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Alex & Elizabeth discuss the Season 2 premiere of Love Island USA! Sharing all of their thoughts about the new cast members, drama, and new islanders visiting.

Episode Date
19: After The Island Ft. Special Guest Connor Saeli from Bachelor Nation
Alex and Elizabeth recap Love Island USA Episode 20 with Bachelor Nation's Connor Saeli. Connor's Insta: ( Connor's YouTube: (
Sep 17, 2020
19: Leave It To Me To Get On Love Island & Not See The Villa - Faith Tyrell on After The Island
Faith's Instagram: @faithchristinetyrell Alex and Elizabeth talk to Faith Tyrell from Love Island USA'S Casa Amor house. Faith is so well spoken that we think we forgot how to talk 😂. Our technological advanced-ness went out the window today which is why we look like we are muted half the time. For now, listen to everything Faith says because she is one of the funniest people we have ever met and spills the tea!
Sep 17, 2020
18: "We Gotta Get Your Love Tank Full"- Casa Amor Re-coupling After The Island Recap Episode 19
Come join Alex and Elizabeth to chat about the re-coupling after all of the Casa Amor drama.
Sep 15, 2020
17: 50/50 Is The New "Like" & Caleb: The New House Therapist
Alex and Elizabeth confess their undying love for Jaleb. We still want to know if Carrington will get permission to bring his yeezy's back to the villa. We discuss all things leading up to the recoupling of Casa Amor. Will Cely take Johnny back? Will Mackenzie choose Connor + Gus or Jalen? Justine & Cely cleanse us before the recoupling, and have a serious talk about what their expectations are for their guys.
Sep 12, 2020
16: Snowball Walked So Gus Could Run - Episode 16 Recap
Alex and Elizabeth discuss Episode 16 of Love Island USA - Casa Amor and more! Come join! Will Mercades re-couple with one of the Villa boys and spill the beans once she gets there? Will Carrington get his yeezy's taken away when he leaves Casa Amor? What will Carrington's next date even be like? Help.
Sep 11, 2020
15: Eyeliner, Balls, and Fake Accents with Lauren Coogan
Follow Lauren on Social: Join our Facebook Community: Lauren Coogan (Love Island USA Season 2) joins Alex and Elizabeth on After The Island for a girls chat about everything she experienced on love island. Lauren chats about what boys seemed real, who is there for a game, and what she thinks is going to happen in the next few episodes. She dishes on Tre's snoring, the boys obsession with balls, and fake British accents.
Sep 10, 2020
14: We Love A Snitch! After The Island Recap Episode 15 (Love Island USA)
Love Island USA Season 2 Episode 15 Recap with Alex and Elizabeth! Casa Amor has stirred the pot, will Johnny keep holding the ladle?
Sep 10, 2020
13: Tre Island - Serial Kissing, Addressing Tweets, Secret Plans in the Villa, and
Forgive us for some of the audio, Tre was having a party behind him 😂. Alex and Elizabeth talk to Tre from Love Island USA (Season 2) about all things Love Island! Tre dishes on secret's in the villa, his serial kissing, and addresses the tweets. We absolutely loved discussing everything with Tre, and can't wait to meet him!
Sep 10, 2020
12: Love Island USA Episode 12 Recap - After The Island
Join our facebook community! Come chat with Alex and Elizabeth about Episode 12 of Love Island USA.  Alex and Elizabeth discuss Mackenzie and Connor's night in the hideaway and Mackenzie's hilarious obsession with the bidet. Carrington and Kierstan start to crack, and the Islanders throw a neon party which quickly turns into an unforgettable night when Arielle walks in announcing a couple will be going home. Alex and Elizabeth also break the news that Casa Amor is coming Tuesday night, and have a feeling the new Islanders are going to stir up trouble. Keep up with everything Love Island USA on After The Island's youtube & instagram page!
Sep 07, 2020
11: RE-COUPLING, WEIRD ENERGY, & BOYS HEADS TURNING ft. Rachel Lundell (Love Island USA Season 2)
Rachel Lundell (Season 2 Love Island USA) talks with Alex & Elizabeth and dishes who she's rooting for in the villa (stay for the end of the video, the tea is spilled), the shocking re-coupling, and if she will be friends with Justine after everything that happened between them. 3:00 ( - Jeremiah & Rachel 5:00 ( - Rachel explains how she got on love island through the open casting 8:00 ( - Rachel talks about her intro saying she broke up with her boyfriend for the show 11:00 ( - Carrington is a nice guy 14:00 ( - Rachel & Caleb Familiarity 21:00 ( - Rachel talks about her friendship with Justine 27:00 ( - Couple she is rooting for? Watch this! 👀 28:00 ( - What boys head is turning in Casa Amor/ Weird energy in the villa 30:00 ( - Volleyball game who showed everyone's true colors 31:00 ( - The hotdog suit remains supreme
Sep 06, 2020
10: James McCool - Wow Convos, High Fives, Clearing The Air
James Instagram: james_mccool1 James opens up to Alex and Elizabeth about what really happened between him and Moira on Love Island USA Season 2. We want to thank James for being so open and honest about everything and how he will take the experience as a learning experience. The ending is truly an iconic experience...James' phone takes a tumble, we try to high five, we are all a mess...make sure to tune in 😂
Sep 04, 2020
9: You Know What I'm Sayin Island Ft. Jeremiah White on After The Island
Jeremiahs Instagram: cortezwhite_  Alex and Elizabeth talk to their favorite human to ever exist, Jeremiah White from Love Island USA season 2! He breaks down everything Love Island!
Sep 03, 2020
8: The Sunken Place - After The Island Ft. Ray Gantt
Ray is back recapping Love Island USA with Alex and Elizabeth! New Islander Alert: Lauren Coogan. We discuss what we think will happen when Lauren goes on a date with Mackenzie's man.
Sep 01, 2020
7: Crazy James or Just the W.O.A.T. - After The Island Episode 7
Alex and Elizabeth couldn't wait to share their thoughts, so they shot it on a computer in her Elizabeth's little brother's room. They discuss Love Island USA'S latest episode, and give their insight on what they think really happened between Moira & James. 
Sep 01, 2020
Kaitlynn is our favorite islander, period. Kaitlynn talks EVERYTHING Love Island Season 2 with Alex and Elizabeth! Kaitlynn was the first islander dumped from the island Friday (August 28) and is spilling all of the tea with us! We absolutely LOVE her.
Aug 31, 2020
5: This Is Not The End, We're Just Getting Started - After The Island Episode 5
Come hang out with Alex and Elizabeth as they discuss Love Island USA episode 5. They are discussing the re-couping, new dates, and have an exciting guest announcement!
Aug 29, 2020
4: This IS Friend Island Ft. Weston Richey - After The Island Episode 4
Alex & Elizabeth dive into the REAL story about Johnny and his ex, and no he was not engaged. Come hangout with Elizabeth and Alex while they recap last nights Love Island Season Two episode along with Weston Richey!!! So many thoughts and different opinions to go through. Alex, Elizabeth and Weston reminisce on "friend-island" and discuss their thoughts on the new season!
Aug 29, 2020
3: Don't Judge A Girl By Her Feed Ft. Ray Gantt After The Island Episode 3
After The Island welcomes their first guest Ray Gantt (Finalist Season 1 Love Island) to chat about what they think will happen on the third episode of Love Island USA. Does Johnny have an ex-fiance? Do we think Tre picks Kaitlynn or Justine? 
Aug 28, 2020
2: No One Gets The Cookie - After The Island Episode 2
No One Get's The Cookie. Alex and Elizabeth are recapping episode 2 of Love Island USA and predicting what's going to happen next. The EXCESS BAGGAGE game gave Alex and Elizabeth a lot to unpack, and they're not holding back!
Aug 27, 2020
1: After The Island Episode 1 - All The WOW'S
Season 1 OG's Alex (Season 1 Runner-Up) & Elizabeth (Season 1 Winner) discuss the Season 2 premiere of Love Island USA! Sharing all of their thoughts about the new cast members, drama, and new islanders visiting.
Aug 26, 2020