Mind Frame Podcast

By Written by David J. Moton and Produced By Brent Van Tassel

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Category: Science Fiction

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For over a century, a united humanity’s focus was the construction of a massive alien device: The Lariat. Its blueprints were dreamed by a handful of gifted humans who could hear alien voices as they slept. It is miles long, built in close orbit of the sun, and it promises to be a gate to a vast alien civilization. It promises to end humanity’s galactic isolation. It will open, and a newly promoted Captain Claire Campana’s ship will be key to the ceremony, once it is repaired in the World Navy’s shipyards near the sun. But there is dissent. A member of the black market mob known as the Boliver family begins to doubt the Lariat’s true purpose. And then there are the fragments in time. The 1960s, the 1990s, 2012, where innocent people oblivious to this future live their lives. They connect, somehow, to each other, to the future, to the Lariat. Mindframe is a genre bending piece of science fiction that weaves seemingly disconnected people through various time streams into one important moment. The moment that changes all of human destiny. The moment the Lariat closes.

Episode Date
Chapter Three: Captain Capana
Give nothing to anybody. See, instead, how they earn it. It was a slogan as old as WorldGov, and one she lead by.  In Chapter three of Mindframe, we start to follow the story of Claire Campana, a newly promoted captain in the World Navy. The World Vote pushed her up in rank, and she has...
Oct 01, 2020
Chapter Two: Sit Down
On this episode of Mindframe, we have another unique Sit Down, where you get the inside scoop on the show in a way you can’t get it from anyone else! As always, you’ll hear your host with the most, Zach Smith, ask questions of Dave and Brent. This time about Chapter 2. If you’re listening,...
Oct 01, 2020
Chapter Two: Teddy
Teddy went back to his rooms behind the house. He knew he wouldn’t sleep tonight. The bad dreams from the war were sailing off his bow after the sky had been filled with fire all night long. He took up a bottle of Canadian Club and poured two fingers of it, then a third, and...
Oct 01, 2020
Chapter One: Sit Down
On this “Sit Down” episode of the Mindframe Podcast, we relax and talk shop about Chapter One and the life of Josephine. As always, the Sit Down episodes are where our host Zach asks questions of Dave and Brent. The point is to help reveal some of the mysteries of the narrative as well as...
Oct 01, 2020
Chapter One: Josephine
A coat of paint hid burn marks. Makeup hid frown lines. The light of noon hid terrible moon lit shadows. Josephine had to move on. On this episode of Mindframe, we get to chapter one, the first of the chapters about Josephine. She is a widow, grieving the loss of her husband to a horrible fire...
Oct 01, 2020
Prologue: Sit Down
This episode of the Mindframe Podcast is another of our “Sit Downs.” This time, we focus on the space opera action of the show’s Prologue. In these episodes, our host Zach Smith sits down with the author of Mindframe, David Moton, and the producer, Brent Van Tassel. We have a casual, often funny, conversation about...
Oct 01, 2020
Childhood is gone. Illusion is abolished. The world is laid bare, full of unpolished people and unfulfilled destiny. But that is not your concern. Because on your piece of paper there will always be written orders. There are only the orders and the following of the orders. There is only the Lariat, and its closing,...
Oct 01, 2020
Prelude: Sit Down
Welcome to our very first “Sit Down” episode of the Mindframe Podcast. In this episode, we focus on the show’s Prelude. These unique episodes are not part of the primary story line. Instead, they are a casual conversation between our host Zach Smith, the author David Moton, and the producer Brent Van Tassel. Zach asks...
Oct 01, 2020
The old man lingered in the liminal place that presaged sleep, that space where reality had variable density and fluctuating tactile strength. Moments of clarity, of skies with a blue so sharp they caused him to ache, were interspersed with vagaries, memories, haunting scars and echoes of the psyche in which he was intruding. This...
Oct 01, 2020
Oct 01, 2020