The Monday Meta

By Mashi Scanlan and Martin Juza

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Join Magic Hall of Famer Martin Juza and Mashi Scanlan as they breakdown the current Standard metagame, best decks to play, sideboard tech and hot takes in Magic.

Episode Date
#5 Back to the New Standard

With the new banned and restricted list for Standard and Historic hot off the press, Mashi and Martin talk over what they expect in the new standard meta and host of other questions the bannings and changes present. Are companions solved now? Did Wizards ban enough cards? What are Martin's Top 6 Power Rankings in Standard? And how is Martin approaching preparation for next week's Player's Tour?

Show Notes:

Martin's ELeague Recap  - 2:35
Standard Changes & Bans - 10:28
Discard vs Companions - 35:00
Martin's Top 6 Standard Decks - 40:50
Player's Tours - 47:55
What will M21 - 55:50
Was the companion change the right one change to make - 01:00:27

Jun 01, 2020
#4 The State of Magic Organized Play, the CFB Pro Showdown and the Arena Open

This week Mashi and Martin discuss last week's CFB Pro Showdown tournament and how to plan for this weekends upcoming Arena Open. With a new tournament that goes from Best of One for day one and Best of Three for day two, Martin and Mashi discuss what the metagame could look like and what the best strategy for cashing the event. Finally, they touch on the recently announced changes to Magic Organized Play and its effects on the entrenched player base and Arena players.

May 26, 2020
#3 Redbull Untapped Top 8 Review

This week Mashi and Martin discuss the Top 8 of last weekend's Redbull Untapped including new comers Yorion Azorius Control, Jund Food, and Gruul Umori. Mashi also gets Martin's take on White Weenie, Mono-Green Stompy and Mardu Knights.

May 19, 2020
#2 Boros Cycling and Obosh Mono-Red

This week’s Monday Meta dives into the Boros Cycling and Obosh Mono-Red Decks that each put two decks into the top 8 of last weekend’s Season Finals. We also discuss the best deck for this week’s Meta - Bant Yorion!

May 12, 2020
#1 Welcome to the Monday Meta

The inaugural episode of the Monday Meta with Mashi and Martin! Mashi and Martin break down the results of last week's MagicFest online and discuss this week's ChannelFireball Standard Power rankings, the best decks in the current Standard Metagame, the newest good (and bad) tech and the deck(s) to play this weekend!

May 06, 2020