Healthy Families Rule!

By Health Coach Heather

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Healthy Families Rule is a fun, informative podcast for families who want to raise healthy, strong, resilient children who rise up with confidence & courage in a confused world. Each week I’ll be dropping bits of coaching wisdom for both parents and kids alike that’ll apply to mental and physical well being. Kids can write in and ask “Health Coach Heather” any questions they have at: and Heather will address them in the show.

Episode Date
[BONUS EPISODE] - How to lose weight during the holidays!

It's the holidays. Most people aren't trying to lose weight during this time. But I don't want you to throw all caution to the wind. I know you can lose weight and feel great during the holidays.
Follow my tips here on the podcast and watch your scale go down.

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Dec 06, 2021
99. How to stay healthy in Disneyland

Do you want to know how to stay healthy at the Happiest Place on Earth? If you do, this episode is for you! I give you many tips to stay healthy and elevated during your trip from the beginning to when you leave. So grab your notebook and pen/pencil to write down notes.

Here are some notable points to listen to in the podcast:
-[05:55] Pack Your Own Food
-[11:50] Stay Hydrated
-[12:26] Get Some Sleep

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Dec 04, 2021
[BONUS EPISODE] Allow yourself to dream

In this bonus episode I'm going to give you the permission you want to dream as big as you want to dream.
You're going to do this by creating a vision board. I'd love to see your vision board. Be sure to tag me in your IG stories so I can see it!

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Nov 30, 2021
98. What to do with your Thanksgiving leftovers

Ever wonder what else you can create with those delicious leftovers? I've got a few ideas for you right here in this week's podcast episode. 

Some good points to listen to in this episode:
-[03:18] Turkey & Mashed Potatoes shepherd's pie
-[6:30] Turkey Stuffing Dumplings
-[09:13]  Barbcueue Turkey Salad

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Nov 27, 2021
[BONUS EPISODE] - 3 Step Plan to Weightloss Success

Wanna lose weight? You need a plan! Plain and simple.

In this episode, I'm going to set you up for success with these 3 tips to get you to a healthier weight.

Show Mentions:
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Let's Lose Some Weight! 

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Nov 22, 2021
97. How to Run Weekly Family Councils

So you want your family to communicate better, huh? You wish things would run smoother throughout the week. You wish everyone could just read your mind and do exactly what you're picturing them to do each day. ENTER FAMILY COUNCILS. This is a game-changer, you guys!
My family has been doing family councils for a very long time, and I can tell you, they've made all the difference in the way we communicate and run the household. It's what I call "The Secret Sauce."

A great point to listen to during this episode:
-[6:41]  Explanation of Family Council

Visit my Linktree page for all of my essential links. 

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Nov 20, 2021
[BONUS EPISODE] - Weightloss 101

I'm excited to bring you another bonus episode. This will be one of a series of bonus episodes specifically geared towards weightloss.

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Nov 15, 2021
96. How to keep your brain sharp!

Hello everyone! This week's podcast is a good one! We discuss Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor or BDNF and how this affects how sharp your brain is. We talk about 3 ways to boost your BDNF.

Some perfect parts to listen to in the episode:
-[6:46] How to prevent Short or Long Term Memory Loss
-[09:36] What BDNF is?
-[11:48] The Three Things that will help boost your BDNF

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Nov 13, 2021
95. Of a Sound Mind

Today's episode is a good one because we discuss what laws govern the brain.  Also, we discuss health, the prefrontal cortex, and forgiveness. All of these are important to our everyday life and our overall health.

Some good places in the episode to listen to are:
-[04:05] How to prove things
-[07:11] Agency and Choice
-[16:56] Pineal Gland

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Nov 06, 2021
[BONUS EPISODE] - Food Combining Tips

In this secret bonus episode I'm going to teach you all about food combining and how it can play a vital role in gut health.
If you are having any gut issues at all, consider that the combinations of certain foods are wreaking havoc on your gut and the health of your gut.

Try my Fall Whole Foods Reset! CLICK HERE -- We start on Monday Nov. 8th

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Nov 03, 2021
94. The True Cause of Cell Damage

In this week's episode, we discuss the true cause of cell-damage. Your cells can be broken down and create rogue cells through processed foods, medications, EMF's and more.
When you understand how the body stays healthy through the DNA, you begin to take care of your body in such a way that it produces more healthy cells.
[4:00] - The blueprint of every cell
[5:30] - What has caused damage to our cells?
[10:00] - Organic and GMO foods
[16:16] - Florence Nightngale

Are you ready to clean up your families diet as we head into November? It's time for my 5-day Fall Reset. I'm giving you recipes, shopping list, handbook and lots of bonus materials to help you and your family eat healthy. CLICK HERE to get the reset

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Oct 30, 2021
[BONUS EPISODE] - Healthy Halloween Tips

Shhhhh - It's a secret episode for only my subscribers!
In this episode, I'm going to be giving you some healthy Halloween tips to keep you on track with your clean eating this holiday season.

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Oct 27, 2021
93. Scribbling Out Emotions

In this weeks podcast episode I am going to teach you an energy clearing tool that has served me and my family well. It's call "Scribbling." - HECK, you've probably done this a million times as a toddler, but did you know that it's actually a power technique used to get rid of negative and stuck emotions within the body?
Be sure to listen to Episode 86: Feelings are alive inside you along with this episode as the two of them go hand in hand. 

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Oct 23, 2021
92. Is your teen struggling with Aaron Huey

This week, Aaron Huey joins me in talking about telling if your teen is struggling and how to stop it. This episode is perfect for parents that have teens that are struggling with school or something else.

Some points in this episode to listen to are:
-[08:16] Aaron and I discuss how therapy can resolve traumatic events.
-[12:42] Aaron discusses how to settle the issue if your teen has gone through something traumatic and disrupts the peace within the home.
-[19:20] Aaron and I discuss if your tween/teen is addicted to video games or technology. 

Follow Aaron's private FaceBook page where he talks about parenting CLICK HERE.
Check out Aaron's podcast here.
If you want affordable parenting coaching training, click here.
If you want help from me? Go to my website by clicking here.

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Oct 16, 2021
91. Depression, Anxiety & Parenting with Megan Eddinger

Today, Megan Eddinger joins me on the podcast and we cover an important topic, Depression, Anxiety and Parenting.  Megan gives her story about her life and how she dealt with it.

Go check out Megan’s podcast: The No BS Mama

Go follow Megan on Instagram @megan.eddinger

Some perfect spots to listen at:
[08:10]- Megan talks about warning signs.
[15:28]- Fueling for Performance with Megan.
[22:24]- Megan explains about kids that are stagnant and how to they more active.

Thank you for listening!
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Oct 09, 2021
90. Food Allergy Chef to the Rescue!

Kathlena (The Allergy Chef) is with us today to teach us how to help our families get the nutrition they need without the foods that are causing them harm or sensitivities.
The Allergy Chef to the rescue!! Kathlena is here to show your family how easy it can be to feed your family foods that will not harm them in anyway. Don't stress over your child's food allergies or your own sensitivities. Her website has over 85 filters so that you can feel confident you can get delicious recipes you and your family will enjoy without the stress of allergies.

Go follow The Allergy Chef HERE & HERE
Follow the Allergy Chef on Instagram @The Allergy Chef

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Oct 02, 2021
89. Comparison: The Thief of Joy with Nellie Harden

Today, Nellie Harden joins us on the podcast, and we discuss comparison and how it robs us of our joy, and what can happen to us when we compare ourselves to others. This episode is a fantastic one for youth and parents.

Follow Nellie on Instagram @nellieharden and check her website for more about her.
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Sep 25, 2021
88. How to Read Labels

In this episode I'm talking all about label reading. I want you to have a good understanding of the products you are using. I will mention the TOP offenders in food and personal care items. Make sure you are looking out for these ingredients at the store and begin to make healthier swaps.
You can pick up the list of  TOP TOXIC OFFENDERS HERE

  • I also have a complete protocol for you and your family in case you get covid. Feel confident that you can kick this virus without needing to give all your power over to medical professionals CLICK HERE (scroll to the very bottom of the page)

Go download the "Bobby Approved" App and scan your items at the store to see if they pass the test! 

  • Follow "Flavcity" on YouTube HERE
  • To learn more about aborted tissue in vaccines, click HERE & HERE and listen HERE
  • Get the list of Astrazenica ingredients HERE
  • Listen to the Wise Traditions Podcast from minute 4:50 of this episode to learn more about the vaccine ingredients HERE
  • Purchase chemical free cleaning products HERE
  • Purchase Essential Oils to replace fragrances HERE
  • A good healthy makeup brand is "Crunchi"
  • Detox your body with the Zeolite formula HERE
  • Watch Vaccine Secrets HERE

Reversing Covid Vaccine Injury: 

  • C-60 molecule (can detox graphine oxide)
  • Oxygen Therapy (ozone therapy) (Nicola Tesla designed the system)- Oxygen degrades toxic material. 
  • Vitamin D3 - high dose - 10K IU
  • Quercetin - high dose (every fruit and veggie contains quercetin)
  • Iodine - immediately (2-3 drops) (Pushes bromine and chlorine out)
  • Activated Charcoal - best detoxifyer in human history 500mg to start with. Drink each day with your sea salt water. 
  • Pine needle tea
  • Fasting and cleansing the body
  • Do my Whole Foods Detox

Get my homemade deodorant recipe HERE
Get my homemade bone broth recipe HERE

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Sep 18, 2021
87. Uplevel your Parenting Tactics with Debbie Godfrey

Today I'm talking with Debbie Godfrey - Positive Parenting Expert! Debbie talks to us about disciplining our children in a positive way that doesn't damage a child's self-esteem or "break their spirit."

Some perfect points in this episode to listen to:

-[05:10] Debbie talks about how we think we need fear-based discipline, but we actually shouldn't because of their effects on children.
-[09:42] Debbie explains a tool to have children cooperate with us on chores, homework, etc.
-[15:10] Debbie explains what we can do when a child is destructive or hurtful.

If you want help from Debbie, go to
Want more help from me? Go to my website:

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Sep 11, 2021
86. Feelings are Alive Inside You!

Did you know that certain emotions within your body can trigger a physical ailment within your body. If you haven't read the book "feelings buried alive never die," you really need to. Emotions need our specific attention in order to NOT get sick and create disease within our body.
[5:15] - If you have arthritis, it may have been triggered from these emotions.
[6:50] - What to do to heal your negative emotions
[10:30] - If you have Anxiety
[11:00] - If you or your child experiences bed-wetting
[12:05] - If you have any bladder issues
[12:56] - If you have Cancer
[15:00] - Candida
[15:47] - If you have Constipation
[16:18] - If you have Diarrhea
[17:07] - If you have Dementia
[17:18] - If you have Diabetes
[18:20] - If you have Migraine Headaches
[19:20] - Do the 4-7-8 breath to release stress
[19:40] - If you have a miscarriage

Release negative emotions with Kundalini Yoga HERE
Try a scribbling activity HERE
Get good coaching on whatever your situation is HERE

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Sep 04, 2021
85. Q&A - Autism and Digestive health

Today, Heather  answers questions about Autism and Digestive Health. The Digestive System is very important to your body and can change your mood depending on how you feel in your stomach and intestines. Be sure to listen to this episode if your child has autism, and if you have questions about Digestive Health.

Some takeaways from this Episode:
-[2:22] Heather talks about Autism and how Autism and the Digestive System are connected.
-[16:44] Heather talks about the Gallbladder and answer a couple of questions.
-[21:47]  Heather clears up questions about Constipation.

Want more help from Heather?
Check out her website ( or check out her Instagram page @health_coach_heather.

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Aug 28, 2021
84. Nourishing the digestive system (Part 3)

In this video, I am going to teach you all about having a healthy gut and digestive system. This is a continuation from the last two podcast episodes, so be sure to listen to those first!

Supplements Mentioned in this presentation:
- Start a GAPS diet first!
- Replenish Zinc and Selenium  levels need to be increased
- Increase Iron Levels
- Ancestral Supplements

For SIBO: [5:45]
- Perfect Pass Prebiotic PHGG Partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum
- Perfect Pass Probiotic Bacillus Spore Human Strain
- Hyperbiotics Organic Prebiotic Powder
- Integrative Therapeutics Motility Activator
- Neem
- Mastic Gum
- Butyrate
- Healus Complete Biotic Butyrate Supplement
- Look up the "That's so Retrograde" podcasts called "Gut Instincts" from July 6, 2015 with Dr. Pamela.

Gastroparesis [9:58]
- Sweet Ginger Pear Tummy Drops
- Soothing Digestive Aid Vagus Nerve Support
- Iberogast by Medical Futures

Consitpation [10:15]
- Oxy Powder by Global Healing Center
- Eliminaid Detox RX
- Heather's Tummy Fiber
- Amaranth
- Increase Iron
- Triphala
- Add some whole grains like GF oatmeal

For Diarrhea:  [13:26]

- Take more Electrolytes (I use the Trace Mineral Brand)
- Saccharomyces Boulardii.
- D-Mannose
- Bacillus Coagulans
- Lactobacillus Reuteri
- Proteolytic Enzymes
- Charcoal caps Bamboo Charcoal
- Add a tsp. tumeric to a glass of warm water or milk.
- Grated Apple
- Coconut Macaroons
 - Slippery Elm
- Marshmallow Root
 - Fennel & Ginger
- Grapefruit seed extract, mediterranean oregano, manuka honey, Alli Max
- Ancestral Supplements Brand - Intestine Supplements
- The BRAT diet

COLIC: [22:02]
- Low magnesium levels are the most common in collic babies
 - Fennel, chamomile, lemon balm, or ginger given to mother or mixed in formula
- Ancestral Supplements - LIVER
- Boiron Colic Comfort Drops
- Tummy Calm Gas Relief Drops
- Zarbees gripe water
- Get more cream in the diet

Candida: [24:06]
- Thorne Research Formula SF722 Undecylenic Acid.
- Pau D'Arco
- Boron

Hemorrhoids: [26:06]
- Rutin
- Boost Iron Levels

Ready to work with me? Fill out a Health Assessment. Click Link Below.

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Aug 21, 2021
83. Nourishing the Digestive System Part 2 - Gallbladder Health

In this episode I'm going to teach you how to nourish and heal the gallbladder if you're having issues. This important organ must be functioning well in order for you to maintain optimal health.  Whether you're having issues with gallstones or kidney stones, I know you will find this episode helpful.

[5:48] - I talk about if your gallbladder has been removed.

[8:54] - I talk about some remedies for the gallbladder.

[18:20] - I talk about the Large Intestine.

Product Mentions: 


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Aug 14, 2021
82. Nourishing the Digestive System Part 1

Today, we talk about the Digestive System, a very important system in our bodies. The Digestive System helps our bodies digest and get the nutrients we need from food. 

[7:28] Heather talks about how to nourish the stomach.

[8:39] Heather talks about the small intestine.

[17:26] Heather gives a couple of stories about the Digestive System.


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Aug 07, 2021
81. Q&A- Nourishing with Electrolytes

Today, we are doing a Q&A all about Electrolytes. This is an episode you do not want to miss! We answer questions about Salt, Magnesium, Potassium and so much more. Don't forget to get the books that Heather recommended last episode.

Here is a glance at the episode:

-[8:20]        Heather answers Potassium questions.
-[10:13]     Heather answers Electrolyte questions.
- [12:17}    Heather gives her recipes for Electrolytes.

Heather's Product Mentions: 

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Jul 31, 2021
80. Light Therapy and Earthing for Optimal Health

Today, we are wrapping up the four part series of Electrolytes, Water, Light and Earthing.
Getting the proper amount of light each day, and having a daily practice of earthing/grounding will up-level your health in ways you didn't know possible.
Are you ready to start an infrared light therapy practice and an earthing practice? If so, simply add 10-20 min of each therapy to your health habits of drinking water with electrolytes.

[10:18] - Heather talks about the benefits of adequate darkness.

[16:58] - Heather talks about the benefits of going outside barefoot.

[19:52] - Heather gives her best book recommendations for topics such as salt intake, electrolytes, water, light, & earthing.

Heather's Product Mentions: 

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Jul 24, 2021
79. The Many Benefits of Water

Today, we talk all about water, how it helps our bodies, what happens if you don't drink enough water, and so much more.  Today, we touch on sun water, why salt is important for water consumption. Tune in for 16 minutes and listen to Health Coach Heather talk all about water and what it does for you.

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Jul 17, 2021
78. Nourishing with Electrolytes -- Part 2

We are back with Electrolytes again, today we are talking about Potassium and Magnesium. These chemicals in your body are amazing and help your body function properly. Potassium helps your body by keeping your heartbeat stay regular, and so much more. Magnesium helps your body by supporting your immune system. Tune in for 24 minutes to learn some of the ways you can get Potassium and Magnesium, what it does for you and much more.

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Jul 10, 2021
77. Nourishing with Electrolytes -- Part 1

We're diving deep into Electrolytes and why we need them. Today we'll specifically cover the benefits of having a good high quality salt in your diet on a regular basis. 
We can recover so many problems for people just by helping them get the right amount of salt their bodies need. 

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Jul 03, 2021
76. Talk for Teens -- Accepting yourself and accepting others

This is a fun little episode where Dax and I talk about bullying, accepting others, and accepting yourself. 
Teens especially go through some struggles with acceptance. I hope you'll listen to this episode with your teen and help them see where some of these situations might come into play in middle and high school. 

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Jun 26, 2021
75. Talks for Teens - Get a Job!

Your teen needs a job to earn their own money. Sit back and listen to how Dax and his cousin Brody are making money this summer by starting a door-to-door business.

Want to ask Dax a question? Go to and in the subject line type "Question for Dax." Dax will answer your question on the show.

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Jun 19, 2021
74. Talks for Teens - It's not fair

In this episode I'm talking with my son Dax about sibling rivalry and how to get along better with your siblings.

Is your child interested in getting coached on anything in their life? CLICK HERE to get your child on my coaching schedule for the week.

Want more help? Come see all I have to offer at

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Jun 12, 2021
73. Talks for Teens -- Summer Series part 2

Dax is more than just a regular kid. He's unique and interesting kid. He wants to become an author. Dax is advanced beyond his years and he's going to share some activities that are good for kids for the summer.

Want to write to Dax? Email me @

Come work with me at

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Jun 05, 2021
72. Talks for Teens -- Summer Series Part 1

Summer is HERE! And all summer long I'll be interviewing my boy Dax. Dax is a clever 13 yr old who is going into Middle School and has LOTS of advice for other kids his age. 

Gather up your kids and tune in every single week this summer as we explore topics for teens to help them become better, stronger, faster and produce amazing results in our society. 

Does your child have a question for Dax? Submit your question at

Come on over to and see all the great coaching I offer to families. 

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May 29, 2021
71. Homecooked Meals Delivered Right to Your Door

Today I want to introduce you to the most amazing meal service ever..."Weve got you covered LLC." This company is going above and beyond to cater to each individual who orders from them.
Come learn what a good meal prep service looks like and try and find one in your area.

You can follow Audrey and order her weekly meals HERE
For a 10% code to use on your first order (after June 1st) here ya go: HCHeather

Purchase a Tower Garden and start growing your own veggies HERE
Juice Plus Website HERE

Ready to give coaching a try?

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May 22, 2021
70. If your child is addicted to video games...

What do you do if your child is showing signs of addictive behavior with video games?
In this weeks episode, I'm bringing back an old favorite. This episode is so important for parents to listen to. Please learn the dangers and warning signs your child may exhibit to alert you to the fact they are addicted to gaming.

Follow Melanie Hempe at

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"Game player to game changer" - For 5 days I will be your coach and help you overcome your challenges with video games in the home. Join me as we begin this bootcamp on May17th! 

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May 15, 2021
69. Parenting, Recipes, & a Friendly Chat

Let's kick back and chat today. I think you'll like this episode. PLUS I'm sharing my tips for eating out at a restaurant and sharing a couple amazing recipes with you.

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May 08, 2021
68. Connecting the heart and mind to transform your body! (with special guest Adam Kuhlman)

In this weeks podcast episode I'm bringing back Adam Kuhlman. He is a personal trainer, life coach, health coach and mindset guru. Learn how you can transform your body by simply including the heart and the mind in the process.

Join Adam's program HERE

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May 01, 2021
67. How to stay in fat-burn

Are you struggling to burn fat on your body? Listen in to this weeks podcast episode as I walk you through how to get into fat-burn and stay in fat-burn.

Download my FREEBIE for TOP Tips to getting into fat-burn HERE
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Apr 24, 2021
66. Basic Rules for Detoxing your Body

Have you ever thought about doing a detox or a cleanse? Maybe you've done one before and had a bad experience.
In this weeks episode, I'm going to show you how to do a detox with whole foods so that you can repair any internal damage that's been done to your body through the air we breathe, the water we drink, medications we take, cleaners we use, people we touch or visit, and more.

If you'd like to try my 5-day whole foods reset, just click HERE and pick the season you'd like and choose a start date (usually on a Monday).

If you want to go deeper with your health and work with me more long-term, CLICK HERE to fill out this Health Assessment form and we'll go from there.

Have a beautiful week ahead.
Health Coach Heather

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Apr 17, 2021
65. Recipe for Life

In this episode I'm going to teach you how to embrace your life and have more adventures along the way.
I want you to live a life without fear because fear is the number one killer of the immune system. If I can help you get to a place of peace and freedom, I'm going to do do that.
We live in a world where we are being bombarded with the wrong messages for health and wellness. It's easy to get confused as to what is really good for our bodies. That is why tuning in spiritually is a MUST so you can know for yourself what your body and spirit need to thrive and survive.
We all have special gifts we are sharing with the world right now. Individuality plays a big role in our recipe for life.

JOIN MY WHOLE FOODS RESET HERE (pick the Spring Edition)

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Apr 10, 2021
64. Personal training, oxidative stress & more with Greta Kephart

A coach's chat! In this episode I'm chatting with a fellow health coach all about what she's up to and how she's helping people in her neck of the woods (Virginia Beach).

You can follow greta on social media at: gretagriponyourhealth or simply type in her name Greta Kephart and you'll be able to find her.

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Apr 03, 2021
63. Discomfort now, pleasure later

It's not easy facing discomfort in order to establish a healthier lifestyle.
In this weeks episode, I'm going to show you how to manage your primitive brain in order to forego pleasure not, for extreme pleasure later.
Your body will thank you!

When you're ready to jump on a 20 minute coaching call and talk about your health
grab a spot on my calendar HERE 

Go to

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Mar 27, 2021
62. Comparison, the thief of joy

Do you or someone you know fall into the trap of comparing your life to others? It can be an easy thing to do. Especially when you feel down on your luck.
Today I want to teach you a few simple strategies to help you come out of the comparison game.
Comparisons don't serve our higher selves.
Comparisons take away our joy.
If you want to attract more good into your life, I'm going to show you how in this weeks episode.

Mentions in this podcast:
Start Today Journal
Read "The Compound Effect"

Ready to change your life? Come get coached!
Email me @

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Mar 20, 2021
61. Shungite for experiencing a "dreams come true" life

Are you ready to experience the life you were truly meant to live? Enter Shungite!
In this episode I interview Renee Sawazaki. Renee is a shungite therapist living in Gunma Japan.
Her Shungite is pure and powerful. If you're ready to cleanse your energy and physical state, contact Renee.

Follow Renée on her personal FB: @renee.sawazaki MRS Gunma SNS:

Check out her shungite therapy & store:

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Mar 13, 2021
60. Stop Your Cravings

Do you have cravings that are taking over your health plan? Maybe you finally cracked down on hitting your goals, but then a piece of candy starts to take over. Before you know it, you ate the candy and then some!
Why do our bodies have cravings and how can we take control of our lives once and for all? Find out in this episode.

Products mentioned in podcast: 

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Mar 06, 2021
59. Health Makeover

In today's episode, I'm going to show you how to makeover your health if you've gone off the wagon.
With these tips, you'll be able to save your health and continue to progress towards a healthier, happier lifestyle...pain free.

But if you need some guidance and help, come schedule a 30 min health assessment call with me. It's free. I can suggest a program that's right for you. CLICK HERE

Come follow me on Facebook: @Heather Mitchell or Traditionaltable
Come check out my website @

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Feb 27, 2021
58. Health Freedom For All!

This past week was the annual health freedom summit. I am going to share with you just a bit about what I learned from that summit and encourage you to go buy an annual pass so you can hear this years summit at anytime.

If you're a person who is sick of your freedoms being taken away and you want to take action and do something about it, or just find your people, then this will be the summit for you.

Every year it's phenomenal in my opinion, so be sure to attend every year.

Here is the link to go get your ticket and have these interviews for the rest of your life:

One lady I think you really should follow has a website called

come on over and follow me on Instagram @health_coach_heather

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Feb 20, 2021
57. Navigate and Heal Unhealthy Relationships (With Coach Terrie Vanover)

If you are struggling in any relationship (especially a divorce or choice to get a divorce), you will absolutely benefit from today's episode with coach Terrie Vanover. In this episode we also talk briefly about childhood sexual abuse and how we need to seek help to overcome that trauma so our other relationships can thrive. If you are seeing certain signs in your own children, please seek out help for them.

Terrie has been coaching men and women who are experiencing setbacks and just can't move forward in their life. If you'd like to check out Terrie's coaching, CLICK HERE

Instagram @vanoverterrie

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Feb 13, 2021
56. Heal your body with near infrared light therapy

In this episode I'm going to teach you how many people use infrared light therapy to treat and even heal disease and mental conditions.
I will be talking specifically about NEAR infrared light therapy. Take advantage of this amazing therapy that boasts some pretty spectacular results.
And remember...results vary from person to person, so if you've tried near infrared light therapy in the past and were consistent with it and didn't see results, don't give up. Go try it again. The best part is there is no reprecussions or harmful side affects from doing near infrared. Only benefits.

If you'd like to purchase your own near infrared light, HERE is the brand and model I have.

Learn more about infrared light therapy HERE and HERE

Come follow me on Instagram @health_coach_heather & Facebook @Traditionaltable

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Feb 06, 2021
55. How to detox your body with whole foods

Have you ever done a detox before? There are many detoxes out there that help clean out your system. Many of them aren't safe though.
My detoxes are different . I run 5-day whole foods detoxes to help you eliminate foods that could be harming your body, and add in foods that will nourish your cells and heal your body from the inside out.
My next Whole Foods Reset Challenge (detox) is coming right up. We start on Monday Feb 1st - 5th. If you'd like to do it with the group, grab your spot now. Otherwise, you can purchase the detox and do it on your own anytime you'd like.
Here is a link to my 5-day Whole foods reset. We are doing the Winter Edition on Monday. You'll have the option to choose your season.

Hope to see you there!


Follow me on social media:
Instagram: @health_coach_heather
Facebook: @heathermitchell OR @traditionaltable

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Jan 30, 2021
54. It's Okay to be Sad

Do you ever feel sad and wish you didn't? Has your sadness trickled into depression or anxiety? If so, then this will be the episode for you. Many people feel sad right now and I want you to know that it's okay to be sad.

Mentions in this podcast:

5-day whole foods detox (reset) - CLICK HERE to get the meal plan and join our group challenge coming up on Feb. 1st.

Stress Busters Webinar coming right up on Tuesday Jan 26th at 2:30pm MST.  CLICK HERE  to join the webinar. 

Thank you my friends. 
Come on over to Instagram and give me a follow @health_coach_heather
Facebook @traditionaltable

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Jan 23, 2021
53. Neutralize Anxiety & Feel More Peace

In this episode I interview Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge. Dr. Roseann is a well know mental health therapist for kids. Come learn some of her top tips for coping with anxiety and stress in kids.
Dr. Roseann is also giving us her coping statements to download. You will know how to lead and guide your children when they feel anxiety coming on. Get that HERE

You can learn more about Dr. Roseann's work by visiting her website

If you'd like to grab a life coaching session for your child (ages 8-18) from me, you can do that by clicking

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Jan 16, 2021
52. My Top 20 in 2020

2020 brought with it some extremely hard times. I felt all kinds of emotions. But when I looked back after doing my calendar audit for the year, I found that I was more blessed than other years in the past. It was incredible to see it all.

Here is the link to my upcoming webinar "How to raise a warrior family in tumultuous times."

Here is a link to my goal setting trainings so you can do your own calendar audit

Come find me on Facebook at: Heather Mitchell

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Jan 09, 2021
51. This is how I set goals

Goal setting is one of the most spiritual practices ever! It's evolving yourself into a better version of yourself.

It's time to really look at your life and set some goals for 2021. We cannot predict what might happen in 2021, but we can still work towards our dreams and desires.  It's going to be a lot of fun. Come see how I set goals in my life in this episode.

Links mentioned in the show:

  1. Goal Setting Webinar, trainings & downloads
  2. Workout plan for 2021
  3. "Game Player to Game Changer Bootcamp" --WE START MONDAY
  4. 30 Min Health Assessment Calls -- Grab a spot on my calendar

It's going to be a great year, and I look forward to working with you! 

-Health Coach Heather

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Jan 02, 2021
50. Video Game Addiction

Do you have gamers in your home? Do your kids love to play video games more than anything else? Are you addicted to social media and screens? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're going to love my special guest today "Melanie Hempe" -- Melanie has been researching the negative side affects of video games and electronics for well over 20 years now. She has been down her own journey with children and having a child addicted to video games.
Our kids are being exposed more than ever. How do we keep them safe? Find out in this podcast episode.

Melanie's Fundraiser is over, but keep an eye on her website for future ones.
Check out her website at
Follow her on Facebook and join the community HERE

Jump in my 5 day bootcamp "Game player to game changer" - We start on Jan 4th!
The more parents we can educate on this topic, the better.
Please share this episode with a friend or family member. 

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Dec 26, 2020
49. You are worth it - Christmas Episode

Merry Christmas my friends! You are special. You are worth it. That is the message I'd like to put out into the world this holiday season. May you never get down or depressed on yourself. May you never give in to the negative voices in your head. This is my wish for you for 2020! You are worth it!

Head on over to to find more awesome ways I can help you. 

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Dec 19, 2020
48. Wanting vs. Desiring

Your thoughts are powerful. But what about your words? Find out in this episode how tweaking your words can actually produce a great change in the things you desire to have.

We are channeling the power of the universe to get the things we desire by moving from the state of wanting to actually getting those things.

In this episode I mention David Gikandi's book:  "A happy pocket full of money." This book literally changed my life. Go get it on Amazon. 

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Dec 12, 2020
47. Getting Healthy by New Years Day

Getting healthy can mean different things to different people. In the case of this episode, I'm going to refer to weight loss. Because when people can focus their efforts on losing weight, they decrease inflammation in the body. This helps eliminate aches and pains plus helps your liver function at it's best (no fatty liver disease here).
So if you're carrying some extra weight, this will be the episode for you.

And if you're ready for some 1:1 coaching, you'll want to jump on a 30 minute health coaching assessment call with me to see if you're a good fit. You can do that right HERE

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Dec 05, 2020
Episode 46: A Healthy Thanksgiving Feast!

This week's episode I'm bringing you recipes for a healthy Thanksgiving feast. You're looking for new recipes, I'm bringing them to you through "FlavCity" and "Wellnessmama" this year.

You can find all recipes for this thanksgiving feast HERE & HERE

Snackboards PDF - Grab this free download today.

Want to lose weight this holiday season? Come get coached by me - 30 min health coaching calls available. Email Me:

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Nov 20, 2020
45. No Wheat for Pete

This is one of my favorite episodes! I get to talk to you about gluten and read you my very first children's book that I wrote a few years back.
If you know a good publisher who would like to work with me, please reach out to me

Come follow me on Instagram: @ Health_Coach_Heather
Follow my blog:
Come check out my website:

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Nov 14, 2020
44. Protect Yourself & Stay Afloat

We all need to learn how to protect ourselves from negativity and anger right now. This is a skill that will help you become your best self.
Today I am sharing a couple of tools that will help you remain calm amidst the storm. Let's keep that water out of your boat!

Links to mentions:
Grab your ticket to the Healthy Happy Kids Summit
Follow me on YouTube
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Come sign your child up for coaching

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Nov 07, 2020
43. Surrender Your Ego

Do you struggle with your ego?  Most of us do. Come learn all about surrendering your ego in this episode.

You'll relate to the examples I'm going to give you in this podcast.

And don't forget about the healthy happy kids summit coming up on Monday Nov. 2nd-4th. Grab your FREE ticket HERE

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Oct 31, 2020
42. Cyrus & the virus

Where do you stand when it comes to health freedom? In this episode I'll be reading you one of my darling children's books "Cyrus & the Virus" to help you gain awareness of your thoughts and boosting immunity - the right way. It's time to step out of fear and step into faith!

Hey --- Just a reminder that the healthy happy kids summit is coming right up! You'll want to grab your ticket right away to this amazing virtual FREE 3 day event. CLICK HERE to claim your ticket, or go to

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Oct 23, 2020
41. The Healthy Happy Kids Summit

Get ready to meet David & Odalys Hart! This power couple is putting on a summit for parents who want to raise healthier and happier kids.
In this episode we'll give you a sneak peek into what you can expect from the summit + talk about self discipline in kids.

You can grab your FREE ticket to the summit HERE

Go check out the "Family Values" Podcast with the Hart's
Go Follow The Hart's on Social Media:  Facebook and Instagram: @familythatkicks, Sensei Odalys, Mr. HartFMA.

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Oct 16, 2020
40. Nourished Kids

In this week's episode I'm going to help you navigate the signs to look for when your child is malnourished. Sometimes we think our kids are doing just fine because we can't see what's going on on the inside of their body. But I'm going to expose a few things you can look for in a malnourished kid. 

JOIN the Healthy Kids Summit. It's FREE. 15 guest speakers are presenting. I was honored to be one of them. Here is your free ticket link.

Sign your kids up for coaching with me HERE

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Oct 10, 2020
39: Staying Healthy in a Toxic World

In this week's episode I'm going to teach you how to stay healthy in a toxic world. That's right! We live in a world surrounded by toxic things...listen to the episode and find out what some of those things are.


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Oct 03, 2020
38: A holistic lifestyle with essential oils

Do you use essential oils? Would you like to know more about them and how you can begin to treat your family using them?

In this episode I'm interviewing Jenny Gabbel. Jenny educated people every single day on the proper use of oils and how they can add to your overall wellness.

If you love oils, or maybe you're just getting started, join this awesome community and see how oils can improve your mental health, hormones, focus, energy, sleep, and so much more...

Find Jenny on FB HERE
Follow Jenny on Instagram

JOIN my Whole Foods Reset

Are your kids ready to be coached? If they're struggling with anything at all, I can coach them. Sign up for "Coaching for kids" HERE

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Sep 24, 2020
37: Replacing Electronics

Do you have gamers in your home? Do your kids love to play video games more than anything else? Are you addicted to social media and screens? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're going to love my special guest today "Melanie Hempe" -- Melanie has been researching the negative side affects of video games and electronics for well over 20 years now. She has been down her own journey with children and having a child addicted to video games.
Our kids are being exposed more than ever. How do we keep them safe? Find out in this podcast episode.

Be sure to join Melanie's fund raiser coming up. CLICK HERE
Check out her website at
Follow her on Facebook and join the community HERE

The more parents we can educate on this topic, the better. Please share this episode with a friend or family member. 

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Sep 18, 2020
36: A Total Mind and Body Transformation

🎙️If you're ready to have a total mind and body transformation, then you're going to love this week's podcast.
I'm interviewing Adam Kuhlman - Life Coach, Nutrition Coach, and Personal Trainer. Adam will teach us all about his 3 pillars to a healthy lifestyle. He's worked with some amazing people who've had amazing transformations.
Follow the tips in this podcast to get to your ultimate health and wellness goals.

Follow Adam Kuhlman on Instagram or Facebook

Come get Coached

Join the game-player to game-changer bootcamp

Join my Upcoming FREE Webinar:
"How to raise a warrior family in tumultuous times"

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Sep 12, 2020
35. Core Matters More - Body Image for kids and adults

In this weeks podcast episode, I'm interviewing Alison Fleming. Alison is a new and upcoming children's book author with a message that will pierce you to your core!

Do you know how worthy, loved, and important you are? Our outside isn't what makes us unique. It's our minds and our hearts.

Get ready to learn all about body image and hear Alison's book for yourself as she reads it to us at the end of this episode.

You can purchase Alison's book "Core Matters More" - HERE

Go follow Alison on Istagram HERE

Beauty redefined
Ashley Rose Reeves

Facebook Group link: Children’s Authors and Illustrators

Join my 5-day "Game Changer Bootcamp" HERE (WE START ON SEPT 14TH)

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Sep 05, 2020
34: Show me your friends and I'll show you your future!

In this episode I'm giving teens and parents real advice that will get real results! Many teens are choosing to follow the world and the standards provided to them by their friends and idols.
I want to show teens how their life can really be when they're making the right decisions. There are too many careless parents out there who are unaware of what their child is doing online.
Do you know what the abortion rates are in the world? Ge ready for a shocker!!!

Replace your child's smart phone with the Gabb Wireless phone

Join my 5-day "Game player to game changer" bootcamp for parents. This bootcamp is for you if you're ready to create your own family electronic plan. Take the leap today.

Follow me on Instagram
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Aug 30, 2020
33: Revamp Your Medicine Cabinet

🎙️ Wouldn't it be nice to have an entire medicine cabinet full of glorious holistic options you can take when you see symptoms coming on? And what if you even had the know-how to use them accordingly? You'd be like your own family doctor/herbalist.

That is exactly what me and my good friend Melissa will be teaching you in this episode.

Don't forget to grab our FREEBIE of all the holistic remedies we purchase for our own family health. Learn about cell salts, homeopathy, bach drops and more.

Grab your ticket to the 5-day Game-Player to Game-Changer Bootcamp happening Sept 14th-18th.

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Aug 22, 2020
32. Coping with the death of a loved one

🎙️ Wow you guys! This is a very very tender episode. You're going to hear from Ashlee Boyson and her two girls Bostyn and Bailey about the death of their father (Ashlee's first husband) who was murdered in a Walgreens parking lot back in 2011. The tragedy of this event could have shattered them all, but they chose to rise above. They chose to speak out and share their story in hopes that it would help so many others.

You're going to want to stick around until the very very end. Bostyn and Bailey are going to be singing a song for you that is special to this family.

Would you like to read about Ashlee's story? Go check out her blog HERE
Want to go see Ashlee LIVE on stage? She hosts amazing conferences to help others coping with tragedy. CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION
Follow Ashlee on Instagram & Facebook @ A reason to stand & The moments we stand

Buy Ashlee's books HERE - She is coming out with book 3 very soon!

****Are you ready for my upcoming boot camp? It's called "From game player to game changer" - How to raise self disciplined, healthy kids who care about actual reality instead of virtual reality.  Details to come. For now, get on the wait list for the webinar "How to raise a warrior family in tumultuous times." I'll be sure to send you all the details for the boot camp as well when they come out.

Come follow me on social media:
Instagram handle: health_coach_heather
Facebook handle: traditional table AND healthy families rule

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Aug 15, 2020
31. Decrease Sibling Rivalry

🎙️ This is a very special episode! We are kicking of SEASON 2 of the Healthy Families Rule Podcast, and I am bringing you the BEST of the BEST when it comes to all things being healthy and raising a healthy family. 

In this weeks episode, I'm interviewing my BFF for life Brittany Hutchison. She and I share a very special connection and she's an expert when it comes to bringing in more connection and unity and decreasing the fighting. You're going to LOVE this conversation. 

Brittany recommends you read 2 books on this topic. Click the links below to get the books: 

Did you enjoy the podcast? Mind sharing it with your friends and family? XOXOXO

Are you ready to create a strong, warrior family? Your kids are going to need to be armed with the right tools to get them through this next phase of life. You can do this! Sign up for my FREE webinar training for parents "Raising warrior kids in tumultuous times." I'll see you on the webinar! 

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Aug 08, 2020
30. Having the courage to stand up for what is right

In this week's episode I'm teaching you how to speak out in an authentic way to let your voice be heard and stand up for what is right.

Find out what your personality type is HERE so you can decide how you want your voice o be heard.

Listen to a podcast on going deeper with self discovery HERE

Would you like some 1:1 coaching? I'd love to help you out. Schedule your call with me

Are you ready to create a healthy, hard working, warrior family?
CLICK THIS LINK to join my FREE webinar training for parents. I want to teach you how to become a "Warrior Parent" as we head into the future. 

I'll see you next week with season 2 of the Healthy Families Rule Podcast. 

xoxo Health Coach Heather

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Aug 01, 2020
Enjoying the Journey

🎙️ It's time to relax and enjoy the journey! I know we live in a crazy world right now but what better time to practice gratitude and abundance than right now!

Once you stop wishing your life were different than it is, and you relax into it instead of resist it, you begin to enjoy it more and more.

If you enjoyed this episode, take a screen shot of the podcast and post it on your Instagram page. Tag me in it. I'll post it and tag you! We'll be friends on Social Media. My Instagram handle is "Health_Coach_Heather"

Hey parent's listen up! I've got a webinar coming up just for you..."Parenting the Warrior Way" - 5 things you can do right now to create more discipline, health, and hard working kids in your home. If you're ready to have more unity and connection with your kids,
CLICK HERE and get on my wait list.

Check out my blog at
Check out my website at

Get my FREE after school snack boards

All my love xoxo

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Jul 25, 2020
How to get your kids to exercise

Most kids struggle moving their bodies throughout the day. But I want you to help your child change that. This is why I highly recommend family workouts. Exercise together! 

  • Here is a great website for you to watch short videos of workouts kids can do. 
  • Try a couple of YouTube channels for kids exercise. PE Joe and Cosmic Yoga

One of the best things you can do as a parent is to plan the workouts. Just as you do a meal plan for the week, create an exercise plan for your family for the week.

Are you ready to eliminate and get rid of electronics? I think it's an excellent idea. Learn more about the dangers of EMF's HERE

There are so many ways you can help your kids get more movement in. But if you'd like a family health coach to council with, let's set up a call together. Click
HERE and let's do a Discovery Call together.

My students have been asking me how to help their kids stop fighting, stop eating junk food, and stop being addicted to electronics. I’ve decided to put together a brand new training designed to help busy parents create more discipline, connection and healthier habits within the home. It’s called “The Warrior Family Success System.” To be the first one notified of any releases, updates, etc.. please click

Come follow me on Social Media:

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Jul 18, 2020
What to do when your child is overweight

🎙️ In this weeks episode, we're talking all about how handle the situation of having an overweight child.
Do you have an overweight child? Do you know someone who does? Send them this podcast episode to listen to.

Are you ready to join the 5-day whole foods reset for families? CLICK HERE and get your family on board with clean eating.

Need some 1:1 coaching around this topic? I've got some appointments available for a discovery call. Email me @

Ready to create Healthy, Hardworking, Helpful kids in just 30 short days? Get on the wait list for my "Warrior Family Success System" and let me help you create a strong resilient family who can deal with anything the world dishes out!  CLICK HERE

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Jul 11, 2020
Fermented Foods for the Entire Family

🎙️ If I could leave you with one thing, it would be this…
Learn to eat saurkraut. Get the real stuff. Most health food stores carry them now.

Add 2 T. Whey to your jar and that will help with the lactic acid buildup and get the good bacteria going
A good sea salt will help prevent any bad bacteria from getting into your kraut.

Think you're ready to jump into a whole foods diet? Now is the time for you to get my 5-day whole foods reset for beginners and families. I'll walk you through clean eating at it's finest. Simply click on the link, and choose the reset corresponding with the season you are in right now. Purchase your groceries and supplements, and get started. I walk you through everything. Let me help you set the stage for being an example to your children of what healthy eating looks like. 

Need some 1:1 coaching to really help you solidify those habits for life? Let's do it. Let's jump on a discovery call together and you can see first hand what it's like getting coached from a Master Certified Health Coach. I am here to support you and your goals and help you lead the way in health and wellness. CLICK HERE to learn more about my 1:1 coaching. 

  • GET ON THE WAIT LIST FOR MY WARRIOR FAMILY SUCCESS SYSTEM - Healthy, hard working, kind and respectful kids in just 30 days. CLICK HERE

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Jul 04, 2020
Do kids need a routine?

Does your family have a daily routine? What about in the summertime? In this episode, I'll be addressing all those questions and more.

I am currently working on a 30 day course for families called "The Warrior Family Success System" - Healthy, Hard working, Obedient kids in just 30 days! If you'd like to get on a wait list to find out more about this course when it finally launches, CLICK HERE

In this episode I mention my 1:1 coaching. You can purchase your sessions HERE
Come follow me on Instagram HERE

Join our private FB page for weekly group challenges HERE

Thanks for listening to the show. If you have time, would you mind going into Itunes and reviewing the show?
Here are instructions to do that.

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Jun 27, 2020
Do this ONE thing and reap better behavior from your kids!

Today's topic is a big one. Are you a parent who's yelling a lot or nagging at your kids to get things done? I'm going to teach you this ONE thing that just might turn it all around without you having to yell, nag, or raise your voice. Are you ready? Let's go!

In this episode I mention my 1:1 coaching. You can purchase your sessions HERE
Come follow me on Instagram HERE
Join our private FB page for weekly group challenges HERE

Thanks for listening to the show. If you have time, would you mind going into Itunes and reviewing the show?
Here are instructions to do that. 

Inspiration for this podcast came from "The wellness mama podcast" Episode 344. Go give it a listen. 

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Jun 20, 2020
Teaching our children about equality

Today I'd like to talk about teaching our kids about equal right for all mankind. This is a topic heavy on my heart that I feel is important to start teaching right now, and keep the conversation going.

In this podcast episode, I mention listening to a speech given by an African American woman about some of the "Behind the Scenes" things that happen in our country every single day that is discriminating. Watch it first HERE

Have read or learned about “White Fragility?” 
Watch this YouTube video and see if you can’t spot your blind spots.

If you are struggling with racist thoughts, sexist thoughts or judgmental thoughts, come get coached. I can help you. Sign up for your 1:1 coaching sessions

Come on over and read my blog
"Healthy Families Rule" for ideas, recipes and articles that will motivate and inspire you to take action.

Be sure to join our private FB page
"Healthy Families Rule" for weekly challenges to be better each day! 

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Jun 13, 2020
Is Snacking Okay?

🎙️ Is snacking okay? What do you think? In today's episode I address snacking and my thoughts around the habit. 

  • In this episode, I reference my Snack Boards PDF download. Get a FREE copy today right HERE
  • You can also read the blog article of this episode HERE
  • In this episode, I talk about getting a magnetized fridge timer. Here is the one I have.
  • I also mention the snack "Mary's gone crackers." This is a better choice than most crackers since it has minimal processing. You can get it HERE
  • Read the "Obesity Code" by Dr. Fung

It's time to come get coached my friend. If you haven't experienced a session with me, you're missing out. I can help with any eating problem you've got going on. Schedule your session HERE and get 2 sessions for the price of 1. 

I can't wait to work with you
💖  Health Coach Heather

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Jun 06, 2020
4 Healthy Dinners in Under 30 Minutes

Hey there!
Are you ready to add some fun, flavorful recipes to your dinner rotation? These are some of my favorites and they're quick and easy.
Get your notepad and pen ready, or head over to this blog post article and WATCH me fixing these meals.

If you want to feed your family healthier foods, you definitely need to pick up a copy of "Nourishing Traditions Cookbook for Children."

In this episode, I talk about using good cast iron skillets. Get you a couple of different sizes. They are the best. Check it out

Would you like to have a free coaching call with me (in exchange for a testimonial on my google business page?) - If so, simply click HERE to schedule today.

Come learn about managing your stress in a healthy way at my next webinar "Stress Busters" - Click Here

Come be a part of my Facebook Community...
"Healthy Families Rule" -Where we do weekly group challenges to motivate and inspire you to get healthy. 

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May 30, 2020
I love you but No

🎙️ Do you have a hard time telling others "No?" Do you put others' needs before your own? If so, then this episode is for you my friend. I want to teach you about all the ways in which you can say no, and not even feel bad about it. It's time to start living for yourself. 

  • Go listen to Brooke Castillo's Podcast episode from this week HERE

  • Who is your coach? I'd be honored to be your coach and help you move beyond "People Pleasing." Schedule your 1:1 coaching call with me HERE

  • Will you be joining us in my 5-day whole foods reset challenge? We start on Monday May 25th-29th. You can start anytime you want however. Click HERE and purchase your 5-day detox/reset today. 

This podcast episode is brought to you by Norwex Microfiber. Would you like to use something healthier than Clorox wipes? It's time you made the switch to high quality microfiber. Nothing else compares.
Get your Norwex Cloths HERE

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May 23, 2020
Part 3 - How to kick the sugar habit

🎙️ This episode finishes out the series "How to kick the sugar habit". I teach you some valuable tips here, so be sure to listen all the way through.

Sugar cravings or cravings of any kind, can get in the way of you living a life you've always wanted to live. FREE from addiction, pain, & disease. Why not start the practice right now of kicking that sugar habit? Don't wait for a diagnosis or disease to present before you take action on your health. It's more important than ever right now, that you take your health seriously - especially with the covid-19 virus around.

Teach your kids to do the same. Give them the gift of energy, health, zero sick days, focus, calm behavior.... it all starts with a commitment to ditch sugar. Not forever, but 90% of your diet should be sugar and sweets free. That means, one small treat on the weekend. You can do this. I believe in you.

👉 Be sure to pick up my top tops guide on "How to kick the sugar habit" - HERE 👈🏻

Join the 5-Day Whole Foods RESET -

Would you like a free 30 minute discovery call with me?  You can schedule that session by emailing me the best days and times you are available. -
I typically coach women who are trying to live a healthier life and teach their kids to do the same. 

xoxo - Health Coach Heather

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May 16, 2020
How to kick the sugar habit - part 2

🎙️ Part 2 is here! In this episode I'm giving you 8 tips to get you started on your journey to eliminating sugar from your life (not completely).

It's important to master those cravings, and this episode will get you going in the right direction.

If you're ready to come off the sugar roller coaster, come check out my 5-day Whole Foods Reset program for families. In just 5 short days, I'll help you eliminate those cravings and live a healthier life. You can check out the meal plan HERE

Come read my blog - full of lots of health and wellness advice,

Need some 1:1 coaching? You can learn more

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May 09, 2020
How to kick the sugar habit - Part 1

🎙️In this episode I help you understand why you have sugar cravings so you can eliminate them for good. I share the top 30 reasons why sugar might be ruining your health.

If you have a sweet tooth & sugar cravings are taking over, I urge you to get some help from a health/life coach. Scheduling regular calls will help keep you on track with your health and fitness goals. Having someone to hold you accountable to your plan each week, will both motivate and inspire you to keep at it. Schedule your 1:1 coaching call with me HERE

I'll be back next week with PART 2 of "How to kick the sugar habit." In the next episode, we'll dive deep into my top tips for actually kicking that habit.

Would you like some help with boosting your immunity during the coronavirus? Be sure to pick up my FREE Supplement Guide for Physical and mental health

Come on over to "Healthy Families Rule" on Facebook. I will walk you through weekly challenges to help you become your very best self yet! 

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May 02, 2020
Come on back to the kitchen!

🎙️ Is your family in the habit of eating out? I'm here to convince you to come on back to the kitchen. I want you to truly love cooking for your family and enjoy that time in the kitchen. I've got some ideas (and recipes) in this episode, to get you started.

Product Spotlight

Blog post that goes with this podcast episode - All links for products are in that post.

Are you ready to eat cleaner? Try "The Coronavirus Diet" - I created a 5 day eating plan to help boost your immune system, and look and feel your best.
I also have a freebie - "The complete guide to immunity and mental health"- I have all the supplements you need to take right now to help you strengthen your lungs.

Need coaching? Sign up for my 1:1 coaching sessions.

Are you feeling the effects of the coronavirus playing a role in your mental health? Coronavirus calls are 50% off until school starts. Schedule yours today.

Are you part of my "Healthy Families Rule" community on Facebook? We run weekly challenges to help you get yourself and your family healthy....mentally and physically

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Apr 24, 2020
Maintaining patience and love with a sick child or spouse

🎙️ Do you wish you had more love and patience with your family members when they are sick? Do you wish you could get to a place mentally where you're okay with everyone being sick? If so, this episode is for you. I'm going to teach you how to think about sickness in a completely different way. You might even have some ah ha moments.

Check out REAL PLANS - A meal scheduler that will help you find recipes according to your diet - weather you're Paleo, AIP, GAPS, or just gluten free, real plans is for you!

Are you using essential oils? Young Living oils have been around for a very long time. They are 100% pure and of the highest quality and potency. Give them a try today. CLICK HERE

I referenced Dr. Elisa Song in this episode. She is a holistic pediatrician. Go check her out.

Here is a video I made a while back regarding the holistic medicine I use. CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Want my FREEBIE - Coronavirus Supplement guide? Click
HERE to access that.

Check out my
Coronavirus Diet Plan or my 5 day whole foods reset. Both are fantastic! 

Have a great day 😊

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Apr 18, 2020
Mom & Teacher - Mastering Both Roles

🎙️ Are you struggling a bit in the new role of "Teacher"? Maybe you're rocking it. Either way, this podcast will help you navigate those roles and intentionally choose to make both great for you.


🍳My baby project is out into the world... FINALLY
The Coronavirus Diet". You can purchase the diet HERE

Want to see the blog post that goes with this episode?

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Apr 11, 2020
Something to look forward to

🎙️ Does it feel like your days just run together? Are you getting a bit bored with life and lock down? Don't sweat it! I've totally got some go-to ideas that you can implement today to get your brain out of the day to day rut.

The first thing you'll wanna do, is head over to the blog post that goes along with this podcast episode. I've got picture of what I talk about in this episode. Access it HERE.

Here are some links to what I talk about in the show.

Cookbook: The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner

Zoom Conference:

Virtual Field Trips: CLICK HERE

Right now I'm offering 1/2 price coronavirus coaching calls. If you're ready to dive deeper into your mental health, then this is the best way to go. Please schedule your session HERE. I'll be sure to email you the soonest spot I have available. 

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Apr 04, 2020
How to make lock down more fun

🎙️ Stuck at home with the kids? Let me help you make it more fun. I've got a plethora of ideas for you to try out with kids of any age.
Access all of the links on my blog at 

Here is the post that goes with this particular podcast

Who is your health coach? If you don't have one, I'd be so honored to be your coach. I create programs and lead 1:1 coaching that I want to invite you to join me in. We can work on any challenges you have and goals that you want to achieve. When you're ready to take anything you're learning on the podcast to the next level, then come find me at

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Mar 27, 2020
Preparing our kids for what's to come

🎙️ In this episode I'll be teaching you real strategies you can practice with your kids to help them feel calm during a time of crisis and panic. Our kids might be affected by this even more than we know. It's important to talk to our kids about what's going on. How do we do that?
I'll help you help them to cope in a world of chaos.

A list of foods to help build immunity in your lungs PRINTABLE
🧘 Meditation Practice
Kundalini Yoga
Kundalini for stress

Do you and your family need some 1:1 coaching at this time? I am offering 50% off coaching sessions during this time of the virus. You can click HERE to book your session. It's so so helpful for clearing your mind and easing your stress. 

We're going to get through this! 
xoxo - Health Coach Heather

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Mar 21, 2020
Bonus Episode - Covid-19 - Protecting Your Family without the Panic.

🎙️ This is a bonus episode for all my subscribers! Thank you for listening to the show. I am bringing some solid information to you regarding covid 19. I want to help you protect yourself and your family at this time. There are some important things you can do right now.

PDF Coronavirus Immune Boosting Foods
Cod Liver Oil - Get THIS KIND
Dessicated Liver
Homemade Bone Broth Recipe
Fermented Veggies Recipe

Are you struggling mentally and emotionally? For a limited time I am offering LIFE and HEALTH coaching sessions at 50% off. Take advantage to help get your brain on track with what's going on out there. I can help you feel the calm.


Wishing you all the best during this time of crisis. 

xoxo - Heather

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Mar 18, 2020
Part 2: How to detox your body with whole foods

🎙️ This episode is a little bit longer than the rest, so just hang in there. I am happy to bring you my top tips for detoxing your body with real whole foods. You'll be given enough information to start a detox all on your own, however, if you'd like to try mine out, head on over to my 5-day Whole Foods Reset for Families which can be found HERE.

I am on a mission to help every family in America eat healthier and live longer without health complications. Quality Life! Embarking on a whole foods detox can absolutely help you achieve just that.

Can kids do a detox? YES! kids should be detoxing too. Their supplements and plan might look a bit different from yours. You could experiment with a 5 day "NO SUGAR" detox. Pair that with a 5 day "NO PACKAGED FOODS". You're welcome to keep feeding them dairy if their doctor says so, but honestly I see many kids benefit without dairy and gluten. Just modify a plan that works for them and don't force it. Have conversations with them beforehand about what the week will look like.

Links in the show:
Mary's Gone Crackers
Crio Bru
Wild Mushroom Blend

Blog Articles:
How to get a good nights sleep

Come on over to my private facebook page "Healthy Families Rule". And join in on a new health challenge each and every week! 


-Health Coach Heather

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Mar 14, 2020
Part 1 - How to detox your body with whole foods

In this episode I introduce you to a whole foods detox/cleanse/reset. This is an important step for everyone in your family. A detox doesn't have to be extreme or dangerous. Simply taking out bad foods and bringing in the good are exactly what your body needs.

See what happens in your body before a detox & what the benefits are when you finally make up your mind to go all in.

Teenagers especially need to detox to help balance hormones and clean out their gut.

Email questions to: - Your kids can write to Health Coach Heather to get their questions answered as well.

Join the 5-day whole foods reset by clicking

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Mar 07, 2020
Creating the perfect morning routine

🎙️ In this episode, I'll give you a behind the scenes look at what our morning routine looks like as a family and individually.
When you have the perfect morning routine, your entire day feels different. You're able to accomplish so much more with a positive mindset. Read about my blog post associated with this podcast episode  HERE

Things I mention in this podcast:
🧘🏾‍♀️ Do Kundalini Yoga in the mornings
📔 I use a journal called Morning Pages
🖊️ My favorite pens are FRIXION pens - they are on my amazon auto-ship because I use them so much.
🗓️ I use a planner called "The law of attraction planner"
☕ I drink Crio Bru in place of coffee
📚 Our family reads the books "The way of the warrior kid"
🎙️ Our family listens to "The warrior kid podcast" on the way to school
🧘 Your family should try Ziva Meditation to stress less & accomplish more! 

  • If you want to lose 10 lbs in 10 weeks, I've got a group challenge going on until May 10th. You could win a $100 Amazon gift card. If you are ready to get fit for summer, come on over and take the challenge HERE

  • Want some help? I help parent create strong resilient families through clean eating, daily exercise, & strengthening family relationships. You can join my 8-week coaching program for women "Strong Healthy Women".

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Feb 29, 2020
No More Cereal - 4 breakfast ideas to fuel your day

🎙️ In this episode, my goal is to get you away from serving up cold sugary cereals. Cereal should really be a "Sometimes" food because of all the sugar it contains. Even the healthy cereals have a lot of sugar in them. But what if there were another way? An easy way to serve up a healthy breakfast....would you do it?
In this episode, I'm giving you 4 breakfast recipes to jolt ⚡ you out of the cereal habit!
This podcast episode is connected to a blog post I wrote called "No More Cereal". You can find that post HERE along with some breakfast pics for you.
🥞 Looking to make some yummy sourdough waffles? HERE is a recipe for you. Sourdough waffles taste better than sourdough pancakes to me. 🥞
Want my TOP 2 HEALTHY DESSERTS Recipes? Get my FREE PDF HERE. (The Chia Seed Pudding is in there)
Yogurt Bark Recipe HERE
Ready to embark on an elimination diet? Don't's safe, fun, and totally for beginners. I walk you through everything. Purchase your 5 day Whole Foods Reset HERE

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Feb 22, 2020
Self Coaching 101

🎙️ In this episode I teach you all about managing the brain. Did you know your thoughts are creating 100% of the results in your life? I'll teach you how to redirect the brain so you can feel more peace and joy. Teaching these skills to your children and teenagers will help them immensely.
💻 Webinar coming up "What to do when your life feels crazy" - Get registered. I'll be presenting this LIVE on Feb 19th - 21st. You have several options for times to check it out. Come ask me questions - Maybe you can even get coached!
🗓️ I have just a little bit of room in my schedule to take on some 1:1 clients. If you're interested in getting coached, I work with each client for 10 sessions. This gives us time to make some lasting changes in their life and create healthy habits. You can check out my 1:1 Coaching HERE
💪 Need a proven system that will get you results in just 8 weeks? My "Strong Healthy Women" program is your ticket! You'll learn all these coaching tools in depth + I'll take you through a weight loss course that'll blow your mind! Join the program HERE
COME ON OVER TO FACEBOOK, and join our private group "Healthy Families Rule". We always have weekly challenges posted to get you moving into action on your health and wellness goals!
Check out my coaching website at
or my blog at:

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Feb 15, 2020
Episode 4: How to stay healthy while traveling (Disneyland)

Are you stumped for ideas on staying healthy while traveling? I've got you covered in this weeks podcast. I especially highlight how to do this in Disneyland (plus give you a couple of insider tips).

In this episode, I reference a blog article I wrote a while back on this very topic. You can read that article and link to the things mentioned in this podcast HERE

Wanna join my free webinar coming up on Feb 19th-21st 2020? -  "What to do when your life feels crazy"? CLICK HERE to register your FREE spot.

Join my email list and get weekly recipes, motivation, & coaching tips to help you in your day to day life. Get on list HERE

Your child can write me a question - Any question related to mental or physical health. I will be sure to answer it on the show.
Email me at:
Include you name, age, and place you live.

Come on over and read my blog "Healthy Families Rule"

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Feb 07, 2020
Part 3 - EPISODE 3: How to win the battle with your picky eater

In this last episode of our 3 part series, I talk about my last two tips for creating healthy eating in the home. 

  • I mentioned the Food Nanny Cook Book which you can pick up HERE.
  • If you're not familiar with "Real Plans", it's a food scheduler that does it all for you. You can check out Real Plans by clicking HERE
  • Here is the link to my 7 page snack board PDF
  • Want to grab this entire webinar with my video and slides? CLICK HERE
  • For Coaching, Women's Program, or 5-day Whole Foods Reset, CLICK THIS LINK

Let me know how I can help you
 -Health Coach Heather

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Feb 03, 2020
Part 1 - EPISODE 1: How to win the battle with your picky eater

In this week's episode, I introduce you to the idea of eliminating picky eating. If you have a picky eater in your home, this is the series you need to wrap your head around to create lasting change and establish healthy eating habits.

You can grab a free copy of my Picky Eaters Guide, by click THIS link.

This episode is part 1 of a 3 part series. I will introduce my biggest tip which is sure to help you on your journey of teaching your kids to eat clean foods.

Good luck Mom & Dad!

❤️ - Health Coach Heather

Wanna learn more about me? Head on over to my website at

Read my blog at:

Join my private Facebook Group page HERE

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Feb 03, 2020
Part 2 - EPISODE 2: How to win the battle with your picky eater

This is part 2 of our 3 part series "How to win the battle with your picky eater". In this episode, I share tips 2 & 3. I find it easier to give you bite size information rather than making you listen to an hour long podcast. It's so much easier to remember the information if it's broken down.

You're going to love tips 2 & 3. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast, and share this information with a friend or family member.

Grab my FREE 7 page PDF of healthy snack boards, by clicking the link HERE

Go follow "Weelicious" on Instagram & while you're at it, come follow me too

❤️ - Health Coach Heather

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Feb 03, 2020