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The show that is all about Minecraft, the popular game! – HD Video Feed – By: GeekGamer.TV

Episode Date
193: Keep Digging!
The final episode of Minecraft Me is here! On this edition we chat about the future of the show, server and we also perform an unboxing of the Mine Chest!
May 30, 2016
192: Pizza Spleef!
The show is finally back and since we are hungry for some Minecraft and Pizza, we decide to do a Pizza Spleef with the community!
Apr 03, 2016
191: Rollercoaster Challenge!
We challenged you to come up with an awesome Rollercoaster Creation in Minecraft and YOU DELIVERED! We show them off this week!
Feb 17, 2016
190: Diversity 2 – Puzzle Branch
In our never ending quest to complete Diversity 2, we head to the Puzzle Branch!
Feb 01, 2016
189: Diversity 2 – Parkour Branch – Part 3
Parkour is not our strong point, but we push on and try to complete this branch in Diversity 2 this week!
Jan 17, 2016
188: Diversity 2 – Parkour Branch – Part 2
There is much more Diversity 2 to do! This week, we head back to the frustrating Parkour Branch!
Jan 11, 2016
187: Return to the End!
The latest Snapshot is here and while there are always changes, this time some MAJOR changes can be found in the END! This week we check them out!
Jan 04, 2016
186: Diversity 2 – Arena Completion!
Heading back to the world of Diversity 2 and we decided to take our last attempt in 2015 and complete the Arena Mode!
Dec 28, 2015
185: Christmas Build Special 2015
We are back! This is a non-stop build episode showing off the awesome Christmas and Holiday creations built by members of our community in our server!
Dec 21, 2015
184: Patreon Survivor Games!
For you who support us...the Patreon's! This week we head back to the friendly confines of AT&T Park for another round of the Survivor Games! We also make a special announcement on the short term future of the show! So please take a listen and enjoy!
Sep 07, 2015
183: Double Dare – Server Challenge
On your mark, get set, GO! On this episode of Minecraft Me, we ask you to create an awesome Double Dare style obstacle course! (and yes, we ran it!). We also talk about PAX Prime 2015 and our interview with Telltale Games about Minecraft: Story Mode.
Sep 01, 2015
182: Diversity 2 – Arena
We can't get away! Back to the halls of Diveristy 2 and this week we finish the Escape Mode and then head into the Arena!
Aug 23, 2015
181: Diversity 2 – Parkour / Escape
Back to the halls of Diversity 2 and this time we attempt (and fail) at Parkour and Escape modes!
Aug 17, 2015
180: Diversity 2 – Trivia Branch
Adventure Time! This week, we head back to the world of Diversity 2 and tackle the trivia branch with some surprising results!
Aug 10, 2015
179: Disney Minecraft Challenge
We love old Disney cartoons from the 80's and 90's and now we see if you all can live up to the challenge in building them! We also cover the latest Snapshot 15w31c!
Aug 03, 2015
178: Patreon Games: Fishing Derby!
This week it's all about you who support us....the Patreons! This is our first ever Fishing Derby! We also take your questions! This and much more on Minecraft Me!
Jul 27, 2015
177: Zombie Grinders!
Have you ever come across a Zombie Spawner and don't know what to do with it? This week on the show, we show you how to make a Zombie Grinder!
Jul 13, 2015
176: Ocean Monuments
One of the new things to explore in 1.8 are Ocean Monuments! We take a look!
Jul 06, 2015
175: Season 3 Finale! – Part 2
This is it! The FINAL of the Season 3 Map! Showcases from some of the awesome members of our community!
Jun 29, 2015
174: Season 3 Finale! – Part 1
We begin to say goodbye to the awesome Season 3 Map by seeing what our moderators and admins picked for Showcases! We also cover the questions as well in this packed episode of Minecraft Me!
Jun 22, 2015
173: Patreon Games – Find The Ore II
You voted...we delivered! Another Find The Ore edition of the Patreon Games! This week you need to find the materials and craft an anvil!
Jun 15, 2015
172: 1.8 Server Launch!
Just in time for the Summer, we update our Public Server to 1.8!
Jun 08, 2015
171: Data Center Final Results!
Back from the Memorial Holiday break, we talk about the move to 1.8, give out the results of the Data Center Challenge, discuss the Minecraft News of the Week, take your questions and much much more!
Jun 01, 2015
170: Patreon Diamond Hunt!
Patreon Games time! This time we play a new game called "Diamond Hunt" - Also this week we talk about the new 1.8 update with the public server, the Minecraft News of the Week and much much more!
May 17, 2015
169: Data Center Challenge
This week we unveil the latest Server Challenge...Build a Data Center!
May 11, 2015
168: Voyager in Minecraft!
On this episode we reveal the Top 3 in the Studio Server Challenge, unveil the new challenge AND show off an incredible build of the USS Voyager from Star Trek!
Apr 15, 2015
167: FTB: Smeltry Basics
Did you know that in FTB, you can make some pretty powerful tools with a Smeltry? This week we show you how to create one and what it does!
Apr 06, 2015
166: Studio Server Challenge
Ever wanted to have your own recording or TV Studio to perform in? Well, now you can in Minecraft! The community shows up for the next Server Challenge and that is to build a Studio!
Mar 31, 2015
165: GeoCaching!
GeoCaching is a great activity that gets you outdoors and exploring the world! In this episode, thanks to BuckeyeCarl, we show you how GeoCaching can be FUN in the game of Minecraft as well!
Mar 24, 2015
164: FTB – Mining Turtles
Back to the world of Feed The Beast! This week we show you the awesome power of Mining Turtles!
Mar 18, 2015
163: Patreon Games #8
Thank you all of you Patreon's who support us! It's time once again for the Patreon Games!
Mar 09, 2015
162: Dr. Seuss Minecraft Challenge!
We just celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday! So what better way to celebrate, then to show off some amazing creations from our community server!
Mar 04, 2015
161: FTB – Basic Storage Options
Lets go for Feed The Beast! In this episode, we show you how to get started and discuss some of the basic storage options in this mod, the recipes and how to get started!
Feb 23, 2015
160: Valentine’s Day Builds!
What do you do to show the love of your life how much they mean to you? You build them something awesome in Minecraft!
Feb 17, 2015
159: Super Minecraft Football! – The Final!
The points have been tallied and the results are IN! We share the community voting for the best Football Stadium in Minecraft!
Feb 09, 2015
158: Super Minecraft Football!
This week on the show, we challenge the community to come up with a Super Minecraft Stadium to house the big game between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots!
Feb 04, 2015
157: Survivor Games #7
It's time for the first Patreon Survivor Games of the new year and we have a special treat with Joe AND Jon "Just Ducky" Kessler in the studio!
Jan 27, 2015
156: Redstone Toggles Revisited!
So back in Episode 52 we showed you how to create an efficient redstone switch, but with new updates, it's time revisit it!
Jan 20, 2015
155: Diversity 2 – Dropper Conclusion!
Back from the holiday break, we decide to head back into the world of Diversity 2 and see if we can finish the Dropper Branch!
Jan 05, 2015
154: Christmas Special 2014!
Our yearly Christmas and Holiday Minecraft Me Special is here! We show off over 20+ wonderful holiday themed Minecraft creations from our awesome community!
Dec 31, 2014
153: Holiday Survivor Games!
It's time again for our monthly Survivor Games with Patreon's and our community, but this time with a holiday twist!
Dec 23, 2014
152: Camping Challenge Results
This week, we reveal the Top 3 vote getters in the Camping Server Challenge! We also cover the Minecraft News of the Week, give you guys a Resource Pack Pick and take your questions!
Dec 16, 2014
151: Minecraft Camping
Ever wanted to take a vacation within the game of Minecraft? Ever thought about camping? Well in this episode we show off over 13 different kinds of Campgrounds created by members of our community that you could build on your own claim!
Dec 09, 2014
150: Survivor Games #5
Back for another installment of the Minecraft Me Survivor Games, and we play not just one, but two games!
Nov 25, 2014
149: Halloween Challenge Results!
Count the votes...1...2....3....hahahahah! It's time for the Halloween Challenge Results Show! See which challenge got first place from the community voting!
Nov 18, 2014
148: Diversity 2 – Dropper – Part 1
Back to the awesome map of Diversity 2 and this time we try out the Dropper Mode!
Nov 10, 2014
147: Halloween Haunted Houses!
The spooky time of year is here! Halloween! We show off the latest server challenge of building the best Haunted House!
Nov 03, 2014
146: Survivor Games: World Series Edition!
In honor of the San Francisco Giants making it to the World Series, we hold a Survivor Games at AT&T Park, and the result is EPIC!
Oct 21, 2014
145: Diversity 2: Labyrinthian Branch
Time to start a new adventure, and this time we head to the all NEW Diversity 2 challenge series! We start this week with the Labyrinthian Branch!
Oct 13, 2014
144: September Survivor Games!
A little late, but it's time again for another Survivor Games! We also reveal the results of the Forum Community Contest, discuss the latest news, take your questions and much more!
Oct 06, 2014
143: Microsoft buys Minecraft!
Microsoft does the unthinkable and purchases Mojang studios! The makers of Minecraft!
Sep 29, 2014
142: August Survival Games!
Another month has come to a close and we give you all a chance to come on and play! It's the August Survivor Games! We also reveal the Top 3 of the Server Challenge, cover the news, take your questions and much more!
Sep 02, 2014
141: 1.8 Update Highlights!
The Bountiful 1.8 Update for Minecraft is here! We cover the awesome highlights of this latest update!
Aug 26, 2014
140: Build a Bridge Challenge!
If you want to get across water, valleys, and other weird places, you might want to build a bridge! This is one of the biggest Server Challenges to date!
Aug 22, 2014
139: How to Build Underwater!
Have you ever tried to build something underwater in Minecraft? Don't know where to start? Well on this episode we show you how!
Aug 12, 2014
138: Temple of Doom: The Conclusion
We finally head back to the Temple of Doom and FINISH THE ADVENTURE!
Aug 05, 2014
137: Banners & More!
Snapshot 14w30c has limitless banner options! We show show a fraction of them! Plus we unveil the winners of the the fourth Server Challenge, which is Redstone Doors, hold our monthly Survivor Games and your questions!
Jul 27, 2014
136: Red Stone Door Challenge!
Red Stone Doors! We love them and now we want to see what you can come up with! Server Challenge #4 is here and its all about Red Stone Doors!
Jul 21, 2014
135: Production Updates!
Special update about some minor production changes to Minecraft Me's Live Record Day, and some HAPPY NEWS about the GGTV Shirts!
Jul 18, 2014
134: Simple Sorting
Looking for a simple and easy way to sort your materials, without having to use a lot of redstone? We show you a simple and easy way of doing it!
Jul 10, 2014
133: How to Import Minecraft Maps
Want to know how to install our Minecraft Me Season 2 world or other map into your game? We show you! Plus a Server Showcase, Pack Pick and Much More!
Jul 02, 2014
132: Aladdin’s Castle Server Challenge!
Remember back in the past were we went to the mall to play video games? The awesome members of our community attempt to make Aladdin's Castle in the next Server Challenge!
Jun 27, 2014
131: Temple of Doom, Part III
Back to the Temple! On this edition, we continue the Temple of Doom Adventure!
Jun 20, 2014
130: Build The Best Tower!
We gave you the challenge and the submissions are IN! We see if you have what it takes in the Server Challenge! Build The Best Tower!
Jun 13, 2014
129: Temple of Doom, Part 2
We are stuck in the jungle as we head back to the Temple of Doom! Welcome to Part 2!
Jun 06, 2014
128: Temple of Doom, Part 1
Time to head off into the jungle and find The Temple of Doom! Another Minecraft Adventure!
May 30, 2014
127: Minecraft Realms
Minecraft Realms is the new server provider service that is available direct from Mojang! This week we show you how to create one to share with your friends!
May 23, 2014
126: AT&T Park Revisited
This week, we head back and revisit one of the most epic Community Build projects we have EVER done, and that is AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants!
May 17, 2014
125: Backing up with Dropbox
Want to keep your map saves safe and easily accessible from anywhere? With Dropbox, you can! We show you how!
May 09, 2014
124: Star Wars Adventure Redux!
To celebrate May 4th, we went back and tried to complete the Star Wars Adventure in Minecraft! Do we? We also cover the latest Snapshot, we show off a new Mario Resource Pack and take your questions!
May 05, 2014
123: Season 2 Sendoff
For the final time, we say goodbye to the current Minecraft Me Survival Server!
Apr 25, 2014
122: Survival Season 3 Preview!
Over a year in the making, we are getting ready to do a reset of our Survival Map for the third time! We call it Survivor Map Season 3!
Apr 18, 2014
121: Shaders!
Want to make Minecraft less blocky looking and make it look stunning and beautiful? With Shaders, you CAN! We show you how you can easily install them!
Apr 11, 2014
120: Creative Patreon Server
To thank our awesome Patreon's! We show you the new Creative Public Server that is about to launch!
Apr 05, 2014
119: More Diversity!
On this edition, we head back into the halls of Diversity and attempt to finish the Trivia Branch! We also start on a new one!
Mar 28, 2014
118: Nether
It’s been a very long time but we head back to the Nether to gather some Glowstone and look at all the pretty lava!  We also cover the Minecraft News of the Week, Pack Picks, Server Showcase and take your questions!  We also have a very special announcement as well! Show notes and episode page […]
Mar 22, 2014
117: Minecraft Me Town Hall!
From time to time we want to hear directly from you....in full communication. It's time for a Minecraft Me Town Hall Special!
Mar 14, 2014
116: Iron Farming!
Want to make your next home out of Iron? Or do you need to have a stockpile of it? This week we show you how to make your very own Iron Farm!
Mar 08, 2014
115: Diversity Trivia Branch!
You wanted it, we delivered! MORE PLAY IT! We are back heading into the world of Diversity! This week we finish up on the Adventrue and move into the Trivia Branch....and it involves LAVA!
Feb 28, 2014
114: Australia inside Minecraft!
City governments have talked about using Minecraft to work with kids...now one city in Australia is doing EXACTLY THAT!
Feb 21, 2014
113: Minecraft Olympics Finals!
With a few events remaining, we finish the Olympics in style with Track & Field events and to also include the Balance Beam and Long Jump! We also cover the Minecraft News of the Week, Pack Picks, Server Showcase and take your questions! Get the Gold!
Feb 13, 2014
112: Minecraft Olympics
In honor of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games, we head into the Minecraft arena of competition and play some Olympic Minecraft Games! We also cover the Minecraft News of the Week, Pack Picks, Server Showcase and take your questions! Get the Gold!
Feb 08, 2014
111: Creepervision!
One of the best Snapshots to date! We cover some of the new modes and items in the latest 1.8 addition to include new blocks, items and Spectator Mode!
Jan 31, 2014
110: Diversity: Adventure Branch
We head right back into one of the craziest Minecraft creations there is! Diversity! We finish up on the "Puzzle" branch and then start the "Adventure" branch!
Jan 24, 2014
109: Snapshot 14w03b!
Fresh back from the CES 2014 trip and Mojang released two new snapshots! We cover those PLUS the top Minecraft News of the Week, a CRAZY pack picks segment, Server Showcase and of course, YOUR Questions!
Jan 17, 2014
Minecraft Me 108: Diversity – Puzzles
HELM TO 108! On this edition of Minecraft Me, Joe and Chase get stumped with the interesting map called "Diversity" - Our brains explode!
Jan 04, 2014
Minecraft Me 107: Christmas Special!
All of us here at Minecraft Me, would like to wish you all a great Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season in Minecraft Style! Christmas Play It, Resource Packs and Showcases! That and the news and your questions!
Dec 27, 2013
Minecraft Me 106: Obsidian Generators
We showed you how to generate a supply of Cobblestone, on this edition, we show you how to make your very own batch of Obsidian, with an Obsidian Generator! We also cover the top Minecraft News of the Week, have an AWESOME Server Showcase, and take your questions! All this and much more!
Dec 20, 2013
Minecraft Me 105: World Edit CUI w/ Forge!
When you are creating your own world in Minecraft, wouldn't it be easier to have a World Edit interface to help you with that? On this edition on Minecraft Me, we will show you how to setup and use World Edit CUI with Forge!
Dec 13, 2013
Minecraft Me 104: Create your own Hunger Games!
Ever wanted to learn how to make your own Hunger Games in Minecraft for your friends and family? This is a very full show to make you a Games Master in NO TIME! We also take your questions and have a few news stories for you as well!
Dec 06, 2013
Special: The Hunger Games 2
The Minecraft Me Hunger Games Special! Won't spoil who the winner is, but it was a great match and well worth the watch! Some excellent skills and strategy!
Dec 04, 2013
Minecraft Me 103: Minecraft Forge!
Looking to add mods to your Minecraft install and you would like to make it easier to manage and implement? Forge is here to assist you!
Nov 30, 2013
Minecraft Me 102: Twitch Streaming INSIDE Minecraft!
It was announced at Minecon 2013 that soon you would be able to stream Minecraft from INSIDE the game to Twitch, now it is HERE with the latest Snapshot!
Nov 22, 2013
Minecraft Me 101: Rei’s Mini Map Mod!
This week we do in-depth on one of the most popular mods for Minecraft, Rei's Mini Map!
Nov 16, 2013
Minecraft Me 100: Minecon 2013
The Perfect Storm....Episode 100...Minecon 2013.....here we go! We cover the entire event, Spigot, MinecraftEdu, Raspberry Pi Minecraft, qCraft, Minecraft Arcade and much much more!
Nov 08, 2013
Minecraft Me #99: Happy Minecraft Halloween!
Spooky!!! Scary!!! It's all Halloween on this edition of Minecraft Me! From Halloween Texture Packs to a very Spooky Showcase! All this and much more!
Oct 31, 2013
Minecraft Me #98: 1.7.1
One of the biggest updates ever from Mojang! The Update that Changed the World! This week we give you detailed dirt about Minecraft 1.7.1!
Oct 25, 2013
Minecraft Me #97: Mac Mod Mania!
Back in Episode 95, we showed how to install mods on the PC....now it's the Mac's Turn! How to set it up to use your favorite client side mods!
Oct 18, 2013
Minecraft Me #96: Snapshot 13w41b + More!
More and more is being poured into the 1.7 update and now we have another Snapshot with added items!
Oct 11, 2013
Minecraft Me #95: How to Install Mods!
With the new launcher, it can get quite confusing how to set it up to use your favorite client side mods!
Oct 07, 2013
Minecraft Me #94: Herobrine’s Return: Part IV
Back again to take on Mr. Herobrine and his minions.....do we finally finish this awesome adventure map?
Sep 27, 2013
Minecraft Me #93: Super Secret Settings!
With Snapshot 13w38a, we were presented with a new option in the menus called "Super Secret Settings"....what do they do? Is it safe? We show you!
Sep 20, 2013
Minecraft Me #92: Snapshot 13w37a
Back to Thursday and back to another Snapshot! Major changes in how biomes are now generated! We cover that AND the TOP Minecraft News of the Week, Server Showcase, Pack Picks, Q & A and much much more! All on this edition of Minecraft Me!
Sep 13, 2013
Minecraft Me #91: Herobrine’s Return: Part III
Herobrine is LAUGHING!!! YES LAUGHING at US! Wondering why we can't finish is awesome adventure map! Well we try on this edition of Minecraft Me!
Sep 06, 2013
Minecraft Me #90: Minecraft Pocket Edition
With Joe in the studio for Episode #90, we decide to bring you something BRAND NEW! Minecraft Pocket Edition! We also give you an update on our IndieGogo project, the latest Minecraft News, Pack Picks, Server Showcase, take your questions! All this and MUCH MUCH MORE! :)
Aug 30, 2013
Minecraft Me #89: Herobrine’s Return: Part II
Back on the adventure to get the evil Herobrine! Do we finish?? Do we make it?? You will have to watch to find out! We also cover the top Minecraft News of the Week, Pack Picks, Server Showcase! All this and much more on this episode of Minecraft Me!
Aug 23, 2013
Minecraft Me #88: Kenny’s Back!
Jon "SP_Kenny" is back on Minecraft Me to show us his progress in the game which includes a new house, mines and much more! We also give you updates on Minecon 2013, T-Shirts, Pack Picks, Showcase and YOUR QUESTIONS! All this and more on Minecraft Me!
Aug 16, 2013
Minecraft Me #87: Herobrine’s Return! Part I
Time once again to head on a major adventure! This time we engage in Herobrine's Return by HyPixel!
Aug 09, 2013
Minecraft Me #86: Automatic Cannons
We revisit one of our popular episodes by improving on an idea! Automating your cannons with Redstone! We also give some updates about Minecon 2013, the top Minecraft News of the Week, Pack Picks, Server Showcase and your questions! All this and much more on this edition of Minecraft Me!
Aug 03, 2013
Minecraft Me #85: Public Server 101
Are you new to the Minecraft Me Public Server? In this episode we give you a brief overview of how to get around our server and show you what you need to know with a very special guest!
Jul 26, 2013
Minecraft Me #84: One Block Farming
Farming can be tough, especially when you want to maximize what little resources you may have! On this edition, we show you what you can do with just ONE resource block for farming!
Jul 20, 2013
Minecraft Me #83: Feed The Beast
Want more expanded build and tool options? Like mods? Want a simple to install package? On this episode, we show you how to play Feed The Beast! Also covering the Minecraft News of the Week, your questions and a special update about MINECON 2013!
Jul 11, 2013
Minecraft Me #82: Fourth of July Fireworks!!!
Celebrate Independence Day in style by creating an awesome fireworks display! In this episode we show you how to make fireworks AND setup an automated display! We also cover the Minecraft News of the Week, Pack Picks, Server Showcase, Minecon News and TAKE YOUR QUESTIONS! All this and much more!
Jul 03, 2013
Minecraft Me #81: 1.6 Update!
Saddle up and get your horses ready, it's time for the next big update for Minecraft and it's 1.6! Also in this edition we cover news about Minecon, have some awesome Pack Picks and one of the best Server Showcases ever!
Jun 29, 2013
Minecraft Me #80: Redstone Revisited!
Following up with your questions and comments, we revisit some of your popular Redstone creations and update them with some new tips and tricks!
Jun 21, 2013
Minecraft Me #79: Star Wars Adventure!
We are off to the planet of Hoth to rescue some hostages in our next Minecraft Adventure!
Jun 15, 2013
Minecraft Me #78: Hoppers and Droppers
In this episode we help you automate the farming process by giving you more advanced tips on how to use Hoppers and Droppers!
Jun 07, 2013
Minecraft Me #77: Coco Cocoa Beans
This week, we show you how to automate the process of harvesting Cocoa Beans! We also introduce a new segment to the show, talk about the top Minecraft News of the Week, the Server Showcase and take your questions! All this and a whole lot more on this edition of Minecraft Me!
Jun 01, 2013
Minecraft Me #76: Snapshot Horse Update
Finally Mojang has released another Snapshot! In this one they make some slight changes to horses! Also in this edition of Minecraft Me, we show you an easy way to make a trap in 1.5! In addition we cover the top Minecraft News of the Week, Server Showcase and your questions!
May 25, 2013
Minecraft Me #75: Hunger Games
For the 75th edition of Minecraft Me, we bring you the 75th Hunger Games!
May 21, 2013
Minecraft Me #74: Jon’s First Day
In this special Sunday edition of the show, we turn back the clock and show you want you need to do on your first day to survive in the world of Minecraft with a special guest! Also covering the Minecraft News of the Week and your questions!
May 14, 2013
Minecraft Me #73 : Quartz
Quartz is beautiful and can liven up your Minecraft world! In this episode we show you how to find it and how to craft it into some awesome creations of your own! We also cover the top Minecraft news of the week, the Server Showcase and take your questions! All this and more on this edition of Minecraft Me!
May 05, 2013
Minecraft Me #72: Horses
We are back to what we do best....show you HOW! This week....HORSES!! We also cover the top Minecraft news of the week and get caught up on your video questions and voice mails!
Apr 27, 2013
Minecraft Me #71: AT&T Park
After months of hard work, we are ready to share with you the massive Community Build Project! AT&T Park of San Francisco, CA - Home of the World Champion San Francisco Giants!
Apr 20, 2013
Minecraft Me #70: The First Day, Again!
This week a major new release of Minecraft dropped and we thought it was a great time to turn back the clock and show you how to survive your very first day in Minecraft!
Apr 04, 2013
Minecraft Me #69: T Flip-Flops!
A while back we showed how to make a cool push-button (T Flip-Flop) that operated lights for your creation! It broke...but we found a new way to make it work!
Mar 29, 2013
Minecraft Me #68: 1.5 Autosort!!
Sorting of mined goods can be hard, especally when you have loads of cobble, diamonds, stone and more! What if, in 1.5, you can have everything be sorted into chests AUTOMAGICALLY without any mods? Now you can and we show you in this episode!
Mar 23, 2013
Minecraft Me #67: 1.5 Automation #1
Looking for an easy way to transport your mined goods in Minecraft 1.5 and you have some redstone to spare? Why not automate the process!! We show you an easy way to do it! Also cover the Minecraft News of the Week, Server Showcase, Questions and MORE!
Mar 16, 2013
Minecraft Me #66: The 1.5 Challenge
With 1.5 now out on the pre-release channel, we introduce the "Wither's Challenge" along with all the cool goodies that are included in version 1.5! We also cover the Minecraft news of the week, the Server Showcase, do a brief update to the Community Build Project and always take your questions! All this and MORE!
Mar 10, 2013
Minecraft Me #65: Printers!
This week, we give you the finish to Herobrine's Mansion that YOU DESERVED! We also cover a very cool and near compact printer that can be constructed in the game!
Mar 02, 2013
Minecraft Me #64: Temples
In this edition of Minecraft Me, we go back to basics and cover an important part of the game that you might find on your adventures, TEMPLES!
Feb 21, 2013
Minecraft Me #63: Herobrine’s Mansion Finale!
We are back to the mansion of Herobrine, and we finally complete and destroy......well, you will need to watch and find out!
Feb 14, 2013
Minecraft Me #62: This Old House
At the end of a long day of digging, wouldn't it be nice to have a nice place to come home to? On this episode, we give you some basic building techniques to make a simple yet effective home of your very own!
Feb 09, 2013
Minecraft Me #61: Herobrine’s Mansion – Part 2
Welcome to the future! The future is made of HD! and HEROBRINE'S MANSION! We continue our awesome adventure deep into Herobrine's homestead!
Feb 02, 2013