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Love Country? Then talk to Chuck! Chuck brings his unique perspective on what’s really happening in the world of Country. With behind the scenes access to the biggest stars.. but not just Country Stars!! Actors, Athletes, Celebs, you name it.. As long as they “Love Country”. But here’s where it gets cool.. Not famous? Not a Celeb? YOU can still be a part of “Talk to Chuck” podcast. The listeners and country fans will have a number to call and join in on the conversation. Tackling the hottest topics of the week. Let’s Talk! 

Episode Date
Kellie Pickler and Husband Kyle Jacobs Talk About Their Latest Projects + Being A USO Ambassador
Kellie Pickler and her husband Kyle Jacobs join us to talk about their most recent project- the Island Time Music Festival that they host every year. The event raises money for the Little Yellow School House in Isla Mujeres Mexico. The festival was virtual this year, but they hope to be back on the island next year! Chuck asks Kellie about how she got her start on American Idol, how her acting career is going, and why she wanted to be a USO Ambassador. Kellie's husband Kyle has written songs for Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw, Lee Brice and many more! They also talk about the time Kellie beat out Chuck for a CMA Award, their love for Memphis, what it's like to star in a movie, and Chuck shares a disaster story from when he went to Japan. (yikes) Want to be part of Talk to Chuck? Text us! 615-295-8853 Follow Chuck on Instagram @chuckwicks Kellie Pickler- @kelliepickler Kyle Jacobs- @kylecjacobs Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 04, 2021
Eric Decker on Playing in the NFL + Running Kittenish with Wife Jessie James Decker + Being A Hands-On Dad
Eric Decker loves country music. He grew up listening to country and he's married to country singer Jessie James Decker. Chuck and Eric have known each other for years and their bromance is still going strong. Eric talks about playing football in the NFL (Broncos, Jets, Titans) and what it was like to play with some of the best quarterbacks in history - Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow. Abby is a big fan and he even signs something for her. Now that Eric is retired from football, he is helping his wife Jessie run their women's clothing store, Kittenish. Chuck asks him how he's involved with Kittenish, future plans for the store, and if a TV show with his family is in the works. Eric also talks about how his kids are his number one priority and he loves being a hands-on dad.   Follow Chuck on Instagram- @chuckwicks Eric Decker- @ericdecker Want to be on Talk to Chuck? Text us! 615-295-8853 Learn more about your ad-choices at
Mar 01, 2021
It's Official! Chuck Is Going to Be in A Movie + Sami's Aunts Visit the Studio
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Feb 18, 2021
New Artist Ashley Cooke Joins Us for New Music Monday + How She Got Her Start on TikTok + What Her Next Career Goal Is
Chuck's music video for "Old With You" just came out and the song will go to radio if it gets this many views on YouTube! New artist Ashley Cooke joins us for New Music Monday as we share our new music picks and we play her next single "Sunday Morning Kinda Saturday Night." Ashley also shares the story behind her song "Jealous of the Sky." Chuck talks to Ashley about how she gained hundreds of thousands of TikTok followers, the 615 House that she started and where he and Ashley met for the first time. Ashley shares what her next career goal is and what advice she would give to other artists on TikTok. Follow Chuck on Instagram- @chuckwicks Ashley Cooke- @theashleycooke Want to be on "Talk To Chuck?" Text us! 615-295-8853 Our New Music Monday Picks: "Glad You Exist" - Dan + Shay and "That Ain't Me No More" - Matt Stell Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 15, 2021
Valentine's Day Edition: The Best Country Love Songs + Why Chuck is Excited for February 14th
Valentine's Day is just a few days away and this episode is all about LOVE! We call listener Emily who texted in about Chuck officiating her wedding later this year. Plus, we go through ten of the best country love songs and Chuck adds a few bonus songs! He is also excited that his music video for "Old With You" is out on Valentine's Day, February 14th! Text us at 615-295-8853 if you have any questions, comments or suggestions! Follow Chuck on Instagram @chuckwicks Sami Shea- @samishea Abby- abby.anderson1_ Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 11, 2021
Chuck Addresses the Morgan Wallen Incident + New Music Monday + Positive News in Country Music
For Positive Podcast Monday, Chuck shows his support for TJ Osborne of Brothers Osborne for coming out publicly this past week! We are also starting 'New Music Monday' where we share three new songs each week for you to check out. Chuck talks about how he and his wife want to get into modeling and he gives an update on how the road to being a pro bowler is going. We also answer texts that you have sent in, including how Chuck felt when he first heard his song on the radio! And finally, we address the recent Morgan Wallen incident. Want to be apart of 'Talk To Chuck?' Text us! 615-295-8853 Follow Chuck on Instagram @chuckwicks Sami Shea- @samishea Abby- @abby.anderson1_ Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 08, 2021
Travis Denning Talks About His First No. 1 Song + He Announces His Next Single + How He Learned Guitar At Age 12
Chuck talks to artist Travis Denning about his song "After A Few" going number one, how he got to Nashville after playing small bars in Georgia, and the deal his parents made with him to learn guitar when he was 12. He also announces what his next single is going to be! Travis goes through some of his songs and he shares the stories behind them. Chuck asks him about his personal life and where he met his girlfriend...who's related to a well-known 90s country artist! Follow Chuck on Instagram @chuckwicks Travis Denning @travisdenning Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 04, 2021
It's Positive Podcast Monday + Chuck Has an Exciting Announcement!
It's Positive Podcast Monday and we are bringing you all the positivity! We talk about good news in country music and our thoughts on getting married at a young age. We learn that someone in the room tried out for American Idol, Chuck is excited that his music video for "Old With You" is coming out soon and he has an exciting announcement! We also address some texts we have received from listeners, including how social media has changed the music industry! Want to ask us a question or have a suggestion? Text us! 615-295-8853 Follow us on Instagram! Chuck- @chuckwicks Sami Shea- @samishea Abby- abby.anderson1_ Learn more about your ad-choices at
Feb 01, 2021
How Singer Andrew Jannakos Went From Being TikTok Famous to a Record Deal
Chuck starts off the episode with a huge announcement involving his newest hobby and we discuss some recent headlines in country music. Chuck then introduces a really cool guest who can sing AND he can cook! Andrew Jannakos is most famously known for his singing while cooking videos on TikTok and now he is signed to one of the biggest labels in Nashville! He talks about how he became TikTok famous and who convinced him to add the "Gone Too Soon" video that blew up overnight. Andrew also talks about his time on The Voice and shares which one of Chuck's songs he (almost) chose as a song at his own wedding. What's interesting about Andrew is that fans have really only seen Andrew from behind a screen...on TikTok and on TV on The Voice! Chuck is also shocked at how many songs he wrote before he wrote his song "Gone Too Soon." Follow Chuck on Instagram @ChuckWicks Andrew- @ajannakos Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 27, 2021
Our Thoughts on Garth Brooks Singing at the Inauguration + Chuck Answers Music Business Questions From Listeners
Chuck has started his 30 day healthy living challenge, and Sami Shea is not happy with how much weight he has lost so far. We discuss Garth Brooks singing "Amazing Grace" at the 2021 inauguration, which has been a controversial topic with country music fans. Chuck, Sami Shea and Abby talk about a TikTok star we're going to have on the podcast next week, Chuck got a call today for a future TV show, and he joined a bowling league with 2 other artists! We also get the behind the scenes on playing at the Opry during a pandemic and Chuck talked to a well known country artist for 5 minutes before he knew who it was under the mask! Chuck also breaks down the financial part of the music industry and explains how musicians, songwriters, artists and record labels get paid. Follow Chuck on Instagram @chuckwicks Sami Shea- @samishea Abby- @abby.anderson1_ Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 22, 2021
Craig Campbell Debuts His New Song + He Talks About Playing Piano for Luke Bryan + Why His Hit Song Wasn't Played on Radio
Craig Campbell is one of the nicest guys and one of the best singers in the format, according to Chuck! We cover a lot of topics with Craig in this episode. He talks about the first job he had when he first moved to Nashville, why they wouldn't play his biggest song on the radio, what it's like to make an album as an Independent artist, and he shares a new song that no one has ever heard before! Chuck asks him about his real name (it's not Craig!), if he'd ever run for office, and and if he has a new album coming soon! Craig tells us the story of when he played piano for Luke Bryan and what happened after he got fired. You'll also learn how you could get Craig to play a show in your own backyard in this episode! Follow Chuck on Instagram @chuckwicks Craig Campbell- @craigcampbelltv Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 18, 2021
Got Milk? Chuck Tries His Wife's and Tells Us About It + Chuck Wants Sami to Fight Someone + We Read Your Texts!
Who knows what we will talk about when we don't have a guest on an episode...the possibilities are endless! (Here we go.) Chuck was very curious what his wife's breast milk tastes he tried it and he tells us what he thought about it. Sami Shea was asked to participate in a charity boxing match and Chuck thinks she should do it! Chuck once opened for a country music icon and he tells us what that was like. Plus, he shares how you can watch one of the biggest Opry shows of the year this Friday while giving back to a good cause! Abby reads texts that you have sent and topics that you want us to discuss in future episodes! If you have any ideas, suggestions, or questions...text/call us at 615-295-8853! Follow Chuck on Instagram @chuckwicks Sami Shea @samishea Abby @abby.anderson1_ Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 14, 2021
Dee Jay Silver Talks About Opening Up for Some of the Biggest Country Stars + How He Mixes His Songs
Dee Jay Silver is one busy man! He's a father, husband, DJ, radio show host, ambassador for Diamond Resorts and more. He joins us to talk about what he does as a DJ and how he's been able to open up for some of the biggest country artists including Jason Aldean, Luke Combs and Kane Brown. He shares how he mixes his songs, when he thinks we'll be able to start touring again, and he explains his latest Roadhouse project. Chuck plays a medley of his songs and the song that went Canada! He also tells us about the time he almost had to save Chuck at a pool party when he had a little too much to drink! Follow Chuck on Instagram @chuckwicks Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 11, 2021
BONUS Episode! How YOU can be on Talk To Chuck!
This is a bonus episode where we explain how you can be on 'Talk to Chuck'! Anyone who loves country music can join us...and that means you! We have a phone number that you can call or text with suggestions, comments, ideas and more! The number is 615-295-8853. Let's talk! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 09, 2021
We're Back and Ready for 2021!
We're back and ready for 2021! Chuck tells us about his recent hunting trip with his dad and the awkward party that he went to. Chuck, Sami Shea and Abby gives tips on how to be better in the new year. They also chat about future guests on the podcast, why Chuck says he wants to retire drinking for a while, Sami's experience watching Chuck's dogs while he was out of town & more! Text us! 615-295-8853 Follow Chuck on Instagram- @chuckwicks Sami Shea- @samishea Abby- abby.anderson1_ Learn more about your ad-choices at
Jan 08, 2021
Counting Down the Top 10 Moments of Talk To Chuck + Happy New Year! + What's To Come In 2021
This is the final episode of 2020 and we count down the Top 10 moments of "Talk to Chuck" so far! Chuck and Sami start off talking about their Christmas and Chuck tells the story of how he surprised his 9-year-old bonus daughter with a horse! "Talk To Chuck" has only been on for a few months, but there are plenty of memorable moments including...Jana Kramer showing us her birthing video, Hulk Hogan surprising everyone by calling in, Jimmie Allen singing his favorite Disney song, Carly Pearce getting real with us about her marriage and so many more! Chuck also talks about what's to come in 2021! He explains how you can watch full videos of the podcast, future guests, and how YOU can be part of the podcast! If you love country music, text us at 615-295-8853! Happy New Year and see you in 2021! Follow Chuck on Instagram @chuckwicks Learn more about your ad-choices at
Dec 31, 2020
New Artist Teddy Robb Joins Us on Christmas Eve! + Chuck Plays Our Favorite Christmas Songs
If you've been listening to "Talk To Chuck," you'll know why we've wanted to have Teddy Robb on the podcast since he did a show with Chuck a few months ago....and the time has come! Teddy joins us on Christmas Eve and we play our favorite Christmas songs! Teddy talks about being a brand new artist in 2020, his new song "Heaven On Dirt," what made him move to Nashville to pursue his career and which artist inspires him the most. We also learn that Chuck was an extra in an *NSYNC Christmas special one time! Chuck asks Teddy about his personal life and Teddy, Abby and Sami Shea talk about being single in Nashville. Follow Chuck on social media: Instagram @chuckwicksmusic New episodes are out every Monday and Thursday! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Dec 24, 2020
Christmas with the Aldean's + Baby Tucker Makes an Appearance!
It's a Christmas with the Aldean's special episode! Brittany Aldean (@brittanyaldean) talks about Christmas at the Aldean house, why she loves makeup so much, her following on social media and Chuck tells the story of how she introduced him to his wife Kasi. Brittany and Jason (@jasonaldean) are little Tucker's Godparents and they are all here! Chuck's wife Kasi (@kasirosa) brings in baby Tucker for his first appearance and it turns into a family affair. Jason joins in and they talk about their Christmas plans, when he thinks he may start touring again and their famous Tiger King Halloween costume. Chuck asks them about their house, the bowling alley, Jason's new game room and their two little ones- Navy and Memphis. Jason and Brittany also tell us if a duet is in the making! Follow Chuck on Instagram @chuckwicksmusic New episodes are out every Monday and Thursday! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Dec 21, 2020
Terri Clark and Chuck Go Way Back + Chuck Can't Stop Playing This Song + Terri Has A New Christmas Album Out
Chuck and Terri Clark go way back! We get to hear the story about how they first met and what Chuck thought when we first saw her. They were also on a morning show together. Chuck can't stop playing one of Terri's songs and he used to be obsessed with the music video for it. Terri talks about how Nashville and radio airplay were when she first started out in the 90s and what has changed since then. Chuck asks her about her radio show, her new Christmas album, new music on the way, and if people recognize her when she's out. Fun fact- Kane Brown bought his house from Terri Clark and she hopes to be invited over so she can see it again. Terri starts singing one of her hits and it was pretty amazing! Chuck ends the episode with an interesting story about the Canadian beaver. Follow Chuck on Instagram @chuckwicksmusic Terri Clark on Instagram @terriclarkmusic Sami Shea @samishea Producer Abby @abby.anderson1_ Learn more about your ad-choices at
Dec 17, 2020
Chuck Is a New Dad! + Chuck Asks Carly Pearce An Uncomfortable Question + Carly Talks About New Music
We are back for the first time since Chuck and his wife had their baby boy and Carly Pearce (@carlypearce) brought a gift for Baby Tucker! Carly is the special guest on this episode and we cover a lot! We talk about her song "I Hope You're Happy Now" with Lee Brice and her newest song "Show Me Around" - a tribute to her late producer, Busbee. Chuck also starts to sweat when he asks her about a certain topic and Carly gives the honest truth about how she's feeling. Carly shares about new music coming up, her fur baby June, what she's doing for Christmas...And Chuck wants to try to set her up with a green beret. Follow Chuck on Instagram @chuckwicks New episodes are out every Monday and Thursday! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Dec 15, 2020
Chuck's Baby Boy Tucker Arrives Today! + His New Song "Old With You" Is Now Out!
Today is the day! Chuck is headed to the hospital because his baby boy, Tucker, is being born today! (Yay!) His new song "Old With You" is also out today and he's hoping to get it to country radio. He thinks that this is going to be even bigger than his song "Stealing Cinderella" and that it'll be a big wedding song. We also discuss that Sami Shea may be the show's favorite based on podcast reviews! Follow Chuck on Instagram @chuckwicks Check out his latest song "Old With You", available everywhere now! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Dec 03, 2020
Brooke Hogan Has New Music Out + Hulk Hogan Joins Us! + What Made Her Stay in Nashville
Brooke Hogan does it all! She's a singer-songwriter, she's working on her own TV show "Brooke Knows Best," she has a business in Nashville and she knows all about wrestling and what it takes to be a Diva. (Her dad is also really cool, he's Hulk Hogan!) Brooke shares why she moved to Nashville and what made her stay when she was about to move away. She also talks about the kinds of messages she gets in her DMs, her transition from pop to country music, and Chuck plays her song "Love People." Brooke gives us a fun fact about her dad that we didn't know about, she brings a special gift for Chuck and she shares which wrester intimidates her the most. She also calls her dad on the podcast and Chuck gets to talk to him...which was pretty awesome! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Dec 02, 2020
Happy Thanksgiving! + Shawn Booth Talks Fitness + Why It Pays Off To Get a Membership at Boothcamp Gym
It's Thanksgiving, but Chuck's buddy, Shawn Booth, is on to talk about fitness and how he stays so fit. We start off with a song that will really get you in the Thanksgiving Day mood! Shawn was on Season 11 of The Bachelorette, but since then he's been busy with his gym, BOOTHCAMP. Chuck and Shawn share training stories for the Iron Man Triathlon and Chuck gives home gym equipment recommendations. Sami Shea is going to try to defend her title for the 3rd year in a row as Bike Champ at Shawn's gym. We also talk about why it pays off to have a membership at Shawn's gym (ladies, he's single) and the upcoming Tactical Challenge that Chuck, Shawn, and other celebs will be competing in to raise money for the Special Forces Charitable Trust! Follow Chuck on Instagram @chuckwicks, Sami Shea @samishea, Abby @abby.anderson1_ Shawn Booth @shawn_booth18 YOU can join in on the conversation too! Text 615-295-8853 New episodes are out every Monday and Thursday! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Nov 26, 2020
Jana Kramer Picks Singing or Acting + How Therapy Saved Her Marriage + What Lead to Her Record Deal
Jana Kramer joins us for this episode and we cover all the topics! We talk about the new Lifetime Christmas movie she stars in, her lounge-wear clothing line, and her book "The Good Fight." She shares details of her marriage and how therapy saved their relationship. Chuck asks her if she could only pick one...acting or singing...which one would she choose? Jana tells us what lead to her getting a record deal in Nashville. (We had no idea!!) We also talk about Disney movies, horoscopes, the movie she was in with Adam Sandler and emotional cheating. YOU can join in on the conversation by texting/calling 615-295-8853! Follow Chuck on Instagram @ChuckWicks New episodes are up every Monday and Thursday! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Nov 23, 2020
Chuck Is Counting Down the Days Until Baby Arrives + Dolly Parton is an Amazing Human + Is FGL Breaking Up
It's the final countdown! Chuck and his wife Kasi visited the gyno today for one final check up before baby comes...and we get to hear all about it. Chuck also brings up a major news station the podcast was featured on, if the rumors are true that Florida Georgia Line are splitting up, and we talk about the queen herself...Dolly Parton! YOU can be a part of the conversation too! Text 615-295-8853! Follow Chuck on Instagram @chuckwicks! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Nov 20, 2020
Getting to Know the Crew of Talk to Chuck + Why People Should Move to Nashville + The Guy to Girl Ratio in the City
We talk about why people should move to Nashville, who the cast of "Talk to Chuck" is and what brought each of them to town. We also chat about the guy to girl ratio for single people in the city, Chuck shares about his first radio tour, what it's like for artists in the very beginning of their career, and the moment he realized people knew who he was as an artist! YOU can be a part of "Talk to Chuck" too! What do you want to hear more about?? Text / Call 615-295-8853! Follow Chuck on Instagram @chuckwicks Sami Shea- @samishea Producer Abby- @abby.anderson1_ Learn more about your ad-choices at
Nov 16, 2020
Chuck's Friend Bryan Webb Joins Us + Morgan Wallen is Back + Michael Ray Has A New Girlfriend
Chuck and Sami's friend / former co-worker, Bryan Webb, joins us to talk about his experience in the music business and who his favorite artist of all time is. We discuss recent headlines in country music and give our thoughts on different topics like...Morgan Wallen is back! Chuck walks us through Morgan Wallen's recent interview on the Bobbycast where we all weigh in with our judgement. We also confirm (kind of) that Michael Ray has a new girlfriend, Chuck is possibly going to set Producer Abby up with an artist, and we have an awkward discussion about politics and artists. Have a question or suggestion?? YOU can join in on the conversation by texting/calling 615-295-8853!  New episodes are out every Monday and Thursday! Follow Chuck on Instagram @chuckwicks and Twitter @chuckwicksmusic Learn more about your ad-choices at
Nov 12, 2020
Danielle Bradbery Talks About Getting Her Start On The Voice + All of Her Tattoos + How She Met 'The One'
Danielle Bradbery is our special guest and we cover a lot of topics with her! Chuck starts off the episode by revealing that he was once in a music video...shirtless! And he shares a fun fact he learned about dolphins. Danielle talks about her time on The Voice, the meaning behind her new song "Girls In My Hometown", and where all sixteen of her tattoos are. She also shares about her love of fashion, singing in her "Stairwell Sessions," and what she said to her now boyfriend when she slid into his DMs! YOU can join in on the conversation. by calling/texting 615-295-8853! Follow Chuck on Instagram @ChuckWicks and Twitter @ChuckWicksMusic New episodes are out every Monday and Thursday! Learn more about your ad-choices at
Nov 09, 2020
Jimmie Allen Talks Songwriting and His Unique Fashion + Chuck and Jimmie Sing Disney Songs
Chuck is joined by country singer Jimmie Allen...and they cover a lot of ground! Sami Shea tells us that she stayed at a haunted house at a recent bachelorette party and Jimmie shares his own ghost story. Chuck and Jimmie talk about the song they wrote together and they bond over their home state of Delaware.  Jimmie confesses which four people he would be starstruck by. Chuck asks him about his recent performance with Noah Cyrus on the CMT Awards and the hate they got for their outfits. Jimmie spills the details on his plan to become a billionaire. Chuck and Jimmie geek out over their love of Disney and Jimmie starts singing his favorite Disney songs! YOU can join in on the conversation by calling/texting 615-295-8853! New episodes are out every Monday and Thursday! Follow Chuck on Instagram @chuckwicks / Twitter @chuckwicksmusic Learn more about your ad-choices at
Nov 05, 2020
Chuck Asks His Wife Kasi If She Ever Gets Tired of Hearing About Her Brother Jason Aldean + Kasi and Chuck Share Their IVF Journey
Chuck has a very special guest on this episode who he says is his favorite guest ever, his wife Kasi!  Kasi grew up on country music and she even sold t-shirts for her brother Jason Aldean when she was young! Kasi is pregnant with her and Chuck's first child together, so they talk about their IVF journey and how difficult it really was. Chuck shares a very real and personal story on the process of IVF and the time he tried to get a sample at the clinic. Chuck's friend Sami Shea also joins in on the conversation! Chuck and Kasi share how they met, their first date story, how Kasi felt about dating a musician (& she was scared he was going to suck!) and so much more!  YOU can join in on the conversation by texting/calling 615-295-8853 Follow Chuck on Instagram @chuckwicks and Twitter @chuckwicksmusic Learn more about your ad-choices at
Nov 02, 2020
Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson Explains Why She Would Sell Her Gold Medal + Why Her Daughter Won't Be The Next Olympian
Olympic Gold Medalist, winner of Dancing with the Stars, country music lover, wife & mom, Shawn Johnson, is our very first guest on Talk To Chuck! Both Chuck and Shawn find out that they are each other's best girl friend / guy friend and they reminisce about their time on Dancing with the Stars. Shawn admits that she would sell her gold medal and she explains why her daughter won't be the next Olympian. We also find out if Shawn is smarter than a freshman in high school when she answers trivia questions. Chuck is getting ready to be a dad himself, so he practices his favorite dad jokes on Shawn and Abby.    YOU can join in on the conversation by texting/calling 615-295-8853!   Follow Chuck on Instagram- @chuckwicks Learn more about your ad-choices at
Oct 29, 2020
Introducing: Talk to Chuck with Chuck Wicks
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Oct 20, 2020