Let’s Shag

By Nathan Spencer

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Category: Sexuality

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If you want to be better in the sack with your partner, or with multiple partners, turn the volume to max and listen up. Let’s Shag is a podcast that fucks. We talk techniques, tips, tricks and overall sexual education from the perspective of one very sexually enlightened host... Me! I’m Nathan Spencer, and this is your wake up call to get both yourself and your partner off better and more often. So strap in, strap on if you’re into that, because it’s gonna be one hell of a vibrating joy ride.

Episode Date
EP6- Dirty Talk (ft. Mama B)
This week (aside from my horrible audio quality) we dive into all things dirty talk. We have a very special guest Blaire aka Mama B, and we give you the full scoop for all things of the vocal filth. We guide you through dirty talk for dumbies if you are someone who has never tried it before, or maybe you're someone who is a bit curious. We also give tips and tricks to those of you who want to up your already existent dirty talk game. We go over a Q/A where we talk about different vaginal and penis sizes, as well as how to bring up and establish threesomes in a relationship, or as a third party. I hope you brought headphones and a towel because this one is one you're going to want to get personal with, and you may need to clean up a little before its done.  
Jan 15, 2021
EP5-“I gotta go pluck out my tampon real fast…”
This week I welcome you degenerates to 2021. I briefly talk about my New Years resolution, as well as how to help you keep your own. Then we dive Michael Myers face first into all things period sex! We talk about; how to communicate this with your partners, what to make sure you are and aren't doing, what positions work best for your partner, LUBE, and how to side step the problem if blood is completely off the table. I do a little Q/A about partners who need to help teach their partners how to better get them off, and then I look forward to 2021 with hopeful eyes. Strap in degenerates, its about to get messy!
Jan 08, 2021
EP4- "Lick my butthole until it resembles a California raisin!"
Last episode of 2020 and we are ending on a wet and beautiful BANG! I have finally claimed and named all of you (you'll have to listen to find out what). I address all the a$$holes who hate on mustaches, but still love you. We address the stigmas around squirters, and I break down why you shouldn't be afraid to let Niagara Falls go! I teach a small seminar on how I make women squirt in the bedroom, and how you can too. Lastly, I give you some much needed advice for how to ensure you get your New Years nookie on, and how to beat the hangover come 2021. It's been my pleasure to start this journey with you in 2020 and I can't wait to continue it in 2021!  
Dec 31, 2020
EP3- "12 black, angry butthole hairs...”
This week we start by adding in some things I forgot to mention last week when it comes to BALLS. I’m thirsty as hell and can’t drink enough water. I dive into breaking the stigma of males and butt play. Then we head to brown town where we discuss all things anal. I review a fun product by Everybody Tango. I do some Q&A's about genital hair (where I discuss my dick grooming technique) and premature ejaculation, and once again I get awkward trying to say good-bye. Pens and pads at the ready, because this episode is important for everyone! Also I fail to acknowledge its Christmas this week, so Happy Holidays everyone!
Dec 24, 2020
EP2: "Grab my f*ckin' balls!"
In this episode we dive head and hand deep into HJ's, BJ's and Q/A's while I sip my morning coffee. Feel unconfident on top ladies? I have some advice to help. I shout out Call Her Daddy for some tips, and I cannot emphasize this enough... STOP NEGLECTING THE BALLS! Also I forgot to mention ball play orally, so that will have to be a topic for another time. Enjoy sluts!
Dec 17, 2020
EP1: “I love all your vaginas equally”
Today we back track to the female orgasm in more detail. I discuss basic internal, external and combination routes of getting your lady to cum. We also take a few side ventures on the way.
Dec 14, 2020
Let’s Shag (Trailer)
Dec 14, 2020