Cuttin' Up

By Lindsay Ott

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Category: Fashion & Beauty

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Are you ready to pee in your pants? Well, grab a pad, maybe a diaper, and maybe some champs...two sister-in-laws that turned best friends while becoming moms have some entertaining life stories...oh! and get ready for the TEA! Moms, wives, husbands, sisters, ya moms mom & em...join in on our journey of reality & why we believe cuttin' up is GOOD! LIVE IN THE NOW

Episode Date

Who's husband dropped their leg after they got an epidural? Who got their epidural at 1 cm? Listen to the oozy juicy birth stories of us!

Jun 14, 2021
Mrs. WORLDwides'

Get to know Macy & Lindsay's favorite vacayyy spots along with where they want to go in the world; also who do you think has gotten kicked off a plane before? Tune in to find out!

Jun 01, 2021
Let's get PERSONAL

Revealing some deep dark secrets of us....see who wants to be touched for affection & who eats peanut butter on their tacos! From some of our fears to some of our insecurities- you may NOT really know us!

May 24, 2021
Will you accept this ROSE? ft. Bachelorette Elinor

Are you still SINGLE looking for love? Well, Elinor is & no need to worry bc the grass isn't ALWAYS greener on the other side! Based off of the INFAMOUS The Bachelor/Bachelorette we give Elinor a lil bachelorette interview. See if you can relate!

May 17, 2021

Get to know what drives Lindsay & Macy BERSERK about their husbands, but at the same time they LOVE them SO MUCH :) Does sneezing aggravate Macy, Lindsay, Jacob or Matty? Find out the things that bother our husbands & why you should stay far away from Lindsay when she sneezes or Macy when you crunch a chip in your mouth. k? k.

May 09, 2021
Pt. 2 REAL life ft. THE Ashley Sievert

Are Macy & Ashley soul sisters? Did they really just have their first fight? LOL. Find out all of her different characters & cut up with us!

May 02, 2021
Our all time FAV makeup line Pt. 1 ft. THE Ashley Sievert

Listen to the FOUNDER of ASB tell her story! Where she came from, how ASB got started & all the blood, sweat, & tears that went into it! 

Apr 30, 2021
BARRE or BAR? How do you cope with your mental health? ft. Shelly Saurage

Chizzlin' into fame, family and fortune with THE GOAT barre-tender! Tune in to hear her story & how Body Sculpt Barre Studio was birthed!

Apr 25, 2021
Why you SHOULD shotgun a beer before getting a spray tan! ft. D'Shea Bingham

Lets talk ALL about self-care! Do you give yourself what you deserve? If not, listen to see why you SHOULD!

Apr 18, 2021
A lil ATX VIBES pt. 1
Keepin’ Austin Weird one day at a time!
Apr 16, 2021
Allow us to REINTRODUCE ourselves

Gettin' deep into who we are & how cuttin' up came to life! Don't forget to bring your own toilet paper to Chi-NA & see what age Macy really believes she is l o l 

Apr 11, 2021
Cuttin' Up with Macy + Lindsay

Listen to see what Cuttin' Up, the podcast, is ALL about! 

Mar 10, 2021