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Serj Tankian INTERVIEW Imperfect Harmonies, System of a Down, and Armenia Genocide

Serj Tankian (System Of A Down) on the Armenian Genocide, creating the Axis of Justice, and how music can be a powerful tool to let causes be known.


Serj Tankian: "Yes, It's Genocide" is the first song that I've ever written in Armenian, and it's on my new record "Imperfect Harmonies." We started working with the Armenian National Committee of America and the Armenian Youth Federation in trying to use the song as a way of getting attention to the awareness, having to do with the Armenian Genocide.

During World War I, the Ottoman Empire, which is the pre-cursor to the government of Turkey today, committed massacre and genocide of 1.5 million Armenians. They also killed Greeks, Assyrians, Jews. It started with the philosophers, the senators, and- kind of the thinkers- being arrested in Istanbul and hung in public format, taken into the army for "work camps," but they weren't work camps, they were just all killed. And then the women and children were put out of their homes within 24-hour notice, pogrom in the desert, through the Deir ez-Zor desert, toward Syria, which was also part of the Ottoman Empire at the time.

The hypocrisy of the denial of the Armenian Genocide led me to think, 'if this truth- how can this truth be denied in a known democratic country like ours, and why?' And that realization led me to go, 'how many other truths are there out there?' And that opened my eyes to all sorts of injustices.

Axis of Justice, we started Axis of Justice around 2000, Tom Morrello and myself. It was a way of bringing together activists and fans of music and musicians into dealing with the nonprofit world, into dealing with causes and activism. We realized- we started with Ozzfest in 2002, we realized there were all these booths selling merchandise and tattoos and all these things, but there was no one selling knowledge, you know what I mean? So we became an umbrella organization at first for Amnesty and Greenpeace and a number of other NGO's, later on grew into our own organization. There's always something new going on because we don't have one cause, our cause is injustice, you know. Or justice, I should say.

Brandon Deroche: What do you attribute your overall awareness to? What path in life I guess you can say, what keeps you there?

Serj Tankian: Curiosity. I never thought about that before, so thanks for asking that. But the activism part came from the hypocrisy of the denial of genocide that I learned about that opened my eyes to other things. And sensitivity and compassion opened up from that knowledge of so many injustices, and then the curiosity keeps me kind of on the edge of trying to find out what else is out there. It's an incredibly exciting time where, you know because of the internet and technology, we have so much information at our fingertips, yet what are we doing with that information? We're not asking the 'why?' We know the details, and we take them for granted, because they're available, they're so amply available, but we're not asking why. And that why is very important, why something has come to its fruition. And that's not on Google, believe it or not. Because that requires understanding of the whole issue, not a wikipedia page, you know?

Brandon Deroche: We've been working on a campaign, for a continuation of Haiti relief efforts, specifically driven by music, and the goal for that is to kind of take the network that has come together and be able to apply it to Darfur, or homelessness, or any other cause that it's about, and really just people who want to be doing something to create a better world in a sense.

Serj Tankian: In the case of Haiti, I think obviously not far from our shores, I think it's very important to carry through with those obligations. Not just raise the money, but make sure that we have organizations that are taking the aid to where it goes, construction where it's necessary, obviously. Construction is a part of it, because the aid is keeping people alive, but if they're all living in shanty-types of getups, than it's really hard to secure their existence with another- whether it's a hurricane or an earthquake or whatever. It's no secret that with the growth of populations and the diminishing of natural resources on the planet, we're kinda looking at a weird graph. In other words, we can't continue to live our lives this way. And sometimes we always say well how can I make a difference, or how can one person make a difference, it's the accumulation of all of our awareness that can definitely make a difference, that's what it really comes down to.
Mar 07, 2011
Brandon Boyd INCUBUS interview: Download to Donate for Haiti (Full Interview)

Brandon Boyd (Incubus) walks through the canals in Venice, CA with Causecast's Brandon Deroche to discuss Download to Donate for Haiti, the shifting consciousness, and how the music industry can harness fans to get involved in social change.

Music Provided By:
- Deff Syndicate
- The Glitch Mob
- Incubus

Download to Donate for Haiti is a music subscription that supports the rebuilding effort following the January 2010 earthquake. All music is made available for free download as a thank you to donors. A $10 minimum donation is required.

To donate now:
*Text the word 'RELIEF' to 41010


Visit to donate via credit card.

*A one-time donation of $10.00 will be added to your mobile phone bill or deducted from your prepaid balance. All charges are billed by and payable to your mobile service provider. Service is available on most carriers. Donations are collected for the benefit of the Download to Donate for Haiti campaign by the Mobile Giving Foundation and subject to the terms found at Messaging & Data Rates May Apply. You can unsubscribe at any time by replying STOP to short code [41010]; Reply HELP to [41010] for help.
Feb 11, 2011
Virgin America Stands Up To Cancer In Dallas-Fort Worth

Virgin America is Standing Up To Cancer on their inaugural flight to their new terminal in Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Cowboy and cowgirl flight attendants, bulls on the tarmac, and Sir Richard Branson dressed in chaps is how the day was celebrated on December 1, 2010.

In addition to celebrating the grand opening, Stand Up To Cancer representatives and fundraisers were on the flight. Passengers can donate to Stand Up To Cancer simply through the seatback entertainment system. Stand Up DFW for this flight raised over $24,000 through 1,700 donations.

For more information about Virgin America's Community Support, go to

For more information about Stand Up To Cancer, go to
Feb 11, 2011
The Glitch Mob Freestyling, Teaching Kids At A Place Called Home

The Glitch Mob visits A Place Called Home in South Central Los Angeles to teach kids about their success, music inspiration, and to listen to some of the songs the kids have recorded and produced themselves.

For more about A Place Called Home, go to
For more about The Glitch Mob, go to or
For more about Causecast, go to
Nov 18, 2010
My Morning Jacket INTERVIEW - The Changing of Music and the Influence of Bands In Communities

My Morning Jacket talks to Causecast about being mislabeled when they started, donating $1 from every ticket of every show to a local charity, working with Air Traffic Control to learn about the good local charities, and how New Orleans is the creative music center of the universe.

For more interviews with great bands, go to
Sep 21, 2010
Tyson Ritter from All-American Rejects on Haiti

Tyson Ritter of All-American Rejects meets with Causecast at the 2010 Warped Tour to talk about his efforts towards disaster relief in Haiti. Ritter created Don't Hate on Haiti and partnered with charity: water to provide clean drinking water to Haitians. Using the music festival as his platform to raise awareness, Ritter raised at least $15,000 - enough money to build three water wells in Haiti.

To learn more, visit:
Sep 21, 2010
John Legend on Education - Show Me Campaign

John Legend talks about education in the United States and Africa. The Show Me Campaign is an organization, created by John Legend, which strives for education reform in the United States and eradicating poverty in Africa. For more information visit
Sep 21, 2010
Switchfoot Bro-Am benefit for Stand Up for Kids

Jon Foreman of Switchfoot talks about Bro- Am and Stand Up For Kids. He explains how Switchfoot gives back to the community with Bro- Am and how we can all help make a difference with the lives of youth homelessness. For more interviews with artists and musicians, go to
Sep 21, 2010
Devo's Jerry Casale on the BP Oil spill and De-evolution

Jerry Casale of Devo shares his views about the BP Oil spill. He discusses responsibility of the industry, the government, and society in general stressing the importance to change our materialistic mindset. Otherwise, the human race will continue to devolve. For more interviews with artists and musicians, go to
Sep 21, 2010
Surfer Blood on Haiti, Text Donations, and Armchair Activism

Surfer Blood on albums vs. singles, healthcare, consumer consciousness, benefiting Haiti, and text donations, and armchair activism. For more interviews with artists and musicians, go to
Sep 21, 2010
Ebony Bones on mainstream music, creating art, and the collective consciousness

Ebony Bones on mainstream music, creating art, performing, collective consciousness, and music creating a culture clash. Filmed at the Shangrila Hotel in Santa Monica.

For more interviews with artists and musicians, go to
Sep 21, 2010
'The Cove' Director Louis Psihoyos Responds To Japanese Censorship of the film

Several movie theaters in Japan have canceled screenings of 'The Cove.' In this video, director Louis Psihoyos responds to these moves and encourages as many people as possible to go see the film. Read the full article at the Huffington Post.
Jul 23, 2010
StandUp For Kids: Volunteer Spotlight on Audrey LaRoque

Causecast featured organization StandUp For Kids helps homeless and at-risk
youth work toward a life off the streets. They provide basic necessities and services while
counseling kids in reaching their full potential. Read the full article at

For more on StandUp For Kids, go to
Jul 09, 2010
Haiti Relief from IMC - Volunteer Spotlight

Causecast featured organization International Medical Corps is dedicated to saving lives through health care training and relief programs. IMC established 15 moblie clinics in Haiti to deliver emergency medical care following the earthquake. Read the full article on this Volunteer Spotlight at

For more information on International Medical Corps, visit
Jun 25, 2010
India.Arie on Stevie Wonder, Harriet Tubman, and the Higher Purpose of Music

India.Arie Discusses Stevie Wonder, Harriet Tubman, And The Higher Purpose Of Music

India.Arie talks about the higher purpose of music and the intentions she sets out to her listeners. She discusses finding inspiration from Harriet Tubman and Stevie Wonder, finding comfort in voice and music, and sharing conscious ideas through music.

For more interviews with artists and musicians, go to
Apr 16, 2010
The Rescues on Gay Rights, Conscious Spending, Falling Whistles, and Habitualizing Action

The Rescues talk about the music industry, equalizing the playing field for all artists, spending money consciously, normalizing homosexuality, Falling Whistles, and habitualizing making a difference.

For more interviews with artists and musicians, go to
Apr 09, 2010
Marie Digby on helping children with The Generation Project

Marie Digby on using YouTube to boost her music career and helping children through The Generation Project. For more interviews with artists and musicians, go to
Apr 02, 2010
Seafood For The Future and How To Cook Sustainable Seafood For The Future and How To Cook Sustainable Seafood

Seafood For The Future chef Andrew Gruel and biologist Dave Anderson come to Causecast to talk about how they're taking action to educate chefs and consumers on the importance of eating sustainable seafood, as well as partnering with fisheries, distributers and restaurants across Southern California to sell sustainable seafood to consumers.

To see more about why seafood is an important part of your diet, watch this video:

To see more about how you can purchase sustainable seafood in your area, watch this video:

To read more about Andrew, Dave and Seafood For The Future, go to or
Mar 24, 2010
Nneka on Oil in the Niger Delta and Ken Saro-Wiwa

Nneka discusses the oil situation in the Niger Delta and how it degrades the community in her homeland. Her involvement with Remember Ken Saro-Wiwa Movement raises awareness by speaking about the issues at her shows and on the radio. For more weekly interviews with artists, visit
Mar 24, 2010
Flobots On Their Unique Blend Of Hip-Hop And Activism

Flobots is Denver’s hip-hop and non-profit group best known for their 2007 major label debut “Fight with Tools.”, their eponymous contrition to the local community advocacy, has expanded to include the nation and its youth with, a social-networking site for people with “a love of music and a desire to engage.”

As usual, Causecast’s Brandon Deroche caught up with Flobots at the Night of Hopes and Dreams event for the Somaly Mam Foundation to discuss their unique brand of music and activism, and how the two collide.

For more interviews with your favorite bands or artists check out
Feb 25, 2010
The Final Cutdown - Donating to Locks Of Love

In the spring of 2007, Ryan Budke decided to start growing his hair with the purpose of donating it to Locks of Love. 2 years later, Causecast livestreamed the final cutdown at the Christoph studio in Beverly Hills, CA.

To learn more about Locks of Love and how to make your own donation, go to

Music provided by Xiu Xiu
Feb 19, 2010
Genghis Blues filmmaker Roko Belic for Creative Visions

Causecast featured organization Creative Visions Foundation seeks to inform, inspire, and empower artist-activists throughout the world. Roko Belic's interest in real people are told through documentary filmmaking. Creative Visions supports creative activists like Roko in sharing these stories with the world.

For more info on Creative Visions Foundation, go to
Feb 12, 2010
WalMart Changes Heart, Recycling Right, and Global Warming Tensions on Hype To Habit

In this episode of Hype To Habit, Sarah Backhouse talks about big changes being made domestically and internationally; from WalMart changing their bottom line, Global Warming causing Global Conflict and increase civil war, and answering a few questions about what really is and isn't recycleable.

Climate Change Wars: 7 Most Likely Locations

Support Proper Recycling Practices

Walmart Commits to Historic Eco-labeling

Click here for more about Hype To Habit
Feb 05, 2010
STILLERSTRONG: Ben Responds To How Stillerstrong Will Work To Help The Earthquake Relief Effort

After the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti, the Stillerstrong project is now changing its efforts to the Haitian School Initiative, in collaboration with Architecture for Humanity,

For ways you can help, go to Architecture For Humanity

You can donate toward needed supplies at the Goods Store.
Jan 29, 2010
STILLERSTRONG REMIX (ASHTON RETWEET IT) // feat. Ben Stiller & Robert Deniro

Ben Stiller and Robert Deniro tell Ashton to ReTweet it!
(Remixed by DJ Douggpound

If you'd like to help STILLERSTRONG build a school in Ceverine, Haiti., you can:

-Donate online by credit card or paypal

-Donate via Text-2-Give
Text "Stiller" to 85944 or go to

-or Get Stillerstrong gear

To learn more about Save The Children, go to
Jan 15, 2010