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CFR Events Audio

Episode Date
The COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout
Jan 15, 2021
C. Peter McColough Series on International Economics With David Malpass
World Bank President David Malpass discusses global economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. The C. Peter McColough Series on International Economics brings the world's foremost economic policymakers and scholars to address members on current topics in international economics and U.S. monetary policy. This meeting series is presented by the Maurice R. Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studies.
Jan 14, 2021
Higher Education Webinar: Planning for Vaccine Rollouts
Anita L. Barkin, co-chair of the COVID-19 task force at the American College Health Association, leads a discussion on the role of colleges in disseminating vaccines and provide rollout recommendations for campus communities.
Jan 14, 2021
Paul C. Warnke Lecture on International Security: The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty—Reducing the Threat of Nuclear Weapons
The United Nations is expected to hold the tenth Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference in 2021, following its spring 2020 postponement. In this event, panelists discuss the status of the treaty, which has facilitated nonproliferation cooperation for more than fifty years, including the major accomplishments of its signatories and the challenges they face. The Paul C. Warnke Lecture on International Security was established in 2002 and is endowed by a number of Council members and the family and friends of Paul C. Warnke. The lecture commemorates his legacy of courageous service to the nation and international peace.
Jan 13, 2021
COVID-19 and Global Equity
Jan 13, 2021
Transition 2021 Series: The First 100 Days and Beyond
Richard Haass and David Rubenstein discuss the most pressing foreign policy challenges to greet the Biden administration, including U.S.-China relations, cybersecurity, climate change, nuclear proliferation, and the pandemic, as part of the first event in CFR’s Transition 2021 series. The Transition 2021 series examines the major issues confronting the administration in the foreign policy arena.
Jan 07, 2021
A Conversation With Chairman Kimberly Reed
Chairman Kimberly Reed discusses how the Export-Import Bank is working to modernize U.S. business competitiveness in the face of contentious trade and business practices by China.
Dec 17, 2020
Covering the States’ COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plans
Dec 17, 2020
Frontier Market Entrepreneurship: Startup Success Beyond Silicon Valley and Term Member Happy Hour
Our panelists discuss the growing amount of startup ecosystems that are popping up outside of Silicon Valley and other major economic centers, including what it takes for many of those startups to succeed amidst political or economic instability, lack of infrastructure, and little to no access to angel investors, venture capitalists, or experienced employee pools.
Dec 17, 2020
Women, Civic Participation, and the Legacy of the Nineteenth Amendment
Dec 16, 2020
CFR Fellows' Book Launch Series Guest Event With John Campbell
John Campbell discusses his new book, Nigeria and the Nation-State. Nigeria is Africa's largest economy and is projected to be the third most populous country in the world by 2050, yet its democratic aspirations are challenged by rising insecurity. Nigeria and the Nation-State is an antidote to the mistakes of the past and a way for the West to pay the necessary attention to Nigeria now. The CFR Fellows’ Book Launch series highlights new books by CFR fellows.
Dec 16, 2020
Reconciliation in the United States
Dec 15, 2020
Virtual Roundtable: How Nonviolent Resistance Succeeds
Dec 11, 2020
A Conversation With Robert Redfield
Dr. Robert Redfield discusses the CDC’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Dec 11, 2020
Higher Education Webinar: The Value of International Students
Esther Brimmer, executive director and CEO of NAFSA: Association of International Educators, leads a discussion on international student contributions to academic communities and the U.S. economy, and declining international enrollment.
Dec 08, 2020
Rescuing States and Cities Amid the Pandemic
Panelists discuss the current state and local budgetary crises brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, policy options available to state and local officials, and implications of these crises for the U.S. economy.
Dec 07, 2020
Screening and Discussion of "A La Calle"
Panelists discuss the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela as the country continues to face high rates of poverty, unemployment, and even starvation. A La Calle (“To the Street”) is a firsthand account of the extraordinary efforts of ordinary Venezuelans to reclaim their democracy from the Nicolás Maduro administration. Working with a network of clandestine camera crews, the filmmakers spent three years recording exclusive interviews with key opposition figures as well as a host of everyday citizens to document the efforts of Venezuela’s opposition movement.
Dec 01, 2020
The Future of Europe
Panelists discuss the multiple challenges facing Europe today, including the public health and economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, Brexit, continued threats of nationalism, Russian influence, and relations with the United States.
Nov 30, 2020
CFR Master Class With Adam Segal
Adam Segal discusses the evolution of China's technology policy and how it has changed the U.S.-China relationship.  The CFR Master Class Series is a biweekly 45-minute session hosted by Vice President and Deputy Director for Studies Shannon O’Neil in which a CFR fellow will take a step back from the news and discuss the fundamentals essential to understanding a given country, region of the world, or issue pertaining to U.S. foreign policy or international relations.
Nov 25, 2020
A Conversation With President Ursula von der Leyen of the European Commission
President von der Leyen discusses her vision for a new transatlantic agenda, prospects for cooperation between the European Union and the United States, and the future of multilateralism.
Nov 20, 2020
A Conversation With House Armed Services Chairman Adam Smith
Adam Smith discusses his role as chairman of the House Armed Services Committee and the need for the United States to address growing competition with China.
Nov 20, 2020
Faith and Polarization in 2020 Part 2
Nov 19, 2020
Resetting Public Health Strategy on COVID-19
Nov 19, 2020
A Conversation With Vice Admiral Robert Sharp
Vice Admiral Robert Sharp discusses the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disaster response efforts, partnerships with industry and academia, and its future support toward U.S. foreign policy objectives.
Nov 18, 2020
Academic Webinar: The Road to Peace in Afghanistan
Rina Amiri, senior fellow at New York University’s Center for Global Affairs, discusses prospects for peace in Afghanistan, including the fate of the U.S.-Taliban peace deal, Afghan women’s roles in peace and security, and the outlook for intra-Afghan negotiations.
Nov 18, 2020
A Conversation With Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh of the Palestinian Authority
Prime Minister Shtayyeh discusses the Palestinian Authority’s relations with the United States, its security and economy amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and the broader Middle East peace process. 
Nov 17, 2020
A Conversation With President Sebastián Piñera of Chile
President Piñera discusses short term and long term economic recovery after COVID-19, Chile’s new constitution, global governance, and the shifting geopolitics of Latin America.
Nov 13, 2020
CFR Master Class With Sheila Smith
Sheila Smith discusses the importance of the U.S.-Japan alliance in today's global political environment, including insight into shifts in Japanese defense capability since the security pact was signed, as well as changes in Japan’s position as a regional and global power.  The CFR Master Class Series is a biweekly 45-minute session hosted by Vice President and Deputy Director for Studies Shannon O’Neil in which a CFR fellow will take a step back from the news and discuss the fundamentals essential to understanding a given country, region of the world, or issue pertaining to U.S. foreign policy or international relations.
Nov 11, 2020
C. Peter McColough Series on International Economics With Robert S. Kaplan
Robert S. Kaplan of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas discusses monetary policy and U.S. economic conditions. The C. Peter McColough Series on International Economics brings the world's foremost economic policymakers and scholars to address members on current topics in international economics and U.S. monetary policy. This meeting series is presented by the Maurice R. Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studies.
Nov 10, 2020
Academic Webinar: The World
Richard N. Haass, president of CFR and author of The World: A Brief Introduction, leads a post-election conversation on the United States’ global role and discusses the events and ideas that have shaped today's world.
Nov 10, 2020
A Global Look at Primary Care in the Era of COVID-19
Panelists examine challenges and best practices in providing primary care around the world, the vitality of access to primary care, and how healthcare settings have evolved in the era of COVID-19.
Oct 30, 2020
Lessons From History Series: The Life and Legacy of Yitzhak Rabin—25 Years Later
Former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated on November 4, 1995, only two years after he shook hands with Yasser Arafat on the White House South Lawn following the signing of the Oslo Accords. Panelists discuss his legacy, achievements, and the ramifications of his assassination on the Middle East peace process twenty-five years later. The Lessons From History Series uses historical analysis as a critical tool for understanding modern foreign policy challenges by hearing from practitioners who played an important role in a consequential historical event or from experts and historians. This series is made possible through the generous support of David M. Rubenstein.
Oct 29, 2020
CFR Fellows' Book Launch Series Guest Event With Yanzhong Huang
Yanzhong Huang discusses his new book, Toxic Politics: China’s Environmental Health Crisis and Its Challenge to the Chinese State. Environmental degradation in China has taken a heavy toll not only on public health, but also on Chinese society, the economy, and the legitimacy of the party-state. Toxic Politics connects the limited success of China's pollution control to pathologies inherent in the institutional structure of the Chinese party-state, revealing a political system that is remarkably resilient, but fundamentally flawed. The CFR Fellows’ Book Launch series highlights new books by CFR fellows.
Oct 29, 2020
Faith, Polarization, and the 2020 Election Part 1
Oct 29, 2020
Academic Webinar: Migration in the Americas
Paul J. Angelo, fellow for Latin America studies at CFR, and Angela M. Banks, Charles J. Merriam distinguished professor of law at Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, discuss migration dynamics in the Americas, including ramifications of COVID-19, drivers of migration in the Northern Triangle and Venezuela, and U.S. policy responses.
Oct 28, 2020
Reporting on Election 2020
Oct 27, 2020
Election 2020 U.S. Foreign Policy Forum
In CFR’s final forum of the Election 2020 series, Secretary Albright and Dr. Haass discuss the foreign policy challenges awaiting the winner of the 2020 presidential election.
Oct 26, 2020
Belarus in Crisis
Two months after Alexander Lukashenko claimed victory in the presidential election, protestors in Belarus continue to take to the street to voice their discontent over the election’s legitimacy. Crackdowns against the protests have become increasingly violent, and most opposition leaders have either been jailed or have fled abroad. Speakers discuss the state of democracy in Belarus and the implications of this crisis for U.S.-Belarus and U.S.-Russia relations.
Oct 23, 2020
The Future of AI, Ethics, and Defense
Speakers discuss the intersection of technology, defense, and ethics, and the geopolitical competition for the future of innovation.  The Malcolm and Carolyn Wiener Annual Lecture on Science and Technology addresses issues at the intersection of science, technology, and foreign policy. It has been endowed in perpetuity through a gift from CFR members Malcolm and Carolyn Wiener.
Oct 23, 2020
Voting and Demographics in Election 2020
Oct 22, 2020
Academic Webinar: International Trade Policy
Renee Bowen, director of the Center for Commerce and Diplomacy and professor in the department of economics and School of Global Policy and Strategy at University of California, San Diego, and Jennifer Hillman, senior fellow for trade and international political economy at CFR, discuss international trade policy and the future of the World Trade Organization.
Oct 21, 2020
Higher Education Webinar: Introduction to World101
Charles Hopkins, director of teaching and learning at CFR; Jean E. Abshire, associate professor of political science and international studies at Indiana University Southeast; and Steven Elliott-Gower, associate professor of political science at Georgia College, lead a presentation of World101, CFR’s multimedia library of regional and topical issues that explain the fundamental concepts of international relations and foreign policy.
Oct 15, 2020
Academic Webinar: European Integration and Brexit
Matthias Matthijs, senior fellow for Europe at CFR and associate professor of international political economy at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies, discusses European integration and Brexit negotiations in the lead-up to the December 31, 2020, deadline.
Oct 07, 2020
Environmental Risk Management and Climate Change
Sep 30, 2020
Economic Recovery From the Coronavirus Pandemic
Sep 29, 2020
Higher Education Webinar: Targeting, Testing, and Mitigating the Spread of COVID-19
Martin D. Burke, chair of the SHIELD COVID-19 strategy for the University of Illinois system, and May and Ving Lee professor for chemical innovation and professor of chemistry at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, discusses targeting, mass testing, and mitigating the spread of COVID-19 on campus.
Sep 24, 2020
Academic Webinar: Global Health During COVID-19
Ilona Kickbusch, founding director and chair of the Global Health Centre at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, discusses global health during COVID-19.
Sep 23, 2020
Comparing Models of Advancing Religious Freedom Abroad
Sep 22, 2020
Economic Implications of COVID-19
Sep 17, 2020
Academic Webinar: Preventing Cyber Threats to Democracy
Robert K. Knake, Whitney Shepardson senior fellow at CFR, discusses strategies to prevent cyber threats to democracy.  
Sep 09, 2020