Latter-day Families Stand

By Amber Robbins

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Category: Parenting

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Latter-day Families Stand is a podcast and empowered community of Latter-day Saint parents and leaders. Each week we explore and discuss resources and tools for thriving families that are founded in truth and focused on subjects such as mental health, bullying, addiction, habits, resilience and faith. Join host Amber Robbins and guests in discussions that foster hope, healing and wholeness as we strive to overcome the unique challenges our families and teens face today, and cheer you along in your journey.

Episode Date
Episode 010: How to Help Your Teen With Their Anxiety // Jill Freestone

Nearly a third of all teens will experience an anxiety disorder during their lifetime, according to the National Institute of Health.  Is your teen one of them?

Guest Jill Freestone is an Anxiety & Emotional Resilience Coach who works with both parents and teens so they can manage their anxiety and come to view it as a strength instead of a weakness.

Jill reminds us that life coaching is not therapy.  A life coach doesn’t diagnose, but they can work in conjunction with a doctor or licensed clinical counselor to help the client move forward and thrive.

Listen to the full episode to learn some strategies Jill uses with her clients to help them manage their anxiety and anger, which in turn also allows them to have better connection with family members.

May 06, 2021
Episode 009: How to Be Intentional in Your Parenting // Kami Kerby

Do you struggle with how to set boundaries and give consequences in a way that builds and supports your teen?

Guest Kami Kerby teaches us how to set boundaries and high expectations as parents,  and also how to enforce them with empathy and love so real learning takes place.

Kami and her husband Larry are parent and teen coaches, and teach from both the Love and Logic and Gottman Institute’s curriculum.    Kami reminds us that parents will only get it right 40% of the time, and that relationships are built in the repairs.  She gives us some insightful strategies for effective communication, changing our thought systems, and  delaying consequences when we are upset so they come from a place of empathy and love instead of anger,

Listen to the full episode for specific strategies about these important parenting topics.  It will be a game changer for you!

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Kami & Larry Kerby of  of Parenting Rocks

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Apr 15, 2021
Episode 008: How to Help Your Teen Prepare to Become a Thriving Adult // Lynnette Sheppard

Does your teen have the skills and core values necessary to be successful as an adult?

Guest Lynnette Sheppard starts the conversation about how we can assist our teens to become thriving and successful adults by helping them develop critical skills and core values.  A parent educator, podcast host and the creator of a 12 month parenting education program designed to help you lead and teach your teen, Lynnette provides many tools and methods for parents of all backgrounds and situations.

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Lynnette Sheppard of How to Raise Grown Ups


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Mar 24, 2021
Episode 007: How to Help Teen Girls Realize Their Worth and Remember Who They Are // Kristen Walker Smith

Teen girls today are getting distracted from who they really are, the mission they came here to fulfill and forgetting their eternal value. They are believing Satan’s lies about who they are, where their values lies, and what they should be doing to find joy.

Guest Kristen Walker Smith provides insight about how we can help build them up to see themselves how God sees them. As a teen mentor, podcast host and the creator of many resources for teen girls, Kristen provides many tools to get your teen started in the journey of realizing that they are elect youth!

Show Notes

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Kristen Walker Smith of Ruby Girl

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Mar 03, 2021
Episode 006: Journaling to Reduce Anxiety and Fully Express Yourself // Karla Carlston

Do you know that a journaling practice can be a powerful tool? Guest Karla shares her passion for journaling in an effort to reduce anxiety, create a safe space for thoughts, and as a healthy place to express yourself.

Through her own post-partum struggle with mental health issues and also the joy comes with having a baby, Karla realized the benefits of journaling, and developed journals and prompts for every stage of life.  Listen to the full episode to learn how journaling can help children, teens and adults focus on the positive, while still expressing all the emotions they are feeling.  You’ll also learn the scientific research associated with how journaling can also boost mood, increase confidence, and improve memory.

Show Notes

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Karla Carlston: J.O.T. Journals


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Feb 16, 2021
Episode 005: How to Become a Mental Health Advocate for Your Teen // Cheryl Cardall
Do you have a teen who faces mental health challenges?  Do you know what signs to look for that may indicate that mental health needs to be assessed and addressed?  Guest Cheryl Cardall addresses these topics and more as she guides you through what steps to take to stand for and with your children and teens to advocate for their mental health needs. 
Children and teens today are facing anxiety, depression, and suicide ideation more than ever before, and there are many ways we can assist them.  
In this episode, Cheryl discusses how the  best way we can be an advocate for our children is to accept that we need to focus on this (mental health challenges) and that there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Cheryl reminds us that parents are the most important part of the support  team and she provides insight on how to proactively fill this role.

 Listen to the full episode to get critical information about mental health, a pat on the back for all you are doing as parents, and support from Cheryl and the community of hope and resources that she has built.



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Cheryl Cardall: Fight Like a Mother Podcast and Parent Coaching

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Feb 03, 2021
Episode 004: The Power of Affirmations to Increase Confidence and Move Forward // Brigette Heller

Guest Brigette shares her passion for positive affirmations and how powerful they are in rewriting thought scripts and rewiring the brain in positive ways. In her work, Brigette hosts a #10dayIAM challenge that guides people to acknowledge their divine traits.

In this episode, she explains how learning that the true dictionary definition of repentance was “a fresh view,” helped her realize the power of affirmations and of “I AM.”  She also discusses how the Golden Rule also applies to developing empathy and loving ourselves first.

Listen to the full episode to learn why saying, “I Am a Child of God,” is a positive affirmation, and how this practice can increase your confidence, realize your worth,  and help you move forward with your life.

Show Notes

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Brigette Heller: The Strong and Capable

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Jan 27, 2021
Episode 003: How to Increase Hope and Achieve Emotional Freedom Through Music // Katie Higley

After experiencing PTSD from a traumatic car accident, American Idol Alumni Katie Higley explains how she turned to music as a tool to help her overcome her challenges, develop resilience and find hope.

Katie shares her belief that, “The gift of music can overcome so many problems in our lives.”  Her focus is in helping people to develop their own emotional freedom by having them create their own songs, or even singing songs that they have resonated with.  Katie has recently created a ukulele hymnbook for beginners and coaches students in music with her iVibeAlive program with this goal in mind.

Katie feels that music contains the power of expression.  “When we share that expression of whatever we have in our heart, there are some powerful connections that we can have with other people and with God. When we create our own songs, there is a magic that happens inside of us. Emotional freedom happens when we are free with our heart, and free with giving.  When you experience emotions that are stagnant, they make you feel stuck.”  Katie explains that you don’t have to create music for this concept to work.  You can also listen to it.  

Listen to the full episode to hear more about an interesting study Katie describes that shows the positive impact it has on people when they sing together in unison.  She will also give you an insightful tip about how you can create a song with any scripture or affirmation. It’s something she has her students do, and it’s powerful!


Show Notes

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Jan 19, 2021
Episode 002: Strengthening Today’s Youth: Echoing Captain Moroni’s Plea for Provisions

In this episode, I’m discussing my passion for advocating that parents and church leaders help children and teens utilize resources and tools that may help them overcome many of the unique challenges they face today.

Today's youth face increased anxiety, addiction, depression, aggression from peers, eating disorders, pornography, overall loss of hope and so much more. There is so much that we can do to assist them.

Did you know that Captain Moroni in the Book of Mormon was also passionate about tools and resources? Yep! He called them provisions, and he demanded them, as he knew they were a key to the success of his army.  Helaman also requested and utilized necessary provisions for the two thousand stripling warriors.  This army of young men and boys was supplied provisions by their fathers well before the battles began. They were also sent the support of good people by way of additional men to assist and strengthen them as they fought the enemy.

Like the two thousand stripling warriors of old, our  youth today are in need of  armoring up with necessary provisions and being provided with the support of good people in addition to the shield of faith that is also discussed and usually solely focused on in this Book of Mormon story.

Listen to the full episode to learn how together, we can support, strengthen, and bandage up our valiant and strong youth, and reduce the stigma of doing so, as we cheer them along in their journey.


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Jan 13, 2021
Episode 001: 3 Components of Hope, Healing and Wholeness: The "Why" Behind Latter-day Families Stand Podcast

After facing trauma in my own life, and being clinically diagnosed with PTSD, I found myself feeling broken and hopeless. In this episode, I share with you my personal story of struggle and of overcoming.  I highlight how I found hope and wholeness, and how I’m now aiming to cheer you along in doing the same. This episode will empower you to take action jumpstarting your own miracles and move forward.

Show Notes

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Dec 03, 2020