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Weekly news and information from The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).

Episode Date
11-19 NORML News PodCast - Nov 19, 2010
Psychomotor Impairing Effects Of Cannabis Are Nominal In Experienced Users, Study Says; Arizona Becomes Fifteenth State To Legalize Limited Medical Use Of Marijuana
Nov 19, 2010
11-12 NORML News PodCast - Nov 12, 2010
California: Republican Steve Cooley Leads In Race For Attorney General; Arizona: Prop. 203 Still Trails In Latest Vote Count; New Jersey: Legislators Say Proposed Medical Marijuana Regulations Violate Intent Of The Law
Nov 12, 2010
11-05 NORML News PodCast - Nov 5, 2010
California: Prop. 19 Defeated, Local Marijuana Tax Measures Approved, Harris Declares Victory In Attorney General Race; Medical Marijuana Measures Defeated in Oregon, South Dakota; Arizona Initiative Too Close To Call; Massachusetts: Municipal Voters Back Marijuana Reform Questions.
Nov 05, 2010
10-29 NORML News PodCast - Oct 29, 2010
Voters Nationwide To Decide On Marijuana Legalization Measures Tuesday
Oct 29, 2010
10-22 NORML News PodCast - Oct 22, 2010
Marijuana May Offset Alcohol-Induced Cognitive Impairment Among Teens; Massachusetts Voters To Decide Non-Binding Marijuana Proposals; NORML Issues State-By-State DUI Cannabis Report.
Oct 22, 2010
10-15 NORML News PodCast - Oct 15, 2010
RAND Study: Legalizing Marijuana In California Would "Effectively Eliminate" Cartels Involvement In State's Pot Trade; New Jersey: Patient Groups Castigate Proposed Medical Marijuana Regulations.
Oct 15, 2010
10-08 NORML News PodCast - Oct 8, 2010
California's Proposition 19 More Popular Than Leading Senate, Gubernatorial Candidates; California: Marijuana Possession No Longer A Criminal Offense Under State Law; Study: Regulating Cannabis Sales Would Yield Over $17 Billion In Annual Savings And Revenue; Colorado: Bureaucrats Propose Regulations For Tracking Medical Marijuana Purchases.
Oct 08, 2010
10-01 NORML News PodCast - Oct 1, 2010
Combined Use Of THC And Alcohol Increases Driver Accident Risk, Study Says; New Jersey: Medical Marijuana Law Takes Effect Friday; California: 11 Point Shift In Support For Prop. 19.
Oct 01, 2010
09-24 NORML News PodCast - Sep 24, 2010
Rhode Island: Health Agency Rejects All Applicants Seeking Medical Dispensary Licenses; Pot Compound Reduces Anxiety In First Ever Clinical Trial; California: State's Largest Labor Union Endorses Marijuana Depenalization Initiative
Sep 24, 2010
09-17 NORML News PodCast - Sep 17, 2010
Supposed 'Gateway' Theory Short-Lived, Influenced By Environmental Factors, Study Says; Marijuana Prosecutions For Year 2009 Near Record High -- Pot Arrests Now Comprise More Than One-Half Of All Drug Arrests Nationwide.
Sep 17, 2010
09-03 NORML News PodCast - Sep 3, 2010
Detroit: Court Says That Marijuana Depenalization Measure Will Not Appear On 2010 Ballot; Inhaled Cannabis Reduces Pain, Improves Sleep In Patients With Neuropathy, Study Says; California: Marijuana Infraction Measure Sent To Governor
Sep 03, 2010
08-27 NORML News PodCast - Aug 27, 2010
Commonly Prescribed Medications Often Trigger 'False Positive' Results On Urine Drug Screens, Study Says; California: Latino Voters League, Black Police Officers Endorse Marijuana Depenalization Initiative; Spain Approves Marijuana Spray As Medicine
Aug 27, 2010
08-20 NORML News PodCast - Aug 20, 2010
Oregon: State NORML Affiliate Re-Opens 'World Famous Cannabis Café'; Register Now To Attend NORML's 2010 National Conference; Detroit: Marijuana Depenalization Measure In Litigation
Aug 20, 2010
08-13 NORML News PodCast - Aug 13, 2010
Washington, DC: Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Not Likely Until Mid-2011; Effects Of Random Student Drug Testing Programs Limited, Education Department Study Says
Aug 13, 2010
08-06 NORML News PodCast - Aug 6, 2010
House Passes National Criminal Justice Commission Act of 2010; Marijuana Compound Halts Breast Cancer Tumor Growth; Rasmussen Poll: Fewer Than One In Five Americans Say Marijuana Is More Dangerous Than Booze.
Aug 06, 2010
07-30 NORML News PodCast - Jul 30, 2010
Washington, DC: Congress Won't Overturn District's New Marijuana Dispensary Law; California: Oakland City Council Approves Regulations For First-In-The-Nation Industrial Marijuana Production Facilities; California: Legislative Analyst's Office Rejects Claims Of Prop. 19 Opponents
Jul 30, 2010
07-23 NORML News PodCast - Jul 23, 2010
Marijuana Use Seldom Associated With Emergency Room Visits, Study Says; Veteran Administration Clarifies Medical Marijuana Practices; Oregon: Medical Marijuana Dispensary Measure Certified For November Ballot
Jul 23, 2010
07-16 NORML News PodCast - Jul 16, 2010
NORML Now Accepting Registrations For Its 2010 National Conference; Maine, Other States, Approve Licenses For Medical Marijuana Distribution Centers; California: Senator Diane Feinstein Signs Ballot Argument Opposing Marijuana Depenalization Measure
Jul 16, 2010
04-30 NORML News PodCast - Apr 30, 2010
Oregon: Supreme Court Okays Firing State-Authorized Medi-Pot Users For Off-The-Job Marijuana Use; Florida: Lawmakers Unanimously Pass Law Restricting 'Paraphernalia' Sales; Urine Testing Unlikely To Identify Drugged Employees Or Reduce Workplace Accidents, Study Says .
Apr 30, 2010
04-23 NORML News PodCast - Apr 23, 2010
Washington DC: City Council Unanimously Backs Medical Marijuana Dispensary Plan; CBS Polls Finds Majority Of Western Voters, Californians, Back Legalization; NORML Remembers 'The Hemperor' Jack Herer
Apr 23, 2010
04-16 NORML News PodCast - Apr 16, 2010
NORML Foundation To Launch Second NYC Times Square Billboard Campaign, New Ad Debuts On April 20 On The CBS Super Screen; Maine: Lawmakers Approve Medical Marijuana Dispensary Rules
Apr 16, 2010
04-09 NORML News PodCast - Apr 9, 2010
Philadelphia: No More Criminal Records For Minor Pot Offenders, D.A. Says; Washington: Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Expansion Measure Into Law; Colorado: City Passes State's First-Ever Medical Marijuana Sales Tax; Sixth International Clinical Conference On Cannabis Therapeutics To Take Place Next Weekend.
Apr 09, 2010
04-02 NORML News PodCast - Apr 2, 2010
California: San Jose Voters Likely To Decide On Marijuana Tax; New York City: Pot Arrests For 2009 Second Highest Total Ever; Register Now For NORML's Fifth Annual Aspen Legal Seminar -- Three-Day Event Takes Place June 10 - 12.
Apr 02, 2010
03-19 NORML News PodCast - Mar 19, 2010
New Hampshire: House Passes Marijuana Decriminalization Measure; Washington: Legislature Expands Medical Marijuana Law; Medical Cannabis Use Doesn't Adversely Impact Substance Abuse Treatment Outcomes, Study Says; Hawaii: Marijuana Law Reform Bills Pass Senate, Move Forward In House
Mar 19, 2010
03-12 NORML News PodCast - Mar 12, 2010
NORML Foundation To Relaunch NYC Times Square Ad Campaign - "Money Can Grow On Trees," Marijuana Legalization Group Announces
Mar 12, 2010
03-05 NORML News PodCast - Mar 5, 2010
NORML Responds To Latest Warnings Regarding Marijuana Use And Schizophrenia; Rhode Island Lawmakers Introduce State's First Ever Marijuana Legalization Bill; Imposition Of Punitive Punishments For Student Drug Test Failures Conflict With Federal Guidelines
Mar 05, 2010
02-26 NORML News PodCast - Feb 26, 2010
Over 2,500 Subjects Since 2005 Have Used Marijuana-Based Medicines In Controlled Clinical Trials; DC Lawmakers Debate Authorizing Medical Marijuana Dispensaries; Vermont: Lawmakers Debate Medical Marijuana Distribution Plan.
Feb 26, 2010
02-19 NORML News PodCast - Feb 19, 2010
'Gold Standard' Studies Show That Inhaled Marijuana Is Medically Safe And Effective; Review: Supposed Marijuana And Schizophrenia Link "Overstated".
Feb 19, 2010
02-12 NORML News PodCast - Feb 12, 2010
CBS Corporation Bars NORML From Advertising On Times Square Billboard; Washington: Senate Lawmakers Expand Medical Marijuana Law; New Hampshire: Committee Approves Marijuana Decriminalization Measure.
Feb 12, 2010
02-05 NORML News PodCast - Feb 5, 2010
Marijuana Use Growing In Popularity Among Older Americans, U.S. Government Study Says Nearly 10 Percent Of Men Age 50 To 54 Now Using Pot; Marijuana Legalization Questions Excluded From YouTube Presidential Forum; Rhode Island: Decriminalizing Marijuana Could Save Nearly One Quarter Of A Million Dollars Annually.
Feb 05, 2010
01-29 NORML News PodCast - Jan 29, 2010
Federal Agency In Charge Of Marijuana Research Admits Stifling Studies On Medicinal Cannabis, NIDA does "not fund research focused on the potential medical benefits of marijuana"; California: Supreme Court Affirms State's Pot Possession Limits Are A Floor, Not A Ceiling; Los Angeles City Council Enacts Medical Marijuana Oversight Regulations.
Jan 29, 2010
01-22 NORML News PodCast - Jan 22, 2010
Marijuana Compounds Possess Synergistic Anti-Cancer Effects, Study Says; New Jersey Becomes Fourteenth State To Legalize Medical Marijuana Use; Seattle: City Will No Longer Prosecute Marijuana Possession Offenses; New Hampshire: Lawmakers Debate Marijuana Legalization Measure.
Jan 22, 2010
01-15 NORML News PodCast - Jan 15, 2010
California: Lawmakers Cast First Vote In Nearly 100 Years To Repeal Marijuana Prohibition; New Jersey Legislature Authorizes Medical Use Of Marijuana; Washington: Lawmakers Hold First-Ever Hearing On Marijuana Legalization.
Jan 15, 2010
01-08 NORML News PodCast - Jan 8, 2010
National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws Launches NORML Women’s Alliance
Jan 08, 2010
12-25 NORML News PodCast - Dec 25, 2009
2009: The Year In Review – NORML's Top 10 Events That Shaped Marijuana Policy
Dec 25, 2009
12-18 NORML News PodCast - Dec 18, 2009
Marijuana More Popular Than Cigarettes Among Teens, Study Says ; Moderate Marijuana Use Not Associated With Altered Cognitive Skills, Study Says ; California: Voters Will Decide On Marijuana Regulation Measure in 2010, Proponents Say
Dec 18, 2009
12-11 NORML News PodCast - Dec 11, 2009
Support For Marijuana Legalization Continues To Grow In The United States -- National Survey Indicates Majority Support; Marijuana Users Substitute Pot In Place Of More Dangerous Substances, Study Says.
Dec 11, 2009
12-04 NORML News PodCast - Dec 4, 2009
Marijuana Extracts Relieve Intractable Cancer Pain Better Than THC, Study Says; Israel: Health Ministry To Expand Medical Marijuana Regulations; Rhode Island: Legislative Task Force To Reevaluate Marijuana Prohibition.
Dec 04, 2009
11-27 NORML News PodCast - Nov 27, 2009
Last Chance To Register For NORML's 26th Annual Key West Legal Seminar; CO: Attorney General Backs Reducing Pot Penalties, Taxing Medical Cannabis Sales; Marijuana Use Associated With 'Improved Neurocognition' In Bipolar Patients, Study Says.
Nov 27, 2009
11-20 NORML News PodCast - Nov 20, 2009
Marijuana-Related Health Costs Minimal Compared To Those Of Alcohol, Tobacco; California Medical Association Says Pot Prohibition Is A "Failed Public Health Policy"; Oregon: State NORML Affiliate Opens First 'Cannabis Café'.
Nov 20, 2009
11-13 NORML News PodCast - Nov 13, 2009
American Medical Association Calls For Scientific Review Of Marijuana's Prohibitive Status; Dutch Marijuana Use Lower Than European Average, Study Says
Nov 13, 2009
11-06 NORML News PodCast - Nov 6, 2009
"Truth In Trials Act" Reintroduced In Congress; Maine: Voters Approve Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Measure; Colorado: Breckenridge Voters Overwhelmingly Decide To End Pot Penalties.
Nov 06, 2009
10-30 NORML News PodCast - Oct 30, 2009
Maine: Voters To Decide Next Week On Medical Marijuana Expansion Measure; Colorado: Breckenridge Voters To Decide Next Week On Eliminating Pot Penalties; California: Lawmakers Hold Historic Hearing On Marijuana Legalization; New Hampshire: Senate Fails To Override Medical Marijuana Veto.
Oct 30, 2009
10-23 NORML News PodCast - Oct 23, 2009
Gallup: Majority Of West Coast Voters Back Marijuana Legalization; Pot Arrests Responsible For Majority Of Marijuana Treatment Referrals; DOJ To Federal Prosecutors: Do Not Focus Resources On Medical Marijuana.
Oct 23, 2009
10-16 NORML News PodCast - Oct 16, 2009
California: L.A. District Attorney Intends To Prosecute "100 Percent" Of County's Medical Marijuana Dispensaries; Maternal Tobacco and Alcohol Use, But Not Marijuana, Associated With Psychotic Symptoms In Offspring, Study Says; 'Hemperor' Jack Herer Released From Hospital.
Oct 16, 2009
10-09 NORML News PodCast - Oct 9, 2009
Detection Of THC In Blood Not Necessarily Indicative Of Recent Pot Use, Study Says; Massachusetts: Legislature To Debate Marijuana Regulation Measure; Pot Compounds Effective For Treatment Of Neuropathic Pain, Study Says
Oct 09, 2009
10-02 NORML News PodCast - Oct 2, 2009
Canadian 'Pot Prince' In Custody, Awaiting Extradition To U.S. Emery To face Up To Five Years In Prison For Marijuana Seed Sales; Pot Smokers Likely To Increase Their Use Of Alcohol During Abstinence, Study Says; Cannabis "Withdrawal" Syndrome Short-Lived, Affects Few, Study Says.
Oct 02, 2009
09-04 NORML News PodCast - Sep 4, 2009
NORML SHOW LIVE: Marijuana Nation Debuts This Saturday; Rasmussen Poll: Majority Of Americans Say Marijuana Is Safer Than Booze; Supposed Marijuana-Schizophrenia Link Not Strong, Mainstream Media Reports.
Sep 04, 2009
08-28 NORML News PodCast - Aug 28, 2009
Marijuana Compounds May Offset Alcohol-Induced Toxicity, Study Says; Mexico: Government Decriminalizes Possession Of Five Grams Of Pot; Argentina: No Prison For Pot Possession, Supreme Court Rules
Aug 28, 2009
08-21 NORML News PodCast - Aug 21, 2009
Smoke Has Contrasting Effects On Lung Function Compared To Tobacco, Study Says; Pot-Like Compounds Halt Prostate Cancer Growth; Rhode Island: Guidelines Proposed For State Licensed Marijuana Dispensaries.
Aug 21, 2009
08-14 NORML News PodCast - Aug 14, 2009
Georgia Lawmaker Calls For Caning, Executing Marijuana Offenders; Marijuana Detection Times Influenced By Stress, Dieting; Seattle: World's Largest Annual Pot 'Protestival' Takes Place This Weekend.
Aug 14, 2009
08-07 NORML News PodCast - Aug 7, 2009
Moderate Lifetime Marijuana Use Associated With Reduced Risk Of Head And Neck Cancer, Study Says; Santa Monica: No More Pot Prosecutions Following Passage Of Marijuana 'Deprioritization' Measure; Oregon: Legislation To Regulate Commercial Hemp Production Becomes Law.
Aug 07, 2009
07-31 NORML News PodCast - Jul 31, 2009
NORML Deputy Director Declares Marijuana Is Safer Than Booze In New Book; Marijuana's Impact On Brain Function "Minimal," Study Says; Colorado: Breckenridge Voters Likely To Decide Whether To Eliminate Pot Possession Penalties.
Jul 31, 2009
07-24 NORML News PodCast - Jul 24, 2009
Less Marijuana, More Booze Reported Among Pot Treatment Subjects, Study Says; California: Oakland Voters Approve Nation's First Marijuana Business Tax; Colorado: Board Of Health Rejects Proposed Changes To State's Medical Marijuana Law.
Jul 24, 2009
07-17 NORML News PodCast - Jul 17, 2009
California: Tax Board Says Regulating Commercial Pot Sales Would Yield $1.4 Billion Annually Also Predicts Decline In Use Of Booze And Tobacco; Oakland: Voters To Decide Medical Marijuana Tax Measure; Hawaii: Lawmakers Override Governor's Veto Of Marijuana Task Force Bill.
Jul 17, 2009
07-10 NORML News PodCast - Jul 10, 2009
Congressional House Committee Votes To Lift District's Ban On Medical Marijuana; Marijuana Ingredient Blocks Opiate Dependence, Study Says; Hawaii: Governor Vetoes Medicinal Marijuana Task Force Measure, Again.
Jul 10, 2009
07-03 NORML News PodCast - Jul 3, 2009
Increased Marijuana Use Not Associated With Rise In Incidences Of Schizophrenia, Study Says; Oregon: Lawmakers Pass Regulations To License Commercial Hemp Production; International Cannabinoid Research Society To Hold Annual Conference Next Week.
Jul 03, 2009
06-19 NORML News PodCast - Jun 19, 2009
Lawmakers Call For An End To Federal Marijuana Prosecutions; Feds' Top Pot Researcher Says Marijuana Should Be Legal; Rhode Island: State To License Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.
Jun 19, 2009
06-12 NORML News PodCast - Jun 12, 2009
Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act Reintroduced In Congress; Department Of Justice Urged To Clarify Administration's Medical Marijuana Policy; California: Senate Resolution Calls For No More Federal Marijuana Raids.
Jun 12, 2009
05-29 NORML News PodCast - May 29, 2009
More Americans Misusing Illicit Painkillers For The First Time Than Trying Pot, Study Says; Minnesota: Governor Vetoes Medical Marijuana Measure; Last Chance To Register For NORML's Fourth Annual Aspen Legal Seminar.
May 29, 2009
05-22 NORML News PodCast - May 22, 2009
US Supreme Court Rejects Challenge To State Medical Marijuana Laws; Cannabis Use Associated With Greater Adherence To Heroin Treatment, Study Says; Rhode Island: Legislature Approves Medical Marijuana Distribution Centers; California NORML's Dale Gieringer on Eddy Lepp sentencing.
May 22, 2009
05-15 NORML News PodCast - May 15, 2009
Marijuana Smoking Not Associated With Cancers Of The Head Or Neck; Legalizing Marijuana Tops White House 'Citizens Briefing Book'; Former Mexican President Calls For Drug Legalization Debate; Madeline Martinez announces Portland Mayor's Proclamation of Medical Marijuana Awareness Month.
May 15, 2009
05-01 NORML News PodCast - May 1, 2009
HIV/AIDS Patients Report Greater Subjective Relief From Cannabis Than From Legal Medications, Study Says; Marijuana Viewed As An Alternative Treatment Option By Teens, Study Says; New Hampshire: Legislature Approves Physician-Supervised Use Of Medical Marijuana; Chris Goldstein reports on medical marijuana in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
May 01, 2009
04-24 NORML News PodCast - Apr 24, 2009
NORML Launches First Ever Nationwide Television Ad Campaign: "Legalization - Yes We Can!"; Maine: Initiative To Expand State's Medical Marijuana Law To Go Before Voters In November; Georgine DiMaria speaking at PhillyNORML / NORML NJ Freedom Forum on 4/20/2009.
Apr 24, 2009
04-17 NORML News PodCast - Apr 17, 2009
NORML Presents $14 Billion 'Cannabis Stimulus' Package To The U.S. Treasury - "All we ask in exchange for our $14 billion is that our government respects our decision to use marijuana privately and responsibly"; Mexican Lawmakers Consider Legalizing Marijuana; Concurrent Use Of Cannabis And Cigarettes Associated With COPD, Study Says; Fred & Georgi DiMaria on NORML NJ / PhillyNORML 4/20 Freedom Forum.
Apr 17, 2009
04-10 NORML News PodCast - Apr 10, 2009
Prohibition-Oriented Policies Do Not Deter Adolescent Marijuana Use, Study Says, "The data provide no evidence that strict cannabis laws ... provide protective effects"; Oakland: City's Pending Medical Marijuana Tax Could Raise "Millions" In Revenue; Hemp Farming Control Act Reintroduced In Congress; Allen St. Pierre and Glenn Greenwald discuss decriminalization.
Apr 10, 2009
04-03 NORML News PodCast - Apr 3, 2009
US Senators Introduce National Criminal Justice Act of 2009, Bill would "undertake a comprehensive review of the criminal justice system"; Marijuana Compounds Have "Palliative" And "Curative" Effects On Cancer; Michigan: State Medical Marijuana Program Now Accepting Applicants; Allen St. Pierre reacts to Obama comments on marijuana legalization.
Apr 03, 2009
03-27 NORML News PodCast - Mar 27, 2009
US Government: Nearly Four In Ten Admitted To "Treatment" For Marijuana Haven't Used Pot; Massachusetts: Lawmakers To Consider Measures To "Tax And Regulate The Cannabis Industry"; New Hampshire: House Votes To Authorize Physician-Supervised Use Of Marijuana; Richard Evans on the Massachusetts legalization bills.
Mar 27, 2009
03-20 NORML News PodCast - Mar 20, 2009
U.S. Attorney General Reaffirms Administration's New Pot Policy Stance; NORML Now Accepting Registrations For Fourth Annual Aspen Legal Seminar; Marijuana's Impact On Adolescent Brain "Subtle" Compared To That Of Alcohol; Dr. Mitch Earleywine on marijuana/alcohol study of adolescents.
Mar 20, 2009
03-13 NORML News PodCast - Mar 13, 2009
Institute Of Medicine Report On Medical Marijuana Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary Next Week; Decreasing Marijuana Penalties Does Not Increase Pot Use, Study Says; NORML Chapter Outreach Coordinator Russ Belville on Vancouver's CKNW radio.
Mar 13, 2009
03-06 NORML News PodCast - Mar 6, 2009
Inhaled Cannabis Aborts Cluster Headaches, Journal Reports "Marijuana use at the onset of his headaches consistently brought complete relief within five minutes of inhalation for each attack"; Cannabis Spray Shows Long-Term Benefits For Multiple Sclerosis; Study: Over 7 Million Americans Under prison Supervision In 2007; ASA Conference Call on California DMV policy change recognizing medical marijuana.
Mar 06, 2009
02-27 NORML News PodCast - Feb 27, 2009
California: Assemblyman Introduces Measure To Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol - Proposal Will Raise Over $1.3 Billion Per Year, State's Tax Collection Agency Says; New Jersey: Senate Votes To Authorize Physician-Supervised Use Of Marijuana; Montana: Senate Votes To Expand State's Medical Marijuana Law; Dale Geiringer on AB 390.
Feb 27, 2009
02-20 NORML News PodCast - Feb 20, 2009
Zogby Poll: Nearly Six Out Of Ten West Coast Voters Support Taxing And Regulating Marijuana Like Alcohol - National Support For Pot Legalization Grows To 44 Percent; Marijuana May Be Protective Against Injury, Study Says; Congressman Introduces Bill Criminalizing Products Designed To "Defraud" Drug Tests; Washington State Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on decriminalization.
Feb 20, 2009
02-13 NORML News PodCast - Feb 13, 2009
NORML Comments On Obama's Rumored Drug Czar Pick, Calls Kerlikowske a "step in the right direction" and a "clean break" from his predecessors; NORML Responds To Latest Marijuana And Cancer Fears; Former Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper on current Chief Gil Kerlikowske as Drug Czar.
Feb 13, 2009
02-06 NORML News PodCast - Feb 6, 2009
Zogby Poll: Three Out Of Four Voters Oppose DEA's Medical Marijuana Raids -- Agency Continues To Bust State-Authorized Pot Dispensaries Despite President's Promise To End Federal Raids; NORML Responds To Phelp's Pot-Smoking Controversy; Vote Online For The Winner Of NORML's $10,000 Ad Contest; Degé Coutee live at Los Angeles protest of DEA raids.
Feb 06, 2009
01-30 NORML News PodCast - Jan 30, 2009
Teen Team Sports Associated With Higher Use Of Booze, Less Use Of Marijuana, Study Says; DEA Makes First Federal Medical Marijuana Raids Under Obama Administration; Saliva Testing Technology Still Unable To Consistently Detect THC; Kris Hermes from Americans for Safe Access on DEA Raids in Tahoe, California.
Jan 30, 2009
01-23 NORML News PodCast - Jan 23, 2009
Marijuana Legalization Questions Top Obama's 'Citizen's Briefing Book'; Endocannabinoid System Regulates Emotional Homeostasis, Study Says; New Mexico: Guidelines For State Medical Marijuana Program Finalized; Kris Hermes on first Obama Admin DEA medmj raid.
Jan 23, 2009
01-16 NORML News PodCast - Jan 16, 2009
DEA Rejects Order To Allow For Private Production Of Marijuana For FDA-Approved Research; Updated NORML Report Highlights Marijuana's Role In Moderating Disease Progression - 'Emerging Clinical Applications' Booklet Reviews Nearly 200 Studies On The Therapeutic Use Of Cannabis; Interview with Rick Doblin of MAPS
Jan 16, 2009
01-09 NORML News PodCast - Jan 9, 2009
20:31 Marijuana Legalization Question Leads In Final Round Of Online Voting; Massachusetts Becomes Thirteenth US State To Decriminalize Pot; Final Week To Enter $10,000 NORML Ad Challenge; Allen St. Pierre on Upcoming 2009 Marijuana Law Reform
Jan 09, 2009
01-02 NORML News PodCast - Jan 2, 2009
NORML's Top Ten Events for 2008; Russ Belville guest hosts The Bill Press Show
Jan 02, 2009
12-19 NORML News PodCast - Dec 19, 2008
Pot Legalization Question Tops Obama Online Poll President-elect says no to 'legalizing marijuana so that the government can regulate it, tax it, put age limits on it, and create millions of new jobs'; Spike In Marijuana Metabolite Levels Not Always Indicative Of Current Pot Use, Study Says; Paul Armentano on cannabis and chronic pain.
Dec 19, 2008
12-12 NORML News PodCast - Dec 12, 2008
Moderate Cannabis Use Not Associated With Delinquent Behavior; Marijuana Use Common Among Chronic Pain Patients; NORML Announces Amsterdam Vacation Raffle; Ken Wolski discusses NJ medmj.
Dec 12, 2008
12-05 NORML News PodCast - Dec 5, 2008
Oregon Business Leaders Seek Termination of Medical Marijuana Patients' Right to Work, Yet Data Contradicts Workplace Safety Claims; Study Finds Marijuana Smokers Have Lower Cancer Risk Than Tobacco Smokers; Swiss Voters Reject Marijuana Legalization; PJ Wasserman on Swiss vote.
Dec 05, 2008
11-21 NORML News PodCast - Nov 21, 2008
Prohibition Plays Little Role In Teens’ Decision To Abstain From Marijuana, Study Says; NORML Says Cannabis Should Be Regulated Like Tobacco On Influential Capitol Hill Blog; Last Chance To Register For 25th Annual Key West Legal Seminar; interview with Paul Armentano
Nov 14, 2008
11-14 NORML News PodCast - Nov 14, 2008
NORML Daily Audio Stash Tops 100,000 Downloads In October Run Up To Election Day Spurs Record Listenership; Study Questions Validity Of So-Called "Cannabis-Induced Psychosis"; NORML Extends Deadline For $10,000 Ad Contest; George Rohrbacher analyzes Michigan medmj votes.
Nov 14, 2008
11-07 NORML News PodCast - Nov 7, 2008
Americans Reject Bush Drug War Doctrine -- Landslide At The Ballot Box: Voters Approve Nine Out Of Ten Marijuana Law Reform Measures; Keith Stroup at NORML CON 2008.
Nov 07, 2008
10-31 NORML News PodCast - Oct 31, 2008
NORML's look at state and local cannabis initiatives on the ballot; Interview with Dianne Byrum on MI Prop 1 (medmj); Interview with Whitney Taylor on MA Question 2 (decrim).
Nov 07, 2008
10-24 NORML News PodCast - Oct 24, 2008
37th Annual NORML Conference Draws Record Crowd; United Kingdom: First-Time Pot Smokers Will Still Receive Warnings Despite Reclassification; California: San Diego Supervisors Ask US Supreme Court To Overturn State Medical Marijuana Laws; Interview with Bobbie Wooten, paralyzed NM medmj patient evicted over 2 plants.
Oct 25, 2008
10-10 NORML News PodCast - Oct 10, 2008
NORML Marks 20 Millionth Pot Arrest: Tragic Marijuana Milestone Will Take Place This Friday; Marijuana Less Harmful To Health Than Alcohol Or Tobacco, British Think Tank Reports; Health Department Defines Limits For Authorized Medi-Pot Patients; Marijuana Unicorn Tim from Wisconsin
Oct 11, 2008
10-03 NORML News PodCast - Oct 3, 2008
Medical Journal Touts 17,000 Pot-Related Studies; Michigan: Two Out Of Three Voters Back Medical Marijuana Measure; California: Governor Permits Employment Discrimination Of Medi-Pot Patients; NORML Affiliates Celebrate Fall 'Harvest' Festivals; Marijuana Unicorn: 20 days for being in a room with a bong!
Oct 04, 2008
09-26 NORML News PodCast - Sep 26, 2008
Survey: One In Five High Schools Drug Test Students; Text Messaging Impacts Psychomotor Skills Far More Than Cannabis, Study Says; NORML Recognized By Project Censored; Allen St. Pierre on Drug War Turncoats.
Sep 27, 2008
09-19 NORML News PodCast - Sep 19, 2008
Cannabis May Halt Progression Of Multiple Sclerosis, Study Says; Less Than One-Month Left To Register For NORML’s 2008 National Conference; 19th Annual Boston Freedom Rally Takes Place This Weekend; Interview with Bill Downing on Freedom Rally.
Sep 20, 2008
09-12 NORML News PodCast - Sep 12, 2008
Marijuana Arrests For Year 2007, 872,721 Tops Record High, Five Percent Increase Over 2006; Cannabis Spray Demonstrates Long Term Efficacy In Neuropathic Pain, Study Says; Second Study In Two Months Touts Cannabis' Germ-Fighting Abilities; Arkansas: Fayetteville Voters To Decide "Lowest Law Enforcement Priority" Initiative.
Sep 13, 2008
09-05 NORML News PodCast - Sep 5, 2008
Ingestion Of Commercially Available Hemp Products Unlikely To Trigger Positive Drug Test; United Kingdom: Pot Potency Fell Following Cannabis Downgrade; Hawaii: Big Island Voters To Decide "Lowest Law Enforcement Priority" Initiative; Paul Armentano on Pot vs. MRSA.
Sep 06, 2008
08-08 NORML News PodCast - Aug 8, 2008
Join NORML In Berkeley For Our 2008 National Conference Register Today To Take Advantage Of Discounted Rates; Congress Fails To Adopt Appropriations Bill - No Opportunity to Vote on Hinchey-Rohrabacher Amendment; California: Medical Pot Statute Does Not Conflict With Federal Anti-Drug Laws; San Diego Supervisors To Appeal Ruling; interview with SSDP's Kris Krane
Aug 09, 2008
08-01 NORML News PodCast - Aug 1, 2008
Members Of Congress Demand An End To Federal Pot Possession Arrests; National MS Society Makes Recommendations Regarding Therapeutic Use Of Cannabis; The Tragic Death Of Rachel Hoffman -- And The Tragedy That Is Pot Prohibition; Interview with Rep. Barney Frank.
Aug 02, 2008
07-25 NORML News PodCast - Jul 25, 2008
Pot Compound Enhances Efficacy Of Anti-Cancer Agents, Study Says; California: Nonviolent Offender Rehabilitation Act Qualifies For November Ballot; New Orleans: District Attorney Charging Minor Pot Offenders With Felonies; Kelly Maddy on Joplin MO Decrim Effort.
Jul 26, 2008
07-18 NORML News PodCast - Jul 18, 2008
Marijuana Extracts Provide Superior Pain Relief Compared To Plant's Isolated Compounds; Case Study: Inhaled Cannabis Improves Symptoms Of ADHD; ONDCP Insider: Drug Czar's Office Is "Flying Blind"; Austrian Parliament Approves Medical Marijuana Use.
Jul 19, 2008
07-11 NORML News PodCast - Jul 11, 2008
Massachusetts: Pot Decrim Initiative Qualifies For November Ballot Measure Would Replace Criminal Penalties With A $100 Fine; Congress Moves Forward On Cannabis 'Candy' Crackdown; Rhode Island: Governor Vetoes Bill To Study Feasibility Of State-Licensed 'Compassion Centers'; Hawaii: Governor Vetoes Medical Marijuana Task Force Measure.
Jul 12, 2008
07-04 NORML News PodCast - Jul 4, 2008
US Leads The World In Illicit Drug Use; US Drug Enforcement Administration ‘Celebrates’ 35 Years Of Failure; Marijuana, Cocaine Have Contrasting Effects On Driving Performance, Study Says; Loretta Nall on AL judge's son's special treatment for felony drug charges.
Jul 05, 2008
06-27 NORML News PodCast - Jun 27, 2008
Oral Pot Preparation Effective For Depression, Journal Reports; New Zealand: Most Pot Consumers Not Frequent Users; Cannabis Agonist Reduces Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Tumor Growth, Study Says; California: County Officials Finalize Mendocino Vote Count; Interview with Mason Tvert on proposal of cannabis smoking lounges in Denver airport to combat air rage incidents with alcohol.
Jun 28, 2008
06-20 NORML News PodCast - Jun 20, 2008
Drug Czar Responds To NORML's Refutation Of 'Potent Pot' Claim; Teen Pot Use Falling In States With Medical Marijuana Laws; Medical Pot Use Not Associated With Serious Side Effects, Study Says; Interview with Teen MJ Use study co-author Dr. Mitch Earleywine.
Jun 21, 2008
06-13 NORML News PodCast - Jun 13, 2008
Scotland: Government Think-Tank Backs Taxing And Regulating Cannabis; California: Attorney General To Appeal Kelly Decision; Portable Oral-Fluid Tests Still Unreliable For Pot, Study Says; Allen St. Pierre on Emerging Cannabis Issues at Aspen Legal Seminar.
Jun 14, 2008
06-06 NORML News PodCast - Jun 6, 2008
Pot Prohibition Linked To More Potent Marijuana Use, Study Says; NORML Responds To Latest Marijuana And Brain Damage Fears; California: Mendocino County Voters Restrict Pot Possession Rules; Dan Monnat on Drug Dogs.
Jun 07, 2008
05-30 NORML News PodCast - May 30, 2008
Pot Potency Claims Unfounded, Study Says "Claims ... about a 20- or 30-fold increase in cannabis potency and about adverse mental health effects are not supported by the evidence"; Idaho: City Voters Once Again Approve Pot Liberalization Measures; Last Chance To Register For The 3rd Annual NORML Aspen Legal Seminar; Interview: Ryan Davidson of Idaho Liberty Lobby.
May 31, 2008
05-23 NORML News PodCast - May 23, 2008
Past Cannabis Use Not Associated With Injury Severity, Study Says; Oral Pot Preparation Effective For Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Journal Reports; Join NORML In Aspen In Two Weeks At The 3rd Annual NORML Legal Seminar; Paul Armentano on Ted kennedy and cannabis cancer research.
May 24, 2008
05-16 NORML News PodCast - May 16, 2008
Pot’s Effects On Driving Performance Contrast Alcohol’s, Study Says; Survey: One In Seven Public School Districts Drug Test Students; Hawaii: Legislature Approves Medical Marijuana Task Force Measure; Dale Geiringer on CA bills; Jesse Stout on RI bill.
May 17, 2008
05-09 NORML News PodCast - May 9, 2008
UK Parliament to vote on stiffer pot penalties; Inhaled cannabis reduces neuropathic pain; Keith Stroup goes to trial Monday, will argue constitutionality of Mass. pot laws; interview with Douglas Hiatt, attorney for Tim Garon.
May 10, 2008
05-02 NORML News PodCast - May 2, 2008
Hepatitis C Patient Denied Transplant Based on State and Doctor Approved Medi-Pot Use; New Study Indicates Cannabis-Associated Psychosis Risk Is Minimal; More Than 230 Cities, 35 Countries To Hold Marijuana Rallies This Weekend
May 03, 2008
04-25 NORML News PodCast - Apr 25, 2008
California bill to protect medmj workers heads to Assembly floor; Argentina court decriminalizes cannabis possession; NYC Bar to discuss marijuana arrests; MN State Sen. Steve Murphy on medmj bill.
Apr 26, 2008
04-18 NORML News PodCast - Apr 18, 2008
Federal Decriminalization Bill Introduced -- Bill Would End Federal Authority to Arrest Adults for Pot Possession; Federal Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced by Rep. Ron Paul; NORML To Hold First Annual 4/20 Moneybomb - Organization's Facebook Supporters Reach 420,000.
Apr 19, 2008
04-11 NORML News PodCast - Apr 11, 2008
MN House of Representatives to Consider Medical Marijuana Bill -- Despite Bi-Partisan Support, Governor Indicates He May Veto; RI Senate Committee Unanimously Approves Medical Cannabis Measure; Comedian Doug Benson Offers NORML Supporters Free Screening of "Super High Me"
Apr 12, 2008
04-04 NORML News PodCast - Apr 4, 2008
HIV-Positive Man Wins Acquittal In Texas’ First Cannabis Medical Necessity Defense -- NORML Legal Committee Member Leads Defense; Vermont Supreme Court Rules Search Warrant Required for Overflight Surveillance; Los Angeles City Council Tells DEA to Let City Regulate Medical Cannabis Dispensaries; Interview w/ Jeff Blackburn and Tim Stevens.
Apr 05, 2008
03-28 NORML News PodCast - Mar 28, 2008
Congress To Consider Legislation To End Minor Pot Arrests; Pot Decriminalization Does Not Increase Marijuana Use, Scientific Journal Says; California: Fifth National Clinical Conference On Cannabis Therapeutics To Be Held Next Week.
Mar 29, 2008
03-21 NORML News PodCast - Mar 21, 2008
Alaska Supreme Court Hears Marijuana Possession Case; Ninth Circuit Rejects Blanket Drug Testing Of Public Employees; New Hampshire: House Passes Pot Decriminalization Proposal; analysis by Matt Simon of
Mar 22, 2008
03-14 NORML News PodCast - Mar 14, 2008
Zero Tolerance DUID Laws Don’t Deter ‘Drugged Driving,’ Study Says; Rhode Island: Legislature Considers Authorizing Medical Cannabis ‘Compassion Centers’; California: Counties File Briefs Seeking To Overturn State Medi-Pot Law
Mar 15, 2008
03-07 NORML News PodCast - Mar 7, 2008
Pot Use Not Associated With Increased Risk Of Head Or Neck Cancer, Study Says; Michigan Medical Marijuana Initiative Certified For November Ballot; Jamaica: Parliament Once Again Considering Liberalizing Ganja Laws; interview with Julie Falco of Illinois NORML.
Mar 08, 2008
02-29 NORML News PodCast - Feb 29, 2008
NORML names Russ Belville new host of NORML podcasts; NORML announces new web redesign and addition of blogs; NH set to vote on marijuana decriminaliztion bill; NORML remembers conservative icon and supporter of marijuana law reform, William F. Buckley, Jr.
Mar 02, 2008
02-22 NORML News PodCast - Feb 22, 2008
Drug Law Reform Community Mourns Passing of John Morgan, M.D.; 2nd Largest US Medical Association Calls for Rescheduling of Cannabis; Idaho: Pot Measures May Appear Again On City Ballot; Alison Holcomb of ACLU of Washington on new marijuana informercial featuring travel author Rick Steves.
Feb 23, 2008
02-15 NORML News PodCast - Feb 15, 2008
NORML Responds To Media Claim: "Pot As Addictive As Tobacco" -- Widely Reported Study Based Its Findings On Only 12 Subjects, Is Contradicted By The Institute Of Medicine; Vermont: Senate Backs Pot Decriminalization Proposal; NORML Announces Third Annual Aspen Legal Seminar; Paul Armentano on Media Claim: "Pot Causes Lung Cancer Like Tobacco" from New Zealand Study.
Feb 16, 2008