The Time of the Feminine - A Global Sisterhood Podcast

By Lauren Walsh and Shaina Conners

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Category: Spirituality

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Welcome to the Time of The Feminine, a podcast hosted by Lauren Walsh and Shaina Conners, stewards of the Global Sisterhood movement. This podcast is meant to inspire you to transform and heal from the patriarchal mindsets, rise into your feminine power, and be a leader in a movement that's transforming the world. Lauren and Shaina are on a mission to seed women's circles all over the world because they believe in something that wisdom keepers and prophecies have pointed to...We have entered into the Time of the Feminine Rising. But what does that actually mean? We are on a journey to find out. Find more from Lauren and Shaina on Instagram: @theglobalsisterhood.

Episode Date
Sarah Drew: Retrieving Forgotten Feminine Wisdom Through Women’s Circles.
There exists a luminous web of wisdom from our past generations  that will help us save our future. In this episode, we talk about how to access it.
This week, we are honored to host one of our most respected mentors, Sarah Drew. She's a spiritual teacher, storyteller, and the visionary author of "GAIA CODEX," an eco-feminist novel revealing the forgotten teachings of the past through a lineage of women who has cultivated and protected this wisdom throughout the ages.
Our conversation revolves around the book and why it's worth reading, especially in this time of global crises, the power of belonging in women circles, and what she's learned from decades of exploring various spiritual paths and traditions.  Also, Sarah shares powerful practices to activate and illuminate your creative mind!
Sarah Drew is a poet and mystic mythologist who catalyzes powerful blueprints for the future deeply rooted in the gnosis of the past.  She has been a featured speaker at the graduate level and at organizations such as Google and ABC Deepak Homebase, and she is currently a popular teacher and mentor for women worldwide on topics such as Feminine Wisdom and Evolutionary Culture.  

What we discuss…

2:30 - Why women are the key leaders toward the world’s rebirth

6:00 - What is the "GAIA CODEX" and why is it so important?

14:45 - How belonging in a sisterhood amplifies our connection to Mother Gaia

17:15 - Why true interconnectivity begins after an ego death

25:53 - What it's like belonging in a circle when you're shy

33:10 - Powerful tips to hone your creative mind:

TIP #1: Let what needs to flow, flow.

TIP #2: Have a soft mind.

TIP #3: Don’t edit your work right away.             

37:25 - What she learned from traveling the world and exploring different spiritual practices

40:50 - Sarah's greatest advice to women

42:06 - What's the message of the Divine Mother to us?


Learn more from Sarah: 



“GAIA CODEX” by Sarah Drew:

Dec 02, 2021
Vivien Vilela: Upholding Ancient Wisdom to Heal the Planet

The biggest problem in the world is our disconnection from nature. How do we solve this?

This Time of the Feminine episode features spiritual healer, philanthropist, and activist, Vivien Vilela, as she reveals her journey from the dehumanizing world of modeling to the Amazon jungle. As a successful model, Vivien felt life wasn’t that hard until she woke up to the grim realities of her industry and, later on, to her father’s suicide. Lost and empty, she sought comfort in self-destructive ways – drugs, mindless materialism, meaningless relationships.

But what saved her from oblivion isn’t mere therapy. Having connected with indigenous elders in the Amazon, Vivien faced her demons with an ancient shamanic vision quest. She tapped into a sacred world that surpasses all understanding and from then on, she dedicated her life to saving others and the planet through the preservation of indigenous culture and wisdom.

Here, she talks about how to harness the energy of nature into your being, where dark energy comes from, and why she doesn’t believe in charity. She also addresses the issue on commercializing spirituality and gives tips on manifesting a fulfilled life!

Vivien Vilela is the co-founder of the Boa Foundation, a non-profit organization collaborating with indigenous communities to preserve and protect sacred land, culture, and ancient wisdom. Aniwa Gathering, one of her projects, is an annual 4-day event where indigenous leaders convene to give workshops to international community and discuss the world’s most pressing issues.


What we discuss…

2:00 - Growing up with atheist parents and dealing with her father's suicide

7:20 - How an immersion in ancient shamanic practices saved her life

10:35 - "Every meditation was an expansion": How to harness the energy of nature

15:32 - Realizing her new purpose in the world

20:00 - The birth of the Boa Foundation

25:00 - Where dark energy comes from, and how to deal with it

28:30 - What's the Rainbow Prophecy and the Aniwa Gathering?

35:00 - Why indigenous communities don't need charity

42:00 - On commercializing spirituality: Do healers always need to be poor?

56:00 - What does it mean to be a shaman?

1:03:20 - Powerful tips and practices to reconnect with nature and ourselves

1:06:10 - How to live in gratitude even when you don’t have much in life

1:11:00 - What's the message of the Divine Mother to us?


Learn more from Vivien: 


Instagram: @theboafoundation


Mentioned Resources:

The Global Sisterhood:

Aniwa Gathering:

Nov 24, 2021
Karen Lee Downes: What You Need to Know About The Feminine Intelligence Revolution

MORE THAN LABORERS, WE ARE HUMANS.  To create a flourishing future for all, we must dismantle the current systems of masculine domination and restore the feminine values that have been suppressed for centuries.

Our guest Karen Lee Downes puts this imbalance in the context of the workplace where masculine qualities are held supreme over the feminine. This is seen in how success at work is measured through output, strength, competition, and performance, while unquantifiable feminine qualities like humility, compassion, empathy, intimacy, and intuition are trivialized – causing a never-ending “burnout” crisis and women marginalization.

How do we make the workplace a home where people, both men and women, can embody the feminine without being put to shame?

Karen says it’s through reintegrating the feminine intelligence, first within ourselves and then outside. She shares what it takes to elevate our consciousness and how to rewrite the false narratives we know into something we want. Also, she gives tips on how we can help spread the word about the paradigm shift while reminding us what true activism is.

Karen Lee Downes is the co-founder of FemmeQ and founder of The Flourish Initiative. With over three decades of expertise and experience as a social entrepreneur, therapist, author, and business consultant, she has designed and led development programs for leaders and their teams, across all sectors of society, applying the feminine principle.


What we discuss…

3:30 - What is feminine intelligence?

11:20 - The key to ending the chronic existence of hunger in the world

12:20 - What it's like to be a woman leading a masculine paradigm shift

16:00 - Why women aren't victims but are part of the problem

19:30 - How can we teach the feminine intelligence to men?

25:30 - Tips on how to encourage others to practice feminine values

35:30 - Inner work application: How can we better activists?

37:00 - The one question that reveals your purpose

39:50 - Lessons from a broken back

43:40 - What's the message of the Divine Mother to us?


Learn more from Karen: 



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The Flourish Initiative:

Joanna Macy:

Nov 18, 2021
Grandmother Flordemayo: Healing the Father Wound, the Power of Forgiveness & Wisdom from an Indigenous Grandmother

How can we heal from the wounds people leave behind? Someone's death doesn't take away the pain they caused us. We carry it along with their memory, hoping it eventually subsides.

In this episode of The Time of the Feminine, Grandmother Flordemayo illuminates the sacred ways of forgiving the dead, healing from ancestral traumas, and cultivating our personal relationship with the Divine Mother.

To achieve absolute freedom, we need to mend our relationships both with the living and the departed. But where do we start?

The youngest of 15 children, Grandmother Flordemayo lost her father at age 2, but his spirit followed her around. Here, she looks back on her mystical encounters not only with his spirit but also with that of other beings traversing the celestial world.

Grandmother Flordemayo is a Curandera espiritu (healer by divine spirit) and Mayan priestess. She's one of the 13 grandmothers of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, a global alliance that teaches ancestral ways of prayer, education, and healing. While travelling the world to share her wisdom and spark people's spiritual consciousness, she also founded The Path, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of traditional knowledge and heritage seeds.

What we discuss…

5:03 - A seer's childhood: Encounters with her dead father's spirit

9:50 - Dealing with inherited masculine wounds

17:20 - You can experience fear, but don't take it with you

19:40 - How to heal our relationship with someone, whether they're alive or not

30:00 - Uncovering the past leads to a better understanding of the pain

37:12 - How Grandmother Flordemayo made peace with her father, and what we can learn from it

43:54 - A message to those who don't believe in the world of the unseen

45:45 - What to tell your unsupportive friends

47:50 - How can we cultivate our bond with the Divine Mother?

50:16 - Murmuryo: A ceremonial prayer calling on the Divine Mother

55:50 - What does the time of the feminine mean?

59:17 - What's the Divine Mother's message to us?


Learn more from Grandmother Flordemayo: 


Instagram: @grandmotherflordemayo

Nov 12, 2021
Transmuting Pain into Purpose, Power, and Freedom

AS WE HEAL, WE GROW WISE AND HEAL THE WORLD. If you're ready to alchemize your pain into purpose. we're here to help.

In this special episode of The Time of The Feminine, we, Lauren and Shaina, talk about what healing really means, how to find purpose in your pain, why conventional talk therapy can't heal the wounds of your soul, and the power of belonging in a community. Most importantly, we discuss Global Sisterhood’s Wounds to Wisdom cohort where we offer an 8-week spiritual course guiding you to your unique healing journey.

It’s time to stop running away from your shadows and projecting them onto nature and fellow beings. The season has come to shed the patriarchal, cultural, and religious lies that have been blinding you from the divine truth: You are worthy as you are.

Here, we also remind you to pause and let yourself feel the emotions lurking in your body and mind. If you haven’t done this for a while, we’ll tell you how.


What we discuss…

2:20 – Why you should care about healing

6:10 – Being Vs. Doing: Where does your worth lie?

9:15 – Writing a "to-be" list in addition to your “to-do” list

14:00 – Does God really exist within you?

19:00 – Signs that you have an unprocessed pain and trauma that need integration

23:10 – How to find gratitude and purpose in your suffering

25:00 – Why traditional talk therapy doesn't address the issues of the soul

30:00 – What are shadows? Why do we need a community to heal?

34:35 – Wounds to Wisdom: Beginnings, Purpose, Modalities

45:45 – If you're one of these women, you need to join Wounds to Wisdom

49:00 – What’s the message of the Divine Mother to us?


Learn more from Global Sisterhood: 


Instagram: @theglobalsisterhood


Mentioned Resources:

Wounds to Wisdom begins on November 16:

“Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear” by Elizabeth Gilbert:


Nov 08, 2021
Quanita Roberson: What Initiation Is and How Grief Gives Life Meaning

WHAT DOES IT REALLY MEAN TO GROW UP? As adolescents, we want all of the freedom and none of the responsibilities…So how do we transition into the adults and leaders our world needs?

In this soulful episode of The Time of the Feminine, Quanita Roberson shares what initiation is and how it reveals our purpose. As she talks about spirit-led leadership, she also offers beautiful insights on communal rage, courage, and grief – plus how to find forgiveness and reconciliation amidst all these.

Arguing that grief isn’t an event but a relationship to embrace, Quanita dives deeper into the truth of who we are and what it means to be alive.

Quanita is a shaman, spiritual teacher, speaker, author, life coach, and storyteller. Her work over the past 20 years has been focused on the areas of healing, initiation, grief, leadership, diversity, and inclusion. She’s the founder of Nzuzu Consulting and co-founder of Fire & Water: A 16-month Leadership Journey and Rite of Passage Cohort.


What we discuss…

1:58 – What does the initiation from adolescent to adult mean?

7:11 – Tapping into our higher chakras to ignite our spirit and collective consciousness

16:02 – Why Quanita stopped doing feminine wisdom retreats and started Fire & Water

18:56 – Regaining trust in our spiritual guides to heal our traumas

23:49 – How do we fully feel our personal rage and grief yet still be able to forgive?

25:57 – When does fear become courage?

28:30 – Questions we need to ask ourselves to reveal the truth of who we are

30:38 – What turns a person into a walking dead, and how to avoid being one

36:35 – How to move from a place of fear and scarcity to that of love and abundance

38:11 – What the "time of the feminine" means to Quanita, and why patriarchy hurts white men the most

44:44 – The message of the Divine Mother


Mentioned Resources:

Nzuzu Consulting:

Fire & Water Leadership:

Spiral Dynamics by Don Beck and Christopher Cowan:

Iron John: A Book About Men by Robert Bly:

Soulcraft: Crossing into the Mysteries of Nature and Psyche by Bill Plotkin:

Nov 04, 2021
Alana Fairchild: A Guide to Spiritual Awakening and Divine Feminine Energy Work


What exactly is the price of walking the sacred spiritual path? Where does pain end and peace begins?

In this episode of The Time of the Feminine, Alana Fairchild shares what it means to channel the Divine Wisdom in our daily life and serve the heart despite our worldly fears. While most of us see death as the end, Alana sees it as the beginning of another lifetime. She introduces the Dark Goddess Kali and guides us away from the fear of dying into the truth of rebirth.

Rage and anger can be transformed into an energy, and Alana gives us the tools to make it happen. For her, the divine feminine intelligence doesn't give us control of things; it teaches us to give up control and let the Spirit work for us. How do we learn to let go of the world and listen to our soul? How do we navigate our worst traumas and find joy in the unknown?

Alana Fairchild is a modern mystic and best-selling author whose work greatly influenced the mission of the Global Sisterhood. In the past 9 years, she's created over 20 oracle decks, 13 books, and 27 albums of sacred music and meditation. Her work has been translated in 11 languages and continues to awaken souls across the globe.


What we discuss…

4:20 - Alana's encounter with the Divine Feminine while grappling with the systems of fear, control, and oppression

9:20 - From a depressed law student to an enlightened psychic: Lessons on the divine feminine intelligence

13:08 - The price of going through the Divine Feminine Initiation

19:26 - A prayer to the heart, and how to navigate the crippling fear of the unknown

26:12 - What's the Kuan Yin Transmission?

30:40 - Redefining death and placing it in the context of the beautiful rebirth

39:40 - Connecting with the Dark Goddess Kali, and calling on her life-altering power

50:46 - How to consciously express the Feminine and confront rage, darkness, negativity, and evil

1:02:37 - Transforming our worst emotions into a power source

1:07:05 - Finding universality amid diversity by going back to the heart

1:12:14 - What's the message of the Divine Mother to us?


Learn more about Alana: 


Instagram: @alana_fairchild



Connect with Lauren and Shaina:


Instagram: @theglobalsisterhood

Oct 28, 2021
Anne Baring: Lessons on the Historical Suppression of the Feminine

WE ARE ALL ONE WITH NATURE, EARTH, AND THE COSMOS - until we accept that, we'll remain trapped in the multifaceted crises we're facing today.

In this episode of The Time of The Feminine, Lauren and Shaina chat with Anne Baring about the long history of feminine and women suppression, what we can learn from it, and how we can move forward. Anne's powerful insights shed light on religious myths that put women to shame. She also highlights women's role in leading men to a better future and drops intriguing views on religion, warfare, quantum physics, and scientific reductionism.

Anne Baring is a Jungian analyst, author, and historian with an Honorary Ph.D. in Wisdom Studies from Ubiquity University. At 90, she published 8 books traversing the human condition, the Divine Feminine, and our fatal disconnection from the soul and the feminine principle.

Her magnum opus, 'The Dream of the Cosmos: A Quest for the Soul,' explores the roots of human suffering and presents solutions for collective salvation.


What we discuss…

4:05 - An overview of 'Dream of the Cosmos' and why depression is a call from the deep soul

6:40 - From Lunar to Solar Era: Humanity's separation from the Great Mother

14:54 - How can we shift to a more balanced society where the feminine and masculine principles can come together?

20:06 - Anne's thoughts on money: Does it help or hinder women's path forward?

24:09 - How can we abandon beliefs and behaviors that have been damaging the soul and the planet?

27:55 - Why the myth of Adam and Eve led to the subjugation of women, and what’s the new story we should propagate

33:43 - Scientific reductionism spreads ignorance; death isn't the end

41:48 - How Goddess/God communicated with Anne through a dream that sparked her devotion to the Feminine Principle

43:49 - Unearthing the Female Holy Spirit and The Lost Gospel of Mary Magdalene

52:10 - The pivotal role of women in the ‘Time of Transformation’ or the ‘Great Rebirth’

Checkout the Course we did with Anne about what happened to the feminine, the rise of the Patriarchy, and the stories that have added to this narrative: Healing Eve

Learn more from Anne Baring here:

Oct 20, 2021
Yeye Luisah Teish: Honoring Your Ancestors and Finding Your Purpose

You are a drop of water that ripples through centuries. Your thoughts and actions dictate not only your future but that of your entire lineage. How can you contribute better?

In this episode, Yeye Luisah Teish shares insights on ancestor reverence and how revisiting our roots can heal wounds inflicted by a patriarchal and materialistic society. By 'roots,' she means the indigenous, uncolonized, and unsuppressed parts of who we are. She also discusses the beautiful Yoruba religion, the difference between religiosity and spirituality, the prevailing perils of colonialism and the Inquisition, and how we can embody our indigenous past to leave a lasting impact.

Yeye Luisah Teish is an author, teacher, dancer, storyteller, and a well-known high priestess and Oshun chief in Yoruba tradition. Her spiritual guidance programs heal countless people worldwide. Among many things, she wrote the highly acclaimed book 'Jambalaya: The Natural Woman's Book of Personal Charms and Practical Rituals.'


What we discuss…

3:57 – What is a ‘matristic’ worldview?

9:12 – Questions to ask ourselves to find our purpose in life

15:03 – Yeye’s childhood, and how mothers shape the minds of their children and the world

18:06 – Stripping colonial thinking away and reclaiming our indigenous mind and spirit

20:48 – What are the Orishas in Yoruba religion, and how can we awaken our spirituality?

27:03 – Divination: What it is and how to practice it

34:22 – Why being religious doesn't mean you're spiritual

39:30 – The perversion of Christ's teachings and the changing meaning of symbols

54:59 – How to be a better human and spiritual being in today’s world

1:06:03 – What’s the message of the Divine Mother?



Learn more from Yeye Luisah Teish: 



Connect with Lauren and Shaina:


Instagram: @theglobalsisterhood

Oct 14, 2021
Clare Dubois: Reinstating Feminine Consciousness to Save the Earth

Grief is our gateway to change. Have you ever been told you’re “too much” because of the crazy amount of feelings you hold?

In this episode of The Time of the Feminine, Clare Dubois pours her heart out about feminine leadership and dealing with grief. We've been numbed by generational undigested trauma that labeled crying as weakness, that pain is meant to be handled alone, or that emotions are for “girls” only. Well, all those are lies.

Here, Clare shares why we can only heal the planet if we acknowledge its desecration - if we let ourselves grieve the dying trees and shed tears for the suffering of fellow beings. Also, she talks about how she built TreeSisters, ways to overcome our fear of failure, and what it takes to be a feminine leader.

Clare Dubois is the founder of TreeSisters, a social change and reforestation charity that activates nature-based feminine leadership while restoring humanity’s relationship with nature.


What we discuss…

5:30 - How to overcome your fear of failure, and why Clare built TreeSisters

10:43 - Why letting yourself grieve means letting yourself love

14:05 - What made us numb to our relationship with each other and the world?

18:40 - It's love, not hope, that heals grief

24:23 - How to build intimacy with ourselves and one another in our current world

26:00 – Why we fail to receive the kind of love we give

27:13 - Cosmic stain removal: what is it and why do you need it?

31:29 - Why avoiding your feelings reflects irresponsibility

33:30 - The role models women need are those who embody femininity instead of trying to be a man

37:30 - What is Mother Gaia's message to us?


Learn more from Clare Dubois here:

Oct 14, 2021
Lauren Walsh and Shaina Conners: Birthing A New World Through Global Sisterhood

FROM HEALED WOUNDS RISES A NEW WORLD. For generations, women have been persecuted for posing a threat to the patriarchal system, but that's changing. More and more women resist socially constructed conventional roles as they channel their feminine energy into blazing their own path.

How can women take up space in a ‘man’s world’?

In this first-ever Time of The Feminine episode, Lauren and Shaina pull back the curtain and reveal the story behind Global Sisterhood - a sisterhood revolution helping women reclaim their feminine power and live their truth. Here, Lauren and Shaina share personal traumas and wounds that sparked their spiritual search for the Great Mother. They also discuss self-destructive masculine qualities lording over women and how a compassionate sisterhood offers healing and freedom.

This talk marks the start of more complicated, deep, and real conversations seeking to awaken your Female Spirit and cultivate the Goddess in you.


What they discuss…

1:30 – The purpose behind The Time of the Feminine podcast

4:23 – What patriarchy is and why we shouldn’t blame men for the systemic oppression

8:00 – Lauren’s search for the feminine aspect of God, and the dawn of Global Sisterhood

16:18 – How Shaina deals with perfectionism and the thought of not being good enough

22:15 – Why do women feel unworthy of success, and how can we change that?

33:56 – Why feminine experiences are not “woo-woo” but are moments of enlightenment

37:20 – What the homely darkness of the womb tells us about our dark experiences

39:18 – The transformational experience of belonging in a sisterhood

40:00 – An invitation to join the Global Sisterhood and navigate the changing times in your full power

41:19 – A message channeling the Great Mother

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Oct 14, 2021
Welcome to the Time of the Feminine

Welcome to the Time of The Feminine, a podcast hosted by Lauren Walsh and Shaina Conners, stewards of the Global Sisterhood movement. This podcast is meant to inspire you to transform and heal from the patriarchal and colonialist mindsets, rise into your feminine power, and be a leader in a movement that's transforming the world. Lauren and Shaina are on a mission to seed women's circles all over the world because they believe in something that wisdom keepers and prophecies have pointed to...We have entered into the Time of the Feminine Rising. But what does that actually mean? We are on a journey to find out. Be sure to subscribe to never miss an episode!

Sep 30, 2021