how her Canadian roots instilled a deep reverence for oneness and community from an early age while simultaneously pushing her to seek new environments (Los Angeles) that encouraged her to further define her own individuality and unique voice. As time has progressed, her practice and perspectives continue to deepen and we listen as she reminiscences about self-matrimony and the gift that is self-love. We explore her outlet as a musician and hear how putting melodies to her poetry allowed her to more anonymously revel in the purity of expressing herself. She sheds light on shadow work, the power of letting go as an artist, and expresses her thoughts around how to include men in the conversation around gender parity. We also delve into what it looks like to be in the director’s chair as a woman who leads and holds space in a purely feminine way. You just might come away from this conversation with a deeper faith in the divine order of things and a warm assurance that life’s got your back.
Mar 04, 2020
Rain Valdez
In episode 7, we listen as Rain Valdez describes how island fever lit the inner fire and curiosity she needed to transition from her childhood playground that was Guam to the ongoing adventure that is now Los Angeles. She expresses the joy she’s cultivating by living in a way that leaves space for the unknown, and the importance of getting quiet enough to hear what your inner voice has to say. She shares what it was like working on the wildly popular show “Transparent”, the importance of being fully seen, and how they supported her own dreams of becoming a filmmaker. We also discuss the different ways in which Hollywood is making an effort to change the narrative around transgender artists and how starting an LGBTQ acting class has moved the needle even further within her own community. Lastly, Rain muses about what her dream acting role would be, why Rom-Coms and Disney films are way more powerful than than you might think, and why identifying, promoting, and uplifting transgender stories is both a universally beneficial and crucial cause.
Feb 26, 2020
Carolina Garcia
In our 6th episode, Carolina Garcia, Director of Original Series at Netflix, shares her story about how growing up in a large Argentinian family full of artists instilled an unwavering confidence and work ethic into her life. We hear what it was like to work for Fox's Chairwoman and CEO, Dana Walden and how she set the bar for exceptionalism. Carolina shares what it means to have grit when all the chips are stacked against you and how to literally sing and dance your way through any challenge. We dive into the corporate culture at Netflix, explain why sharing how you feel is a superpower, and what happens when you trust people enough to design their own schedules. Last but not least, Carolina reveals why throwing away cake is nothing less than sacrilege.
Feb 19, 2020
John Scott
We’re pushing the conversation forward in our fifth episode with our first male guest and one of Alex's mentors, Episodic Director John Scott (You, The Magicians). We talk about the start of John’s directing career with show creator Ryan Murphy, the genesis of his Zen approach, why intimacy coordinators are the newest vital addition to any call sheet, and John's push for sustainable, paperless sets. Listen in as we dive into diversity behind the camera, the politics of Hollywood, and the importance of doing your homework/catching a wave or two in the morning if you’re up for the challenge!
Feb 12, 2020
Arielle Kebbel
Our fourth episode gave us a proper “Spiritualgasm” with special guest, Actor and fellow podcaster, Arielle Kebbel. We catch up with Arielle in New York following the season wrap of her new show NBC’s Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector. Listen in as we discuss the benefits of following your gut from an early age, keeping ourselves vibrant and fulfilled in the ever changing entertainment industry and the importance of advocating for and opening up the conversation around mental health. Get a closer look into Arielle’s spiritual practices and life balancing hacks such as meditation, crystals and for good measure- tequila!
Feb 05, 2020
Ashley Bell
For our third episode, we take a deep dive into doing ALL the things with Actor, Writer, Director, and Producer Ashley Bell (The Last Exorcism, The Novitiate). We talk about the ever-changing relationship to our identities as artists, the expressive power of elephants and Ashley’s documentary “Love and Bananas”, the way to properly exorcise your demons in an audition, and Kathleen Turner’s advice to actors: get out from behind the furniture!
Jan 29, 2020
Gina Girolamo
For our second episode, Alloy Entertainment’s Senior Vice President of Television, Gina Girolamo sits down with us to share her wisdom. With two decades worth of experience in the entertainment industry (including EPing some of your favorite shows like Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and YOU), Gina’s advice is invaluable. We talk about the type of content that commands attention, broadcast vs. streaming platforms, the value of direct and honest feedback, changes in the industry since the #TimesUp movement, and the need to stop apologizing unless you’ve literally hurt someone!
Jan 22, 2020
Bethany Brooke Anderson
Our very first guest, writer, director, producer Bethany Brooke Anderson, joins us to discuss her directorial debut and Mammoth Film Festival award winning film "Burning Kentucky" - In this episode we talk about southern roots, the drive it takes to direct, navigating the film festival circuit, and creating art while remaining true to our authentic voices.
Jan 15, 2020
Her Voice Trailer
Hosted by Alexandra Chando and Blair Bomar, The Her Voice Podcast is about getting candid and having meaningful conversations with female filmmakers in regard to their challenges and triumphs in the film and television industry and their unique experience of finding their voice. Male entertainment industry professionals who are opening doors for gender equality will be invited to the conversation as well, providing their own insights and perspectives on an evolving industry.
Dec 09, 2019