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By Dean Delray

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Every week, Dean Delray profiles the world's best artisans and makers.

Episode Date
#26:Tim Sexton/Lead Game Developer of the Stern Led Zeppelin Pinball Machine

On today's episode I dive back into Pinball with my guest Tim Sexton lead game developer of the Led Zeppelin Pinball Machine at Stern Pinball.

At 27 years old Tim has found himself working in an industry that is absolutely exploding again. Pinball is red hot and Stern Pinball are the leaders in the field. 

Tim sits down with me today to talk all about creating the Led Zeppelin machine. Great stories that I think you are going to dig.

Candles Lit



May 06, 2021
#25:Mario Burkardt owner and creator of MB LEATHERS

My guest today Mario Burkardt moved to the US from Switzerland with 2 suitcases and a dream. This man makes some of the best Hand Made Leather Goods and Garments I've ever seen.

His specialty is the Filigree Belt which absolutely blows my mind and his hand tooled leather work is next level.

Today we dive into how he got his start, Our love of Motorcycles and Fashion and some good o'l Rock n Roll Talk.

Follow him on instagram and check his website 

Apr 28, 2021
#24:Rusty Zylstra/Owner of Sidnaw Company

At the age of 19 years old my guest Rusty Zylstra had friends that would dumpster dive at the Filson factory and grab old scraps and damaged goods and send them to him. Rusty would then with no training at all use the materials to make stuff like wallets and messenger bags. Slowing learning a craft that now 11 years later has turned into a very successful business called Sidnaw Company.

Rusty makes some of the coolest Jackets, Pants and Bags by hand  right here in the USA.

Tune in and hear his amazing story and also check out his instagram to see all his killer goods.

Thanks for tuning into The Grail. 


Apr 21, 2021
#23:Jason McCarthy/Founder and CEO of GORUCK

Being a former Diabetic I new I had to find a way to stay active during the long lock down of 2020. I needed to keep the weight off so I decided I was going to do a lot of hiking.

I dove deep into the Hiking Boot Rabbit Hole and I found what I feel is the best hiking boot on the market.

The GORUCK MACKV-1 is just next level. I new I had to talk to the Owner/CEO of GORUCK Jason McCarthy right away for The Grail.

Dig in and enjoy Jason's incredible journey from boing in the Military to full on Business owner of GORUCK

Check out his boots by clicking on the link

Apr 14, 2021
#22:The Grail - New Watch Release Day with Kevin Christy and I

It's that time again for Kevin Christy and I to sit down and take a look at all the new watches released today by Patek Philippe, Rolex and Tudor.

We also talk about the latest AP and Omega watches released over the last few months.

We have been doing these episodes for years on Let There Be Talk but I feel it fits The Grail since we are talking about the Holy Grail of Hand Made Stuff.

Enjoy my friends.


Apr 09, 2021
#21:Aki Sakamoto/HogKillers/West Coast Choppers

On todays episode of The Grail my guest is Custom Bike Builder Aki Sakamoto.

Aki grew up in Japan and fell in love with Harley Davidson Motorcycles. At the age of 19 years old he moved to Los Angeles with a pocket full of change and a dream to work at WEST COAST CHOPPERS.

Do not miss this guys amazing story.

The Holy Grail


Apr 02, 2021
#20:Brent Scotchmer/Artist for Garbage Pail Kids, Star Wars and more

Today I bring you another amazing artist, Mr Brent Scotchmer.

This man contacted me a while ago and said he wanted to design a T-Shirt for my Merch Line and told me that he does some of the Original Art for the Garbage Pail Kids trading Cards.

Immediately I knew I had to have him on the show. His Art is absolutely next level. From Star Wars Cards to Topps and Upper Deck he does it all.

Enjoy this episode and Peak his instagram and have your mind blown. 

Candles Lit 



Mar 26, 2021
#19:Perry Shall/Artist

Today I sit down with Artist, Musician and Vintage T-Shirt collector Perry Shall and talk all things Art.

At an early age Perry went up into his Parents attic and stumbled upon a bag of his Dads vintage Rock N Roll T-Shirts and the rest is history.

Fast forward to 2021 this man is one of the most In Demand artist in Rock N Roll. Drawing and Creating some of the best Album Covers and T-Shirts for some of the biggest in the Biz. Green Day and Marcus King to just name a few.

Perry recently created a shirt for me that is one of my favorite designs I've ever seen.

Enjoy this episode and keep the candles lit.


Mar 18, 2021
#18:Brian The Boot Maker/Role Club Boots

Today I bring you the Holy Grail of Boots handmade by my man Brian The Boot Maker.

At the age of 19 years old Brian went into a Boot Repair shop in Downtown Los Angeles and the rest is history.

Brian now owns that shop and is making some of the greatest Boots I've ever seen and he's not even 30 years old yet.

This man went for his dreams and I think you guys will really love his story.

Follow him on Instagram and lose your mind @brianthebootmaker 

Thanks for making The Grail your new favorite podcast. Subscribe and leave a review on iTunes and Youtube.

Candles Lit



Mar 11, 2021
#17:Josh Warner owner and creator or Good Art Hollywood

Today on Episode #17 of The Grail my guest is Josh Warner owner/creator of one of the greatest Jewelry company's in the world Good Art Hollywood.

Have you ever seen one of you favorite Rock Stars or Movie Stars wearing some incredible piece of Jewelry and wondered where they bought it at? Chances are it was Handmade by Josh Warner right in Los Angeles at Good Art.

Josh makes some of the most creative and original designed Jewelry I have ever seen. His Keychains alone deserve the title of the Holy Grail.

This stuff is pure Rock n Roll and Josh's story is unbelievable.

Tune in and enjoy this episode and then follow him on Instagram



Mar 05, 2021
#16:Magnus Walker/Urban Outlaw

Today I sit down with Artist, Porsche Enthusiast and former  Clothing designer Mr Magnus Walker.

In 1986 this man bought a 1 way flight from Sheffield to NYC and the rest is History.

Busing it across America to live the Rock n Roll dream in Los Angeles Magnus's story is incredible.

From sleeping in a YMCA to starting his own clothing line to renting out his loft for Film location shoots to full blown Porsche Enthusiast this man is living the dream.

Tune in and enjoy his journey on another episode of THE GRAIL.

Feb 26, 2021
#15:John Nady/Inventor of the Wireless Guitar and Microphone

Today we have a genius on The Grail, Mr John Nady Inventor of 

the Wireless Guitar and Microphone.

John grew up in the Bay Area playing in Rock n Roll bands and one day he had an idea. What if you could play your guitar wireless and from that day on he made history.

He went from his garage to a Multi Million Dollar company called Nady Wireless in just a few short years.

There is not a professional musician on stage that hasn't used some kind of wireless unit.

John was also the owner of some of the biggest night clubs in the Bay Area including The Stone,The Omni and The One Step Beyond.

Tune in and here his story.


Feb 19, 2021
#14:Gary Stern owner of Stern Pinball

Today on The Grail my guest is Gary Stern owner of the legendary  Pinball company Stern Pinball.

At 75 years old Gary has been working in the Pinball Business most of his whole life and I can tell you this he loves it.

Today we celebrate Rock n Roll Pinball Machines including Stern's newest release the incredible Led Zeppelin machine.

Gary goes way back with Rock n Roll Pinball starting back in the 70's when he built the Ted Nugent machine.

Tune in and hear some real Pinball History with Gary on The Grail.


Feb 11, 2021
#13: Jamie Stillman/ Owner of EarthQuaker Devices

On this Episode of The Grail my guest Jamie Stillman owner of EarthQuaker Devices talks about how he went from being a Tour Manager for the Black Keys to a successful business man in the competitive world of guitar effects pedals aka STOMP BOXES

This episode is not just about guitar effect pedals it's really about a man in his 30's starting a small business and killing it.

I think EarthQuaker Devices are the Holy Grail of Stomp Boxes.

I hope you guys enjoy this mans story. Make sure you leave a review and subscribe on iTunes and Youtube.


Feb 04, 2021
#12:Alvaro Naddeo/Artist, Painter

Today on The Grail I sit down with an amazing Brazilian artist Alvaro Naddeo.

After seeing this mans Paintings on Instagram I new right away I had to talk to him.

He has only been painting professionally for 9 years but I feel it's only a matter of time before this man explodes in the Art World.

Do yourself a favor and follow him on Instagram 

Candles Lit my Grail friends


Jan 27, 2021
#11:Daniel Engelman owner of the Honomobo Container Homes Company

Today I sit down with Daniel Engelman owner of Honomobo. I feel Honomobo is the Holy Grail of Container Homes.

These guys are building the most amazing homes out of Shipping Containers that I have ever seen. Some of their homes have a full on Mid-Century almost Joseph Eichler vibe.

It was so cool to be able to talk to Daniel about how these Homes are built and what the process is to own one.

In this day and age of Home prices sky rocketing it's nice to know there are options like Honomobo. These Homes are works of art.

Visit Honomobo on Instagram and see what I'm talking about.

Jan 20, 2021
#10:Matt Hughes Owner and Master Guitar Builder at Banker Guitars

Today we have a fantastic artist on The Grail, Mr Matt Hughes owner and master guitar builder at Banker Guitars.

This man has been building guitars for some of the best in the business including Marcus King, Scott Holiday of the Rival Sons and Brent Hinds of Mastodon. 

Tune in and hear his story on how he got started building guitars and what it takes to build a Korina Flying V.

Thanks every one for your support of The Grail and please make sure you subscribe on Itunes.


Jan 14, 2021
#9:Jesse James/West Coast Choppers

Today I sit down with my friend Jesse James and talk Choppers, Guns, BMX and the return of Monster Garage.

I have known Jesse for a long time and I have owned some of the bikes he has built and I will tell you this no one is better at building a Handmade Chopper than Jesse.

Jesse was the king of those Chopper shows on TV back in the day and now he returns with a new season of Monster Garage.

Thanks to all of you for diving into my new Podcast and don't forget to subscribe and leave a review on iTunes.

Candles Lit


Jan 06, 2021
#8:Jeff Decker/Sculptor, Historian and Friend

Today on The Grail I present you the Holy Grail of Cool Mr Jeff Decker. This guy is an amazing Artist and Friend.

Jeff is an expert on the early world of Motorcycles and the culture but what really blows my mind is his art. This man does some of the finest Bronze Sculptures on the planet.

You can see his 16-foot-tall, 5,000-pound bronze located on the grounds of the Harley Davidson Museum titled "By the Horns" It is mind-blowing.

His bronze-cast sculptures depicting the synergy of man and modern machines, particularly historic motorcycles, is known in both the motorcycling community and the world of fine art.

Visit him on instagram @iwasjeffdecker 

Dec 30, 2020
#7:Mikey Weiss owner of Mikey's Hook Up

My guest is Mikey Weiss former Bass Player for the Dance Hall Crashers and now the owner of Mikey's Hook Up.

After years of touring Mikey decided to try something else in life so he moved to NYC and the rest is History.

Mikey started selling different types of electronics Cables on the street then moved it into a Kiosk in the back of a small shop and eventually watched his business grow into 2 full on stores. 1 in NYC and 1 in LA.


This man's story is very inspiring so tune in and enjoy.

Dec 23, 2020
#6:Brian Romero/Artist

Today on The Grail my guest Brian Romero stops by and talks about how he created the art for The Grail Podcast

Tons of people have reached out and asked who did the art for The Grail so I thought I better have Brian on ASAP.

Brian's art is absolutely next level and it was so cool to hear his story on how he started.

This man left a guaranteed paycheck and took a chance on himself and now it is paying off. He is exactly the type of person that I love  having on this show.

Please Google all the artist we talk about on this episode when you are done listening and make sure you follow Brian on Instagram @brianromero


Dec 16, 2020
#5:Jason Schott, fourth-generation owner of Schott Bros. Inc

On this episode of The Grail my guest Jason Schott, fourth-generation owner of Schott Bros. Inc stops by and talks about the history of Schott Bros.

Schott Bros was started in 1913 and has been making Jackets in the USA for 102 years.

Schott LEATHER JACKETS have been worn by some of the most iconic people in show biz

including THE RAMONES,BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and the most famous of all Marlon Brando in the outlaw motorcycle film THE WILD ONE.


Tune in and hear the history of the biker jacket.

Dec 11, 2020
#4:Bahzad Trinos/Creative & Sales Director at Naked & Famous Denim

Today on The Grail I sit down with Bahzad Trinos creative & sales director at Naked and Famous Denim.

This is a fantastic talk on all things Denim. I absolutely love Denim and I know a lot of you guys do to.

Bahzad and I dive deep into Denim Mills, Denim Design, History and the Myths of Denim.

Sit back and enjoy this episode and don't forget to let me know what your Holy Grail brand of Denim is on the Instagram.

Thank you Bahzad for doing the show and cant wait to see what you guys come up with next.

Dec 02, 2020
#3:Charlie Emery owner of Spooky Pinball LLC

Today I sit down with Charlie Emery owner of Spooky Pinball LLC.

7 years ago Charlie did something that would freak out 99% of the world. He left a good job and decided to start building custom made Pinball Machines. With no guarantee of success and only a small savings in his bank account he went for it.

It's 7 years later now and he has 30 employees and has built some of the coolest Machines in the field. Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper and Rick and Morty are just a few of the Custom Machines he's built. All of these machines are handmade in America in very limited numbers.

Sit back and enjoy this mans amazing story on THE GRAIL.

Nov 25, 2020
#2:Grover Jackson of Charvel, Jackson fame. Part 2

Today I continue my conversation with the legend of Handmade guitar builders Mr Grover Jackson.

On this episode we pick up at the selling of the Charvel, Jackson company, His time at Washburn Guitars, Working with Dimebag and Grovers future.

It was an honor to talk to this man and I hope you guys enjoy Part 2.

Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast and youtube channel.

This episode is brought to you by Banker Guitars home for all you custom Boutique Guitar needs. Check out there website and tell them I sent you. 

Nov 19, 2020
#1:Grover Jackson of Charvel, Jackson fame. Part 1

Welcome to my brand new show The Grail with Dean Delray.

I will be constantly searching for the Holy Grail in all things Handmade and Cool to bring to the show. 

Today I kick off the new podcast with a full blown legend Grover Jackson.

This man is the king of Handmade guitars and his story is unbelievable.

From the early days of buying Charvel, To his collaboration with Randy Rhoads on the now famous Concorde guitar, To his later years working with Dimebag. This man has seen and done it all in the guitar world.

Sit back and enjoy the ride my friends.

Keep The Candles Lit


Nov 11, 2020
Welcome to THE GRAIL with Dean Delray

Welcome to the new podcasst, featuring all the handmade episodes from the past, and the new ones moving forward. 

Make sure to subscribe and tell your friends!

Oct 31, 2020