The Meditation Podcast

By Jesse and Jeane Stern

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Category: Alternative Health

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The Meditation Podcast creates an extraordinary meditation experience for people in their everyday lives. Produced by husband-and-wife team Jesse & Jeane Stern, the podcast uses guided meditations, binaural beats, mindfulness, and 20+ years experience in Healing Arts. Please use headphones, and do not listen while driving or operating machinery. For our complete archive of meditations, please visit our web site.

Episode Date
Self Love
The Meditation Podcast is listener-supported. Learn more at It is in our nature to want to feel love in our lives. This feeling brings a sense of warmth and security. However, we often look to outside forces and other people for the love that we seek. Our capacity to experience love in relationships is limited by how we love ourselves. In today's meditation, we simply love, appreciate, and accept ourselves. This increases our capacity to love others, and to experience feeling loved.
Jun 30, 2018
DNA Activation and Healing
The Meditation Podcast is listener-supported. Learn more at . In our DNA, we carry the grief, anger, fear, addictions, and physical toxins that belonged to our ancestors. This is one of the most powerful ways that parents pass such afflictions to our children and grandchildren. It can lead us to remain stuck for generations in a cycle of mental imbalance or destructive behavior. In today's meditation, we cleanse and repair the ancestral DNA, while activating the portions of our DNA that facilitate our health, healing, and evolution of body mind and spirit.
May 29, 2018
Intense Cleanse
The Meditation Podcast is listener-supported. Learn more at . Intense emotions -- such as anger, grief and fear -- serve to protect us by putting us in heightened states of awareness. However, once they have served their purpose, we often find it difficult to let go of them. When we can't let go, the experience can leave us feeling traumatized or stuck. Today's meditation is based on an ancient practice using our breath to connect with and release deeply rooted emotions. As you begin, set an intention to release one specific emotion or attachment to one specific life event. For best effect, practice this meditation regularly, and choose one at a time.
Apr 30, 2018
Empowering the Spirit
The Meditation Podcast is listener-supported. Learn more at . We naturally use our five physical senses to interact with the world. However, we can enhance our senses -- and our presence in the world -- by empowering the spirit within us. In today's meditation, we connect with the Divine source, to empower the Spirit. By recognizing and empowering our spirit, the core of who we are, we can have a better understanding of ourselves -- that we are spirits having a human experience. We can then let go of any limitations, and think and move beyond the physical world.
Mar 26, 2018
Intuition Boost
When faced with a decision, we are often told to trust our intuition, to trust our gut. But what should we do when our intuition goes against logic? What should we do when we're not sure what our intuition is telling us? Or even whether it is speaking to us at all? When disconnected from our intuition, we become unsure, insecure, doubtful, stagnant, and stuck. When connected, our intuition protects, motivates, and leads us toward our highest good. In today's meditation, we reconnect with our intuition, that quiet voice inside us.
Feb 26, 2018