Once More, with Dragons!

By Tommy Nolan, Emily Clark, Christi Esterle, Jesse McAnally

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Category: Games

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Ready your crossbow and lace up your tap shoes: the time has come for "Once More, with Dragons!" It's a musical theatre themed, Dungeons and Dragons real-play adventure featuring a troupe of your favorite musical theatre YouTubers and podcasters. "Once More, with Dragons" is an improvised, fantasy, role-playing story filled with combat, intrigue, mysteries, and musical theatre puns. And don't worry – you don't need to know ANYTHING about Dungeons and Dragons (or musical theatre) to enjoy this story.  Our dramatis personae include: Evelyn Forte, the brassy-mouthed, dragonborn sorcerer, is played by Emily Clark. You can find Emily over at Stealing Focus on YouTube. D'syraeah the Magnificent, high elf druid and daughter of theatrical royalty, is played by Christi Esterle. You can find Christi aka "the Diva" at Musical Hell on Youtube. Graygory Highland, the two-timin’ dwarfish rouge, is played by Jesse McAnally. You can find Jesse’s other podcast Musicals with Cheese in a podcatcher near you. And, finally, Tommy Nolan as your Dungeon Mash-ter (Musical Theatre Mash in all places online.) Whether you're a d20 rolling Gygax fan or a Sondheim-loving acolyte, you'll find something to enjoy in this adventure. Follow our troupe of septuagenarian performers as they brave the perils of the audition room and conquer the dangers of a cold read. Grab a seat on the aisle and enjoy "Once More, with Dragons!"

Episode Date
Ep. 3. The Lights of Emperia – Chapter Three: Something's Afoot
The gang tries to comfort a sad Caroline Chandler and tries a little nosing into her own personal show business. They also learn about the dangers of windows and sleeping too heavily… Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / Patreon
Mar 19, 2020
Ep. 2. The Lights of Emperia – Chapter Two: A Stitch in Time Means Crime
Evelyn, D'syraeah, and Graygory saunter down the street to Tim Taylor's Tailor and Trinkets shop to get fitted for their uniforms. But their uniforms are the least of their garment-related worries! Also, Greg lives up to his two-timin' and Evelyn takes a look at the news before the gang finds a familiar face in an unfamiliar place.
Mar 11, 2020
Ep. 1. The Lights of Emperia – Chapter One: The Cold Read
Our troupe of once-great performers set off on their newest adventure: an audition! Join Evelyn Forte (Emily Clark), D'syraeah the Magnificent (Christi Esterle) Graygory Highland (Jesse McAnally) on this brand new, musical theatre themed adventure! Tommy Nolan (Musical Mash) Dungeon Masters in this first episode of Once More, with Dragons!
Mar 11, 2020
Listen to "Once More, with Dragons!" A musical theatre Dungeons and Dragons podcast. For more info, check out OnceMoreWithDragons.com!
Mar 10, 2020