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Randa Carrabba & Kait Davis... unfiltered, raw & blonde.

Episode Date
Mackisode #1 - Kait Interviews her 5 year old son Mackston Davis
Impromptu interview Q&A with Mack!
Jan 18, 2021
Friendship Talk Part 1 - Kait & Randa talk the importance of finding & investing in REAL friends!
Kait & Randa talk all things about Friendships part 1! Both of their outlooks on friendships, balancing friends with many other roles, finding your true circle, cutting off toxic friends and more!
Jan 15, 2021
Smile Makeover Talk with Smiles Texas Houston
Our first official interview guests on the podcast is the Smiles Texas Houston Team.  Listen to Dr. Bret Davis and Dr. Mackenzie Dooley talk all about their services and smile makeovers at Smiles Texas Houston.
Dec 31, 2020
Randa Buys A 2021 Escalade & Some Finance Talk with Grant
Randa bought a 2021 Escalade and posted about it online!  She shares about the sacrifices made over the past few years to be able to make this big purchase.  Her and Grant also answer a few finance questions!
Dec 28, 2020
New Parent Talk with Grant & Randa
All about our new parent life - the good, the hard struggles and everything in between!
Dec 23, 2020
Kait’s New G Wagon, Tulum & Handling Mom Guilt
Learn all about Kait getting her new G Wagon along with some negativity that came online, hear more about our trip to Tulum, Mexico at Casa Malca, and some mom guilt and mom shaming discussion.
Dec 15, 2020
Getting to Know Randa Carrabba Part 3

Answering the following listener questions:

When did I realize Grant was the one?

What advice do I have on how to demand respect from a man?

Do I struggle with anxiety or any other mental health with being an influencer?

What was my “bagel gate” that Kait had to get me going on my fitness journey?

How did Kait & I meet & become friends

Favorite motivators/influencers?

What made me have the desire to start empowering women bc I feel so many more tear each other down than build each other up.

At what point did your family accept your entrepreneurial ventures?

How did I know ginghams from boutique world to PowHer.fit is where God was leading me?

Any new goals?

House updates?

Would I recommend the boutique industry with current situation of pandemic

What are the high points I enjoy about my new life.

Do we have help cleaning our home?

Finance tips?

What were you most afraid of when it came to b being a mom and how did you overcome that?

What do I miss about my old life before being a mom?

Super personal but did grant & I talk about wanting/not wanting kids when dating.

How to tell the people you love/care about that they’re not helping you grow without hurting their feelings?

How have my friendships evolved?

Best part about quarantine? And worst?

Biggest myth I think when it comes to weight loss?

How do I heal from past hurts?

Tips on overcoming regret?

Embarrassing or funny stories?

After losing weight, how did I get rid of “loose skin”? This listener is struggling to tighten hers up.

Did I count macro while pregnant? Did I take protein powder and what prenatal?

Why did I leave the fitness program I was promoting before PowHer.fit?

Thoughts on cosmetic surgery.

Do we plan on staying in BCS long term? This listener also considered it her “big” city too.

Do I think I’ll introduce Croix to 4H/FFA when he’s older?

Love that you grew up showing cattle. Am I still involved in the industry today?

Dec 11, 2020
Getting to Know Randa Carrabba Pt 2
Learn about Grant & Randa’s first kiss, how she built Southern Jewlz Boutique and then evolved into an online fitness program owner.
Dec 05, 2020
Getting to Know Randa Carrabba Part 1
Learn about Randa's childhood, high school days, college career, and how she met her husband Grant.
Nov 20, 2020
Getting to Know Kait Davis Part 3
Diving into the the questions we weren’t able to answer in the first 2 episodes of getting to know Kait!
Nov 11, 2020
Getting to know Kait Davis Part 2
Telling you the famous Bagel Gate story, diving into Kait’s businesses and career life, and discussing her transition into getting in the best shape of her life with strength training and tracking nutrition.
Nov 07, 2020
Getting to Know Kait Davis Part 1
Getting to know Kait Davis part 1 includes her childhood, how she met her husband, her unexpected pregnancy, the highs and lows of mom life and more.
Nov 04, 2020
Welcome to our Unbothered Blondes Podcast with myself, @randacarrabba, and my other Unbothered Blonde friend @kait.Davis. For those of you who don’t already follow us on social media, let me introduce the UnBothered Blondes themselves. Kait Davis is a wife who is married to World Champion PBR bull rider Cooper Davis, she’s a mom to the most dapper Mack Davis, and she’s one of the most glamorous boss babe business owners around. Kait owns and operates Reign Lashes, a mink luxury lash brand. She recently opened her own timeless and chic wedding venue in East Texas, Reign Hills. On top of all that, she’s passionate about fitness, fashion, beauty and continuously bettering herself. If she isn’t one of your favorite follows on Instagram, you’re doing it all wrong. Kait was voted most likely to have a reality tV show in middle school and used to shame her friends for dating country guys who wore boots all before she married a professional cowboy. You may not guess that she grew up in a tire shop and she isn’t afraid to block her mom or sister if they get salty with her. Then there’s me, and my name is Randa (like Miranda but no Ma, however you’ll hear my husband Grant call me all kinds of crazy names like Rhonda, Rohunda, Rowamsa, Dahoondis - so let’s not pay that any attention). Grant is a real estate developer, his family founded the Gooseneck Trailer and still manufactures them today, and yes he is related to the Carrabba’s of Carrabba’s Italian Grille. Together we have a precious baby boy Croix Kingston and 2 miniature English Bulldogs, Bucky and Barbie Love. I’m a first generation college graduate (Gig’em Aggies) and an ex-boutique owner who dealt with losing my identity when selling my first business of 12 years. I now own and operate PowHer.fit - an online women’s fitness program that focuses on full body strength training and macro counting. I created my own virtual “She Just Shines” course that helps women grow their confidence and strengthen their mindset with my JOY technique. I also do some occasionally do some lifestyle blogging and insta influencing. I was raised a Texas Sheriff’s daughter, my favorite color is pink, if it sparkles I must own it, I share a birthday with Jessica Simpson and Erika Jayne, and I actually believe in unicorns haha. Some people love us, some people are motivated by us, some people hate on us and some people don’t understand us, but no matter what anyone thinks about us, we stay unbothered in our own lane. When opportunity knocks, we are those blonde babes that answer. If someone says we can’t do something, we’ll do it twice just to double post the proof. The internet is a powerful tool and we work hard to make bank from sharing our lives online. Nothing is off limits. We are recording a tell ALL podcast to discuss everything you’ve ever wanted to know! From motherhood, entrepreneurship, marriage, relationships, friendships, building confidence, money, childhoods, how to rise above mean girls in adulthood & more. I’m ready to divulge so much more so you guys can really get to know even more about Grant & I (and of course Kait & Coop, too!). Get ready for a closer look into our lives...past, present, future, unfiltered, raw & blonde. 🤩🦄💗
Oct 13, 2020