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The Maddie Miles podcast by Maddie Miles was created for both females and males who are looking to optimize their health through an integrative approach to overall wellness. We will uncover why your health may be struggling due to imbalances within the body, mainly hormonal imbalances. By following along The Maddie Miles podcast, I will help to educate and inspire you to take control of your health and to heal your body the natural way. Now let's get to it!

Episode Date
Ep. 45: Herbs to heal your hormones & prevent PMS and period pain

PMS and period pain are NOT A GIVEN for women and all those who experience an ovulatory/menstrual cycle. Nutrition, lifestyle, and herbal medicine will guide your body to balance. Listen here to learn what my favorite 10 herbs are for the health of your liver, gut, hormones, and total body & mind. 

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Aug 03, 2022
Ep. 44: Improve your digestive health and detoxification / Bitters

Bitters: an ancient tradition that supports digestive health and detoxification, daily, when taken before meals. Guess what, we just released our Bitters herbal formula! Listen to this episode to learn how to reduce bloating, gas, fatigue, and GI distress using natural plants (and some other of Maddie's favorite tips!)

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Jul 20, 2022
Ep. 43: The symptothermal method and other, fertility awareness-based methods with Dr. Mona Wiggins

Did you know that you are not fertile every day of your cycle? Rather, there are 6-7 days per cycle that you are fertile and have a chance of conception if unprotected sex were to occur. You may have heard of the fertility awareness method (FAM) before, but did you know that this is an umbrella term for various fertility awareness methods? In today’s blog post, I will break down each of the 5 fertility awareness-based methods. To learn more, listen to this podcast episode discussing the symptothermal method, the method that Dr. Mona (episode guest) and I both use and teach.

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Jul 06, 2022
Ep. 42: Seed cycling

Seed cycling - fad or truth? In this episode of the peace. love. hormones. podcast, I go over the research we have, and don't have, on the efficacy of seed cycling for your hormone health. I am all for rituals when it comes to our beautiful and divine feminine cycles! However, you may be surprised by my approach to "seed cycling."

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Jun 29, 2022
Ep. 41: Womb meditation

Let us take a moment together to close down our eyes, breathe deeply, and connect to our innate wisdom as women and womb-owners. 

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Jun 28, 2022
Ep. 40: PCOS - The 4 Types of PCOS & Natural Healing Approaches

Listen to this episode of the peace. love. hormones. podcast to take charge of your hormone health! Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a common diagnosis that affects about 10% of women and is primarily a problem with ovulation. It is defined as a group of symptoms relating to anovulation, lack of ovulation, and a high level of male sex hormones, androgens.

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Jun 15, 2022
Ep. 39: The TOP 4 micronutrients for period health

Listen and learn which micronutrients I recommend supplementing for optimized period health! When it comes to micronutrients, we need them ALL. However, you don’t need to supplement each one of them as you can get a lot from food alone. I want to cover 4 micronutrients that are essential for period health, fully acknowledging that one may need more depending on what they are struggling with. I recommend consulting with your trusted healthcare practitioner if you need support. For more micro and macronutrient information and support, check out my podcast show notes below.

Show notes


Jun 01, 2022
Ep. 37: Birth Control Pills: Things to consider before starting.

You may want to reconsider your relationship with hormonal contraceptive, especially the pill, Nuvaring, patch, etc.. The hormonal contraceptive pill switches OFF our hormones, our ovaries, ovulation, and our HPA axis communication. It does this in the short and long term and causes short and long term health effects. 

Listen for more information and/or checkout our corresponding blog post here.

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May 18, 2022
Ep 36: Is your period missing? Hypothalamic Amenorrhea and recovery

If fatigue, hunger, hair loss, feeling cold, non-existent libido, sleeping troubles, missing period or irregularity sound familiar, you have come to the right place. Food and exercise are areas of trauma for most of us women. I see, more often than not, both in my private wellness practice and in research, that women’s menstrual and overall health are declining due to undereating, overexercising, and yoyo dieting. When done chronically, disordered eating can lead to hypothalamic amenorrhea. It is estimated that HA affects approximately 1.62 million women between the ages of 18 and 44 in the United States and 17.4 million women worldwide.

Show notes

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May 04, 2022
Ep 35: House Call 2 / Travel impact on ovulation / Sleep for hormone health / Circadian rhythm optimization / Anovulatory Cycles / Herbal bitters

I am answering YOUR questions asked on my Instagram stories!

1. How me cycles are doing / how travel may impact your ovulation.

2. Sleep support for hormone and total body/mind health.

3. Optimizing circadian rhythm.

4. Anovulatory cycles.

5. Abnormal spotting during ovulation.

6. Herbal bitters for digestion.


Apr 20, 2022
Ep 34: Endometriosis - A Natural Approach To The Root Causes of Endometriosis

Healing Your Endometriosis, naturally. The herbs, supplements, nutritional and lifestyle changes for endometriosis. Listen to my podcast episode on this here!

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Apr 06, 2022
Ep 33: Maddie & "The Bros" / Breaking Period Stigma

Welcome to “Maddie and the Bros.” This is where I bring on various male-identifying humans to chat all things menstrual health. Let’s break period stigma together!

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Mar 17, 2022
Ep 32: Nutrition for your hormones / What to eat for hormone balance and to prevent PMS


We all have unique nutritional needs, of course, but there are certain principles we can all abide by when it comes to hormone balance. These principles are simple and based on the most studied and proven healthiest way of eating IN existence and is commonly referred to as "Mediterranean diet". But what the Mediterranean diet really is, is one full of whole foods. Lots of plants and fiber, healthy fats, and protein. The nutrients and plant-based chemicals these foods contain will nourish your glands, organs, and promote hormone balance. It also helps to reduce inflammation which is key when it comes to addressing PMS/hormone imbalances.

Show notes

Mar 02, 2022
Ep 31: Birth Control, hormonal and non-hormonal options

Listen to this episode to learn about your options when it comes to preventing pregnancy and choosing the right one for YOU! I review all the options, both hormonal and non-hormonal, and the pros and cons to each of them. Remember, this is YOUR body and journey, so it is your choice. Much love to you ❤️ 

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Feb 16, 2022
Ep. 11: Alternative Birth Control Methods
Feb 14, 2022
30: How to track your menstrual cycle! Menstrual cycle charting

DID YOU KNOW THAT WE HAVE ABOUT 400 MENSTRUAL CYCLES THROUGHOUT OUR REPRODUCTIVE LIFESPAN?! I want to teach you how to track your menstrual cycle. Listen here for a kick a$$ episode!

Show notes

Menstrual Cycle Tracker

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Jan 26, 2022
29: Using Ayurvedic Medicine to Heal Your Menstrual Problems

I truly started to heal when I learned, practiced, and implemented Ayurvedic medicine principles. I want to share this knowledge with you all because knowledge is POWER! See what resonates with you and leave the rest. In today's episode, I am joined by Ayurvedic practitioner, Tiffany Kinson, to discuss the healing powers of Ayurveda. 

Topics we discuss:

  • The different Dosha constitutions
  • How to live intuitively with your unique Dosha
  • How to use Ayurveda to optimize your menstrual health
  • Nutrition, exercise, sleep, and lifestyle tips

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Jan 12, 2022
Ep 28: How your partner can co-track your menstrual cycle with you / support you.

I am here with my LOVE! We are answering all of your questions. What we chat about:

  • How your partner can support you in tracking your menstrual cycle
  • How to have healthy, supportive conversations when it comes to our hormones, infradian rhythm, PMS, etc.

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Dec 29, 2021
Ep. 27: Keep your hormones healthy while traveling

Hello goddess! I am guessing that your are here because you are traveling soon and you are wanting to stay on top of your hormone health and total body wellness. Well, you have come to the right place!

The environment and food changes that come with traveling can make digestion a bit challenging. But here are a few of my favorite tips, ones that I follow myself, in order to maintain balance within my body (and therefore prevent PMS / any hormone imbalance!).

Show notes here

Dec 22, 2021
Ep. 26: Menstrual bloating / how to reduce bloating around and on your period!

Show notes

Soothe herbs

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Menstrual bloating, or any bloating, is no fun. Although our bodies are supposed to change throughout the course of our cycle (we are cyclical beings, so day 1 version of yourself will be different than day 20 of your cycle), it should never be extreme or painful. However, I assumed if you are reading this, that your bloating may be trending towards the unbearable end of the spectrum. If so, no need to stress out because nature is wonderful and provides all of our healing answers. But first, let's cover the basics!

Bloating that is hormonally induced, meaning that you have ruled out any other factors (i.e. gut dysbiosis) is very manageable when using the right combination of lifestyle, nutrition, herbal remedies, and targeted supplementation.

Dec 11, 2021
Ep. 25: Hormonal Migraines and Headaches / How to manage and prevent them from occurring

Check out my herbal supplement for PMS here

Full show notes here

Did you know that over 80% of menstruators report experiencing some sort of PMS throughout their cycle? So no, you are not alone AND you are not doomed. In this episode, I will teach you what hormonal migraines are, why they happen, and how to treat them naturally.

Guest info: Jess Suchan (Body Bliss by Jess)

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Dec 01, 2021
Ep. 24: House Call: Daily supplements / How to sync with the moon if your period is missing / How to safely stop hormonal birth control /Hormone healthy grocery lists and recipes

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Take a deep breath. I love you all!! <3

Nov 22, 2021
Ep. 23: Hormonal Acne / A holistic approach to healing
Are you sick and tired of hormonal breakouts and wanting to explore more natural, holistic approaches to healing your acne? Then this podcast episode is for you! I am joined by Meg Gaic, founder of the Get Glow Method, who is an acne expert and dives into the root causes of hormonal acne and how to heal from within. Soothe (use code "podcast") Maddie's IG Meg’s IG Meg’s website (use code MADDIE for 50% off her foundations course!) Show notes
Nov 03, 2021
Ep. 22: Luteal Phase / Get to know yours

HI YOU QUEENS AND KINGS! Welcome to today's episode where I am explaining the luteal phase specifically. This is the 10-14 days between ovulation and your period. At the end, I am answering your questions asked on my Instagram story!

Show Notes

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Oct 27, 2021
Ep. 21: Detox your home and life from toxins / How Toxins impact your liver, gut, adrenals, hormones, etc.

Hey QUEENS!! Tune into this amazing episode with Catherine Cabano, founder of In On Around and toxin specialist, as we chat all about toxins. 

  1. What the heck are toxins?
  2. The most common toxins in your home.
  3. How to lower your toxin exposure.
  4. How toxin exposure negatively impacts our health.

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Catherine Cabano - In On Around

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Show notes click here: 

Oct 20, 2021
Ep. 20: The female orgasm & pleasure /healing from sexual trauma w/ Bryn Daylor
Do you feel like your sex drive is non-existent? This could be due to many factors, all of which you can heal naturally. On this episode, I am joined by female embodiment coach, Bryn Daylor, to talk about all things women’s sexual health. Healing sexual trauma The female orgasm (myth vs. truth!) How our sex drive changes throughout our cycle How hormonal birth control hijacks our libido Full show notes and links here:
Oct 06, 2021
Ep. 19: Dr. Stephen Cabral / Liver detox / How to do a functional medicine detox
On today’s episode, I am joined by my mentor, the world renowned Dr. Stephen Cabral. He is a naturopath doctor, Functional and Ayurvedic medicine practitioner, Integrative Health practitioner, and founder of the Integrative Health Practitioner Institute in Boston. In today’s episode, we chat about functional medicine detoxing, bio-elimination, liver and gut health, and how everything is interrelated and influences the health of our hormones. We dispel FAD diets and educate on TRUE health. Are you ready to finally heal your hormones and optimize your total body and mind wellness?! Code: PLH for free shipping on Soothe. Shop here! More show notes / links to Cabral’s work and detox here!
Sep 22, 2021
Ep. 18: PCOS - All you need to know!
In this episode, I chat with Cory Ruth, Women’s dietitian, about all things PCOS. PCOS symptoms, diagnoses, management/treatment, fertility, and myths. This is a juicy episode with all of the best info!
Sep 01, 2021
Ep. 17: Sync Your Cycle With Your Business and Life!
Are you ready to match your cycle to your business and personal lives? Our hormones are naturally fluctuating throughout our menstrual cycle and with these fluctuations come changes in our mood, energy, creativity, productivity, just to name a few! In this episode, Alyx and I chat about: The different phases of our cycles How our hormones change throughout the four phases How to harness and optimize your hormonal power during each phase How to track your cycle If you listen to this episode and share on IG, tag us for a chance to win The Agenda, Period cycle tracking journal! Click here for my Soothe Herbs!  Period Tracker w/ Business Intelligence 
Aug 18, 2021
Ep. 16: STOPPING THE PILL! How to get your period back after stopping hormonal birth control

DON'T STOP HORMONAL BIRTH CONTROL COLD TURKEY! Listen to this episode of the peace. love. hormones. Podcast to learn why you should consider coming off the pill and how to do so safely.

What Maddie talks about:

  • The dangers of hormonal birth control and everything you weren't told by your doctor
  • How to prep your body before stopping hormonal birth control
  • How to continue to support your body once you have stopped the pill to lesson the symptoms of post-birth control hormonal imbalances
  • My story / journey in coming off hormonal birth control and healing my hormones and body after years of hormonal birth control usage and a history of anorexia/over-exercise/medication usage.

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Jul 28, 2021
Ep. 15 - Herbs to heal your hormones and prevent PMS

Did you know that over 80% of menstruators experience symptoms of PMS throughout their reproductive years? There are over 160 symptoms associated with PMS.

Do you experience any of the following?:

•Bloating/water retention

•Insomnia/sleep issues

•Anxiety/mood swings


•Breast tenderness


The list goes on!

Over the last year, I have experimented with various herbs to heal my hormones after six years of hormonal birth control usage. After a lot of trial and error, I created a blend of 10 of my favorite herbs when it comes to overall menstrual/ hormonal health and preventing the onset of PMS.

My PMS Soothe supplement is GMP certified, comes from an FDA-regulated lab, is third-party tested, and is clinically dosed to get you your desired results!

I am also joined by the Shayna Brochstein who is the newest addition to the PLH fam! She is soon getting off hormonal birth control and we will document her journey.

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Jul 14, 2021
Ep. 14: LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX! How Your Libido Changes Throughout Your Cycle
We are talking about the effects that hormonal birth control has on your libido, how your libido shifts throughout your cycle, and how to OPTIMIZE your sex drive!
Jun 23, 2021
Ep. 13: The Fertility Awareness Method Explained / Natural Birth Control
Do you want to have unprotected sex WITHOUT getting pregnant?! In this episode, I am joined by Katrina Swanson, Certified Hormone Coach, to discuss the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) and how this natural form of birth control can help you track your fertile window to prevent pregnancy OR to conceive, if that is your goal. Links: My IG: Katrina’s IG: Cycle Syncing Book: Research: Natural Cycles BBT (Code MM):
Jun 02, 2021
Ep. 12: Gut Health, Gut Myths, & Balancing Your Hormones
In this episode, Maddie and Kylie bust gut myths, talk about whether or not you need to take probiotics, and discuss the gut-hormone connection. CREDITS Host - Maddie Miles
May 18, 2021
Ep. 10: DON'T DO THAT... DO THIS! Cycle Syncing Made Easy
Hi there! I’m Kelly, a 20 something wife, and mother that lives in the suburbs of Seattle. If I’m not creating something in the kitchen, I’m usually helping people live healthier and happier lives. In fact, the passion is so strong that I became a student at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a certifiable health and wellness school that teaches more than 100 diverse dietary theories spanning from ancient Eastern Traditions to modern Western medicine. In this episode, Maddie & Kelly have a candid talk about hormones, cycle syncing, and a general outline of where you can begin if you don’t even know what a hormone is! CREDITS Host - Maddie Miles [@themaddiemiles] Guest - Dr. Biller [@drbiller.nd] Podcast Production - Andy Havranek [@ajhavranekphoto] Intro/outro - iamalex
Apr 20, 2021
Ep. 9: Busting Soy & Plant-Based Myths w/ Dr. Biller
EPISODE SUMMARY Have you wondered about the stuff people say about food? Food from animals is better than plant-based foods and soy!!!!! Are they myths or the plain truth? Well, today we will be diving deep into that story separating the myths from the truth and how to thrive off a plant-based diet with a naturopath Dr. Erin Biller. EPISODE SHOW NOTES: [00:01] Intro [01:12] Introducing Dr. Erin Biller [02:26] Question for Dr. Biller: What phase are you in right now? [03:14] Maddie's current phase [04:13] Question for Dr. Biller: Have you ever been on birth control? [05:26] Why this episode is all about soy and plant-based myths [06:46] Breaking down the topic of Soy [09:51/10:23] Does our body have the capability of creating that complete protein? [10:02] Mid roll [11:01] What other plant proteins give us those nine essential amino acids? [12:52] Genetically modified soy products [14:52] How soy is beneficial for female hormones especially if she is estrogen dominant [19:11] Soy-based foods and cycle syncing [23:58] Soy-based myth #1: "Eating soy increases the risk of cancer" [25:53] How we can adapt to not have a repetition of cancer? [26:40] Myth #2: "All soy products made from GMOs" [28:16] Myth #3: "Soy will give you hypothyroid" [30:32] How does Soy replace hormones for thyroid health? [31:10] Plant-Based Myths [33:33] Companies selling products that are claimed to be complete protein products but they consist of added ingredients [35:42] Myth: "You should be getting a large amount of protein on a daily basis" [44:16] Myth: "Everyone has healthy levels of Omega-3" [46:24] Do you supplement with Algae oil? [48:01] How long Dr. Erin Biller has been plant-based? [58:13] Outro QUOTES "We are better when we are able to support each other." CONNECT WITH DR. ERIN BILLER Instagram - @drbiller.nd Other Media platforms: @Erin Rhae Biller Website: CREDITS Host - Maddie Miles [@themaddiemiles] Guest - Dr. Biller [@drbiller.nd] Podcast Production - Andy Havranek [@ajhavranekphoto] Intro/outro - iamalex [@iamalex]
Apr 06, 2021
Ep. 8: GIRL TALK: Our Favorite Foods & Recipes To Eat During Each Phase Of Our Cycle w/ Natalie Pupo
Mar 23, 2021
Ep. 7: Coffee Enemas - Liver Support & Detoxification
EPISODE SUMMARY In today's episode, we will be talking with Carly Brown about Liver support and detoxification and how it relates to hormonal health. Carly is a holistic health coach and the founder of a raw organic cold-pressed juice company in Austin, Texas called Alchemy Juice. She shares her story and inspiration to help others detox their bodies and continuing the healthy journey that they are on. EPISODE SHOW NOTES: [00:01] Intro [00:34] New topic and new guest speaker [00:52] Who is Carly Brown? [01:07] Her current story of deep healing [01:35] Signs from the universe to support liver health [04:23] Benefits experienced from Coffee Enemas [05:20] Question: When were you diagnosed and did you try conventional medicine or did you started off all-natural? [09:52/16:49] How to create your own Coffee Enemas [15:31] Question for Maddie: For someone who does not drink coffee, do you feel the effects of the caffeine? [18:12] Side effects & benefits of using Coffee Enemas [18:46] How does a healthy person end up with cancer? [20:37] What is the difference between a Colonic and Coffee Enema? [23:25] Why we should detox our bodies often [25:10] Why would one do colonic only twice a year while coffee enema been done weekly? [26:08] Midroll [26:31] Question for Carly: In terms of your diagnosis, where are you at now with the coffee enemas that helped you? [31:14] Did you know the liver can be regrown if it was cut? [32:49] Importance of replacing electrolytes after doing a coffee enema [35:11] Detoxing the liver in terms of hormonal health [36:25] Coffee enemas historical context [38:05] Any questions about coffee enemas? [38:25] Alchemy juice nutritional facts [40:02] Inspiration for building Alchemy Juice Co. [41:23] Outro CREDITS Host - Maddie Miles [@themaddiemiles] Guest - Carly Brown [alchemy,juice] Podcast Production - Andy Havranek [@ajhavranekphoto] Intro/outro - iamalex [@iamalex] SPONSORS  MSW Nutrition Slenderella® Chill Alchemy Juice Presented By: How Do You Health? Network [@howdoyouhealth] Visit MSW Nutrition here!
Mar 09, 2021
Ep. 6: Vaginal Steaming
EPISODE SUMMARY We are here today for this week's episode with our guest, Cassandra as we talk about Vaginal Steaming. Under this topic, we relate to how vaginal steaming is important for the health of our female reproductive system, benefits, and side effects of vaginal steaming if not used properly. EPISODE SHOW NOTES: [00:00] Intro [00:43] Hey, Cassandra!!! [01:42/ 02:23] Question: What phase are you in right now?\ [03:19] Cassandra's favorite phase [04:24] How the topic of vaginal steaming came about for this podcast episode? [06:07] Question for Cassandra: What sparked your interest in learning about your hormones? [09:43] Side Note: Stress is bad for the female hormones. [11:55] Let us go into the topic of Vaginal Steaming [12:35] Historical and Modern approach to vaginal steaming [14:02] Other benefits of vaginal steaming [15:06] Is vaginal steaming age restricted? What are the rules of vaginal steaming? [16:09] Should women experiment with vaginal steaming? [16:42] Vaginal steaming tools and procedure [20:02] Midroll [20:23] Vaginal Steaming Tools continued [21:55] Question for Cassandra: What benefits have you noticed personally from using this type of method? [22:33] Can you use plain water or we definitely have to use herbs? [24:36] What kind of herb would you recommend for a female who has an irregular cycle? [25:29] What kind of herbs would be used in vaginal steaming for parasites or bacteria? [26:00] P.S. Do Not Use Essential Oils in the Vaginal Steaming Process [26:32] Where does Cassandra buy her herbs? [27:31] Are there any places that are specialized in vaginal steaming? [28:23] Recommended usage of vaginal steaming [30:24] Question for Cassandra: What were your favorite ways to nurture your hormones? [31:30] Outro CREDITS Host - Maddie Miles [@themaddiemiles] Guest - Cassandra Wilder [@menstruationqueen] Podcast Production - Andy Havranek [@ajhavranekphoto] Intro/outro - iamalex [@iamalex]
Feb 23, 2021
Ep. 5: Cycle Syncing Series Part 2 - Exercise & Lifestyle
EPISODE SUMMARY Here is part two of the Cycle Syncing Series. In today's episode we will be talking about the exercises that you should do during each of the four phases, and also how to structure your personal and work life around each of the phases. Thereafter, we will be sharing steps to guide women who has not yet tracked their cycle, and who are not confident enough in tracking their cycle. EPISODE SHOW NOTES: [00:00] Intro [00:44] P.S. If you have not listened to Part 1 of Cycle Syncing Series, you need to do so before going deeper into this current episode [01:09] Topics for today's episode  [01:45] What I do: I do it for the passion - Cycle Syncing [03:07] First phase of Cycle Syncing (Menstrual Phase) - time for reflection  [05:07] Exercises to do during this period  [05:44] Note - Avoid strenuous exercises & eat right during your menstrual phase [07:46] Love for all the supporters [08:21] Second phase (Follicular Phase) - ready to plan, plan, plan, plan? [12:06] Third phase (Ovulatory Phase) - sunshine and rainbows [14:29] Midroll [16:06] Fourth phase (Luteal Phase) - time for self-care [20:47] If a woman hasn’t been tracking their cycle... what are the steps to do so? [30:58] Recap of episode [31:39] Outro CREDITS Host - Maddie Miles [@themaddiemiles] Podcast Production - Andy Havranek [@ajhavranekphoto]
Feb 09, 2021
Ep. 4: Cycle Syncing Series Part 1 - Hormones & Nutrition
EPISODE SUMMARY Today's podcast episode is Part 1 of the Cycle Syncing series. We give more information on what Cycle Syncing is and how it aids in the four phases of the female cycle. What is food without a meal plan? Not to mention, the foods to eat and to avoid while seed cycling and other alternatives to use - to optimize hormonal health. Episode Landing Page EPISODE SHOW NOTES: [00:01] Intro [00:43] Cycle Syncing Series [01:42] Topics for today’s podcast [02:07] Need a comprehensive Cycle Syncing Guide? [03:08] What the heck is Cycle Syncing Method? [06:04] Overview of the four (4) phases of the female cycle [11:33] Two, three, or four phases? [13:28] Four seeds used in Seed Cycling [13:57] New episode to be released on the science behind Seed Cycling [14:47] Foods that optimize hormonal health [17:50] Midroll [18:23] Food proportions & alternatives during the different phases [29:35] My typical meal routine [31:05] What to expect in an upcoming podcast [31:13] Sidenote :) [34:04] Conclusion [35:09] Outro CREDITS Host - Maddie Miles [@themaddiemiles] Podcast Production - Andy Havranek [@ajhavranekphoto] Intro/outro - iamalex [@iamalex]
Feb 02, 2021
Ep. 3: How To Heal Your Relationship With Food And Your Body
EPISODE SUMMARY For today's episode, we have a discussion on eating disorders and the way to recovery both her story and mine. Also how we overcame our illnesses allowed us to give aid to others who are struggling with their negative eating patterns. Our guest speaker is Cara Carin Cifelli, a health coach who specializes in Eating Disorder Recovery and helping people to transform their relationship with food and their body. Cara is the host of the Love Your Bod Pod and also an author.  More Info Here: Episode Landing Page USEFUL RESOURCES  Food blog  Check out Cara's book on amazon  Podcast - Love Your Bod Pod  CONNECT WITH US  Maddie - @themaddiemiles  Cara's Instagram @caraskitchen  Cara's LinkedIn  CREDITS  Host - Maddie Miles [@themaddiemiles]  Guest - Cara Carin Cifelli [@caraskitchen]  Podcast Production - Andy Havranek [@ajhavranekphoto]  Intro/outro - iamalex [@iamalex] 
Jan 19, 2021
Ep. 2: Seed cycling
EPISODE SUMMARY In today's episode, we will be talking to Kate, the owner, and founder of Funk It Wellness. Let us talk about periods and hormones. Get informed and inspired to help your body support your cycle naturally and ditch PMS. What other fantastic way to support your cycle than to feed your body with natural ingredients? A healthy normal cycle is seed cycling. More Info Here: Episode Landing Page EPISODE SHOW NOTES: [00:11] Introducing Kate founder and owner of Funk It Wellness [01:11] Kate's hormone and Funk It inspirational story [01:57] Who is Kate and what is her hormone story? [04:18] Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) ... What is that!? [04:48] What inspired Kate to create Funk It Wellness? [06:48] Cycle syncing: Hormone balance & diet [08:44] Stories of party pooper birth control methods [16:39] Seed Cycling is the way to go - A Healthy Normal Cycle [20:33] Nuture Funk It Kit - Follicular Phase [29:58] Radiate Funk It Kit - Luteal Cycle [34:49] What happens if you eat more of the seeds? [36:53] Alternatives for people with allergies to sesame seeds [39:18] Future Episode of Cycle Syncing [39:58] Why you should shop and join the movement of Funk It Wellness [41:04] Help your body support your cycle naturally and ditch PMS [45:03] Quick Recap [45:59] Everyone loves a discount [46:59] Thanks to our sponsor MSW Nutrition [47:33] Chile Supplement from MSW Nutrition QUOTES: "Food is medicine." "What we eat impacts our menstrual cycle." USEFUL RESOURCES Discount Code "MM15" on Funk It Wellness CONNECT WITH US Maddie - @themaddiemiles Kate's Website CREDITS    CONNECT WITH MADDIE Instagram - @themaddiemiles Pinterest - Youtube - 
Jan 05, 2021
Ep. 1: Welcome to the peace. love. hormones. PODCAST!
THE MADDIE MILES PODCAST INTRO EPISODE EPISODE SUMMARY Recovery is not a one move process, it requires our own personal struggles to free ourselves of the bondage we planted in our minds. It is never an easy task and it is definitely not a trivial matter as people would think. There are days when there are thoughts that make us feel like we are not beautiful or sexy enough. If you are feeling like this or knows someone who is struggling then this Health and Wellness podcast is for you; you are not alone. Making peace with food, improving body image, and live authentically is what we crave for and this podcast will also air speakers with personal stories of hope for recovery. More Info Here: Episode Landing Page EPISODE SHOW NOTES [00:01]  Intro to the Female Health & Wellness podcast [02:02]  Why I started this podcast [03:36]  My health history's role in this podcast [04:18] Overview of what this podcast will bring to you [04:42]  My Eating disorder & Body Image journey [06:38]  The decision to freedom [11:08]  Hormone replacement therapy [14:00]  Inspiration of research to love my body [14:32]  Using my journey as a source of inspiration for others [16:32]  Dedication to this podcast and my journey to understanding and helping other females who have struggled with Anorexia and other health and wellness issue [17:46]  Look out for my E-books USEFUL RESOURCES Maddie Miles Cookbook CONNECT WITH MADDIE Instagram - Pinterest  - Youtube  -
Dec 19, 2020