At Odds Show

By Nate & Brian

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Forget what you learned in school, never mind what your parents told you, disregard what your friends say. From now on the only people you need to listen to are these guys.

Episode Date
AOC, Donald Trump 4th Of July, Gun Rights
Jul 12, 2019
At Odds Show 6-27-19
Jun 28, 2019
AT Odds Show - 6-20-2019
Jun 21, 2019
NOLA, Dodgeball, Anti-Gun Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Jun 14, 2019
Robert Mueller's Everest, Memorial Day Trash
May 31, 2019
Joe Biden, Death Penalty, Police Search
Apr 26, 2019
Tax Time, Mueller Report, Sanctuary Cities
Apr 19, 2019
Black Hole Food Delivery and Gun Bans
Apr 12, 2019
Trump Caves Again, Violence Against Women, Smollett, Gerald Ford
Apr 05, 2019
Vaccines, Special Olympics, Baseball, Green New Deal
Mar 28, 2019
New Zealand Gun Ban, Aunt Becky and Millenial Sex
Mar 21, 2019
St Patricks Day, Lauri Loughlin Bribe, Impeachment, Bible Signing
Mar 15, 2019
The Border Wall, Anti-Semitism, Michael Cohen
Mar 08, 2019
North Korea, Cohen, Oscars, Bill Gates, ISIS
Mar 01, 2019
Jussie Smollett, Border Wall, Benchmade Knives, Civil Asset Forfeiture
Feb 22, 2019
Border Wall Emergency, Amazon, Shamrock Shakes
Feb 15, 2019
State of the Union, Period Emoji, AOC Green New Deal, NYPD
Feb 08, 2019
Polar Vortex, Running out of Gas, Super Bowl, Trump Caves
Feb 01, 2019
Surviving the Government Shutdown Porn, MAGA Hats, Nathan Phillips
Jan 25, 2019
Eating McDonald's at the White House During Government Shutdown
Jan 18, 2019
Trump Speech, Schumer, Pelosi, Build the Wall
Jan 11, 2019
Nancy Pelosi, Government Shutdown, Moon Landing, The Wall,
Jan 04, 2019
Merry Christmas Female Santa, Government Shutdown, Bump Stocks, Syria
Dec 21, 2018
Text Tax, Cohen, F The Police Ordinance
Dec 14, 2018
Mars Landing, Hockey Pucks, Racist Christmas, Bump Stocks, Caravan
Nov 30, 2018
Stan Lee, Deer Season, Voter Fraud, Avenatti, Acosta
Nov 16, 2018
Mid-Term Election, Mass Shooting, Jeff Sessions, Acosta, Ginsburg
Nov 09, 2018
Recreational Marijuana, Birthright Citizenship, Kavanaugh, Don Lemon,
Nov 02, 2018
Halloween, Bombs Sent to Democrats, Immigrant Caravan, 3D Printed Activist
Oct 26, 2018
Stormy Daniels, Kavanaugh Death Toll, Devos
Oct 19, 2018
Kavanaugh FBI Investigation, Clapping Ban, Amy Schumer
Oct 05, 2018
Brett Kavanaugh, Presidential Limo, Bill Cosby
Sep 28, 2018
Kavanaugh, Hurricane, Gay Sesame Street
Sep 21, 2018
Hurricanes, 9/11, Hate Crimes, Trump, Puerto Rico
Sep 14, 2018
Nike, SCOTUS Hearing, Women on the Board
Sep 07, 2018
Poop Patrol, Cohen, Manafort, Anti-gun professor, Mollie Tibbets
Aug 24, 2018
Aretha Franklin, Terrorist Camp, Racist Trump
Aug 17, 2018
Trump Hollywood Star, Alex Jones, Election Results, Amish Uber
Aug 10, 2018
Dean Greenblatt, Guns in Schools, Zimmerman, 3D Printing
Aug 03, 2018
Shadow Banning, Plastic Straws, Free Lunch, Trump, and More
Jul 27, 2018
Women Drivers, Plastic Straws, Trump Putin, San Fracisco, Queen Elizabeth
Jul 19, 2018
Immigration, Donald Trump, Guns
Jun 29, 2018
Immigration, Robots, Trump, Space Force
Jun 22, 2018
Flag Day, North Korea Summit, Pepper Spraying Democrats
Jun 15, 2018
Life on Mars, Lemonade Legal-ade, F the Police, North Korea
Jun 08, 2018
Netflix, Right to Try, Roseanne, Dinesh Dsouza, Lemonade
Jun 01, 2018
North Korea, Migratory Birds, Teen Jobs, Twitter Blocks
May 25, 2018
Terri Stocke, North Korea, Sports Gambling,
May 18, 2018
Iran Deal, NRA Convention, Dr. Oz, Mohammed, North Korean Prisoners, Cops Kill Drug Dogs
May 11, 2018
Stormy Weather, House of Reps, White House Correspondants, North Korea, NRA
May 04, 2018
Gun Safety,YETI Colonoscopy, MAGA Bar Removal, Private Property
Apr 27, 2018
Starbucks, Reservations, Dick's, Gun Rentals, Gun Control, Texas Police
Apr 20, 2018
Michigan Supreme Court, MOC vs Clio, MGO vs Ann Arbor, Facebook, Zuckerberg
Apr 13, 2018
National Guard Border Security, Immigration, Mueller Investigation, YouTube Shooting, Clear Backpacks, Assault Rifle
Apr 06, 2018
CJ Grisham, Second Amendment March, Armed with Rocks, Vegans
Nate and Brian discuss the recent arrest of CJ Grisham while legally carrying a firearm, the Second Amendment March in Michigan, arming students with rocks, triggered vegans, and much more!
Mar 30, 2018
Steven Dulan, UofM Lawsuit, Omnibus Spending, Las Vegas Shooting, Maryland Shooting, Clear Backpacks
Mar 23, 2018
Dean Greenblatt, Gun Rights, Walkout, Parkland, Bridge
Mar 16, 2018
Jim Makowski Dicks Lawsuit, Age Discrimination, Gun Control, Assault Weapons Ban, Video Games
Mar 09, 2018
Gun Control, Trump Due Process, Armed School Staff, Crisis Actors, Assault Weapons Ban
Mar 02, 2018
Gun Control, Bump Stocks, Trump, Florida Shooting, Mental Health, Video Games, Millennials
Feb 23, 2018
Florida School Shooting, White Powder, Presidential Portrait Art, Trump's Budget Proposal, Food Stamps
Feb 16, 2018
Super Bowl, Brian's Trial, Shutdown Trump, Military Parade, Olymipics, Starman
Feb 09, 2018
State of the Union, GOP Train Wreck, Black Unemployment, Immigration, Chief Wahoo
Feb 02, 2018
Trump's Health Report, Government Shutdown :-D, Missle Warning, Meteor, Olympics
Jan 19, 2018
North Korean Cheerleaders, Opioids, Trash Searches, Boris Memtsov
Jan 12, 2018
Clinton Fire, DOW closes high, Oregon Gas, Hunting, Deer Population, Trump Tweets
Jan 05, 2018
Christmas, Grinch, Trump, Taxes, Net Neutrality, Bonuses, Minimum Wage, Congress
Dec 22, 2017
Snow Ducks, Net Neutrality, Bomb Threat, ISIS, Retiring Congress, Roy Moore, and More
Dec 15, 2017
Trump on Jerusalem, National Monuments, Bake the Cake, New Mexico Shooting, Al Franken Sexual Conduct, Charles Manson, Marijuana, and Toy Gu
Dec 08, 2017
Gun Free Zones, iPhone, FOIA, ANTIFA, Rand Paul, Church Shooting, Gun Ban
Nov 10, 2017
Lawyer Dogs, Offensive Halloween Costumes, Road Side Oral, New York Terror, George Papadopoulos
Nov 03, 2017
Halloween, Opioid Crisis, White Privilege Math, JFK, Walgreen's Narcan
Oct 27, 2017
Pot, Bad Cops, Bus Impound, Uranus, Trump Grieving Widow, Krispy Kreme Meth
Oct 20, 2017
Switchblades, 25th Amendment, Boy Scout Girls, Vegas, Venison
Oct 13, 2017
Las Vegas Shooting, Bump Stocks, Gun Control, NRA, Switchblade Knives
Oct 06, 2017
Hef, National Anthem Kneeling, Women Drivers, Jones Act, More!
Sep 29, 2017
Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Equinox, Police Salary, North Korea, UN, Taco Bell Booze
Sep 22, 2017
Solar Eclipse, Arpaio, Robert E Lee, Black Lives Matter, Secret Service
Aug 25, 2017
Barcelona, ANTIFA, Nazis, Charlottesville, Trump
Aug 18, 2017
Texting Suicide, Felon Mayors, Microchipped Employees, NAACP Travel Advisory, Russia Sanctions
Aug 04, 2017
Unemployment, Trump, Boy Scouts, Hair Shampooing, Texting and Driving, North Korea, DC Concealed Carry
Jul 28, 2017
OJ Simpson, Net Neutrality, USPS Hatch Act, Russian Ambassador, Madonna, Public Park
Jul 20, 2017
James Baker, Dearborn Open Carry, Kid Rock, Civil Asset Forfeiture, Female Genital Mutilation, Police Robots
Jul 14, 2017
Supreme Court Trademark Ruling, FBI Russia Investigation, Venezuala, North Korea, Public Urination, Call the Police
Jun 23, 2017
Father's Day, Baseball Shooting, London Fire, North Korea, Pledge of Allegiance
Jun 16, 2017
Comey Testimony, Donald Trump, Russia, Border Wall Power, Genetics, London Terror, Reality Winner
Jun 09, 2017
Paris Climate Accord, Kathy Griffin, Summer Job License, Sandwich Gun, Government Overreach, Guns
Jun 02, 2017
Habeas Corpus, Towel Day, Manchester Bombing, Intimidating Wood, Laws
May 26, 2017
AT ODDS SHOW, Trump, Comey, Hillary, Ms. USA
May 19, 2017
James Comey, FBI Director, 2nd Amendment, ANTIFA, Police Raids
May 12, 2017
Second Amendment March, Bill Nye, Trump Tax Plan, North Korea, ANTIFA
Apr 28, 2017
4/20, Patriot's Day, Gun Seizure, ANTIFA, Whitehouse, DHS, Bill O'Reilly
Apr 21, 2017
United Airlines, MOAB, Easter, Flagpoles, Trump Vacation, North Korea, SCOTUS
Apr 14, 2017
Trump is Crazy, National Parks, No-Fly Zone, Prison Sex Change
Apr 07, 2017
London Terror, March Madness, Constitutional Carry, Trump Wire Tapping, Gorsuch Nomination, Obamacare,
Mar 24, 2017
Trump's Taxes, Mcdonalds, Cultural Appropriation, Travel Ban, Marijuana
Mar 17, 2017
Windy Day, International Women's Day, Border Crossings, CIA Spying
Mar 10, 2017
Fat Tuesday, Trump Eats Steak, Joint Session, Jeff Sessions, Russia, Claire McCaskill, Alexa
Mar 03, 2017
Immigration, Michael Flynn, Day Without A Woman, TSA, Protestor Ramming
Feb 17, 2017
James Baker, Open Carry, Dearborn Police, Civil Forfeiture, Betsy DeVos, Jeff Sessions
Feb 10, 2017
Groundhog Day, Bacon Shortage, U.C. Berkeley, Milo, Muslim Ban, Silencers, Betty DeVos, SCOTUS, Vagina Hat
Feb 03, 2017
Women's March, Teacher Shoots Donald Trump, Madonna Blows up White House, State Department, Voter Fraud, Executive Orders
Jan 27, 2017
Bye Bye Obama, Presidential Inauguration, Protesters, Donald Trump, Trump Moth, Betsy DeVos, Minimum Wage
Jan 20, 2017
Fake News, Rosie O'donnell, Obama Farewell, Trump, Death Penalty for Roof, Snipers
Jan 13, 2017
Bye Bye Obama, Dab, Hate Crimes, Speed Limits, Ford, Reparations
Jan 06, 2017
New Year, Russia, Lame Duck, National Monuments, Princess Leia, NFL Guns
Dec 30, 2016
CHRISTmas, Trump, Russian Ambassador, Navy, Holiday Shootings
Dec 23, 2016
Cow Farts, PETA, Michael Moore, NRA, Concealed Carry Licenses, Trump, Ribs
Dec 09, 2016
PArt 2
Nov 18, 2016
Deer Hunting, Election, Liberals, Safety Pins, More
Nov 18, 2016
Election, Guy Fawkes, WikiLeaks, Halloween, Cubs
Nov 04, 2016
Presidential Debate, WikiLeaks, Nuclear, War on Drugs
Oct 21, 2016
Donald Trump Sex, No Knock Raids, Asset Forfieture
Oct 14, 2016
Clowns, VP Debate, Trump, Dixie, Ron Paul, Guns, and More
Oct 07, 2016
Presidential Debate, Obama Hats, Guns, More
Sep 29, 2016
Hillary's Health, Deplorables, Trump is Fat, Constitutional Carry, More
Sep 15, 2016
Anti-Gun Die In, Trump, Clinton, Aleppo, Johnson, More
Sep 08, 2016
Nuclear Codes, Trump, Olympics, Hostages
Aug 19, 2016
Trump, Guns, DNC Deaths, Olympics, National Anthem
Aug 12, 2016
Civilian Combat, Skip Coryell, Guns, Trump, Seat Belts, Marijuana
Aug 05, 2016
Republican National Committee Convention, Trump, Police Shootings, Open Carry
Jul 22, 2016
Tom Lambert, Justice Ginsberg, Trump, Clinton, Bernie, Guns, Obama
Jul 15, 2016
Clinton Emails, Robot Tax, Gay Marriage, Black Guns Matter
Jul 08, 2016
Marines, Guns, Terrorists, School Racism and more
Jul 01, 2016
Orlando, Obama, Guns, And more!
Jun 17, 2016
Second Amendment, Trump v. Clinton, White House Slaves, More
Jun 10, 2016
Trump's Veteran Donations, Obama on Trump, UCLA Shooting, Libertarians
Jun 03, 2016
Under the Gun, Katie Couric, Hate Crimes, Unabomber, Presidential Campaign
May 27, 2016
George Zimmerman, Flint Water, Mass Stabbings
May 13, 2016
Cinco de Mayo, May Day, Cruz, Kasich, Trump, Clinton, 2 Dollar Bill
May 06, 2016
Trout, Trump, T-Shirts, Gun Buy-backs, Hawaii
Apr 29, 2016
Wisconsin Primary, KKK Monk, Resisting Arrest, Bicycle Speed Limits
Apr 08, 2016
Cultural Appropriation, Apple and FBI, Trump, Greyhound Shooting
Apr 01, 2016
Obama, Brussels, Terrorism, Tom Green
Mar 24, 2016
St Patrick's Day, Primary Campaign, SCOTUS Nomination
Mar 18, 2016
Presidential Primary, DoD, Gun Control, Jury Nullification, Sex Registry
Mar 11, 2016
Presidential Campaign, Self Driving Cars, Apple, And More!
We had audio issues during the first half of the show. We are very sorry.
Feb 26, 2016
Oregon Standoff, GOP Debate, Rubio, Guns
Feb 12, 2016
Iowa Caucus, 4th Circuit Court, Trump, Clinton, Cruz, Health Care
Feb 05, 2016
GOP Debate, Hillary Clinton Guns, Oregon Milita
Jan 29, 2016
State of the Union, Guns, GOP Debate, Iran Detains US Sailors
Jan 15, 2016
Obama Gun Control, Michigan Militia Guest, Hammond Family
Nate and Brian discuss Obama's executive action on gun control and crying, the occupation of a Federal building by the militia with guest Michael Lackomar from the Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia, unarmed O'Hare police, monkey rights, Clinton, and more!
Jan 08, 2016
Christmas, Debates, Terrorism, Guns, and More!
Dec 22, 2015
Drones, Obama, Terrorists, Firearms, and more
Dec 11, 2015
San Bernardino, Thanksgiving, Drones, More
Dec 04, 2015
Paris, Thanksgiving, Terrorism and more!
Nov 20, 2015
Bernie Sanders, Guns, Stabbing, CBS Second Amendment
Nov 06, 2015
Halloween, Republican Debate, Guns, Trump, Cruz, And More
Oct 30, 2015
Australia Gun Laws, Clinton Benghazi, School Elections, More
Nate and Brian talk about their appearance on Australian TV show Studio 10, Bengahzi hearings, gun control, and much more!
Oct 23, 2015
Democrat Debate, Gun Control, Michigan Anti-Gun Bill, & more
Oct 16, 2015
McCarthy, Anti-Gun Senate Bills, Eminent Domain, More
Nate and Brian discuss the anti-gun bills in Michigan and the US Senate, the race for Speaker of the House, eminent domain and Trump, shooting at fleeing shoplifters tires, Clinton's gun control and no liability for gun manufacturers, French train hero stabbed outside of bar/night club, Ben Carson about speaking mind and Nazis, and more!
Oct 08, 2015
Govt Shutdown, Boehner, Clinton Emails, Carson, Guns
Nate and Brian discuss the government shutdown, the shooting in Oregon, John Boehner's resignation, Ben Carson's stance on a Muslim president, gun control, marijuana and .22 ammunition packages, Russian airstrikes in Syria, and more!
Oct 02, 2015
Militia, Stabenow, Pope Francis, Guns
Nate and Brian discuss Pope Francis' visit to the US, Michael Lackomar Michigan Militia response to Arizona's Jon Ritzheimer call to arrest Debbie Stabenow for treason, the lawsuit against Ann Arbor Public Schools, Colorado pot taxes, President Kennedy's M1 Garand sold at auction, and more!
Sep 25, 2015
GOP Debate, Pope's visit, GMO labeling, 14 year old clock maker, and More!
Sep 18, 2015
GOP Debate, Pope's visit, GMO labeling, 14 year old clock maker, and More!
Sep 18, 2015
KY Clerk, Schools Ban Everyone, Gun Tax, More
Nate and Brian discuss Kim Davis, the Kentucky County Clerk, Clio schools ban on everyone, copyrighted music used during campaigns, the Syrian refugees and more!
Sep 11, 2015
Live TV Shooting, New York Nudity, Guns and More
Nate and Brian discuss the shooting on live TV, free the nipple movement in New York, guns, civil forfieture laws, and more!
Aug 27, 2015
Kenneth Herman, Clio Schools, Donald Trump
Nate and Brian discuss Donald Trump's immigration reform plan, anchor babies, Korean missles, Clinton emails, Regal Cinema's policy and Kenneth Herman's lawsuit against Clio Schools in regards to open carry and more!
Aug 21, 2015
Chattanooga, Fair Tax, Sandra Bland
Nate and Brian discuss the shooting in Chattanooga and the illegally armed military members shooting at the attacker, Rand Paul's fair tax plan, the arrest and death of Sandra Bland, Seattle minimum wage, Social Security gun control, and more!
Jul 24, 2015
Constitutional Carry, Shooting in TN
Nate and Brian discuss Jade Helm conspiracies, Michigan gun bills, Senator Mike Green, and open carry lawsuit against public school, Chattanooga shooting, Eric Garner, money seizures, and more!
Jul 17, 2015
Tom Lambert MOC, Michigan SB442, Green
Nate and Brian discussed jail time over dog licenses, jailing children over refusing to have lunch with dad, CSA Confederate Battle flag removed from South Carolina capital building, Maine passes constitutional carry, Donald Trump's view on guns and background checks and Tom Lambert about Senator Mike Green's bill that bans open carry and requires concealed carry in the current PFZs (pistol free zones).
Jul 10, 2015
Attorney Steven Dulan, Independence Day
Nate and Brian discuss guns with guest Attorney Steven Dulan to discuss new bill to end gun free zones in Michigan, CSA Battle flag, PTSD and fireworks
Jul 02, 2015
Confederate Flag, Obama, SCOTUS, Guns
Nate and Brian discuss the Confederate flag, the supreme court decisions on Obamacare and raisins, mass shootings in other countries, and much more!
Jun 26, 2015
CJ Grisham OC Texas, Deven Guildford
Nate and Brian discuss the shooting of teen Deven Guildford in Eaton County, Open Carry Texas with guest CJ Grisham, Donald Trump's presidential campaign, the white... or black, NAACP president Rachel Dolazel, McDonald's automated ordering systems and the shooting in South Carolina by Dylann Roof.
Jun 19, 2015
4th of July, Mckinney Police, Guns
Nate and Brian discuss the Independence day celebration at the US Embassy in Indonesia, the pool party in Mckinney, Texas, Marco Rubio's new boat, pop in schools, browser history, the Open Carry case of Deffert vs Grand Rapids and much more!
Jun 12, 2015
MOC Inc. VP Tom Lambert, OC Lawsuit
Nate and Brian discuss the horrible job of the TSA, Caitlyn Jenner, Bruce Jenner, Uber vs cabs, and the opinion of Federal Judge Janet T Neff in the open carry Federal civil rights case of Deffert vs. Grand Rapids in Michigan.
Jun 05, 2015
Jennifer Carlson, Men Carry Guns, More
Nate & Brian discuss gun ownership with Dr. Jennifer Carlson from University of Toronto, deriliction of duty to deny climate change/warming/cooling, LA Times stating 2nd amendment was created in 2008, and much more!
May 29, 2015
Biker Gang Shooting, Gun Felons, Bayonet
Biker shootings, Felons can sell their guns, No more bayonets for police, Boy Scouts restrict squirt guns, Wash. D.C. CC permit unconstitutional, gun stuff and more
May 22, 2015
Amtrack, Guns, Obama & More!
Nate & Brian discuss the Amtrack derailment, infrastructure investment, the bridge to Canada (Gordie Howe Bridge), 1911 sales, Obamacare and Rand Paul, Anti-gun Michigan State Senator Virgil Smith arrested on various felony firearm charges and much more!
May 15, 2015
Stomping American Flag, Guns, & More
STOMP THE FLAG, Cartoons and the 1st Amendment, ISIS threat, Ben Carson, NSA, gun stuff
May 08, 2015
Michigan Gun Rally, Drones in Parks More
Nate an Brian discuss the Michigan gun rally, Senator Mike Green, Drones in National parks, More MI school lawsuits, Police cash seizures, gun stuff and more
Apr 30, 2015
Larry Pratt, Drug Dogs, Obama & More
Nate and Briad speak with Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America about pressing gun issues in the USA, the Loretta Lynch confirmation, genocide, drug sniffing dogs, guns in Congress, Trey Gowdey, and more!
Apr 24, 2015
Clinton, Vehicular Assault, Gyro Copter
Hillary and her loco logo, State takes children at play, Robo cop runs over suspect, Reserve Deputy who shot man may not have had proper training, Motel 6 gives cops guest list gun stuff and more
Apr 17, 2015
Kermit Jones, Gay scouts, Killer Cops
Gay scouts, Cop charged with murder, cardboard play forts and our guest tonight is Kermit Jones Jr., author of a series of kids books on prepping. Kermit is a graduate of the Naval Academy after serving as an Officer he resigned his commission and joined the Navy Chaplain Corps. We will discuss his books, prepping and of course guns
Apr 10, 2015
Gun Documentary, Religious Freedom, Bush
French TV crew doing a US gun documentary, Indiana Religious Bill, Bush-Clinton leading polls, Counterfeit $100 bill, gun stuff and more.
Apr 03, 2015
MOC, Open Carry, MCRGO, Guns, Bergdahl
Guests from MCRGO and MOC discuss Michigan Bill to eliminate gun free zones, Bergdahl, Hillary free speech, Panhandling Free Speech?, gun stuff and more so listen in and call us at 248-455-6337. As always you can listen to any of our shows by clicking on the links found on our website.
Mar 27, 2015
Michigan Militia, Mandatory Voting, FOIA
Nate and Brian talk about the Michigan Volunteer Militia with Guest Lee Miracle Southeast, Mandatory voting, White House no freedom of information, Hillary email outed by Dem, Freedom of speech, gun stuff and more
Mar 20, 2015
Ken Herman, Clinton, Daylight Savings
MOC lawsuit against Clio Public Schools (guest Ken Herman plaintiff), Hillary’s emails, Daylight saving, ATF stops ammo ban, gun stuff and more.
Mar 13, 2015
Term Limits Nick Tomboulides, Police
Guest Nick Tomboulides, Hillary’s email, Private police, gun stuff and more
Mar 06, 2015
FCC, Bullet ban, Zimmerman, DC Carry
Nate & Brian discuss FCC Net Neutrality, Bullet ban, Zimmerman, Miller gets DC permit, gun stuff and more.
Feb 27, 2015
Robocop, ISIS need jobs, Drones
Robocop, ISIS need jobs, Drones and prisons, NYC proposed bans, Presidential candidates (Too soon?) gun stuff and more
Feb 20, 2015
Ukraine, ISIS, Obama, Yoga, Williams
Nate & Brian discuss Obama and ISIS, The Ukraine cease fire, Brian Williams, Tight-fitting beige clothing ban, Chinese mothers in the US, gun stuff and more.
Feb 13, 2015
Vaccinations, Jordan, Net Neutrality,
Nate & Brian discuss mandatory Vaccinations, Gitmo, Brian Williams lies, Internet and net neutrality, King of Jordan's response to ISIS burning of pilot, gun stuff and more
Feb 06, 2015
State of Union, Football, Baker's Rights
State of Union, Super Bowl, Anti-religion bakers, Hero attacks a CPL holder, gun stuff, pot and more
Jan 23, 2015
Immigration, X-Rays, Blind Judge, Paris
Jan 16, 2015
Paris, Boehner, Clinton Sex, Guns
Nate and Brian discuss Paris Shootings, Boehner, Harvard healthcare, Clinton sex scandal?, Alcohol tax and Libertarians, Free enterprise win, gun stuff and more.
Jan 09, 2015
1st Amendment, Cuba, North Korea, Obama
Nate and Brian discussed 1st and 4th amendments, Obama as hired help, CUBA!, Australia’s terror problem, North Korea and movies, The Interview, Surgeon General, gun stuff and more
Dec 19, 2014
Package Thief, Torture, Body Cams
Nate and Brian discuss police body cameras, torture, package thieves, Nazca lines and Green Peace, NYC welding playground equipment for safety, all lives matter college president of Smith College, Navy's football team "Don't Tread on Me" uniforms, royal protocol and Lebron James and more!
Dec 12, 2014
Garner, NYPD, Guns, Ferguson & More
Nate and Brian discuss the police death of Eric Garner in New York City after he was selling untaxed cigarettes, black men should open carry, Detroit's Hell's Saints, the Clevland cop that shot a 12 year old was deemed unfit for duty by a previous department, Florida judge that suspended enforcement of public feeding of homeless ban, homeschool raided and more!
Dec 05, 2014
Deer Hunting, Immigration, Minimum Wage
Brian and Nate discuss Brian's deer hunting trip and encounter with a Michigan Conservation Officer, Obama's immigration executive order, the California law against profit from gang activity, homeless people and how to deal with them, and much more!
Nov 21, 2014
Elections, Obama, Gay Marriage & More!
Nate & Brian discuss the elections, Obama's response, gay marriage in Michigan, Putin, Guy Fawkes, feeding the homeless, polise and more!
Nov 07, 2014
Halloween, Mummies, TSA, Ebola & More
Nate and Brian discuss Halloween, pot-laced candy, Denver PD, Ghouls, mummified girls, TSA belt buckles, Ebola, rigged voting machines, Tony Heller, Harvard study on illegals voting for Democrats, the Defense Department protective steps against ISIS (ISIL), Sheryl Attkisson's computer being hacked by the government, Mom's Demand Action hypocricy and much more! Happy Halloween!
Oct 31, 2014
Canada Shooting, Elections, Guns & More!
Nate & Brian discuss Elections, Canada shooting, Knives allowed in some schools, Perform marriages or got to jail,, DHS panty raids, Sell your organs (Human not musical), Gun stuff and more
Oct 23, 2014
Ebola, WMDs Found, Muslims & More!
Brian and Nate discuss Ebola, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Jan Morgan banning muslims from her business, elementary school that is raffling rifles for playground equipment, and John Crawford's killer being kept on the police force.
Oct 16, 2014
Benghazi, F’ the Police, Ebola & More!
Nate & Brian discuss Benghazi lawsuit, F* The Police hate, The Secret Service, Ebola, Kim Jong Un missing, collecting rain water, open carrier getting his gun stolen, open carriers in Detroit and more!
Oct 09, 2014
Nanny State, Scotland, Benghazi & More!
Nate and Brian discuss Moms Demand Action at Kroger in Michigan, Scotland's vote for independance, the nanny state and children playing outside, Benghazi hearings, the NFL and much more!
Sep 19, 2014
9/11, ISIS, Obama, Bayonets, IRS, Panera
Brian and Nate discuss 9/11, Nate's birthday, Obama's speech on ISIS (ISIL), the IRS 'trying' to follow the law, Panera Bread banning guns and much more!
Sep 12, 2014
ISIS, MDA Ads, Choke Point, DOJ, & More
Nate and Brian discuss Joe Biden's comments about ISIS, fake cell towers, minimum wage, MDA ad campaign against Kroger, Choke Point, Debbie Washerman Schultz, FBI misconduct, and much more!
Sep 05, 2014
Iraq, Ferguson, Gates, Uzi, SWAT & More
Brian and Nate discuss SWATing, the "new" war in Iraq, the "buycott" in Ferguson Missouri, Bill Gates donating to anti-gun causes, the 9 year old that shot her firearm instructor with an Uzi and much more!
Aug 29, 2014
Nathan Nephew - Ferguson, Obama Statue
Nathan discusses Jesse Jackson in Ferguson, MO, a stolen Obama statue, the beheading of an American Journalist and Obama's new rules on businesses opting out of birth control coverage.
Aug 23, 2014
Bergdahl, Ferguson, Beheading, Don Lemon
Brian and Nate discuss the law breaking by the DoD, Obama's weak statements on the beheaded journalist, the Ferguson riots and police shooting, Don Lemon's idiotic idea of what an automatic firearm is, the Five-o police tracking app, free speech (or lack thereof), The Bullet newspaper at University of Mary Washington, and much more!
Aug 22, 2014
My Parents Open Carry, Glenn Beck, Ebola
Nate and Brian discuss the recent popularity of their children's book, My Parents Open Carry as well as their appearance on the Glenn Beck TV Show on The Blaze TV. They also discuss Nancy Pelosi's charge across the floor to attack a Republican, the spread of Ebola around the world, the nanny state deciding how parents should raise their children and much more!
Aug 08, 2014
Nathan Nephew - Israel, Armada, More
Nathan Nephew discusses the conflict in Israel, Nancy Pelosi charging at a Republican on the House floor, a checkpoint in Armada, MI, and much more.
Aug 02, 2014
Israel, Lerner, Clinton, DC Open Carry
Brian & Nate discuss Israel, Lerner emails, D.C. firearms change, Nanny State, dumb politicians, Police stuff, Homophones. Brian and Nate also really go at it about the Clinton's Scandal.
Aug 01, 2014
ObamaCare, Israel, Malaysian Air, & More
Nate & Brian discuss Israel, Malaysian airlines, Russia, ObamaCare subsidies, border patrol issues, watered brown lawns, prosecutors accessing defendants emails, & more!
Jul 25, 2014
Malaysia, Kid Guns, Immigrants, AK47
Brian and Nate discuss the Malaysian Air plane that was shot down, the invasion by illegal aliens, Obama's admission to lying during campaigns, banned Russian firearms, TSA and DC, banning cartoon images of guns and marketing to children, fake 911 calls by the police, and much more!
Jul 17, 2014
Nathan Nephew - Hunting, Illegals
Nathan Nephew discusses Kendell Jones, the offer for nude photos, no-knock raids and police being shot, and much more!
Jul 12, 2014
Prez Pot, Illegals, SWATTING, Lewd Offer
Brian and Nate discuss President Obama being offered weed, illegal immigrants being housed in Michigan, a lewd offer for naked photos of a teenager by a democrat, police creating child porn to combat child porn, a firefighter arrested for fighting fire, a police officer asked to leave IKEA because of his gun, M&M and knives, and more!
Jul 11, 2014
Independence Day, Hobby Lobby, Immigrant
Nate & Brian celebrate Independence Day by discussing Independence Day, the Hobby Lobby Decision, America's first Tweet in Benjamin Franklin's newspaper, immigration, Obama being sued and not apologizing and being the worst president ever. They also discuss Moms Demand Action and Target Stores, Chris Christie, ECPI gun club & more! Fireworks sound effects provided by
Jul 04, 2014
Nathan Nephew - Coulter, Soccer, Illegal
Nathan Nephew discusses Ann Coulter's post about soccer and how she attempts to make a connection to the movement towards collectivism in the United States. He also discusses the influx of thousands of illegals and the Mexican Military helicopter that fired at US Border Patrol Agents
Jun 28, 2014
IRS, SCOTUS, Immigration, Open Carry
Nate & Brian discuss the IRS lost emails, the UN in Detroit, Supreme Court Decisions on abortion protests, recess appointments and cell phone searches. They also discuss hunting with semi-automatic weapons, Terri Lynn Land, killing open carriers, no fly lists, the border fence FOIA & more!
Jun 27, 2014
Clinton, Redskins, IRS Emails,Gun Rights
Jun 20, 2014
Nathan Nephew - IRS, Lerner, Obama, Guns
Jun 14, 2014
Obama Guns, Bergdahl, Clinton, Police
Nate & Brian discuss Obama's take on gun control and confiscation, police abuse of power and illegal searches, Bergdahl and Hilary Clinton, Julie Borowski, Moms Demand Action, Every Town for Gun Safety, Bulletproof blankets, Miss USA (Nevada), and more!
Jun 12, 2014
MOC, MCRGO, LGOC, MDA, VA and Bergdahl
Brian and Nate discuss long gun open carry with guests Phil Hofmeister from Michigan Open Carry, Inc and Brady Schickinger from Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners. They discuss how long gun open carry affects the pro-gun movement. Nate and Brian also discuss Bergdahl and the trade for five Taliban officials, the NRA on open carry, and Chili's not-quite-banning of firearms.
Jun 06, 2014
Nathan Nephew - VA, Carney, CIA, & More
Nathan discusses why he became interested in politics, the resignation of the VA chief and Jay Carney and how to fix the problems with the VA.
May 31, 2014
Mass Murder, Obama, Chipotle Open Carry
Nate and Brian discuss Obama's football career, concussions, and the federal governments role, as well as the war on terror, Michelle Obama's involvement in school lunch, Snowden, Chipotle, Long Gun Open Carry, California shooting, Mike Rowe and stabbing, common core, and more!
May 29, 2014
Nathan Nephew - Reid, Obama, Pope Franci
May 10, 2014
Moms, Benghazi, Cruz, Common Core
Brian and Nate discuss Obamacare enrollment numbers, the Benghazi investigation, Hilary Clinton, Mother's Day, Boko Haram in Nigeria, Ted Cruz's list of lawless actions by Obama, Common Core in Indiana, Climate Change report, police brutality, Bundy ranch firepower, Lois Lerner and more!
May 08, 2014
Benghazi, NRA, EPA, E-Cig, Taxes, Police
Nate and Brian discuss the recent findings in the Benghazi incident relating to the talking points, the NRA convention, E-Cigarettes, Property taxes, police abuse, Michigan gun rally, and more!
May 01, 2014
Nathan Nephew - NRA Convention
Nathan and Brian discuss the NRA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana...their trip to the convention, the cool stuff there, the AR pocket pistol from Heizer and similar product from Double Tap and much more!
Apr 26, 2014
Kierkus, SCOTUS, Racist Bundy, Earth Day
Apr 24, 2014
Nathan Nephew - Bundy, NAN, Obama, Votes
Nathan Nephew discusses the situation at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, Obama and Eric Holder's speeches at National Action Network, voter ID, and Federal overreach
Apr 12, 2014
Bundy Ranch, Holder, Turtles & More
Nate and Brian discuss cows and tortoises on the Bundy ranch, overreaching federal government power, ruby ridge, waco, Eric Holder's threat to Congressman Gohmert and speech about it at the National Action Network, free press around the world, guns, firearms, the second amendment, and more!
Apr 11, 2014
Nathan Nephew - Ft Hood, Mozilla
Nathan discusses the Fort Hood shooting, Mozilla, Prop 8, and violent crime in Chicago since concealed carry was legalized.
Apr 04, 2014
Ft Hood, ObamaCare, Camel Statue, Koch
Nate and Brian discuss the Fort Hood shooting, Obamacare sign ups and Obama's appearance at UofM, the camel at the US Embassy in Pakistan, campaign contributions, New York SAFE Act, the Police state, bullying, illegal artifacts, the Gadsden flag, and more!
Apr 04, 2014
Hobby Lobby, NSA, Putin, Guns, & More
Brian and Nate discuss the case concerning Hobby Lobby's objection to providing certain birth control due to the affordable care act (Obamacare), the DC Bullet Case, the gun running anti-gun Congressman, proposed NSA changes, Hawaiian prostitutes and cops, Boston Marathon rules, 4th amendment, and much, much more!
Mar 28, 2014
Nathan Nephew - Michelle, 2nd Amnd, Tea
Nathan Nephew discusses Michelle Obama's trip to Beijing, China where no media was allowed, the "rumor" that reporters give Jay Carney their questions ahead of time, the Second Amendment being butchered in public schools and more
Mar 22, 2014
Russia, ATF, Tesla, Guns, Police, Obama
Nate and Brian discuss Russia, National Geographics map showing Crimea as part of Russia, an ATF restraining order and raid, Tesla dealerships vs Capitalism, Gun topics, Police shoot US Airman at accident scene, Federal law enforcement search at a New Mexico ski resort and more.
Mar 20, 2014
Nathan Nephew - Malaysia, NRA, Immigrant
Nathan Nephew discusses the missing Malaysian Air flight and some of the conspiracy theories. He also discusses Republican's fighting for amnesty and the NRA not allowing openly carried firearms at their convention.
Mar 15, 2014
CIA Spying, TSA, Obama, Dead Voters
CIA spying on Congress and they don’t like it, TSA, The dead do vote but for who?, Why is off the grid living frowned upon by local governments, level 2 look a likes, and much more
Mar 14, 2014
Ukraine, Bitcoin, Guns & Facebook
Mar 07, 2014
Nathan Nephew - Ukraine, ObamaCare
Nathan discusses the situation in Ukraine and all of the predictions made by Republicans that were mocked by liberals and the incompetence of the current regime. He also discusses Obamacare and what it would be like if coffee was treated the same way as health insurance.
Mar 04, 2014
SCOTUS 4th Amendment, Gay Rights, Cops
Nate and Brian discuss SCOTUS ruling on the 4th Amendment and if others can give consent in your absence, DC prosecution of man with inoperable ammunition, the veto of SB 1062 in Arizona and whether businesses should have the right to deny services to whoever they choose, cops shooting unarmed people who answer their door or reach for a cane, free speech zones and much more.
Feb 28, 2014
Recording Police, FCC Monitor, Obamacare
Brian and Nate discuss the legality of recording the police, the FCC program to send monitors in to newsrooms to determine how news stories are selected and to control the media, job loss from Obamacare, police abuse with the police shooting an 80 year old, and much more.
Feb 21, 2014
Nathan Nephew - Anti-Gun Hypocrites
Nathan presents the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th Amendments to the Constitution of the United States, finishing up the Bill or Rights. He also discusses the utter hypocrisy of the liberal anti-gun crowd and their tendency to try to suppress any speech they disagree with. He talks about the recent attacks on him and Brian on Facebook and in reviews on Amazon of their book, My Parents Open Carry. Nathan also highlights the top political donors of the last several years, pointing out that the Koch brother's have donated much less than several Democrat supporting unions.
Feb 18, 2014
Dic. Obama, CA Guns, Cop on Cop Action
Nate and Brian discuss Obama's comment about being able to do whatever he wants because he is president, the way government makes more people felons as a method of gun control such as Illinois littering law, Pensacola's ban on using blankets to keep warm in public, Portland's coersion of night clubs to scan ID's of customers for police database, and a police officers lawsuit after she gives a ticket to a fellow officer. Also, they discuss whether the tea party is racist and micro-stamping.
Feb 14, 2014
Nikki Goeser, Coke, Surveillance
Brian and Nate talk with Nikki Goeser about her husbands murder and how she has helped promote gun rights as a result. They also discussed terrorism and the Olympics and the conditions in Sochi as well as the Coca Cola ad featuring America the Beautiful in several languages. Also discussed was Illinois school officials dislike of no-guns signs and city buses issuing parking tickets in San Francisco.
Feb 07, 2014
Nathan Nephew - Super Bowl & Coca Cola
Nathan Nephew discusses the Bronco's terrible showing against the Seahawks in the Superbowl as well as the Coca Cola ad featuring America the Beautiful sung in different languages that caused an uproar and offended many. He also discussed Bill O'Reilly's interview of President Obama and a school in New Zealand that removed all of the safety rules for the playground and allowed kids to play like kids, resulting in improved behavior.
Feb 04, 2014
SOTU, Immigration, Big Foot, & More
Nate and Brian discuss Obama's State of the Union address, immigration reform, gun control, minimum wage and big foot being on display in Texas. They also share Jimmy Kimmel's clip of people reacting to the State of the Union before it happens.
Jan 31, 2014
Steven Dulan, Open Carry, Obama, NSA
Nate and Brian discuss the Open Carry lawsuit led by Steven Dulan where his client Johann Deffert was illegally detained by police in Grand Rapids, MI. They also discussed Obama's changes to NSA spying, ghost guns, and medical marijuana licenses in Illinois.
Jan 24, 2014
Nathan Nephew - Dumb Democrats, 5th Amnd
Nathan discusses the Democratic California State Senator Kevin de Leon and his idiotic statements about "ghost guns" and "30 magazine clips". He also discusses the fifth (5th) amendment to the Constitution of the United States and the clauses it contains other than "pleading the fifth". Also, Nathan talks about Governor Cuomo's comments about right wing extremists not being welcome in New York and Sean Hannity's threat to move.
Jan 23, 2014
LEO Beating, Corps of Engineer, Metadata
Nate and Brian discuss NSA spying tactics, firearms on Corps of Engineer land, abuse by law enforcement, unconstitutional gun laws.
Jan 17, 2014
Open Carry, Polar Vortex, Christie
Brian and Nate discuss Governor Chris Christie, Ran Paul's birthday gift from Mike Lee (a drone), the DOD Snowden report, the polar vortex and global warming/climate change, and the Velveeta shortage. Their guest was John Pierce, co-founder of They discussed open carry, NFA trusts, and recent court rulings.
Jan 10, 2014
Nathan Nephew - Climate Amnesty... again
Nathan Nephew discusses global warming and the new YouTube Video put out by the White House and Dr John Holdren, Obama's Science Advisor, that states that the freezing cold temperatures in the United States are actually caused by global warming/climate change. He also discusses unemployment insurance and President Obama's statements that it actually creates jobs by allowing people to turn up their thermostat. Also, Nathan talks about Tom Donohue's interview with Fox News' Bret Baier where he says that 2014 will be the year of immigration reform. The US Chamber of Commerce is fully supporting amnesty/immigration reform stating that this country needs the workers, even with extremely high unemployment.
Jan 09, 2014
Smokin' Cop, Roadside Drug Test, MSU
Brian and Nate discuss the MSU victory at the Rose Bowl, roadside dna swab drug tests in LA, UTA officers harrasing a citizen, mentally ill cop keeping his job and firearm, global warming nutcases getting stuck in ice, insurance industry numbers, and power outages.
Jan 03, 2014
Nathan Nephew - Obamacare Repealed?
Nathan Nephew discusses the kooky congresswoman from DC that claims people haven't signed up for Obamacare because they are procrastinators AND "millions" of them think it has been repealed. He also discusses the 4th amendment to the Constitution of the United States and the requirements for a valid warrant. Also, Nathan points out the irony of a "global warming" expedition getting stuck in ice with their fossil fueled ship.
Dec 31, 2013
Nathan Nephew - TSA for Kids, Gun Rights
Nathan discusses the second and third amendments to the constitution dealing with the right to keep and bear arms and quatering of soldiers. He also discusses the TSA campaign to condition children that being searched is OK and just a part of life. The show also features Christmas carols sang by a 4th grader.
Dec 22, 2013
Budget, Diplomatic Probe, Duck Dynasty
Nate and Brian discuss the recently passed US budget, the controversy surrounding Phil Robertson's comments about gays, the arrest of an Indian diplomatic staffer, and the dead man being discharged from the hospital. Merry Christmas
Dec 20, 2013
Nathan Nephew - Obama Gun Control
Nathan talks about President Obama's weekly address to the nation and his call for tougher gun control in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting anniversary. He also discusses the Bill of Rights and the First Amendment
Dec 14, 2013
Police Law Suits, Newtown Armed Staff
Brian and Nate discuss lawsuits against police, Newtown voting for armed staff in school, Mandela being a communist and the fake sign language interpreter at his funeral, 109 new state gun laws in the US since Sandy Hook shooting. Also, they talk about police departments closing due to lawsuits.
Dec 13, 2013
MOC, Knockout, Huntin Regs Lead Shortage
Nate and Brian discuss the knockout game and how people are fighting back. They also talk about hunting regulations, the closing of a lead smelter, the NFL banning firearms and gun ads, and a couple of bills in Michigan which would carve out special exemptions for special people.
Dec 06, 2013
Nathan Nephew - Constitution, Min Wage
Nathan Nephew discusses Article VI and VII of the Constitution of the United States. He also discusses Obama's renewed call for an increased minimum wage and the affect it will have on the economy and job market. Also, he brings up a case where a man was arrested for stealing electricity from a school by charging his electric Nissan Leaf.
Dec 05, 2013
Nathan Nephew - Article 5 & Obamacare
Nathan Nephew discusses Article V of the Constitution of the United States and the ability to amend the Constitution. He also discusses the Democrats attempt to strip filibuster power from the Republicans when it comes to Presidential appointments. Nathan also discusses the delay of Obamacare enrollment.
Nov 24, 2013
Anti-Gun Liberal, Wind Kills Eagles
Nate and Brian discuss Brian's encounter with a real life anti-gun, irrational liberal at a local diner. They also discuss the energy company being fined for their wind turbines killing eagles and other birds. Also, they talk about the officer that shot a 13 year old carrying a bb gun.
Nov 24, 2013
Nathan Nephew - Article 4 & Black Friday
Nathan Nephew discusses Article 4 of the Constitution of the United States. He also discusses Obama's fix to people losing their plans due to Obamacare and the "forcing" of work on Thanksgiving. Special 1 hour episode.
Nov 15, 2013
Nathan Nephew - Article 3 & Obamacare
Nathan Nephew discusses the Judicial branch, laid out in Article III of the Constitution of the United States. He also discuses Obamacare, and the disaster that it is, as well as the flood of Democrats towards supporting a fix for all of the cancelled health insurance policies.
Nov 14, 2013
LEO Anal probes, Drug dogs, Obamacare.
Brian and Nate discuss police conducted anal probes, inaccurate drug dogs, CPL holder banned from child's school, election results, obamacare and Sanford's neighborhood watch disarmed.
Nov 08, 2013
Nathan Nephew - Article 2 Obamacare CPD
Nathan discusses Article 2 of the Constitution of the United States. He also discusses Obamacare and the repeated lie of Barack Obama about being able to keep your current health care plan and doctor. He also highlights a police chief threatening to find a facebook user who asked the department to find real criminals rather than drug users.
Nov 02, 2013
Halloween! Obamacare, Judge Jeanine
Brian and Nate discuss Halloween, Houdini, the Obamacare debacle, Judge Jeanine's rant about the Obama administration's lies, facebook being used by the government to stop protests and much much more! Do not miss the excellent Halloween jokes!
Oct 31, 2013
Detroit, Car Jacking, Obamacare & Bullie
Brian and Nate discuss the 13 year old that was shot by police while carrying a toy gun. They also discuss the UC Davis cop that pepper sprayed the Occupy protesters and then sued for workers compensation. Obamacare and the disaster of a website was also discussed.
Oct 25, 2013
Govt Reopens, US Senate, Terry Whitney
Brian and Nate discuss the reopening of the Federal well as the debt ceiling. They also chat with Terry Whitney, a candidate for US Senate (MI).
Oct 17, 2013
Nathan Nephew - Reps Cave, Govt Reopens
Nathan Nephew talks about Article II Section 1 of the Constitution of the United States. He also discusses the deal that was made to reopen the government and how Republicans caved to the demands of President Obama and the Democrats.
Oct 17, 2013
Shutdown, Obamacare, Illegal Immigrants
Oct 10, 2013
Nathan Nephew - Article 1 Section 10
Nathan Nephew discusses Article 1 Section 10 of the Constitution of the United States. He also talks about the immigration rally in DC and the government shutdown, as well as death benefits for military members.
Oct 10, 2013
Government Shutdown! ANARCHY! FREEDOM!
Nate and Brian discuss the government shutdown. They talk about how open air monuments are closed for political reasons. They also discuss how Harry Reid does not support funding cancer treatments for children and other fallout from the shutdown. They also touch on Obmama approving $45 million dollars for armed police in schools and all of the endoctrination in those schools. They also talk about the shots fired at the US Capitol, killing one woman and injuring an officer.
Oct 04, 2013
Nathan Nephew - A1S9, Govt Shutdown
Nathan talks about the government shutdown, who is to blame, as well as what affect it will have. He also discusses the start of Obamacare exchanges. As always he presents a section of the Constitution of the United States, Article 1 Section 9.
Oct 02, 2013
Navy Yard Shooting, Starbucks, Dumb Cops
Brian and Nate talk about the shooting at the Navy Yard in DC, Starbucks recent request that gun owners do not breing their guns in the store and several stories of police officers making really dumb decisions.
Sep 20, 2013
Nathan Nephew - Article 1 Section 8
Nathan Nephew discusses the shooting at the Navy Ship Yard in Washington D.C. and how this will be used as a political prop to argue for more gun control. He also discusses Article I Section 8 of the United States Constitution. This lays out Congress' power to tax, declare war, establish post roads, raise armies, and much more. He also talks about the importance of standing up for rights, especially the right to bear arms.
Sep 17, 2013
Syria, Zimmerman, Bikers, Xander Demos
Nate and Brian discuss the situation in Syria and Russia's offer to help with a diplomatic approach, millions of bikers in DC, George Zimmerman and the UN, Colorado Senate Recall, Illinois Supreme Court decisions and Guitarist Xander Demos.
Sep 13, 2013
Country Music, Syria, NRA, Exec Orders
Nate and Brian discuss the pending action in Syria and the presidential authority to strike as well as the debate in Congress. They also discuss the recent executive orders signed by Obama regarding the second amdendment and importation of "military" firearms and family trusts. Doug Briney is a guest. Doug is a Country Music singer from Nashville. He discusses the Syrian issues, gun control, and the Constitution.
Sep 05, 2013
Nathan Nephew - Article 1 Section 6 & 7
Nathan Nephew discusses Article 1 Section 6 and 7 of the Constitution of the United States. He also jumps into part of Section 8 to discuss the situation with Syria and whether President Obama can attack Syria without involvement by Congress. Nathan also talks about the two executive orders signed by the President today affecting the Second Amendment.
Aug 30, 2013
Nathan Nephew - Preamble Article 1 Sec 1
Aug 30, 2013
Stop and Frisk, Gun Control, & More
Aug 29, 2013
Nathan Nephew - Article 1 Section 4 & 5
Nathan discusses Article 1 Section 4 of the Constitution of the United States as well as Article 1 Section 5. These lay out who decides when and where elections for Senators and Representatives are held as well as when the entire Congress must assemble. He also discusses the cowardly response from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on the "boredem" murder of Chris Lane in Oklahoma and the guilty verdict for the Fort Hood shooter, Nadal Hassan.
Aug 23, 2013
US Senate Candidate Shak Hill & More
Nate and Brian discuss the arming of the IRS with AR-15s, the senseless murder of Chris Lane by "bored" teenagers and the lack of response from Jesse Jackson and the rest of the "race community". They also talk with Shak Hill, Republican candidate for US Senate in Virginia. They ask him about Obamacare, the second amendment, the constitution, and what he plans to do if elected to the Senate. Check him out at
Aug 23, 2013
Nathan Nephew - Article 1 Section 3
Nathan discusses Article 1 Section 3 of the Constitution of the United States. He also discusses the rodeo clown that made fun of Obama and the fallout from the left assuming it was based on racism. Nathan also discusses what Obama was really doing during the raid on Osama Bin Laden.
Aug 16, 2013
Bono, Kutcher, Obama Clown, & More
Nate and Brian discuss unexpected statements made by Bono and Ashton Kutcher about opportunity and capitalism. They also discuss the rodeo clown making fun of President Obama. Also, parents are forced to change their childs name from Messiah to Martin and the White House responds to a petition about gun free zones.
Aug 16, 2013
Nathan Nephew - Article 1 Section 2
Nathan Nephew explains Article 1 Section 2 of the United States Constitution and how the House of Representatives is chosen. He also discusses Obama's recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and his incorrect geography.
Aug 09, 2013
Mayors Against Guns, Bombs, and Obama
Nate and Brian discuss Mayors Agains Illegal Guns and the exodus of members, new charges brought in the Boston Bombing, Obama's ignorance of geography and Jill Biden's name. They also discuss fracking and settlements that may or may not affect children.
Aug 08, 2013
DNR Raids, Minnesota Gays, Snowden, More
Nate and Brian discuss the swat raid on an animal shelter holding an illegal deer, an Austin police officer shooting a man who "may have been up to no good", gay marriage in Minnesota (and Rhode Island) and Keith Ellison's song as well as gay olympic athletes in Russia. They also discuss pressure cookers, backpacks, quinoa, bombs, and terrorism. Also, Edward Snowden's asylum in Russia.
Aug 02, 2013
Detroit Weiner, Police State, Zimmerman
Nate and Brian discuss Detroit's bankruptcy andthe liberals that caused it, Edward Snowden's quest for a country and asylum, George Zimmerman's bout with the federal government and his heroic effort to help a family trapped in a vehicle. They also discussed the war on drugs and the ever-increasing police state in America.
Jul 25, 2013
Nathan Nephew - Zimmerman and Holder
Nathan Nephew discusses the Zimmerman verdict and how the Department of Justice is wanting to bring a civil rights case against George Zimmerman. He also discusses Stevie Wonder and Bruce Springsteen's reaction to the verdict. At Odds co-host Brian Jeffs sits in as well.
Jul 19, 2013
Zimmerman Trial, Detroit Bankrupt, Drugs
Nate and Brian discuss the Zimmerman verdict, Detroit filing Bankruptcy, a man with a gun at the white house, stand your ground laws and how they "benefit" black people, and how America's God is racist, carries a gun and stalks young black men. They also discuss the cremation of Michael Hastings and drunken, shirtless cops waving their gun at a store clerk in Arizona.
Jul 18, 2013
Nathan Nephew - Zimmerman & Obama
Nathan Nephew discusses the Zimmerman trial and how the authorities are dealing with possible violence after a verdict is reached. He also discusses immigration ads playing on Fox News and the "conservative" Jeb Bush. Nathan also discusses the "internal threat" program created by the Obama administration encouraging federal workers to "keep an eye" on co-workers.
Jul 12, 2013
Zimmerman, USPS, Guns, Cops Kill Dogs
Nate and Brian discuss the Zimmerman trial, cops shooting dogs, guns at the post office, and Adam Kokesh.
Jul 11, 2013
Nathan Nephew - Independence Day
Nathan discusses Independence Day and reads the preamble to the Declaration of Independence. Brian Jeffs is in the studio to ad his commentary as well.
Jul 04, 2013
Independence Day, Obamacare & More
Nate and Brian discuss the history of Independence Day and go through some fun trivia surrounding the day. They also discuss Obamacare and the political move to delay implementation until after the mid-term election.
Jul 04, 2013
DOMA, Immigration, Snowden
Nate and Brian discuss the recent Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage and voting laws. They also discuss the pending immigration legislation and how it will affect the country.
Jun 28, 2013
Nathan Nephew - IRS Scandals & Illegals
Nathan Nephew talks about the IRS and how to, in the future, best avoid the problems recently coming to light. He mentions the massive spending and complete overreach of the government and the president of the United States. He also discusses the recent Supreme Court rulings on voting laws and gay marriage. Nathan then discusses the current battle over immigration reform and how Republicans seem to be dishonest about border security.
Jun 27, 2013
Voter ID, 5th Amendment, Supreme Court
Brian and Nate discuss the recent Supreme Court decisions regarding voter ID laws in Arizona and the 5th Amendment. They also discuss how the man is keeping us down, as well as gun rights.
Jun 21, 2013
Nathan Nephew - Immigration & NSA
Nathan discusses the immigration bill being debated in Congress and the rally that took place in Washington DC to protest amnesty and the IRS.
Jun 20, 2013
Immigration, Genes, Snowden, NSA, Obama
Nate and Brian discuss the gang of 8 and the immigration bill that they proposed to the Senate and how Marco Rubio seems to have changed his tune on a secure border. They also discuss Edward Snowden and his leak of NSA classified information and whether he is a patriot or a traitor.
Jun 13, 2013
Nathan Nephew - Edward Snowden and NSA
Jun 11, 2013
DNA Swabs, Verizon, Arms Treaty, K-12 Ed
It's D-Day! Nate and Brian discuss the recent Supreme Court Ruling that DNA can be taken from anybody who is arrested for any reason. They also discuss the government's aquisition of phone records from Verizon Wireless, and the indoctrination of our children in public schools.
Jun 07, 2013
Young Conservatives and Guns
May 31, 2013
Nathan Nephew - Memorial Day & The IRS
May 28, 2013
IRS Scandal, Armed Citizens Project
May 24, 2013
Nathan Nephew - IRS Scandal and 2A
Nathan discusses Michael Moore on Bill Mahr claiming that all you need to protect yourself is a dog, not a gun. He also talks about the IRS scandal where the IRS harassed conservative groups filing for tax-exempt status and points out the hypocrisy and lies of the Obama administration.
May 19, 2013
Bob Burg, IRS Scandal, AP Phone Records
Brian and Nate discuss the scandal of the IRS targeting patriot groups, the AP's phone records being harvested by the justice department, chocolate bullets and Joe Biden, and the Go-Giver by Bob Burg. Bob is an advocate for free-market capitalism.
May 14, 2013
Nathan Nephew - Benghazi and 911 Calls
Nathan Nephew discusses the Benghazi whistleblower hearings, 911 dispatch controversies with a Korean shop owner and the Amanda Berry 911 call, the White House evacuation, and gun violence and control.
May 12, 2013
Benghazi, Tyranny, 3D Printed Gun, More
Brian and Nate discuss the Benghazi attack and the whistleblowers willing to testify about what they know. They also discuss the President's advice to reject voices that warn about tyranny. Also, they talk about 3D printed guns and an armed march in Washington DC.
May 07, 2013
Nathan Nephew - Racism & Immigration
Nathan Nephew talks about immigration reform, a woman "of dark color" who is offended by a stick figure on a quilt, a baby being taken away from her parents without a warrant, and gun control. He also discusses the violent May Day protest in Seattle.
May 03, 2013
Merle Temple, Drug Wars, & More
Brian and Nate discuss the early war on drugs with Merle Temple, author of A Ghostly Shade of pale. They also discuss the first openly gay NBA player, gun control, and wasted tax money.
May 01, 2013
Nathan Nephew - Infrared and Illegals
Nathan Nephew discusses the push in California to become the first state to allow non-citizens to sit on juries. He also discusses the use of drones and other technology, such as Forward Looking InfraRed, in civilian applications like the Boston bombing, while proving that Rand Paul did NOT flip-flop on the use of drones.
Apr 28, 2013
Boston Bombing, Illegal Searches, & More
Brian and Nate talk about the bombing in Boston, civil liberties, searches and seizures, Miranda rights as well as taxes on internet sales and Bloombergs interpretation of the Constitution.
Apr 23, 2013
Nathan Nephew - Boston Bombing Response
Nathan talks about the response to the bombings in Boston and the police state that ensued in the aftermath. He talks with his guest "Ryan" about the house to house searches and the massive military and police presence, as well as the "voluntary" shelter in place lock down.
Apr 22, 2013
Boston, Washington Slave Len Lamensdorf
Brian and Nate talk about the bombing in Boston, MA and some conspiracy theories. They also discuss the disarming of military veterans and the abuse by police officers in Texas. They also discuss "Washington's favorite slave", Billy Lee, with author of The Ballad of Billy Lee, Len Lamensdorf.
Apr 17, 2013
Nathan Nephew - It's Not Gun Control?
Nate talks about the vote to move forward with gun control bills in the Senate and the 16 Republican's that voted contrary to the Constitution of the United States. He also talks about the indoctrination of children in public schools.
Apr 13, 2013
David Nash, Gun Control, Drones,Thatcher
Brian and Nate talk about gun control and prepping with David Nash, author of Understanding the Use of Handguns for Self Defense. They also discuss PETA's drone program, Margaret Thatcher's passing, Diana Degette's idiotic comments about ammo magazines being single use products, and much more!
Apr 10, 2013
Nathan Nephew Show - Anti-Gun Stupidity
Nate discusses the ignorance of the anti-gun lobby and provides examples of misinformation from the left, such as the very incorrect statement made by Diana Degette about "ammunition magazine clips". He also discusses the threats of North Korea and the statement from Michelle Obama about being a "busy single mother".
Apr 09, 2013
JFK Author, Jack Duffy & More
Brian and Nate discuss the assassination of John F Kennedy with Jack Duffy, author of The Man from 2063. They discuss the conspiracy theories of the assasination and the possible involvement of the CIA, the mob, and the Cubans. They also discuss the idiocy of the left on gun control.
Apr 02, 2013
Karna Bodman, Rangle, Carson, NRA
Nate and Brian discuss policy and the potential of an attack on the US with Karna Bodman, former Deputy Press Secretary and Senior Director of National Security Council during the Reagan administration. They discuss tax policy, missile defense, and other issues. Brian and Nate also touch on gun control and misinformation from the left, as well as Dr. Ben Carson's response to a question by Glenn Beck about the 2nd Amendment.
Mar 26, 2013
Walter Brasch, Fracking, 2nd Amendment
Nate and Brian discuss fracking with Walter Brasch, author of Fracking Pennsylvania: Flirting with Disaster. They also talk about the increasing intrusion of government in day-to-day life and the current struggle with amnesty.
Mar 20, 2013
Jan Morgan, Soda Ban, More!
Brian and Nate discuss the indoctrination of our young people in schools, the soda ban in NYC, and Jan Morgan is a guest talking about the fight for gun rignts in the United States.
Mar 12, 2013
SWAT, DHS, TSA and Indoctrination
Nate and Brian talk about the militarization of police forces in the USA. When did it start and when will Americans wake up? They also talk about the indoctrination of childern in public school.
Mar 06, 2013
Michigan GOP Anti-Gun? Sequestration
Nate and Brian Discuss sequestration and current gun control issues. They also have Phil Hofmeister from Michigan Open Carry and Tony DeMott from Campaign for Liberty on the show to discuss issues with the Michigan Republican Party banning firearms from their convention.
Feb 27, 2013
Steven Dulan, Gun Control, Pot Stickers
Law professor Steven W Dulan is a guest on At Odds. Nate and Brian discuss current gun control and what the future holds with Steven. They also discuss reasonable suspicion and probable cause for detainment in a case where a Tennessee couple are pulled over for having a Buckey leaf on their car.
Feb 20, 2013
State of the Union, Chris Dorner, Guns
Nate and Brian discuss the evolving situation with suspected murderer, Christopher Dorner. He is an ex-LAPD officer who is suspected of murdering at least 4 people. They also give predictions to Obama's State of the Union address. Also discussed are morons speaking about gun control.
Feb 13, 2013
LIVE! Gun Control, Rick Ector, & More
Brian and Nate discuss gun issues, legally armed citizens in Detroit, and more with the guest Rick Ector. They also discuss immigration and gays in the boy scouts with callers.
Feb 06, 2013
LIVE! Gun Control, Women Combat, & Moore
Nate and Brian discuss gun control issues, women in combat, and the hypocrisy of people like Michael Moore, Mayor Bloomberg, and others in the media.
Jan 30, 2013
American Preppers Network Interview
Brian and Nate discuss the ins and outs of preparedness with Tom Martin, the founder of American Preppers Network, an online community of preppers. APN offers tons of informative and entertaining sources as well as tools for networking with like-minded people in your area. Visit the APN website at
Jan 22, 2013
LIVE! Part 2 Debt Limit, Gun Control
Brian and Nate continue their discussion on gun control, the debt ceiling and more. They share the discussion with a caller.
Jan 16, 2013
LIVE! Gun Control, Debt Limit, Holder
Brian and Nate discuss current gun control issues, including the proposed restrictions in New York and Obama's ideas for gun control.
Jan 16, 2013
LIVE! Chuck Hagel, Taxes, Stop & Frisk
Brian and Nate discuss the potential nomination of Chuck Hagel to the position of Secretary of Defense. They also discuss tax increases. Also, a Federal Judge rules NYPD "Stop & Frisk" practice unconstitutional.
Jan 09, 2013
LIVE! Fiscal Cliff, Gun Control & More
Brian and Nate discuss the status of the "fiscal cliff" that was reached at midnight and where Congress is on a solution. They also discuss comments made by Michael Moore on gun control and why Americans own guns. Also discussed is David Gregory appearing on Meet the Press with an illegal ammunition magazine and the lack of charges brought against him by DC police.
Jan 02, 2013
CT Shooting, Gun Control, and More!
Brian and Nate talk about the Connecticut shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary and how these sort of tragedies could be mitigated. They also talk about the White House's response to the tragedy and how President Obama will be calling for gun bans.
Dec 19, 2012
Drone Strikes and the United States
Brian and Nate discuss the history of drones, both in the United States and abroad. They also discuss the use of drones as military weapons against both foreign countries and American Citizens, as well as the privacy implications of using drones here in the United States.
Dec 17, 2012
Connecticut Shootings and Right to Work
Nate and Brian send their thoughts to the victims of the senseless massacre that took place at an elementary school in Connecticut. They also talk about a couple of other recent shootings, all of which occured in "gun free" zones where law abiding citizens were not allowed to carry firearms. They talk about how having armed citizens in these places could deter crime or at least help reduce the damage. They also talk about Right to Work legislation recently passed in Michigan, giving workers the choice whether to join a union or not. The two discuss the protests at the Michigan state Capitol and the violence that expectedly erupted, resulting in conservatives being attacked.
Dec 15, 2012
Bob Costas - Football & Gun Control
Brian and Nate discuss the comments Bob Costas made during a Sunday Night Football halftime after the murder/suicide commited by Kansas City Chiefs linebacker, Jovan Belcher.. They analyze Costas' arguments against gun rights made during Sunday Night Football, Dan Patrick's show, and Bill O'Reilly. They also comment on statements made by Charles Barkely and D.L. Hughley. The two also discuss the Detroit Council member calling for handouts from the president now that "her people" have voted for him.
Dec 11, 2012
Open Carry of a Firearm - Is it Right?
Nate and Brian discuss openly carried firearms and how it contrasts with concealed carry. They discuss the pro's and cons of open vs concealed as well as a recent court case won by Michigan Open Carry, Inc which Brian and Nate co-founded. They also discuss an incident Nate had with harassment by a police officer in Grayling, Michigan.
Dec 03, 2012
Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Patraeus
Nate and Brian discuss their Thanksgiving celebrations and Black Friday. Even though Brian refuses to listen, Nate explains the truth about the Pilgrims and the "original" Thanksgiving festivities. They also talk about the controversy surrounding big box stores starting Black Friday sales on Thursday. The two also give a timeline for the scandal surrounding David Patraeus and discuss how this relates to the Benghazi attacks.
Nov 27, 2012
Post Election Results and Analysis
Nate and Brian discuss the 2012 election results, as well as the predictions for the Obama Administrations policies in the next four years. They also dive into analyzing why certain groups vote the way they do.
Nov 11, 2012
Most Important Election in Recent Years
Brian and Nate discuss the coming election and why it is so important for this country. They talk about President Obama's plans for the country and his views on freedom. The hosts also dive into what is going on in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy and the importance of individual responsibility for safety and disaster preparation.
Nov 04, 2012
Benghazi Attack - Murder and Cover Up
Nate and Brian discuss the attacks on the consulate in Benghazi, Libya that resulted in the death of four American's, including Ambassador Christ Stevens. The hosts discuss the emails that have recently come out showing reports from Embassy Tripoli that happened in real-time as the attack was going on. They also talk about the drone that was broadcasting live video of the attack and ask WHY the Obama administration did NOTHING to help these Americans. Who made the decisions to let them get murdered with no assistance?
Oct 30, 2012
Horses and Bayonets - The Final Debate
Brian and Nate discuss the third and final Presidential debate. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama discussed foreign policy during the last debate. The hosts analyze the debate and try to determine why it was so boring. They also briefly discuss the use of bayonets in the modern military.
Oct 30, 2012
Al Smith Dinner Remarks and Reaction
Brian and Nate discuss the hilarious roasts given by Mitt Romney and Barack Obama at the Al Smith dinner to benefit Catholic Charities. Both candidates gave very funny speeches. The two hosts compare and contrast the two presidential candidates.
Oct 23, 2012
Second Presidential Debate Reaction
Nate and Brian discuss the second presidential debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. They play the most notable responses from both candidates and share their reactions.
Oct 23, 2012
Vice Presidential Debate Reaction
Nate and Brian discuss the Vice Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. How did Biden's constant smiling and laughing come across? Did the debate do anything to sway voters? Who came out on top? The two also briefly discuss the attack on the Consulate in Libya and how it was handled by the current administration.
Oct 16, 2012
Is Public Education Working in the US?
Nate and Brian discuss the history of public education in the United States and if and how it should be regulated and paid for. Should the federal government have any say in education? Should education be handled strictly at the local/individual level? What, if anything, should be required for students to learn?
Oct 15, 2012
Homosexuals and Boy Scouts
Brian and Nate discuss the Boy Scouts of America's decision to exclude gays from their membership and whether this sort of exclusion should be allowed by private organizations.
Oct 09, 2012
Kill Shot, Debate Highlights
Nate and Brian discuss the "kill shot", the method of aiming typically seen in gangster movies where a handgun is held sideways. They also discuss the recent presidential debate including the top five lines from each candidate and the debate songified!
Oct 09, 2012
TSA, Unemployment, Lockheed Martin
Brian and Nate discuss the TSA and the danger it poses to freedom. They also analyze the latest unemployment number of 7.8% and discuss whether it is accurate, why the number went down, and how the Obama regime is helping Lockheed Martin avoid the announcement of layoffs that they are required by law to announce.
Oct 09, 2012
The first episode of At Odds. Nate and Brian discuss if racism still exists and still has political influence as well as the future of Social Security and what each presidential candidate needs to do to win election.
Oct 01, 2012