End On End

By Brian and Jeff

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Come along for the ride as Brian and Jeff take journey through the entire Dischord records cannon, one record at a time. There'll be lots of discussion, some debate and plenty of entertaining stories and conversations. Where possible, we interview key players in the making of these releases as well. Brian grew up in the midst of the DC punk scene in the 80's. Asurefire roadmap for disaster, enlightenment or something in between!

Episode Date
EGG HUNT "Two Songs" / Todd Friend

On our second episode of 2021 we dive into Egg Hunt's complete catalog and career! This record is the two founders of Dischord's only post-Threat release. We examine the backstory of the recording date and even get some commentary from a member of the ill-fated band they tried to create out of these tracks. Then Todd Friend from H2O drops by the EOE headquarters to talk about why he loves this record. This is a blink and it's gone episode, so don't blink!

Jan 18, 2021
DAG NASTY "Can I Say" / Dave Smalley

Spoiler alert : this is Jeff's favorite Dischord record...so it was a treat for him to sit down and talk to Dave Smalley for another in-depth interview, this time centering around the classic Dag Nasty era. Writer/professor Marc Bayard also drops by to discuss how Can I Say changed his life. We're pretty proud of this one!

Jan 11, 2021
THE SNAKES "I Won't Love You 'Til You're More Like Me" / Simon Jacobsen and Hunter Bennett

Well, this was a big episode on many accounts. For one, we moved the rock that one of the Snakes was hiding under and uncovered some deep archeological alternative music history. It was great to hear Simon Jacobsen's stories of DC lore and lore of wild, studious prep school punk rock mischief. The Snakes were an anomaly in the scene and especially on Dischord. So what better episode to celebrate the month that marks the 40th year or Diischord records. We also talk to Dot Dash's dashing articulate epicurean bassist and author, Hunter Bennett. Finally, Ben Merlis chimes in on why the Snakes matter. Of course there's also many side roads in Brian and Jeff's crazy train conversations and both also share their top five releases for the year the world lost it's collective shit. See you next year, kids!

Dec 24, 2020
LUNCHMEAT/MISSION IMPOSSIBLE "Split 7"" / Bobby Sullivan and Chris Page

Hello, fancy meeting you here,...care to step into my 1985 time-machine? This one is steeped in high school energy and hardcore optimism, self determination and awkward yet genuine connection. Yes, this episode Brian fell face first into the nostalgia vortex (at Jeff's urging, of course). Other highlights include a by turns humorous, by turns philosophic conversation with Bobby Sullivan about the early days of Lunchmeat and how they transformed into Soulside. Chris Page articulates what the DC scene and Mission Impossible meant to him growing up, how and why they teamed up with Lunchmeat, as well as how those indelible days shaped the man he is today. Pod friend Aaron Pagdon also boldly sets his flag on one side of the split and deftly backs up his potentially divisive claim. Funny how split releases always end up in conversations of which side is your favorite. I loved both of these bands equally live, but may have to agree with him on this one. Regardless, this is a still fresh blast of youthful exuberance from both bands. What I wouldn't give for a bottle of that uncorked energy!

Dec 15, 2020
GOVERNMENT ISSUE "Joyride/Fun " / Tom Lyle

This episode we take another divergence from the Dischord saga to celebrate Government Issue's first couple non-Dischord albums, Joyride and The Fun Just Never Ends. These were two records that meant a lot to me and it was a true pleasure to be able to get granular with the legendary Tom Lyle. This is the second installment of an interview series we're doing with Tom unspooling the DNA of GI's body of songs. Long live Stabb!

Dec 07, 2020
BEEFEATER "Plays for Lovers" / Onam Emmet. Dug E Bird, Bruce Taylor and Lars Von Keitz

Today Jeff and I talk about one of the most divisive as well as important Dischord bands. These guys carved their own path and wore their heart and politics on their sleeve. One of the earliest progenitors of punk-funk, they also blended jazz and metal into their expression. I felt blessed to be able to talk to not just one, but all of the surviving members of Beefeater. They truly put the revolution in Revolution Summer. We also got to talk to one of my oldest friends, Lars from the DC band Thorns, about how Beefeater affected him and about living at the Positive Force house with Tomas and Dug. This show stirred many memories and much inspiration in this fool heart. Dedicated from the soul, to the memory of Fred "Freak" Smith!

Nov 23, 2020
RITES OF SPRING "S/T" / Brendan Canty and Matt Ryan

Not much needs to be said about this one. Not much can be said. The self-titled Rites Of Spring LP is my all-time favorite Dischord release. It was an honor to have the opportunity to talk to Brendan Canty about the record and the band in general. We also got Matt Ryan (Bitter Branches/Calvary) to share a bit about what this record meant to him. "Drink deep..."

Nov 16, 2020

On this weeks show, we take another field trip. This time to Chicago (by way of Seattle and many other towns) to talk to the legendary Vic Bondi. He not only has a PHD in History, he helped create the genre of hardcore and talks with us about the history of the movement and also the history of politics in this country. We ended up talking mere hours after the announcement of the election results. Most of his musical projects are briefly covered and lots besides. Steve Hansgen also gives a mini-view about our feature artist in the Stepping Stones segment. Check it!

Nov 10, 2020
REPTILE HOUSE "I Stumble As The Crow Flies" / London May and Daniel Higgs

Reptile House occupied imaginal space outside the harDCore landscape, yet infiltrated it regularly. They trafficked in dark, psych-infused poetry driven by an engine of otherworldly postpunk propulsion. This band was the seed that sprouted Lungfish and introduced the world to one Daniel Strasser/Higgs, a shaman-poet in training. It was a pleasure to re-enter the Reptile House and talk to London May about the origins of the band, as well as his work with some other bands you may've heard of, as well as his acting career. Dan Higgs is also represented, from a portion of an interview I did with him for my other podcast, Out My Way. As if that weren't a lot already, London also let us premiere an unreleased track from the session for this EP. There are some occasional audio issues with this episode, but its worth weathering them for the content this week. See you guys in two weeks!

Oct 27, 2020
SCREAM "This Side Up" / Franz Stahl and Kent Stax

Those VA boys strike again!This time it was with an album that blew almost everything else at the time away. Scream were one of the hardest working bands around and with these songs and this recording, adding Harley to the lineup on second guitar, they took their songwriting to the next level (and in my mind, their absolute peak). Jeff and I discuss the bands brilliant second LP, though as usual, we take many side-roads to get there. Franz and Kent fill in the details they remember (these were decidedly not straight edge dudes, ya know). It was an honor to have the chance to gush about one of the defining records of the era for a few short hours!

Oct 19, 2020
MINOR THREAT "Salad Days" / Jon Roa, Chris Estrada and Jeremy Dean

Today we come to the end of an era for harDCore, Minor Threat's "Salad Days" release. In this mega-sode, Brian and Jeff have conversations with Jon Roa (Justice League/Eyerlid), comedian Chris Estrada and graphic designer Jeremy Dean (Jade Tree/Grateful Dead). We get input from a couple professional photographers and Steve Hansgen. It's only three songs, but yes, it takes the EOE boys four hours to explore every inch of every song. Time is an illusion. right?

Oct 12, 2020
DON ZIENTARA / Inner Ear studio owner and musician

This episode was a real treat for us. Don Zientara's importance as a producer cannot be overstated. He produced and engineered almost every single Dischord release. On this episode he talks about his philosophy of capturing a band's essence, tells a few funny stories from his early years and just generally really gives us a fly on the wall perspective into the Inner Ear control room.Listen all the way through, you won't regret it!

Oct 08, 2020
FOUR OLD 7's ON A 12" / Nathan Stejcek, Barry Henssler, Gary Bennett, Mark "O Connor and Vinny Segarra

This week Brian and Jeff look back and laugh, with a little help from their friends. The topic and release is the LP collection of the first Eps by Teen Idles, SOA, Government Issue and Youth Brigade! Gather distantly social, around the campfire and listen to these tales from long, long ago about a mythical scene that was chockablock with heroes and villains and morality tales of timeless import. Starring  Nathan Stejcek as himself (Teen Idles/Youth Brigade), Barry Henssler as the comical sidekick (Necros), Gary Bennett as the whimsical scamp (Kill Your idols), Mark O' Connor as the star-crossed and misunderstood lover (Daycare Swindlers) and a very special apperance by  Vinny Segarra (Mint Tone Records) as the Catman from outer space. Come out of lockdown and hear this never-ending story of confusion and redemption. You might not regret it!

Sep 28, 2020
MARGINAL MAN "Identity" / Steve Polcari

This week we cover one of my favorite live bands, Marginal Man. Jeff and I discuss how 'Identity" holds up 36 years latter, as well as go into a little off their history. I also talk about my experience seeing them a healthy amount and what the record meant to me growing up. We also had the immense pleasure ands honor of talking to singer, Steve Polcari. Strap in, folks, this is a good one!

Sep 21, 2020
MINOR THREAT "S/T" / Gary Bennett, Aesop Dekker and Kevin Salk

Well, here we are, for our first of many revisits to the Minor Threat cannon. Today we talk to  amazing punk rock photographer, Kevin Salk, Gary Bennett (Kill Your Idols/Black Anvil) and Aesop Dekker (Hickey/Ludicra). Everyone chimes in on what makes Minor Threat so damn special and gives personal insight and stories around experiences with the band and their music. In a very short time, Minor Threat left a huge legacy of both great youth anthems and also a blueprint for how to conduct yourself as a band on a mission. 

Sep 14, 2020

Well, my conversation with Tim Kerr was so good I couldn't chop it up and leave so much of it unheard, so this episode starts exactly where the last one (and our talk) left off. In this one, he talks about his philosophy, his art and all the bands he did after Big Boys. He tells the story of Poison 13, Jack O' Fire, Monkeywrench, Lord High Fixers, Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee and Up Around the Sun,. This is not so much about DC, but is a great listen and Tim is a principled man of action, but also a large hearted guy who knows his way around a good story. 

Sep 04, 2020
BIG BOYS and beyond / Tim Kerr

This week Brian and Jeff take a field trip down to Austin, TX to talk to the legendary Tim Kerr. Tim is walking punk rock history and the embodiment of all that makes it a positive, creative force in the world (of course Tim prefers the term DIY to punk, but that is semantics). Tim has played in Big Boys, Poison 13, Jack O Fire, Monkeywrench, Lord High Fixers, King Sound Quartet, Now Time Delegation, Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee and Up Around The Sun. By the time you hear this, he'll have probably started a new musical project, painted a few paintings, a new mural and if not for Covid, put up a few touring bands in his house. Tim was a such a fun and inspiring man to talk to that we had to make sure you heard it all. This is part one. Expect part two later in the week. And go start your own band!!!

Aug 31, 2020
FAITH "Subject To Change" / Chris Stover and Aaron Pagdon

Faith are a band most lovers of the early years of Dischord can agree on, and a big reason, for those who didn't have the opportunity to see them live, is the record we talk about on today's show. This record withstands the gravity of history and sounds just as captivating and urgent today as it did in 1983. Why? Well, that is precisely the question this episode and everyone on it explores in some depth. Is it a call to arms? Is it a bold statement of emotional vulnerability and musical evolution? Is it the precursor to all things "emo"? Is it just a damn good punk record? Listen and find out. Chris Stover from Void joins us once again to talk about a band he cared about. Aaron Pagdon also stops by again to entertainingly tell us why this record is so important to him. No, once again we didn't get any of the band members to be on the show, but we are still very proud of what we cobbled together and glad to be able to celebrate this classic record with anyone who has ears to hear.

Aug 24, 2020
UNITED MUTATION "Fugitive Family" / Jay Fox and Michael Brown

This weeks episode we take left turn into the twilight zone, and talk to Jay and Mike from the infamous and infinitely creative United Mutation. These guys were channeling some intense, scary, psychedelic and absurdist demons thought heir music. It was music that sought to exorcise the White House and liberate the underground. Along the way, they dropped the  arcane artifact we talk about in this "mini" episode, "Fugitive Family", another in the long line of Dischord algebra fraction releases. Both Jay and Mike shed insight on it's creation and intent and share some great stories, as well. Bring some water, this is a long journey through uncharted territory. 

Aug 18, 2020
GOVERNMENT ISSUE "Boycott Stabb" / Tom Lyle

This week we talk about the first release of the classic line-up of Government Issue, "Boycott Stabb". It's a record that was important to both me and Jeff growing up. GI were one of my favorite bands to see live. John Stabb was, by turns, thoroughly intense, vulnerable and hilarious on stage. Tom Lyle always played at a crushing volume with extreme precision. Marc Alberstadt was one of the best drummers of the era. The bassist slot was always rotating, but always excellent players. This record is, in many ways , the re-birth of the band and the beginning of GI mach 2. Some of their best songs start here. We were lucky enough to have a conversation with the architect of their sound, Tom Lyle, in what is hopefully the first of a series of conversations about this mighty band's career. Drew Stone also stops by, to speak about what this important record means to him. Join us for a peek behind the torn curtain. It's worth the risk and worth your time. John Stabb lives on in our hearts and on the recordings we are privileged to revisit. 

Aug 10, 2020
DOUBLE O - "You've Lost" / Rich Moore and Aaron Pagdon

This week Brian and Jeff dig into the extremely underrated and even more rare Double O split releases on Dischord. These guys clearly had one foot in the past and one in the future. At least two of the tracks on it are stone classics. Brian talks to drummer Rich Moore and Jeff's friend/bandmate/musical mentor Aaron Pagdon chimes in with a fun record collecting story and an appreciation of the band. Here's hoping they find (and release) that second recording with Jason. 

Aug 03, 2020
Steve Hansgen Pt 2

Steve Hansgen has such an important story to tell that we couldn't limit it to one episode! On this deep dive into his work we revisit Minor Threat, as well as get into topics like his time in Government Issue, Second Wind, Emma Peel, and Sleep Of Reason. We also talk addiction, family, the nature of the scene and just what he's learned from all this. This is one of my personal favorite interviews. Enjoy!

Jul 27, 2020
MINOR THREAT "Out Of Step" / Steve Hansgen

Well, this week's release is another landmark in the Dischord catalog. When Minor Threat first pressed this, they sold 3500 copies in the first week. I'm not sure it's slowed down since. There's a reason. The music contained within is both revolutionary and timeless. These guys were firing on all cylinders by this point and there's simply no denying the ferocity and focused intensity of this LP. Every band member was arguably operating at the peak of their ability and this music still sounds fresh, relevant and powerful today. Jeff and Brian dive in talking about this release like the  overcaffinated music nerds they are. Then, after what may seem like an eternity to some, Steve Hansgen talks to Brian about what it was like jumping the dangerously fast train that was Minor Threat at the peak of their popularity and also their powers. He generously indulges Brian's relentless questions about what it was like touring and recording with such an intense (in every way) band. And what you hear here is just the appetizer. The full interview with Steve about Minor Threat and his life post-MT was three times as long as what we have in this episode. The rest of his honestly riveting conversation will be released next Tuesday as a special stand-alone episode, so keep your eyes peeled and your ear to the ground!

Jul 21, 2020

Today's episode is a special celebration of the Salad Days documentary, along with a longform interview with director and all around good guy, Scott Crawford.

Jul 13, 2020
SCREAM "Still Screaming" Side Two / Skeeter Enoch Thompson and Bobby Madden

Still Screaming part two! Skeeter Enoch Thompson! Bobby Madden!

Jul 07, 2020
SCREAM "Still Screaming' Side One / Pete Stahl

Here we go with another record so good, so classic that we needed to do two episodes on it (otherwise it'd be a four and a half hour episode!). Still Screaming holds a special place in my heart and record collection. Songs of love and revolution, community and expression. Vocalist Pete Stahl stops by to fill in some history and catch us up on Scream Team's post-Corona plans for the next phase of the band. I really can't say enough about this one!

Jul 07, 2020
IRON CROSS "Skinhead Glory" / Sab Grey, Mark Haggerty and Mark Linskey

Dischord 8.5 is a controversial and musically important addition to the catalog. Iron Cross have left a fascinating and complicated legacy. Brian and Jeff dive in headfirst. We also talk to the man at the center of it all, Sab Grey. We also sit down with the very first and one of the last Iron Cross guitarists, Mark Haggerty and Mark Linskey. 

Jun 29, 2020
FAITH / VOID - "VOID" / Chris Stover/Matthias Weeks/John Sybert

This week we confront the insanely addictive demons that inhabit side two of the landmark Faith/Void split LP. This one was close to both Brian and Jeff's hearts. Such ferocity and power has seldom been captured on vinyl. We rant and ramble as usual and also talk to Chris Stover (bassist of Void!), as well as Matthias Weeks (Current/Calvary/Ottawa) and John Sybert (Eye 95 Records/The Undecided). Be sure to leave a review if you enjoy the show and drop us a line at : endonendpod@gmail.com

Jun 15, 2020
FAITH / VOID - "FAITH Side" / Chris Estrada

This week Brian and Jeff drop the needle on one of the most celebrated split records of all time. In fact, this is another record that's just too good to tackle in one episode. So this week we talk side "F". The Faith side is really the prequel to the whole Revolution Summer era, as well as Youth Crew SxE and so much more. This side is truly an enigma with a complex and insular heart. Our guest, comedian Chris Estrada, gives great insight into what this record meant to him, also what it was like to grow up in South Central, LA listening to DC hardcore in the 90s and about the intersection of punk and comedy. Tim Lee, of the band Faith/Void also stops by to weigh in on the legacy of this split. Stay tuned for the Void side next week!

Jun 08, 2020
Bonus Boston Episode - Dave Smalley / Jonathan Anastas / Mike Gitter

In this special episode Jeff shares the full interviews he did with three pillars of the Boston hardcore scene! 

Jun 05, 2020
SS DECONTROL "The Kids Will Have Their Say" / Nancy Barile (Guest Appearance By Al!) Plus Commentary By Many Of The Original Boston Crew

Put on your seatbelts, kids.This episode we're taking a road trip up to Boston! Dischord 7.5 is SSD's "The Kids Will Have Their Say", a hands-down historic and game-changing record in early hXc. Al Barile expanded Ian's idea of straight edge from a personal statement into a social and political movement with this LP. We had the pleasure of talking to Nancy Barile (a key mover and shaker in both the early Philly and Boston scenes, who writes and speaks with passion and insight about those times), Al Barile crashes the interview in the best, most unexpected way possible, and we also briefly hear opinions on "Kids" from key figures in the Boston scene (Dave Smalley, Jonathan Anastas, and Mike Gitter)! 

Jun 01, 2020
Flex Your Head V/A - Side Two / Even More Interviews!

Brian and Jeff go deep into the belly of the beast that is the second side of Flex Your Head. Join them as they scrape their ashes on the cave walls of DC music history. On their journey they talk to Pete Murray from Red C/Artificial Peace, Chris Stover from Void, Scott Crawford (director of the Salad Days documentary) and Sonny Kay from many bands (one of which even covered the entirety of Flex live!) and designer of the End On End logo. This is another long one, so you may want to strap in and bring plenty of water....

May 18, 2020
"Flex Your Head" V/A -Side One /Various Interviews

We've arrived at the landmark first Dischord LP. The compilation that introduced the world to mighty creativity and energy percolating in D.C. This episode introduces my new cohost, Jeff, as well as takes a deep dive into all the bands on side one of FYH. We also feature interviews with Barry Henssler, Andy Nystrom, Brian Gay and Danny Ingram! Stay tuned for more interviews and opinions when we turn the record over next week and get into side two.

May 11, 2020
Youth Brigade "Possible" / Danny Ingram

Welcome back, Dischord aficionados, this music both shaped and changed my life, and hopefully these audio travelouges will deepen your appreciation of the house that Ian built, plus all the great music made in the surrounding areas. This week we tackle the raging blast called Youth Brigade. Aldred and I discuss their English (musical) roots, how "No Song (2)" is the hardcore version of John Cage's "Silence" and many other interesting, non-essential musings. Then,...the mighty Danny Ingram stops by the virtual Endhouse to discuss his take on DC punk, Covid-19, and his own personal and musical journey. He covers everything from his time in the Untouchables to Dot Dash. He's a natural storyteller, so you won't even notice that two hours have gone by during his interview. Enjoy! and as always, feel free to reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram or at endonendpod@gmail.com.

Apr 27, 2020
Minor Threat "In My Eyes" / Tyler Sonnichsen

This episode we cover the classic Dischord #5, with an abundance of commentary by Brian and Aldred, as well as insights by writer, comedian, and cultural geographer, Tyler Sonnichsen! Be sure to check out his book, "Capitals of Punk", if you enjoy this interview.

Apr 13, 2020
Necros "IQ 32" / Barry Henssler

On this weeks episode we dig into the influential Necros release "IQ32". It was both the first Dischord half-release (with Touch and Go), as well as the first release by a non-D.C. band. Brian and Aldred chat about/debate over the best tracks on the 10 song EP, then talk to Barry Henssler, Necros frontman, Motorbooty writer and all around natural storyteller. Hope this as fun to listen to as it was to record!

Apr 06, 2020
Government Issue "Legless Bull" Part two / Brian Gay

Didn't get enough "Bull" last episode? Well, we've got an extra interview with bassist,Brian Gay. He's a great storyteller and insightful guy all around. This is truly not to be missed!

Mar 30, 2020
Government Issue "Legless Bull" Part one / John Barry

This week is a surprise double episode exploring the first Government Issue release, "Legless Bull" (Dischord # 4). Brian and Aldred dive in and occasionally butt heads on this one. John Barry (guitarist extraordinaire) fills in lots of details and backstory regarding the first incarnation of GI. If you still haven't got your fix of GI's origin story, we continue the conversation with Brian Gay (low end navigator for the band) in the next episode. So, sit back and socially isolate with stories of DC's shamanic jester, John Stabb and the early days of harDCore!

Mar 30, 2020
"Who are you? Why am I here?!" Brian and Aldred's HC origin stories - Bonus Episode

In this very special viral bonus, Brian Gathy and Aldred Basiga do what they should've done the first episode and provide a little background on who they are and why they care about this music (and each other). Warning : this one gets pretty raw, vulnerable and occasionally dark (just like real life!). Enter at your own risk!

Mar 25, 2020
Minor Threat "S/T" EP

On this episode we finally sink our teeth into the first hands-down classic release of the label. Prepare for the unbridled intensity and energy of the first Minor Threat EP. Unfortunately we have no guest this week on the show, but we make up for it with fun and insight. Play it faster!

Mar 16, 2020
S.O.A "No Policy" / Michael Hampton

On our second episode, Brian and Aldred discuss Dischord's second release, SOA "No Policy" as well as it's hidden "rock opera", the definition of straight edge and random facts about Henry Rollins. In the second half, Michael Hampton stops by to talk about growing up in the DC scene and the recording of the EP. Put your seatbelt on, it's a hell of a ride! Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss an episode and leave a review on Apple podcasts (it helps!).
contact us at : endonendpod@gmail.com 

Mar 02, 2020
Teen Idles "Minor Disturbance"/Nathan Stejcek

In our first "rough demo" of an episode, Nathan Stejcek (Teen Idles/Youth Brigade/ The Delarcos) joins us and shares many stories from the time of Dischord's inception, his time in Teen Idles, and what he's been up to lately. Before that, Aldred and Brian weigh in on "Minor Disturbance" and how it sounds to fresh ears 40 years later. Contact us at : endonendpod@gmail.com

Feb 24, 2020