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 Jul 15, 2020
Love it! I needed some light hearted banter to brighten my day. especially right now! thanks y'all!


"The Justin Moore Podcast” is a new podcast featuring candid, behind-the-scenes access into Justin’s life at home, on the farm and on tour. Co-hosted by Moore and his tour manager J.R., aka “The Handler,” the 15-episode weekly series will launch Tuesday, May 19th, with new episodes debuting each Tuesday. Justin's current single Top 15-and-climbing single “Why We Drink” follows his 8th No. 1 hit “The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home," which was nominated for a 2020 iHeart Country Song of the Year.

Episode Date
Hunting Season

Justin and JR kicked off the episode with all kinds of fun deer hunting stories. Justin has one goal this hunting season and that’s to get Kate and Ella their first deer. JR has a long list of fan-submitted questions while Justin breaks up the Q&A session with amazing acoustic covers and personal songs, including his new single “We Didn’t Have Much.” 

Nov 20, 2020
New Puppy (feat. Ella Kole Moore)

Justin and JR chat about some of the current events including sports, politics, and puppies! Despite a strong push by Justin, the girls in his life won the battle to bring home a new dog. Justin’s oldest daughter, Ella, comes on to talk about the puppy and how the family feels about trying to replace good ole, Hank. The boys end the episode with another edition of Stump the Handler. Can you guess the artist before they do? 

Nov 11, 2020
Hard Work Pays Off (feat. Lo Cash)

Justin and JR bring on the duo Lo Cash to talk all things from their new chart-climbing music, to their career trajectory and even the list of greatest country music singers from Arkansas. The highs and lows on the path to stardom truly shows that hard work pays off. You’ll leave inspired and even bigger fans of Lo Cash. Stick around because you won’t want to miss what Justin thinks about Chris Stapleton’s new song “Arkansas.”

Nov 06, 2020
Millions, Brother (feat. Rhett Atkins)

Rhett Atkins joins the guys on the podcast for some of the best storytelling yet on the podcast. Rhett shares the history of how he wrote the song "Bait a Hook" and the NFL player that it was written about. All the guys share their hilarious stories about meeting and hanging out with Hank Williams Jr.—best of all, the phone call that lead to their inside joke: Millions, Brother. 

Oct 28, 2020
Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree (feat. Joe Nichols)

This week, JR and Justin bring on fellow Arkansan and country artist Joe Nichols. They catch up and debate many different topics: from the all-time top country music groups to the unfortunate luck of their beloved Hogs. To kick off the episode, JR gets Justin laughing real good, telling stories about his dad, Big Jim. From eating raw hamburger meat to unknowingly racing JR’s good friend on the road, it becomes very evident where JR gets his wild side from.

Oct 21, 2020
Save Our Stages (feat. Chris Cobb)

This week, the guys get to talk about getting back on stage for a full band show for the first time—which ties perfectly into the guest for this week, Chris Cobb. Chris owns the iconic EXIT/IN and the global pandemic has quickly threatened the sustainability of not only his but numerous music venues across the country. Chris, Justin and JR give some advice for how you can help save the iconic venues so that live music can continue to go on.

Oct 13, 2020
More Moore (feat. Kip Moore)

Coming off of their first acoustic show, Justin talks about what it was like being back on stage. The guys talk about a few upcoming show possibilities and how good it was to record in person last week. This week’s guest is none other than the mountain climbing, wave crushing, brother from another mother: Kip Moore. Kip talks about some of this adventures around the globe and how the simply life has helped him through 2020. With a close friendship spanning over 8 years, there are plenty of stories shared, including giving some of their own band members a hard time about the fashion choices on stage, which we promise you’ll get a kick out of.

Oct 08, 2020
Back to Work

Justin and JR are together once again, in person, at Justin’s house in Arkansas. They talk about having their first live show since March and update everyone on all the live shows coming up as well as the new live album that just released. After Justin’s beloved dog, Hank, went over the rainbow bridge, he has adamantly disagreed with his wife’s about getting a new puppy. And for the first time ever, the guys play a round of music trivia game—"Stump the Handler.” Justin closes the show out with another acoustic cover that you won’t want to miss.

Oct 01, 2020
Rock You Like a Hurricane (feat. Travis Denning)
JR survived Hurricane Sally but not without losing power and internet, so this week’s episode is presented by generator power and a cell phone hotspot. The boys bring Travis Denning on and break the bro code by putting him on the spot about whether or not his girlfriend is his fiancée—with her in the room. But they recover nicely by having Justin agree to officiate the wedding when Travis finally decides to marry her. Travis tells some stories about buying an Arkansas boat, streaking after a show that Justin and he played together and playing a real live show soon—which happens to be the night before Justin plays in the same city, Lynchburg, Va.
Sep 22, 2020
The Boys are Back in Town
In the Season 2 premiere, Justin and JR are back in their studios telling stories and sharing drinks. From selling his boat to having his son pee on his lap during a zoom interview, Justin catches us up on life in Arkansas. The boys also discuss some of great songs used by college teams and what Justin feels is the perfect song for his Arkansas Razorbacks. This episode just happened to be recorded on JR’s birthday, so be sure and listen just so you can celebrate with him!
Sep 18, 2020
BONUS: Mini Concert
Justin and JR chat about Justin’s kids starting back to school and the rain cloud that continues to hover over his entire family. Then JR digs up a three-song mini concert set from the archive that Justin had recorded.
Season 2 is dropping next week and the guys tease who their first guest will be. Check it out!
Sep 09, 2020
BONUS: Colt Ford

This week we’re pulling from the interview archives. Justin and JR got Uncle Colt Ford to figure out the Zoom machine and jump on for a quick chat. The guys had just been shutdown from touring and figuring out what their lives looked like. Colt and JR seemed to think that a Netflix special with Justin as a dancer could be a good way forward.

Sep 02, 2020
No. 1 Song in the Country (feat. Casey Michael Beathard & David Lee Murphy)

Justin & JR wrap up Season 1 of the podcast with the exciting news that “Why We Drink” hit the No. 1 spot on the country music charts. They get a few of the co-writers, Casey Beathard & David Lee Murphy, on the Zoom Machine to celebrate the success. Justin and JR then reminisce on some of the finer moments of the season, including two separate instances of Justin passing out before finishing episodes. They close it out with a few more raincloud stories from both Justin and JR, and then announce all the details about an all new Season 2 of The Justin Moore Podcast. Stick around to the end and listen to an acoustic version of Justin’s ninth No. 1 single.

Aug 26, 2020
Justin Taps Out (feat. Marty Smith)

ESPN analyst, author and country music fan Marty Smith comes on to share some never heard stories about his life, career and sports. However, after swapping stories about small town roots and SEC teams, Justin performs a classic hillbilly slip in the middle of the interview!  Whether it was the happy hour casualty or technical difficulty, we’ll let you guys be the judge. JR does what any good host would do and doesn’t close out the episode without calling Justin back the next day and making sure we hear his side of the story and more importantly, get Justin to close with a song!

Aug 19, 2020
The People’s Champ (feat. Diamond Dallas Page)

Diamond Dallas Page comes on the podcast to catch up with Justin and JR. They talk about DDP and his family’s experience contracting COVID-19, some of the success stories that DDP has experienced in his second act as a health and wellness guru and even helping Justin get jacked before his 40th birthday. As always be sure to stay until the end and listen to Justin close the show with an acoustic cover of "Way Out Here."

Aug 11, 2020
The Hank It Belt Buckle
Justin & JR call up a long time fan to help answer the question “Where did the Hank It Belt Buckle come from?” Don’t miss the guys talking about their favorite boots and how guests wonder if Justin truly does “wake up like that.” With plenty of behind the scenes stories from road and even some sports talk, this episode covers it all. Stick around for Justin covering one of his favorite Alan Jackson songs.
Aug 04, 2020
The Babysitters Club (feat. Riley Green)
Justin and JR bring on their friend and country music star, Riley Green. From a meet and greet in 2011 to JR championing Riley’s music for years, these guys have a special connection with their traditional country music songs. The guys talk about songwriting together, Mike Tyson’s return and even bring on Justin’s babysitters to hear a live performance of one of Riley’s unreleased songs. 
Jul 28, 2020
Making Quick Cash (feat. Jon Pardi)

Justin and JR hop on the zoom machine to connect with their good buddy Jon Pardi. There’s stories of concerts and drinking, weddings and friendship, and even a special announcement from Jon Pardi about his next album. Hear JR’s go-to move when he’s had a little too much to drink and the story of how his van sales pitch led to some quick cash from Pardi. 

Jul 21, 2020
How It All Started (feat. Pete Hartung)

Justin and JR take us back to beginning of Justin’s career, when a 17-year-old kid from Poyen, Arkansas, was discovered by a New Jersey transplant living in Nashville. Listen as Justin’s manager, Pete Hartung, shares two decades worth of stories from battling through language barriers to signing record deals on Justin’s wedding day all while operating under a gentlemen’s handshake agreement. The episode is capped off with a game of Truth or Dare with all the the ladies in Justin’s life—his wife Kate and his 3 daughters—and a special performance of "Outlaws Like Me" by Justin.

Jul 14, 2020
Catching Up With Granger Smith + Remembering Charlie Daniels
Country music and social media superstar Granger Smith joins Justin and JR to talk about life on the Yee Yee Farm. From building chicken coops to playing new shows and living in an RV, Granger shares several great stories and life lessons. After their conversation, Justin and JR pay tribute to a legend, mentor and good friend, Uncle Charlie. Through telling stories, reading texts, and singing one of his songs, the guys remember and mourn one of the good ones. Rest in peace, Charlie Daniels.
Jul 07, 2020
Mountain Dew Missouri Wild Man (feat. Chris Janson)

Justin begins the podcast with some very tragic news regarding his dog Hank. Then, he and JR are joined by fellow country music star, Chris Janson. They talk all things quarantine, song writing, and what this unique season has changed about his perspective on life. As always, the episode ends with another great cover by Justin.

Jun 30, 2020
Take A Bow (feat. Tracy Lawrence)
Justin and JR chat with living legend Tracy Lawrence. The three of them tell stories about having their tour together ended due to the global pandemic, teaching Justin’s band a lesson about drinking and even tricking the crowd at a show in Baton Rouge into calling the Hogs. For the first time in months, there are requests for shows, and the guys share their hope that everyone will get back to touring before too long. The episode is capped off with Justin covering a Hank Williams Jr song.
Jun 23, 2020
The Great Outdoors

Justin and JR tell some more hilarious stories about some unfortunate mishaps. From nearly sinking a boat to burning down Justin’s property, these stories from the great outdoors will keep you entertained. Don’t miss when another band member comes on to share the story of Justin deliberately peeing his pants. This episode is capped with a classic Tom Petty song you won’t want to miss.

Jun 16, 2020
The Band Is Back Together

The band is back together! In person for the first time since the tour got shut down, Justin and JR sit down with the entire band to tell some stories from the early days. From “Back that Thing Up” to sleeping in the van to shady hotels at 2am to finally making it, the crew reveals stories from the early years of making the band. And don't miss the full band performance to cap the episode.

Jun 09, 2020
Waking Up Justin

Justin and JR catch up with friends and family and tell some outrageous stories. Hear from Tucker, Justin’s drummer, about how he made an executive decision to put Dale Earnhardt on the front of the drum. Hear from Diamond Dallas Page about how he found himself in the middle of the Chicago Bulls hysteria through a friendship with Karl Malone. Go behind-the-scenes into the marriage of Justin and Kate and their life offstage. And finally, stick around for a cover you never thought you'd hear.

Jun 02, 2020
Pranking Brantley Gilbert

Platinum-selling country artist and friend of the hosts Brantley Gilbert joins the show to catch up with Justin and JR. They talk about life off the road and wanting to get back on tour, and you'll hear the story of how Justin pulled an “all-timer” prank inside of a hit record they recorded together. After the interview make sure to listen for the ridiculous series of events that left Justin stranded on a boat at night in the middle of the lake. The episode ends with a tremendous cover you won’t want to miss.

May 26, 2020
High-Tech Rednecks

Welcome to the The Justin Moore Podcast. The debut episode covers a variety of topics, from gardening and honey-do projects to Dwight Yoakam. Justin and JR discuss the new life of "Meet & Greets," as well as Michael Jordan and sneakers. Justin tells the story of how he "won" Mother's Day with a chicken coup and “Rebel” the rooster. Then, Justin talks about a new live record from the Ryman and recording his next record from his couch in the age of social distancing. And finally, don't miss a surprise duet.

May 19, 2020
The Justin Moore Podcast Trailer

"The Justin Moore Podcast” is a new podcast featuring candid, behind-the-scenes access into Justin’s life at home, on the farm and on tour. Co-hosted by Moore and his tour manager J.R., aka “The Handler,” the 15-episode weekly series will launch Tuesday, May 19, with new episodes debuting each Tuesday. Justin's current single Top 15-and-climbing single “Why We Drink,” was nominated for a 2020 iHeart Country Song of the Year and follows his 8th No. 1 hit “The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home."

May 13, 2020