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The Fighting Families podcast seeks to help families apply the Bible to their relationships and put their faith into action, changing the world by sharing the gospel in word and deed. Together, we discover how our families can honor God in all we

Episode Date
Don't miss the joy of Christ as we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas

Have you ever heard the phrase, “missing the forrest for the trees?" Sometimes we become so focused on the details of life that we miss the true meaning of life. What a shame! Too many people miss the joy of living due to the fear of dying. Others overcomplicate Christianity and rob life the joy Jesus promised us in John 10:10. 

In today’s episode we invite one of our regular guests, Pastor Ryan Hurt, to help remind us of what matters most. If you have ever felt bogged down by the worries of this world then you won’t want to miss this conversation. 

Nov 24, 2020
How you can find the PERFECT church

I recently had a conversation with a lady who grew up as a Pastor’s kid, yet now she is having difficulty finding a church to attend. It’s not because she is new to town, but because she has been hurt by church members in the past and she is unsure she can find a healthy church to get plugged into. Perhaps this is your story as well. If so, take a listen to today’s Podcast with our special guest and my pastor, Dr. Mark Forrest. 

In this episode we have a real and honest conversation about how to find the perfect church, if it even exists. And Pastor Mark gives practical advice for knowing when to join a church and when/how to leave a church. Don’t miss this much needed conversation today! 

Nov 11, 2020
How to have a strong and thriving marriage

Nearly 45 percent of marriages end in divorce. There's lots of reason for that – lack of communication, financial hardship, and infidelity, just to name a few. 

God wants His people to have marriages that do more than survive. He wants marriages that thrive. Today, Jon and Teresa Harper join the conversation to share what they've learned during their more than 20 years of marriage that can help others.

Let Jon and Teresa's testimony speak to you today on the Fighting Families podcast.

Nov 03, 2020
How God can restore your marriage after infidelity

A 2019 study found as much as 40 percent of marriages are impacted by infidelity. It rocks the foundations of unions across the country. 

Amy and Allen Frans have one of those marriages. On Easter Sunday, Allen discovered Amy was cheating on him. Their journey from that point includes difficult conversations, confessions, grace and restoration. 

Let Amy and Allen's testimony speak to you today.

Oct 27, 2020
How to balance priorities in your family

Each of us have a lot going on in our lives -- work, events, busy schedules and families. What if we filtered everything through a simple filter: Am I glorifying God in my life? 

Let's take a look at what that looks like in our families during the Fighting Families podcast.

Oct 20, 2020
Limitless fathers in a fatherless world

Nearly 24 percent of U.S. children live in homes with no father figure. With that in mind, how can we share about God who our loving father when so many have no concept of a father who loves them?

Oct 13, 2020
How to help your family remember God's faithfulness

2020 has been a rollercoaster. It's easy for a family to get stuck on riding those highs and lows. 

But God is working in your life and the life of your family daily. What steps can you and your family take to remember how God has provided and delivered you in the past?

Oct 06, 2020
How can you create an environment where spiritual issues can be discussed?

Our kids are exposed to a variety of messages each day – from their friends, from Netflix, from YouTube and a variety of other influences. As a result, there are plenty of times our kids will ask important questions. How can we create a culture in our families where people can discuss matters of faith openly? 

Sep 29, 2020
How do you talk to your children about God?

You want to be a good parent. You want to talk to your children about God. But that conversation can be scary to many adults. What if they ask questions you don't know the answer to? What should I say? 

Today, we're giving your three tips for how to talk to your kids about God.

Sep 22, 2020
How to apply the gospel to your life

The Good News of Jesus Christ is life-changing. But how do you apply the gospel to your life? What kind of impact can it really have on you and your family? Let's talk about it on this week's episode of the Fighting Families podcast.

Sep 15, 2020
Help! My kids eat too much junk food!

Ugggghhhh! All my kids eat is junk food! How do you get them – and you too – to eat healthier? Let's talk about nutrition and how our family's physical health impacts how it functions.

Sep 08, 2020
How do I help my child battle depression and suicidal thoughts?

One of the scariest things a parent can face is when a son or daughter or even another family member expresses suicidal thoughts or experiences depression. 

What do you do when that happens? Let's talk about it on this week's episode of the Fighting Families podcast.

Sep 01, 2020
What's your life calling and how do you find it?

God is working in your life and the life of your kids daily. He wants to use you in a mighty way. But exactly what is He calling you to? Let's talk about it on this episode of the Fighting Families podcast as Mike Satterfield joins the discussion.

Aug 25, 2020
What role does forgiveness play in the family?

Forgiveness. All of us love to receive it. But giving it? That can be a little harder. What role does forgiveness play in a family setting? Let's talk about it on this week's episode of the Fighting Families podcast.

Aug 18, 2020
How to become a Gospel-centered family

Being a family is hard. That's why we need God at the heart of it. But how do we make sure God is the central part of our family? Let's talk about the gospel and its impact on families in this issue of the Fighting Families podcast. For all episodes of the podcast, visit

Aug 11, 2020
Should I send my kids to school this year?

With COVID-19, parents are wrestling with whether or not to send their kids to school? In this episode of the Fighting Families podcast, we visit with a public elementary school teacher who also has homeschooled one of her children about how to to make this difficult decision. For all episodes, visit

Aug 04, 2020
How to respond if our kids say they don't believe in God

Jesus is the greatest gift we could ever receive. Every Christian wants to pass their faith on to their children. But what if your child says he or she doesn't believe in God? How do we respond? In this episode, Christian Apologist Braxton Hunter joins the podcast to help parents navigate this difficult issue.

Jul 28, 2020
How to help our kids live a balanced life

Do you feel like you and your family never stop running? Is it wearing you out? Let's figure out how we can find a balanced life.

Jul 21, 2020
How to re-enter a normal life after a crisis

Have you ever gone through a crisis? Of course you have! As a family, how do you get back to normal, and what kind of normal do you want to get to? We talk to Jane Wilson, youth discipleship specialist at Texas Baptists, joins us on the Fighting Families podcast today. Listen to all episodes at

Jul 14, 2020
Three ways to help your kids overcome obstacles

Jared Greer, who participated on American Ninja Warrior and now leads the Overcoming Obstacles ministry, joins the Fighting Families podcast to talk about how parents can equip their children to overcome obstacles they're sure to encounter.

Jul 07, 2020
What does it means to be a man at home?

It's easy to physically be in your home but mentally be elsewhere as we watch Netflix, play video games or scan your phone. Being a man means engaging your wife and children. How can you do that? Let's talk on this episode of the Fighting Families podcast.

Jun 30, 2020
How to keep your man card this week

People have a lot of ideas about what it means to be a real man. Be tough. Be a leader. Be strong willed. But is that what it really means? This week, we visit with Todd Gray, pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church in Ennis, about the source of manhood and what we can do to keep our man cards this week.

Jun 21, 2020
What is your family fighting for?

The Fighting Families podcast seeks to help families apply the Bible to their relationships and put their faith into action, changing the world by sharing the gospel in word and deed. 

Together, we discover how our families can honor God in all we do.

Jun 17, 2020