The Profitable Musician Show

By Bree Noble

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Category: Music Commentary

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Create a solid business as a musician by building an engaged fan base and tapping into multiple streams of income. Learn up-to-date music marketing tactics to grow income streams in 4 essential areas: recording music & releasing music, music performing & livestreaming, freelance opportunities for musicians (music teaching, session work for musicians, custom songwriting & more) and recurring revenue for musicians (fan support, Patreon, affiliate income for musicians and more).

Join host Bree Noble, best-selling author of "The Musician's Profit Path" and creator of the Rock Your Next Release framework, as she shares profitable strategies to accelerate and diversity your income from music. She also does interviews with Music Industry experts to help you explore new and exciting ways to make money as a musician in the 4 key areas.

Episode Date
How To Grow Your Audience And Drive More Good Results Using Collabs With Cassandra Kubinski

We can only grow and do so much by ourselves. That is why many thrive best when reaching out to others for help. In the music industry, one of the great avenues to grow your audience is by using collaborations. In this episode, Bree Noble is joined by singer-songwriter Cassandra Kubinski to talk about the opportunities that open up with collaboration and how creating partnerships with other artists drive good results in listenership and fanship. She shares her recent collabs and the process it took to develop that relationship not only with fellow singers but other artists and even organizations as well. Join Cassandara in this conversation as she lets us in on more benefits of collaboration and using music to heal, help, and contribute to communities and causes.

Nov 24, 2020
Avoid This Biggest Mistake Musicians Make When Releasing Music

Things have become different for the music industry with the dawn of streaming platforms like Spotify and Pandora. It is no surprise that many uninitiated artists are making mistakes when it comes to releasing and structuring their marketing around music. That is because they’re following the way the old music industry model used to work. On today’s show, Bree Noble talks about the biggest mistake that artists make when it comes to releasing music. As they say, out with the old, in with the new!

Nov 17, 2020
A Musicpreneur’s Guide To Landing Online Session Work With Angela And David Blacker

Many musicians make music from home. However, not many know how to get paid for it. Bree Noble has on the show Angela Blacker and David Blacker from AirGigs, a platform that offers a user-friendly tool for diversifying income for musicians where you can offer your services remotely. In this episode, they talk about online session work and how you can use AirGigs to land gigs as vocalists, guitarists, arrangers, and more. They provide some great tips on maximizing doing remote work to get paid for it and become a musicpreneur. Be guided by tuning into this great discussion to become even more prepared and do better in online session work.

Nov 16, 2020
Give 2020 A Break: Top 10 Reasons To Release Holiday Music This Year For 2020

After a very rough and distressing year, releasing holiday music may be the furthest thing in everybody’s mind, but there is reason to believe that it might just be a good idea. In fact, there are 10 perfectly compelling reasons why you should definitely release a holiday album, or at least an EP or even a single. And it’s not too late! Bree Noble counts down on these reasons and makes the case for good monetization opportunities while you’re at it. Never has promoting yourself as an artist and making money been easier than around holiday season. Don’t miss this chance to break into the scene!

Nov 15, 2020
How To Triple Your Income From Live Performing Online With Laura Simpson

Being a musician is tough during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Holding concerts and shows have become almost impossible. Good thing that online concerts have become a beacon of hope, but only if you know how to utilize it well. In this episode, Bree Noble invites to the show Laura Simpson from Side Door to talk about how you can triple your income from live performing online. Called the Airbnb of Concerts, Side Door works to help match up artists and hosts for concerts, venues, and more. Now, they have pivoted to online concerts and providing cool things for artists, fans, and hosts. Laura lets us in on what they are doing and how we, too, can thrive in this industry. She discusses as well the different pillars in your music income to help you become a profitable musician. Just because the world is forced into their homes doesn’t mean you have to give up performing altogether. You better believe that with online performing, there is a way.

Nov 14, 2020
Overcoming Money Blocks: How To Make Money And Still Be An Authentic Artist

Musicians tend to have more than their fair share of hang-ups when it comes to money, but a lot of that comes down to our mindset over the green stuff. A lot of times, we invite our own money blocks because of certain deep-seated beliefs that keep us stuck in the poverty loop. Bree Noble enumerates the most common of these money myths and demonstrates just how ridiculous they are in relation to reality. There might be some sort of pride in being a starving artist or living a Bohemian lifestyle, but money does move mountains. There is no telling how further you can take your message and your art with the help of a little grease. It all starts in your mind, not your pocket.

Nov 13, 2020
What To Expect From The Profitable Musician Show

The Profitable Musician Show is built around 4 Cornerstones that we believe are essential for a strong, solid musician business that we believe will weather any market changes. Learn what they are and how we plan to explore them in this show so you can build what we like to call a "brick house business" for your music career.

Nov 12, 2020