Modern Homemakers

By Donna Otto

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For more than 25 years Donna Otto has shared inspiration and practical wisdom. She is an Author and founder of Modern Homemakers (formerly Homemakers By Choice), a national organization which offers weekly teaching for a new generation of "counter culture" women who have made the choice to stay at home. To hundreds of young homemakers, Donna has been the wise, fun, Godly Aunt every young woman wishes she had. Each teaching session encourages women in their role as a woman, wife, mother, and keeper of the home.

Episode Date
Unity Changes The World
Maintain unity with Christ so that you will be unified with others.
Feb 17, 2020
Radical Forgiveness
Jesus radically forgave his enemies and did it in a ‘quiet’ way. When we are hurried, and have overbooked our schedule, we are more likely to become annoyed or angry
Feb 14, 2020
I’ve Been Thinking…
Americans have lost civility and have become contemptuous. Donna wants to know your opinion about the ‘things she’s been thinking about’ such as politics, the impeachment proceedings, the State of
Feb 12, 2020
Elisabeth Elliot’s Take on Forgiveness
Elisabeth Elliot’s wise counsel on forgiveness comes from her experience of forgiving the people who murdered her husband and 4 of his colleagues in Ecuador. She said, “Forgiveness is a
Jan 22, 2020
The Four C’s of Forgiveness
How many times are we instructed to forgive? 70 x 7? It’s not about a ‘number’ as much as it is about the fact that there is no limit to
Jan 20, 2020
Interview with Andrea Doan on Forgiveness of Self
Andrea talks about the acceptance of living with chronic illness and the ways that she has found to listen to God’s voice instead of the critical voices in her head.
Jan 17, 2020
Interview with Jessica Hodge on Private Worship
Donna’s special guest is Jessica Hodge, a worship leader at a local Phoenix church, who shares with us the ways that she has developed a deeper prayer life and some
Jan 15, 2020
Why So Much Talk About Forgiveness?
In Luke 7, a ‘sinner woman’ washes Jesus’ feet with expensive oil and dries his feet with her hair. She is forgiven of all her sins because of her act
Jan 13, 2020
Welcome to 2020! Two Powers for the Future
Have you set a resolution for the new year? What has God been calling you to do? Forgive what has happened to you in the past because that will accomplish
Jan 10, 2020
‘Twas The Day After Christmas – read by David Otto
David Otto is one of the Voices of Modern Homemakers and reads a selection that will remind us just WHO is the reason for the season! Keep Jesus in your
Dec 26, 2019
Christmas Eve 2019 – ‘Twas the Night Before Jesus Came
Dec 23, 2019
Advent 2019 Week 4 – The Angel Candle
Do you have the heart of Mary? Mary had a surrendered heart.
Dec 20, 2019
The Call Interrupts read by Mark Morelock
In this excerpt from “The Call of Christmas Anthem” by The Skit Guys, we learn that we are called to be prepared for interruptions that we do not expect in
Dec 18, 2019
The Girlfriends’ Christmas Readings
As we get older and our kids grow and don’t need us as much, we can find ourselves being emotional at the holidays. Andrea, Nancy and Donna read selections that
Dec 16, 2019
Advent 2019 Week 3 – The Shepherd’s Candle
How amazing it must have been for the shepherds who were visited by angels to inform them of the birth of The Messiah! They followed a bright star to the
Dec 13, 2019
All Is Well read by Susan Tuten
Dec 11, 2019
The Glory of Christmas read by Amy Cavness
Dec 09, 2019
Advent 2019 Week 2
On the second Sunday of Advent, we light the Bethlehem candle and read Luke chapter 2. Try to picture Mary, 9 months pregnant, riding on a donkey, for a long
Dec 06, 2019
The Guest by Leo Tolstoy Christmas Reading by Julie Morelock
Dec 05, 2019
The Gift of the Magi reading
Traci and Michael Tope talk about how Donna Otto’s teachings at HBC/Modern Homemakers have made a difference in their lives. Traci is one of the ‘Voices of Modern Homemakers’ and
Dec 02, 2019
Advent 2019 – Week 1
Prepare your hearts for the birth of our Savior by participating in Advent activities. Start by setting up an Advent wreath and read Scripture and other books about the birth
Nov 29, 2019
Edit Your Perfect Thanksgiving – Do The Next Thing
Happy Thanksgiving from the Modern Homemakers team! Donna encourages you to simplify your plan and do what God is calling you to do this Thanksgiving.
Nov 27, 2019
Delays and Detours
We often desire the shortest, easiest way to things in life, but God’s directions may include a delay or detour, as was the case with the Israelites (Exodus 13:17-18). Don’t
Nov 25, 2019
Interview with Andrea Doan
Andrea is one half of “The Girlfriends” who sit down to chat with Donna from time to time. This time, we learn more about her life as a girl growing
Nov 22, 2019
The Girlfriends on Friendship Pt 2
Andrea and Nancy talk about respect in friendship and valuing one another. As their friendship deepens, so do their hearts for one another.
Nov 20, 2019
Spiritual Formation Tools
Two change points in Donna’s life has led to greater spiritual formation: taking a Sabbath rest day during the week and finding a woman to be her spiritual director. If
Nov 18, 2019
Interview with Professor John DelHousaye, PhD
Nov 15, 2019
Spiritual Formation Movement
Nov 13, 2019
Interview with Amy Cavness Pt 2
Nov 11, 2019
Your Great Work ReAir
Take courage! Keep raising your children and loving your husband, because God is with you and will see you through. Don’t let distractions take you away because you are doing
Nov 08, 2019
Friends of My Right Hand
Close friendships are a ‘call and response,’ meaning you are there for each other, praying for one another, and encouraging one another throughout your lives. A ‘friend of your right
Nov 06, 2019
A Gracious Woman Knows How to Dress
Nov 04, 2019
A Gracious Woman Knows Courtesy Counts
Emerson said, “Grace is more beautiful than beauty.” Being courteous and respectful is more attractive and will draw more people to you than physical beauty. Courtesy is biblical!
Nov 01, 2019
Gracious Woman – Taming the Tongue
How many times have you wished you could take back something you’ve said? We have all used our tongue in unkind ways. Scripture tells us not to let any unwholesome
Oct 30, 2019
Friendship with God
Oct 28, 2019
The Girlfriends on Personality Types and Friendship
The Girlfriends are back and have a lot to say about personality types and friendship. They have great insight into the differences between introverts and extroverts because they live it
Oct 25, 2019
Kindness Tip Number 8
Tell others what you like!
Oct 24, 2019
Friends of the Heart Pt 2
If you are interested in staying tight in a friendship, you need to choose carefully, be committed in the relationship, and consistently care for your friend.
Oct 23, 2019
Friends of the Heart Pt 1
There are several ingredients that are important to close friendships. Intimacy, as in a confidant, Acceptance, Humor, Willingness to Make Sacrifices, Perseverance, and Forgiveness. Donna has so much wisdom to
Oct 21, 2019
Interview with Dr Greg Crow on Communication
Dr. Greg Crow and Andrea Doan are Donna’s guests and they discuss the ever important issue of Communication in Marriage. They will cover the subtopics of conflict resolution and ways
Oct 18, 2019
Kindness Tip Number 6
Be in the present moment with your loved ones!
Oct 17, 2019
Do You Know How To Show Anger?
Oct 16, 2019
Kindness Tip Number 5
Oct 15, 2019
Are You a People Pleaser?
Even though the words ‘People Pleaser’ may have a negative connotation, Donna says that we SHOULD be looking to please others, but not to our detriment. She shares a lot
Oct 14, 2019
Gracious Woman
Oct 11, 2019
Kindness Tip Number 4
Intimacy with your spouse is a way of showing kindness. The Bible tells us that your body is his, and his body is yours. Join the Kindness Challenge with Shaunti
Oct 10, 2019
Interview with Jane Wilson on Gratitude
Did you know that having a grateful spirit will benefit you spiritually, cognitively, psychologically, socially and physically? Not everyone is born with a grateful spirit, but 40 per cent of
Oct 09, 2019
Kindness Tip Number 3
This tip asks how do you respond to someone who may make you upset. Don’t fly off the handle. Respond in self-control!
Oct 08, 2019
Quiz! Are You a Gracious Woman?
Leading up to Donna’s quiz, which you will find on the Modern Homemakers web site, Donna unpacks Luke 17:11-19, which is the parable of the ten lepers who Jesus healed,
Oct 07, 2019
Crock Pot vs Instant Pot Patience
What God calls us to in patience is waiting. Patience is ‘receiving the gift of time,’ not trying to hurry time up. Do you ever think about the coming of
Oct 04, 2019
Kindness Tip Number 2
Each Tuesday and Thursday, Donna will offer a different tip on ways to show kindness to anyone who you may come in contact with. Join the 30-Day Kindness Challenge on
Oct 03, 2019
Valerie Shepard on Motherhood ReAir
This teaching took place in front of a live audience over 20 years ago, and it is so full of wisdom from a mother of 8 children! Valerie Shepard offers
Oct 02, 2019
Things to Come
What do Friendship, Kindness, Girlfriends, Spiritual Formation and Trust have in common? They are all subjects Donna will be covering this season and she gives us an overview of what
Sep 30, 2019
Interview with Valerie Elliot Shepard
Donna’s special guest is her dear friend Elisabeth Elliot’s daughter, Valerie, who is here to talk about her book titled ”Devotedly,” which is the account of her parents’ courtship based
Sep 27, 2019
Kindness as a Way of Life – Expressions
Just as the Welcoming Prayer, which Donna has been reading at the beginning of each podcast, is about consent, Christ is calling us to consent to a deeper way with
Sep 25, 2019
Interview with Shaunti Feldhahn on The Kindness Challenge
We are about to embark on a challenge that will improve your relationships! Bring everyone you know on board! 
Sep 23, 2019
Kindness as a Way of Life Intro
Are you lighting the light with kindness? Colossians 3:12 tells us, “Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience…” Jesus modeled kindness, so those of
Sep 20, 2019
Interview with Amy Cavness
Amy Cavness is talking with Donna about the book “Doing Life with Your Adult Children” by Jim Burns. Amy has 3 adult children and shares some great nuggets of wisdom
Sep 18, 2019
Summer Books
Donna’s list of books she read over the summer include The Kindness Challenge, Devotedly, Doing Life with Your Adult Children, Gift from the Sea, Basking in His Presence, Spiritual Rhythms
Sep 16, 2019
Welcome Back!
Welcome back to a new season! Donna has spent the summer planning and preparing for a year chock full of interviews with many people who she would love for all
Sep 13, 2019
Lessify and Know When Enough is Enough ReAir
God calls us all to obedience. Donna tells us to ask ourselves 3 questions: 1. What am I being disobedient about? 2. How is my life complicated? 3. How much
Sep 02, 2019
What is a Family? ReAir
We are to teach our children what God’s word says. Deuteronomy 6: 4-9. Paul taught the Colossians in 3:18 what a family is.
Aug 26, 2019
Training the Will of a Child Pt 5 ReAir
There’s a reason that this was one of the top 10 podcasts from the last 2 years! Donna packs so much wisdom into this final part of the Training the
Aug 19, 2019
Training the Will of a Child Pt 1 ReAir
This message was taped in front of a live audience many years ago, but the wisdom is timeless and applies to every generation!
Aug 12, 2019
Whose Approval Matters Most? ReAir
It is common for followers of Christ to seek the approval of others, BUT God’s approval matters most! We are to imitate Christ and outdo one another in preference and
Aug 05, 2019
Be A Builder ReAir
Nehemiah had a vision and consulted with the Lord before asking the king if he could return to help rebuild the city of his people. Nehemiah refused to be sidetracked
Jul 29, 2019
God Is For You ReAir
Even when you think you’ve failed, when you fall into the “slough of despond,” YOU are still on God’s ‘favorite list.’
Jul 22, 2019
Life Question #5 with David Otto – Where Will You Serve? ReAir
This question assumes you will serve, as we are instructed in the Bible. Cast your gifts towards others and you will be as blessed as the people you are serving.
Jul 15, 2019
Questions From Our Listeners June 2018 ReAir
Parenting questions, etc. are answered regarding teaching your children respect for authority while respectfully challenging same, and other wise words for parents.
Jul 08, 2019
Guard Your Heart ReAir
Each Monday for 10 weeks, we will re-air the most popular podcasts from the last 2 years. What does it mean to have a heart transformation? Guarding your heart has
Jul 01, 2019
See You In September
Donna’s summer challenge: Choose one of the disciplines (one chapter) in Richard Foster’s book, “Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth,” that will encourage your spiritual formation and sweep
Jun 28, 2019
A Quote That Changed My Life
Elisabeth Elliot was a great influence in Donna’s life and a great friend/mentor to Donna. We get to benefit from their relationship when Donna passes down Elisabeth’s wisdom and teachings
Jun 26, 2019
Do You Have Hurry Sickness?
Many of us are addicted to being busy! Hurry sickness becomes a part of who we are, but God commands us to take a sabbath and rest. Jesus had a
Jun 24, 2019
Garage, Car, Attic, Guest Room Organization
With Donna’s storage system and method of organizing, you can free yourself of all the clutter in areas where you tend to store or hide stuff. When it comes to
Jun 21, 2019
Budget Organization
This is one lesson you will want the entire family to hear! Get ready to take notes! Our sin nature is to hoard and want more, but Donna gives sound
Jun 19, 2019
Kids – Summer Ideas
Summertime may be down time for most kids, but Donna encourages us to continue training our children to grow to be independent. Read, play family board games, exercise, have theme
Jun 17, 2019
Kids – Organization
Young children and older children, alike, should be helping with household chores and it’s never too late to teach them the principles of organization which Donna teaches us. Kids should
Jun 14, 2019
Master Bedroom, Closet and Wardrobe
More organization advice from Donna on making your master bedroom a sanctuary where you both want to spend time in a clean, orderly, relaxing, space. Donna also gives great tips
Jun 12, 2019
Welcoming Home
Home is a place of traditions and making memories, a place to return to with joy. It is a place where God lives, a place of shelter, safety and warmth.
Jun 10, 2019
Prayer Basket
A prayer basket is a simple organizational tool that will help you “Go Grow Up” in Jesus! Gather a few items to keep all together in one place to be
Jun 07, 2019
Go Grow Up, Part 2
Choose growth! Donna shares 3 essentials for growing up spiritually in Christ, and encourages us to read the Bible, memorize verses, and to really practice choosing to GROW UP spiritually.
Jun 05, 2019
Go Grow Up, Part 1
It’s the old “Baby Bottle vs. Steak!” Hebrews 5:11-14 says, “ …you have become dull of hearing. For though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach
Jun 03, 2019
Eclectic on Organization, etc.
Mentoring is one of the subjects of this collection of topics which Donna covers. Donna’s definition of mentoring is “giving your life perspective away.” Our mentor also gives us 30
May 31, 2019
Paper, Paper, Paper Part 2
In part 2, Donna shares her system for dealing with mail, including junk mail, and shares how to organize files, your desk area, and ways to keep it all accessible
May 29, 2019
Paper, Paper, Paper
Paperless society? Not really! We still all have piles of paper to deal with and Donna is going to tell you her secrets to getting it all under control. Once
May 27, 2019
Kitchen Organization Pt 2
The GOAL of the kitchen is to feed your family nutritious meals. Donna teaches the principles that are part of the warp and woof (look that one up!) of her
May 24, 2019
The kitchen is the most complicated room in the house. It’s up to you to make it less complicated. “Having a prepared home encourages a prepared lifestyle which encourages a
May 17, 2019
Getting Him to Help You
Housework should be team work! It’s not about what’s fair or equal, but assessing together what needs to be done and negotiating the tasks. When you welcome your husband into
May 15, 2019
Clean, Prepare, and Order Your Home
Donna reminds us that PREPARATION is the key to ORGANIZATION! If you want to be more organized, try developing a couple of the habits mentioned by Donna. She covers the
May 13, 2019
Hints on Hospitality
Here are some hints on hospitality designed to make your home life more manageable, thus reducing stress, especially when you are having guests in your welcoming home!
May 08, 2019
Home Improvement Principles Pt 2
Are you carefully stewarding the resources which God has given you? Take a tour of your home with paper and pen in hand and take stock of what you need
May 06, 2019
Home Improvement Principles Pt 1
Ephesians 5:15-17 instructs us to be wise in how we live, making the most of every opportunity. When it comes to our homes, this means to be orderly so that
May 03, 2019
Top 6 Causes for Clutter
Ouch! is what you may be saying when listening to the reasons Donna cites for the clutter in our homes, BUT when you follow her sage advice and practice letting
May 01, 2019
Present Over Perfect
Donna mentions a book she picked up called “Present Over Perfect”. Perfectionism can keep us from living in the present and being there for the people in our lives. Donna
Apr 29, 2019
Feed My Sheep
In John, chapter 21, we learn just how gracious and merciful Jesus is when he instructs Peter (who had denied Jesus 3 times), and the other fishermen, to cast their
Apr 26, 2019
Conclusion of Change My Heart Series
There is a spiritual formation movement in America and there is always a possibility for spiritual transformation in our lives. In order to be children of the light (and not
Apr 24, 2019
Today You Shall Be With Me In Paradise
The 7 last phrases that Jesus uttered while on the cross are the subject of Donna’s teaching. In Luke 23:42-43, Jesus tells one of the criminals hanging next to him
Apr 22, 2019
Friday of Holy Week
Apr 19, 2019
Wednesday of Holy Week
Apr 17, 2019
Monday of Holy Week
This is Holy Week, the Week of Weeks, a week to take some time to ponder the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. Mary used reckless abandon when she poured
Apr 15, 2019
United Heart
Apr 12, 2019
A Quiet Heart Makes for A Peaceful Home
Apr 10, 2019
Pure Heart
Apr 08, 2019
Listening In Lent
As humans, we don’t like to repent, but 40 days of Lent call us to reflect and repent, and also to change and prepare our hearts for Easter and the
Apr 05, 2019
Diagnosing Your Heart for Transformation
Donna asks 10 questions which will help you diagnose the ‘condition’ of your heart to find out what it takes to change your heart. You may be surprised at what
Apr 03, 2019
The Hidden Heart
Each of us has a hidden heart that can sometimes get us in trouble! Unkind words can flow from our hearts, disguised as witty or sarcastic comments. But the Lord
Mar 29, 2019
Martha or Mary Type?
In Luke 10:38-42, we hear Martha complain to Jesus that Mary should be helping her in the kitchen. Jesus reminds Martha that Mary, who is sitting at Jesus’ feet and
Mar 27, 2019
A Few Words About Retreating
We are a culture that is worn out! Retreating is the cessation of something to do something else, to engage in a better way. Clear your calendar, shut down your
Mar 25, 2019
Guard Your Heart
In pursuing a changed heart during this Lenten season, be careful to not mock the Lord by leaving your ‘space’ unchanged. God is faithful to help you change, so harvest
Mar 13, 2019
Change Our Hearts This Time
This Lenten season is a good time to work on changing your heart in ways you may never have thought of. Donna shares the ways that she worked on her
Mar 11, 2019
A Changed Heart – Cultivate My Heart For Change
Do you want inner change or are you stuck somewhere? It is never too late to change if you have an adaptable heart. Jesus calls us to come, follow, and
Mar 08, 2019
A Changed Heart – Intro to Series
Be ready to be inspired to make significant changes in your life and your heart after hearing what Donna has to say on the subject. We may view change as
Mar 06, 2019
Judgment ~ Pure Poison
Donna was convicted by what scripture says about judging and teaches us that judgment takes up all the room that we have for loving. Ask Jesus to change your heart,
Mar 04, 2019
Easter is Coming!
Easter falls on April 21st but the Lenten season leading up to Resurrection Sunday begins on Ash Wednesday, March 6th. It is a time of setting ourselves apart and experiencing
Mar 01, 2019
Wayne Grudem and the Influence of the Bible on His Life
Feb 27, 2019
Good Stuff: Recommendations
Here are some recommendations from Donna. Timothy and Kathy Keller’s devotional book, The Songs of Jesus, offers daily devotions in the Psalms. Barbara Rainey wrote three books that are offered
Feb 25, 2019
Financial Habits
Donna lists many ways to help you steward the money God has provided for you. Teach your children good money management from an early age.
Feb 22, 2019
Finances in the Family
We are reminded by Donna that God owns all the silver and all the gold, so teach your children the principles of money spelled out for us in scripture.
Feb 20, 2019
Sluggard or Not? How being a sluggard affects your change pattern
Are you sitting around dreaming about the things God has already told you to do? Donna uses many examples from the Proverbs on the different characteristics of a sluggard. These
Feb 18, 2019
Kindness in Marriage – The Last of the 9 Essentials of Marriage
Colossians 3:12 reminds us to clothe ourselves in kindness, which is more and more uncommon in our culture. Jesus modeled kindness and always had time to heal someone or spend
Feb 08, 2019
Mystery and Grace Upon Grace – 9 Essentials of Marriage
The mystery of marriage, designed by God, can be difficult to comprehend. Donna is committed to staying in her marriage until the end and encourages all of us to do
Feb 06, 2019
Sacred Intimacy
Marriage was God’s idea and sexual intimacy is designed not only for procreation, but for pleasure between a husband and wife. Have a pen and paper ready to take Donna’s
Feb 04, 2019
What’s New?
Thomas Keating wrote “The Welcoming Prayer,” which Donna has made a practice of reading daily and encourages us to make a habit of it too. She also tells us about
Feb 01, 2019
3 More of the 9 Essentials of Marriage
Is your confidence in God? You may be married to the man who God has given to you, but your confidence should be in God! Listen as Donna explains about
Jan 30, 2019
One More of 9 Essentials of Marriage: Respect
Ephesians 5 gives husbands and wives clear instructions on how to do marriage. Women are to respect their husbands and men are to love their wives as Christ loves the
Jan 28, 2019
Call and Change of Peter
Donna gives us a clear picture of Peter’s relationship with Jesus. Even though Peter didn’t really think Jesus, a carpenter, should be telling him to let his nets out again
Jan 25, 2019
Embrace Change
Change can be disruptive and change can be expanding (helping you to grow). It takes discipline for a new habit to take root. If you want to know if a
Jan 23, 2019
Elisabeth Elliot: Lamp For My Feet
More with Lars Gren, 3rd husband of Elisabeth Elliot, who shares his favorite book written by Elisabeth and reads an excerpt from “No Graven Image.”
Jan 21, 2019
Remembering Elisabeth Elliot with Lars Gren
Lars Gren was married to (Donna’s mentor) Elisabeth until her death. He recounts how he met her and how their love story developed, sharing sweet details of his affection toward
Jan 18, 2019
First and Second Essentials of Marriage
1. The Institution of Marriage is God’s idea. Let no man separate it. 2. Forgiveness and Reconciliation go hand in hand in order for your marriage to thrive. Reconciliation takes
Jan 16, 2019
9 Essentials of Marriage Intro
Whether you are married or not, you will learn something from Donna about relationships. It’s never too late to make a good marriage. Be counter cultural, apply His concepts, and
Jan 14, 2019
Whose Approval Matters Most?
It is common for followers of Christ to seek the approval of others, BUT God’s approval matters most! We are to imitate Christ and outdo one another in preference and
Jan 11, 2019
Are You Married For Life?
Be in agreement with your spouse to close your exits in marriage and stay married for life! Be a witness to each other’s lives. Marriage is an ongoing sacrament of
Jan 09, 2019
Quiet in the New Year
Where there is no silence, there is no solitude. Solitude is a discipline that you need to cultivate in order to be able to listen to God. Donna emphasizes the
Jan 07, 2019
Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to 2019!
Welcome to the New Year! Donna suggests choosing a word or phrase to guide you towards a goal you have for the year. Make good habits and ditch the old,
Jan 04, 2019
The Day After Christmas
Donna reads Doug Brendel’s “The Day After Christmas,” which prompts her to ask, “How much of a part did Jesus play this Christmas?” Take some time to review and reflect
Jan 02, 2019
A Life Choice That Matters
If you want your future to look different, do the hard work that it takes to build a future for yourself. Think of a phrase or word to guide you
Dec 21, 2018
The Three Words of Christmas 2018
Iterate, Invitation and Intimacy (with God). Read the story of Jesus’ birth in Luke 2, even if you have read it 100 times! The Word of God is alive! Donna
Dec 19, 2018
Last Thoughts of Christmas
If you are experiencing depression or sadness this Christmas, Donna has suggestions for you, including staying active, volunteering, or meeting with a counselor. Don’t swallow the Christmas hype! Know that
Dec 17, 2018
Christmas Voices Pt 3
Joseph is the voice of TRUST…trust in God. The wisemen are the voice of adoration, while Herod is the voice of deception. John is the voice of preparation, preparing the
Dec 14, 2018
Christmas Voices Pt. 2
Each year, you can learn more about each of the people who played a part in the account of the birth of our Lord. Donna goes into detail about the
Dec 12, 2018
Christmas Voices Pt. 1
During Advent, we await the coming of Christ, because not only did He come once before and will come again, He calls us to come and to stay. Donna explains
Dec 10, 2018
Gift Giving At Christmas
Be intentional about gift giving. Donna has wonderful suggestions on making a list for 2019 now and putting aside money for gifts which you can purchase throughout the year as
Dec 07, 2018
Listening to God at Christmas
Pause long enough this Christmas to listen to God, without the distractions of technology. Listen with the intent of taking action. Be intentional about the ‘voices’ (ie. music you listen
Dec 05, 2018
The Voices of Christmas
There are many voices of people who are a part of the Christmas story of the birth of Jesus. Donna asks you to choose one of the voices and reflect
Dec 03, 2018
Children and Manners
Manners matter! They are about demonstrating respect and are important values in everyday life. Teach your children manners around company and in public.
Nov 30, 2018
Christmas and Children
Try not to let the hustle and bustle create chaos and disrupt life during this season. Give your children a choice of what they want to participate in and let
Nov 28, 2018
Advent Beginnings
Advent is a holy time! It’s an opportunity for us to pause long enough to remember why Jesus came and to look forward to His coming again. Do things differently
Nov 26, 2018
Making Christmas Memories
Christ’s birth is SIGNIFICANT! This Christmas, create memories that are tied to Jesus’ birth. Make time to celebrate His birth by having a birthday party. Donna has so many memory-making
Nov 21, 2018
I Am So So So Thankful For…
Donna shares what she is thankful for.
Nov 19, 2018
Reason to Remember
There are many places in Scripture where God calls us to remember.
Nov 16, 2018
Give Light to My Eyes in Marriage
The psalmist David is complaining and pleading with the Lord in Psalm 13. When days get too full this time of year, give up your complaining. Don’t put marriage on
Nov 14, 2018
Entitlement and Acceptance in Marriage
Marriage is God’s plan, so that we might see the relationship between Jesus and us! The enemy does not want us to stay married. When we believe we are entitled
Nov 12, 2018
Cultural Changes and Truce In Marriage
Do marriage God’s way, not the culture’s way! It takes courage to stay together, to stay relational, and you DO NOT have to follow the culture. Let your word be
Nov 09, 2018
Communicating With Your Mate
The busy holiday season is the time of year when we have communication breakdowns with our spouses. Speak your mate’s language and overcome the barriers that lead to unresolved issues.
Nov 07, 2018
Passion and Vincent Van Gogh
Donna’s favorite artist is Vincent Van Gogh. When she re-read a book about him this summer, she was reminded of his great passion and now inspires us to find our
Nov 05, 2018
The Girlfriends On Holidays
The Girlfriends are back to share with us the traditions they cherish with their families, as well as the things that turn them off about the commercialization of Christmas. They
Nov 02, 2018
Taming the Tongue
Have you ever been hung by the tongue? We all have said things that we wish we could take back. Donna gives us ways to tame our tongues that are
Oct 31, 2018
Book Review on “Life Without Lack”
One of Donna and David’s summer reads was “Life Without Lack: Living in the Fullness of Psalm 23.” Dallas Willard, the author, wrote about living a life of contentment and
Oct 29, 2018
Holidays Are Coming!
Are you ready for some sound advice about how to prepare for the holidays so that you don’t overdo it? Get the “Home for Christmas” seminar that is available on
Oct 26, 2018
Why Do I Suffer? Reflections on 1st Peter
Donna gives an overview of 1st Peter and talks about why we suffer. We should not only expect suffering, but embrace it.
Oct 24, 2018
An Assault on America Pt 2
Psalm 15 may be relatively short, but it is packed with 9 rules to live your life by. Donna calls it The Christian Constitution. Practice discipline!! If you are seeking
Oct 22, 2018
An Assault on America Pt 1
Reputation is who people think you are. Character is who you really are. It takes CHARACTER to avoid the traps of the enemy. When you make the decision to follow
Oct 19, 2018
Anger is Temporary, Grace is Permanent
Psalm 30 is a psalm of thanksgiving written by King David, probably giving thanks for the temple. We are the temple where God resides and Donna reminds us that God’s
Oct 18, 2018
Eclectic October 2018 on Do The Next Thing
Do the next thing and get out of debt! Donna has suggestions for ways to stop the madness and get out of debt. She talks about a number of topics,
Oct 15, 2018
Training the Will of a Child Pt 5
Donna packs so much wisdom into this final part of the Training the Will of a Child series. Are you practicing authentic Christian living? You need to model a life
Oct 12, 2018
Training the Will of a Child Pt 4
Training is hard work, mommas! Training is the shaping of a habit and you are your child’s first teacher. Train them to have good habits, and teach them to know
Oct 10, 2018
Training the Will of a Child Pt 3
Donna talks about the difference between TEACHING and TRAINING your children. Training is NOT breaking your child’s will, but having them repeatedly do an action until it becomes habit or
Oct 08, 2018
Training the Will of a Child Pt 2
Part 2 of Training the Will of a Child focuses on what God’s Word says about how to raise up a child, when to realize when enough is enough, and
Oct 05, 2018
Training the Will of a Child Pt 1
Are you submitting to God’s authority and growing in wisdom? Donna’s teaching from 2008 is timeless and full of wisdom. The world is ever changing, but God does not. His
Oct 03, 2018
The Girlfriends On Parenting
The Girlfriends tackle the topic of listening to your kids and really hearing what they have to say without trying to fix the problem immediately. When having a sensitive conversation
Oct 01, 2018
Life Question #5 – Where Will You Serve? with David Otto
This question assumes you will serve, as we are instructed in the Bible. Cast your gifts towards others and you will be as blessed as the people you are serving.
Sep 28, 2018
Life Question #4 – Is This A Spiritual Issue? with David Otto
We should go to the Holy Spirit for every issue in our lives to receive guidance on how to deal with any situation. When we pray in the Spirit, we
Sep 26, 2018
Life Question #3 – Who Is My Neighbor? with David Otto
In Matthew 22:34-40, Jesus answers the lawyer’s question by telling him that the 1st greatest commandment is to Love God, and the 2nd is to love your neighbor as yourself.
Sep 24, 2018
Life Question #2 – How Much is Enough? with David Otto
David Otto asks “Are you content?” “Do you know how much is enough?” Matthew 6:19-21 warns us to not store up treasures on earth, but to store up treasures in
Sep 21, 2018
Life Question #1 – What Have I Chosen to Believe? with David Otto
David Otto is Donna’s special guest this week and next. Many years ago, David formulated 5 Life Questions and taught a small group of married couples on each of the
Sep 19, 2018
David Otto Intro to 5 Life Questions
It is a treat to have Donna’s husband, David Otto, in the studio to share with us the 5 life questions that he formulated many years ago when teaching a
Sep 17, 2018
Bonding In Life
Bonding is a subject that is so important to Donna and she wants us to really heed her teaching! Your relationship with Jesus is essential so that you will have
Sep 14, 2018
Dear Girl
Donna reads the book, “Dear Girl” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.
Sep 12, 2018
Call-In Podcast Reminder
Later this month, on September 21st from 10 am until 12 noon, Pacific Standard Time, Donna will be taking your questions when you call, free of charge, using this number
Sep 11, 2018
This Year’s Theme
Donna reveals the theme for this new season: Do The Next Thing! She will focus on who you are as a WOMAN, and out of the strength of who you
Sep 10, 2018
Summer 2018 Reflections Pt 2
Donna shares about her adventures this summer with her husband on a 7,000 mile road trip, and her unforgettable trip to Paris with her grandson. She read a number of
Sep 07, 2018
Summer 2018 Reflections Pt 1
Hopefully you’ve had time this summer to make time with God, recharge, and also to reflect on the questions Donna asked in the season finale in early July: 1. What
Sep 05, 2018
Season Finale! Lessify and Know When Enough is Enough!
God calls us all to obedience. Donna tells us to ask ourselves 3 questions: 1. What am I being disobedient about? 2. How is my life complicated? 3. How much
Jul 11, 2018
Call-In Podcast Details
Here are the details for the call-in podcast taking place on September 21st from 10 am to 12 noon, Pacific standard time. Join us!
Jul 09, 2018
Call-In Podcast Promo
Donna will try something new by having listeners call in to ask her questions on September 21, 2018 from 10 a.m. to 12 noon, Pacific standard times. Stay tuned for
Jul 09, 2018
Eclectic Musts July 2 2018
Donna recommends you see 2 movies: “RBG” about the life of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” about Mr. Rogers from the beloved
Jul 02, 2018
Odds and Ends of Lessifying
Donna talks about different areas of your home where you can lessify to have a more organized living space.
Jun 29, 2018
Making A Change
Making a lasting, positive change in your life requires that you have a teachable spirit! Donna shows how to go about taking the steps necessary to effect changes that will
Jun 27, 2018
Silence In A World Filled With Noise (or Making Space For Quiet)
If you desire some silence/quiet time in your day, Donna says we need to break our patterns and be intentional about making space/time for silence each day.
Jun 25, 2018
Guard Your Heart
Jun 22, 2018
Questions From Our Listeners June 2018
Jun 20, 2018
Pain, Suffering and Suicide
As difficult as it is to endure suffering, we must remember that God is more powerful than all the pain.
Jun 18, 2018
Remembering Elisabeth Elliot Again
On the 2nd anniversary of Elisabeth’s passing, Donna shares with us the beautiful way in which she remembered her ‘spiritual mother’ at her memorial service. Among the many things Elisabeth
Jun 15, 2018
The Girlfriends on Pressures (in a Competitive World)
The Girlfriends have an important message about the pressures that your children are under to perform and they give practical advice on how to handle the different personalities of each
Jun 13, 2018
The Forgotten Art of Listening
Listening is a forgotten art, but if we want to have deeper relationships, then we need to heed Donna’s advice for being a better listener.
Jun 11, 2018
Questions to Donna on Mentoring Pt 2
“Finding a Mentor, Being a Mentor” is one of the many books Donna has written, which is available on our website. Women everywhere need mentoring relationships. Donna explains how to
Jun 08, 2018
Questions to Donna on Mentoring Pt 1
Donna talks about the importance of creating ‘white space’ on your calendars this summer, so that your kids have some down time. Plan to do nothing on some days so
Jun 06, 2018
Do you see yourself as God sees you? The most important thing you can do for your children is to live your life and your walk of faith AUTHENTICALLY in
Jun 04, 2018
Lessify Your Wardrobe
Get ready to declutter your closet and lessify your wardrobe with great tips from Donna!
Jun 01, 2018
The Girlfriends on Health and Wellness
Health issues force us to accept our limitations. We may feel that it’s a weakness, and feel judged for having an ‘invisible illness’ such as migraines or Crohn’s disease, but
May 30, 2018
Be Not Anxious Part 2
A prescription for anxiety is gratefulness! Confusion and too many choices can cause anxiety. Know what you believe and stick to it! Donna challenges you to apply the principles taught
May 28, 2018
Be Not Anxious Part 1
Worry chokes out the pleasures of the world. Jesus reminds us over and over to not be anxious, but to surrender to our Heavenly Father and trust in Him!
May 25, 2018
Eclectic May 23, 2018 on Organization, Millennials, and Contemporary Christian Music
Donna shares a new perspective on Millennials and a few other topics.
May 23, 2018
The Girlfriends on Paint and Change
Donna and the Girlfriends discuss freshening the look of your home by simply painting the walls and adding seasonal touches with fabric, etc.
May 21, 2018
Understanding the Task of Honoring Your Parents Pt 2
Throughout the New Testament, we are commanded to honor our parents. Donna sensed God’s pleasure once she began to honor her mother, doing things her mom liked to do.
May 18, 2018
Understanding the Task of Honoring Your Parents Pt 1
The 5th commandment is to ‘Honor your father and your mother, which is the only commandment that comes with a promise.’ Donna learned to do this despite having a difficult
May 16, 2018
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
The Book of Job shows us just how terrible and horrible some days can be in our lives, including holidays like Mother’s Day, but we are to remain hopeful in
May 14, 2018
A Mother’s Hope Pt 2
God’s GRACE is sufficient for Moms who are training their children in the way they should go!
May 11, 2018
A Mother’s Hope
Motherhood is a noble profession and we can eliminate the stress of it by HOPING in God’s CARE, His GRACE, and His PROMISES!
May 09, 2018
The Plight of Comparison
Comparison can keep you from recognizing the truth. Focus on what God’s standard is for you and be thankful for who you are!
May 07, 2018
Otto Mottos
Some of Donna’s favorite Otto Mottos: You are who you hang out with! If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten. There’s always
May 04, 2018
7 Subtle Time Traps
No one else is in charge of your 24 hours but you! How are you spending your time? Do you follow a rule of life or a purpose statement so
May 02, 2018
A Trick For Saving Your Marriage
When you are in a heated argument, you need to follow the 4 rules of a TRUCE! It can save your relationship!
May 01, 2018
Pithy Sayings of Paul
Live your life in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ. We are to be of the same mind of Christ. Regard others as more important than yourself. Do
Apr 27, 2018
Philippians 3…Letting Go
God has redeemed our sticky mess! He does NOT throw us out!! So you can let go of the things that keep you from growing in Christ!
Apr 26, 2018
Questions From Listeners April 2018
Thank you for your questions on friendship, encouraging your husband, sibling rivalry, and lying in adult children. Donna shares wisdom on each of these topics.
Apr 25, 2018
Our culture needs to lessify…and I can prove it!
Statistics show that we own far more than we need, much of which is non-essential. Donna encourages us to give away and/or throw away stuff that clutters our homes, and
Apr 20, 2018
Style and Lessify
Beauty is essential, but LESS is MORE! Declutter your home using Donna’s tried and true methods, and learn how to make your home as individual as you are.
Apr 18, 2018
Lessify, Lessify Everywhere!
Donna covers at least 10 areas in our lives where we should ‘lessify!’ Simplicity should be the goal!
Apr 17, 2018
Home and Design
Your home is holy ground. Donna has tips on making your home, your largest investment, a place of order and comfort, where everyone who lives there has a say in
Apr 13, 2018
Lightweight Journaling
Donna shares with us the importance of journaling and gives great tips on things to record in your journal as a follower of Jesus.
Apr 11, 2018
Permissive Parenting
Excessive permissiveness in parenting is not good for our children. We are in the business of training our children in the way of doing things and acting in every situation.
Apr 09, 2018
The Girlfriends on Spring Cleaning
The Girlfriends are back and talking about Spring cleaning. Be a good steward of what you have and clear out anything that you have not used in years. Attachment to
Apr 06, 2018
Personal Reflections of the Lenten Season
Francis Schaeffer once said “America is a ‘cut flower’ culture” and warned that we are one generation away from losing the memory of Christianity in our culture. Your children need
Apr 04, 2018
Eclectic April 2 2018
Eclectic Donna enlightens us with info about such things as a charity in England ( which provides necessities to the homeless through vending machines. She also covers different subjects like
Apr 02, 2018
Seeing the Kingdom of God (Nicodemus)
Have you gone ALL IN with Jesus? Nicodemus was a man who was affected by Jesus and then publicly displayed his support when he supplied a great deal of spices
Mar 30, 2018
Week of Weeks…Wednesday and Thursday
RADICAL!! Everything that happened during the last week of Jesus’ life was radical, from the woman anointing Jesus with very expensive perfume to procuring a donkey which Jesus rode to
Mar 28, 2018
Week of Weeks…Monday and Tuesday
Look for 3 lessons this week which cover each day of the “week of weeks.” Prepare your hearts and grow in your relationship with Jesus by understanding what He went
Mar 26, 2018
Customs of Easter…Palm Sunday…Easter Basket
Donna instructs us on how to build an Easter basket containing symbols of the Easter story from Jesus’s betrayal, arrest and death to His resurrection. Then teach your children the
Mar 23, 2018
Lenten Reflection on Forgiveness
Easter is coming! There is still time to prepare your hearts for the Week of Weeks coming up! Forgiveness is a part of God’s plan and requires our obedience. You
Mar 21, 2018
Prayer…The Model Prayer
The Lord’s Prayer is the model prayer Jesus taught us to pray in Matthew 6:1-13
Mar 19, 2018
Be A Builder…Builder 87 Campaign
Details on If these podcasts encourage you, please encourage others by saying ‘YES’ to being a builder as part of our Builder 87 Campaign. Donate monthly what you can
Mar 17, 2018
Live In A Manner Worthy
Philippians 1:27 says, “Only, live your life in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ, so that, whether I come and see you or am absent and hear about
Mar 16, 2018
Be A Builder…Builder 87 Campaign
Modern Homemakers is a 501(C)(3) organization. Please consider being a “Home Builder” with us, as we, through our podcast ministry, encourage women around the world to build their homes on
Mar 15, 2018
Lenten Meditation…Peter the Failure
“Failure is often our best teacher.” Are you pushing for something without taking time to know if it is God’s plan for your life? Peter was impetuous and wanted a
Mar 14, 2018
Be A Builder…Builder 87 Campaign
For our listeners who may not have heard about our Builder 87 Campaign, we pray you will take time to listen and consider helping us build ‘homes’ by becoming a
Mar 13, 2018
The Girlfriends on Perfectionism
Are you stuck in your perfectionism when it comes to parenting? The girlfriends are back, and they are covering the topic of perfectionism. Donna believes that perfectionism is more like
Mar 12, 2018
Be A Builder…Builder 87 Campaign
This is a reminder to become one of 87 Builders at Modern Homemakers, which Donna explains in today’s message. As women, we need to protect ourselves from things that will
Mar 11, 2018
Prayer for Your Children
Donna’s prayer life has grown and changed over the course of many years and she said that prayer is something we will always learn new things about. One of her
Mar 09, 2018
1 Timothy 4:7 says to train yourself in godliness which is valuable in every way. Jesus spent time in the wilderness in prayer. During Lent, we practice PRAYER, FASTING and
Mar 07, 2018
Technology and its Affect on Families Pt 2
Technology can be good and helpful, but it is also a distraction. We need to be wise and disciplined when it comes to using technology. Is it enhancing your character?
Mar 05, 2018
4 Decisions That Will Change Your Life
Choose God first, and others second. Listen for God’s voice when making decisions because choices matter! There really is no such thing as an overnight success, but rather many small
Mar 02, 2018
Remembering Billy Graham
Donna shares her memories of Billy Graham ministries, and tells the story of the time her mother took her to a Billy Graham crusade at Soldier Field in Chicago when
Feb 28, 2018
Technology and its Affect on Families Pt 1
Choices matter when it comes to technology. There are places we can’t control what we are exposed to through technology, but our home is a place we can control and
Feb 26, 2018
Organization Preparation
Donna has always said that PREPARATION is the key to ORGANIZATION, and she believes that PRIORITIZING tasks is important. Look for her video which teaches PRACTICAL ways to manage your
Feb 23, 2018
The Girlfriends on Expectations
Enjoy this 1st episode of “The Girlfriends,” who are here to talk about expectations. Lots of insight, wisdom, and giggles are shared by Donna and two women who know the
Feb 21, 2018
Eclectic Feb 19 2018
Donna recommends the book “A Wrinkle Time,” which will be a movie in theaters next month, and she also talks about the latest technology available for your home. In addition,
Feb 19, 2018
Be A Builder…Builder 87 Campaign
Become one of ’87 Builders’ at Modern Homemakers, which Donna explains in today’s message. As women, we need to protect ourselves from things that will discourage us from doing the
Feb 16, 2018
Ash Wednesday 2018
Are you ready to ‘change your heart?’ Donna talks about the song of the same title that she learned as a young girl which made a difference in her life.
Feb 14, 2018
Lent is Coming…So What?
Lent is about preparation of your heart. So how do we prepare for this transformational season? Fasting and prayer are powerful ways to prepare!
Feb 12, 2018
Love Well
In this month of February and Valentine’s Day, Donna is talking about LOVE and what scripture says about it! Love is God’s priority and we are to live in love.
Feb 09, 2018
Intimacy with God and Formational Life with Dr Doug Kelley Pt 2 PhD
In this 2nd chat between Donna and Dr. Doug Kelley, PhD, we learn about vulnerability as it pertains to our relationships. Visit Doug Kelley’s web site, and find his
Feb 07, 2018
Intimacy with God and Formational Life with Dr Doug Kelley PhD
Dr. Doug Kelley is a professor of communications at ASU, his research focusing on marital communication and the communication of forgiveness. His discussion with Donna on intimacy in relationships will
Feb 05, 2018
Loving Life as an At Home Mom
God chose to give us our children and we should treat motherhood as a ministry. Do everything, including changing diapers, as unto the Lord.
Jan 26, 2018
Creating a dot.calm world
Know what disquiets you and learn ways to create calm in your life and your world. Plan a quiet time in your home every day. Cultivate cheerfulness!
Jan 24, 2018
The Servant Queen
Donna refers to a book she read titled, “The Servant Queen,” about Queen Elizabeth. She reminds us that MOTHERHOOD is a MINISTRY of SERVANTHOOD, and to carry on the ministry
Jan 22, 2018
Did You Get Out of Bed on the Wrong Side This Morning?
Did something that happened to you make you a grump? Why is HIS JoY not evident in you? The book of Philippians is all about joy and rejoicing, even when
Jan 19, 2018
Managing Your Life
Be a woman of courage, saying YES to what you’re supposed to say yes to, and NO to what you’re supposed to say no to. Be sure you are making
Jan 17, 2018
Children’s Letters to God
Listen as Donna reads several selections from Children’s Letters to God.
Jan 15, 2018
She has not stopped kissing…
In Luke 7:36-50, a sinful woman found out where Jesus was and went to sit at his feet, washing them with her tears and then kissing them. She was a
Jan 12, 2018
Second Fiddle Mary
Jesus’ mother, Mary, knew she was ‘second fiddle,’ but she delighted in it. She was God’s hand maiden and was glad to be so. Her purpose was to carry the
Jan 10, 2018
All Things Small
We can learn a thing or two from John the Baptist who did ‘the small thing’ by declaring that he was not the light, but that he was testifying to
Jan 08, 2018
A New Twist on New Years Resolutions
Desires vs Goals. Donna encourages you to set goals and achieve them by making small, significant changes that will get you where you want to be.
Jan 05, 2018
Finding Courage in 2018
It’s a NEW YEAR! Don’t be fearful, but be COURAGEOUS, for the Lord your God is with you! Check out for all the latest happenings!
Jan 01, 2018
Final Thoughts for Christmas 2017
Traditions are lovely, but if some have lost their appeal or practicality for your family, then it’s time to let them go! Also, Donna reads The Guest by Leo Tolstoy
Dec 22, 2017
Simeon and the Baby Jesus
Simeon was told by the Holy Spirit that he would live to see the Messiah, and was at the presentation of the baby Jesus at the Temple. Be aware of
Dec 20, 2017
Emerging Church
Donna gives a picture of how the church looks after visiting many different churches this year and finding that, no matter the age or diversity of the congregation, the church
Dec 18, 2017
The Tale of Three Trees
Gather your children around and listen to Donna read this special traditional folktale, retold by Angela Elwell Hunt, and help them understand the significance of Jesus’ life.
Dec 14, 2017
Preparing for 25 Days of Advent 2017 Days 17 to 25
Each day, do something from Donna’s list to have a meaningful Advent, in preparation for Jesus’ birthday. Be sure to read Luke chapter 2 about the birth of the Messiah.
Dec 11, 2017
Christmas Readings
Moms! Listen to Twas the Night Before Christmas for Moms, and be encouraged that YOU are the best person to be raising your children, as hard as it may be.
Dec 09, 2017
A Cup of Christmas Tea
Listen as Donna reads “A Cup of Christmas Tea,” by Tom Hegg, and be inspired to spend some time with anyone you know who would be blessed by you taking
Dec 06, 2017
Preparing for 25 Days of Advent 2017 Days 9 to 16 of Family Activities
Here are more creative family activities, such as writing a family letter together to send to friends and relatives.
Dec 04, 2017
Christmas Book Recommendations
Here is a terrific list of Modern Homemaker’s favorite books to read with your children during Advent.
Dec 01, 2017
Advent Preparation
Donna helps us get prepared with an Advent wreath and candles, our Bible, Christmas carols, and encourages us to schedule time for Advent readings.
Nov 29, 2017
Preparing for 25 Days of Advent 2017 Days 1 to 8 of Family Activities
1. Create an Advent wreath with materials you have on hand. Malachi 3 vs 1-6. 2. Make a paper chain to count down to Jesus’ birthday. 3. Have a secret
Nov 27, 2017
Lessify for the Celebrations Ahead Pt 2
If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Plan, prepare, and lessify! What fills your tank? If you know yourself, don’t do what makes you cranky when shopping or getting
Nov 27, 2017
Lessify for the Celebrations Ahead Pt 1
Make your celebrations less complicated so that you don’t tire of celebrating the holidays. The best way is to ‘check in with the Father,’ who sent His Son to save
Nov 27, 2017
Season for Savoring Thanksgiving
Prepare your heart and savor this time of Thanksgiving. The holidays run together in our culture, so be intentional and organized about taking the time to give thanks.
Nov 21, 2017
Helping Your Children Help You
Donna’s goal is to help women in their roles as mother, wife, homemaker, and woman of God. Her advice on mothering is biblically based. She gives tips on communicating with
Nov 20, 2017
Godly Childhood Development
Model for your children an authentic Christian life. Teach truth to them. Teach them to want to learn what the Bible teaches us about how to live our lives. Offer
Nov 17, 2017
What is a Family? Part 2
Parenting is the most sacrificial role you will ever have. If you came from a dysfunctional family, you can create a new ‘cycle’ by living in submission to God according
Nov 15, 2017
What is a Family?
We are to teach our children what God’s word says. Deuteronomy 6: 4-9. Paul taught the Colossians in 3:18 what a family is.
Nov 14, 2017
Who Is My Family of God?
In Mark 3: 31-35, Jesus tells us that our brothers and sisters who are believers, who do the will of God, are our family.
Nov 10, 2017
Chats with Elisabeth Elliot on Mentoring Pt 4 ReAir
Calvary love is the kind that forgets about self. This is how God wants us to love and honor our husbands, which, in turn, honors God. Donna and Elisabeth talk
Nov 06, 2017
Chats with Elisabeth Elliot on Mentoring Pt 3 ReAir
Instead of falling apart, Elisabeth remembered to ‘do the next thing’ after her husband was killed in Ecuador while missionaries there. As a Titus 2 woman, Mrs. Elliot mentored Donna,
Nov 03, 2017
Chats with Elisabeth Elliot on Mentoring Pt 2 ReAir
Donna and Elisabeth talk about investing in the lives of those who are younger than us. Young moms, though highly educated, should be open to being mentored by older, wiser
Nov 02, 2017
Chats with Elisabeth Elliot on Mentoring Pt 1 ReAir
Elisabeth Elliott was Donna’s mentor, and we get to hear the chats they had about mentoring in the 90’s on Elisabeth’s radio show. Priceless and timeless!!
Oct 30, 2017
Expectant Bride Reluctant Wife Pt 3 ReAir
Part 3 of 3. God has called you, as a wife, to know, love and serve your husband BECAUSE you love Christ, not out of a sense of duty!
Oct 27, 2017
Expectant Bride Reluctant Wife Pt 2 ReAir
Part 2 of 3. Your husband is NOT the enemy! Satan wants to destroy your marriage, so put on the full armor of God so that you can stand against
Oct 26, 2017
Expectant Bride Reluctant Wife Pt 1 ReAir
Part 1 of 3, this series was taught by Donna over 10 years ago to a live audience, and the message is relevant and timeless. Marriage is hard, but stay
Oct 25, 2017
Anxiety or Peace?
Do you want peace and not anxiety? If you let God be in control, you will have His peace! Get your Bible and take notes.
Oct 20, 2017
God Created Man and Woman In His Image
Moms, impart to your children that THE God who created them wants us to be like Him in His image, namely holy, caring, compassionate.
Oct 19, 2017
Letting Go
Hello’s are easy! Goodbye’s are hard. Be aware of what God is revealing to you when you have to let go of someone or something. It’s how you respond to
Oct 16, 2017
A God Who Cares (Suffering)
Make time for suffering, and try not to pretend it isn’t there. Be careful not to mix up the unfairnesses of life and call it suffering. Even Jesus asked God
Oct 13, 2017
Lessify Your Life by Managing Your Stuff
God has called us to be good stewards, and “going green” is one way of ‘lessifying’ your life and having fewer complications or distractions. This is NOT your ordinary decluttering
Oct 11, 2017
Eclectic October 9 2017
Topics include the reporting of the Las Vegas crime, robots, a coloring Bible which helps you memorize and meditate on scripture, and helping the poor.
Oct 09, 2017
The Requirements of Privilege
Donna’s hero of the faith, Elisabeth Elliot, delivered the commencement speech at Bethel College in 1977, and Donna shares this unpublished treasure from 40 years ago.
Oct 06, 2017
Was Jesus a Busy Person?
Jesus WAS very busy, but he ALWAYS took the time to spend in prayer and solitude with the Father. Find time in your busy day to have a quiet time
Oct 04, 2017