Do Souls Choose Their Own Parent And Families.

By Suzi Parrett.

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Category: Religion & Spirituality

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This podcast talks about us as infinite souls, choosing our parent and family to fit in with our life plan, and experiences while we are here on earth in this life time.

Episode Date
Which Reincarnated Starseed Are You?

I  have always known I had Past lives since I was a small child. Certain things like food, smells, talk of past civilizations would  help me remember. I also knew English was not my first language, as I struggled to learn it. I would make better sense of letters and numbers in a sentence than just letters. I can not work out maths as where I come from they are used with letters for language. It was when I saw a post of prof Stephen Hawking that this resonated with me. As I could read his post effortlessly with numbers instead of letters, and with certain letters back to front.

This podcast talks about different starseeds from different planetary systems, star constellations and other galaxies around our planet earth. We have reincarnated at this time on earth to come in form of Light Workers, Spiritual teachers, Healers, Shamans and other spiritual practices to help keep the vibration of the earth radiating high vibrational. Plus helping awaken other starseed to their souls purpose here on earth at this time.

I apologise for by pronunciation of some of the names of the different starseeds, my brain just does not process words I do not recognize very well even if I practise lol. Hope you enjoy my podcast much love. X

Mar 11, 2021
Connecting With Your Higher self.

This is a shorter but powerful Meditation to connect with your higher self. I hope you enjoy it and your get something out of it . Usually angels are present with my meditations, as I always ask for protection for my clients or who ever is listening to the recording. 

Connecting with yourself will help you in your everyday life. When your receiving messages from your higher self this will help you with your time here on earth. Your Higher self is another energy source of yourself in another dimension which is part of you which is unlimited and is a higher state of consciousness. And through the help of Meditation can promote a greater self awareness and acceptance of yourself as a soul. While also bringing the two together for a oneness

Feb 25, 2021
Meditation: Meeting Your Guardian Angel

Every one has a Guardian Angel They come to this plain with to help them while they are here as a soul. I work closely with Archangel Michael who is the big Boss of the Angelic Realms. He doesn't approve of idle or unemployed Angels, So the more we put to work the more he will send. The Angels are an endless source of infinite divine energy of the light. Which has been sent by the God source to help us while we are here.

 So under Archangels Michael's instruction I did this meditation to help people connect with their Guardian Angel and the Angelic Realms. To help you Invoke them into your life, so you can start to work with them in your every day life.

I hope you enjoy the Meditation.....its from the Angels not me so much. I do talk before the Meditation so you can relax before i start it, and also a chance to get comfortable.

Feb 15, 2021
Meditation: Awaking Your Soul.

This Beautiful Meditation is very Powerful, The Angels were present when I recorded it. I do talk a little bit about Meditation before it actually starts,  so you have time to get comfortable. This Meditation has a healing element to it as well as relaxation. It is sure to take you on a beautiful journey to the other realms. I work all the time with the Archangels and the Angel Realms and call them in for my Meditations even if they are recorded. I hope you love this as much as I did doing it...  Namaste.

Feb 15, 2021
Meditation Empowerment of your Soul.

This is a Beautiful Meditating for Empowerment of your Soul . I wrote the script for the Meditation myself with the help of Arch Angel Uriel. The Meditation is about 15 minutes long. I also talk about if you are starting to meditate some different techniques to help you stay focused. As a Meditation Teacher / Practitioner I help my clients start their journey with meditation. I hope you enjoy the Meditation, Much Love.

Feb 11, 2021
Daily Protection!

As a Spiritual Coach and an Advisor (cert) I help my clients start their spiritual path. I teach them with the help of the Angelic Realms what they need to know to help move them forward on their spiritual journey.

Daily one the the most common thing my clients lack in understanding. 

The benefits of protecting your own energy and space is key to living a harmonious life. I also explain about energy vampires and how these individual can be demonstrative towards you to take your energy!.

In my podcast I talk about certain crystals that can help you with expelling negative energies, and aid a better nights sleep. I also talk about how the Angels can help you if your having nightmares and restless sleep. But these methods will not help if you have other issues like sleep apnoea.

I also mention my favourite pass time talking about Archangel Michael and how he can assist you with your daily protection routine.

enjoy my podcast..... much love. X

Oct 14, 2020
Meditation.....Entering the Akashic Records!.

This is the last of my podcast Shows at my time at International Angels Network.

This show is full of wise words and a guided Meditation to the Akashic Records.

For those of you that do not know what the Akashic Record are, they store our passed life's information. Every thing as a soul we have experienced in our passed lives and this one.

What karma is owed and to whom. And basically how evolved we are as souls. 

Which lessons we have mastered and what ones we still need to learn.

I hope you enjoy the Meditation as a Meditation Teacher/Practitioner I normally have angels present while doing them and recording them so they are powerful.

much love. x

Aug 29, 2020
Who Are You!

This Podcast Show is all about who are you?

Are you an Indigo Child, Starseed, Rainbow child, Arcturian, Pleiades Starseed or are you a Melchizedek being here on earth.

All this beings are powerful sources of the light sent here to help with what the earth and its occupance are experiencing in the here and now!

My podcast is enlightening the fact there is different beings of light coming to earth to help lift its consciousness and vibration to help rid this plane of lower vibrational energies and forces. 

Because as a collective this makes us untouchable on the earth plane. And it raises the vibration of the earth as a whole, which helps repel negative energy being projected to earth.

 Archangel Michael helps with this all the time normally. But it helps ourselves if collectively we are shining out into the universe, It makes those energies harder to reach us here on the earth.

I do not mention the Melchizedek beings really in this episode which Archangel Michael has just reminded me. So I need to say they are Angels than come down here in the form of a physical man or women. There is 5 on our planet just now I am told by one of them I am privileged to know.

Jesus Christ was also a Melchizedek being of his time.

hope you enjoy it.x

Aug 29, 2020
Evolving With Your Angels

This Podcast Episode is all about having the Angels present in your life. And talking about how you can evolve with them going through your life. 

The Angels bring situations into our lives to help us evolve while we are here on the earth plane. They only every give us situations we can handle at the time for are highest good.

The Angels have our backs and do every thing to serve us in the best way while we are here on our journey on earth. 

Trusting in the divine, to release your worries to them is a hard lesson to learn for us humans as we have that ego to want to control every thing in our lives. So learning the Angels will only give you the best out comes in your life, for the best way in serving you.

This in time does gives you more of a relaxed view of your life, in trusting in the Angels to do what is best for you with the unconditional love they have for you.

Aug 29, 2020
How Etheric Cord Cutting is Essential in your Every Day Life!

This podcast is all About Cord Cutting. 

While doing my my Radio Show I was coming across so many people who did not understanding what this is. And how impacting it can be if you do not do cord cutting on a regular basis.

So I wanted to explain what energetic cords are and how they can effect your energy levels and leave you feeling very drained if not cut regularly.

Hope you enjoy my podcast......

Aug 29, 2020
Family issues and bulling on the Earth Plane!

I decided to to this podcast on this issue due to my own experience as a lightworker down here at this time. We are fed here on the earth plain that your have to have a perfect family unit. And have an amazingly great relationship with your family....and if you do not have this its like its not normal and you have failed in some way, which is rubbish. 

You have come to earth for experiences and to evolve as a soul, if by some chance you don't have a good bond with your family does it really matter!

Is it a failing in you no, or them.... As a soul you have to get here some how into a physical body.  And you are born into a family which will serve your spiritual path the best!.

I talk about bulling and how it is a lacking in the other person who is trying to bully you. As a lightworker coming from love you shine so bright and confidently others can react negatively to your light. You have to recognise this and do not take it personally.

Aug 29, 2020
Are you Hearing Your Higher Self

This episode is all about your higher self, do you even realise you have one. Are you even in acknowledgement you have a higher self.

The way I can explain what you higher self is without it getting confusing and keeping it as simple as I can. The concept is your higher self is unlimited and eternal. Which as souls we are infinite beings of the light coming to this plane for an in body experience as a soul.

So your higher self is the real you, yours souls consciousness if you like. Your higher self is there to help you while your here on earth. To give you insights into your life while your here. 

You are connected to your higher and you can not be separated from it. It is like and energetic cord between you and you higher self and can not be severed.

People do not realise you are always connected to you higher self and can receive guidance all the time from that source. 

There are ways to help you feel fully connected to your higher self. As a Meditation Practitioner & Teacher I do LIVE meditations with my clients to help them connect with their higher selves. 

It is another form of guidance and insight we can use in our lives .


Jul 20, 2020
Are you Opening Yourself Up To The Spirit Realms

This podcast episode is all about are you already having connection with the sprit realms and not really realising it.

Are you using your intuitive gifts and not realising this. I fine with a lot of males they are using their intuition a lot of the time but do not realise it.

Being open to love and support from the Spirit Realms is going to make your life here easier. And that is all what spirit want to do is help us and make our lives as easy as possible while we are here.

Being aware of the spirit realms is all part of the process to start working with the Angels and your guides in your every day lives.

As a Spiritual Coach (cert) and Teacher (cert). I able able to help my clients start to use their own gifts in hearing spirit and I introduce my clients to certain tools to help them communicate with spirit on their own.

Working with the spirit realms is an easy process and totally safe. I only do all my teachings of the light and nothing low vibrational. 

So no Ouija boards or ceremonies are in my teachings. 

Just easy simple ways for you to connect to spirit.

Enjoy my podcast.

Jul 20, 2020
Are You Recieving Messages From Above.

This is a podcast from My show on International International Network blog talk radio.

The Angels and spirits connected to you are always trying to send you messages and signs to give you guidance here on earth.

The God source knew when we would come to the earth plane that every thing would not be easy for us, so he gave us his angels to help us. Also our spirit guides and family members like to help us as well.

So could it be you are being sent divine guidance and not seeing the signs and missing the guidance all together!.

As a Angel Therapist (cert) and Teacher of the Angelic realms (cert). I teach my clients all about the signs in webinar classes @ unite in the and I also coach in personal one to one sessions. To help my clients understand the signs and to show them how to use tools to start communicating with spirit in a safe way of course. 

To work with the Angels it is not a hard thing to do you just have to be shown how. And once you know you can continue on your own.

The Angels and spirit connected to us can get messages to us in many form, like numbers, seeing an animal all have spiritual meanings, a message in a song or advertisement. they are literally every where, you just have to be open and aware in receiving the messages.

I hope you like the podcast.x

Jul 20, 2020
Can You Find The Beauty In You.

This episode Is another show from my time at International Angels Network blog talk radio. 

This episode is all about seeing yourself as the beautiful infinite soul that you are, that has come to earth in these tough times to hold the light here on earth and Help others when possible.

We do volunteer to come to earth of the in body experience, and to learn lessons and have experiences in our life time while we are here.

But so many of us get bogged down by all the energies and influences here on earth we feel we have to look a certain way or act a way to fit into society.

Can we just not be happy with who we are as souls, coming here from different solar systems. Are we not just magical as the souls that we are. Can we not just see the beauty inside ourselves and be amazed at what we find. Rather than wanting to be the same as everyone else because that is the safe option.

If your suffering from depression, lack of confidence, not feel good enough, thoughts of taking your own life, there is a reason for that.

 It maybe you have an attachment stuck in your energy field which needs to be removed. As souls we do not naturally feel bad about ourselves. If you are feeling this way then its high likely you have one.

There is no need for panic, its all part of your experience here on earth. And I offer a solution for you. 

Please connect with me to help you to remove it so leave you in peace. We do not like to think these things exist but they do and need to be dealt with asap.

Loving ourselves and others while we are here on earth is making your experience and the souls around you a better one. As coming from  love is the highest energy of all.

Hope you love this podcast. x

Jul 20, 2020
Coming from Gratitude.

Another one of My shows from International Angels Network blog talk radio show. 

Coming from gratitude is a way of life. Be be thankful and grateful for all that you have in your life and for just being here on earth and appreciate its  beauty.

I wake up in the morning by thanking the God source for another day on earth. Thanking the god source or prime creator for every thing in my life. The Angels, My gifts, My friends & Family, my job, you can see where I am going with it. 

Coming from gratitude does make you thankful for all that you have and it just make you feel good as a soul being on the earth. Even though right now times have been strange and different with the concept of lockdown. But us beautiful souls down here always make things work for us and adapt to things.

So coming from gratitude is a positive energy, place to come from. I also believe it is a key energy to manifest with. To help bring your dream and desires into your life.

I hope you enjoy the podcast.

Jul 20, 2020
Are Trees Communicating With Us!

Have you ever thought that trees are old souls of the earth?. Have you ever imagined that they talk to each other and us!

Every thing is energy, and every thing has its own Energy field including trees!.

As it has been scientifically proven trees can turn carbon dioxide that is in the earths atmosphere back into to oxygen for us humans to breathe. They help filter the pollution in the air here which helps us deal with climate change on the earth.

But deforestation is taking away the earths lungs to make way for crops like palm oil which is in our food, makeup, cleaning products and much more!

Therefore our air is not being filtered by the trees as much because there isn't so many as they have been cut down in their acres for farmers to make money.

This Podcast Is also about the concept do they try and communicate with us in helping us understand their importance to us and the earth as a whole.

Trees are also so really good if your feeling ungrounded, going to hug a tree can really help you to feel grounded again and help you focus your mind.

Hope you like my concept on trees and that they are an intelligent life source here on earth to help us!

Enjoy the podcast. x

Jul 19, 2020
Angels Are Everywhere!

This is A popular Podcast from my time At International Angels Network. 

I am A LUCKY soul of the light that sees and hears the Angels. And I have their input in my life daily, which is priceless in it self.

This podcast talks about that the Angels are every where and there is an Angel for every situation on a personal level and as a collective.

The Angels love us unconditionally and will serve you with out expecting any thing in return. 

They are all around us all of the time, I have even experienced the Angels in the physical on this plane coming to aid in my hour of need. And then disappearing practically into thin air again.

They are always around us waiting to help us and come to our aid if needed!.

Hope you enjoy my podcast all about the Angels.

Jul 19, 2020
No Unemployed Angels.

I have been working with the Angels and I have been aware of their presence since I was a very small child. Seeing Spirit from that early age was difficult as all my immediate family are not like me and can not sense, hear or see spirit like I can. So as a small child I would say I could see spirit which they thought it was some thing to be scared of. And then that made me scared and I had no idea how to handle it until the angels showed me it was ok to be different to have this amazing gift.

So I personally started working with my own Guardian Angels early on in my life. Archangel Daniel is one of my Guardian Angel the other is Archangel Nathaniel. They both have helped me grow and develop my own spiritual gifts, so I can teach others and share my knowledge.

But how many of us on this plane are not in touch with their own Guardian Angel. These beautiful beings of the divine are stood by your side right this moment waiting patiently for you to invoke them so they can start working with you in your life. 

I work closely with Archangel Michael and as the big boss so to speak of all the Archangels he disagrees with unemployed Angel just idle hanging around waiting for you to invoke them. 

So his idea of thinking is if people are aware of the situation people can invoke their guardian Angels Now to start working with them today. The more Angels that are in service here on the earth the more can been sent here to help humanity as a whole. So Archangel Michael ( Mr Bossy ) as I call him wants every one working with their Guardian Angels hence there will be no Unemployed Angels on the earth and they will be fulfilling their purpose to help every soul that's here on the earth..

Every soul is designated a Guardian Angel before they come to earth, and I believe a soul can have the same one through many of their life times.

Hope you like this podcast.

Jul 19, 2020
The Power of Prayer.

Praying is something most of us think highly religious people to do every day to help them on their own quest with God.

But Those of us that do not pray every day or at all. Could we imagine collectively that prayer could achieve miracles in the world we live in. And that praying could help a person on their death bed raise again to continue their time here on earth.

I myself work with the Angelic Realms every day, who in their entirety are messengers of God. I myself though have not been to a church in years for a service. And I do Not preach to others about God or any thing I do in my spiritual work, I share my knowledge with others to enlighten them and help them understand how things are.

But I have been witness to the power of prayer in my own personal life many time. And it really makes a difference to my life, especially as I am of the light. The dark can try and attach it self to me in forms of entities and other low vibrational forms. So saying prayers can prevent that from happening and protect me.

I also bless my food and drink, so I say a quick prayer to bless it before it passes through my physical body. 

And I do pray for the world to help with a major disaster or events effecting humanity. I also send in  the Angels into help as well, as you can ask for their intervention to help in all circumstances your experiencing personal or worldly.


Jul 19, 2020
Things That Can Lift And Lower Your Vibration!

This is another podcast from my time at International Angels Network blog talk radio.

As souls we have an energy field round our bodies called an aura. Now if other energies attach to our field this can effect us in many ways. It will effect your vibration of your energy field/ aura.  Which will effect how how you feel and impact on your mood for sure. 

If something low vibrational is stuck in you field it can really make you feel down, sad even totally depressed. It can make you feel off balance and in some server cases contemplating taking your own life. In these cases I suggest seeking help as this is normally an entities attachment attached to you and your aura.

I have removed many from people and property. I know people don't wish not to think these things exist but they do i'm  afraid. If you have a serve case of more than 1 attachment I know someone that can help you. Connect with me for further details. I feel someone is going to need this information so that's why I have put it in this intro due to spirits advice.

But on the brighter side you can clear your field using curtain methods to lift your vibration, making you feel better and more levelled emotionally. Also regularly etheric cord cutting will help you also maintain a good balance with your energy field.

Hope you like the podcast!.

Jul 19, 2020
What Is A Life Plan!

My podcast episode is all about your life plan. Were you aware we all as souls make a life plan before we come back down to the earth plane for another life time of fun inside a body!.

As souls we all have free will. and it is our own choice if we decide to volunteer to come to earth for the in body experience as a soul. 

So before we enter into this dimension we set a life plan with the help of the Archangels and your own Guardian Angel. In our life plan it is set out with the involvement of ourselves to see what experiences we have and lessons we should learn while we are here on the earth plane. Any Karmic issues that need working through, who we meet in this life time, like soul mates and partners. All things are taking into consideration to help benefit you as a soul while your are on earth.

You can negotiate on the life plan, because I know for a fact I did. But actually living this life can to so tough and I personally wonder why I agreed to some of mine. But I am so thankful for all that I have and I appreciate the beauty in this beautiful place called earth. I don't however like ego and the manipulation that goes on this plane, but that is another podcast lol.

Hope you like the podcast!.

Jul 19, 2020
What Are The Akashic Records!.

This podcast Episode is all about the Akashic Records and what they are. 

Every soul has an Akashic Record which contain all their records and information from all their past lives. Storing all about the lessons that soul has learned, and karmic issues that may have been payed back or still owed to certain souls.

The Akashic Records are not in a physical formed book for us to see on this plane. They are stored in another dimension,  where they are over seen by the Angels and are updated once you have returned home to the heaven plane. Meaning you have passed over and ended your time here on the earth this time round.

It stores literally every thing, like even if you may have done charitable work in your pass lives or your professional occupation. Or weather you were male or female in a certain life time. What years you came to earth as a soul.

When I am doing my Psychic Readings I can access the persons record if there is something in their record which is relevant for them to know about in this life time  to help them in the here and now!

 The Angels help me with this process as it is serving my clients highest good in revealing what is in their Akashic Record. To help them understand a certain situation they might be experiencing now as patterns can repeat them selves from the past.

If you become aware of patterns from the passed you can remove those patterns in this life time so they are never repeated again and again!

Hope you enjoy the podcast....

Jul 19, 2020
It's Not Rocket Science.

This was one of my shows on International Angels Network blog talk radio. This podcast talks about the concept of working and hearing spirit is not rocket science. It is actually very easy once you know how. 

I Am believer in the fact if your calling in Spirit by certain techniques you need to be careful on what type of spirit your conjuring up into your life. 

The Angels are all a round you waiting for you to ask to work with them. As the Angels have no free, so all  you do have to ask. As a Angel Therapist I introduce my clients to their very  own Guardian Angel so they can start to work with them in their every day lives.

So this episode talks all about that and you do not need to be doing spells or hocus pocus to have an communitive channel with spirit. Things like a Ouija Broad should only ever be used, unless your with a profession who is clued up in how to use them safely. Personally I would never use one and I would not trust what comes through them. They can be a channel for some very demonic sources to come in on, posing as some thing they are not.

We done probably don't like to think about the dark stuff as it is a scary concept, but i'm afraid it does exist. There is a yin and yang in all things in life. you just should not mess with the dark. 

Remember if you intuition is telling you something doesn't feel right then it usually isn't.

Jul 19, 2020
Why Cleansing Your Space Is Important.

This podcast Covers the importance of clearing the energy within you home and personal space. 

As we connect with others in our daily lives we can pick up on others energy and that can attach to are personal energy fields our auras. Keeping your own energy field cleanse of others energy helps you stay balanced and your vibration high. 

So if others energy attaches to you energy feel this can make you drop your vibration and make you feel lower vibrational energies, like sadness, angry or even depression.

So cleansing you self and your space will help keep you and others in your family balanced and healthy minded.

A good way to clear your personal energy field is to have a shower or a Hymalayan salt bath. The salt and water will clear any thing stuck in your energy field and will help clear your energy and bring your vibration back up.

Clearing your home can definitely help your physical and mental state. Keeping a Hymalayan salt lamp can help with that and using white sage is another great way to clear old stale energies away from your space. Curtain Crystals also can be places in your home, office or car to help keep the energy clear. You will need to re charge the crystals every 3 months to make sure they are doing there job probably..

Hope you enjoy the podcast.

Jul 18, 2020
Understanding Dreams!

In this podcast I talk about the understanding of dreams...

Do you realise dreams are a way of Spirit and your Angels to communicate messages to you through vision form. As your mind is clear and free from your busy day while your asleep. The Spirits / Angels give you messages through your dreams.

The message in you dream may be a simple one, like you receive a job offer in your dream and then in your physical life two weeks later you actually do.

The thing is with deciphering your dreams is to keep it simple. Spirit want you to understand the message within your dream, so you should be able to work out what their trying to tell you.

But hey don't worry if you do not gasp what they are trying to tell you, they will keep giving you the message until you understand it in full.

You may even have deja vu after a dream, which is spirits way of letting you know your on the right path!.

Spirit and the Angels are always trying to make our time here on earth a bit easier. And giving us mini movies in our dreams is their way of letting us know what lies ahead for us.

If your having Nightmares that is a different thing all together. This means your not reaching the astral plane fully and your in the lower dimensional planes. This is easy fixed as a spiritual coach I teach my clients how to work with the dream Angels to help with that situation...

Jul 18, 2020
Manifesting What You Want

Another podcast from my blog talk radio show on international angels network talking about manifesting what you want in your life now!

Some of us find manifesting really easy while others seem to struggle. There is unlimited information out there on how to do it, books, podcast, meditations etc.

But a lot of us can be left frustrated by the whole process, which with all the buff out there and recommendation on how to do it can be quite confusing.

My podcast talks about having a clear thoughts on what you want, and clear intention in manifesting your desires with the help of the Archangels. As there is certain Archangels that can Help you with Manifesting. The best  known Archangel for manifesting is Archangel Ariel, but there are other such as Haniel, Chamuel, Gabriel and many more that can help your quest to fulfilling your dreams and desires.

Hope you enjoy my podcast.

Jul 18, 2020
Love Has No Boundaries

This Episode from my blog talk radio show on international angels network talks about love being the most powerful energy of all. Love does have no boundaries, as a Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant I have been giving readings for over 30 years now. And the one thing I feel from my Psychic Readings is the love shown from spirit coming through to their loved ones here on the earth plane.

 Many a time there has been tears from myself and my clients from the shear amount of love being given to my client from their loved one on the other side. In my readings I can bring messages to my clients from their loved ones or spirit connected to them on the heaven plane. My messages can bring healing to a situation that may have taken place on the earth plane before the spirit passed over, bringing harmony and peace back  to the situation. As I can converse between the two world, helping spirit and their loved ones in the physical here on earth.

But the one thing that conquers all is the love energy........if your coming from love your vibration is radiating at is highest level, and this makes you untouchable from lower vibrations.

This episode also tells of a heart breaking story of how a 14 year old young man who was murdered here on the earth plane. And he literally did every thing in his power from heaven to get word to his mum he was in the light and what family members he was with on the other side. I met this lovely family while on holiday and I came to their aid to help. The Young man brought us together while we were in Tunisia to help his mum who was as you can imagine in a bad place.  The way this young man died was horrific and it had ripped his whole family apart. 

I was able to sit down with his mum and tell her every thing he wanted to say, and fill in the gaps on what happened. But the one thing in this story is the love he has for his mum and whole family. As he did every thing in his power to let them all know he loves them and he was in the light!.

So love literally has no boundaries!.

Jul 18, 2020
Angel Encounters

This Episode is Another of my podcast from my blog talk radio show on international angels network. This podcast talks about real life Angel Encounters I have experienced in my life.

From When my life was threatened, and I heard this voice instructing me how to crash my car Which saved my life!.....There have been many times I have been witness Angel intervention in my life.

I feel truly blessed at their love, support and guidance in my life here on earth. There is quiet a few experiences I talk about in my podcast. Sharing with you the total Miracles they perform in my life. But to be honest the Angels do it every day for me, I mention the most dramatic ones here.

In my hour of need I have had a stranger appear from no where to aid me with a situation, then that person sorts the problem and literally disappears again.

I now never really worry in my life, if a situation occurs I hear clear instruction on how to help myself out of it. I never panic or stress as I know the Angels have my back and will do what is needed for my highest good.

Even  at this moment as I write this description an Angel is instructing me what to write, and how to spell the words. I should give credit to Archangel Metatron & Gabriel.

I do understand that people my not believe in Angels and that is fine, I never try to convince people of my experiences. But telling people of the them can open that persons perception into maybe thinking there is more than just us on this plane and while we are here we can have help. 

The Angels love us unconditionally and want what is best for us. And if they can make our lives easier for us then they will. I really hope you enjoy the podcast!.....

Jul 18, 2020
Connecting With The Angels

This Episode is about Connecting with the Angels!.

I have been aware of the Angels present around me from a young age. As a Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant I have seen spirit from a very early age. Although I did not  develop my gifts of hearing them and using telepathy till I was a bit older.

I know not all of us are sensitive and can pick up on Spirit or the Angels. But that does not mean they are not there, standing by your side waiting patiently for you to invoke them into your life. Angels have no free will, and are unable to start to work with your unless you ask them to do so.

Just because you can not see them in the physical, that  doesn't mean they don't exist. So if you say out loud or in your head, you would like a sign they are there. You will receive feathers, pennies, butterflies and a robin as a sign the Angels and Spirit connected to you is near by. Those are just a few of the common signs but there are many signs all around you daily.

The Angels and Spirit connected to us love us unconditionally and Just want to help us in our lives here on earth. Helping making our lives easier with their guidance and support.

So all you need to Ask them to help you going forward in your life. As a Spiritual Coach I help my Clients who can be adults or children, I help them use their own gifts and intuition in seeing the signs that the Angels give us to help them in their every day life. And I help my clients to start to work with their own Guardian Angel, showing them how to communicating with them on their own.

Jul 17, 2020
Why Do We Have To Fit In Social Boxes

Another episode from my radio show on International Angels Network. This episode talks about society labelling  you in the sense of your differences. Maybe your dyslexia or your have dyspraxia, or your sexual preferences, your religion or the colour of your skin! The list can go on and on!

Should this matter here on this plane  that you have to be labelled in some way! Because your not the norm and don't fit a certain criteria for society. 

I was told from a very early age I had dyslexia, I was treated like I was thick, and didn't understand things. Not from my own family but by  the schooling profession. It made me feel inadequate, and was not helped by the fact I had older siblings more academic than I was. How ever eventually some one came to my aid and I had one on one teaching and I never looked back.

My point is in my episode is that we are all infinite beings coming to earth from other planetary systems, so English was not my primary language.

Can we not just be who we want to be with out feeling society has to except us first, like we have to fit in in order to feel normal. Is it not enough we choose to come here as a soul to hold the light here on earth and help others on our path as light workers.

Being who you want to be raises your own vibration, and that alone illuminates up into the universe. Which when we are all doing that collectively this makes us untouchable by any other forces.

Coming from love is the highest vibration of we should love each other and enjoy each others differences rather than ostracizing other souls volunteering here right now for their own earthly experiences. Remember love conquers all!.

Jul 17, 2020
Surrendering To The Divine

This is another podcast show from my time at International Angels Network. This Episode is all about working with Angels and understanding they and the universe have your back! 

To learn to trust, release and surrender to the divine is a very tough lesson to perfect here on earth. To have faith that every thing in your life is going to be ok and work through in the way you want it too. It can be hard to give your worries of your life to the Angels / spirits around you. Believing that every thing will flow into place and there is no need for you to worry.

Your own ego wants to hold on to the power/control of your life, which is understandable if you don't know any different. Of course it is hard to let go of worry and hand your woes over to spirit!. I know because I have learnt this experience myself in this life time.

Once you are able to have the knowledge  that these beautiful beings of the divine work to your highest good and help you remain on your spiritual path, while having experiences and evolving as a soul here on earth. You can actually have a stress free life, in knowing all will be well. 

As a Spiritual Coach I help my clients use their own gifts so they can be aware of  the signs the Angels and Spirits leave for them to follow their guidance. Helping them have a channel to guide them through their lives. 

Jul 17, 2020
Missing your loved ones at Christmas!
Grief is such a hard thing to have to cope with at any time in your life. But at Christmas it feel worse for many. Missing your love one in the physical is heart breaking for most of us. We miss them terribly. In this podcast it talk about us as infinite souls coming to earth for experiences and learning lessons while we are here on the earth plane. This episode will help you see death in a different way and may even bring you some peace. As you miss your loved one so much and feel empty inside. So hopefully this can lift your self knowing in the fact your loved ones are never far away from you...And are right by your side, guiding you through life with their unconditional love for you.
Jul 16, 2020
How Working With The Archangels Can Benefit Your Life

When working With your Guardian Angel or the Archangels in your life, the possibilities are endless. These non egoed beings of the divine, who love us unconditionally. Will enhance your life beyond what you can imagine. They can help you with the most simplest of tasks, that encounter your every day life. Helping you have a less stressful life, all you have to do is trust, release and surrender. Believe me this does take practice, but it can be achieved. There is so many Archangels, to many to mention in fact. 

But like your Guardian Angel they wait in the wings of your life waiting for you to invoke them into your lives. All you have to to is ask them. As a Angel Therapist I introduce my clients to their Guardian Angel so they can continue to communicate with them in their every day lives.

Jul 16, 2020
Manifesting With Archangel Ariel & Micheal Present

In my podcast I discuss ways to help you Manifest with Archangel Ariel who is a huge help when it comes to Manifesting your dreams and desires. Archangel Ariel is the best known Archangel to Manifest with. I work very closely with Archangel Michael as well, he is present a lot when I am doing my spiritual work, and always guides me in what i should be sharing and talking about.

Jul 16, 2020
Do souls Choose Their Parents And Families

This Episode talks about do we as souls choose our Parent and Family when we come to the earth plane for our experiences. Or are we just randomly placed into a family to serve our time out here on earth!.

It is my own knowledge that I choose my family to fit in with my life plan here on earth, this podcast gives you different perspective on the idea. We do choose our own family.

Jul 16, 2020