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By Amy Paulinich

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Category: Alternative Health

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This podcast is by Registered Midwife Amy from Appetence Families, & is aimed to provide mamas with the knowledge to Live Simply, Birth Simply, Parent Simply. We provide a combination of Birth Stories and Book club reviews on various midwifery books.

Episode Date
16. Rhiannon Courtney- Oh no the cord snapped!

Rhiannon was an appetence mama who was so dedicated, consistent, and passionate about having a normal birth experience.
And boy were her efforts rewarded, with a beautiful Appetence stimulating birth.

She came to pregnancy yoga until term, did her body balance religiously every day, her partner did acupressure points and oxytocin stimulating tricks they learnt in the Appetence birth workshop, and they discerned their risk vs. benefit of getting an induction or not, holding out until she went into labour naturally at 41+6. 

What I also really liked about Rhi's birth story was the postnatal adaption to mama life, how she navigated her way to her style of parenting, and her tips on how to maintain your independence from the start which is INCREDIBLY important for a mama's well being. 

If you enjoy I would love to see it in the form of a 5 star written review 

Nov 30, 2021
15. Ash Rasmussen- Free birth, the sacred passage of birth, PND

Oh my gosh, what a cracker of an episode! 
Ash was a very driven, firm business women when having her first 2 babies at the hospital, leading her onto her feminine path of becoming a doula, indulging in this life of birth-keeping, sacred cycle keeping which now consumes every cell in her body. 

We discuss birth as a right of passage, how to soften and surrender to birth, archetypes in birth, how to build connections with your older children & postnatal depression. 

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording! 

If you enjoy I would love to see in the form of a 5 star written review 

Oct 31, 2021
14. Abbie Edwards- Stay in your own lane

Helloooo mamas! This episode is with Abbie Edwards- the owner of 'Inflow Pilates and Wellness' and 'Inflow active app'. We discuss how she transitions into being a mum while still being a business woman, friend, & partner. How she went about birth education and mental preparation, the importance, and HOW TO discuss birth preferences with your partner.

Inflow pilates and wellness

Sep 30, 2021
12. Megan Pellizzari- Preconception care, Home birth & Anterior cervical lips

This podcast was a real treat talking to Megan- A medical sonographer turned, health coach specializing in preconception & fertility health.  Megan tells her story about her path to conception, pregnancy preparation & nutrition, their amazing home birth experience and so many other nuggets o' wisdom about relationships, movement & supplements.

You can check out Megan's work here
IG: awombguidedlife

Aug 31, 2021
13. Megan Pellizzari- Hormonal health practitioner, specialist in preconception health

A medical sonographer turned, health coach specializing in preconception & fertility health.  We discuss PCOS, endometriosis, and PMS symptoms- How to minimise symptoms and support these conditions into conception. Preconception health and nutrition, supporting yourself and your baby through pregnancy optimising development, postnatal hormonal health, and how to get back on top of your cycle.

If you enjoy please leave a 5 star written review.

Aug 30, 2021
11. Jodi Atkinson- Hawaiian home birth & prolapse

Our August birth story is with Jodi from Flourish Mums and Bubs!

I am so excited to share with you Jodi's interesting perspective on birth.

Jodi is a doula on the Sunshine Coast who originated from Maui Hawaii which is where she had her 2 natural home births including 1 posterior positioned baby.

She was living in a rural community in Maui where all houses are open doors, the community is like family, and she birthed outside under a tree which is just the tip of the iceberg when discussing Jodi's completely different lifestyle and experiences.

Since moving to Aus she has also started her own organic tea production where it's not rare to find her homegrown roses in her tea blends and her local doula services that women just rave about.

You can find Jodi's services here.
You can buy her tea here

Jul 31, 2021
10. Caitlin Pender- Womens Health Physio- Pelvic Floor health in Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum

Caitlin is a wealth of knowledge and passion for all things women health physio. In this episode, we discuss Pelvic Floor health, the importance in pregnancy, birth and postpartum, signs of pelvic floor dysfunction, and a few key exercises you can do yourself at home to improve your pelvic floor health.

Jul 08, 2021
9. Cara Bloomfield- Carrier through vaginal birth, surrendering to the unknown in birth, going from 1 to 2 kids.

Cara is an Appetence Mama who discusses her 2 epic vaginal births. After having her first in NZ doing their pregnancy yoga, to move to Aus and do Appetence pregnancy yoga for her second, she discusses her biggest carrier through birth, her top tips to let go of control and surrender to the unknown, the transition of 1 to 2 kids and techniques that can help, and the BEST tip on how to parent simply. 

Jun 30, 2021
8. Johanna Faith- Special care nursery, Premature baby, letting go of expectations

My good friend Jo who is a fellow yoga teacher- tells her amazing birth story and her beautiful first baby Willow.

Jo started her pregnancy very natural and wholesome with big goals to have a normal vaginal birth.
At 32 weeks her body and baby had a very different idea of an emergency cesarean section.
This resulted in a big change of expectation, recovery, breastfeeding journey and the list goes on- Tune in to hear how this mama dealt with it like a badass and now has such a beautiful, wholesome family life.

May 31, 2021
7. Adelle Rutch- Commitment to preparation for birth, Breastfeeding and the 4th Trimester.

My good friend Adelle tells her story of her 2 very quick vaginal births. She discusses the natural induction techniques used, her dedication to prepping herself for birth, her Breastfeeding journey's and her experience of the 4th Trimester. 
Also an interesting outlook on the difference in having a 37 weeker and 41 weeker- both 'Term' babies however responding very differently in the transition into the world. 

Apr 30, 2021
6. Danielle Coleburn- Water birth and Rewriting subconscious beliefs about birth

This weeks Birth story is with Danielle- she is an Appetence mama who did pregnancy yoga and the body balance workshop with us.
Dan came onto the podcast to discuss her beautiful, calm, water birth experience of her first baby Parker. 
Some interesting takeaways from this podcast, is to get super real with your self and your birth partner in what you expect from birth deep down and if that aligns with what you actually want from your birth experience. Its so important to sort out the subconscious beliefs about birth within us that have been created through years of media and other people stories. 

Apr 01, 2021
5. Laura Andison- Precipitous birth, and exercise in pregnancy

This Birth story is from one of my really good girlfriends Laura, who had her first baby in 2020 discussing her experience of what would be considered a fairly quick birth and showing that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. She also describes how she feels her exercise and yoga routine is what enabled her body to respond to labour and birth so quickly. 

Feb 28, 2021
4. Eloise Davis- Hypnobirthing and Free birth

This months Birth Story is with one of my really good girlfriends Eloise who had had quite a unique experience of birth.
4 normal vaginal births
4 hypnobirths
Leading to her becoming a registered midwife and hypnobirth instructor creating Hinterland Hypnobirthing.

Feb 01, 2021
3. Holly Cockram- Private midwifery showing Holly 'Your not sick, just pregnant'

Listen to my girlfriend Holly and I discuss, her pregnancy birth and parenting experience.  The fears and struggles of being a first-time mama and how she sourced education and birth preparation from myself and her private midwife reminding her "Your not sick... your just pregnant" putting her on her course to live simply. birth simply. parent simply. ​

Dec 31, 2020
2. Courtney Caroll- Posterior baby and back labour compared with an anterior baby

Listen to my girlfriend Courtney and I discuss, compare and reflect on her 2 vaginal births, 1 being in a posterior position creating a more exhausting, intimidating experience and the other being an anterior position creating a wholesome connecting birth.  

Nov 30, 2020
1. Mary Paulinich- My mother discuss her 3 normal vaginal birth (including myself)

This is the first Birthstory to kick off my podcast and I thought who better than my own mother to interview first. This is Mary's story of her 3 uncomplicated vaginal births and her top tips to Live simply, Birth simply, Parent simply.

Oct 22, 2020