Passport to Texas

By Cecilia Nasti/Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

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Category: Government & Organizations

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Identifying Good Horned Lizard Habitat
This is Passport to Texas Urbanization and invasive species are two impacts that’ve led to the decline of the iconic Texas horned lizard. The San Antonio Zoo plans to eventually release lizards from its captive breeding program into the wild. Management is the first step in this process. Andy Gluesenkamp is Director of Conservation at […]
Mar 21, 2019
Horned Lizard Decline
This is Passport to Texas Once a common sight in Texas, horned lizards are in decline. The past three decades of urban development coincide with their disappearance. Not a coincidence at all. And although there’s no single smoking gun in the decline of horned lizards, generally urbanization is a common factor. Andy Gluesenkamp is Director […]
Mar 20, 2019
San Antonio Zoo’s Horned Lizard “Factory”
This is Passport to Texas The horned lizard, or horny toad, is a charismatic creature and beloved by Texans of a certain age. Mostly people my age. So, anyone that wasn’t around in the eighties probably hasn’t seen a horned lizard in the wild. That’s Dr. Andy Gluesenkamp, Director of Conservation at San Antonio Zoo. […]
Mar 19, 2019
TPW Magazine–Bikepacking
This is Passport to Texas When you combine backpacking and cycling you get bike-packing. And that’s the focus of an article by Brandon Weaver for the April issue of Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine. Touring the countryside on a bicycle isn’t new. Cyclists haul their gear and supplies using racks and saddlebags. However, bike-packing is […]
Mar 14, 2019
Dark Skies Over the Devil’s River
This is Passport to Texas If you haven’t already heard, let me tell you: Devils River State Natural Area was designated an International Dark Sky Sanctuary by the International Dark-Sky Association. It is the only Dark Sky Sanctuary in Texas, and only the sixth International Dark Sky Sanctuary in the world! Let that sink in […]
Mar 13, 2019
Time to Get Your Birding Team Together
This is Passport to Texas Now in its 23rd year, the statewide, Great Texas Birding Classic remains one of the premier birding events in the world. It offers tournaments for every skill level. [Like] the general naturalist who’s just getting started and knows a few birds could easily do the Big Sit. There are people […]
Mar 12, 2019
TPW TV–Blanco River Recovery
This is Passport to Texas When a forty-foot wall of water thundered down the Blanco River on Memorial Day weekend of 2015, it claimed 13 lives, destroyed hundreds of homes, and ravaged the land along the banks. The recovery process for humans and nature continues. The flood of 2015 caused massive devastation to the Blanco […]
Mar 07, 2019
A Coveted Culinary Experience
This is Passport to Texas Llano Springs Ranch, an award-winning property at the headwaters of the South Llano River, is the site of a coveted culinary retreat with chef Jesse Griffiths. We’ve partnered with Jesse and Explore Ranches to offer an opportunity to learn about foraging and preparation of wild game on the South Llano […]
Mar 06, 2019
Something Bigger Than Yourself
This is Passport to Texas As the non-profit partner of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation raises funds to support agency initiatives to preserve the state’s wild places and wild things. Like conserving Texas rivers, and restoring pronghorn to the plains of West Texas. And, we led the effort on […]
Mar 05, 2019
Why Endangered Species Matter
This is Passport to Texas The Edwards Aquifer Habitat Conservation Plan outlines necessary strategies to ensure the survival of rare, threatened and endangered species that depend on the Aquifer and the San Marcos and Comal Rivers…while permitting continued use of the resource by the public. There’s federal law requiring this, but it’s the right thing […]
Feb 28, 2019