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Guess what? Not all video games are about shooting people in the face or driving recklessly! Games have evolved into a rich and varied medium where there's something for everyone. No gaming experience? No console? No idea where to start? Enter your heroines, Anna Tarkov and Jessica Dennis.

Episode Date
138: It's Not You, It's Us
After 137 wonderful episodes, we bid you, our faithful listeners, the very fondest of farewells. We've arrived at the metaphorical fork in the road, and we don't even care what a dreadful cliché that is. We hope you've had as much fun, learned as much, and generally had as good a time as we have with Unconsoleable. Remember, aloha means goodbye, but it also means hello love: so to you, our listeners, aloha!
May 10, 2017
137: Doggins 2: First Blood
We talk to the brains behind Brain & Brain, acclaimed (and adorable) developers of Burly Men at Sea and Doggins
May 03, 2017
136: Game Training
Aside from Jessica's Big! Huge! News!, a pretty disappointing week in gaming all around
Apr 25, 2017
135: Hint Whales
In which we can finally abuse Alan Hazelden to his face (more or less)
Apr 19, 2017
134: Whatever Threats are Necessary
Feels: happy feels, angry feels, battery feels?
Apr 12, 2017
133: Sweet, Sweet Nutella Numbers
Details emerge about the new The Room Game, a Candy Crush game show (?!), Crossy toys, and dire warnings
Apr 05, 2017
132: Full On Cannibal
We sigh about Nintendo, mull mini-Kickstarters, go full cannibal, and more
Mar 29, 2017
131: Fake Horsey Girl
Our triumphant return from our respective conferences
Mar 22, 2017
130: The Unconsoleable Time Machine
When your hosts are away, your podcast app will play: old skool Unconsolable!
Mar 15, 2017
129: Still Failing After All These Years
Missed our very first episode? Good news: we've re-released (and shh, lightly remastered) it for your listening enjoyment!
Mar 08, 2017
128: Accepting Delivery of My New Unicorn
The grueling Unconsoleable con schedule, Nazi-punching, Nintendo news, and more
Mar 01, 2017
127: Go Straight to Jerk Jail
We tell you how we really feel about PewDiePie and a racist Madden Bowl winner
Feb 22, 2017
126: Flappy Bird is a Corolla
Our week in gaming, Nintendo news, and Steam shenanigans
Feb 15, 2017
125: Very, Very Mighty
The unreasonably cool Ben Britten joins us to talk Mighty Games and more
Feb 08, 2017
124: If Nothing Else, We’ve Got Games
We're still in the midst of some dark days, but games help us through it
Feb 01, 2017
123: Make Games Great Again
Mobile gaming is good, but could it be better?
Jan 25, 2017
122: Toilet Paper Beliefs
Mobile games and the toilet: a match made in bathroom. Plus, Nintendo Switch!
Jan 18, 2017
121: The Vagina Game
The 2017 gaming year gets off to an *interesting* start
Jan 11, 2017
120: The Usual Caveats Apply
The very best mobile games of 2016 according to us
Jan 04, 2017
119: Advisory Women
Exploring the Wise Woman stereotype as it relates to railroad management
Dec 28, 2016
118: An Instant Classic
We bring you the developers of Mini Metro, who are as delightful as you might imagine
Dec 21, 2016
117: Whatever, Nintendo
Good friend and erstwhile game developer Joe Macirowski joins us once again to puzzle over some curious Nintendo decisions. To put it mildly.
Dec 14, 2016
116: Game Shame
Jessica plays ads, Anna plays Facebook games, has the world gone mad?!
Dec 07, 2016
115: The Herring Theory
Some games got us riled this week, plus our extremely plausible and highly scientific herring theory
Nov 30, 2016
114: Millions of People Must Be Wrong
We're still reeling from the election, but we try to keep it on track and about games this week!
Nov 23, 2016
113: All Our Parties Have Gotten Pooped On
We discuss the big stinking elephant in the room, then catch up on some gaming news.
Nov 16, 2016
112: Signing Up for Judgement
We're posting this episode while election results come in so you're getting a really crappy iTunes summary this week
Nov 09, 2016
111: Gamer Stank
The only thing that didn't stink is, surprisingly enough, that cheesy-looking game Anna fell in love with
Nov 02, 2016
110: So Designy
Hang on, three St. Petersburg train stations are getting over-crowded
Oct 26, 2016
109: Your Phone in Your Bra
Hoo boy do we ever have some thoughts about some games this week
Oct 19, 2016
108: Show Me Your Graphs
Anna and Jessica drink their way through what they're playing, ponder App Store search ads, and mock some Nintendo "news"
Oct 12, 2016
107: The High End of Mediocre
We like some games, we hate some games, and some games are just ok. Plus, Ubisoft bought WHAT?
Oct 05, 2016
106: Baby Spoons
We do play games sometimes, you know, in between the anger.
Sep 28, 2016
105: A Carousel of Privilege
We get righteously angry at the dot bizzes and their bad attitude toward premium games, then take a moment rip entitled gamers a new one
Sep 21, 2016
104: Don't Go in the Arsenic Room
Important life advice featuring Reigns game developer Francois Alliot
Sep 14, 2016
103: How Can We Monetize Our Poop Data?
The Most Excellent Templar of Tacos and Sublime Prince of the Royal Tortilla join us to talk looty dungeons and mobiley games
Sep 07, 2016
102: The Angry 1%
Gaaaaaaames. So many games. We'll catch you up on what we've been playing in between guests and let you know what might be worth your precious time (and sometimes money)!
Aug 31, 2016
101: The Game is Your Common Enemy
We've captured two spry foxes, er, Spryfoxers, to talk to us about making awesome games, especially on mobile
Aug 24, 2016
100: Happy Hundredthversary!
100th Episode. Boom.
Aug 17, 2016
99: Making Cookies and Games
We talk to indie dev and Thimbleweed Park game designer Jenn Sandercock about making games, both analog and digital. The analog ones involve cookies. We approve.
Aug 10, 2016
98: First Prize in Dickery
Who wins first prize in dickery? Can a mobile fencing game really be any good? What do we hate this time? All this and more!
Aug 03, 2016
97: Doom Killed Adventure Games
Legendary (yes, we insist) game developer Ron Gilbert joins us to talk adventure games, indie game dev, woodchucks, and exploding hamsters.
Jul 27, 2016
96: Being Grumpy Together
Jessica wants you to Pokemon Go get off her lawn, while Anna is thoroughly hooked, and in other positive Nintendo news, a squee-worthy new addition to the hardware family
Jul 20, 2016
95: Don't Pokemon and Drive
So there's this Pokemon game out...
Jul 13, 2016
94: The Bagels are Game Center
Our WWDC spy delivers his report: is Apple doomed? Of course! But listen to find out exactly how!
Jul 06, 2016
93: Premium Chickens
Jessica played nothing new and Anna *deleted* some games! Scandal! Plus we try to make Steve's HearthZone happen.
Jun 29, 2016
92: #NotAllManPants
There's a real dearth of new games worth checking out lately, it seems, but luckily there's plenty to complain about!
Jun 22, 2016
91: Fire Saga
A listener-recommended game has set our hearts alight! Plus App Store changes and shenanigans in China.
Jun 15, 2016
90: Throw Them Into a Volcano
We have a backlog of games to talk about and it's NOT all Candy Crush. But it's... not no Candy Crush either...
Jun 08, 2016
89: To Die or Not to Die
Special guest Enric Jorda, one of the creators of Love You to Bits, joins us to talk about the game and offer one crazy trick to fix the App Store
Jun 01, 2016
88: Call of Candy
Jessica has gone over to the Dark Side because they have candy there. And speaking of candy, we speculate about forthcoming Blizzard/Activision King games, discuss a weird silver lining to Thailand's military coup, and of course, talk about what ELSE we're playing.
May 25, 2016
87: The Meaning of Life
Are games even good? Why are we here? Who is our sponsor?
May 18, 2016
86: A Mundane Way to Die
Anna and Jessica expose their secret gaming shame and lament the downright BORING state of mobile games this week
May 11, 2016
85: Getting Ahead by Being Evil
Why touch controls so often suck, who will save mobile gaming, and why we finally played Candy Crush
May 04, 2016
84: A Potato With a Face
It's been a hard week but games have helped us through it. That, and some truly bizarre news!
Apr 27, 2016
83: Important Anger Business
We play good games, bad games, and let our feels out about deliberately difficult games
Apr 20, 2016
82: Dizgeekery
We talk at length about what we've been playing then whip you through the fastest news segment EVER!
Apr 12, 2016
81: Mickey Chicken
The long-awaited Disney Crossy Road episode with friend-of-the-show Matt Hall is finally here! Grab the game, if you haven't already, and have a listen for a peek behind the scenes.
Apr 07, 2016
80: Posturing as a Cool Person
Things get back to normal, for better or worse, and we talk about some games! And also how to be a giant creep!
Mar 30, 2016
79: The Look of Murder
Due to circumstances beyond our control, we can't bring you the episode we had planned. However, we can bring you, um, this!
Mar 25, 2016
78: A Charity for Game Developers
Jessica takes shameless advantage of Anna's distraction as she prepares to leave for GDC to complain at length about an almost-great game. And has Amazon set up a charity for game devs?
Mar 16, 2016
77: Empathetic Killbots
Our friend and occasional game developer Joe Macirowski joins us to hand out the scoldings we've been bottling up lately. Also, Jessica's robot army.
Mar 09, 2016
76: The Old Reach-Around
Bertram Fiddle creator Seb Burnett joins us to discuss really narrowing your game's potential audience as much as possible!
Mar 02, 2016
75: Get Off Your Ass and Try
Barry Meade of Fireproof Games, makers of our beloved The Room games, joins us to talk about why mobile games can absolutely be amazing (as his studio has proven)
Feb 24, 2016
74: Negative OMG You're Going to Die Celsius
Ok so we couldn't bring you Fireproof's Barry Meade this week, but we will next week, and meanwhile we are our usual entertaining and informative selves!
Feb 17, 2016
73: In a Parallel Universe
In a shocking turn of events, we discuss mobile games (and announce an exciting upcoming guest)
Feb 10, 2016
72: Ruining Your Productivity
We were all ready to love new puzzler Twofold, but we're... unsure. Also, Anna dives pretty deep into Crashlands while Jessica tries to stay objective about a game designed by Donald Rumsfeld. Yes, that Donald Rumsfeld.
Feb 03, 2016
71: Peeing in a Jar
We play a bunch of games! We have some thoughts! It was not we who peed in jars!
Jan 27, 2016
70: The Bechdel Test for Games
We kick up a (very) little controversy, talk about what we're playing, excoriate some unhelpful attitudes, and more!
Jan 20, 2016
69: We Are the Unlikely Gamers
Neven Mrgan, creator of Blackbar, Grayout, and Space Age, joins us to talk iOS gaming and the Twizzler Diet.
Jan 13, 2016
68: Can I Set This on Fire?
Is Jessica still a Real Gamer or has she gone over to the dark side? Plus a bunch of mobile gaming news!
Jan 06, 2016
67: This is All Highly Subjective
We winnow down our list of 35 great games of 2015 to agree on a single winner. The suspense! The drama!
Dec 30, 2015
66: Sweaty Butt Money
We actually make time to talk about games! That we're playing! I know, right? Also issues with free to play, coppa, and sweaty butt money
Dec 23, 2015
65: Turtles Have No Gratitude
We love Matt Hall and also talk about Apple's picks for games of the year
Dec 16, 2015
64: Buy Us As Friends
We sally forth on our own this week and definitely do not objectify any male mobile game developers. Definitely not. We do discuss a bunch of mobile gaming news though!
Dec 09, 2015
63: Who is the Best Australian Matt?
Matt Ditton, our third Australian Matt who is a mobile game dev, joins us to talk Aussie Matts, Shooty skies, and hunky game devs, among other things
Dec 02, 2015
62: You Can't Sell Games
Randy Smith of Tigerstyle, indie studio behind Waking Mars and the Spider games, joins us to talk about the past, present, and future of indie mobile game dev.
Nov 25, 2015
61: Artivism
Artivist Kiva Bay joins us to talk about her game 12 Hours and how we can all help the homeless, no matter our circumstances
Nov 18, 2015
60: Tappy vs. Clicky
Good friend and special guest Joe Macirowski joins us to talk about the new AppleTV from a developer as well as a gamer perspective
Nov 11, 2015
59: A Baby With a Jetpack
Our Nintendo Ninja Shareef Jackson joins us again to talk, you guessed it, Nintendo. And babies with jetpacks?
Nov 04, 2015
58: Survival Tips by Jessica
On our own again, we catch up on some housekeeping and then talk about mobiles games journalism that is WRONG. Oh and there's some weird advice too.
Oct 28, 2015
57: The Couple That Games Together Stays Together
Our Gaming Yoda Steve Lubitz and his awesome wife Maureen join us to talk Hearthstone, goats, and... chain restaurants?
Oct 21, 2015
56: Mobile Gaming and Chocolate
We have a Prettygreat time talking to Prettygreat creative director Luke Muscat and ReasonablyOk managing director Phil Larsen
Oct 14, 2015
55: Tanya is Not the Outrage DMV
Tanya DePass, #INeedDiverseGames originator, joins us to talk diversity, gaming, and diversity in gaming
Oct 07, 2015
54: Yeti Pie to the Ground!
Once again there's a lot to be mad about in mobile gaming, and without awesome guests to distract us, we have at it!
Sep 30, 2015
53: Yasmine is Scary Spice
"Material" podcasters Yasmine Evjen and Russell Ivanovic join us to talk mobile gaming and more from an Android perspective
Sep 23, 2015
52: Please Downplay Our Achievement
Matt Hall and Andy Sum join us for our special one-year anniversary episode to talk Apple TV, the future of Hipster Whale, and even more much much more than usual!
Sep 16, 2015
51: Boys Smell
We invite Notch on the show, give mad side-eye to @appstoregames, and talk about That One Game.
Sep 09, 2015
50: A Tree is Composed of Branches
Joel tells us how the idea for Prune came about, plans for future updates, his origin story in gamedev, his shameful mobile gaming secret, and much, much more!
Sep 02, 2015
49: The Best Dinosaur Sound
Protostar developers Matt Knights and Dean Loades join us to talk about Sling Kong
Aug 26, 2015
48: Notch Houses For Everyone!
Genuine fan of the show and our ESN fearless leader, Moisés Chiullan, stops by and talks about his gaming credentials (or lack thereof) and we try not to shame him too hard about not being a real filthy casual.
Aug 19, 2015
PSA: We Got Some Things Wrong
If you heard Episode 42, you might recall that we said some things about iOS gaming site Touch Arcade that were a bit harsh and unkind. While we stand by a lot of what we said, we believe that we unfairly mischaracterized the site in a number of ways as well.
Aug 19, 2015
47: From Inside My Batcave
Anna slings her way out of her funk while Jessica continues losing her mind
Aug 12, 2015
46: Our Enthusiasm is Through the Roof!
It was a bad week for your illustrious hosts, so we tear into some stuff that bugs us.
Aug 05, 2015
45: It's for Drunks!
Our Gaming Yoda Steve Lubitz joins us once again to lay some knowledge on us (and get some angies out)
Jul 28, 2015
44: An Excellent Toilet Rating
Future big-deal mobile game dev Jake Sones joins us to be hilarious and talk about Zombie Match Defense
Jul 22, 2015
43: Most Games are Not a Vagina
Matt Hall returns to discuss games, vaginas, and vagina games
Jul 15, 2015
42: LaserDisc Porn
Besides porn on extremely old, outdated types of media, we talked about Touch Arcade's Patreon (spoiler alert: we are not fans), Bethesda's "surprise" hit Fallout Shelter, Nintendo's pronouncements on how their mobile games will be monetized and much, much more!
Jul 08, 2015
41: Trick the Children Into Learning
We welcome awesome indie game developer Jenna Hoffstein to the show to talk about her game, The Counting Kingdom, how being an indie isn't always all sunshine and rainbows and much more.
Jun 30, 2015
40: Very Bunchy Panties
E3, WWDC, and the Charleston AME shooting: one of these things is not like the others
Jun 24, 2015