Marriage Is Funny

By Gerard + Jessie Pepper

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 May 15, 2019


These are honest conversations from a married couple who is trying to figure it out like everybody else. The best recipe for a healthy marriage is the right mix of love + laughter, and we believe that talking things out and tight bear hugs fix [almost] everything. Join us on the journey and we'll show you that there is humor in every mess. Co-hosted by husband and wife duo, Gerard Brown and Jessie Artigue.

Episode Date
Rule 089 | Backyard Jungles Are Not Meant To Be Tamed
MIF Rule 89.png  

The Peppers are discussing backyard security after a raccoon tries to sneak in their bedroom window and an army of ants sets up camp in the kitchen. Tune in as they make a defense plan against household pests and the corresponding (stinky) antics.

Thanks to Noom for making this episode possible. ♥︎ Click right here to learn more about our podcast partners and head to our site for more info about how to support the show!


  • Here is the pet-safe and kid-safe bug repellent that Jessie tried... So far, the ant spray has not worked, but we’re hopeful about the fly traps. 

  • Bug-A-Salt 2.0 comes highly recommended from a gadget-centric friend.

  • Gerard may claim to be a pacifist, but that has nothing to do with his vendetta against household pests.

  • One of the many benefits to having super close neighbors is that they can easily pop over to help secure the perimeter in the middle of the night.

Trigger Questions:

  1. What is the absolute worst pest infestation that you can possibly imagine?

  2. Have you ever been startled by an out-of-place animal at your home? 

  3. What is your least favorite way to be woken up in the middle of the night?

Jul 17, 2019
Rule 088 | Keep Your Shoes Close And Your Flashlight Closer
MIF Rule 088.png  

The two recent earthquakes in Southern CA have kept The Peppers on their toes. A rumbling house has led Jessie to believe that they’re living on a fault line, while Gerard realizes that growing up in California didn’t really teach him very much about earthquakes.

Relaxing on the 4th of July was interrupted by Jessie’s voice from upstairs AND the house shaking beneath their feet. (Verdict is still out on which of the two events might have caused the other to occur.) 

Tune in as they navigate the ins and outs of emergency preparedness and find out what to do amidst the corresponding marriage conflict. 

Thanks to OpenFit + ThirdLove for making this episode possible. ♥︎ Click right here to learn more about our podcast partners and head to our site for more info about how to support the show!


  • Gerard might be married to a psychic, but he has enough of his own powers to know that Jessie’s been a part of Team Nap all along. 

  • Following random bursts of inspiration during the occasional “cat think” is what leads Jessie to some of her best works

  • Doorframe or duck-and-cover? The Peppers try to decipher which is the best approach during a 45-second earth-shattering alarm.

  • Gerard’s seismic past does not make him a convincing expert when it comes to tectonic activity. 

  • Jessie’s note to news reporters: Please refrain from using dumb words during a life or death experience! 

  • Gerard is not the only one who has a crush on lead seismologist Lucy Jones.

  • Wonder what you’re actually supposed to do after surviving a natural disaster? Avoid screaming to conserve your energy, use text messages instead of phone calls, and always make sure your family knows the master plan. 

  • Jessie’s predisposition to conspiracy theories is very possibly going to turn her into a doomsday-prepper. 

Trigger Questions:

  1. Which partner is most likely to be overly prepared in the face of a natural disaster?

  2. Did you ever have to learn or practice any type of emergency drills as a kid?

  3. Design your perfect storm bunker together... don’t forget amenities, snack foods + entertainment!

Jul 10, 2019
Rule 087 | Illegal Fireworks Are Always Overrated
MIF Rule 087.png  

Summertime certainly has it’s pros and cons, but The Peppers try to balance each other out while they cover the nitty-gritty. We’re celebrating the holiday with a special episode of the show and be sure to follow along on IG to see the real-time action from our festive neighborhood this week! 

Thanks to Cove for making this episode possible. ♥︎ Click right here to learn more about our podcast partners and head to our site for more info about how to support the show!


  • Jessie loves: Bae Days! Sand coasters, pool floats + sunscreen for all

  • Gerard loves: Cornhole Tournaments! Spoiler alert: he may have a trophy for his form, but don’t expect to see him in the finals anytime soon. 

  • Jessie loves: Fresh Produce! Sign us up for fruits + veggies for every meal.

  • Because we know you’ll ask: Jessie is working on recipes for the blackberry feta dip and watermelon fizz this week and they will hopefully be posted over on Style + Pepper soon! 

  • Gerard loves: Sunset Happy Hours! A chance to connect with each other while he practices his mixology.

  • Jessie loves: 4th of July Bloody Mary Bar! On our block, the festivities get kicked off with tons of fixings + flavor. 

  • Gerard loves: Horny Corner in Belmont Shore! Sand couches, beer hats, and more bikinis than you’ve seen all year. 

  • Jessie dislikes: Fireworks. They stress out the dog and you can hear about her past anxiety issues back in Episode 73.

  • Gerard dislikes: Excessive Amounts Of Dog Hair. Might be time to get a Roomba? Either that, or Sadie needs to borrow the hair supplements we talked about last week.

  • Jessie dislikes: Body Hair Maintenance. When you show more skin it means you have more surface area to shave. 

  • Gerard dislikes: Sweating In Bed. Our house without AC means a total lack of privacy and a robust fleet of fans.

  • Gerard also dislikes: swarming flies. The key is to steer clear of the alley and keep all the screens closed.

  • Jessie dislikes: Tourists. Specifically – sandy towels, illegal parking, and husbands who wear tank tops.

Trigger Questions:

  1. What are your favorite and least favorite things about Summer?

  2. If you could only eat one fruit or veggie for the entire season, which one would it be and how would you prepare it?

  3. Men in tanks tops… Yes or No?

Jul 03, 2019
Rule 086 | Medicine Cabinets Make Great Housewarming Gifts
  MIF Rule 086.png  

The Peppers recent move has majorly shifted ownership of the bathroom-counter real estate. Gerard is ready to revamp his grooming routine and is willing to accept help with the hair on his head AND his face.

Meanwhile: Jessie wants straightening trays, but Gerard is concerned that it will drain their bank account. After having braces for nearly a decade, it seems like her little chompers should be as straight as they come.

Finally, The Peppers discuss how investing in personal appearance can be balanced out by the other ways that they both save (or spend) their money. Jessie’s wrinkle cream currently takes up a decent percentage of the total amount, but her recent discovery in Mexico might be the way to cut corners on the cost.

Tune in for post-game with the Peppers on Friday, June 28th at 5pm PT! Be sure to join the gang over there to hear all our juicy stories that didn’t make it onto the air. 

Thanks to Noom + Ritual for making this episode possible. ♥︎ Click right here to learn more about our podcast partners and head to our site for more info about how to support the show!


  • Our “June Boxes” have been retrieved and the corresponding toiletries are taking up some serious space in the breakdown of who gets which beauty cabinet.

  • We’ve talked about our skincare regimen on several past episodes: sunscreen, wrinkles, and the best travel toiletries.

  • Because we know you’ll ask: here is Jessie’s favorite exfoliator, the moisturizing serum that she gave Gerard, and the skin oil that combats facial redness

  • Gerard’s facial hair makes a repeat appearance (from both Ep 28 + Ep 67) on the show. Jessie admits that his beard-to-mullet ratio is one of the ways she determines her opinion of how he keeps his look. 

  • Is it a naturally high hairline or male pattern baldness? Either way, we’ve found a fix and now Gerard has a much healthier head of hair that is more full than when we met.

  • Can extreme stress cause hair loss? 👈🏼 Check out this article that makes a fairly convincing case.  

  • The bruush has caused some segregation in the dental care department of our bathroom and now the toothbrushes must be kept separate so that their bristles never touch.

  • Has anyone else had a palate expander that ruined their life? The Peppers are thinking of starting a petition to get them banned by the Geneva Convention. 

  • Gerard got an urgent phone call in Guatemala when Jessie got bad news at the orthodontist. 

  • Does wrinkle cream deserve its own category in the family budget? Tune in to find out how we’re cutting down on skincare costs by crossing country borders.

Trigger Quesions:

  1. Which partner has a more committed/copious grooming routine? Does that person also happen to hog the bathroom real estate?

  2. Do you and your partner ever disagree about how much money goes toward either persons beauty/grooming habits?

  3. Would you ever consider getting braces or straightening trays?

Jun 26, 2019
Rule 085 | A Scratch On Your Suitcase Is The Sign Of A Good Adventure
MIF Rule 085.png

This week, The Peppers are trying to decide on colors AND quantities of their impending suitcase purchase(s). Jessie learns that Gerard is QUITE generous with his gift-giving, but certainly much stingier with his exit row on an airplane. Tune in for a lively recap of our latest listener-vacay to Mexico and we’ll send bonus points to anyone who can find us the bubbly water (and silk pillowcase) that we sadly left behind.  

We had SO much fun in the live FB hangout last week, so we’re doing another post-game recap on Wednesday, June 19th at 6pm PT! Be sure to join the gang for all our juicy stories that didn’t make it on the air.

Meanwhile, thanks to Third Love + for making this episode possible. ♥︎ Click right here to learn more about our podcast partners and head to our site for more info about how to support the show!


  • Suitcase drama abounds. Scuffs! Torn corners! Sticky wheels, OH MY!

  • There’s a bit of confusion about coupon expiration dates. What the statute of limitations when it comes to unclaimed gifts?

  • The Peppers can’t seem to agree on this one: Are suitcases meant to be pristine or patina-ed?

  • Jessie is tempted to match her new Away suitcase to her silk Pepper dress, but thankfully it appears as though Gerard has backed her off of that ledge.

  • Currently looking for an attorney who is well-versed in special occasion coupons.

  • If you’re looking for related conversations, you might enjoy our Summer Travel Series from 2017.

  • Valentine’s Day has had it’s fair share of mishaps: gifts, dinner parties

  • Since when does the gift-giver decide how the giftee uses the gift?

  • Gerard’s sunscreen habits rear their ugly head, yet again.

  • A recap of the Great Love Getaway, including highlights + mishaps!

  • The Peppers fess up about how to get away with a beach club birthday.

  • Jessie’s favorite cocktail is set to take the world by storm but La Jessie Especial will always have roots in Puerto Vallarta.

  • If anyone knows where to get Penafiel in the US, please let us know and we’ll love you forever!

  • The Peppers have a history of smuggling things in from other countries, and Jessie narrowly avoids getting flagged on our latest Mexico trip. Her bags got searched multiple times in May, yet no one seems to care that her bag was full of suspicious items.

  • Gerard encounters a nut-job on our recent Southwest flight. His pacifism finally has a reason to come into play, but it certainly doesn’t stop him from sticking up for our flight attendants.  

Trigger Questions:

  1. Have you ever accidentally regifted something to your spouse for a special occasion?

  2. How many suitcases do you think one avid traveler needs?

  3. What is the weirdest (or most dangerous) souvenir that you’ve ever brought home from a trip?

Don’t forget to follow along with our adventures on instagram and if you’re having as much fun as we are, please share this show with your favorite married friends!

Jun 19, 2019
Rule 084 | Never Shove A Metal Object Into A Hot Microwave
MIF Rule 084 graphic.png

The Peppers have been living with Jessie’s family for five weeks, and let’s just say there are many reasons why they’re happy to finally be “pushed” out of the nest.

There are plenty of pros and cons about having parental roommates but no matter how you slice it, the abundance of quality time takes the cake.

We had SO much fun in the live hangout last week, we’re doing another post-game recap sometime this weekend! We’ll post it on instagram when we pick a date and time, and be sure to join the facebook group for all the juicy stories and behind the scenes dish!

Thanks to Ritual + Noom for making this episode possible. ♥︎ Click right here to learn more about our podcast partners and head to our site for more info about how to support the show!


  • Confused about our living status? Listen to Ep 83 for the backstory and to find out why we’ve been living like gypsies.

  • The Peppers discuss the dangers of overstaying their welcome, and hope that their efforts of pitching in will make it easier to have them around.

  • Gerard has gotten used to having a short-order cook and Jessie compulsively cleans the kitchen while everyone else rolls their eyes.

  • Treating the family for dinner is not as easy as it sounds… most of the time our Dad’s are too savvy to let us snag the check!

  • Jessie fesses up to being the microwave delinquent and Gerard gets heated about his in-law’s cabinet habits.

  • Spoiler Alert! Gerard was right: There is a “THE” in front of Usual Suspects. Also, maybe skip this episode if you don’t want to ruin the movie?

  • Jessie has spent the last several months figuring out how to survive as an introvert who has been thrust into non-stop family time.

  • Martha + Ray have adopted The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, but now the closet cast-offs seem to be clogging up the guest room.

  • The Peppers finally realize that THEY are actually horning in on the lives of their gracious hosts. Guess that means it’s time to get going!

Trigger Questions:

  1. Which partner’s family would be most easy for you to live with?

  2. Does your family have an obvious weirdo? (If you’re looking around, it might actually be you!)

  3. What is your favorite way to spend an unexpected burst of alone time?

Don’t forget to follow along with our adventures on instagram and if you’re having as much fun as we are, please share this show with your favorite married friends!

Jun 12, 2019
Rule 083 | The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side Of The Street
MIF Rule 083 post graphic.jpg

In what could possibly be known as the longest-shortest move of all time, The Peppers have now (nearly) landed in the house across the street. This week they learned that leaving in a hurry is less than ideal, but that nothing says “home” like a block full of generous neighbors.

There was SO much to say in the Season 7 premier, so we’re hosting a live post-game recap on Wednesday, June 5 at 5pm PT! Tune in to FB for some exclusive deleted scenes and in the meantime, get excited for the Marriage Summit that we announced for Spring 2020!

Thanks to OpenFit + Warby Parker for making this episode possible! Click right here to learn more about our sponsors and head to our site for more info about how to support the show.


  • Disclaimer: Anything that might accidentally sound like legal advice in this episode is NOT actually legal advice.

  • Jessie never wants to see another cardboard box as long as she lives, and you can find out why by reading this post about Love As Big As A House.

  • The Pepper’s lose their home to a landlady with no heart, but they are trying to be gracious despite the desperate wishes to stay put.

  • Jessie claims that she’s not planning on speaking to “the woman who shall not be named” but you can place your own over/under bets on how long it takes before they’ve officially made amends.

  • Learn more about the magic of The Three Kings in Episode 21.

  • This is not the first time that Jessie has had woes about moving her toiletries… Listen to Episode 16 for the backstory and say a prayer for her skincare if you think of it this Summer!

  • No surprise here, but the generosity of our neighbors is one of the things that makes us so resistant to leave!

  • The Peppers realize they’re second-guessing the security of having a real home-base. As usual, clinging to each other ends up being the best way to stay rooted in Great Love.

Trigger Questions:

  1. What are the three items you could not live without if you had to put all your things in storage for the next three months.

  2. Have you and your partner ever disagreed on how to handle a large life decision?

  3. In your opinion, is it possible to act with both graciousness + righteousness after you've been wronged?

Don’t forget to follow along with our adventures on instagram and if you’re having as much fun as we are, please share this show with your favorite married friends!

Jun 05, 2019
Rule 82.5 | Nothing Says Summer Like Popsicles + Pepper Margs
MIF Rule 82.5 post graphic.png

You’ve waited long enough for the newest season to arrive… This episode is a (very) quick recap of what we’ve been up to since December.

Plus: don’t miss the official invite to celebrate our 4th “pod-iversary” with popsicles + Pepper Margs on Saturday!

Quick Bites:

  • The rumors are sadly true… earlier this year we had to pack up and move!

  • We can hardly believe that Marriage is Funny turned four this week. Listen to our first episode for a throw back and be sure to stick around for the party details!

  • Our recent Great Love Getaway might have been our best trip yet.

  • We’d love to have you join us for a casual meet-up in Scottsdale this weekend! Click here to RSVP if you can make it.

  • Mark your calendars for JUNE 5th because Gerard has generously “offered” to foot the bill for your OWN listener party!

We missed you guys and are so glad to be back! Follow along with our day-to-day over on instagram and don’t forget to share this show with your favorite married friends!

May 29, 2019
Rule 082 | Always Prune Your Bushes Before A Big Party
MIF Rule 082a.jpg

This episode features an in-depth look at The Pepper’s end-of-year traditions. Jessie is on the fence about their big epiphany party plans next month but Gerard has ulterior motives because he loves her festive cooking. Pruning the garden happens in conjunction with pruning our calendars for 2019 and both can be painful if you don’t keep an eye out for the thorns.

Thanks to PrepDish + Zola for making this episode possible! Click right here to learn more about our sponsors and head to our site for more info about how to support the show.


  • The backstory of our big Epiphany Party can be found by listening here. Our new year doesn’t technically begin until the day-after-party debrief, but hosting parties together is one of our favorite pasttimes

  • Did you hear that our stove saga has been solved? Jessie’s new kitchen appliance has seriously changed the dinner-party game..

  • Jessie’s grocery store pals make a reappearance from Episode 47.

  • Purging the garage resulted in a loss of important paint cans.

  • The infamous armoire has finally been around long enough that it needs to be snazzed up with some organization.

  • Our mattress history gives some context about why a bedroom swap is impending.

  • Gerard is in charge of our green thumb duties and follows pruning rules to a T when it comes to his show-stopping roses.

  • We’ve purged our closets in the past, but lately this project has felt a little too bristly to feature on the show.

  • Gerard’s busy work schedule has made it difficult to connect amidst an already very busy season.

  • Travel has been a very big part of our relationship and we’re craving it as a chance to reconnect with one another. Hear more about our tips, tricks + justifications by listening to the Summer Travel Series from 2017.

  • The new year is a great time for dream-lining, and you can listen to us practice that together back in Episode 35.

  • Jessie launched a new business a few years ago and you can get the backstory from our archives and then take a peek at her website for more info.

  • Get focused for the new year by checking out the Essentialism book right here.

  • Here is a description of the Tim Ferriss Year in Review process that we typically follow for our pre-January pow-wow.

  • Listen to the tear-jerking episode that provoked the latest one-star review.

Dec 20, 2018
Rule 081 | Talking Things Out Can't Fix Broken Furniture
MIF Rule 081a.jpg

Whether it’s broken furniture or the deconstruction of someone’s faith, The Peppers always try to take an approach that is as forgiving as possible.

Thanks to PrepDish, Minted + Songfinch for making this episode possible! Click right here to learn more about our sponsors and head to our site for more info about how to support the show.


  • Sadly, our annual end-of-the-year purge resulted in a heartbreaking smash of broken glass.

  • Curious about what the broken table might sell for? Prepare to have your jaw drop open here and then please come help scrape Jessie off the floor.  

  • Our affinity for Craigslist runs several seasons deep. Proof: The infamous Goodwill armoire + our usual pre-move prep.

  • Episode 73 will explain why Sadie is hard to calm down when Jessie is around.

  • Spite cleaning. Is that a thing?

  • Haste makes waste, especially when it comes to glass. An homage to Ep 44: Wine glasses are not meant to be washed by hand.

  • Our time together is short these days, and that makes every conversation feel too precious for arguing.

  • Jessie’s spiritual life has been transformed by the book Centering Prayer And Inner Awakening by Cynthia Bourgeault.

  • Welcoming Prayer involves these three steps: identifying your emotion, welcoming the emotion, and then letting the emotion go.

  • Looking for a cool coffee shop in downtown KC? Say hey to our friends at Monarch, and please be sure to tell them we sent you.

  • Gerard brings up his updated stance on pacifism and you can hear us talk more about it in Episode 49: Pacifists Fight With Puns Not Guns.

  • Listen to the Liturgist podcast episode about mysticism to hear what inspired Jessie’s extra dose of insight.


  1. Is there a favorite book that you find yourself regularly recommending to others?

  2. Which piece of furniture in your house holds the strongest sentimental value?

  3. Do you think it’s possible to forgive someone before they’ve apologized for their misstep?

  4. Have you ever been hurt by what Gerard labels ‘reckless faith’?

Dec 12, 2018
Rule 080 | Don't Forget To Have Your Thing Checked
MIF Rule 080a.jpg

Jessie is concerned about the health of the family car while Gerard is wishing that she’d buck up and take care of it herself. With additional hardware issues to solve at home, the Peppers admittedly have some tech troubleshooting to do.

Thanks to PrepDish, Songfinch + our own Great Love Goods for making this episode possible! Click right here to learn more about our sponsors and head to our site for more info about how to support the show.


  • A quick read for anyone who is curious about the epic downfall of the mighty Saab.

  • Jessie borrowed the “damsel” slogan from one of her favorite podcasts called You Made It Weird.

  • Our strong phone preferences have been previously documented and the individual assertions still stand.


  1. Who feels more comfortable handling mechanical issues at home: you or your partner?

  2. Have you ever been talked-down-to by someone who was hired to help with a technical task?

  3. Can you think of any chores that you typically prefer to do with your partner’s help?

Dec 05, 2018
Rule 079 | Stay Away From Unmarked Bottles Of Hot Sauce
MIF Rule 079.png

The Peppers are finally whipping up some homemade hot sauce for their neighborhood Christmas gifts this year. Gerard wants to invent his very own recipe and Jessie is having deja vu about the last time they took a stab at it. Once you listen to this week’s show, be sure to check out the launch of our latest project called Let’s Taco ‘Bout God!

Thanks to PrepDish + Songfinch for making this episode possible! Click right here to learn more about our sponsors and head to our site for more info about how to support the show.


  • You’re probably not surprised by how much The Peppers LOVE hot sauce. We talked about it on the show a few years ago, and now Gerard is ready to give it another shot.

  • Gerard wants to use this recipe, but hopes that Jessie can add her own dose of creative flavor. Sounds like grilled pineapple is going to be the secret ingredient, which means that G will have to do the taste testing all by himself.

  • Jessie’s sugar-free grain-free granola is a seasonal adaptation of this simple recipe.

  • Become a hot sauce ninja by keeping these tiny cholula packets nearby at all times.

  • Curious about the official scoville rating system? Check out this handy chart to keep your spice levels in check.  

  • Check out the launch of Gerard’s latest project! It’s called Let’s Taco ‘Bout God and you won’t want to miss it.


  1. If you could deliver one thing to your neighbors for a holiday gift, what would it be?

  2. How do you feel about the art of re-gifting?

  3. What is the spiciest thing that you’ve ever eaten?

Nov 28, 2018
Rule 078 | Always Keep A Plunger Within Arms Reach
MIF Rule 78a.png

A special episode of Marriage is Funny where The Peppers talk all about houseguests having them, being them + what to do when they take over your lives from now until January 1st. Gerard + Jessie give some helpful tips when it comes to managing expectations, and making your home a great place to host guests.

Thanks to PrepDish, Ritual + Zola or making this episode possible! Click right here to learn more about our sponsors and head to our site for more info about how to support the show.


  • The Peppers have simplified their holiday plans by letting things fall into place around the plans of other family members.

  • We gave a rundown of our usual Thanksgiving approach in last years episode: Rule 066 | Spontaneous Combustion Is No Laughing Matter.

  • We no longer have the “Friendsgiving” excuse for not being with our own families around the holidays, and now have to be a bit more careful about hurting the feelings of our own parents.

  • One way to alleviate “Family FOMO” is to make sure that the partner who’s away from their family during a holiday gets some extra TLC by choosing at least a few of the holiday traditions.

  • Being regular houseguests has helped us learn how to be better hosts. We have a handful of favorite things about staying with friends + family, so take a listen to the comprehensive list as a way to make your home an extra cozy nest for guests.

Houseguest-HOSTING TIPS from the Peppers

  1. Comfy cozy bed. Fill your duvet covers with TWO comforters to make things extra luxurious.

  2. Temperature control. Let your guests have their say with the thermostat.

  3. Coffee Set-up. Everyone has a strong opinion about this one, but supplying the caffeine basics will make a significant difference.

  4. Give A Grand Tour. Bathrooms, parking, entrances, kitchen cupboards, etc.

  5. Water Access. Give a head’s up on things like faucets, filters, or bottled.

  6. Wi-fi Log In. Put the network name and password in a prominent place.

  7. Plunger Placement. Bathroom supplies should be easy to find and fully stocked at all times.

  8. Room Layout. Don’t clutter the space with too much of your own stuff.

  9. Preferred Linens. Decent sheets + towels go a very long way.

Gerard’s Holiday Family-Time Playbook

  1. The Traditional Trade — Alternating years and/or actual occasions. Use the predictability of it to manage expectations.

  2. The Marathon — Hitting all houses and invites in order to make everyone happy. Bonus points if you get pie at every stop.

  3. The Wild Card — Do whatever the hell you want and don’t worry too much about breaking tradition. Perfect opportunity for visiting friends or taking a private vacation, but deliver the news carefully to avoid hurting feelings.

  4. The Home Team Advantage — Become a real adult by hosting the holiday on your own turf. Stay mindful of group dynamics and don’t be surprised by a random mix of people.


  1. Have you ever felt “Family FOMO” when spending a holiday away from your parents + siblings?

  2. What are the top three details that you appreciate when being a houseguest?

  3. Do you have any things that you are too grossed out to share with your spouse?

Nov 21, 2018
Rule 077 | Things Fall Apart When Priorities Get Out Of Place
MIF Rule 077a.jpg

The Peppers decide to go rogue by getting serious and breaking some rules. Gerard claims that his full plate has left no room for quality time, while Jessie admits that she’s been craving connection amidst a dry spell. This episode is a very honest look at how to (barely) survive a difficult season of marriage.

Thanks to PrepDish, Minted + Follain or making this episode possible! Click right here to learn more about our sponsors and head to our site for more info about how to support the show.


  • Jump way back to Episode 1 to hear how our nearly-broken marriage inspired us to start this show in the first place.

  • Having support from the original Great Love Gangsters has been one of the things that has ultimately kept us going. We would love to connect you with your own crew of couples, so sign up right here to get involved!

  • We’ve talked about busy work schedules before and you can listen back to Episode 56 for some context.

  • Gerard hasn’t always been a workaholic, but he now understands the danger of stepping foot on the slippery slope.

  • Shared projects are important to us, but sometimes the timing tends to backfire if both partners aren’t on the same page. Back in Episode 37, we talk about creating and serving and encouraging others together, but protecting quality time is always our first priority.

  • We’ve reached the homestretch when it comes to busy schedules, and holding on a little longer is the only hope we have!

  • Our past experiences with seeing professional counselors have not gone as well as you might think… Feel free to listen to the story of The Narcoleptic Therapist right here.

  • Throughout this episode, we discovered a handful of phrases that help when said to your partner... “I miss you.” / “We can do this.” / “I want to be better.” (Feel free to steal your favorite or use all three.)

  • Jessie sneaks up on Gerard all the time and you can follow along with the shenanigans over on IG stories.

Jessie’s Tips For Following Through On Projects:

  1. Test for success before you invest.

  2. Know when a project should be shelved for later.

  3. Give yourself grace when something fails.

  4. Having an outside voice provides perspective.

How to talk to difficult people about politics:
(AKA Our Re-do from Episode 75)

  • Do your research about both sides of the issue.

  • Put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

  • Learn how to present a compelling argument.


  1. What is one way that you and your partner could connect with each other through playfulness this week?

  2. How many hours did you and your spend working and/or parenting this week? How does that compare with the time you’ve spent focusing on your spouse?

  3. Do you and your partner have another couple who you can ask for prayer or advice or encouragement when things get tough?

Nov 14, 2018
Rule 076 | Mystery Is Meant To Keep Marriage Alive
mystery in marriage 01.jpg

Jessie accidentally hops on the “true crime” bandwagon and Gerard agrees that some of their media consumption is concerning. In this episode, The Peppers discuss everything from sex to drugs to murder, so you may not want to listen with your kids in the room.

Thanks to PrepDish, Minted + Audible or making this episode possible! Click right here to learn more about our sponsors and head to our site for more info about how to support the show.


  • So many true crime mentions from this episode: Serial, NBC’s Dateline, Dirty John, and many more!

  • Haven’t caught up on The Pepper’s cross-country trip? Check out Episode 10 to hear about our coast to coast adventure!

  • Jessie has talked about her skittish nature on the show before. Episode 27 was when we documented her mild paranoia and the drama that ensued after she dove through a window.

  • Connie Britton is Jessie’s crush of the week.

  • Take a look at the Peppers neighborhood by watching Dexter + CSI: Miami!

  • Bravo is launching a new scripted series called Dirty John (based on the popular podcast) and some of the taping took place on our very block!

  • My Favorite Murder is one of the leading true crime podcasts that Jessie mentions, much to Gerard’s dismay.

  • This article inspired the original Dirty John deep-dive and was written for the Los Angeles Times by Christopher Goffard.

  • The Girl On The Train + Gone Girl are two of the books that increased Jessie’s appetite for mystery.

  • Grab the Overdrive app to read your LIbrary’s books for free!

  • Making A Murderer is Gerard’s exception when it comes to true crime TV that features blood or gore. Fictional shows are another story, and in this category he has watched The Sinner, Yellowstone, Breaking Bad + House of Cards.

  • The Peppers both enjoyed Weeds + Ozark which we promise are only coincidentally about drugs.

  • We last discussed our distinct TV preferences back in Episode 56. (The front runner is still a show called Big Little Lies: a mini series based on the book by Liane Moriarty.)


  1. What is the best mystery you’ve ever read?

  2. Have you ever gotten sucked into a show, series or book about something dark or disturbing?

  3. Do you ever feel concerned about the kinds of media that your partner consumes?

Nov 07, 2018
Rule 075 | All Is Fair In Love And Politics
marriage and politics.png

We’re talking about politics and it’s just in time for the midterm elections. Facebook-Gerard is glad to be back but Uncensored-Jessie is unsure about his arrival. Social media may cause a sense of split-personalities but apparently, it’s even harder to for these two to agree on important condiment decisions as a family.

Thanks to PrepDish + Season for making this episode possible! Click right here to learn more about our sponsors and head to our site for more info about how to support the show.


  • It’s high time to revisit some of the things that we talked about in Episode 27. (Pretty funny to the last time we tried to tackle a similar subject, pre-Trump.)

  • Gerard explains how digiphrenia has been a very real experience for him. If you’d like to learn more, we recommend the book Present Shock by Douglas Rushkoff.

  • The infamous FB post has since been deleted, but Gerard’s sentiment remains the same and Jessie happens to agree.

  • Tearing down someone’s character is an unfair and ineffective way to win an argument online. (Especially if you’re attacking someone who is married to a collegiate-champion debate captain.)

  • We’re looking for ways to have real-life chats with people about what they believe, but we promise not to ruin the evening if you end up having us over for dinner.

  • Pacifism resurfaces in the form of a lurking husband that is covered in camouflage... We talked about this last (minus the weeds and the machete) back in Episode 49.

  • Gerard’s edgy approach to twitter has created conflict in our midst and it’s something that that gets Jessie riled up about, even after a full year has passed.

  • The podcast called “I love you, but I hate your politics” has been broadening our perspective of what it means to love someone who may be on the opposite side of the aisle.


  1. Who’s more political on social media -- you or your partner?

  2. How does it make you feel when your partner posts about something online that you happen to disagree with?

  3. Have you ever made a joke (either in person or online) that got taken out of context?

Oct 31, 2018
Rule 074 | Venting Is The Best Way To Let Out Hot Air

The Peppers discuss the distinct value of having a group of friends who can love you despite the occasional need for an honest debrief. Gerard asserts that drinking scotch with dudes makes a great backdrop for discussing scripture* while Jessie agrees that having close friendships are a key element to the pursuit of Great Love. Their conversation proves that gender stereotypes do not matter when it comes to communication and despite some overanalyzing, the two learn a ton from completing the full-loop together.

*No confidentiality codes were harmed in the making of this episode.

Thanks to PrepDish, Ritual + Follain for making this episode possible! Click right here to learn more about our sponsors and head to our site for more info about how to support the show.


  • Jessie + Gerard have very different approaches when it comes to walking into a party. Take the Strengthsfinder test to find out if you’re a woo or a relator.

  • Men deal with chronic loneliness more than most people might think. Gerard referenced this piece about masculinity after telling about the men’s retreat that he went on with our church. → “What’s the problem with men in America?”

  • Venting is not an excuse to slap the other person across the face with an insult, it’s about releasing of internal pressure and understanding each other more fully.

  • Take a peek at the full definition of the term triangulation to find out if it could be something that happens in your own marriage.

  • Jessie is a stickler for restaurant service, but she sometimes needs some help when it comes to speaking her mind.

  • Gerard vents his work frustrations when he gets home from work, and Jessie is keen to let him so that they can get it out of the way and get on with their evenings.

  • Using a protective forcefield is key when your partner needs to share but you don’t want your feelings to get hurt. Whether it’s a preface or a footnote: give your partner a head’s up before you launch into a diatribe.

  • Being honest with each other about faith has been something that tends to trip us up when it comes to venting. Waiting until the other person is open to receiving the feedback is the only way we’ve been able to navigate this space, but it’s tempting to blurt things out before your partner is ready to talk.

  • We loved reading The Zim Zum of Love to get a better idea of the connection between us... The idea is this: Marriage is like a magnetic force that deserves to be protected.


  1. Do you consider yourself to be more of a woo or a relator?

  2. If the the wrong meal gets delivered to you at a restaurant, are you more likely to send back your food or just eat it anyway?

  3. How would you describe the difference between venting and complaining?

  4. Who are the people in your life that provide space for accountability and emotional safety?

Oct 24, 2018
Rule 073 | Sympathy Pains Can Lead To Sympathy Problems
ep 073 sympathy pains a.jpg

This week, Gerard + Jessie learn that sympathy pains can extend from partner to partner, as well as from person to pet. Appliance anxiety causes destruction at Casa de Pepper and the whole family is shocked that no one actually got shocked. Depression isn’t always easy to talk about, but it’s important to tell your spouse how you feel for the sake of boosting the overall (mental) health of the marriage.

Thanks to PrepDish, Thrive Market + Amazon for making this episode possible! Click right here to learn more about our sponsors and head to our site for more info about how to support the show.


  • Jessie and Sadie suffer from sympathy pains in everything from back pain to misophonia to general anxiety.

  • We are trying to figure out the best ways to keep our girl calm, and these herbal pills and CBD drops are starting to help. We loved this podcast episode about separation anxiety and are thinking about getting Sadie a thundershirt for any noisy holiday nights.

  • Jessie is pumped about the new Thrive Market clean wines + Gerard gets on board with the sustainable meat + seafood section!

  • Sadie’s anxiety started with Summer fireworks, but we’re hoping that it stops at the infamous attack of our air conditioning unit.

  • The Peppers try to decide if electricity can scramble someone’s mental health. Are there any scientists in the audience who would like to weigh in?

  • Jessie shares about her struggles with anxiety + depression and wants the Gang to know that they can find hope in healing. Three things that have helped with her own personal progress: Studying self awareness, designing her life around alignment, and embracing spirituality in a wholehearted way.

  • Please be careful of adverse reactions in pet vaccines! This has happened to us twice, and thankfully never resulted in the loss of any furbabies. (A related warning to our local friends: Don’t EVER take your animals to the Long Beach ER Vet on PCH + Ximeno.)

  • Jessie’s new Amazon-fueled guilty pleasures: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and sugar-free dark chocolate chips.

  • A Henri Nouwen quote that is encouraging us this week: “As soon as we feel at home in our own house, discovering the dark corners as well as the light spots, the closed doors as well as the drafty rooms, our confusion will evaporate and our anxiety will diminish and we will then become capable of creative work.” -- From The Wounded Healer.

  • The podcast Jen Gotch is OK… Sometimes is a great resource if you’d like to listen to someone share their personal experience, and she also gives tons of info and resources about mental health.

  • For anyone who’s been told, “If you’re sad, just pray about it,” we are here to assure you that God is fully ready and willing to sit with you in your pain. Jessie has taken a deep look at how her sense of spirituality helps her operate in the world, and this approach has made a significant difference in her overall wellbeing.

  • Gerard describes his experience of worry and stress and how they both pertain to his own emotions. There are distinct differences between anxiety and depression, especially when it comes to clinical and situational settings.

  • Knowing how to support your partner during a difficult time is the key to pulling through the depths together, in one piece. Jessie learns that her attempt at coaching Gerard is not always well-received, so The Peppers get honest about what either one wants when they happen to be feeling low.

  • Jessie is a big fan of practicing gratitude daily and has evidence to show as to why it helps keep anxiety at bay. TLDR: Filling your brain with good stuff will leave less room for the things that brings you stress.

  • This week’s MIF Mailbag highlights a listener question about how to support your spouse during a bout of depression… Gerard relies on something that we call “redirection” and it’s become a very effective tool to help pull someone out of a funk.

  • Distraction Disclaimer: This is not the same as avoiding or ignoring your problems, and it’s far more about giving the other person the choice to get pulled out of their “well” as you help them climb up to safety.

  • The bottom line is that asking your partner, “What do you need in this moment?” is often the best way to find out which way to go next.


1.) Do you ever get sympathy pains when your partner is uncomfortable?

2.) Have you ever tried a gratitude practice? Do you believe that it would help you in a moment of stress?

3.) What do you typically want or need from your spouse when you’re feeling down in the dumps?

Oct 17, 2018
Rule 072 | Your Memory Might Not Be As Strong As You Think
marriage and memory MIF 072a.jpg

This week, The Peppers learn that it’s hard to claim accuracy if you can’t quite remember the details. Gerard admits to correcting Jessie more than he should and Jessie admits that she only exaggerates when it’s truly necessary.

Thanks to PrepDish, Thrive Market + RXBAR for making this episode possible! Click right here to learn more about our sponsors and head over to our site for more info about how to support the show.

EXTRA NOTE: We are donating all of the profits from this episode to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. Feel free to join us if this cause is also near to your heart!


  • Jessie is closely following the career of Brian Williams. His career may be tarnished, but her admiration is unwavering.

  • Check out the clip of that fateful Letterman episode here. (Jessie cannot watch without hiding her eyes.)

  • Sneak a peek of the new photos we took with Christa and be sure to check out her work if you’re local!

  • The Peppers cannot seem to agree on the details of how they met. Is this a case of basic stubbornness or simply the fading memory of an avid storyteller?

  • Gerard listened to a podcast about memory that is making him question his “flashbulb moments.” This discussion causes both Peppers to ponder how our memories change as we get farther away from them.

  • Envelopes = danger. Licking them is a sticky business.

  • Alzheimers is a real bitch. Donate here to support research for a cure. We’re giving all the proceeds from this episode and would love to have you join us!

  • Listen to Malcolm Gladwell’s “Free Brian Williams” episode of Revisionist History.

  • The Notebook opened the floodgates of Jessie’s tearducts and Gerard has been puzzled about this for the past 13 years.


This week we share tips about moving houses with your spouse! Hiring movers, how to pack, and who to call when you’re up to your ears in boxes.

Listen to past episodes about furniture and purging for extra suggestions and we’ll try to share a house tour over on instastories soon!


  1. How long do you have to know somebody before you consider them a true friend?

  2. Do you and your partner agree on all the details of your wedding? Guest count, dinner menu, playlist, etc?

  3. Can you remember what your partner was wearing the first time you both met?

Oct 10, 2018
Rule 071 | Fancy Knives Make Happy Wives
marriage is funny 071a.jpg

The Peppers are spicing things up in the kitchen while also trying to save up for some serious upgrades. Jessie insists that cooking shows are what keep her feeling inspired and Gerard admits their new diet is improving his cooking and his confidence!

Thanks to PrepDish, Casper + Amazon for making this episode possible! Find out more about our amazing sponsors right here.


  • Gerard wants Jessie to be a contestant on Masterchef, but Jessie fears that her baking insufficiencies (among other things) will prevent her from making it to the first cut.

  • Jessie shamelessly admits to her plan for trying to befriend Joe Bastianich as a way to get to his mother.

  • Gerard is proud that his wife is doing her research before making a big purchase. Time to bust out the Consumer Reports in order to get the best deals on a new appliance!

  • We learn that Amazon is the best place to buy a new appliance… Who knew?!

  • Jessie shares three tips for stove shopping: Try before you buy, always ask for a price cut (obv), and avoid the warranty by purchasing a nicer model to begin with.

  • Here is the fancy SMEG oven that is worth daydreaming about.

  • Jessie is an aggressive saver if she has a goal to aim for, while Gerard likes to gradually set money aside so that he can shop whenever he feels like it.

  • We’re obsessed with our new Misen cooking knives.

  • Gerard shows off his proficiency for imitating The Swedish Chef.

  • PrepDish is making us both feel more confident in the kitchen, while Primal Blueprint is revving up our metabolisms and making us more conscious of what we eat.

  • It’s true that switching things up in the kitchen is a great way to increase your creativity throughout the day!

  • We couldn’t live without our bulletproof coffee in the morning… Gerard uses grass-fed ghee + Jessie blends hers with MCT oil. The help of a new immersion blender has drastically changed the deliciousness of both!

  • We are bringing back the MIF Mailbag segment so send in your questions if you want us to answer them on the air! This week, we chat about keeping “the cushion” healthy and also share some thoughts about welcoming a new child into the home.


1.) Who is your all-time favorite person to cook with in the kitchen?

2.) Are you more likely to splurge for an appliance warranty OR spend more upfront on a more reliable option?

3.) What is the one kitchen gadget that you would not be able to live without?

Don’t forget to share this episode with your favorite married friends and be sure to tag us on social media while you listen!

Oct 03, 2018
Rule 070 | Beware of Summer Anniversaries (+ Back Sweat)
MIF Rule 070.jpg

We’re finally back and SO excited to start podcasting again! Look out for the official launch of Season Six on October 3rd, and help us spread the word by telling your friends!

Sep 12, 2018
Rule 069 | An Irish Goodbye Is The Best Way To Leave A Party
MIF Rule 069.png

The Peppers begin to realize that one of them is a party animal and the other one usually tries to sneak out early with an Irish Goodbye. Jessie tries to explain her fitness-overdose to Gerard, but she ends up feeling both physically and emotionally tender. (So, of course this means we're talking about it.) 

Ps. - Want to come on vacation with us? We’re headed to Mexico with some of our favorite listeners, and you can find all the info at!


  • Gerard brings up a new social trend that he’s noticed lately, and Jessie defends herself against an accusation of ghosting.

  • Jessie tried to make a case for skipping Gerard’s company Christmas party this year, but the allure of getting dressed up got her out of the house.

  • Our annual 12-hour party is right around the corner and you can hear about the backstory of all things epiphany back in Episode 21.

  • Some couples have a safe word in the bedroom, but we are instituting a safe word for various preferences within social settings.

  • Tone it Up is the at-home workout program that has whipped Jessie’s butt into shape over the past several months.

  • The Peppers recently purged their closets (episode 65) and had somewhat surprisingly different reactions to trying on all of their clothes. 

  • Gerard has a hard time understanding Jessie’s deep seated body insecurities. We talked about bikinis back in episode 7, but Jessie still puts a lot of stock in how Gerard sees her outward appearance.

  • The Pepper Dress that Jessie launched earlier this year was born from the desire to wear something that makes her feel beautiful despite the bloat.

  • Letting your most shameful bits show can bring a ton of healing if it’s done correctly. A particular  instagram post by Jen Gotch provided a ton of inspiration for Jessie this week.

  • Jessie is sick of standing in front of the mirror alone, so she’s starting a new podcast instead of a support group. Stay tuned here

  • Jessie’s chronic pain (episode 33) can be confusing when it comes to feeling healthy vs. looking healthy, but she's trying to be better about discerning between the two.




  1. What is the best party you’ve been to?
  2. Did you have any embarrassing nicknames in grade school?

  3. Do you have any pieces of clothing that trigger insecurities when you wear them?


Dec 29, 2017
Rule 068.5 | An Audio Christmas Card From The Peppers

Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays from your favorite podcasting duo! We love you guys and we'll be back with a full new episode before the end of this year. ♥️


  • Jessie's festive "bobsled cocktail" recipe can be found here
  • Follow our holiday antics on instagram while we're away.
  • Get involved with the show by checking out the t-shirts and letterpress prints in our shop!
  • Try episode 23 if you like rollerblades and episode 38 if you are particular about the proper way to hold hands. 
  • Gerard's least favorite episode involves the story of how he split his pants on vacation. Jessie admits that it will probably be her gift-wrapping entertainment for this week. 
  • We're headed to Puerto Vallarta for our next Great Love Getaway in April 2018. Grab a ticket and surprise your sweetie pie with a tropical vacation for Christmas! 
  • We're reminded that no marriage is perfect, which means there is no such thing as the perfect husband OR the perfect wife. Unless you're talking about a podcast, then here she is.
  • We've heard from our listeners about chronic pain, not having kids, sleeping in separate beds, sleeping in separate cities, armoires, birthday slip-ups and so much more. 
  • Join our private FB group to keep in touch! 
  • Leave your feedback about our show in the form of an iTunes review and don't worry about Jessie's feelings, because we've got a big goal to reach! 
Dec 20, 2017
Rule 068 | Never Underestimate The Power Of A Primetime Drama
MIF Rule 068.png

This week, The Peppers try to decide which room of the house is best for watching tv, eating dinner, making love + falling asleep (in no particular order). Gerard claims that more pixels will keep him awake while they snuggle, and Jessie spins her wheels trying to decode their varying personality types.

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  • We talked about our TV watching habits back in Episode 44 and you won’t be surprised to find out that not much has changed.

  • Gerard falls asleep approximately 13.5 seconds after getting into bed... for TV watching, for naps, and probably even for sex.

  • Jessie wonders if watching heartfelt shows with each other can create as much as a connection as actually having heartfelt conversations

  • Gerard thinks that watching TV outside of the bedroom will keep him from falling asleep in the middle of a show. Especially if it involves some sort of fancy projector screen so that we don’t have to ruin the decor in our front room.

  • Jessie finally concedes to Gerard in an argument for the very first time in MIF history.

  • We recently watched The Christmas Story and Gerard slept for almost the entire film. Jessie was annoyed, but now she finally understands all of the inside jokes about fragile leg lamps.

  • This episode has us shamelessly processing our possible Enneagram numbers, and you can take this free test to find your own. Jessie also recommends a book called The Road Back to You and the corresponding podcast of the same name.

  • Studying our Strengths has been an eye-opening way to learn more about each other’s inner world.

  • Jessie’s family plays Balderdash with a political (and incorrect) spin but despite their annoying habit, we still really like the original game.

  • Episode 43 of the Sorta Awesome podcast is a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about the Myers-Briggs test.



  1. Which partner is more likely to fall asleep while you’re watching a movie together?

  2. Does watching an emotional show or movie help you feel more connected with your sweetie pie? Are there particular shows that fall into this category for you?

  3. Have the results of a personality test ever helped you to understand your spouse more fully?

Dec 14, 2017
Rule 067 | Coffee Is The Best Way To Ground Your Morning Routine
MIF Rule 067a.png

Jessie unlocks the key to manipulation by taping a magazine tear to the front of the fridge. Now the Peppers are considering a brand new brewing contraption and Gerard’s recent facial hair makes him the perfect candidate for a Chemex. Neither partner can decide on the best approach to pest control, but Jessie's recent spider run-in is causing some extra urgency.

Don’t forget that we’ll send you a letterpress print when you post a shout out to social media...  just make sure to use the tags @meetthepeppers / #marriageisfunny and send us the screenshot before the end of 2017! 

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  1. If you could add or remove one thing from your morning routine, what would it be?
  2. What is the best cup of coffee that you've ever had in your life?
  3. Which person in the relationship is better at bug squashing -- you or your partner?
Dec 06, 2017
Rule 066 | Spontaneous Combustion Is No Laughing Matter
MIF Rule 066a.png

Jessie admits her anxiety around family holiday dinners + Gerard begins to realize that both Peppers have far too much on their plates.

Don’t forget that we’ll send you a letterpress print when you post a photo to social media with the tags @meetthepeppers / #marriageisfunny but just make sure to send us the screenshot before the end of 2017!

Ps. - Want to come on vacation with us? We’re headed to Mexico with some of our favorite listeners, and you can find all the info at!


  • Jessie is still perplexed about the confusion around her dietary restrictions. Listen back to Episode 6 for a funny example of the last misunderstanding.

  • We’ve spoken before about feeling like a guest at your in-laws house, but Gerard explains that he sometimes has to hang back in order to make it work.

  • Jessie’s famous healthy lasagna recipe is really just a mashup of the following: eggplant “noodles”, tomato sauce, your cheese of choice, cooked spinach, black olives, artichoke hearts, and plenty of herbs/spices. Bake for 45 mins at 375 degrees and sprinkle with parm + crushed red peppers.

  • Listen to this refresher of our Epiphany set up back in Episode 21.

  • Jessie makes this sugar-free version of cranberry sauce every year for Thanksgiving... There is still a large leftover vat in our fridge, but she’s somehow convinced that it was a huge hit.

  • If you’re curious about the house church movement that our community is following, feel free to check out the book Multiply by Francis Chan.


  1. What is the one traditional holiday food that your partner (or your in-laws) cannot live without?

  2. Have you ever had to cut a commitment out of your life in order to protect your priorities or your relationships?

  3. What is your all-time favorite way to really rest with your partner? 

Nov 29, 2017
Rule 065 | Always Start A New Season By Clearing Out The Garage
MIF Rule 065a.png

The Peppers have opposing feelings about their favorite winter drinks, but both are highly averse to Christmas music that plays before December. Jessie tries to rally for a “pre-decoration purge” but her motives come to light when she claims the garage as her future Season Headquarters.

Don’t forget that we’ll send you a letterpress print when you post a photo to social media with the tags @meetthepeppers / #marriageisfunny but just make sure to send us the screenshot before the end of 2017!

Ps. - Want to come on vacation with us in April? We’re headed to Mexico with some of our favorite listeners, and you can find all the info at!


  • Jessie’s Official Bobsled Recipe: Prepare our favorite healthy hot cocoa mix (according to the package) and then add a generous glug of peppermint shnapps to spice things up. Add a festive travel mug and you’ve got yourself a party on ice skates!

  • The Little Drummer Boy Challenge is being officially extended to our Great Love Gang. Find the rules and play along on the thread in our FB group. (Here’s a pro-tip: Don't listen to the Pentatonix Christmas Album without skipping the first song.)

  • Feel free to get yourself a nativity scene and copy our orthodox version of elf-on-the-shelf.

  • The used paint cans have GOT to go because the stock for Jessie’s ethical apparel line is getting ready to take over our humble garage.

  • Time to bust out the Marie Kondo Method like we did in our last episode about minimalism. Back then we were just dipping our toes in the water, and now we’re ready to dive in head first.

  • Gerard proposes a phased approach to getting festive, but insists on beating the neighbors by getting our lights up first.


  1. If you could only listen to one Christmas Album for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

  2. Which partner is more cutthroat when it comes to competition?

  3. What is your favorite tradition that is used to mark the beginning of Winter Holidays?

Nov 22, 2017
Rule 064 | A Unified Marriage Makes The Best Goal Line Defense
unified marriage

This week, Gerard is working overtime while Jessie decides to leave him in the dust on her next device upgrade. The Peppers try to be strategic about stress management skills, but all of the football metaphors are really upping their game.

Don’t forget that we’ll send you a letterpress print when you post a photo to social media with the tags @meetthepeppers / #marriageisfunny and just make sure to send us the screenshot before the end of 2017!

Ps. - Want to come on vacation with us? We’re headed to Mexico with some of our favorite listeners, and you can find all the info at!



  • Gerard has been working nearly around the clock and Jessie is trying to be a good sport amidst the crazy schedule. Listen to another surprisingly accurate sports reference in Episode 33, where we chat about living with chronic pain + college basketball.

  • Past birthday hurts propel most of Gerard’s decisions on taking PTO days celebrate, but everything goes out the window when he lets work-stress take over his week.

  • Being overwhelmed about work feels oddly (and unfortunately) familiar to both of the Peppers. Listen to another episode about Gerard’s perpetually crammed calendar and then hear what happens when Jessie eventually turns into a work widow.

  • Jessie has a rage black out when Gerard lapses on his husbandly-duties, but Gerard is quick to forgive because the apology was sincere.

  • Emojis and iMessages are no longer healthy elements of our communication, but hashing out our cell phone preferences has oddly seemed to help.

  • Gerard has spoken about his unhealthy cell phone relationship on the show twice before and now it’s apparent that his struggle is an annual thing.

  • Identity theft is a valid concern for Jessie (something she happens to share with this past podcast guest), but Gerard brings a dose of reality that finally gets her back on track.



  1. What is one thing that you'd like to receive more grace about from your partner this week?
  2. What are some of the actual symptoms that help you recognize when your spouse is stressed out?
  3. Which partner is more paranoid about things like identity fraud and conspiracy theories?
Nov 15, 2017
Rule 063 | Babies Take Way More Work Than Podcasts
MIF Rule 063a.png

Still no plans to have kids of our own, but that doesn’t mean we can’t put our (amateur) parenting skills to good use. Jessie gives Gerard a pep talk while he processes his emotions, and we both resolve to be better about arguing with generous amounts of grace.

Join us in April for the next Great Love Getaway and we'd love to hang out with you online while you listen! 



  • Looking for the backstory on our parenting status? Ep 40 is where we dig in to the personal decision that we get asked about at LEAST twice a week.

  • Jessie recently opened up in a blog post about motherhood doubts from an intentional non-mom.

  • We’re excited about the short-term voluntary care organization that we volunteer with, and you should definitely check to see if there is a Safe Families chapter in your area!

  • Gerard comes clean about a WIDE range of emotions: sadness, relief, guilt, confusion… We’ve both changed our minds at least once throughout this process, but wholeheartedly agree that being generous is our priority.

  • We've learned that accepting help from our church family has been the only way to survive our first care-taking placement.

  • Gerard has a propensity for correcting Jessie when she gives inaccurate statements. There are “no buts” about the fact that arguing fairly requires a willingness to be wrong every once in awhile.

  • Saying "YES, AND" is a very useful marriage tip when communicating with your partner -- Whether you’re playing an actual improv game or decided where to go for dinner, we highly recommend agreeing with each other as a way to move the moment forward.



  1. What would it take to fit an extra kid into your household and life for a weekend? 

  2. Do you consider your partner to be more of a "yes and" person or a "no but" person?

  3. Does your family have an abundance of something (time, money, love, skills) that you could be radically generous with as a way to help someone else?

Nov 08, 2017
Rule 062 | It Only Takes One Spouse To Change A Lightbulb
MIF Rule 062a.png

Jessie admits to a birthday wishlist that is “dirtier” than most, and Gerard is determined to wiggle out of cleaning the house. Conflict bubbles up from the home management department and both Peppers decide to toss the “honey do’s” straight into the compost pile.

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  • Jessie’s birthday wishlist is dirtier than most... Does composting count as a normal (earth-friendly) way to celebrate another year on the planet?

  • The countertop compost bin is not going to cut it (unless we add an outdoor pile as well), but a large scale version won't cut it unless we can find a way to get one on the roof.

  • We were guessing on most of the set-up process and details, but here is a handy link to some REAL know-how for Composting 101.

  • Nitrogen IS good for gardening, but carbon is why we add newspaper clippings to the pile. 

  • Gerard admits that the act of composting only sounds fun because it would make a good conversation starter.

  • Additional things that can be composted: pet hair, post-it notes, seaweed, q-tips, tea bags, fingernail clippings, leather scraps, and lint from the dryer. Who knew?! (Obviously, not us.)

  • The giant chalkboard wall (which made a cameo appearance in this lipsync video) may indeed have been the perfect solution to all of our chore-list woes.


  1. Which person is more likely to do the heavy research (or extensive review-reading) for an upcoming purchase?
  2. Do you ever make chore-lists for your spouse? Which is more effective for your family: a shared family list or a separate one for each partner?
  3. Have you ever intentionally left a task undone, in hopes that your partner would take care of it for you?


Nov 01, 2017
Rule 061 | Getting Away Creates Space For Great Love
MIF Rule 61b.png

We’re back for Season Five with lots of fun stuff to tell you! First -- tune in for a BIG announcement about our next Great Love Getaway in Puerto Vallarta, and then head to our vacation page to find out how to join us on the trip.

This week’s show is a story-filled recap of everything we learned on our anniversary trip to Morocco, Spain + Portugal in September. Adventure lovers will learn from our silly mistakes and seasoned travelers will laugh at all the ridiculous blunders... A must-listen for anyone who missed our insta-stories and is dying to hear (or willing to tolerate) the full rundown.  

Meanwhile -- we’re so excited to be back for another season and thank you so much to our generous Great Love Gang who is making this show possible! Find out how to get involved on the support page of our site and don’t forget to come hang out on twitter and instagram while you listen!


  • Check out the highlights of our Summer Travel Series for the full itinerary and all of our BEST adventure tips.
  • If Tomorrow Gerard has a problem, then Tomorrow Jessie has a problem too. (Unfortunately, Today Gerard likes to save money without thinking of the consequences and that can sometimes cause a lot of problems for both of them.)
  • Jessie’s new favorite travel sleeping contraption is called a trtl pillow and the irony of that name is not lost on either one of us.
  • The Peppers packed for two whole weeks in just two tiny carry-ons! Proof that when you pair a stylist with an actuary, they can combine their packing powers for the good of suitcases everywhere.
  • Our trip to The Blue City of Chefchaouen got cancelled after a rough night on the overnight train.
  • Jessie’s refuses to rest her head on any questionable surfaces so she MacGuyvered herself a sleeping situation using some extra flat sheets and her trusty leather backpack.
  • Who doesn’t love sleeping on a mattress that reminds you of a greasy-spoon diner booth?! (Jessie doesn’t. In case that isn’t clear from the episode or the sarcasm of this question.)
  • If you ever find yourself on the coast of Central Portugal, please go try the buttered cheese and pesto from Azenhas do Mar.
  • If you ever find yourself eating too much buttered cheese at Azenhas do Mar, we recommend chasing it with a digestive enzyme and a couple of charcoal pills.
  • Despite any rumors you may have heard, Jessie has NOT switched over to Team Nap.
  • Gerard hates to leave a country with their local currency, so Jessie has gotten quite good at spending it out to the very last dirham.


Lessons From Our Anniversary Adventure: 

  1. Sometimes it’s ok to pay a little extra money to fly direct.

  2. We could all probably stand to do a lot less laundry in our lives

  3. Switzerland is really expensive.

  4. Never force your wife to ride on an overnight train in Morocco.

  5. It’s always ok to change your plans in the middle of the trip. Sometimes it’s worth it to go with the flow and change your plans at the last minute.

  6. Never ever (4x) travel without antibacterial wipes.

  7. The world isn’t going to end if you occasionally indulge in really good bread while on vacation.

  8. Check the weather before you go on special excursions, and be flexible on dates in order to make it work.

  9. The world would be a better place if everyone anchored their days around a siesta.

  10. Always change your money to the local currency if you want to get the best exchange rate.

  11. Getting outside your typical routine is a great way to experience special moments with your partner.



  1. Which is worse? Being stuck in a small airplane seat for a short amount of time OR having extra leg room in a big seat for a really long flight with lots of layovers?
  2. What is your all time favorite food indulgence that you reserve especially for travel or other special occasions.
  3. Where is the best spot in your neighborhood to take a blanket and a bottle of wine for date night?
Oct 25, 2017
Rule 060 | Don't Get Your Bikini Waxed The Day Before A Beach Trip
MIF Rule 060b.png

The big finale of our special Summer Travel Series! Jessie + Gerard dive deep into their hardshell rollerbags to bring you the absolute best of their biggest travel tips. This episode is all about efficiency while adventuring, and please consider it a personal survival guide packed with resources just for you!

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The Official "Marriage is Funny" Travel Manual


Jessie's 6 Points to Smart Packing:

  1. Capsule wardrobes are key. The Peppers discuss this discovery in Episode 59 and it proves the love that both partners have for form, function, and ultimate efficiency.

  2. Choose a color scheme. Let the season and the destination determine your selection, and don’t forget that complimentary colors make it much easier to mix and match all of your pieces.

  3. Multifunctional clothing is key. Jessie loves pieces like this drapey cardigan, and of course the Pepper Dress was literally MADE for feeling stylish on your next big trip.

  4. Choose a uniform. Figure out what you love to wear most at certain points of transit and then OWN IT instead of trying to get creative each time. Jessie says that a great pair of compression leggings makes for the perfect base layer, and Gerard swears by his fancy leather backpack to keep his personal belongings in tow.

  5. Keep your neutrals in check. Most accessories are either leather (or leather-like) and differing shades can cause a bit of clashing depending what else you bring to wear. Optimize the options by selecting one color (or two that are complimentary) and Jessie personally loves sticking with black and/or camel... with the occasional pop of red.

  6. Leave the heavy stuff behind. Shoes and handbags should be as light as possible (especially when empty), but it also makes sense to leave out bulky bras, hats, and other cumbersome pieces that you can live without.


  • Grab Gerard’s style faves here:  red chinos, barracuda jacket, and a suede bomber.

  • Jessie’s favorite boutique is Moss Designer Consignment in Austin, Texas, and here is what she wore on the day she bought the world's heaviest bag.

  • Gerard explains that planning ahead in the food department is key to keeping Jessie healthy when they’re away from home. Things like grapefruit/oranges, sugar snap peas, protein bars and mixed nuts will keep you full and happy.

  • The Peppers reminisce about the time when Jessie almost got detained at customs because of a lesser-known Jamaican export.

  • Jessie uses this ginger tea to keep away the tummy problems and Gerard prefers the stronger method of immodium ad.

  • Listen in for the secret to getting a mini-fridge delivered to your hotel room so that you can hit up a local grocery store or keep your fancy leftovers cold.

  • Gerard can’t live without these fancy licorice bites. Or Mountain Dew Code Red. Or Smuckers Uncrustables.

  • Jessie realizes that Gerard accommodates her food needs so that he can LATER gripe about the make-up and skincare obsession that we’ve talked about on past episodes.



Nail polish remover pads
Murad Resurfacing Peel
Starbucks "Via" instant coffee
Leaner Creamer
Collagen powder
Hand + Face Wipes
Acure Coconut + Argan Oil wipes
Mac + Cheese

  • We’ve talked about travel rewards points on the show before but Gerard uses this opportunity to dive even deeper into his favorite topic. No word yet on whether he can redeem the frozen yogurt frequent-shopper cards that Jessie has collected from across the country.

  • The Peppers prefer Southwest Airlines when it comes to a credit card with great earning options. The Chase credit card has extremely versatile points that can be redeemed for almost anything, and we use our American Express to get 6% cash back on our purchases. JetBlue offers family accounts in case you'd like to accrue points as a crew, but regardless of where you start: please SPEND RESPONSIBLY and don’t email us with complaints about your debt bill. (But DO message us here with any questions/additional advice.)

  • The Points Guy is Gerard’s go-to resource for learning, but the best place to start is with a simple sign up. We love SPG, Marriott + Kimpton for hotel stays, and most of these have transferrable or gifting options.

  • Download your binge-able content from Netflix or Amazon Prime instead of staring at the in-flight magazine for the umpteenth time.

  • Get a kindle or e-reader and then download the Overdrive app for FREE e-books (as long as you have a valid library card)! Using your prime membership will also give access to tons of free books + magazines that can come straight to your device!

  • Figuring out your international data plan ahead of time is the right idea, but if you want to conserve data while you’re abroad: be sure to download the Google Translate app before you go! Duolingo is also a fun way to learn the basics in many languages. (Added Bonus: Their app doubles as an iPhone game and we talk about this more in depth on Episode 18.)

  • Sleeping on airplanes suck no matter what, but Jessie is going to test out the Trtl Pillow to see if it makes a difference in getting her beauty sleep while on-the-go. It's part scarf / part neckbrace and will hopefully lull Jessie into a reasonable about of rest.

  • Magnesium supplements act as natural relaxants for tired/tense muscles and you can use the powdered or pill form depending on whatever is most convenient. Gerard swears by melatonin for this same purpose, but it makes some people groggy so you may need to test it out first. 

  • And finally: Some say that you can speed up the jet-lag recovery process by grounding yourself in the grass with bare feet. Gerard plans to try it on our trip to Europe/Africa this fall, and Jessie is happy to have some validation of her inner hippie-girl. 

Three Things We’ve Learned From Our Biggest Travel Mistakes:

  1. Always Pack Underwear In Your Carry-on Bag

  2. Never Leave Home Without Anti-Nausea Medication

  3. Don’t Get Your Bikini Waxed On The Day Before A Beach Trip



  1. Do you have a typical travel uniform that you rely on while flying or driving long distances?
  2. What is your road trip junk food of choice?
  3. If you could have tiny, individually wrapped packets of any product, what would it be?

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Aug 02, 2017
Rule 059 | Nothing Is More Gratifying Than A Well Packed Suitcase

This week, Gerard + Jessie share how their spirit of adventure is exactly how they found their "soul city" in Long Beach, CA. But first: The Peppers are enlisting the help of some of their most adventurous friends... Tune in for some fun travel tips from the duos behind Swept Together, Voyagers Found and Romance + Adventure and be sure to follow these couples online for more great inspiration! 

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  1. Who controls the radio station or podcast playlist when you're on a long road trip with your spouse?
  2. Which partner is a better packer and who is in charge of the post-vacation laundry?
  3. Would you ever be interested in living/working in another location for a temporary amount of time? Which city would you choose?


Jul 27, 2017
Rule 058 | Vacationing Apart Is Okay If The Destination Stinks

Is traveling separately (with friends) always worth the trip? The Peppers continue their Summer Travel Series by diving into the topic of vacationing apart, but neither person seems to know how to balance out their adventures. They both feel a little guilty for exploring new places without the other, and Gerard finally makes a decision to go on the big boat trip he’s been hoping for.

Thank you so much for tuning in to the MIF Summer Travel Series... We would LOVE to have your support for our upcoming episodes and you can find out how to get involved with our Season Five Dollar Drive right over here

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  • A longtime friend and listener of the show (Hi, Santos!) mentions to Gerard that he’s got a Guys Trip in the works. Brainstorming ensues and Mardi Gras beads are officially thrown out the window.

  • Jessie immediately gets FOMO and the couple decides that the trick to prevent this is to choose a city that the other partner is not interested in visiting.

  • Gerard went to Las Vegas for March Madness earlier this year and The Peppers realize that this definitely counts as an official Guy's Trip... Especially because it helped G meet his yearly quota for basketball watching AND meat eating in just a couple of days. 

  • Jessie’s past speaking schedule has allowed her to experience a handful of accidental Girl’s Trips and she's always up for the chance to combine fun with an extra dose of productivity.

  • The Peppers try to uncover truth: Do parents need separate travel time more than non-parents? The verdict is still out but this kidless couple already has a few upcoming adventures on the books.

  • Gerard admits that he needs guy time to keep their marriage healthy. The Peppers agree that pursuing outside friendships is a good way to disperse the burden of our individual friendship needs.

  • Talking about cost and stressing about money might actually take away from the benefits of travel. The last time Jessie went on a girls trip was around the same time that our budgeting episode went live, and the timing of these two things actually makes a lot of sense based on our goals.

  • The Peppers realize that financial planning can actually provide more freedom than financial restrictions. (This is basically exactly what Jessie was trying to implement in Episode 57.)

  • Jessie is going on a Women’s Retreat with Morgan in the Fall and she thinks that Gerard should go on the Sailing Trip with Zac.



  1. Who are the top three people you’d bring on a friends trip if your partner was going to stay at home?

  2. Do you get to spend enough time with friends when your partner isn't around?

  3. Have you ever felt jealous of your spouse because of a time that they’ve gotten to travel with their friends? Or guilt if you’re the one who is getting to experience it?

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Jul 12, 2017
Rule 057 | Tourist Traps Are Rarely Worth The Trip

The Peppers are taking a 10-year anniversary trip in September and are finding that the road to planning everything out is a little rockier than they expected. Tune in as they navigate the nitty gritty of nailing down a perfect itinerary and please send recommendations if you have any can’t-miss spots that you think we’d love!

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  • We’ve been married for almost 10 years and haven’t really planned a trip for just the two of us yet! (Unless you count the Great Love Getaways with our listeners or the cross country tour in 2015?)

  • We’re experiencing the speculation that The Keels talked about in Episode 8: sometimes both partners define a trip differently from a vacation.

  • Gerard almost gave Jessie a heart attack while his finger hovered over the purchase button of some spendy European flights... At this point, we’re both thankful for his deep love of airline points which you may remember from back in Episode 36.

  • The Peppers are flying in and out of Switzerland from the U.S. and then will explore the countries of Spain, Portugal + Morocco from there. (One of the two finally concedes that an upgrade is necessary when you’re married to someone with absurdly long legs.)

  • Jessie and Gerard have differing approaches to budgeting for their big trip, but setting an initial number provides a helpful launching pad for the cost break down.

  • Gerard is the money guy in this family, but you’ll hear our budgeting deficit start to re-emerge from back in Episode 22. Hear him start to squirm when Jessie presses for exact numbers, while she also simultaneously admits to her unavoidable cheapskater-y.

  • The Peppers nab some travel books for each of the different locations that they’re going to visit, but want to make sure that they cross-reference with personal recommendations in order to avoid the tourist traps. 

  • Jessie confesses that she hates museums and Gerard professes a preference for monuments. The two agree that a fat tire bike tour is the best way to see a new city, and they had a fabulous experience when they tried it in Paris.

  • The Peppers walk through their individual “best day” scenario for their upcoming trip... Thankfully, both have pretty similar expectations and the results will probably depend on access to a swanky SPG hotel gym OR a nice Airbnb kitchen.


  1. What’s your favorite travel splurge when it comes to a long trip?

  2. Which partner in your relationship typically takes the reins on planning for vacation?

  3. What was the most disappointing travel experience that you've ever had with your spouse?


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Jul 06, 2017
Rule 056.5 | Keep Your Balloons Away From The Birds

The Peppers take a brief detour from the Summer Travel Series to address a bit of feedback that came in the form of a nasty iTunes review. It's always interesting to hear your thoughts about each show, but we are so thankful for our listeners who understand that we're still figuring this whole thing out just like everybody else! 

Grab the show notes for this episode at and find out how to join us in the mission of inspiring Great Love over on the SUPPORT page of our site. 

Don't forget about our Season Five Dollar Drive happening this Summer, and in the meantime, come hang out with The Gang over on our private facebook page!


Jun 28, 2017
Rule 056 | Never Change A Policy While Your Partner Is Out Of Town

Two months apart has taken a serious toll on the Pepper’s connection, so they do what ALL married millennials do: they talk about it on their podcast! The Peppers have discussed the topic of work travel in the past, but this latest experience has easily been the hardest one so far. Jessie makes massive changes to the house policies while Gerard is away, and this results in the need to ban an entire phrase from her vocabulary.

Thank you so much for tuning in to the MIF Summer Travel Series... We would LOVE to have your support for our upcoming episodes, and you can find out how to get involved with our Season Five Dollar Drive right over here

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  • Jessie admits that her life (while pretending to be a savvy-single woman) is vastly different from her life when Gerard is still in town.

  • Can Lifestyle Design be considered a healthy coping mechanism? You be the judge.

  • The Peppers discuss how the latest binge-worthy TV show is a mini-series called Big Little Lies. (Pretty ironic that Jessie *almost* catches Gerard in one while they’re talking about it.) In case you decide to check it out for yourself, please be warned that there ARE gratuitous sex scenes (and some violence) up ahead.

  • Jessie fesses up to her treat-yourself splurges: expensive workout classes, fancier-than-normal groceries, and spoiling Sadie with new puppy toys. There could be far worse vices, but her revengeful attitude is a little unnerving.

  • Gerard acknowledges that their “cushion” has worn extremely thin... Probably more accurate to say that the cushion has been blown to smithereens, and they are currently trying to rebuild the house that once surrounded the cushion. As you might expect, abandonment issues abound.

  • Tune in to the following past episodes for more about navigating work + travel as a couple: how to love your partner through a rewards point addiction, keeping yourself entertained while one spouse is away, and what to do if you feel like a work-widow.

  • Part of the challenge from the duo’s time apart was caused by the stress of Jessie’s recent Kickstarter campaign -- A business project that no entrepreneur should have to go alone!

  • Gerard (accidentally) blurts out that his least favorite part about the travel was when he actually had to come back home to the tension each week. Everyone makes a note that insulting your wife is not the best way to woo her into quality time.

  • Jessie explains how her routine is different while Gerard is gone, and the two begin to hunt for a solution to running the house in a more streamlined way at all times. Basically, Gerard needs to do a better job of keeping up with the chores and Jessie needs to offer up WAY more grace than she has in the past.

  • There are STILL dishes in the sink as these show notes are being recorded. Not much has changed since we talked about this in Ep 44: Wine Glasses Are Not Meant To Be Washed By Hand.

  • Gerard explains the unfairness of Jessie changing the policy while he was away and he begs her to ditch the exclamatory approach.

  • The Peppers have big plans to repair their relationship by filling the Summer with joy and adventure together... This is the perfect pursuit as they launch into The MIF Summer Travel Series!


  1. What is your favorite way to indulge while your partner is out of town?
  2. When has been the hardest time period in your entire marriage? What has allowed you to heal from that experience?
  3. What is one phrase that you wish you could BAN from your partner’s entire vocabulary?

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Jun 23, 2017
Rule 055 | Superheroes Never Have More Than One Sidekick
marriage is funny episode 55

Jessie + Gerard return from a long podcasting break, and this show is a recap of what the last several months have been like for The Peppers. Tune in as we kick-off the upcoming special travel series, and don't forget to share your Summer moments by using #marriageisfunnyontheroad on your favorite social media platforms! 

We REALLY missed the Great Love Gang... Thank you so much for your enthusiastic support, and you can find out how to join our Dollar Drive for Season Five right over here

In the meantime, come hang out with us on twitter or instagram and see below for this week's handy show notes...


  • The Highs + Lows game can be traumatizing to anyone who experienced it as a tween, so The Peppers play their own version and want YOUR help in giving it a new name. (Thanks to inspiration from the hosts of The Popcast Podcast and That’s So Retrograde!)

  • Jessie launched a new business while we were away! Check out her ethically-made multi-functional dress design called Season, and watch the short film to get the full story behind the brand.

  • Gerard just finished a two-month stint of commuting back and forth to the East Coast each week, and we agree that it was one of the hardest periods of our entire 10 years of marriage. Jessie accuses him of flirting with the flight attendants to get better seat upgrades, and he interestingly does not deny this point. 

  • The chance to travel around and speak on stage together is always such a highlight! February took us back to Kansas City for a big event, and we’re excited to add new dates to our calendar for appearances during the rest of 2017.

  • Gerard starts wearing a helmet while riding his bike to work, and Jessie calms down because they finally figured out how to get their armoire through the bedroom window.

  • Jessie gets excited about Gerard performing with a legit (local) rock and roll band, and we love it when our listeners come to the gigs!

  • The Peppers give you the dish on the neighborhood black sheep: Unit #3. Jessie’s warmth drives away the unfriendly tenants and then she accidentally enables the ones who do drugs right outside their bedroom window.

  • Sleeping arrangements have shifted yet again... After splitting up for their snooze-time (hear more about that in Ep 36), Jessie has snuck back into the master bedroom by disguising herself as a sea creature.  



  1. What has your partner done in the last 6 months that made you very proud
  2. Have you stopped nagging your spouse about anything lately? Is there anything you WISH you could stop nagging them about?
  3. Who is your favorite neighbor and why do you love them so much?
Jun 21, 2017
Rule 054.5 | At Least We Started With Good Intentions

Just dropping in to give a quick update and let you know about Jessie's new project which is launching next week. Thanks for hanging with us during this extended break!

Mar 30, 2017
Rule 054 | Always Be Grateful For Great Love

This week’s show is brought to you by our sponsor Aaptiv FItness!


In our finale episode of Season 3, Jessie + Gerard talk about feeling grateful for Great Love. They include a lightning round of thanks just in time for Thanksgiving, and even share some thoughts from a few of our favorite gangsters.

Come hang out with us in between seasons by following along with our adventures on instagram stories and join our private FB group to connect with The Gang!


  • Download Aaptiv and get a free month of fitness on-the-go by using our special code: “marriageisfunny” when you sign-up for a subscription!
  • Snag a Great Love Gangster shirt as a gift for yourself, and don't forget that our letterpress prints make fantastic holiday gifts!

  • Gerard takes a page from his father-in-law and gets on the family Trigger Question train.

  • Jessie shares an epic safari story about a baby water buffalo in danger, and how the herd reacts to save one of it’s young. You can read her original blog post and watch the entire video here.

  • The Peppers share 20 reasons why they’re thankful for each other, including pet-parenting, super-clean tile grout, and dancing around the kitchen with your pants off.

  • Listen in to hear a few members of the Gang as they share their own reasons to feel grateful for their partners.

  • Pass this episode along as a way to say thanks to the people who’ve inspired Great Love in your own marriage!


  1. If you had to fill your entire thanksgiving plate with only ONE dish and ONE condiment, what would it be?

  2. What was the last thing that you thanked someone for?

  3. Who are three of the water buffaloes that you could not have survived without?

Share your feedback with us by leaving a review on iTunes, and find out how you can support our mission of Great Love right over here


Nov 23, 2016
Rule 053 | You’re Not A True Adult Until You’ve Hosted Holiday Dinner

This week’s show is brought to you by our sponsor Aaptiv FItness!

This week, The Peppers chat about weird turkey traditions and upcoming holiday travel. Gerard is looking forward to “digging in” with his Arizona in-laws, and Jessie stresses out about impressing her family with something more exciting than green beans. The duo gushes about their hot sauce obsession and quickly realizes that not everyone you meet can take the same amount of heat.

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  • Download Aaptiv and get a free month of fitness on-the-go by using our special code: “marriageisfunny” when you sign-up for a subscription!
  • Gerard challenges The Gang to a facebook giveaway! Share the Marriage is Funny page with your online friends, and email a screen-grab to The first three to land the message in our inbox will win one of our Great Love letterpress prints!

  • Don’t forget to snag your Great Love Gangster merch, and use this as a way to represent the Marriage is Funny crew!

  • Apparently, holiday turkey can be turned into a delicacy when it’s cooked in a dirt hole, you can probably guess which one of us is more disgusted at the thought of such a barbaric act.

  • The Peppers stake their claim of a true Friendsgiving, and then tell the story of how their own tradition came to be.

  • Jessie is giving up control of the dinner this year, and she’ll be celebrating with a large pile of kale at her parents house in Arizona next week.

  • If you happen to be a baking expert, please send all crust-advice to Gerard for his inaugural cherry-popping pie-baking adventure.

  • The Peppers share about how they decide to spend certain holidays with certain family members, and while they’ve always tried to keep it simple, explaining things here gets a leeeeetle complicated.

  • Jessie redirects her emotions by trying to make others happy when she feels sad around the holidays. Piling her plate high with vegetables also happens to help.

  • The Peppers chat about giving homemade hot sauce to their friends and neighbors for Christmas this year, and you can find the recipe for Jessie’s spicy sauce right here. (FYI, it’s a 3.5 - 3.75 on the spiciness heat index, and five is obviously medium.)

  • Visit our favorite salsa spot in Kansas City and send us a few bottles of your favorite!

  • Anyone one can own blistered shishito peppers at home, but make sure to nibble the ends to be sure you don’t get hit with a spice bomb.

  • Gerard’s favorite youtube show is called Hot Ones, and you can watch his favorite recent episode with DJ Khaled right here.

  • Jessie spills the beans about yet another spin-off show for The Peppers... Spoiler Alert: It is NOT going to be called The Terrific Husband.


  1. Who is your favorite person to sit by at holiday family dinners?

  2. What was the best handmade Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

  3. If you had to pick ONLY one brand or flavor of hot sauce to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Share your feedback with us by leaving a review on iTunes, and find out how you can support our mission of Great Love right over here

Nov 16, 2016
Rule 052 | Fresh Flowers Cause More Headache Than They’re Worth

This week’s show is brought to you by our sponsor Aaptiv FItness!

In Episode 52, The Peppers discuss their feelings about plants + guests of the in-house-variety. Gerard almost kills Jessie with a bouquet of birthday flowers, and the duo chats through the pros and cons of surprising each other with social activities.

Come hang out with us in between episodes by watching our day-to-day stories on instagram and don't forget to join The Gang on FB!


  • Download Aaptiv and get a free month of fitness on-the-go by using our special code: “marriageisfunny” at sign-up!
  • Don’t forget to snag your Great Love Gangster merch, and use this as a way to represent the Marriage is Funny crew!

  • Gerard accidentally sends Jessie a bouquet of her least favorite flowers, and the migraines come back with a vengeance.

  • Jessie begins to neglect the outdoor garden at Casa de Pepper, so Gerard has to step in and nurse the dying plants back to health.

  • We argue over whose turn it is to weed the garden, and assure you that this is one of the times that phrase is not used as a euphemism.

  • Jessie admits to being surprised by Gerard for the very first time, ever. He flew in two of her very best friends for her birthday last week, and she can’t believe that his late-night cleaning sessions didn’t give it all away.

  • The Peppers begin to touch on their Meyers-Briggs personalities when it comes to Judging and Perceiving… Take the online quiz and get ready for a full M-B episode during our upcoming Season Four!

  • Jessie has a habit of sneaking alone time during our annual Epiphany Parties. And when she wants people to leave? She turns on this song and rejoins the party after a quick outfit change.


1. Has your partner ever given you a gift that you didn't/couldn't enjoy?

2. If you could spend a weekend of quality time with any two friends in the world, who would they be?

3. Have you ever figured out a surprise from someone before they had a chance to give it to you?

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Nov 09, 2016
Rule 051 | Everything Is Annoying When You're Already Irritated

This week, Gerard fesses up to a bad habit that we thought he had kicked, only to find out that Jessie has known about it the entire time. The Peppers are peeling back the curtain on how their podcast is recorded, and you’ll hear about how painful this particular episode has been to produce.

Come hang out with us in between episodes by watching our day-to-day stories on instagram and don't forget to join The Gang on FB!


  • Gerard realizes that the cell-phone addiction that he talked about in Episode 9 has reappeared in the form of checking the news about this year's presidential election.  

  • Jessie uses the example of a bad habit we discussed in Episode 30 to illustrate her effective, yet gentle strategy to stop annoying behaviors.

  • Gerard wishes that Jessie would stop painting her nails right before they leave the house, but they agree that it’s WAY better than painting them in the car, and they learned that lesson the hard way in Episode 15.  

  • We’ve talked about podcasting before ( in Episode 4 + Episode 17 ), but we’re giving an even closer inside look at why and how we bother to produce this show for you every week.

  • Jessie shares her full-time podcasting dreams in Episode 35, and Gerard blurts out his big-time fitness goals to make her feel better.

  • The Peppers are wrapping up Season Three on Thanksgiving Week, and we’re excited to launch our new show The Perfect Wife at the same time!


1.  How many times a day do you check the latest news headlines?

2.  Do you have a go-to trick for pulling your partner out of a bad mood?

3.  What's the crappiest Valentine's Day gift you've ever received?

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Nov 02, 2016
Rule 050 | There's No Such Thing As "A Bit Of Pneumonia"

We've got a special episode for you this week! Tune in to hear what we recently shared with a chapel-full of students at Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville... It involves the story of our roughest night we’ve ever spent together as a married couple AND how Gerard came to be in possession of a backpack full of drugs.

(Spoiler alert: We scrapped the sermon we originally had planned, and opted for an honest conversation instead.)

Ps. - Do you think your church, school or small group would like a dose of The Peppers in person? Let us know by submitting a speaker request right here!

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  • Great Love Gangster t-shirts are back in limited stock! Grab your own to help us celebrate this 50-episode milestone, and don't miss a chance to represent the Marriage is Funny family!

  • Longtime listeners will remember the chandelier drama + bicycle winnings that we mention in the beginning of this week's show.

  • In case you’re tuning in for the first time: don't miss the episode where we share about what happens when Gerard gets sick AND what it means for our relationship when one of us is in recovery. 

  • Gerard tried to cover up his symptoms in Mexico because he didn’t want to freak out our Getaway guests... While THAT mission was accomplished, it meant Jessie got freaked out in the process. 

  • Catch up with Episode 33 to hear more about the chronic health issues that Jessie struggles with.


  1. Do you have any life-hacks for how to survive flying on an airplane while sick?
  2. When was the last time you had to consciously put your ego aside and ask your partner for help?
  3. What is the most vulnerable thing that you've shared with someone this week?

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Oct 26, 2016
Rule 049 | Pacifists Fight With Puns Not Guns

One of our listeners is concerned that Gerard is the brunt of every joke, but he assures you that his love of comedy is keeping his mood afloat. Pacifism puts the Peppers in an awkward position, and Jessie explains why she sleeps with a baseball bat underneath her bed.

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  • Jessie thinks back to Episode 45 when she learns that calling Gerard an idiot is off-limits but teasing about his gray hair is completely fair game.

  • Gerard shares about his past stand-up performances, and Jessie tries to persuade him to keep stepping up to the mic.

  • We haven’t explained it recently, but here is a reminder about how/why we have a conjanglement of last names. (Easily one of our most frequently asked questions!)

  • Gerard recalls the details of an ancient twitter war between them, and Jessie is relieved that she’s much quicker to laugh than she used to be.

  • A late-night neighborhood crime proves that Gerard cares more about protecting Jessie than he normally admits.


  1. Are there any subjects that are completely off limits when you and your partner are joking around?
  2. When was the last time you dialed 9-1-1?
  3. Have you and your partner ever been in a position where one of you had to physically protect the other person?

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Oct 20, 2016
Rule 048 | Fly Traps Are Not For The Faint Of Heart

Jessie diagnoses herself with something called The Mercy Curse, and Gerard grapples with being a high-maintenance patient. Find our real-time stories from the Great Love Getaway by following @meetthepeppers on instagram.

We’d love to hang out with you in Nashville next week… Happy hour starts at 4:30 pm at Pinewood Social, and we can’t wait to hug you soon!

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  • More about how the 90’s hits of Gloria Estefan was truly the soundtrack of Jessie’s childhood.

  • Potato Bug or Roly Poly? You be the judge.

  • Jessie delves deep into a dark corner of her childhood, and recounts a recent breakdown that connects with some past hurts.

  • Gerard gives his advice about how to be an empathetic listener without feeling all the feels.

  • Get Jessie’s vegan spider repellant packets and join the ranks of highly sensitive people who oppose insect genocide.

  • The Peppers recently discovered termites at their bungalow, and are dreading the process of tenting the house like a neighborhood circus.

  • Efficient fly traps are not for the faint of heart, but Jessie is pushing past the pain by pretending that she’s not involved.

  • When Gerard is sick The Peppers are more aware of how differently they deal with various symptoms. (This is also discussed in the chronic pain episode.)

  • Jessie realizes she does in fact have a tiny sliver of nurturing within her personality, but it does have an expiration date and a handful of exceptions.


  1. What is the one thing that is always sure to make you cry?
  2. Do you have a designated bug manager or pre-determined insect removal policy at your house?
  3. Which partner is a more high-maintenance patient? How many days go by before things get annoying to the other person?

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Oct 12, 2016
Rule 047 | Gluten Free Tortillas Are Very Expensive

Gerard finds a stack of unused coupons in the junk drawer, and it prompts him to proclaim that they need to cut back on the grocery bill. Jessie’s new love affair with music is snazzing up her song library, and she's shyly sharing the secret of pursuing her inner DJ.

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  • Gerard thinks that the duo is overspending on food supplies, but Jessie assures him that she hasn’t changed a thing since their bill has gone up.
  • Jessie loves to take care of the groceries and cooking, but threatens to stop because her shopping skills are being questioned.
  • You’re probably not surprised that our budgeting conversation from Season Two is coming back to bite us in the butt.
  • Long Beach has an extensive list of weekly farmer’s markets, but Jessie wishes that they had grocery carts AND carried her favorite healthy ice cream.
  • Jessie has a love/hate relationship with music, but things are improving thanks to Brother Joey’s introduction to The Big Music Library in the Clouds.
  • Both of The Peppers have music-library-dysmorphia but thankfully their personal tastes are complementary enough to co-exist.
  • YES Gerard was in an all-male a capella group in college, and YES you can listen to his hit solo song right here.
  • How did we miss the fact that Sia has such an incredible body of work? (If you happen to know the answer, does that mean you ALSO know why she wears her hair over her face?)
  • The set of Sonos speakers that Gerard bought himself as a birthday gift have truly been a fun addition for the whole household.
  • Blaring a little bit of Flo Rida is the only way Jessie can pump herself up enough to use the vacuum cleaner.
  • The Peppers covered dinner music AND bedroom music in Episode 2, but Jessie blurts out an update to her current faves for The Kissing Playlist.
  • This week’s show wraps up with what are likely the silliest show outtakes that you’ve ever heard on Marriage is Funny... Please don't say we didn't warn you. 
  • Because we know you’re curious: Gerard is partial to a specific type of gluten free tortillas that have both helped his tummy AND nearly broken our bank.


  1. Do you know (or can you guess) the most expensive item on your family's last grocery bill?
  2. What is the most embarrassing song in your entire music library?
  3. Which Disney character is your ultimate alter-ego? If you had to pick one for your partner, who would it be?

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Oct 05, 2016
Rule 046 | Don't Let The Dog On The Duvet

*Thankfully, Gerard was ONLY sick when we recorded the intro for this one... Hang in there for the first few minutes, and you’ll be past the nasally voice in no time.*

This week, we consider the opposing values of puppy cuddle time vs. perfectly clean sheets. Gerard gets excited about hopping back on stage to play the bass in a band, and The Peppers discuss pros and cons of pursuing distinctly separate hobbies.

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  • Listen to Episode 36 to find out why The Peppers are not currently sleeping in the same bed.

  • Sadie Mae reminds us of Slinky Dog in the Toy Story movies… Family Halloween costume idea, perhaps?

  • The fan we wish we had, and the fan we would NOT recommend are both proof of why we should ALWAYS listen to Cameron -- our friendly guy at the local Home Depot.

  • The Santa Ana winds have us sweating during dinner, and we’re left daydreaming about an AC unit that fits on our super-old windows.

  • Gerard’s concern with dog-hair splinters makes Jessie break down and agree he needs to wear his stylish Birkenstocks more often. 

  • Jessie realizes that she should take full advantage of the chance to shop for her faves at West Elm and CB2.

  • In case you're curious about our favorite white sheets... (They're durable, affordable, made from organic cotton, and easy to order online!)

  • We would do pretty much anything for our precious furry daughter… Find out why we aren’t parents by listening to Episode 40.

  • A sneak peek at our cheap gray coverlet will give you a glimpse at why we don’t care when our dog jumps on it for a snuggle.

  • Gerard gets schooled in the anatomy of a well-layered bed and then admits to one of his biggest fears that has us buying lint-rollers in bulk.

  • Jessie busts out into song while Gerard hums the bass… And now we both need to beg your eardrums for forgiveness.

  • Gerard gets excited about getting back up on stage to play his bass, and we both see the benefits of having distinctly separate hobbies... Listen to us chat about the benefits of having SHARED hobbies back in Episode 41.

  • Jessie is attracted to Gerard in spite of his (adorable) chocolate-chip-cookie-gut, and admits that being married to a musician is certainly something that counts as a turn-on.


  1. Do you sleep with your pet(s) in the same bed? Have both partners always had the same preference about this decision?
  2. Can you come up with at least one way to encourage (or actually make it possible for) your spouse to pursue one of their own personal hobbies?
  3. What was one of the very first things that you can remember being attracted to about your sweetie pie?

Come say hello to the Great Love Gang on facebook, and we'd LOVE to have you share this show with your favorite husbands and wives. 

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Sep 28, 2016
Rule 045 | Angry People Have The Most Wrinkles

The dishwasher drama continues when Gerard gets mad about the botched installation of The Pepper's latest appliance. The Peppers both turn a bit red in the face, but thankfully Jessie has a skin cream for pretty much everything.

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  • Gerard gives some good advice for how you should react if anyone ever throws a trash can at you.

  • When it comes to arguing, Jessie likes to get into it and then get past it while Gerard usually prefers to just get out of the room.

  • The Peppers break their own rules and talk about the unresolved fight that they had the night before recording.

  • Our introverted and extroverted natures make for different communication styles, particularly when processing through a conflict.

  • We decide to keep the newspaper swatting to a minimum after remembering from Episode 27 that we DO have neighbors who like to call the cops.

  • Gerard and Jessie learn the difference between being an argument escalator and argument elevator… Stay tuned for Jessie’s conversation about this with Liz Bohannon on our spin-off mini-series called The Perfect Wife. (Coming Thanksgiving 2017!)

  • Hear our original skincare conversation about sunscreen in Episode 34, and then listen in as Jessie makes yet another request for Gerard to start taking better care of himself.

  • The Peppers recognize the flaws on their skin as giving them a nice healthy dose of humility. (And an opportunity to rub medicated cream on each other.)

  • Gray hair and aging are revisited as mortality is discussed... Jessie gives a quick rundown of her skincare values, and professes the benefits of her favorite vibrating tools. (Clarisonic MiaNuFace, and Quip!)


  1. When was the maddest you have ever seen your spouse?

  2. In arguments, are you more of an internal processor or a verbal processor? How about your partner?

  3. What part of aging are you most looking forward to? Least excited about?

Sep 21, 2016
Rule 044 | Wine Glasses Are Not Meant To Be Washed By Hand

Jessie’s discomfort with the dirty dishes brings about a big admission of Gerard’s recent dishonesty. The Pepper's TV-watching habits have dredged up the importance of healthy expectations, and they both commit to being more present when they’re pressing "play" on their favorite shows.

This is the last week to grab your tickets for our next Great Love Getaway in Puerto Vallarta! Check out the sweet video from our April trip, and we can't wait to vacation with our favorite listeners on October 12th-16th, 2016.


  • Jessie and Gerard’s favorite stemware has no actual stem.

  • Whether or not we actually intend all of the puns in this episode is entirely up to your own comedic discretion.

  • This is NOT the first time we’ve covered dishes on the show, and you can listen to the last convo we had about chores right here.

  • Does anyone want to invent a subscription service that offers the monthly delivery of fresh mason jars? If so, please sign us up to be first in line.

  • Moment of silence for Jessie’s favorite coffee drinking vessels: The black orchid mug from our friend Michael Aram and a ceramic travel tumbler from Starbucks.

  • Quantico + The Americans + Master Chef are our current TV favorites... We will not stop live tweeting them so follow along with our antics here and here.

  • Kelly Dlux warned us about the perils of tweeting while watching TV together, and we are currently re-listening to his sage advice about social media from back in Episode 24.



  1. Which person in your marriage is more particular about the chores? Is there one specific chore that they absolutely will not let the other partner help with?
  2. Has your sweetie pie ever broken something that meant a lot to you? Have you ever broken something and tried to cover it up afterwards?
  3. If you could instantly morph into ONE character from any current TV show this season, who would it be and how would your spouse react?


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Sep 14, 2016
Rule 043 | Where There's A Goodwill There Is A Way

The Peppers are back! Season 3 is here and we’re diving right into this week’s show without making you listen to the boring highlight reel of our summer. (You're welcome.) 

Lately, Gerard has been commuting to work for a total of four hours (round-trip) on public transportation everyday, and wants to try and find a way to make the most of the time spent on the train. Meanwhile, Jessie has been trying to figure out how to win the fight with our new piece of furniture for the past few months, but she refuses to give up by taking it back to Goodwill. 

It's time to snag your tickets for our next Great Love Getaway! We're heading to Puerto Vallarta from October 12-16, 2016 and we would love to have you join us. Go here to see a video of the last trip, and we can't wait to vacation with our favorite listeners.


  • Become a first-tier Great Love Gangster by joining us in Mexico! Rest, Play + Connect on what is guaranteed to be your favorite vacation of the year.

  • Spread the word about Great Love, and help us out by leaving us a review on iTunes! Find out about other ways to support our show right here.

  • Gerard is commuting a total of four hours (round-trip) on public transportation everyday, and wants to try and find a way to make the most of the time spent on the train. (Besides twitter.)

  • Neither of us can figure out when to use the words further or farther. If you can explain it to us, please send help.

  • Jessie hardly ever uses the car that we share, but has created a morning routine in order to reap the benefits of having a pretend commute.

  • Gerard shares how much he’d like to sneak in some productivity on his commute everyday, but then immediately regrets sharing his thoughts when Jessie starts spewing a bunch of well-meaning, yet unsolicited advice.

  • Thinking back to Episode 9, we remember how pulling out your phone at an inopportune time can totally ruin an otherwise delightful moment -- or in this case, a fresh morning.

  • Gerard decides to start riding his bike to and from the train station again, and is hoping the healthy movement ends up being a positive start to his day. Despite the weird things he’s subjected to on the rest of his trip, that morning ritual of zipping down the beach path will hopefully be a positive experiment.

  • Jessie has been trying to figure out how to win the fight with our new piece of furniture for months, to no avail. The armoire is gorgeous, and also ginormous -- but we can’t figure out how to actually get it to fit inside our house.

  • If you are an engineer, contractor, or even a creative ninja genius with an idea for taking apart our window frame... we want to hear from you!


  1. What are your favorite things to listen to during a long commute or car ride? Have you listened to an artist, podcast or audiobook recently that made you glad for the quiet time?

  2. What is the very first thing that you do when you wake up in the morning? 

  3. What is the most beautiful piece of furniture in your entire home? 

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Sep 07, 2016
Rule 042 | Growing Up Together Is A Good Thing

It’s the Season Two Finale and The Peppers are a puddle of emotions. Jessie shares a story about her fascination with creative farming, and Gerard insists that getting married early is a good thing. Listen as they recap their most memorable moments of growth, and find out why they're going to miss their Great Love Gang something fierce.

It's time to save-the-date for our next Great Love Getaway! We're heading to Puerto Vallarta in October 2016, and we'd love to have you join us.

You asked for t-shirts and we did our best to deliver some swag... Three cool styles, now available for our gangster buddies UNTIL FRIDAY JUNE 10th!

GLG tees.png


  • We’re hosting another Getaway in the Fall! Watch the video from our last trip right here, and listen to Episode 35 that we recorded from our Casa at the beach.

  • Great Love Goods are here! Gorgeous letterpress prints and gangster tees are now available… Snag one (or all three!) for yourself, and thank you so much for helping to support the show!

  • Jessie’s upcoming project is called The Perfect Wife, but she wants you to know that there is no such thing. Head over to the site for more info, and stay tuned for a sneak peek very soon.


  1. What is the first thing people say when they see what you look like in your wedding photos?

  2. Who are the other corn stalks and sweet peas in your field?

  3. Can you think of a defining moment when you've had to choose between growing together and growing apart?

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    Jun 01, 2016
    Rule 041 | Shared Hobbies Lead To Shared Arguments

    The Peppers may share a keen love of personal style, but they still enjoy the chance to kick off their shoes and let loose. Gerard admits that he's starting to feel the Birkenstock-burn, and Jessie is hoping that their summer will be full of bike riding and brunch.

    It's time to save-the-date for our next Great Love Getaway! We're heading to Puerto Vallarta in October 2016, and we'd love to have you join us.

    You asked for t-shirts and we did our best to deliver some swag... Three cool styles, now available for our gangster buddies UNTIL FRIDAY JUNE 10th!


    • Gerard's current footwear of choice was inspired by everyone's favorite old man from Brooklyn.
    • Jessie publicly declares her newfound love of turtlenecks right here
    • Check out Gerard's Guy Style column if you're looking for some dude-friendly fashion advice.
    • If you're curious about what Jessie does with her wardrobe cast-offs, you can take a peek at her Poshmark closet (and help support our sailing fund at the same time).
    • Gerard has to pick between sailing lessons or new boat shoes, and we bet you can guess what he happens to choose. 
    • Jessie's new podcast project is called The Perfect because the perfect wife is not... her. (Duh.) Listen in for interviews with women like Jess Connolly, Erin Loechner, Whitney English + more!
    • The Peppers are hoping to snap more blog photos and write more jokes this summer. 
    • Listen to another convo we had about the challenges of podcasting (and fighting) right from Episode 17 in Season One.
    • Graeme in Seattle was surprised by our blow-up confession from Episode 25. It's sad to say that this was not an isolated incident.
    • The Peppers have tried to link up for a shared project before, but the burned sweet potato fries made the efforts feel futile. (Tune in to Episode 11 for the full story.)


    1. What is the one trend that you most regret wearing? 
    2. Have you ever felt physically or mentally uncomfortable because of something that you had on?
    3. When it comes to bike rides, are you more motivated by the calorie burn or the chance of a swanky brunch at the end?

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    May 26, 2016
    Rule 040 | Custom Domain Names Make Horrible Baby Gifts

    This episode is a long-awaited answer to the most frequently asked question of our entire podcast... Why the heck don't The Peppers have any kids?! Jessie's little brother stops in as our special guest, and he keeps us both in line as the emotions start to flow.

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    • You might remember our special guest from last season when he crashed our closet in NYC, and promptly divulged the story behind one of our dirtiest fights.

    • Jessie tries to be nice when people ask her about having kids, but it’s usually way too tempting to pull out the smart-assery instead.

    • Gerard gets annoyed when people make assumptions about our decision, but Joey reminds us that excitement loves company.

    • The Peppers would have to start sleeping in the same bed again if they had to make room for a nursery.

    • Pre-engagement counseling (yes, that is a thing) was the moment we realized that we saw eye to eye about starting a family.

    • Jessie is worried that her grandmotherly daydreams are never going to happen, but Gerard reassures her that he’ll always be around to pluck her chin hairs.

    • Both sets of our parents have been incredibly understanding about the decision not to have kids, but their own friends have not stopped trying to force the issue.

    • Gerard makes the clear distinction between a decision and a diagnosis.

    • Jessie loses her shit over losing dear friends over such a decisive choice.

    • The Peppers insist that they love hosting families as Casa de Pepper, but parents are better off bringing sippie cups and outlet covers since the baby-proofing has yet to happen.

    • Gerard’s top two celebrity crushes have a baby together, and the wife’s outlook on kids has given Jessie permission to embrace the feeling of a complete family.

    • A shocking admission at the end of the show leaves both Jessie + G with a ton of resolve towards our desire to bless and nurture others.  



    The Great Love Gang has shared so many wonderful resources with us over in the Facebook group, and we would love to pass along some of the many ways that YOU can make an impact on the lives of children and families who need extra guidance and support:

    • Impacting Hearts - Weekly mentorship for children currently living in a foster home. (Los Angeles / Orange County)
    • Safe Families - Short term foster care and family assistance. (70 US Cities)
    • CASA - An organization that connects volunteers with at-risk youth who need the constant adult presence that many of them lack. (49 US states)
    • Buckner International - Volunteer opportunities for four different types of family ministries. (Texas + Abroad)
    • The Call - Connecting foster care and adoptive families to children in need. (Arkansas)
    • AdoptUS Kids - Raising public awareness and providing resources for both states and families who are hoping to adopt or foster children.


    1. What is your opinion on how much or how little some parents share of their kids online?
    2. Regardless of whether or not you are a parent now, can you remember visualizing yourself as a mom or dad when you were little?
    3. Have you ever lost a friend because of the addition of kids? (Either yours or theirs.) How did this happen and how did it make you feel?

    We're celebrating the official start of summer AND the end of Season Two at our finale party on May 29th!  

    Find out how to join us right here and we would LOVE to see you then. 

    May 18, 2016
    Rule 039.5 | Talking About Sex Makes It Even Better (Part II)

    Part II of the sex series on Marriage is Funny! Gerard and Jessie share their thoughts on important things like abstinence, foreplay, and experimenting in the bedroom. The Peppers are joined by expert Kate McCombs, and her wisdom continues to inspire the Great Love Gang to be more intentional toward intimacy. (Be sure to listen to Episode 39 for Part I with Kate!)

    Don't forget to leave us a review on iTunes, and send us a tweet if you have something to share while you listen!


    • Q1: My husband says he isn’t a kissing guy, but I need foreplay in order to have sex. How can I fulfill his needs without making him do something that he doesn’t want to do?

    • Cooking is like sex. Creativity and variety are two ways to be very good at it.

    • is a great resource for finding a sex therapist that you can visit with your partner.

    • Jessie’s adventures in finding a counselor continue to be entertaining. (You may notice that Ep 9 in Season One is starting to sound familiar.)

    • Q2: How can we build up more courage in the bedroom? Is there an easy way to tell my partner I think they are boring in bed?

    • Creating a “sex lab” could be the best way to start experimenting in the bedroom... Check out Kate's article about how to set the mood in your own home.

    • Q3: Is there a right way or a wrong way to suggest the use of toys and tools?

    • Never break the laws of bad sexual etiquette... The pleasure of your partner matters just as much as your own.

    • Gerard and Jessie were sure to park in the back when they drove to the sex shop in Episode 20.

    • Q4: What do I do when my husband wants it and I don’t? Is faking it ok?

    • It’s important to tell our partners exactly when and how they’ve blessed us in order to build up their "cushion" when times are good.

    • Q5: How can I initiate sex when I know my partner doesn’t feel like it?

    • Kate explains the difference between justification vs clarification when it comes to turning down your partner when they’re making a move.


    1. What is the most surprising thing that your partner has ever done in bed?
    2. When was the last time you talked to your partner about sex? When was the last time you talked to someone besides your partner about sex?
    3. What was the most intimate moment that you had with your partner this week?

    We're celebrating the official start of summer AND the end of Season Two at our finale party on May 29th!  

    Find out how to join us right here and we would LOVE to see you then. 

      May 13, 2016
      Rule 039 | When In Doubt, Just Ask A Sexpert (Part I)

      This week, Jessie and Gerard are chatting with Sex & Relationships Expert, Kate McCombs. They excitedly pepper her with a handful of questions submitted by the Great Love Gang, but you'll also hear a tiny bit about their own intimacy adventures as well. (If you enjoy this conversation, be sure to subscribe to Marriage is Funny on your favorite podcast player, and listen in for Part II that will go live on Friday!)

      Don't forget to leave us a review on iTunes, and send us a tweet if you have something to share while you listen!


      • You guys blew us away with your 70+ responses to our sex survey! Missed the chance to weigh in? Feel free to share your thoughts right here and we’ll do it again if there’s enough interest.
      • The Peppers are currently sleeping in separate beds, and Kate confirms that there’s nothing wrong with a good night’s rest.
      • Q1: How can a couple make time for sex when they both want it, but one (or both) partners feel tired or blah?
      • Kate (figuratively) drops the mic with a helpful tip about reframing the way you set up a sex date.
      • Gerard blurts out his own secret idea for how he setting the scene in order to get busy.
      • Q2: How can someone overcome the challenge of painful sex?
      • The best lube is made from Good Clean Love. (And that's probably the only thing about us that you’ve never wanted to know.)
      • Finding the right Dr. or physical therapist should be the first step towards treating painful sex… Check the National Vulvodynia Association to find a practitioner near you.
      • Q3: I like making love, but can rarely get myself to make the first move. How am I supposed to initiate sex when I never feel horny?
      • The book Come As You Are by Emily Nagaski is next up on The Peppers “to read” list.
      • Q4: I’m anxious about having sex, and we hardly do it anymore. How can I get back to actually craving physical intimacy with my husband (as much as I used to)?
      • Q5: How does hormonal birth control have an impact on a women’s libido?
      • Q6: What are some ways to try and reverse a low libido?
      • Q7: Is there any way to intensify a man’s orgasm?
      • Q8: How can my partner and I climax at the same time?
      • Kate confirms that eight out of every 10 women need clitoral stimulation in order to achieve an orgasm.
      • Jessie and Gerard read YOUR sex-related wish-list in a rapid fire succession.
      • In many cases, having a conversation about what you want out of sex can actually feel more intimate than actually having sex.
      • Q9: What are some ways we bring up sex with our partner without making things awkward.
      • Start small and share things that give you some context for your chats! Kate's website is a great resource and we love her rundown of how to add more empathy to your everyday. 


      1. Name one thing that tends to "press down on the brakes" of your sexual desire.
      2. What is your favorite (most optimal) time of the day to have sex?
      3. Describe your experience of sex-education (either at home or school) from when you were young.

      We're celebrating the official start of summer AND the end of Season Two at our finale party on May 29th!  

      Find out how to join us right here and we would LOVE to see you then. 

      May 11, 2016
      Rule 038 | Proper Hand-Holding Takes Years Of Practice

      Gerard divulges the back story behind his drinking habit, while the duo invites you to join them in making their signature drink, a Pepper Margarita. Jessie craves a certain kind of physical touch... as long as it means her fingers don't go numb.

      Hard to believe we're nearing the end of another season, but that means we're now accepting sponsors for our next round of the show!

      Contact us directly for more info, and be sure to save the date for our finale party on May 29th.


      • We’re almost to 96 ratings on iTunes! Help us pass 100 this week? We'd love to have your support, and you can head over here for instructions on leaving a review.
      • The recipe for a Pepper Margarita: Take 2 slices of jalapeno (seeds removed) and muddle in the bottom of a shaker. Add 1.5 oz of tequila, 1 oz of triple sec and 1 oz of lime juice (from a REAL LIME), shake and pour over ice in your favorite glass with a salted rim!
      • Just in case you live nearby and want to try the pineapple-infused tequila that Jessie tried recently… Head to Agaves Kitchen in Long Beach!
      • Jessie’s narcolepsy might have been contagiously caught from this character back in Season One.
      • The Peppers may have met at a school with strict rules, but that hasn't stopped them from embracing the joy of a nice glass of tequila. 
      • Share a virtual drink with The Gang on Cinco de Mayo! Make yourself a Pepper Marg, snap a pic and share with us on social media using the hashtag #GreatLoveGang.
      • Jessie admits that she loves holding hands, but Gerard hasn't always believed in the importance of using the right technique.



      1. Who are your top three favorite people to share a cocktail with?
      2. What version of physical touch makes you feel most connected to your partner?
      3. Do public displays of affection make you feel uncomfortable or incredibly loved?

      Don't forget to leave us a review on iTunes, and send us a tweet if you have something to share while you listen!

      May 04, 2016
      Rule 037 | Avoid Conflict By Color Coding Your Calendars

      Gerard is stressed about his always-crammed calendar, but still wants to find the time for sailing lessons this summer. Jessie learns that there are many effective systems for keeping a tight schedule, and decides to accept the reality of having an optimistic husband.

      Hard to believe we're nearing the end of another season, but that means we're now accepting sponsors for our next round of the show!

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      • Follow along with our Las Vegas antics on snapchat by finding Jessie at the username styleandpepper.

      • Submit your sex-questions now! Send them in through the contact form on our page, OR leave an anonymous comment on the show notes page for this episode at

      • Gerard’s schedule is snowballing and he feels stressed by too much “stuff” on the agenda... The Peppers decide to create a system for staying on the same page with their calendars.

      • Optimism vs. realism when it comes to time management -- Which one wins?

      • The big reveal of Brea Olinda’s Mr. + Mrs. Most Optimistic!

      • Jessie makes a case for building their schedules based on order of priority, while Gerard claims that the podcast feels a little like an albatross hanging around his neck.

      • The Peppers play a game of roulette with obscure references.

      • Jessie is skeptical about taking sailing lessons this summer… She doesn’t want to squelch a dream, but the cost, timing and lack of dock-space seem like pretty big challenges.

      • Gerard wants to become Master Sailors together as their next shared project. Jessie is on-board as long as she gets to dress up like Gilligan's Mary Ann in order to play the part.


      1. Ask your partner what is currently stressing them out...
      2. When was the last time you got so nervous that it made your pits sweat?
      3. What are the big rocks, gravel, and grains of sand in your bucket?

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      Apr 27, 2016
      Rule 036 | The Lifespan Of A Mattress Is Only Eight Years

      Jessie wants to experiment with sleeping in other beds, but Gerard cares more about earning reward points while doing it. The Peppers commit to filling their year with travel, and they both decide to be more intentional about tucking each other in at night.

      Hard to believe we're nearing the end of another season, but that means we're now accepting sponsors for Season Three of the show!

      Contact us directly for more info, and be sure to save the date for our finale party on May 29th.


      • Sharing so many of our favorite things this week, but no money has exchanged hands in the making of this episode.
      • Listen to Episodes 23 + 27 to catch up on Gerard’s crazy work schedule and frequent travel situation.
      • Jessie admits that there are many benefits to having the whole house to herself.
      • We’re still on a mission to get Lester Holt and his wife Carol on an episode of Marriage is Funny... Send him a tweet and let's swarm him with some social media love!
      • Jessie’s mornings begin with her fancy french press and a simpler version of this Rocket Fuel Latte.
      • Check out The Points Guy and find out how to earn a Southwest Companion Pass for free.
      • No cross-county tour for us this summer, but we ARE excited to pop around to a few of our favorite US cities! We want to hang out with you, so let us know if you'd like to host a little shindig.
      • Gerard packs his "whole shebang" in his killer travel set from Vessel.
      • No one is surprised that Jessie’s meticulous systems apply to her travel snacks as much as her regular eating schedule.
      • Tree-huggers will love the Make A Green Choice plan from all Starwood Hotels.
      • The conversation about separate beds is sure to ruffle a lot of feathers, but one thing we know for sure is that flipping over in a squishy bed is very inefficient.


      1. If you could fly with your partner to any place in the world for free, where would it be?
      2. Do you know any other couples who sleep in separate beds? Have you ever considered it?
      3. How do you usually pass the time on an airplane?

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      Apr 20, 2016
      Rule 035 | Too Much Twerking May Get You Into Trouble

      We're back and the Great Love Getaway was a huge success! Listen in for the highlights of our trip: Bear-hugging, fire-dancing, pants-splitting, guacamole-eating, tequila-drinking, pool-dipping... The list goes on and we're already getting excited for next time. In this week's discussion, The Peppers talk about why it's important to daydream together, and they come up with a list of the things that you shouldn't do when looking for another duo to be your marriage mentors.

      Hard to believe we're nearing the end of another season, but that means we're now accepting sponsors for Season Three of the show!

      Contact us directly for more info, and be sure to save the date for our finale party on May 29th.



      • The GLG guests give a recap of the best moments in their own words.
      • Watch the full video by Kelly Dlux to pretend like you were there, and start getting excited to join us for the next trip.
      • Taking our guests along with us for a dreamlining exercise... Courtesy of Tim Ferris and his book, The 4-Hour Work Week.
      • Gerard sets out to start working on his fitness, but Jessie thought he might have been polishing his comedy craft instead. See his inspiration photo here:
      • Becoming conversational in Spanish is still on our minds from Episode 18.
      • Jessie is dreaming about having a vegetable garden, becoming the author of a published book, and hosting another Great Love Getaway in the fall... Lofty goals, but it feels good to get them off her chest.
      • Being a full-time podcaster might feel daunting, but Gerard encourages Jessie to go for it anyway. You can get a teeny-tiny sneak peek at her upcoming project right here.
      • The Peppers are already excited to plan another GLG, and the only problem now will be reigning in the vision.
      • “Marriage isn’t something that should be done in isolation. If having us share our stories can give other people comfort or encouragement or a jumping off point for their own relationships, then that’s wonderful -- and this getaway is the in-person version of that.” -G
      • Marriage mentors can certainly be a blessing, but digging into life with a strong community of married couples can be just as life-giving.
      • Jessie shares three things NOT to do when looking for marriage mentors.
      • The differences in diverse relationships create so many wonderful opportunities for learning from each other.
      • You may remember Tim + Mimi Keel from Episode 8... We're lucky enough to call them friends, and they've inspired and encouraged us ever since our years at Jacob’s Well.
      • The Peppers feel so grateful for their community that has grown since they first got married, but being blessed means that they want to turn around and pour themselves out into other married couples.



      1. If it really came down to it, would you rather have a six-pack of abs or a six-pack of beer?
      2. What is one splurge-y thing that you could daydreaming about having in the next six months?
      3. Can you think of one couple you know that might be blessed by spending some quality time with you and your partner?

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      Apr 13, 2016
      Rule 034 | Come Up With A Code Word To Avoid Conflict

      An accidental-repeat topic that you won’t want to miss. Gerard claims he has an urgent issue with his in-laws, and Jessie is hoping to protect both Peppers from getting badly burned on the Great Love Getaway in Mexico this week. Catch snippets from our trip on social media: we're @styleandpepper on snapchat/insta and @meetthepeppers on twitter.

      Hard to believe we're nearing the end of another season, but that means we're now accepting sponsors for Season Three of the show!

      Contact us directly for more info, and be sure to save the date for our finale party on May 29th.



      • Gerard compares Jessie’s proficiency for packing to the athleticism of an olympic athlete. Flattering, but highly inaccurate.
      • We do our packing much like we do our laundry... As far away from each other as humanly possible.
      • Jessie is fanatical about sunscreen application. She has favorites for both face and body, and even uses one that comes infused with bug spray.
      • Gerard denies that he has rules for his approach to sun exposure, but Jessie points out that history says otherwise.
      • The Peppers find out that taking care of yourself applies to both skincare AND fast food.
      • Gerard tries to uncover why he sometimes acts rude when they visit Jessie’s parents.
      • A snippy comment after a rough day can end up being the straw that breaks the wifey’s back.
      • Hilarious brothers are sometimes a blessing in disguise. We’ll prove it by pointing you toward the episode with little bro Joey from last season.
      • The Peppers tend to revert to their childlike selves whenever they visit their families. The Mom’s love to dote, but Jessie insists on pitching in. (And ruining Gerard’s vacations at the same time.)
      • Come up with a code-word to avoid conflict, and remember that co-piloting a situation is always the best plan.


      1. When you’re taking a trip together, do you pack separately or in the same suitcase? How did this approach come about?
      2. Have you ever gotten so sunburned that it actually made you sick?
      3. What is one self-care habit that you wish your partner would be better at?

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      Apr 06, 2016
      Rule 033 | Never Forget That You're On The Same Team

      The Peppers get real about their vows and open up about the challenge of living with chronic pain. Jessie woos Gerard with some baked salmon and a basketball game, but when the going gets tough he throws her under the team bus.

      If you happen to have a friend who experiences or is married to someone who has chronic health issues, would you please consider sharing this episode with them?

      We're happy to pour out our hearts as a way to encourage others, and we would love your help in making sure that this show reaches exactly the right ears. 


      • A General Note: Our marriage isn’t perfect, but our commitment is real. Hear the full run-down in the first few minutes of this week’s show.
      • Jessie didn’t get invited to fill our a March Madness bracket this year, and the KU Jayhawks will probably win because of it.
      • Becky Murphy Simpson should win an ESPY for her clever YAY SPORTS t-shirt.
      • The Sweet Sixteen tournament has nothing to do with the MTV show of the  same name. (Most wives would be way more excited about watching big games if there were fireworks and fancy dresses involved.)
      • The Peppers very first Valentine’s Day together set a precedent for our sports watching habits, and now you’ll hear why Gerard has been trying to make up for it ever since.
      • Jessie pulls a "Barney Stinson" by wooing Gerard with a home-cooked meal and a half-time make-out session.
      • His and hers henleys… Are these still a thing? We should make these a thing.
      • The Jayhawks mascot is NOT the same thing as Foghorn Leghorn from Looney Tunes. The Peppers send many apologies to all of our fellow Rock Chalk fans.
      • Jessie tries to explain that there is a distinct difference between “not loving a sport” and “hating a sport.”Gerard throws Jessie under the bus when it comes to whether or not she really loves the teams that have his heart.
      • Twitter makes it a lot easier to keep up with the commentary, but nothing beats plopping down in a recliner to enjoy your favorite teams. Bonus points if you bust out the killer bean dip.
      • Do they still make TVs with picture in picture? We will check into this and report back. (Thank goodness for the ability to watch sports on our special “appy-things.”)
      • Listening to Science Mike on The Liturgists Podcast gives some helpful perspective on processing thoughts and emotions.
      • Jessie dives right in and describes what she calls The Six Layers of Chronic Pain. Her health challenges have been a part of The Peppers relationship for longer than they’ve even been married, and they're still getting used to having it as their fairly unfortunate third-wheel.
      • If you haven't met Debbie Downer from Saturday Night Live, you're in for a real "treat" and you can thank us later.
      • The book Daring Greatly by Brene Brown gives us helpful language around identifying and dealing with our emotions of shame.
      • Jessie learns that noticing patterns within her interactions with Gerard can teach her a lot about how to heal the mishaps. (No matter how annoying they may be.)
      • We assure you that Jessie has not actually ever received medical treatment from a man standing on a corner, but we cannot make any promises about the future at this point.



      1. Does your spouse have a special interest that you could blow them away by getting excited about?
      2. Have you ever pretended to be jazzed about a sporting event in order to impress a date?
      3. What brings you the most comfort when you're feeling sick or in physical pain?

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      Mar 30, 2016
      Rule 032 | Separate Closets Are The Key To A Happy Marriage

      You might already know our guests Damien + Grasie from their pop-culture status, but The Peppers simply know them as a couple of fun friends who are always loaded with laughs. Listen in as Jessie + Gerard chat with them about improv comedy, mischievous cats, and that one time when Damien got mad enough to throw a chair. 


      Find Damien on Twitter / Snapchat / Instagram - @damienfahey
      Find Grasie on Instagram / Snapchat / Twitter - @grasiemercedes
      (+ be sure to check out her style blog for endless amounts of inspiration!)

      Don't Forget: We are headed on vacation together in April and we want YOU to come with us! A group of our fabulous listeners are joining us in Puerto Vallarta next month, and we can already tell that it is going to be EPIC... We have room for just one more couple, so snag your spot and let's hit the beach.


      • The fun in the FB group included words from Mark the mailman, a fairy-godcouple that sent us on our flea market date, and FINALLY the recipe for Jessie's eggplant tacos.
      • Save the Date for our big party in Long Beach on May 29th! The Peppers will be celebrating the wrap of Season Two, and we can't wait kick off the summer together. 
      • Damien tells us what it's like to always and forever be "The MTV Guy." (Among other things!)
      • Consider this a friendly reminder that your husband might be funnier on twitter than he is in real life.
      • Being coupled-up has given this pair a serious advantage on the comedy stage. (More proof of our theory that things are better when we're together!)
      • This duo AND their friend Dave Holmes recommend iOWest for improv classes in LA.
      • The Faheys biggest fight involved a chair being thrown. But other than that, they hardly ever argue...
      • A neo-neat-freak admits she has a problem, and that is the first step. 
      • The secret to a happy marriage is most definitely keeping separate closets.
      • The collective form of the word "MY" applies to parents, weddings, bedrooms and favorite pets.
      • Cats are nearly impossible to control. Cute as they may be, having one at home is not for the faint of heart.
        Dakota The Narcoleptic Cat

      Dakota The Narcoleptic Cat

      • The Peppers share about how their first kitten ruined their first Christmas and simultaneously made them an official "dog family."
      • Family frames of reference can have a huge impact on marriage roles, and both couples have let strong connections with their parents be a part of their kitchen duties.
      • Snapchat Husband Shaming has to be a thing. Is it a thing?
      • Art imitates life when Peter + Lois fight for the toaster.



      1. If you had to choose one, would you be on Team Dog or Team Cat?
      2. Have you ever secretly (or not so secretly) re-done a household chore because you didn't like how your partner did it the first time?
      3. Can you think of a time when you have ever felt competitive towards your spouse? (Creatively, professionally, playfully, etc.)

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      Mar 23, 2016
      Rule 031 | Strangers Are Just Friends That You Haven't Met Yet

      It’s been a while... but this week The Peppers are sharing a "quickie" listener-Q+A episode, and it's all about how they navigate friendships as a married couple. Tune in to hear them chat about prioritizing time for their favorite pals, and how to avoid an acquaintance that sometimes makes you feel like less than yourself.

      Don't Forget: We are headed on vacation together in April and we want YOU to come with us! Some of our fabulous listeners are joining us in Puerto Vallarta next month, and we can already tell that it is going to be EPIC... There is room for just one more couple, so snag your spot before registration closes on March 20th.


      • Take a listen to Episode 18 to hear us share our play-by-play for making friends with strangers.
      • There is tons of fun going on with the Great Love Gang in the facebook group... Come hang out over there!
      • We had a blast with The Dluxes last weekend, and it made us SO excited to have them treat our Getaway couples to a complimentary Creative Marriages session in Mexico next month.
      • Q1: Do you guys ever have trouble divvying up time between his and her friends? Also, do you feel like you get enough guy-time/girl-time, or do you ever feel guilty needing that?
      • Q2: How do you balance time with just the two of us and with other people?
      • Q3: How do you deal with your spouse’s friends? Friends from past, new friends, friends you tolerate, friends you love most?
      • As promised, here's a link to Jessie’s Pepper Letter about flower + wreaths + faraway friends.
      • Anyone up for an in-real-life dinner party? We’re doing some serious daydreaming about this, and will keep you posted as the prepping continues.


      1. When is the next chance that you and your partner could invite another couple for a double date? 
      2. Which of your own friends would your partner choose as their favorite?
      3. Have you ever wished you could ask your spouse to stop hanging out with a certain friend?

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      Mar 16, 2016
      Rule 030 | Gulping Your Drink Will Get You In Trouble Every Time

      Jessie + Gerard are officially inviting YOU to come on vacation with us in April! We’re taking some listeners to Puerto Vallarta next month, and we can already tell that it is going to be EPIC.

      The Peppers break their own rule from Episode 004 by deciding to air their dirty laundry secrets. When it comes to fighting stains, Gerard is a sneaky son of a bleach, and Jessie turns a little crazy when she hears tiny sounds. The misophonia struggle is real at Casa de Pepper, and this couple learns that desperate times call for desperate drinking measures.


      • Thank you so much for sharing this show with your friends! We’re hovering amidst the iTunes recommended section for our category, and it’s all because of you.
      • Vacation with us in Mexico next month! We have room for two more couples on the Great Love Getaway… Grab your sweetie and come hang out with us in the sun.
      • Gerard breaks the rule from Episode 004 and decides to revive the secret deleted content.
      • Jessie is a wuss and refuses to use bleach on her clothes.
      • You didn’t want the free steak knives from Episode 011 so we didn’t bother asking if you wanted a free microwave too.
      • Did you know there are over 300 different colors of white paint? Pretty sure we’ve sampled them all at our local Home Depot.
      • Gerard happens to be brilliant at stain removal, but Jessie finally uncovers his ulterior motives (while he figures out a way to expose her torso).
      • Jessie is plagued by the hatred of sound -- Otherwise known as Misophonia.
      • The Peppers discuss how this sensitivity plays out in their day to day, but are encouraged by the disorder's exposure in a documentary called Quiet Please (and this conversation between the creator and our friend Jessica Mernane).
      • Let's all just be thankful that Sadie's puppy-snores do not affect her parents.
      • Jessie gives up gum to avoid getting in trouble, and offers to glue Gerard’s feet together to keep him from fidgeting.



      1. Have you or your partner ever ruined a load of the other person's laundry?
      2. What is your least favorite sound in the entire world?
      3. Which person would be better at picking out the perfect white paint color?

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      Mar 09, 2016
      Rule 029 | Salads Aren't Meant To Make You Feel Guilty

      The Peppers are officially inviting YOU to come on vacation with us in April! We’re taking some listeners to Puerto Vallarta next month, and we can already tell that it is going to be EPIC.

      In this week’s episode, Jessie professes her commitment to the grocery store up the street. While she’d rather stroll the aisles than make a trip to the spa, we learn that Gerard definitely prefers the spa, but expects to get his massages from within the comforts of his own home.


      • A Marriage is Funny proposal! What the what?! Help us celebrate with Ashley and her man in the private MIF Facebook group!
      • Jessie kicked her commitment issues and joined the frequent shopper club at her fave local grocery store. Listen in for her prioritized list of supermarket criteria, and get her expert instructions for buying the best type of kale. 
      • Gerard’s healthy eating goes out the window when Jessie leaves town. How does that saying go? When the wife’s away, the husband eats junk food...
      • Jessie would easily drive across town for her favorite fake ice cream. Arctic Zero and a piece of dark chocolate is a nightly ritual at Casa de Pepper.
      • Gerard shares a special recipe for something that only HE can create: Guilt Salad. (With extra parmesan and a side of preservatives, please.)
      • The last thing Jessie needs before leaving on a trip is another to-do item… As you may have heard in Episode 8, we’re still working on smoothing out our pre-travel send off.
      • The Melt Massage courses have significantly upped our back-rubbing game. Now all we need to do is harness a bit of heartfelt motivation.
      • Gerard bounces back from a bad massage experience, and now Jessie is stuck bearing the brunt of his trauma.
      • Give Jessie a head of cauliflower and a fully stocked pantry, and she'll gladly make you a healthy feast!



      1. When it comes to grocery stores, are you more of a “wander the aisles” kind of person or do you prefer to make a plan and have your list delivered?
      2. What is your favorite way to receive physical connection from your partner?
      3. Would you rather have a fully stocked fridge filled with all of your favorite ingredients or a super-luxurious back rub that you never have to reciprocate?

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      Mar 02, 2016
      Rule 028 | Magazine Clippings Belong In The Bathroom

      In this episode, The Peppers discuss the merits of being totally fresh faced or having two-week scruff. Jessie reveals her complex system for magazine organization, and they both try to decide if they were conned by the friendliest scam artist ever.

      Don't forget to leave us a review on iTunes, sign up for our mailing list and send us a tweet if you have something to share while you listen!



      • Good news for our parents…Finally: a clean episode!
      • We love hearing about your love and lives over on the private FB group. Share photos, questions, ideas, jokes and have fun getting to know the other couples in our growing fam!
      • Gerard needs to start brushing up on his Spanish, because we’re going to Mexico! He might want to start by re-listening to our conversation in Episode 18.
      • Travel-fights are NOT happening before the big trip. (We uncover why they happen back in Episode 8.)
      • Hair-removal woes are not just for women. Gerard's real question is: To beard, or not to beard?
      • Jessie comes from a long line of bad-ass moustaches, and Gerard realizes he may never live up to the hype.
      • Back in Episode 16 we talk about why "Lipstick Is The Quickest Way To Keep Away The Kisses"… (This week we learn that a few week’s scruff does the exact same thing.)
      • Gerard’s passport photo makes him look like a terrorist.
      • Jessie needs a magazine intervention. Do these exist? How do we sign her up?
      • Bon Appetit makes things like brussels sprouts and ice cubes feel way more fun.
      • The Pepper's Sunday morning routine involves fresh coffee, Meet The Press and the latest issue of Bloomberg Businessweek.
      • Sadie’s a superstar! Check out her first HGTV Magazine appearance right here.
      • Casa de Pepper is getting a NO SOLICITING sign. Do they make one that says, “Except for Girl Scout Cookies.” in tiny print at the bottom?  


      1. Do you have strong preferences around your partner’s physical appearance? Does it have anything to do with how they looked when you met?
      2. What’s your favorite bathroom reading material?
      3. Have you ever bought anything from a door to door salesperson?

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      Feb 24, 2016
      Rule 027 | Nosy Neighbors Make The Best Home Alarm Systems

      This week, Gerard violates the first rule of polite company by bringing up politics, and Jessie admits to her recent run-in with the law. The Peppers learn that living in a tight-knit neighborhood has it's pros and cons, and that it's probably time to hide a spare key. 

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      • Jessie wants to replace Sadie’s collar with something spikier OR get an alarm system to keep the house safe.
      • The Peppers have an enthusiastic block-watcher who is causing over-active imaginations.
      • Gerard calls Jessie out on her TV news obsession, and she realizes that’s what might be causing some of her paranoia.
      • Leaving the house without your wallet means coffee and a protein box for dinner. (Thank goodness for the Starbucks app!)
      • Jessie finally discovers her calling as a professional criminal, but cries in the face of a police officer in order to avoid arrest.
      • When having to choose between rollerblades and an alarm system, the latter seems like a more responsible choice.
      • Voting values can sometimes feel like a divisive split. The Peppers have differing political views, but they still try to treat each other with the utmost respect.
      • Gerard doesn’t always agree with Jessie's electoral choices, but feels strongly about defending her right to make (and keep) a strong decision. 
      • The Peppers LOVE Lester Holt because he loves his wife. Send him a tweet if you’d like to hear him on the show!
      • Jessie will attack you with big hugs and a beverage to avoid letting politics prevent a friendship.
      • Gerard has social media schizophrenia. From facebook to twitter to instagram, it’s all different. (But our podcast listeners get the privilege of knowing the real guy.)
      • Tearing down the humans attached to any campaign is not helpful. Rob Bell says: "In political discourse, vague ominous insults are unhelpful." What is helpful is to say, “What specifically don’t you like about his or her stance on the issues?” Listen to his recent series for heartfelt thoughts on a handful of current policies.


      1. How often do you watch/read the news? Does it ever affect how safe you feel in your neighborhood?
      2. Do you and your partner make voting decisions together? Have you and your spouse ever voted differently? 
      3. When was the last time you had to bite your tongue about a hot button issue in order to preserve a social situation?

      Don't forget to leave us a review on iTunes, sign up for our mailing list and send us a tweet if you have something to share while you listen!

      Feb 17, 2016
      Rule 026 | Keep Your Marriage Spicy By Heating Up The Kitchen

      Gerard and Jessie are joined by Sonja and Alex Overhiser who share their story of going from a fast-food duo to becoming the bloggers and podcasters behind A Couple Cooks. In this episode, you'll hear us chat about shopping carts full of cereal, adopting a flexitarian eating style, and how to form some serious solidarity around food. 

      Connect with the Overhisers at the following links, and let us know if you have suggestions for a couple you'd like to hear on a future episode of the show!

      Instagram: @acouplecooks
      Facebook: @acouplecooks
      Twitter: @acouplecooks

      Quick reminder that the registration for our Great Love Getaway opens on Sunday, February 14th! Mark your calendars and sign up to come on vacation with us in April!


      Alex's Dinner Party tips from episode 26:

      1. Find a partner! Spouse, friend, sister… Probably not your clumsy little brother, but totally fine in a pinch.

      2. Remember the reason for gathering. Guests aren’t coming to judge, they’re coming to hang out. (Food is important, but quality time comes first.)

      3. No new recipes. Try out the fancy stuff on sweetheart before busting it out to impress guests.

      4. Ingredient check-in. Email guests about their current eating preferences, pick a main dish that you’re excited about and build a hearty list of side dishes from there.

      Sonja's round-up of healthy Comfort Foods: 

      Crispy Baked Fries

      So Cal Pizza

      Healthier Chocolate Milkshake

      Raw Brownies

      Spinach Artichoke Grilled Cheese

      More quick bites:

      • Getting shamed in the check out line at Trader Joe’s... Is this a thing?
      • Jessie can’t live without this pantry staple, and Gerard freaks out when he finds out that she’s secretly been buying in bulk.
      • Cereal stands in as the "crouton" in this healthy Vegan Kale Ceasar recipe on S+P!
      • Sonja + Jessie geek out over a reality show indulgence, but the inspiration for their kitchen success is much more refined
      • Decoding dietary restrictions for dinner parties is not always easy. Listen in for tips from two couples who are quite familiar with this delicate dance.
      • Alex suggests letting veggies be the star, and Jessie is always getting inspired by the meatless ideas at A Couple Cooks.  
      • Flexitarians need friends too. The Peppers are pleased to know they're not alone when it comes to opinionated eating.
      • Picky partners are pulled apart by pulp preferences.
      • We’re all still figuring out how to navigate eating and cooking choices when our families are regularly confused. (Parents: If you’re listening, we love veggie burgers just a little less than you think.)
      • Jessie spills the beans about loving her greens. (Or anything that grows out of the ground, really.)
      • The Overhisers answer a question sent in by a listener named Jeff. He asked about how to best support his spouse through her healthy eating and weight loss changes.
      • Roasted celery IS delish. Chop coarsely with onion and cauliflower, add turmeric, garlic + salt/pepper. Pop under the broiler for 25 mins. (Add cannelini beans at the end, throw the whole thing onto a bed of fresh greens, toss with balsamic vinegar and you've got Jessie’s favorite weekday lunch!)
      • Turgor Pressure: The pressure of water pushing the plasma membrane against the cell wall of a plant cell. (You might be surprised at which Pepper turns out to be this week's biggest nerd.)
      • Lentils are one of our favorite superfoods! This recipe for Lentil + Artichoke Stew on ACC is a staple at Casa de Pepper. If you’re looking for something that feels a little more splurgey, go for Sonja’s crispy baked french fries without the guilt.
      • Listen in to hear why The Overhisers kicked calorie counting and ignoring the nutrients in order to prioritize a healthy relationship with food.
      • Back in Ep 11, we talk about how much we suck at cooking together, but Sonja + Alex have inspired us to try again! (Will report back on how that goes.)
      • We use a word association game to get to the bottom of why The Overhisers are better together.
      • Sonja grew up training to be a classical musician, and Alex’s creative childhood makes him a little more "freeform" in the kitchen.
      • Great Love looks different for everyone, but our favorite couple that cooks have some pretty beautiful things to say about what it means for them.


      • If you could fill an entire Trader Joe’s shopping cart with one item (completely free), what would it be?

      • Have your eating habits changed at all since getting together with your partner? 

      • Which indulgent comfort food needs to be "healthified" next? (Share your answers with Sonja + Jessie in the FB group and we'll try to whip up a recipe for an upcoming episode!)

      Don't forget to leave us a review on iTunes, sign up for our mailing list and send us a tweet if you have something to share while you listen!


      Feb 10, 2016
      Rule 025 | Valentine's Day Doesn't Owe You Anything

      The Peppers have a unique approach to Valentine's Day that can sometimes feel like a bit of a drag. Find out how we stay connected during a lapse of romance, and listen as we stumble towards a system for divvying up the household chores.


      • Puerto Vallarta here we come! Start packing your flip flops and get all of the Great Love Getaway details right here. Stay tuned for registration to open on February 14th!
      • Each couple that comes with us gets a comp Creative Marriages shoot with our friends Michelle + Kelly -- Come hang out with us and get bear hugged at their launch event on Valentine's Day in Orange County.
      • Gerard kicks things off with a very directed question, and Jessie tries to skirt around the answer by picking on his semantics.
      • Jessie wants Valentine’s Day to be about celebrating love, not comparing each other to societal norms... No fancy restaurants. No jewelry. (Gerard is elated at the fact that this has now been recorded on tape.)
      • Gerard understands there is always room for creativity and growth, and wants to be able to give Jessie something to look forward to. He also wants a backrub, but his fingers will be crossed until then.
      • The Peppers realize that the whole point of Valentine’s Day is to feel more connected to the ones that you love... There are endless opportunities to shower your partner with romance, but it doesn't have to stop at special occasions.
      • Jessie throws in the towel on dish duty. (After a mere 4 DAYS of giving it her all.) She’s confused about the chores around the house because of Gerard’s change of schedule... except for vacuuming. She’s very clear on who vacuums.
      • Gerard engineered a tin can tower that has spurred on some feelings of passive aggressiveness.
      • At the root of it, we both prefer deep connections over a dozen roses. (But let’s be honest, Jessie would NEVER turn down her favorite chocolate bar.)


      • When was the last time you felt romanced by your partner?
      • What is your least favorite chore of allllll time? 
      • Would you rather celebrate Valentine's Day with a really good back rub or the darkest chocolate that money can buy?

      Don't forget to leave us a review on iTunes, sign up for our mailing list and send us a tweet if you have something to share while you listen!

      Feb 03, 2016
      Rule 024 | Use Caution When Giving Your Real Last Name To Strangers
      MIF Rule 24

      This week, The Peppers are chatting with a dynamic duo that they know you will love! Michelle + Kelly DLux are fellow love enthusiasts, and the husband / wife team behind a new photo series called Creative Marriages

      We are so excited to introduce you to two of our favorite friends, and can't wait to have them share the heart behind their own search for Great Love. In this episode, we talk about taking an intentional approach to a weekly sabbath, what it means to balance social media with being an attentive spouse, and how interracial relationships can be the cause of both blessings and challenges.

      The Peppers AND The Dluxes would LOVE to hang with you over the upcoming weeks, so join us for the Creative Marriages gallery showing on Sunday, February 14th and get excited for the Great Love Getaway coming up in April!


      • Having an altar-ego keeps things spicy... It can also keep away they identity thieves.
      • In case you’re curious, here is the 90’s throwback coca-cola commercial that inspired Kelly's personal brand.
      • Check out Kelly and some of his hot DJ moves right here.
      • Michelle decides to embrace the Dlux handle after reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.
      • Hear the story behind how Gerard and Jessie became The Peppers, and you'll also get some background on Gerard’s corresponding break-down.
      • Kelly + Michelle tell us how the idea for a #DLUXSABBATH came to be... Follow along with the hashtag in order to live vicariously through their weekly adventures!
      • They recently visited the Rancho Bernardo Winery and filled a random Monday with taste-testing and hot tubbing and traipsing around in the rain with friends.
      • Find Michelle on snapchat by searching the username: michellekphoto
      • Find Kelly on Periscope by searching the username: @kelly_dlux
      • Jessie’s snapchat is styleandpepper and our collective Periscope handle is @meetthepeppers!
      • In Episode 9, we talked about our own struggles with social media. (So glad to know we're not alone.)
      • Having an interracial relationship has provided the Dluxes with both challenges and blessings, but their efforts to convey grace (no matter what) is so inspiring!
      • Michelle shares honestly about feeling like her wedding doesn't always match up to what she’s exposed to in her day to day business.

      TRIGGER QuestionS:

      • Does your partner have any major fears that you've learned to accept? 
      • How do you and your partner prioritize rest together? What would your own version of a #dluxsabbath look like?
      • Do you believe in the concept of having one singular soul mate on the entire planet?

      More Dlux Details:

      Kelly is the owner of the DJ/MC company Dlux Entertainment, and is currently pursuing his masters degree in Apologetics at Talbot Seminary. Michelle is a wedding and portrait photographer who you may also recognize as a former Nickelodeon star (on Ned's Declassifed School Survival Guide). They both love exploring Southern CA and volunteering their time on the leadership team at Emmaus Church in Santa Ana. 

      Say hello to Michelle + Kelly on Instagram:


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      Jan 27, 2016
      Rule 023 | There Is No Such Thing As A Free Date

      The Peppers learn that leaving your wallet at home when you go to the flea market is a lot like working an 80-hour week... Either way, your wife's definitely going to find a way to b*tch about it.


      • An update on our budget-building drama... Three words: store brand pickles.
      • The FB group exploded with suggestions and ideas for managing personal finances! Hop over there to learn and share your own.
      • Financial Goals for The Peppers: Building up our emergency fund, buy Jessie a pair of rollerblades (because G already got his new belt), and start saving up for The Great Love Getaway.
      • Join in the conversation by tweeting at us while you listen!
      • Jessie made a special present to commemorate a random anniversary... Get your reminder of Great Love over at
      • Gerard wants to go to the Flea Market, and Jessie shoots him down because she has no self control. (Get caught up by listening in on our budget discussion in Episode 22.) 
      • Jessie is on the hunt for the perfect new coffee table, an antique watch, and a handful of other things… ADD ‘EM TO THE WISHLIST.
      • Coffee-shopping might soon become the most romantic moment of our week.
      • Jessie checks in with Gerard about his busy week, and is surprised to find herself feeling a little bit stung.
      • Gerard is learning to balance client work and self-care. It's much harder to get used to than he thought it would be.
      • We changed our lives after reading The 4-Hour Work Week a few years ago, but based on the current situation -- It might be time for a little refresher.
      • Jessie's admits to how her recent business changes have made her crave the career momentum she's used to.
      • The Peppers are reminded of the main reason they call the West Coast "The Best Coast" and Gerard gets angry (and curses!) for the very first time on the show.

      We're pumped to invite you to join us on the Great Love Getaway! SAVE THE DATE for April 7-10 of 2016, and get excited by grabbing one of our new goodies right here.  


      • Re-tell the story of your first kiss and share us with it here!
      • What would your DREAM DATE be if money were no object? 
      • Do you or your partner ever feel burned-out in your jobs? How does the other person react when that happens?

      Don't forget to leave us a review on iTunes, sign up for our mailing list and send us a tweet if you have something to share while you listen!


      Jan 20, 2016
      Rule 022 | Take Care Of Your Assets In Case You Become A Widow

      The Peppers talk about being transparent with their finances and the importance of finding a good butt workout. Jessie tries to trade in her Christmas gift for something with way more wheels, and Gerard finally agrees that it's time to start using a budget. 


      • Listen for a quick recap of our Epiphany Party from last weekend, including a rundown of the neighborhood royalty that showed up with a trio of gifts!
      • Anyone else daydreaming of warmer weather or a beachy drink of some sort? Okay, how about both. Get excited for the Great Love Getaway, and join us for a vacation in April!
      • The best couples are even better when they get to "do life" in community with other great pairs... Our listeners have helped us to feel less alone and that's one of the many reasons why we're excited to hang out with the MIF community in real life.
      • Jessie tries to trade in her tiny Christmas gift by asking Gerard to buy her something different. Rude, yes... But he surprisingly (and graciously) understands.
      • Our gift-giving track record with one another is admittedly ROUGH... Bumpier than a mountain bike trail, with a dangerously high injury level. (Ok fine. We’ll quit with the puns.)
      • Jessie cries about Gerard finally listening to her Christmas list.
      • With the wind in her hair and blades on her feet, Jessie promises she would not need Gerard to be her blading buddy.
      • Jessie cries again about Gerard gifting her with “the thought that counts.”
      • A HUGE financial confession makes us sound like total idiots. (If you’re an accountant or financial planner, you might want to switch to a different show at this point.)
      • Our buddies at Being Boss recently interviewed Mr. Jesse Mecham and Ms. Jessie Pepper is intrigued by the YNAB software.
      • Gerard relies on his “Perceiver” tendencies to make sure we don’t overspend. Jessie prefers to stash her cash for a rainy day, and says that saving up makes spontaneous splurges feel extra fun.
      • Kelly Clarkson was not on Gerard's radar in the early-Oughts, but Jessie auto-tunes some sense back into him. Thank goodness.

      This episode was a doozy, but we're pumped to invite you to join us on the Great Love Getaway! SAVE THE DATE for April 7-10 of 2016, and start saving your pennies for the best vacation you’ve taken in a while. ;) 


      • Who are some of the married couples that make you and your partner feel better together?
      • Which makes you feel more loved by your partner:  When they give you a gift you really want OR shower you with quality time?
      • Most relationships have one spouse who carries more responsibility with the finances… Did your person take the role in an unspoken way or was it something that you officially decided on together?

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      Jan 13, 2016
      Rule 021 | You Don't Need An Excuse To Throw A Big Party
      Rule 21 Party Time.jpg

      We're back and we missed you guys more than you know! It's finally time for Season Two, and there are a lot of reasons to party so we're diving right in.

      Be sure to listen for our very special guests, and we're sending big bear hugs to the dear friends who are helping us celebrate this week:



      • Would you ever have guessed the most requested topic of all time? Jessie spills the beans and then promises to talk about kiddos in the near future.
      • Our Great Love Getaway is coming in Spring 2016! Sign up at to be the first to know about dates and details.
      • We finally found a place to live and are loving our little bungalow in Long Beach (especially because the owner has turned out to be our fairy landlordmother). Back in Episode #5, we talk about how it never hurts to ask for a price cut, and recently had a big win by following one of our own rules.
      • Gerard has started traveling a lot more with his new job, and Jessie is getting used to being home alone with nothing but reality TV and a queen-size bed to keep her company. #heavenonearth
      • Our trip to Guatemala with was a huge blessing, but Jessie’s animal-arch-nemesis kept crawling right up and creeping her out.
      • Gerard brags on Jessie for finishing her first triathlon, and then calls her out for waiting to learn her road bike until the last minute.
      • Sadie gets major surgery and we end up learning what it’s (probably) like to take care of a drunken toddler.
      • Gerard admits to getting 7 bottles of fancy liquor in his Christmas stocking. (Thanks, Santa!)
      • Hosting big parties make the Peppers happy, so we use Epiphany as an excuse to throw the biggest bash of the year.
      • Gerard is obsessed with ambiance and has learned everything he knows from party expert (and comedian) Todd Glass.
      • More backstory (and unexpected challenges) from the wacky costume party that we talked about in Episode 20.
      • Jessie’s friend Erin created a helpful guide to use as the day-of timeline for a big party
      • Gerard shares the traditional meaning behind why we celebrate the ancient holiday of Epiphany. Prepare yourself for a little preaching.
      • Our special guests weigh in on the following prompts:
        • What does Great Love look like within your own marriage?
        • What is it about your partner that makes you better together?
        • What makes up the right mix for your own marriage recipe?


      Trigger Questions:

      • Which is more embarrassing: Accidentally showing up to a dinner party an hour early or an hour late?
      • What songs were your favorite additions to the dance jams of 2015?  
      • Describe your idea of the perfect "party ambiance"... Do you and your partner have differing views?


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      Jan 06, 2016
      Rule 020 | Champagne Bottles Are Always Meant To Be Popped

      The Peppers are celebrating their first season finale with a bottle of bubbly and a bungalow full of new friends on the last stop of their tour.



      • What is your all-time favorite beverage to celebrate a special occasion?
      • What is one expectation that you currently have about the upcoming week? How can you communicate that fairly and gently to your partner?
      • If you could pick the theme of our next Valentine's Day progressive dinner party, what would it be? (Submissions welcome.)

      Don't forget... Our Season Two premiere will go live on January 6th, but since that feels like EONS away -- We've made it easy to keep in touch in the meantime:

      Subscribe to the show ON ITUNES, SIGN UP FOR OUR newsletter AND KEEP IN TOUCH BETWEEN SEASONS BY coming to hang out with us IN THE PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP!


      Sep 22, 2015
      Rule 019 | Make Sure Your Bathroom Works Before Hosting Overnight Guests

      Gerard + Jessie switch things up this week by inviting another couple to weigh in on the show... Colby + Chelsea are a sweet Southern Californian duo who make it a priority to invite strangers into their home. After a heartfelt chat, The Peppers left feeling like they'd gained two new friends and are now even MORE excited to list their future space on Airbnb.  

      "Something that I'm thankful for everyday is that Colby and I share the values of community and a permeable boundary of the definition of family. Opening our home and heart blesses us and challenges us and changes us for the better." - Chelsea L. 

      This week’s episode was brought to you by Airbnb! Join us by listing your own space on the site, and new users will get a $25 credit towards your next adventure.



      • Huge thanks to the guests who came out to our taping of the Season One finale!
      • Subscribe to the show on iTunes and join the FB group to keep in touch while we're in between seasons.
      • We made it to CA! Still house-hunting, and the adventures in living with Gerard's wonderful parents are going quite well. (Especially since they have a pool.)
      • When experiencing the world together is the basis of a budding relationship, it seems likely that it would continue to pop up as a reoccurring theme... Colby + Chelsea share about the story of how they met, and why it informs their daily choices to love others.
      • Spare rooms go fast when amusement parks are just a stone's throw away and cute kiddos are an absolutely legitimate selling point when you're listing a shared space for rent.
      • Jessie's dream house includes a nice cozy bed for our future guests and turn-down service complete with wine and chocolate. (She also promises not to use the Ninja Blender before 6am. Ok, fine - 7am.)
      • Crazy Statistic: Two-thirds of the international students in the US never get a chance to set foot inside an American home.
      • Gerard's bond with his host family in Guatemala was rooted in their humor and extensive hospitality. (Hear more in Episode 18.)
      • Not surprising that inflatable tubes and pool floating would surprise-and-delight someone visiting from out of the country.
      • Being considerate becomes the norm when you're constantly having to think of the comfort of others.
      • Chelsea drops a knowledge bomb from Brene Brown: "You can choose comfort or you can choose courage, but you can't have them both at the same time." Opening your home might feel like it takes some courage, but as our new friends explain: It can consistently bring benefits that far outweigh the risks.



      • What is the most embarrassing plumbing issue you've ever encountered while traveling?
      • If you had an entire extra room of the house all to yourself (and could do whatever you wanted), what would you use it for?
      • What are some creative ideas that you could use as ways to make new guests feel welcome in your home?


      Don't forget to leave us a review on iTunes, sign up for our mailing list and keep in touch between seasons by joining us in the private Facebook group!


      Sep 15, 2015
      Rule 018 | Cute Haircuts Are The Way To A New Friend's Heart

      This week, The Peppers learn a few do’s and don’ts of connecting with strangers. Jessie finds out why hot-shotting in a different language can easily end up in embarrassment, and then explains to Gerard how generous compliments are an easy way to break the ice with new friends. 



      • We are so grateful to Sprint for making our On The Road tour possible! Be sure to check out the special highlights of our trip as we share them over on their feed, and follow along with styleandpepper on snapchat for more fun clips of our behind the scenes. ;)
      • RSVP to our PHX event and you'll be there to listen as we record the Season One finale!
      • In October, The Peppers are heading to Guatemala with Unbound, and we would love to encourage our community to consider finding their own sponsored friend!
      • Gerard’s Spanish immersion program was wonderful and he would recommend it to anyone.
      • Jessie reflects on the breakdown she experienced after getting braces for the fourth time in a row.
      • Duolingo FEELS like just another fun game on your phone, but has actually been a super helpful way for us to brush up on our Spanish.
      • Pepper-bestie Sara B was met by twinning with Jessie in the same pair of jeans.
      • This week’s episode was brought to you by Airbnb! Join us by listing your own space on the site, and new users will get a $25 credit towards your next adventure. 



      • What is the longest amount of time you’ve ever spent away from your partner? How did that experience affect your communication as a whole?
      • What’s the craziest way that you’ve ever started up a conversation with a new friend?
      • Would you ever consider hosting travelers in your own home?
      Sep 09, 2015
      Rule 017 | Don't Get A Puppy Unless You're Ready To Be A Parent

      The Peppers are in the middle of their On The Road tour, and this episode comes to you from the basement of some of their gracious hosts. Gerard tells Jessie he wants to add another member to the family, but she explains why she's not so ready. They discuss how co-hosting a podcast about marriage has impacted their own life, and agree that taking a quick break in the fall will give them a chance to get caught up on creating season two.


      • Many thanks to our generous hosts and the listeners who’ve come out to support us so far! BIG extra-special bear hugs go to...
        • Erin + Matt for giving us a gorgeous place to stay and serving up a beautiful spread for the first event of the tour
        • Allie + Adam for letting us gather in their creative space in Columbus
        • Chris + Sarah for opening up their home in Grand Rapids and throwing a backyard BBQ to celebrate the end of summer
        • Merl + Bobby for sharing a place to rest our heads AND a lovely studio to host a handful of the sweetest Chicago listeners
      • Special thanks to Sprint for helping to make our On The Road tour possible! Be sure to check out the special highlights of our trip that we're sharing over on their feed, and follow along with styleandpepper on snapchat for more fun clips of our behind the scenes. ;)
      • Don't forget: you can find our full tour details right here... We'd love to meet you, so come out and hug us if you dare!


      • If you could live out of any vehicle (while driving across the country) for three weeks, what would it be and why?
      • Does your own family currently seem complete? What would it take to make it feel that way?
      • What topics would you cover if you had your own podcast?
      Sep 02, 2015
      Rule 016 | Lipstick Is The Quickest Way To Keep Away The Kisses

      The Peppers try to be generous but Jessie gets the blame for coming up short because of a miscommunication. Gerard confesses a high school secret involving stage makeup and the two realize they have more in common than they originally thought.

      Aug 25, 2015
      Rule 015 | Never Try To Paint Your Nails While Riding In The Car

      The Peppers are excited to welcome a very special guest on this week's show... Our roommate (who is also Jessie's younger brother) Joey is here to give you a sneak peek at what it’s like to live with the nuttiest married couple you know.


      • MIF On the Road starts in just over a week! We're announcing a handful of new cities this week, so sign up for our newsletter if you want to come say hey.

      • SO much good stuff going on in the FB group lately... Join us over there to be a part of the conversation.

      • Joey kicks things off with a story by throwing Jessie under the bus. She promptly stuffs him into the glove box to get revenge.

      • Having a third wheel brings accountability AND comic relief, and both are bits of the past year that feel more valuable than we imagined.

      • Mealtime is too important to waste with a fight. Figure it all out before the forks get picked up.

      • Fostering a 23 year old has taught us that honesty puts out fires like a high-powered hose.

      • Little brother’s make the best sounding boards. Who knew?

      • Joey is the freaking best. You guys are going to fall in love with him and probably wish that this were his podcast instead of ours.


      • Do you ever feel embarrassed to fight in front of family members?
      • Who is the one person (besides your partner) that knows your own kind of "crazy" the most thoroughly?
      • What is one way you would try to keep your partner sane during a cross-country road trip? (Bonus points for sending the best ideas our way.)
      Aug 18, 2015
      Rule 014 | Connection Is Easier When You Have A Good Cushion

      Another mid-week quickie that features three listener questions: How-to, when-to, and why-to connect with your partner.

      In this episode, we also announce the first six cities of our Marriage is Funny On the Road tour, and talk about how having a good cushion is important when setting out on any adventure.  


      • We are finally ready to tell you some details about our cross-country trip! Sign up here to get on the list, and check out our tour page to see where we’ll be popping up next.

      • Question One comes from Erika L. on twitter, and she asks: "How do you create space to truly be alone in a crowded city and a small apartment?"

      • Takeaways: It doesn't mean that there is something wrong if you feel like you want space, and extroverts need time alone too.

      • Question Two comes from Stacey in our FB group, and she asks: "What are some ways that you have learned to reconnect in the midst of busy schedules?"

      • Takeaways: We are anti-date-night, pro snapchat, and always trying to make sure we intentionally protect a special part of our day (or week) together.

      • Spending time together is like grocery shopping… Some people would rather go frequently in shorter trips, and others plan to make a big haul because they know it will last them for weeks at a time.

      • Question Three comes from Courtney M. in our FB group, and she asks: "How do you handle time apart when one person of the pair travels a lot?"

      • Takeaways: We're not very good at leaving each other on trips (see Episode 8), so we try make sure that re-entry is handled with care. Also, we use an app called Voxer to keep in touch while we're apart -- Total life-saver if you don't like to talk on the phone.


      • What are some things that make your cushion feel fluffed?
      • Describe your ideal version of daily alone time: Time of day, location, etc. Include as many details as possible!
      • Date Nights... Helpful practice or way too much pressure?
      Aug 11, 2015
      Rule 013 | Airplanes Are Not The Place To Point Out Gray Hairs

      Gerard freaks out about his new pair of glasses, and finds deeper meaning in the panic behind a couple of gray hairs. Jessie remembers that forgiveness is a gift everyone deserves, but wishes that hurt feelings were easier to brush under the rug.


      • Gerard gets glasses, promptly panics and considers plucking his gray hairs. Jessie swoons, even still.

      • We all get older, but it’s time to dive into why “losing our youth” seems to shake G to the core.

      • Spoiler alert: Tears ahead. It’s not unusual for us to cry on planes, but this is nothing like the travel challenges we talked about earlier this Summer.

      • Jessie is ignoring her wrinkles by throwing on a kimono and “pretending” to be a crazy plant lady. (Might only be a few leaves short.)

      • The topic of mortality makes a cameo, but Gerard hangs on to his youth by claiming to be a kid at heart.

      • To Mr. or NOT to Mr?

      • One foolproof way to make you feel less old: Always make sure you’re the youngest friend.

      • Jessie justifies her indulgent self-care habits by claiming preventative measures.

      • Gray eye-brows got you down? Please pass the tweezers.

      • You know that adorable older couple that walks down the street holding hands? We secretly want to be them. (As long as he has good hygiene and she’s wearing cute shoes.)

      • It hurts when forgiveness from friends is hard to come by.

      • Jessie disappointed a girlfriend recently (#oops), and struggles through the experience of having her apology refused.

      • Forgiveness has the power to make a profound impact in any relationship. We try to remember that it is like a precious gift we are called to share generously with others.

      • Gerard lays down some convictions and Jessie realizes she needs to face the facts.

      • Saying “OK” vs. “I forgive you” when someone apologizes is NOT the same thing.

      • Two-part apologies were mandatory for Jessie growing up in the Artigue household, and the heartfelt process has carried over into her now adult life.



      • What do you love most about getting older? (Bonus points if your answer involves wearing black socks with sandals.)

      • Do you have someone that you go to when you need to talk through a sticky situation with friends? How do you keep from crossing the line from healthy venting to gossipy territory?

      • Have you ever had to forgive someone for a hurt that never got acknowledged?


      Aug 04, 2015
      Rule 012 | Always Act Impressed When Your Partner Flexes Their Muscles

      This week's episode features our first listener question, and a new show format -- The Quickie. ;) Listen in as we chat about how working together has shaped our relationship, and why sleeping your way to the top is almost always a bad idea.


      • Megan from Oroville, CA runs a Crossfit gym with her husband Santos, and she wrote in to ask about the best way to make decisions as a dynamic duo. 
      • The Peppers talk through what it's like to build a business together when both partners handle work differently.
      • Jessie shares about the time that her working relationship with Gerard came crashing down in the middle of a dinner date. He quit his position as her business confidante in between big bites of sushi.
      • When Jessie presents her new ideas to Gerard, he feels like he’s playing an impossible game of pinball. (And then he admits that pulling the plug sometimes just feels easier.)
      • Learn what it's like to have multiple creative orgasms a day.
      • The adventures of working together has weighed on The Pepper's relationship, but embracing differences in problem solving can help to alleviate the stress.
      • Be sure to listen to the end for a recap complete with three bonus tidbits!


      • How would you describe your partner's biggest strength as it relates to their work?
      • Do you crave the need to get credit for your big beautiful ideas, or does it feel more important to simply experience whatever cool things you’ve come up with?
      • If you could only pick one frozen yogurt topping for the rest of your life, what would it be?! 

      We're falling even more in love with our little community every week... Let's keep this conversation going over in the FB group, and in the meantime -- Go squeeze your sweetie pie today, and don't forget to share this episode with your favorite co-working duo!

      Jul 28, 2015
      Rule 011 | You Can't Teach an Old Spouse New Tricks

      Come take a seat on our second-hand couch, and we'll tell you why our friend "Craig" makes Jessie feel like an interior designer (and is always good for some cheap entertainment). Things get heated in the kitchen when Gerard burns the sweet potato fries, and The Peppers both admit that they're not great at learning new things when the other one is really just bossing them around. 


      • As we continue to plan our cross-country tour, remember to sign up for the mailing list to hear about WHERE we'll be popping up and WHEN.

      • Marriage is Funny will be on Stitcher soon! Be sure to subscribe wherever you love to listen most.

      • Jessie’s shares her favorite second-hand shopping resources, over on her personal style site!

      • Gerard accidentally spills the beans about his recent trip to the nail salon with Jessie... Personal favor OR personal hygiene? YOU be the judge. 

      • Despite the insistence that Craigslist is safe, Gerard shares the story of a dining room table, a mysteriously dark house and a room full of creepy dolls.

      • Long term bike rentals, apartments, tutoring gigs, babysitting jobs, & pets!

      • Gerard is trying to sell everything on Craigslist before the big move, and Jessie suspects this is his way to force them into being minimalists.

      • Who wants a free set of Wusthof steak knives? Anyone? 

      • Gerard enjoys burnt sweet potatoes, but could do without a bossy wife.


      • What is one new thing that you’d like to learn how to cook? Do you prefer to have someone teach you, or are you planning to figure it out on your own?

      • Sweet potato fries: Burnt, tender, or perfectly crispy? (And more importantly -- WHICH DIPPING SAUCE?!)

      • How would you describe your preferred learning style to your partner?

      Thanks for tuning in this week, and don't forget to help us out by sharing the show with your favorite married friends!

      Jul 21, 2015
      Rule 010 | Getting Across The Country Takes Longer Than You Might Think

      Today, we're celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary, and bringing you an exciting episode that is filled with big news...

      We’re going on tour! We’re moving to LA! We are coming to give you bear hugs in person!

      Listen to this week’s show to find out about connecting with us in your hometown, and hear the most notable (and often outlandish) things we’ve learned about marriage over the last eight years.

      Sign up at so we can send you a rundown of all the details for our trip, and we truly cannot WAIT to meet you in September.


      • Gerard gets our intro confused with karaoke hour at the neighborhood dive bar.
      • Cross-country tour? Don’t mind if we do! 125.4 hours of driving. That is not a typo.
      • We're hoping to pop up at a dinner party near you, and Jessie WILL make you dinner in exchange for a bear hug.
      • Excited to record the highlights from our trip on our new HTC Re camera, and if you've been enjoying the little videos in the FB group, just let us know and we’ll keep ‘em coming.
      • Meeting new friends, and finding good coffee on the road. The pros and cons of taking a month to drive nearly 4,000 miles.
      • Jessie shares a convincing list of the Eight Reasons You Should Come See Us On Tour.
      • Gerard’s shares that his fantasy dreams involve Louis CK. Yikes.
      • We want to hook up her single pals at upcoming MIF events! New matchmaking career in the works?
      • Sadie Mae Pepper is obviously coming with us! Can we bribe you to come see us by offering free puppy snuggles?
      • Sign-up for our newsletter to keep up with the entire rundown of tour details!
      • We plan out the celebrations for our 8th Anniversary on the air... This is new for us. We BOTH forgot about our 1st anniversary and ended up marking the occasion with a lame selfie and a buffet dinner. PROOF:
      "Look Mom, no wrinkles!"

      "Look Mom, no wrinkles!"

      • The Eight Things That We’ve Learned in Each Year of Marriage: Hang light-fixtures with caution. Everyone grieves differently. Friends move away. Finding a fulfilling career is important. Camping on the living room floor is fun. Scented candles suck. Workcations are the best. Great love is way better then perfect love.
      • We have decided that year nine is going to be our best yet, and we're REALLY excited to have you along for the ride.


      • What would your ideal Marriage is Funny event look like? Send us a note if you'd like to help by hosting us in your town!
      • Who are the people in your current city that help make it feel like a golden time?
      • Ask your partner to share a big thing they've been dreaming about, and then help them answer the question: What's the worst that could happen?

      Thank you SO much for all of the generous feedback you've left us on iTunes...

      We are almost at the end of Apple's launch period for new shows, and the more love we get over there, the higher we show up in the overall feed! 

      You guys have been blowing us away with your kind emails and heartfelt questions, and we're hoping to have a special second episode for you a little later this week!

      Jul 14, 2015
      Rule 009 | Use Caution When Pouring Your Heart Out to a Narcoleptic

      The Peppers start in on the topic of cell phones, and end up talking about Jessie's hurt feelings instead. Gerard insists his attention is just a glance away, but Jessie explains the feelings of being replaced by his addiction to Angel's Baseball. Instead of trying to continually check-in on what the world is experiencing, they seek to experience the world together. Jessie explains her belief in the importance of therapy, and Gerard is very in touch with his feelings about it being an extremely expensive hobby.


      • New feature alert! Our upcoming listener Q+A won’t work unless you send in your questions… email them to jessie [at] styleandpepper [dot] com or use this handy form. (Please include specific details, and whether or not you'd like to remain Anon.)
      • We passed an exciting milestone at MIF Headquarters this week… No, Gerard did not finally win the Powerball. (But he does plan to keep playing.)
      • Jessie accidentally hi-jacks G’s original topic, and he never quite gets his groove back.
      • Diving into bed early to spend time together does not have the effect that either of us had hoped for.
      • Gerard claims that Jessie is only ever a glance away, but glances are a lot harder to come by when there is a baseball game to tweet about.
      • Caution: Deleting the social media apps from your phone MAY cause a nervous tick to occur. Plus, if you don't have twitter installed, you won't be able to follow along with our attempts at humor.
      • Settling in to the sounds of silence is the best way to prevent a relapse to addiction. (See: Episode #2)
      • Our phones prevent us from really feeling like we’re experiencing things together, because we end up checking in to see what the rest of the world is experiencing instead.
      • Gerard + Jessie share a few tips for managing phone-time while you’re spending quality time with your partner. (Hint: It DOESN’T involve keeping the mobile device locked away in a drawer.)
      • Jessie requests permission to seek professional help for her mental and emotional health. Gerard makes an argument for why watching HGTV together could be just as therapeutic as the real thing.
      • The psychologist around the corner should have been a guest on Episode #6. Yet another vote for the growing list of supporters on #TeamNap.
      • When the budget feels too tight to seek professional help? Don’t forget about flex spending and long talks with good friends
      • If your partner has resistance when it comes to joining you on “the couch,” Gerard’s suggestions might help them feel better about the fear-filled unknown.


      • Have you ever gotten your feelings hurt by being “replaced” with a mobile device?
      • What are some existing technological boundaries that have worked well for your own relationship? (Share them right over here!)
      • Is there anything that could become a shared activity, where you use your phone to enjoy it together?
      • Do you view therapy an expensive hobby or important investment? 

      As we mentioned in the show, next week is going to be HUGE!

      Stay tuned for the big news, and come chat with us over in the facebook group until then!

      Jul 07, 2015
      Rule 008 | Nothing Really Rhymes With Husband

      The Peppers finally get a chance to take this show on the road! Episode 8 was recorded live in front of a studio audience, so thanks for hanging in there on some less-than-stellar audio quality. Listen in as we feature our best method to get your spouse to do what you want without nagging (no joke), and hear us ask some dear married friends what it looks like to explore the world while surviving the stresses of summer travel.


      • A week in Kansas City, MO with friends brought us back to where our marriage began. Hear the full story in Episode 1.

      • Special friends join the show! Mimi & Tim KeelTricia & Jeremy CollinsAlan & Shanna Keller. How did we get so lucky?!

      • We’d love to have you check out the work of the brilliant minds above, and are sending special thanks to everyone who came to our very first LIVE recording!

      • Let’s face it: Nagging is hardly ever cute. We’ve come up with a framework to navigate the balance between effectiveness and gentleness when (repeatedly) requesting a favor from your spouse.

      • Jessie spent the last several years trying to avoid the “nagging-wife” stereotype, and it unfortunately turned her into a Passive Aggressor. (This is real life, and NOT a reference to one of the scary specimens on Jurassic World.)

      • Packing is overwhelming! Sharing the load of an endless to-do list makes it easier.

      • Asking for you what you actually need is far more effective than a temper-tantrum. (Imagine that! Mom was right.) You may remember when Jessie put this concept to work in Episode 7... Tears and bikini-talk ensued.

      • Gerard bottles up his feelings and nearly makes Jessie barf by barreling around the bends of a wind-y road.
      • Tim Keel - "There is a difference between a vacation and a trip. A vacation is when I let myself relax and do nothing, and it's replenishing. I feel more like myself when it's over. A trip is when we go DO something, and it might be fun, but I don't always feel refreshed. I often feel like it costs something."
      • Jeremy Collins - "The farther you get away from home, the more you open up. When you know it's an 8 minute trip, you talk about 8 minute stuff. When it's an 8 hour drive, you talk about 8 hour stuff. And 8 hour stuff is 8 year stuff, because the farther we get into the trip the more the conversation is real and true, and instead of 'What do you want to do for dinner?' it's 'What do you want to do with your life?'... The farther away you get from your reality and your life - that's when the conversation gets really interesting and memorable."
      • Happy wife, happy life... It was bound to come up sooner or later.
      • Jessie loves personality tests. Next up on her to-do list? Discover appropriate Enneagram number and call Shanna immediately with results. 
      • Shanna Keller - "I spend a lot of my emotional bandwidth (whether I'm asked to or not) thinking about how to take care of us as a joint unit. When he asks me to all of a sudden change our plan, I think 'I don't know how to take care of us inside that new idea,' but when he can tell me, 'Actually, I've already thought of some of those things, so you can reserve some of emotional bandwidth for saying yes,' then that's when I've found that I can say yes more easily." 
      • The Marriage is Funny Getaway 2016 is born. ;)


      • When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, do you typically prefer emotional support or tangible action?

      • Describe your ULTIMATE ideal trip together! Are you more of a laid-back vacationer or a adventure-seeking explorer?
      • Is it ok to spend time apart when you travel as a duo? What seems like a good balance between branching out on your own, and being attached at the hip?

      You guys have been incredibly generous with your support so far, and we are seriously blushing to see Marriage is Funny top the charts on iTunes! 

      Keep leaving those ratings and reviews right over here, and be sure to send us your burning questions so that we can answer them in an upcoming Q+A episode!

      Jun 30, 2015
      Rule 007 | Putting On A Bikini Is the Best Way to Cheer Up A Crying Husband

      The Peppers are pro-bikini, but there are plenty of folks out there who might disagree. Jessie + Gerard open up about how body image affects their marriage, and why the idea of modesty means something different to so many people. Gerard is reminded that we are blessed to be a blessing, and realizes that being a bi-vocational pastor is more ingrained in his life than he originally thought.


      • We survived Gerard’s family reunion at the lake, and there were no less than 19 references to thinly sliced deli meat throughout the entire weekend.
      • Huge thanks to everyone who has already shared their feedback for the show! We love hearing your thoughts, so keep 'em coming and feel free to leave us a review on iTunes in order to help us reach more wonderful humans.
      • Jessie has been popping up on a few other podcasts around the web this month: Listen to her chat about life as a creative entrepreneur on Dave Conrey’s Fresh Rag + making money online on The Lively Show.
      • The burden of how to wear a cute bathing suit without sinning. (Struggle’s real, y’all.)
      • Does showing too much skin in public take away from the mystery of intimate moments? Depends on the duo, apparently.
      • Modest musings, “mixed bathing” + making waves with an old rope.
      • Self-doubt is something that swims throughout both of our brains, but we hadn't talked about it until this episode.
      • Gerard almost gets punched for having a high metabolism.
      • Jessie shares her commitment to the mantra,“I am His,” and the two talk about what it means to embrace such a generous gift.
      • Do us a favor? Tell your partner how attractive they are to you. Right now.
      • Self-tanner is Jessie’s #1 tip for rocking a bathing suit with confidence.
      • Gerard’s lack of movement within his call to ministry is making him feel a bit bummed out. 
      • Metaphors about wells + pitchers + muscles (oh my!) are inspiring us to feel less stagnant as we pursue our purposes.
      • Jessie officially accepts Gerard as her latest lifestyle design client. She plans to promptly invoice him for the last eight years, and unfortunately does not offer a family discount.
      • If you ever feel like your purpose in life is not being realized, take stock of what the pursuit of that really means, and then find simple ways to embrace it everyday.
      • Passing the kleenex box and putting on a bikini are the best ways to cheer up a crying husband. You’re welcome. ;)


      • Does your spouse have a preference on how much skin you show in public? How does this affect your decisions on getting dressed?
      • What do you NEED from your partner this week? Be honest!
      • Share some of the actions that make you feel most fulfilled, and talk about how to work them in to your day-to-day life.
      Jun 23, 2015
      Rule 006 | Never Serve Deli Meat to a Vegetarian

      A timely episode, because most summers are filled to the brim with family time, picnic sammies, and lots and lots of weekend naps.


      • Jessie powers through the latest recording sesh, despite her current "summer cold." She would like to acknowledge that this is definitely gross, and she's sorry for the nasal-y voice.
      • All the single ladies (well, two of them) send in their thoughts about the show, and we’re instantly smitten.
      • Gerard confesses to sleeping on the job. Horrible idea or brilliant strategy? Any listeners out there that feel daring enough to try this tactic?
      • Snoozers guilt is real, y’all. Justify your midday sleep sessions with our custom and compelling pro-nap research.
      • Our summer family reunion at the lake is next weekend.  Impending time with our loved ones leads to the need for a concrete strategy.
      • Send us your own in-law struggles right here, and we’d love to share a bit of feedback in an upcoming episode!
      • Jessie crumbles under the pressure of a simple sandwich. What’s the protocol for a vegetarian gal who adores her meat-eating mother-in-law?
      • The secret that could unlock your next holiday trip home: Always treat your partner just like you would a dinner party guest when you bring them to spend time with your family. 
      • Gerard uses a war metaphor to describe a helpful coping mechanism. This was apparently an accident, but it totally works. Ref: The Fog of War
      • As codependent as it sounds -- we always try to keep an eye on each other while at family functions, and making sure that food preferences, general activities + seating arrangements are coordinated certainly helps when it comes to feeling loved.
      • Gerard tells a LIE on the air for the first time ever... This weekend’s water balloon attacks at the lake will be documented, and Jessie will report back next week. Stay tuned. 


      • Ask your partner: "How can I make you feel more welcome when we're with my family?"
      • Are you on #TeamNap or #TeamAwake? Tweet at us with your vote! (And be sure to chat about it with your partner, too.)
      • Which member of your partner's family can you commit to connecting with, the next time you see them?

      DON'T FORGET TO join us in THE FB group for behind-the-scenes videos and tons of new fun friends. ;)

      Happy listening, and we'll catch ya next week!!! 

      Jun 16, 2015
      Rule 005 | It Never Hurts to Ask for a Price Cut

      We may not be official Minimalists, but give us a chance to scale back on our bills, and we’ll take it. Episode 5 includes a round-up of our current TV favorites, tiny-house daydreaming + coming up with ways to get rid of clutter in order to live more simply.


      • Finally an “E” for explicit. Thanks to Jessie’s cursing.
      • Listener shout-outs! We learn that our show pairs well with beautiful weather, and also makes a great soundtrack for cooking Blue Apron meals.
      • Quote sent in from Tim Suttle... (Tattooable? You be the judge.)
      • To cable, or not to cable? That is Jessie’s question.
      • Landline telephones = The next hipster trend?
      • Our current must-watch-TV includes The Americans, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt + Parenthood.
      • Buildings go up, rent goes down. Brilliant. (Please DO try this at home.)
      • Negotiation nation. Gerard shares his secrets for lowering our bills right and left.
      • Must listen: The Minimalists + Rob Bell
      • The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo
      • Our first giveaway! We are shamelessly preventing our own clutter by sending you presents... Enter to win by leaving a comment on the FB thread, and we’ll draw a winner at random and announce in the next episode.
      • Jessie says, "Have knives, will travel. But otherwise, don’t even count on it."
      • Gerard finally comes clean about the teeny-tiny ulterior motive he has for bringing up the topic of living simply.
      • The 100 Things Challenge from our friend Jess Lively


      • What are some areas of spending or bills that you could  feasibly lower throughout the year? Commit to asking boldly, and let's see what happens!
      • Where would you put your tiny dream-house?
      • If you had to get rid of just 10 things in your home right this minute, what would they be?

      Don't forget to leave a comment on the FB thread to enter our secret surprise backpack giveaway! Spoiler alert: We peeked at what’s inside and IT’S AWESOME.

      (If you HAPPEN to like fresh new beauty supplies.)

      Happy listening, and see ya next week!!! 

      Jun 09, 2015
      Rule 004 | Never Air Your Dirty Laundry in Public

      This show was originally supposed to be about laundry, but Jessie has a melt down, so Gerard throws in the towel.

      Quick Bites:

      • Episode 4 brings a funk, so we scrap the whole thing to bring you the most honest conversation yet.

      • Jessie’s voice gets a lot higher when she cries. This makes editing our levels very difficult.

      • Sifting through honest conversations to find the valuable nuggets has turned out to be much harder than real-life panning for gold.

      • On-tape fighting. Special request for our best friend, Ric.

      • Jessie has an epiphany while she’s running, and when she bursts into the room it rallies the wavering energy of the week.

      • We actually ARE really stoked about laundry detergent, but you’ll have to stay tuned for “the lost episode” to find out why.

      • Gerard’s comedy theory informs Jessie’s consulting for creative entrepreneurs… (We were just as surprised as you are.)

      • We share a big sneak peek at some of our upcoming topics, and then give YOU a chance to pick for an upcoming show. (Weigh in here.)

      • Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes, come say hello on twitter, and we’ll see you next week!

      Trigger Question:

      • List three things that you’re excited to talk with your partner about… What is getting you fired up lately?!  Start your own chat-list!

      Share your answers with us in the facebook group, and we love digging in with the lively bunch hanging out over there!

      Jun 02, 2015
      Rule 003 | No One Likes to be Woken Up by a Vibrating Floor

      This episode is (partially) about sleep, which is ironic because Jessie is up working on this very post at 3:16am, and Gerard is busy getting his beauty rest.  Keeping the summary short, so check out the bites below and we can't wait to hear what you think!

      Quick Bites:

      • Differing sleep schedules cause us a bit of dissonance. Gerard is jealous of Jessie’s late mornings, but not so much of her insomnia.

      • Our first few months of marriage made for wake-up habits that have lasted for years. Gerard is the alarm-guy and Jessie is pretty much useless unless he wakes her up with snuggles and sweet-nothings.

      • Our alarm-clock frames of reference from growing up are as different as night and day. We are currently trying to track down Gerard's original 1980s classic white radio (with red lights).

      • The super-cool French neighbors downstairs get woken up with a vibrating surprise. Oops.

      • A challenge is presented: J plans to start waking up earlier so that we can spend time together before we start our days. G prefers to eat his egg sandwich and watch the news in peace, so we’ll keep you posted on how this pans out.

      • Last year we read The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, and the biggest benefit was learning to be fluent in each others feelings. During the show, we explore what Quality Time means to each of us, and in real-life we often DQ our devices when they get in the way of heartfelt conversations.

      • Shared projects and hobbies can include everything from comedy to cocktails to climbing, but we find that anything where learning meets fun turns out to be the best combo.

      Trigger Questions:

      • How old were you when you first had to start waking up on your own?

      • Describe the version of quality time that makes you feel most loved. How can your partner make small steps toward making this happen?

      • If you had to choose one song to be woken up with for the rest of your life, what would it be?

      Chat each other up, and then march on over to share your findings with us right here!

      May 26, 2015
      Rule 002 | Always Keep Your Partner’s Favorite Mood Music On Hand

      In episode two, we share our thoughts on the topics of well-placed silence + mis-matched last names. Living in a noisy city can have it’s downsides, but not many sounds are worse than a co-worker cutting his or her toenails at their desk. (EW!) After learning about a disorder called Misophonia from a noise-averse friend, Jessie quickly self-diagnoses herself to justify the inappropriate irritation she feels from minor day-to-day noises.

      We discuss our “bedroom playlist” preferences for the first time, and invent an app that will make it easier to "turn something on" at a moments notice. While the differences between evenings with an introvert and an extrovert are considered, a third member of the family is introduced -- Hi, Joey! 

      Gerard wants to figure out why people won't get over Jessie’s last name, and he finally admits to embracing his secret alter ego. We come clean about the story behind naming our podcast, and you'll hear a glimpse at how The Peppers first came to be.

      References: The Todd Glass Show, Pete Holmes talking with Richard Rohr on You Made it Weird, One Part Plant by Jessica Mernane, The Meyers-Briggs Foundation, Jessie’s fashion and lifestyle blog called Style + Pepper, Being Boss Facebook group


      • Pretty obsessed with podcasts. G loves these guys, and Jessie is hooked on way too many to name. (Ok, fine: Rob Bell's Robcast, Start Up, The Longest Shortest Time, The Lively Show, The Good Life Project, Being Boss, After the Jump, and the list goes on.)

      • Jessie slows down her super-speed listening when the words are extra special. (Richard Rohr + Pete Holmes even got a second listen!)

      • Misophonia is not the fear of ordering soup at a sushi restaurant, but might explain why you want to walk around with marshmallows in your ears.

      • Silence is sometimes a good thing, but we prefer music during dinner. And sex. We’ve learned that the same tunes often work well for both.

      • A killer idea for an app is invented. Stay tuned and (hopefully) you'll thank us later. 

      • Introversion vs. extraversion on a typical weeknight. Can you guess which one of us is which?

      • Gerard is perplexed by how many people are fascinated with our different last names. Specifically, our dry cleaning delivery guy.

      • We share the story behind how we became The Peppers. It involves a bit of style, and some self-discovery from Gerard.

      • Crowdsourcing some responses by checking in on social media... Send a request to join our facebook group and be sure to follow @meetthepeppers on social media!

      • Sharing several super-creative last-name stories from fellow fans of the podcast, Being Boss. (A must listen for any creative entrepreneur!)

      Trigger Questions:

      • What is your absolute least favorite noise in the entire world?

      • What is the first thing that comes to mind when you meet a woman who has kept her maiden name?

      • When was the last time you experienced complete silence? Did it make you feel relief or discomfort?

      Take a stab at answering the above, and we'll chat about it right over here!

      May 26, 2015
      Rule 001 | Don't Try to Hang a Chandelier Together in Your First Year of Marriage

      We FINALLY kick off our first episode and can't help but hit the ground running. You'll hear a bit of backstory on how we met along with the reasons why starting a podcast feels like an important part of our current reality. (Spoiler: A few of the reasons are self-indulgent and we borrow a page from the book of one of our favorite married couples, Rob + Kristen Bell.) We also start to explore the big dreams and future plans for this little community, beginning with a private Facebook group that you can join right here.

      Listen for the story of our first big fight, and a declaration that Rule #1 for marriage should be “Don’t try to hang a chandelier together in your first year.” Jessie shares about how being a wife sometimes make her want to throw things, and Gerard learns that he has set unattainable standards for himself as a husband. We decide together that searching for Great Love (instead of perfect love) is the best approach, and that the accountability of this show will be the best way to do just that.

      References: The Zim Zum of Marriage by Rob + Kristen Bell


      • We start the show exactly how Jessie starts her jogs. Which also elicits instant concern from the neighbors.

      • Rob + Kristen Bell’s book is next on our list. His killer podcast is already a shared favorite.

      • We’ve got big dreams for this little community... Join the MIF facebook group to take a podshot at Gerard.

      • The birthplace of our “idyllic” college courtship. (And the movie we saw on our first/accidental date.)

      • Jessie's favorite place to shop for chandeliers and Gerard’s favorite way to prevent electrocution.

      • See our current light fixture above, and get your own swag hooks to be fancy like us.

      • Jessie compares being a wife to this classic pastime and fesses up to temper-tantrum box throwing.

      • Gerard wants to earn a simple trophy for his art of husbandry.

      • We decide to set out on the hunt for Great Love, and then commit to putting our aspirations for perfection to rest.

      Try 'em at home trigger Questions:

      • When was the first time that you can remember having a fight with your partner?

      • Which year of marriage has been your most difficult?

      • What does the phrase “Great Love” mean to you?

      Talk it out amongst yourselves, and free to share your thoughts with us here!

      May 26, 2015
      It's about to get real, friends...

      Launch day is right around the corner (TUESDAY the 26th!) and we are equal parts excited and nervous -- which means that Jessie is dancing around trying not to pee in her pants and Gerard is calmly sitting on the couch looking at his fantasy baseball scores.

      (You wish you were here. We totally get it.)

      To be completely honest, we've still got TONS of work to do, and could really use your help in spreading the word this weekend...

      If you happen to be a social-media butterfly, you can click right here to send a tweet our way, and we'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on why YOU think marriage is funny. Be sure to use the hashtag #marriageisfunny, and tag us at @meetthepeppers so that we can be a part of the fun! 

      Your thoughts and stories could be featured in upcoming episodes of the show, and our hope is that the buzz will really help to kick Tuesday off with a bang. 

      (Not THAT kind of bang... Gerard, don't get your hopes up.)

      One last thing before we sign off and let you get back to your Saturday: There is still time to answer our super-quick anonymous survey, and we have already been blown away by the thoughtful and generous responses that you've sent in so far.

      Can't tell you how fun this is going to be, so crank up the volume and let's get this party started!

      With Love and Laughter,

      Gerard + Jessie

      May 23, 2015
      Well, Hello... Have we met?

      Yes, that is an unseasonable snapshot of our little family of three. Pretend it's Fall in Central Park, and please keep reading...

      If you're new around these parts, you can read more about our story right here, but know that signing up for the inside scoop will be the best way to let us know what's on your mind -- Capiche? Capeesh? Kapeish? (Jessie is rolling her eyes already.)

      We're recording a little more each and every week, but really want to make sure we cover things that you're experiencing in your own relationships.

      (That last part is code for: PLEASE DON'T MAKE US COME UP WITH STUFF ON OUR OWN.)

      Seriously, though - We'd be honored to have your hand in shaping what this new little project of ours could become, and the more feedback we receive, the better this whole she-bang will be.

      Help us out by taking a moment to answer this super-quick anonymous survey while you're sipping your coffee this morning, and then please consider making our week by sharing our site with all of your favorite married friends.

      (Go ahead and leave the lame ones out... Especially if you think they might not laugh at our jokes.)

      Sound good?

      Let's do this thing.

      With Love and Laughter,

      Gerard + Jessie

      Ps. - We are SO close to launching that the excitement is making us do silly things on social media. 

      Apr 29, 2015
      We're Just Warming Up...

      While we powder our noses*, you can follow along with our shenanigans online by using the #PepperAdventures hashtag on social media!

      Jul 14, 2014