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Chad Fealko
 Jul 16, 2019
a playlist mainstay, always a couple nuggets to pick up and improve your skillset.

Jeremy ott
 Apr 1, 2019
I absolutely love this podcast. I am entering my second year of backcountry hunting and the insight and tips I get from this podcast is phenomenal. whether it be tips on food, shelter, scouting or gear there is always something to take away from this podcast.

Dono Gibbs
 Feb 5, 2019
Love both the podcasts and on line content. There is so much to learn about the science behind hunting, nutrition, gear and mindset. There is something for everyone here. Love learning new things. Keep it up

John Salazar
 Aug 13, 2018
One of my favorites. Do yourself a favor... Listen and learn !

Dan Smith
 Aug 7, 2018
great podcast, very informative without a bunch of nonsense marketing. i love the approach of "we make a quality product and it speaks for itself". thanks for all of the great content.


Backcountry hunters talking backcountry hunting. Join us for lively discussion on a variety of topics related to backcountry, big game hunting. We'll be talking tactics, sharing lessons learned, swapping stories, interviewing individuals from the hunting industry, and getting into the nitty-gritty of our gear lists and bow/rifle setups. Contact us at anytime with your questions or feedback by emailing us: podcast@exomountaingear. Thanks for listening! — Mark & Steve

Episode Date
190 | ELK WEEK - How to close the distance...
Welcome to ELK WEEK! This is the 3rd of 5 back-to-back episodes answering your questions about elk hunting. Our roundtable of guests includes Dan Staton (, Corey Jacobsen (, Trent Fisher (, and Paul Medel ( In this episode, we tackle the topic of closing the distance. If you hear a bull bugle but aren't sure exactly how far away he is, if he has cows, if he is coming towards you, etc... How do you proceed? Should you be aggressive or stay patient? Should you make a move or stay put? Should you call back or stay silent? We answer these questions and get additional tips on closing the distance. Visit to enter in the August 2019 giveaway for a custom Benchmade + Exo Mtn Gear knife.
Aug 21, 2019
189 | ELK WEEK - How to hunt quiet elk...
Welcome to ELK WEEK! This is the 2nd of 5 back-to-back episodes answering your questions about elk hunting. Our roundtable of guests includes Dan Staton (, Corey Jacobsen (, Trent Fisher (, and Paul Medel ( In this episode, we tackle the topic of hunting quiet elk. How should your hunting strategies change when elk aren't responding to calls? How should you adapt your calling style when your go-to calls aren't working? How do you locate elk when you can't rely on bulls being vocal? Visit to enter in the August 2019 giveaway for a custom Benchmade + Exo Mtn Gear knife.
Aug 20, 2019
188 | ELK WEEK - How to find elk...
Welcome to ELK WEEK! This is the first of 5 back-to-back episodes answering your questions about elk hunting. Our roundtable of guests include Dan Staton (, Corey Jacobsen (, Trent Fisher (, and Paul Medel ( In this episode we tackle the topic of finding elk. After all, before you can kill an elk, you have to find them, right? Tune-in and hear how these experienced elk hunters have learned to find elk. Visit to enter in the August 2019 giveaway for a custom Benchmade + Exo Mtn Gear knife.
Aug 19, 2019
MM 44 | Monday Minute on a Thursday (Answering your questions...)
Better late than never? We hope you think so... On this Monday/Thursday Minute, we answer your questions about splitting meat with your hunting buddies, storing your food in the backcountry, stopping an animal for shot opportunities, building fires, using bipods, and more... We are giving away a custom Benchmade + Exo Mtn Gear knife this month, August 2019. Enter now:
Aug 15, 2019
187 | Have More Success In Less Time
As much as we might dream of hunting for days, weeks, or months on-end, most of us have a very limited amount of time to hunt each year. So if you only have a few days here and there, or maybe one big trip a year, how do you make the most of that time? What are the ways you can use that time more efficiently? What should you do, and what should you avoid to make the most of your precious hunting time? That's the topic of today's episode! Custom Benchmade Knife Giveaway! Be sure to enter at
Aug 14, 2019
186 | How To Pack — In Light and Out Heavy
If you want to effectively use your pack system for this hunting season, tune-in! Steve & Mark dive deep on the topic of how to load your pack. In the first half of the show, they discuss how to best load gear into your pack for multi-day hunts. In the second half of the show the discuss what to do (and NOT to do) when you get an animal down and need to pack it out. Custom Benchmade Knife Giveaway! Be sure to enter at
Aug 07, 2019
MM 43 | Qs on Beginner Elk Success
We tackle listener Q&A from a new elk hunter. Be sure to enter the GIVEAWAY this month, August of 2019, for a custom Benchmade + Exo Mtn Gear knife at
Aug 05, 2019
185 | Expert Roundtable - The Secret to Success
The Expert Roundtable features 6 experienced, knowledgeable, and successful hunters providing their insights on a single question or topic. In this, the final of five episodes with the Roundtable, we discuss the Secret to Success. Obviously, there is no “secret” — rather, success is a byproduct of knowledge, experience, and effort. But if these consistently successful hunters can contribute their success down to one or two important things, what would they be? Tune-in to find out… The Roundtable consists of Ryan Lampers (@sthealthyhunter), Russ Meyer (@rmeyerarchery), Kody Kellom (@bornandraisedoutdoors), Nathan Jones, Ben Guttormson, and Exo’s own, Steve Speck. BOW GIVEAWAY! Be sure to enter the Hoyt Helix bow giveaway this month, July of 2019, at
Jul 31, 2019
MM 42 | Listener Q&A
We answer your questions on bow tuning, camping with elk, meat care, backcountry food options, and more... BOW GIVEAWAY! Be sure to enter the Hoyt Helix bow giveaway this month, July of 2019, at
Jul 29, 2019
184 | Expert Roundtable - Rituals & Superstitions
The Expert Roundtable features 6 experienced, knowledgeable, and successful hunters providing their insights on a single question or topic. In this, the fourth of five episodes with the Roundtable, we discuss Rituals & Superstitions. What unique and personal habit do these hunters have? If not a ritual or superstition, what particular tactic do they use that isn't the norm? Listen in to find out… The Roundtable consists of Ryan Lampers (@sthealthyhunter), Russ Meyer (@rmeyerarchery), Kody Kellom (@bornandraisedoutdoors), Nathan Jones, Ben Guttormson, and Exo’s own, Steve Speck. BOW GIVEAWAY! Be sure to enter the Hoyt Helix bow giveaway this month, July of 2019, at
Jul 24, 2019
MM 41 | Listener Q&A
We answer your questions on scouting for elk, hunting high country mule deer, budget bowhunting, beginning to hunt bears, and more... BOW GIVEAWAY! Be sure to enter the Hoyt Helix bow giveaway this month, July of 2019, at
Jul 22, 2019
183 | Expert Roundtable - Mistakes That Made Me Better
The Expert Roundtable features 6 experienced, knowledgeable, and successful hunters providing their insights on a single question or topic. In this, the third of five episodes with the Roundtable, we discuss Mistakes & Lessons Learned. It isn’t that successful hunters don’t make mistakes, but rather that successful hunters learn from their mistakes and strive to not repeat them. What real-life examples do the members of our roundtable have of mistakes they’ve made and how they’ve become better hunters because of it? Listen in to find out… The Roundtable consists of Ryan Lampers (@sthealthyhunter), Russ Meyer (@rmeyerarchery), Kody Kellom (@bornandraisedoutdoors), Nathan Jones, Ben Guttormson, and Exo’s own, Steve Speck. BOW GIVEAWAY! Be sure to enter the Hoyt Helix bow giveaway this month, July of 2019, at
Jul 17, 2019
182 | Expert Roundtable - Gear That Makes A Difference
The Expert Roundtable features 6 experienced, knowledgeable, and successful hunters providing their insights on a single question or topic. In this, the second of five episodes with the Roundtable, we discuss Gear That Truly Makes A Difference. Of course knowledge, skills, and experience matters more than gear. But what gear items help these successful hunters be more successful? The Roundtable consists of Ryan Lampers (@sthealthyhunter), Russ Meyer (@rmeyerarchery), Kody Kellom (@bornandraisedoutdoors), Nathan Jones, Ben Guttormson, and Exo’s own, Steve Speck. BOW GIVEAWAY! Be sure to enter the Hoyt Helix bow giveaway this month, July of 2019, at
Jul 10, 2019
181 | Expert Roundtable - Failures & Comebacks
The Expert Roundtable features 6 experienced, knowledgeable, and successful hunters providing their insights on a single question or topic. In this, the first of five episodes with the Roundtable, we discuss Failures and Comebacks. How have these hunters pushed through difficult times, bounced-back from hunts that seemed doomed, and found success on the other side of failure? The Roundtable consists of Ryan Lampers (@sthealthyhunter), Russ Meyer (@rmeyerarchery), Kody Kellom (@bornandraisedoutdoors), Nathan Jones, Ben Guttormson, and Exo’s own, Steve Speck. BOW GIVEAWAY! Be sure to enter the Hoyt Helix bow giveaway this month, July of 2019, at
Jul 03, 2019
MM 40 | Introducing the Roundtable
The Roundtable is our new podcast series that will be published each week in July. Each week's episode will feature a new question or topic, and you'll hear from the same six hunters on that week's topic in the episode. The Roundtable guests are extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and successful hunters: Ryan Lampers, Russ Meyer, Kody Kellom, Nathan Jones, Ben Guttormson, and Steve Speck. New K3 Packs: Hoyt Helix Giveaway:
Jul 01, 2019
180 | How To Be A Backcountry Badass At Age 67
Mike Graves spent nearly 40 days covering over 250 miles of tough terrain while hunting the backcountry last fall. Over that time, he packed out several animals. Mike is 67-years-young. We speak with Mike in this episode to understand how he is still hunting hard at his age, what lessons he has learned over the years, and how he has seen hunting change in his lifetime. Along the way, we also hear some incredibly entertaining stories of Mike's adventures.
Jun 26, 2019
MM 39 | Target Panic, Hunting With Experts, and New K3 Packs
How did Steve recover from a battle with target panic? How should new hunters make the most of an opportunity to hunt with someone that is far more experienced and knowledgeable? What is the latest on Exo's new K3 packs. We answer these questions in today's Monday Minute episode. Have a question you want to hear answered on a Monday Minute episode? Send it to Resources mentioned in this episode... - New K3 Pack Waitlist: - The Cure for Target Panic, Episode #87 with Joel Turner
Jun 24, 2019
179 | What You Need to Know About Hunting Boots
Having good boots is critical. But finding good boots is difficult. There are countless options on the market, and while reviews and suggestions are helpful, it can be a struggle to find the right boot for your foot, your preferences, and your needs. We wanted to speak directly with a boot designer and take a "deep dive" to understand the anatomy of boots. Our goal was to make you a more informed customer so that you can narrow down what to look for in a boot that meets your needs. Thankfully, we were able to speak directly with a product designer from Tecnica boots, Federico Sbrissa. Learn more about the Tenica forge at: ENTER this month's giveaway for the Brooks Ultralight Down Sweater from First Lite at:
Jun 18, 2019
MM 38 | Custom Boots. New Packs. Run, shoot, puke...
Mark & Steve quickly catch up on what's coming next on the podcast, in the new Exo line, and at this weekend's Northwest Mtn Challenge at Tamarack. GIVEAWAY: This month, our friends at First Lite are offering their new Brooks Down Sweater for the monthly podcast giveaway. Enter at:
Jun 17, 2019
178 | Death Hike Recap
The 2019 Death Hike is over, and we lived to tell the story. Mark and Steve recap this year's hike, including the surprise challenges, the funny stories, and the lessons learned. Little sleep, long miles, surprising weather, far shots, heavy packs, and more...this was a weekend to remember. Visit and enter to win the new Brooks Down Sweater from First Lite. Visit to see the Brooks and all of the new releases for 2019 that are now available.
Jun 12, 2019
177 | Confronting Risk, Fear, and Discomfort
Rob Gearing has been pursuing a wide variety of outdoor adventures for decades. Rob's vast backcountry experience has taught him about risk, fear, and discomfort. We, as backcountry hunters, have much to learn from Rob in this episode. Tune-in and be challenged to live more fully. Learn more about Rob's company, Spartan Precision, at Learn more about this show and subscribe to receive future episodes for free at If you enjoyed this show, please share it with a friend or leave a review in your podcast app. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, contact us at
Jun 05, 2019
MM 37 | This Week's Death Hike / Hunt
Last-minute change of plans. This year's Death Hike is now a hike + adventure race + bear hunt. Tune-in to hear more. Also in this episode, find out about a $75 discount on K2 packs, more info on the new K3 packs, and all-new Exo hats. Thanks for First Lite for offering a giveaway for YOU this month. Visit to enter today. K2 Packs: K3 Waitlist: New Exo Hats:
Jun 03, 2019
176 | Solo Elk Hunting Success
Can you...should you...and how do you HUNT ELK SOLO? We answer these questions with Will Meyers (@id_archeryhunts) on this episode. We cover the tactics, strategies, and logistics you need to know when it comes to hunting elk on your own. "EXO20" will save you $20 on the University of Elk Hunting online course at This is THE best comprehensive resource to learn about elk hunting. Enter this month's GIVEAWAY at
May 29, 2019
175 | How Pack Rafts Help You Hunt
What is a pack raft and how can using one help you on future hunting trips? We answer that question with the owner of, Matt Harrington. Matt helps us understand what packs rafts are, how they can be used for hunts, and what you need to know about using one. RAFT RENTAL: Use the code “HUNTBC15” for 15% off of a pack raft rental at GIVEAWAY: Visit and enter to win a membership to onX Maps or a customer holster from Ivory Holsters. FREE SWAG: Leave us a review on iTunes, Stitcher, or any other podcast platform. We will pick a winner and send you some free Exo Mtn Gear or Hunt Backcountry Podcast swag. This week, Jordan L was selected for his review… “What I thought could only be possible via a once-in-a-lifetime guided hunt, now seems far more approachable as a DIY hunt.”
May 22, 2019
MM 36 | How do you train to pack-out 100+ pounds?
Welcome to the Monday Minute! Today we are answering a listener question... How can Steve pack 130lb loads when he isn't a big guy? How does he train and prepare his body to make this possible? (We also include some training tips specifically for flat-landers.) GIVEAWAY: K3 Updates: K2 Photos: VIDEO of Steve Hauling Heavy:
May 20, 2019
174 | Budget Bow Build — All Setup for Under $500
$500 for a bow? No, not JUST a bow...a ready-to-hunt bow setup with all accessories, arrows, and broadheads. Too good to be true? Our guest, Garrett Weaver, doesn't think so. Tune-in to hear how Garrett went from shooting a bow setup that cost over $2,000 to now shooting a bow setup that costs less than $500. onX Maps and Ivory Holsters Giveaway: Garrett's Podcast: Garrett's YouTube:
May 15, 2019
MM 35 | New for 2019: The Exo K3 Pack Systems
Steve and Mark are back to pick up where they left off in the MM 24 episode, as they discuss Exo Mtn Gear's new products for 2019. In this episode, they discuss the new K3 Sypder frame and new K3 bag options coming to the Exo Mtn Gear line. Sign-up to receive future updates on the new products at To see some "sneak peek" photos of the new K3 frame, visit
May 13, 2019
173 | How To Be A Better Mountain Hunter with Greg McHale
Greg McHale has spent years testing himself in the mountains — not only while hunting, but also in the pursuit of climbing, adventure racing, and more. Based on Greg's experience, he identified 7 ways to be a better mountain hunter. We begin the conversation on this topic, but did not make it through all 7 points, so be sure to check out Greg's YouTube Channel to see videos on each of the points: You can also learn more about Greg and his show, Wild Yukon, at
May 08, 2019
May Giveaway (And More...)
New Giveaway with onX Maps and Ivory Holsters. Enter today:
May 06, 2019
172 | How To Ruin Your Next Hunt
Want to ruin your next hunt? Of course you don't! Especially if it is a special tag that you have been waiting for years to draw. A limited tag like that is something our guest for this episode, Josh Roy, drew and had the opportunity to use on a bull elk in Utah. The hunt was successful, but it wasn't everything it could have been. Josh's mindset and perspective affected how he viewed this hunt and ultimately left him feeling disappointed after the hunt, even though he killed a solid bull. Tune-in to hear how Josh's perspective has changed since that hunt and how we can ensure our mindset doesn't ruin our future hunts.
May 01, 2019
171 | Ryan Lampers on Elk Mistakes, High Country Bucks, and Gear That Matters
We are glad to have Ryan Lampers join us again on the podcast. This conversation with Ryan covers quite a few topics, including why most new elk hunters struggle to find success, how to effectively stalk high country mule deer, and what gear truly helps him hunt more effectively, and so much more. Don't forget to enter this month's giveaway from Easton Archery by visiting Connect with Ryan @sthealthyhunter and
Apr 24, 2019
MM 34 | Exo's Origins and New Products
While the Hunt Backcountry Podcast is published by Exo Mtn Gear, it isn't about Exo Mtn Gear. However, given the number of questions we have been getting about new products in the works from Exo Mtn Gear, we thought it would be worthwhile to take some time on a few Monday Minute episodes to address the questions that we have been receiving. To understand where Exo Mtn Gear is going, it is helpful to understand where we have come from. This episode will provide some context on the history and future of Exo Mtn Gear.
Apr 22, 2019
170 | Is Mentorship What's Missing In Hunting?
Before we talk about mentorship and conservation, our guest — Johnny Mack of Washington Backcountry — tells us about his first successful big game hunt, which involves Birkenstocks and a scouting tip from a yoga instructor. Johnny's first hunt wasn't typical, and neither were his origins as a self-proclaimed "adult onset hunter". Johnny has a contagious passion for hunting that is something you'll want to listen-in and hear about. Easton Arrow Giveaway: Washington Backcountry:
Apr 17, 2019
MM 33 | Crappy Monday
"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." -Mike Tyson. Or was it Michael Jordan? Anyway, tune-in and hear about two new podcast series in the works. Want to make sure they are the best series yet? Then send us your ideas for the series to
Apr 15, 2019
Frank Church Sheep Success — Times Two!
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." This famous line from Charles Dickens has nothing to do with backcountry hunting. Except it does. Sheep hunting in the Frank Church Wilderness, as you will hear in this episode, is the best and worst of times. The country is big and tough. The animals are even tougher. Our guest, Darin Cooper, tells us about the sheep hunting adventure that he and his good buddy had this past fall.
Apr 10, 2019
MM 32 | Death Hike, Bear Wars, and More...
Mark & Steve cover the 2019 Death Hike Plans and then chat with Tyler from Muley Freak about a special spring bear hunt video series happening now... LINKS to watch the bear series... Top Priority: MuleyFreak:
Apr 08, 2019
168 | Hammock Camping The Right Way
Can you ditch your tent and use a hammock as your primary shelter in the backcountry? Will it be safe or will you become a "bear burrito"? Will it be warm or will you freeze to death? Will you stay dry or will you be fully exposed to the elements? Will a hammock setup save weight and space in your pack? We answer all of these questions, and more, with our guest Tayson Whittaker of Outdoor Vitals.
Apr 03, 2019
167 | Bow Hiker to Elk Killer
After being a self-proclaimed "bow hiker" for 5 years, our guest filled his first archery elk tag. What made the difference? What can you learn from his story to help you spend less time as a "bow hiker" and increase your odds at filling more tags? We answer those questions in this episode with Hunt Backcountry Podcast listener, and now guest, Trevor White.
Mar 27, 2019
166 | The Science of Scouting
Do you rely on digital resources to scout for new hunting areas? If so, you'll want to tune-in to this episode. Our guest, Dr. Everett Hanna, is a Wildlife Biologist and hunter that uses scientific and academic research data to help inform his scouting. Not a scientist or academic? Yeah, me either. Thankfully, Everett helps us ALL understand how to use these resources. Resources mentioned in the show... - - -
Mar 20, 2019
MM 31 | Your SOS Feedback
You guys gave us some great feedback on Episode 164, where our guest told the story of hitting the SOS button on his Garmin InReach and how the response went. We heard from listeners with similar stories, SAR personnel, SWAT EMTs, and more. In this Monday Minute episode, we recap some of the information that you guys provided us about hitting the SOS button in a backcountry emergency.
Mar 18, 2019
165 | Introducing Our New Host (And Rookie Elk Lessons)
Steve takes over the podcast and surprises Mark by interviewing him about his first backpack hunt.
Mar 13, 2019
MM 30 | Cable vs Limb-Driven Arrow Rests with Ripcord
Kevin from Ripcord Arrow Rests joins us to discuss cable vs limb-driven rests and more. Ripcord is one of our giveaway partners this month and you can win a Ripcord rest of your choice, as well as a TightSpot quiver of your choice, by entering at
Mar 11, 2019
164 | I pushed SOS on my InReach. Here is what happened...
What happens if you are miles-deep in the backcountry and suffer a serious injury? Hopefully, you have some method of reliable communication to call for help. If you do, what happens after you "push the button"? We are joined by Martin Fox to hear his story of pushing SOS on his Garmin InReach device and what happened after help was summoned. Don't forget to enter the March giveaway from TightSpot Quivers and Ripcord Arrow Rests by visiting
Mar 06, 2019
MM 29 | TightSpot Quiver Giveaway
A new month means we have a new giveaway! In March we are offering a TightSpot Quiver and a Ripcord Arrow rest. Visit to get entered today. In this episode we are joined by Joe Jacks from TightSpot to discuss what's new for 2019.
Mar 04, 2019
163 | Caribou in Alaska with the Modern Day Mountain Man, Part II
We are back with the "Modern Day Mountain Man", Billy Molls. This is the 2nd part of our conversation with Billy about hunting Alaska in general, and hunting Caribou specifically. In this episode we talk about meat care, grizzly encounters, and more. Be sure to hit Subscribe on the podcast or visit to learn more.
Feb 27, 2019
MM 28 | Setting + Story > Score
Mark & Steve are back from show season and record a Monday Minute answering the question, "If you could only have one more hunt, what would it be?" Don't forget to enter the February podcast giveaway to have a chance at winning a custom Black Gold Bow Sight of your choice! Enter now at:
Feb 25, 2019
162 | Caribou in Alaska with the Modern Day Mountain Man, Part I
I am sure you have dreamed of hunting Alaska. I think we all have. In this episode, we speak with the "Modern Day Mountain Man", Billy Molls. Billy has spent 20+ seasons guiding in Alaska for a variety of species. We speak with Billy about Caribou hunting in Alaska, and why it is the ideal first hunt for those new to Alaska. Be sure to hit Subscribe to make sure you receive next week's episode, the second part of our discussion with Billy.
Feb 20, 2019
161 | Train AND Recover Smarter
Do you want to hunt hard when you are in your 50s, 60s, or even 70s? Well if you do, you are going to need to be strategic about how you get there. You are going to need to train hard, but you also need to recover well. We like to talk about how far we hiked or how heavy that pack-out was — but to keep hunting, hiking, and packing-out loads from the backcountry, we need to address the often neglected topics we talk about in this episode...
Feb 06, 2019
MM 27 | February Giveaway with Black Gold Bow Sights
Dustin from Black Gold Bow Sights joins us to discuss their new-for-2019 Pro Sight. YOU can win this sight and customize it to your liking, by entering this month's podcast giveaway at: To learn more about selecting, setting-up, and using bow sights, check out our previous episode with Dustin, Episode #101.
Feb 04, 2019
160 | Budget Backpacking Gear For Your Next Hunt
As much as we love new gear, our budgets are limited. If you are a hunter that is looking to get into backcountry, backpack-style hunting, we wanted to discuss how we would shop for backpacking gear and make budget-minded decisions. In this episode, Mark and Steve discuss how they would spend $700-$800 to purchase a shelter, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, backpacking stove, water filtration system, a reliable light source, and footwear for western-style hunting. View Steve and Mark's picks at
Jan 30, 2019
159 | Backcountry First Aid and Medical Care
If you hunt the backcountry, you need to be informed, equipped, and prepared for medical situations that could occur. The problem is, most of us aren't. We are personally guilty of not knowing enough or carrying enough as it relates to first aid and medical care if, God forbid, we have an emergency in the backcountry. In this episode, we are joined by two instructors from Aerie Backcountry Medicine. Mike and Trent are experienced in the areas of medicine, trauma, emergency responses, and the outdoors. We speak with them about the first aid knowledge, skills, and equipment that backcountry hunters need. We will cover more on this topic in the future and would love to know what related questions you have. Email us at Learn more about Aerie at Learn more about the podcast at:
Jan 23, 2019
MM 26 | Show Season. Will we see you?
This time of year is show season. In this episode, Mark and Steve quickly recap some new gear from the recent ATA Show. They also talk about the opportunity to join them in February to swap stories, see Exo packs, and just hang out. The Exo crew will be at the PNW Sportsmen's Show in Portland, OR, as well as the Hunt Expo in SLC, UT. We would love to see you there!
Jan 21, 2019
158 | Expand Your Season, Expand Your Skills
Don't wait until September to start hunting. Explore the opportunities in all seasons throughout the year and you will grow and learn as a hunter. Yes, hunting small game can, and will, make you a better big game hunter. Our guest in this episode, Levi Sim, shares his journey and the lessons he has learned as a new hunter that has explored year-long hunting opportunities on everything from Marmots to Black Bear. Learn more at
Jan 16, 2019
MM 25 | Your Training Should Change
The way you train right now should not look like the way you are training 6-weeks out from your hunt. Most of us have many months before our biggest hunts of the year, and if we want to train smart and be prepared for those hunts, we shouldn't be doing the same thing over-and-over for months. So what should our training year look like from a high level? That's one of the questions we set out to answer in this episode with Jake Saenz from Atomic Athlete. When it does come time to specifically train for backcountry hunting, be sure to check out the FREE Backcountry Hunting Training Plan that Jake put together for us at To enter this month's podcast giveaway visit
Jan 14, 2019
157 | Rookie Success on an Out-of-State Coues Adventure
Two buddies set out to hunt a new species in a new state, and in a new way. The did some things right, and quite a few things wrong. They learned, they laughed, and they filled a tag. Is there anything better? How did they research this hunt? How did they get tags? How did they scout? How did they feel about hunting so close to the Mexican border? What gear did they use? What did they learn? What would they do differently next time? And, ultimately, how did they find success? We answer all of these questions, and more, in this episode. Oh, and there are a lot of laughs along the way, too.
Jan 09, 2019
MM 24 | New Year's Diets Don't Work
We know, this is probably the 3,594th time you have heard about diet and weight loss already this month. January is THE time when everyone is talking about diets and weight loss. The problem is, most of the information isn't truly helpful. Instead of talking about some secret diet, a magic supplement, or selling you any shortcut, we wanted to talk with our buddy Kyle Kamp about some simple, practical, and truly helpful strategies to clean-up your diet in 2019. Kyle is not only a registered and practicing Dietician — he has gone through a significant weight loss journey in his past. Kyle has both the knowledge and experience to give advice that will be truly beneficial. And thankfully, it is all doable. Don't forget to enter the January podcast giveaway by going to You can win one-on-one coaching with Kyle, as well as some training help from our friends at Atomic Athlete.
Jan 07, 2019
156 | What You NEED to Know About Chronic Wasting Disease
There is a lot of information and MIS-information out there about Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). Some say that CWD is a real and present danger that could significantly decrease wildlife numbers; others say it is nothing to worry about. What is the truth about CWD? Where did it come from? How does it spread? How can it be contained? What is the real threat to the future of wild game populations? We answer all of these questions, and more, in our conversation with John Vore, the Game Management Bureau Chief for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. Visit for more.
Jan 02, 2019
MM 23 | 2019 Gear Giveaways
Every month in 2019 we are offering a new giveaway to listeners of the Hunt Backcountry Podcast. You'll hear about all of the brands offering prizes as well as how to enter. The January giveaway is already live at
Dec 31, 2018
155 | Our Elk Hunt with Born & Raised Outdoors
Relive our September elk hunt with the Born & Raised Outdoors crew by listening to the 4-part podcast series, which we recorded "live" during the hunt. You can also watch the hunt unfold on the Born & Raised YouTube channel:
Dec 19, 2018
MM 22 | A Purpose-Built Pack Holster
There are many, many holsters on the market. And many of them will work on an Exo Mtn Gear pack hipbelt. But is there a holster that is purpose-built for use on a pack hipbelt? There is now. In this episode, I speak with Gabriel of Ivory Holsters about his new EMG Holster that is purpose-built for use on Exo Mtn Gear packs. Tune in to learn more and check them out now at:
Dec 17, 2018
154 | What Research Says About Hiking and Shooting Accuracy
How does hiking with a weighted pack affect shooting accuracy? This question was formally researched by one of our listeners, Adam Carter, as a part of his Master's Thesis. We speak with Adam about the testing protocol, his pre-test hypothesis, the outcomes from his testing, and how we can apply this information to our training, shooting, and hunting. Learn more at
Dec 12, 2018
MM 21 | Gear of the Year
Mark & Steve pick their "gear of the year" in three different budget categories. What's your pick? Have a question for a future episode? Let us know...
Dec 10, 2018
153 | Tag-Team Sheep Dream, Part 2
There is a story behind every sheep hunt. These stories typically involve remote and rugged locations, challenging conditions, and additional elements of difficulty that tests the hunter's limits. This sheep story is all of that, and more — times two. We are joined by brothers, Ryan and Kenton Clairmont, to hear about their sheep hunting story that culminated after years of effort. Not a sheep hunter? Neither am I, although I hope to be one day; nevertheless, I gleaned a lot out of this two-part conversation with Ryan and Kenton, and I am sure you will too.
Dec 05, 2018
MM 20 | Learn Next-Level Elk Hunting at Elk Camp
Online resources are great, but nothing can come close to in-person training and real-time feedback. That's why Dan Staton of is launching a new way for elk hunters to learn about elk hunting at weekend-long Elk Camps. These camps will cover physical fitness, shooting, backcountry gear and pack systems, live Q&A with experienced elk hunters and more. In this Monday Minute we talk about the first ever Elk Camp that is taking place in March, and learn more about Dan's vision for expanding these weekend events in the future. Want one to come to your part of the country? Let Dan know!
Dec 03, 2018
152 | Tag-Team Sheep Dream, Part 1
There is a story behind every sheep hunt. These stories typically involve remote and rugged locations, challenging conditions, and additional elements of difficulty that tests the hunter's limits. This sheep story is all of that, and more — times two. We are joined by brothers, Ryan and Kenton Clairmont, to hear about their sheep hunting story that culminated after years of effort. Not a sheep hunter? Neither am I, although I hope to be one day; nevertheless, I gleaned a lot out of this two-part conversation with Ryan and Kenton, and I am sure you will too. Learn more at
Nov 28, 2018
151 | Excuses Are The Enemy
We all have excuses. More accurately, we all make excuses. But those excuses are just that — something we make. Something we control. Something we can overcome. In this episode we speak with double-amputee, Sidney Smith (@tri_nofeet), about his story and how he has overcome setbacks to complete triathlons, climb the highest of mountains, and hunt the backcountry. Everyone will take something away from this episode... Learn more at
Nov 21, 2018
MM 19 | Black Friday. Opening Day Buck. Why Your Excuses Suck.
Get the scoop on Exo's Black Friday sale. Hear about Mark's opening day buck. Learn why your excuses — all of them — aren't reasons why you can't do something; more on that in this week's full episode with @tri_nofeet.
Nov 19, 2018
150 | Family, Fitness, and Elk
This week, in lieu of the Monday Minute, we have a full-length episode with Dan Staton of Mark and Dan discuss the topic of balancing family and hunting, and also cover some great elk hunting advice. Be sure to share your stories and strategies for balancing family and hunting with us by emailing
Nov 12, 2018
149 | Failure Is Not Fatal
You have waited 5 years to draw a coveted Arizona archery elk tag. You have more than two weeks to hunt. You have spent time and scouted the area. Your one worry is that this hunt will be too short-lived, as you know opportunity abounds. But things do not go your way. The elk do not cooperate. You have some bad luck. And as your mindset is challenged, you make some mistakes. How do you bounce-back from "failure"? How do you continue, despite your mistakes? How do you deal with what seems like crushing defeat? Churchill said that, "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." But that is easy to say, and harder to live. Josh Kirchner ( shares this story with us. Learn more at
Nov 07, 2018
MM 18 | Mark Is A Jerk
In this Monday Minute we discuss a listener question on the topic of taking time away from the family to go hunt the backcountry, and how to keep a happy wife and a happy life. The struggle is real. What are your tips and experiences managing hunting and family? Let us know at ALSO... Land of the Free 2.0 launches this week! Check it out at
Nov 05, 2018
148 | Your Rifle Build Questions Answered
We are back with the crew from Snowy Mountain Rifle to talk more about upgrading a factory rifle vs building a custom rifle. Our first podcast with them (#128) covered this topic and raised a lot of listener questions, so in this follow-up show we dive deeper and answer many of your specific questions. We cover where and when to spend your money, balancing light weight and long-range accuracy, barrel life and re-barreling, accurizing a factory action vs building off of a fully custom action, Steve’s experience breaking-in his SMR build, and much more. Learn more at:
Oct 31, 2018
MM 17 | Stove Tips, Passing the Time, Custom Rifles
In this Monday Minute we hear about listener feedback for running stoves in your shelter, talk about ways to pass the time on late-season hunts when darkness falls early, and preview the next episode on custom vs factory rifles.
Oct 29, 2018
147 | Hunting Mountain Whitetail and Going West
Steve Flores hunts whitetail in Appalachian mountains of the Eastern US and has also transitioned into hunting elk in the west. We talk with Steve about traditional whitetail tactics, as well as the unique tactics for hunting "mountain whitetail", and also learn how he adapted his hunting style when learning to hunt elk out west. Steve also shares an important lesson with us about "failure" and growth as a hunter. Learn more at
Oct 24, 2018
MM 16 | New Packs. Mountain Goat Adventure.
Help us design the Exo Mtn Gear 2019 packs. Sign-up before this Wednesday (10/24) to receive an invitation for the product design survey at If you do not sign-up before then, email to request access to the survey. In this Monday Minute episode, Mark and Steve talk about a once-in-a-lifetime Mountain Goat hunt that Steve was a part of last week. As pretty much all Mountain Goat hunts are, it was an adventure!
Oct 22, 2018
146 | Killing Bulls in Wolf Country
Tyler Boschma and Exo Mtn Gear co-founder, Steve Speck, share their recent experiences hunting elk in the midst of wolf activity. Hear about Steve accidentally calling-in and being surrounded by five wolves, Tyler's account of active wolves while recovering a bull he shot, and more. Whether you just want a good story from this past elk season, or you want to pick up a few elk hunting lessons that they learned, you'll enjoy this episode.
Oct 17, 2018
MM 15 | BONUS: How to Hunt Post-Rut, Late Season Elk
This Monday Minute is a bonus replay of a podcast we recorded a couple of years ago. The timely topic is hunting post-rut, late season elk. Most of the elk hunting information out there is about hunting elk during the rut, but in the late season you need to consider changing tactics to fill your tag. Our guest, Mark Kayser, shares many lessons he has learned about hunting post-rut elk.
Oct 15, 2018
145 | Fixed vs Folder vs Replaceable Hunting Knives
In this week's show we speak with Troy from Benchmade Knives about the pros and cons of choosing a fixed-blade, folding, or replaceable blade knife. Then we dive deep into understand the anatomy of a hunting knife and what knife attributes should be considered for ultimate performance. If you want to learn more about blade steels, sizes, shapes, sharpening, and more, you will definitely benefit from this episode!
Oct 10, 2018
MM 14 | And we're back!
Now that September is over, we are back to podcasting weekly. In this Monday Minute episode we quickly recap what we were up to in September, talk about some of the good and bad from gear we tested in the backcountry over the past month, and explain what is coming for the podcast. Don't forget to share your stories and photos from September with us!...
Oct 08, 2018
144 | First Year Elk Hunting Success
Highs and lows. Mistakes made. Lessons learned. And a bit of good fortune. We dive into these aspects of Tim Connor's first elk hunt. His story is real, and familiar. As many of your are getting your start and building experience in western hunting, I am sure you will relate to and benefit from Tim's story. Learn more at
Aug 31, 2018
143 | Understanding Mountain Weather Patterns
Just a couple of days ago Steve was hunting highcountry mule deer and spent a frigid, snowy night on the August. Other days, it was 80s and sunny. Mountain weather, it seems, is consistently inconsistent. But there are patterns that we can look for. The weather forecast is worth paying attention to before any backcountry adventure. Our guest in this show, Eric Knoff, is an experienced outdoorsman and weather forecast, and he helps us understand weather in the mountains — what to look for, how to prepare, and how to adapt. Visit for more.
Aug 30, 2018
142 | Roosevelt vs Rocky Mountain Elk, And How to Hunt Both
What are some of the differences between Roosevelt Elk and Rocky Mountain Elk, and how do tactics both differ and stay the same when hunting these elk sub-species? We cover this topic with our guests, Cory and Shannon, from Angry Spike Productions. The guys at Angry Spike have an incredible track record of killing big Roosevelt bulls in the Pacific Northwest, and although their specialty is Roosies, we learn a lot from their approach that can apply to us, as hunters of Rocky Mountain Elk. We cover locating, calling, setting up for the shot, arrow and broadhead selection for elk, and much more...
Aug 29, 2018
141 | Do You Ever Outgrow the Basics?
Have you ever looked around at other hunter's success and wondered what their secret was? How did they become so successful? How did they fill so many tags? How did they find such amazing animals? There could be many answers to those questions, but for hunters that consistently get it done on public lands, it boils down to simple elements, such as focus, preparation, determination, time in the field, etc. Maybe what we need to do is focus on the basics, be persistent, and that becomes the "secret" to being a more effective hunter.
Aug 28, 2018
140 | Altitude Sickness: Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment
What is altitude sickness? How can it be prevented? Do over-the-counter medications and supplements work? How can you tell the difference between serious illness and non-acute symptoms? If acute mountain sickness occurs, how should you treat it? We answer all of these questions, and more, with our guest Robert Roach. Robert is the Director of the Altitude Research Center at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and has spent years researching altitude sickness. Visit for more.
Aug 27, 2018
139 | When It Doesn't Go Right...
In this week's #HuntBackcountry podcast we speak with Aaron Van Woerkom of Muley Freak about the lessons he has learned from hunts gone wrong. Among other things, we discuss a tough hunt where Aaron lost a buck he shot. It has been said that if this hasn't happened to you, you just haven't hunted enough yet. Losing an animal you shoot is always a tough situation, and it is an important topic to consider for yourself, ideally before it happens to you.
Aug 22, 2018
MM 13 | Special Guest
Special guest, Trent Fisher of Born & Raised Outdoors, joins us to talk what's to come for the 2018 season. Of course, we couldn't let him go without asking for some last-minute elk hunting advice...
Aug 20, 2018
138 | The Elk Nut Returns
Paul "the Elk Nut" Medel has been on the #HuntBackcountry Podcast a couple of times before, and he's back again to share some last-minute advice for everyone heading into the elk woods this year. We always learn a lot when we talk to Paul, and in this episode Paul shares some things he's never shared before. You might want to have a notepad handy when you listen to this one!
Aug 15, 2018
MM 12 | What gear are we using this year? Do you have to hunt deep?
What gear is the Exo crew using this year? Do you have to go "miles deep" to find game? How do we train while traveling? Oh, and don't forget about the #InMyExo giveaway...
Aug 13, 2018
137 | Elk Hunting Lessons Learned the Hard Way
I have read, listened to, and watched a lot of content about elk hunting tactics, strategies, etc. But in this podcast I learned some new tactics and perspectives that I have never heard of before. Our guest, Jake Saenz of Atomic Athlete, shares what he has learned hunting public land bulls over the past several years. Between Jake's military background and the experiences he has gone through in the backcountry, he certainly has some unique insight to share. Make sure you listen to this one before opening day! Be sure to head over to to learn more, subscribe, and see the Jake's article that inspired this episode.
Aug 08, 2018
MM 11 | New Gear, Shooting Drills, Backcountry Coffee
This Monday Minute features a full-length bonus interview with Tony from Dark Timber Coffee Co. Whether at home or in the backcountry, Mark and Steve both appreciate a good cup of coffee, and we certainly learned a lot from this conversation with Tony. Before the interview, Mark and Steve catch up on new gear that was released at the Outdoor Retailer Show, talk about realistic shooting practice and drills, and more.
Aug 06, 2018
136 | Rookie Gear Mistakes (And a giveaway announcement...)
In what specific ways do new backcountry hunters tend to carry more gear than they need? Where is the greatest opportunity to simplify and lighten the load? We see it over and over again. New hunters tend to overpack clothing and other "just in case" items. As Andrew Skurka said on one of our podcast episodes, we tend to "pack our fears". When you are new to backpacking and backcountry hunting, it is natural to think, "Well, this is only a few ounces. And that is only a few ounces. So I should probably just throw them in the bag." Those ounces become pounds, and as the saying goes... pounds become pain. On this episode we had the opportunity to speak with Chad from Backcountry Rookies ( Chad is going on his first backcountry elk hunt this fall. During the show Mark and Steve go through Chad's gear list, item-by-item, to ask questions and make suggestions that can help Chad lighten his load. Enter the giveaway at: Learn more about the podcast at:
Aug 01, 2018
MM 10 — Choosing the Right Release (#InMyExo Giveaway Announcement)
Wrist strap, thumb trigger, or hinge? Which style of release is right for you? What are the pros and cons of each style? ALSO, we release a bit more about the upcoming #InMyExo giveaway launching on Wednesday, August 1st.
Jul 30, 2018
135 | Solo Hunting in the Backcountry: What you need to know...
Heading into the backcountry all on your own presents a unique set of challenges...and benefits. Whether you hunt solo by choice, or by necessity — because you can't find someone who hunts when, where, and how you want to — solo hunting is both uniquely demanding and rewarding. In this episode, Mark and Steve are joined by Josh Kirchner to discuss all aspects of solo hunting, including the pros and cons, mindset, and practical topics like safety and meat care.
Jul 25, 2018
MM 09 — Your Meat Care Questions Answered (BONUS!)
In this Monday Minute we tackle your meat care questions, including what's in our kill kit, advice for meat care on solo hunts, quartering vs deboning, and more. AND we have a bonus replay of a previous episode with David Draper that will educate you on how to care for meat in the field when heat is a concern, further discussion on the pros/cons of quartering, tips for at-home meat care and preparation, and even some grilling and cooking tips.
Jul 23, 2018
134 | How to Perform Under Pressure
How to perform under pressure. That’s the topic we dive into on today’s podcast with mental training expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn. Patrick has worked with professional and amateur athletes, helping them excel in their sport and reach peak performance when it matters most. The same principles and mental skills that applies to traditional sports can also apply to us, as hunters. Under the pressure of a shot opportunity that we have been dreaming of and working towards, how can we best perform in that fleeting and stressful moment?
Jul 18, 2018
MM 08
In this Monday Minute, Mark and Steve talk about stabilizer choices for backcountry hunting, the upcoming Northwest Mountain Challenge shoot at Steven's Pass, and pick this week's podcast topic on the fly...
Jul 16, 2018
Death Hike Recap — 90+ miles, 21k of climbing, and we survived...
This was the fourth year that Exo Mtn Gear co-founders, Steve Speck and Lenny Nelson, gathered a group of guys to embark upon a challenging hike nicknamed “The Death Hike”. The hike has changed each year — the location, the distance, the terrain, and the participants. This year, thirty-one crazy fools showed-up to hike 90+ miles through some of Idaho’s most beautiful and rugged mountains. In the end, we hiked 92.5 miles and climbed over 21,000 feet in elevation. Some of us took a few detours (got lost) and hiked even more. None of the past Death Hikes had been easy; but none of them could come close to this year’s distance and total vertical. Of the thirty-one that started, twenty-one completed each and every mile of the hike. Those other ten gents either dropped-out completely or sat-out portions of the hike. For more information about the hike, including detailed gear and food lists, a What's In My Pack video, and more, visit
Jul 11, 2018
MM 07 — Your Pack Questions Answered
In this BONUS EPISODE we takeover the typically short Monday Minute format to bring you a longer-form question and answer show all about hunting packs. Whether you are interested in Exo Mtn Gear packs specifically, or just want to learn more about hunting packs in general, this discussion will help you out.
Jul 09, 2018
132 | How To Hike Heavy
As backcountry hunters, we depend on hiking to move us into, through, and out of the backcountry. We do this movement with a load on our backs — whether that’s the light load of a day’s essentials, a moderate load of gear for a multiday hunt, or the heavy load of success on our backs. The terrain, the distance, the pace, and the weight vary. So shouldn’t our training hikes mimic these various demands? Our guest on this episode, Mike Prevost, has studied the science and research of hiking heavy. Mike helps us understand how to best prepare for the various loads and distances required of us as backcountry hunters. Tune in to this episode, load up your Exo pack, and then get to work. Learn more or subscribe at
Jun 27, 2018
MM 06 — What Extra Clothes? When Will We Return?
What extra clothes do we pack on extended hunts? When will this show return?
Jun 25, 2018
131 | It's Not Too Late
Eric Voris joins us on this episode to share some of his story — including some hilarious moments, inspiring thoughts, and some tips for those that are getting started "late to the game"... Eric didn't grow up as a hunter; he wasn't exposed to hunting until later in life. As some of you can imagine, and some of you intimately know, becoming a hunter in your adult years is much different than becoming a hunter during childhood. Eric shares about his adult hunting journey through his website article and videos at Late to the Game Outdoors. Learn more:
Jun 20, 2018
MM 05
As mentioned in the show, sign-up here to get the goods...
Jun 18, 2018
130 | Selecting a Sleeping Bag or Quilt for Warmth and Comfort
How do you select "the one" right sleeping system for your needs? Should you choose a quilt or a sleeping bag? Down or synthetic? What's the ideal temperature rating? And can those temperature ratings be trusted? We cover all of this, and much more, in the latest #HuntBackcountry Podcast with Aaron from Katabatic Gear. Learn more at
Jun 13, 2018
MM 04 — Listener Q&A
In this week's Monday Minute we tackle some of your listener questions. Have a question that you want answered on the show? Email it to us... Can someone with zero hunting experience start with archery and bowhunt, or should they hunt with a rifle first and then transition into bowhunting? What are the best times of day to hunt, and what do you do in the other hours?
Jun 11, 2018
129 | The Anatomy of Rifle Scopes with Leupold Optics
Have you ever wondered how, exactly, a rifle scope works? With adjustable magnification ranges, numerous reticle options, as well as precise and repeatable adjustments on a micro-scale, rifle scopes are clearly more than "glass in a tube". If you want to understand the anatomy, function, use, and selection of rifle scopes on a deeper level, then this episode is for you. Our guest, Leupold product manager, Vici Peters, helps us understand how rifle scopes work, what to look for when selecting a rifle scope, how to evaluate the quality of a rifle scope, and more...
Jun 06, 2018
MM 03 — Hoodoo, Death Hike, Packs In Stock
In this Monday Minute, Mark and Steve recap the Northwest Mountain Challenge at Hoodoo, discuss Mark's 26+ mile hike in preparation for the Exo Death Hike, share good news about Exo inventory, and more. Have a questions you'd like answered on the show? Submit it via email to or
Jun 04, 2018
128 | Should You Build A Custom Rifle?
Factory, fully custom, or something in between? On the episode we talk with the crew from Snowy Mountain Rifles about the differences between factory rifles, customized factory rifles, and fully custom rifle builds. There is a lot to learn about this topic, and this episode is a great primer on knowing if, or when, to upgrade your rifle, and how to go about doing it. To learn more and subscribe, please visit:
May 30, 2018
MM 02 — Efficiency Equals Effectiveness
"It is about efficiency, and the more efficient you become at it, the less you have to think about it."
May 28, 2018
127 | How onX Maps Has Changed the Game
In this episode we speak with Zach Sandau from onX Maps to better understand how we can use onX Maps before, during, and after the hunt. And we talk specifically about what's new, and what's coming, in the app platform. onX has truly been a game-changer for the way we hunt, and we are always excited to learn more about what new features and data is being added to their app platform. For more tips on using onX maps in the field, check out our blog post on Backcountry Navigation Tips using onX maps at
May 23, 2018
MM 01 — What's This?
Introducing the Monday Minute. This is a new unscripted, unedited, "show within the show" that will cover timely topics, listener Q&A, give you a preview of this week's main podcast show, and also feature, uhhh... whatever else we decide to throw in there. Share your questions or feedback by email:
May 21, 2018
126 | Do-It-Yourself Dehydrated Meals
Packing food for backcountry adventures usually means relying on a bunch of pre-packaged options. And although the quality of packaged food offered on the market has never been better, preparing your own meals will be cheaper, offer more flexibility, and ensure you know exactly what you are eating. Dehydrating is something that might sounds complex, but it isn't — and we break that down in this episode. As a hunter, you have access to the highest-quality lean proteins on the planet, and you might as well use some portion of that to fuel your next hunt. Tune in and learn how you can get started dehydrating and ensure that your next mountain-top meal isn't crap. Learn more at
May 16, 2018
125 | Big Screen Bowhunting
The Full Draw Film Tour is an event to see bowhunting on the big screen. But more than just films, the FDFT is a great opportunity to connect with like-minded hunters, win some gear, support conservation, and even see an Exo pack in person. In this episode we speak with Jade Helmich of the FDFT to learn about what's new for 2018 — including the expanded tour dates and locations that are coming across the country, from coast to coast. See all dates and locations at
May 11, 2018
124 | Food to Fuel Backcountry Performance
There are many things to consider when choosing foods for backcountry hunts. Most often, foods are selected because of how they taste, how convenient they are to find and prepare, and how light or “calorically dense” they are. All of those considerations are valid, but we should also start to ask questions like… What does my body need? What foods will allow me to perform at my best, day-after-day, on long hunts? What role can nutrition play in allowing me to hunt more effectively? To answer those questions, we need to understand how food works. We don’t have to become students of nutrition, but we should learn from those that are. Thankfully, our guest in this episode, Kyle Kamp, can help us do just that. Kyle is a registered Dietician and owner of Valley-to-Peak Nutrition. He joins us for this episode and has also put together a detailed guide to help you understand how to optimally fuel for demanding backcountry pursuits... GET THE FREE GUIDE:
May 09, 2018
123 | Critical Factors of Broadhead Flight
In our previous episode we discussed Critical Factors of Broadhead Performance, in this show we are looking at Critical Factors of Broadhead Flight. Our guest for this discussion is Darin Cooper. As an accomplished bowhunter, and former design engineer for Hoyt Archery, Darin understands bows, arrows, and broadhead flight. Darin helps us understand how to get better broadhead flight by deconstructing critical factors of arrow selection, vane selection, bow tuning, and much more. Learn more at
May 02, 2018
122 | Critical Factors of Broadhead Performance
A broadhead is the physical point of contact between the bowhunter and the animal being hunted. This point of contact is critical, so broadhead selection should be considered critically. With seemingly countless broadheads available on the market, how should you evaluate which one to shoot? Should you choose a fixed-blade or a mechanical? Should it have 2, 3, or 4 blades? Is bigger better? Are premium models worth the cost? The questions could go on and on... And there isn't one right answer. There isn't one perfect broadhead for every situation. In this episode, our goal is to provide you with the information you need to select the best broadhead for your needs. Learn more at
Apr 25, 2018
121 | Grizzly Bear Survival and Defense Tactics
How should one defend themselves in a grizzly bear encounter? Better yet, how should they avoid that encounter in the first place. And in a defense scenario, should they use a firearm, bear spray, or something else altogether? If using a firearm for bear defense, what caliber and load should one choose? These questions, and more, are answered on this episode with Chris Forrest, owner of TACTIC MT, and instructor of their innovative "Surviving the Griz" course that educates, equips, and prepares outdoorsmen and women for surviving in Grizzly country. Learn more at
Apr 18, 2018
120 | Hunting the Hunter
Wolf hunting. It can be a hotly debated topic. There are a lot of opinions out there, many of which are very strongly held. In this episode we discuss the wolf hunt that Corey Jacobsen and Tyler Crockett went on this year on Idaho. We talk about the experience they had during the hunt, and discuss WHY they hunt wolves. "No one cares more about wildlife than hunters. No one contributes more funding to the management and conservation of wildlife than hunters. Whether it be predator or prey, wildlife needs managed and controlled, and there is no more effective management tool than Hunting. We don’t kill just to kill, and we don’t hunt just to hunt. We hunt – and kill – to ensure that there is wildlife for all who love wildlife for generations to come." —Corey Jacobsen Learn more and subscribe:
Apr 11, 2018
119 | How to Hunt Alaska (On Budget!)
Does a do-it-yourself hunt in Alaska seem possible? Do you have the money, time, and knowledge? If you answered "no" to any of those questions, this show will make you reconsider your answer. Our guest, Abe Henderson, is an Alaskan hunting guide that founded and is publishing "how to" guides for regular hunters — like you and me — to give them what they need to make a do-it-yourself Alaskan adventure hunt possible. >>>>> Save 20% on the Kodiak Sitka Blacktail Guide with the coupon code: HB20 Learn more and subscribe at:
Apr 04, 2018
118 | Advice From The Solo Hunter
The Solo Hunter, Tim Burnett, joins us on this episode. The topics we cover with Tim are far-ranging, and move well beyond what you might expect. We collected numerous listener questions for Tim before this show, and those questions focused primarily around advice for hunting solo, some aspects of filming hunts, and more general hunting tactics. But this conversation goes well beyond those topics and is sure to give you something to think about. Learn more at
Mar 28, 2018
117 | A Dream, A Plan, A Trophy
Two buddies from Arkansa travel to the high country of Colorado in search of Mule Deer. They have never hunted the mountains, never hunted Mule Deer, and never been on an adventure of this scale — but they got it done.  They brought home some velvet, meat, and unforgettable memories. This is their story. This can be your story. Tune in and learn what they did right, what they did wrong, and how it all came together as a trip they'll never forget. LEARN MORE & SUBSCRIBE AT:
Mar 22, 2018
116 | Midsent, Confidence, and Discipline
Our guest for this episode is Kenton Clairmont from Train to Hunt. Our discussion is about much more than hunting, though. We dive deeper and discuss mindset, confidence, and discipline, and how these things lead to success in hunting...and life in general. If you need to be challenged or encouraged to up your game, be sure to give this one a listen and take it to heart. Learn more at
Mar 14, 2018
115 | No Bait, Just Bears. Black Bear Hunting Tactics
Our guest on this episode is Douglas Boze, author of "The Ultimate Guide to Black Bear Hunting" and "No Bait, Just Bears: Black Bear Hunting Tactics". We speak with Doug about a wide-array of bear hunting topics, including the differences between Fall and Spring hunts, how to identify key habitat and food sources, shot placement and after-shot care, and as the title implies — bear hunting tactics without the use of bait. Learn more and subscribe at
Mar 07, 2018
114 | Talkin' Turkey (aka, The 20lb Feathered Elk)
There are numerous similarities between hunting turkey and elk. First and foremost, they're both a ton of fun. If you haven't yet gotten into hunting the wild turkey, we hope this show inspires you to do so. If you're a turkey hunter that' looking to increase the effectiveness of your calling, you should also tune-in. Our guest, Scott Ellis, is a multiple-time Grand National Calling champion, and has been putting his calling to the test in the field, on wild birds, for several decades. Visit to learn more and subscribe to the podcast, and be sure to look up Scott's "Turkey Tech" app in your mobile app store.
Mar 01, 2018
113 | It Took Many Years, and It Was Worth It!
Our guest tonight, Mark Gassner, is one of you. He’s a regular guy who loves to hunt, but also has to deal with the responsibilities of work, family, and life in general. For Mark, hunting has been more struggle than ease, but he kept going. After years and years of trying, Mark’s arrow connected with his first bull. In this conversation, Mark shares what he learned over the years, what kept him motivated, what challenged him, and what it felt like to finally get his hands on his first bull. You will not only learn from Mark, you will be inspired by his honesty and persistence. Visit to learn more and subscribe.
Feb 22, 2018
112 | The Right & Wrong Way to Use Vehicles for Hunting
Our guest on this episode is Scott Bodle, a Wildlife Biologist and Forest Protection Officer with the US Forest Service. We draw on Scott's expertise to understand how vehicles can be used on public lands for hunting, and how they should NOT be used. We also discuss what we should do if we observe illegal off-road vehicle use in restricted areas. But it is not all about vehicles, Scott also helps us understand how to use Wildlife Biologists to gain good information on hunting areas, and more. Visit to subscribe to the podcast, learn more about the show, and download past episodes.
Feb 14, 2018
111 | Getting Wild in the Northwest
The crew from Pacific North Wild joins us on this episode to talk about hunting the Northwest. Hear about their wild adventures hunting elk in the state of Washington, why they capture their hunts on film, how they utilize trail cameras in the backcountry, and much more! Be sure sure to give them a follow on Instagram (@PNWild_) and view their hunting films on YouTube. For more information about the #HuntBackcountry podcast, please visit
Feb 07, 2018
110 | Rocky Mountain Bighorn...It Takes A Team
Our guest, Justin Shaffer (@justinshaffer1115), is an Army Ranger Sniper, a hunting guide, a taxidermist, and somehow still managed to fill a seemingly countless number of tags in 2017 — including a grizzly, a Chugach Dall Ram, a Colorado Big Horn, and numerous other species. We speak with Justin about a variety of topics, and dive deep into the team effort that went into filling his Colorado Big Horn tag on a wonderful ram. The story is incredible. Although many of you, like me, won’t be hunting grizzly, Dall sheep, or Rocky Mountain Bighorn this year, there’s still a lot to learn from Justin’s vast experience. Learn more and subscribe:
Jan 31, 2018
109 | New Gear from ATA, Simplicity, and Answers to Your Questions
Steve and Mark are back from the ATA (Archery Trade Association) Show, where they got a chance to shoot all of the new bows for 2018 and see the latest and greatest in bowhunting gear. They talk about their highlights from the show, trends developing in the industry, and much more. Steve and Mark also answer several listener questions that cover the topics of efficiency in packing and re-packing camp, finding trailheads using mapping resources, tents vs. hammocks, and water bladders vs. water bottles. Send your question in to be featured on a future Q&A episode:
Jan 24, 2018
108 | I Killed My First Bull, Thanks To This Show
We've always wanted this show to be about you, the listener, and connecting you guys with valuable guests. It is not about us — we are simply the "men in the middle". That philosophy is highlighted in this episode, where we feature the story of one of you — our listeners — and how the podcast resulted in a successful first elk hunt. We talk with Brian Oden, and hear how this "regular guy" from Arkansas drove all the way out to Idaho and tagged-out on a bull during his first hunt. Brian tells us about the specific lessons and tactics that helped him close the distance, get the shot opportunity, and make it all happen. Brian's story is entertaining and incredibly helpful, so make sure you give this one a listen all the way through. As always, you can learn more about the podcast and view all past episodes at:
Jan 18, 2018
107 | What I Learned Hiking 2,650 Miles
We are all constantly trying to improve. We learn from each and every day spent in the field, pursuing what we love. Imagine if you could take several consecutive months and spend it "out there". How much could you learn? Imagine how real, concrete, and true the lessons would be. In this episode, we get to learn from someone that has had this experience. Emory Ronald ( hiked the Pacific Crest Trail this past year, and he joins us to share some of the lessons he learned on his journey of spending over 2,000 miles hiking through some of the best terrain that the West has to offer. We talk nutrition, gear, mindset, and more. ALSO, Emory gave us the opportunity to get even more specific on the topic of lightening your pack weight in a new article on the Exo Mtn Gear blog. Read "3 Free Ways to Lighten Your Pack" at:
Jan 10, 2018
106 | Training for the Backcountry (And a free plan to do it...)
We always want this podcast to be a resource that helps you be a more capable, confident, and successful backcountry hunter. And now we have a plan to help you be more physically capable and confident, which will lead to more success. Best of all, this plan is 100% free and requires minimal equipment. This plan was programmed by our guest from this episode, Coach Jake Saenz of Atomic Athlete. Tune in to learn about the unique physical demands of backcountry hunting, and how to be prepare yourself for those demands. This episode is jam-packed with knowledge, and the FREE training plan that Jake has put together for you will help you put that knowledge in to practice. Download the free training program at:
Jan 04, 2018
105 | Food For Off-Grid Adventures
We are always looking to ensure that we properly fuel our bodies for the physical demands of backcountry hunts. Nutrition is clearly a critical element of performance, but we also want to enjoy what we eat. Thankfully, we don't have to decide between what's good for us and what tastes good — thanks to product like those from Off Grid Food Company. In this episode we talk to Off Grid's founder, Spencer Trippe, about the origins of Off Grid, the products he chose to develop and release, why he is so passionate about making products for the outdoorsman, and why he is giving back a portion of his sales to conservation. Learn more at and be sure to use the coupon code HUNTBACKCOUNTRY10 to save 10% off of your purchases at
Dec 20, 2017
104 | I Was Rescued By Helicopter, A Listener Story
"It will never happen to me." That's what most of us think. But all it takes is one wrong step. One careless move. One thing to go wrong. And then, you are in trouble. You are miles-deep into the backcountry. You are severely injured, maybe immobile. What do you do then? In this episode we hear the story from one of you — our listeners. What happened to Steve Wolfe? How did he respond when he found himself immobilized in the mountains? How did such a simple hunt, turn into a serious situation? What can you and I learn from Steve's story? Tune-in and find out. As always, you can learn more about this show and find other episodes at
Dec 06, 2017
103 | $200 vs $2,000 — What makes an optic great?
What makes an optic great? What are the differences between a $200 dollar optic and a $2,000 optic? And what about all of those terms and numbers — objective, exit pupil, field-of-view, eye relief, interpupillary distance — what does all of that mean, and how does it affect us, as hunters? Our guest for this episode, Colby Kroff, helps us understand the anatomy of optics, what details and specifications matter to hunters, and how to best use and care for optics. If you want to learn more about selecting the correct binocular or spotting scope for your hunts, you are sure to benefit from this episode. Also, don't forget to enter the 100th Episode Giveaway to have your chance at winning an Exo Mountain Gear pack and over a dozen other prizes. Entries accepted through November 30th!
Nov 29, 2017
102 | Stealth, Stalking, and Shooting Lessons from a Special Operator
Our guest for this episode, Eddie Edmondson, is a 20+ year veteran of Special Operations in the United States military. Eddie continues to work as a trainer and shooting instructor, while also pursuing his passion of big game hunting. Eddie's combined experience in the military and in hunting endeavors has given him incredible insight that he shares with us on this episode, as we discuss topics like stealth, stalking, shooting, mindset, and much more. Also, don't forget to enter the 100th Episode Giveaway to have your chance at winning an Exo Mountain Gear pack and over a dozen other prizes. Enter now at
Nov 15, 2017
101 | Building Your Best Bow Sight
Dustin Wardell from Black Gold Bow Sights joins us to discuss all aspects of selecting or building the best bow sight for your needs. We cover pin selection (number of pins, color of pins, size of pins, etc), discuss the pros and cons of choosing a fixed vs a moveable bow sight, the advantages and disadvantages of micro-adjust, and so much more. If you want to learn more about bow sights, this deep-dive discussion is just for you! Also, don't forget to enter the 100th Episode Giveaway to have your chance at winning a custom Black Gold Sight, an Exo Mountain Gear pack, and over a dozen other prizes...
Nov 08, 2017
100 | Giveaway Celebration
We want to celebrate Episode 100 of the podcast by thanking you — our listeners. We are giving away an Exo Mountain Gear 3500 pack system and many of our previous podcasts guests have also stepped-up to offer you more than a dozen additional prizes. Listen to the show to get all of the details and complete the giveaway entry form at Winners will be selected on December 1, 2017.
Nov 01, 2017
099 | Laughs & Lessons From Colorado
If you caught Episode 95, you heard about a 5-state, 45-day elk hunting project that the Born and Raised Outdoors crew embarked upon this fall. Well, they are back, and in this episode, they join us to recap their Colorado elk hunt with Exo Mountain Gear co-founders, Steve and Lenny, as well as Jason and Tyler from Pure Elevation Productions. We always try to bring value in each and every episode we publish, and there are certainly many insightful lessons shared in this one, but there is also a LOT of laughs. Don't miss this one! Learn more at
Oct 25, 2017
098 | Long-Range Hunting: Why, What, and How
This episode on Long-Range Hunting is a continuation of our Building a Backcountry Rifle series. Our guest is the President of Gunwerks, Aaron Davidson. Aaron helps us understand why some hunters pursue long-range hunting, what misconceptions exists around the idea of long-range hunting, and for those of you interested — he helps us understand the gear and skills necessary to begin a journey in pursuing effective long-range shooting. Steve and I learned a lot in this discussion, and I'm sure you will too! Visit to learn more...
Oct 18, 2017
097 | Your Rifle Questions Answered
Ryan Cleckner returns to answer your rifle-related questions. This is Ryan's third appearance on the show. His previous two episodes were part of our Building a Backcountry Rifle series from earlier this year. In this episode we get Ryan's answers to your questions from that series, including... - How to effectively shoot off of your pack. - What shooting positions should a hunter practice when dry-firing? - What distance should a hunter zero their rifle for mountain hunting? - What should a hunter look for in barrel lengths/profiles/weights for a hunting rifle? - Are premium metal finishes and high-end stocks worth the cost increase for a hunting rifle? - What are the pro/cons of different bolt-action types, such as push-feed and controlled round feed? - What should a hunter do when they are sighting-in a rifle in conditions that they know will be vastly different than the conditions or terrain that they will be hunting in with that rifle? Learn more at
Oct 10, 2017
096 | Stories from September
Mark, Steve, and Lenny return to the podcast to share their stories from September. You'll hear the good, bad, and ugly from their elk and mule deer hunts in Idaho and Colorado. Tactics, strategies, and gear that worked well, as well as what didn't work. We hope you had a great September and would love to hear about it, so be sure to share your stories and field photos with us. Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast and catch the 100th Episode giveaway coming soon...
Oct 04, 2017
095 | 5 States, 45 Days, How many elk tags filled?
What would it be like to experience 45 days of back-to-back elk hunts in Oregon, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, and Montana. You're about to find out. This epic adventure is happening right now and will be filmed and released beginning November 1st on the Born and Raised Outdoors YouTube channel. We chatted with Kody and Trent from the BRO crew before they started this hunting marathon to hear how they've prepared for it, how they'll pull it off, and why they're documenting every step of the way. If you know the BRO crew, you know that this episode will also feature a lot of laughs and some helpful hunting tips, too. Learn more at and
Sep 12, 2017
094 | Alaskan Caribou Adventure
Steve and Lenny just returned from their first Caribou hunt in Alaska and tell us all about their trip. Learn what worked well, what didn’t, and what they would do differently next time. More than just lessons learned, we also hear some great stories — such as why they slept in a shipping container, how caribou were shot out from under them, and how Lenny ended up face-down in a river. We hope your September is going well! Be sure to share your field photos and hunting stories with us by emailing
Sep 06, 2017
093 | Last-Minute Elk Hunting Advice from the "Elk Nut"
Paul “the Elk Nut” Medel returns to share some last-minute advice that might help you fill your elk tag in the coming weeks. Paul was previously a guest way back on Episode 36, which has been one of our most popular shows. Paul has a decades-long track record of successfully killing bulls on public land with over-the-counter tags. Paul encounters the same situations and problems that you and I do on these tough hunts. This episode is a special opportunity to hear some of what has made Paul beat the odds and find success year after year. Learn more at
Aug 29, 2017
092 | Learn the Language of Elk with Chris Roe
Sometimes you call at a bull and he comes charging-in, giving you a shot opportunity. Sometimes that happens, but not often enough. Other times our calls go without a response. Or, worse yet, our calls seem to have a negative effect on the elk we are after. Why is that? Do we really sound that bad? Maybe that answer isn’t in how we sounded, but what we “said” to the elk. Maybe our call meant something we didn’t intend. Think about it, elk don’t make noise for no reason. They are communicating with one another. There has to be a meaning to their vocalizations. The question is — Can we understand this meaning? Can we communicate with purpose? Our guest on this episode of the #HuntBackcountry podcast is wildlife biologist Chris Roe. Chris is a student and hunter of elk with decades of experience in the field, as well as formal education in animal behavior. Chris helps us understand how to more effectively “speak the language” of elk. Learn more at
Aug 24, 2017
091 | Solving Common Elk Hunting Scenarios
You called a bull towards you, but he wouldn’t come close enough — what could you have done better? The elk are quiet, what should you do? When should you cow call, when should you bugle? You’ve been hunting the area for a while without much luck — should you move on or stick it out? What calling strategies and setups can you use when hunting solo? These are some questions, from you, that we answer in the episode of the Hunt Backcountry podcast with our guest, Corey Jacobsen. Our single goal with this episode was to address common elk hunting scenarios and questions that we have received from our listeners. If you are interested in learning more about elk scouting, elk hunting, elk calling, elk ANYTHING, then be sure to check out the elk hunting resource that covers it all: The University of Elk Hunting Online Course from Visit and use the coupon code BACKCOUNTRY to save $10.
Aug 21, 2017
090 | The Best Stove System for Backcountry Hunting
What is the best stove system for backcountry hunting? Mark and Steve take a look at several good options, comparing them, highlighting their pros and cons, and giving you the information you need to make an informed decision. If you enjoy this type of gear talk, be sure that you also catch Episode 89, where Mark and Steve take the same approach to selecting the right headlamp for backcountry hunting. As always, you can find more information and all #HuntBackcountry podcast episodes at
Aug 18, 2017
089 | The Best Headlamps for Hunting
This episode is unlike anything we have ever done before.  Steve and I have been testing a handful of headlamps for a few months now, and in this show we dive deep into our review and comparisons of each model.  While each headlamp has its pros and cons, there were some that were clearly better than others.  And although some headlamps might be good general lights, the backcountry hunter has specific needs — some of the models we tested excelled at meeting these requirements, while others came up short. What is the best headlamp for backcountry hunting?  Tune-in to find out what we will be taking into the field this fall.  Obviously, your opinion might be different, and this episode will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. Learn more at
Aug 16, 2017
088 | Taxidermy Tips for Your Next Trophy
How can you ensure that you get the best result possible when it comes time to mount your trophy harvest? We answer that very question in this episode of the Hunt Backcountry Podcast with our guest, Casey Higley, of Wild River Taxidermy. Casey is not only an award-winning taxidermist with decades of experience, he is also a passionate backcountry hunter that understands how to best care of an animal in the backcountry and prepare that trophy for a trip to the taxidermist. Casey shares invaluable information on field processing, taxidermist selection, and much more. Visit to learn more and subscribe to future podcast episodes.
Aug 11, 2017
087 | The Cure for Target Panic with Joel Turner
There are three kinds of archers and bowhunters — those that have experienced target panic, those that will experience target panic, and liars. Mark and Steve have each battled target panic and have had varying levels of success overcoming it. In this episode, Mark and Steve discuss the topic of target panic with Joel Tuner of Iron Mind Hunting. As a SWAT sniper, successful competitive archer and dedicated bowhunter, Joel has broken down the shooting process to its fundamental components and has dedicated himself to understanding why we ALL struggle with target panic. Joel can do more than just help us understand and identify the problems in our shooting — he goes the next step in helping us overcome those problems. We are glad to have Joel on this episode to help us all learn to move beyond target panic and shoot with control. Learn more at
Aug 02, 2017
086 | Speedgoat Success with Joe Jacks of TightSpot Quivers
The discussion in this episode was so much fun! Our guest, Joe Jacks, runs TightSpot Quivers and is a passionate big game archery hunter. We talk a bit about Joe’s roots in hunting and with TightSpot, then we take a deep dive into archery antelope hunting. Joe has been chasing “speed goats” for years and has some amazing stories and tactics to share. Learn more about the podcast, find previous episodes, and subscribe to future episodes at
Jul 26, 2017
085 | Recapping the Exo Death Hike
The 2017 Exo Death Hike was a success! Twenty guys completed just shy of 40 miles through some beautiful Idaho high country. Although the terrain was rough, the trail was good for much of the hike, which meant that this year’s hike wasn’t as torturous as last year’s. It was far from a “walk in the park” though, and every man had plenty of opportunity to test his physical and mental strength. In this #HuntBackcountry episode, Mark and Steve are joined by fellow Death Hiker and backcountry hunter, Tyler Boschma. The three of them recap the hike, detailing what worked well and what could have gone better. They then dive into some of Tyler’s adventurous hunting stories and dissect some of his future hunting opportunities. Be sure to visit to subscribe to future episodes and check out the entire back-catalog of #HuntBackcountry podcasts.
Jul 25, 2017
084 | Fix Your Food with Heather Kelly
Heather Kelly, owner of Heather’s Choice adventure meals, returns to the Hunt Backcountry podcast to answer an array of questions about nutrition and performance. (Heads up: discount below!) As a trained nutritionist, experienced athlete, and backcountry adventurer, Heather is uniquely equipped to discuss specific nutrition aspects of our pursuit — backcountry hunting. Making food choices for a hunting trip, however, is one thing; having a proper diet for the other 300+ days a year is even more important. In this episode, we answer questions such as: What are the easiest diet changes that provide the highest benefit? Are carbs evil? Where do most people go wrong when it comes to backcountry nutrition? What supplements, if any, should one be taking? And much, much more. We also discuss some of the specific meals that Heather offers in the Heather’s Choice lineup. If you are interested in trying any products from Heather’s Choice, be sure to use the coupon code “EXOMOUNTAIN” to save 10% off of your order at Learn more at
Jul 18, 2017
083 | Brian Barney on Hunting Hawaii, Curing Target Panic, and more...
Brian Barney joined us last summer for two great episodes (#42 & #43) on Finding Your Next Honey Hole. Be sure to check those episodes out, as they are incredibly helpful in this current time of pre-season scouting. Brian returns in this episode with some great stories and helpful lessons from the past year. We discuss Brian’s new podcast, Eastman’s Elevated, his recent hunting adventures in Hawaii (and the idea of a “meat purse”), how he learned from two misses, yet had the confidence to still harvest numerous Pope & Young animals this past season, and much more. Visit to learn more.
Jul 03, 2017
082 | Lessons From A Deer & Elk Biologist
Our guest, Craig White, is the Coordinator of Deer & Elk Programs for Idaho Fish & Game. We ask Craig your questions, including: How to start a career in wildlife. How to best use F&G resources and wildlife biologists as a wan to plan/prepare for your hunt. Advice for non-residents that want to hunt in Idaho. Thoughts on lottery vs point systems for tag acquisition in Idaho. An overall outlook for deer and elk hunting seasons in 2017. And much more. Subscribe to receive future episodes, or find previous episodes at:
Jun 27, 2017
081 | Hunting with Pack Goats
Hunting with goats? Yes, goats. Pack goats are more than just helpful for carrying a load. As you will hear, they can even be valuable hunting partners from a strategic perspective. Unlike horses, which are often left in camp, pack goats can hunt right by your side. In fact, when Mark killed his bull in 2016 there were several goats just yards away. In this episode, Mark is joined again by Clay Hayes (previously on Episode 27) to discuss their experiences hunting with pack goats. Whether you are interested in owning and raising pack goats for hunting, curious about renting pack goats for a backcountry hunt, or just want to hear some funny tales about hunting with these interesting animals, you’ll be sure to enjoy this episode. Learn more and subscribe at
Jun 20, 2017
080 | Muley Freak's Erik Van Woerkom
Erik Van Weorkom of Muley Freak joins us in a wide-ranging conversation that covers everything from building a brand to hunting Sitka Blacktail. We discuss the pros and cons of social media from a personal and professional perspective, several aspects of the hunting “industry”, and then dive into a wild DIY Alaskan adventure story. Learn more or subscribe at
Jun 06, 2017
079 | Corey Jacobsen's Advice for 3 Types of Elk Hunters
You learn a lot about elk hunting when you do it for several decades and make a living that’s all about it. But what about us? You and me? What specific things should we focus on at our current “stage” as an elk hunter (or even as an aspiring elk hunter)? In this episode, the man with decades of knowledge, Corey Jacobsen of, breaks down what three different types of elk hunters should focus on to make the most of their elk hunts. Additionally, we also speak with Corey about the updated University of Elk Hunting Online Course, available at Be sure to use our exclusive coupon code "BACKCOUNTRY" to save $10 off your subscription to this course, which we wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking to increase their success in the elk woods. Learn more at
Jun 01, 2017
078 | Practice Suffering
Our lives are dominated by convenience and ease. Nearly every product we are marketed and every service we are sold has the intention of making our lives easier in some way. There is a limit to the benefits of living this privileged life, and over that limit is what Theodore Roosevelt called, “A life of slothful ease.” To improve — at hunting and at life — we must be intentional about embracing some level of suffering. Steel becomes strong by suffering through the heat of fires; it is shaped by repeated blows. In this episode, Mark and Steve discuss the topic of “practicing suffering” for the specific purpose of preparing for backcountry hunts. What activities have they done to challenge themselves? What can you do now, before hunting season, to challenge yourself? Listen in and find out.
May 25, 2017
077 | Navy SEAL, Rorke Denver, Explains Grit and Hunting
Author, actor, and Navy SEAL Commander, Rorke Denver, has discovered that backcountry hunting is one of the best activities that military veterans can engage in. We discuss that topic and much more, including why grit or mindset is critical to hunting success. Rorke helps us apply the lessons he has learned as a SEAL to our lives, becoming more resilient and successful in hunting To learn more about Rorke or about the Hunt Backcountry Podcast, please visit
May 17, 2017
076 | How to Stop Abusing Venison with Hank Shaw
Our guest for his episode, Hank Shaw, has said that, "Venison may or may not be the most popular game meat, but it is definitely the most abused." We discuss why that's true and how to fix it. Hank is a hunter, a gatherer, and a cook. He has been published in Food & Wine, Petersen’s Hunting, Garden & Gun, Organic Gardening, The Art of Eating, Field and Stream, Sactown, Pheasants Forever magazine, Delta Waterfowl Magazine. He has also authored several books, including his latest, "Buck, Buck, Moose: Recipes and Techniques for Cooking Deer, Elk, Moose, Antelope and Other Antlered Things". Our conversation with Hank was a ton of fun and even more informational. We learn how to cook the perfect steak, why flipping meat with a fork should be a criminal offense (and, thus, why Steve should be in jail), and so much more. Visit to get the show notes for this episode.
May 09, 2017
075 | First Lite's Ryan Callaghan
You might know Ryan as a part of the First Lite crew. You might know him as a guest on Steven Rinella's show, Meat Eater. You might know him because his mustache is legendary. We speak with Ryan about a variety of topics in this episode, including a breakdown of the new gear and new camouflage pattern from First Lite in 2017, we also learn about Ryan's most memorable moments and important lessons learned from this past hunting season. And, of course, this episode wouldn't be as valuable as it could be if we didn't get some mustache tips from Ryan, so we are sure to get that info out of him. Enjoy this one and be sure to share your feedback with us by visiting or leaving us a review in iTunes.
Apr 28, 2017
074 | Beginner Basics Q&A, Part 3
There are no stupid questions. And, hopefully, there are no stupid answers in this Part 3 Q&A episode of the Hunt Backcountry podcast. Mark and Steve tackle a variety of listener questions, including... - What is the best way to load a pack with weight for pre-season training hikes? - What are some tips for finding and purchasing affordable gear for backcountry hunting? - How do you secure gear, such as coolers, and prevent theft at your vehicle while you are in the backcountry on a long hunt? - What are some tips for finding success when you can only go on short hunts that last 2-3 days? - How can a young man from the midwest hunt the backcountry, and can he do it on his own? - What should you do if you have hunted elk for several years but struggle each year to locate elk during your hunt? - Should one avoid making fires in the backcountry for fear of spooking game with the smell of smoke? - Do you ever worry that using a headlamp while hiking in the dark will spook game out of the area? - What is the best way to prevent tick bites? - What’s better, paper maps or a GPS? Submit your question for future episodes and subscribe to the podcast by visiting Thanks for listening!
Apr 18, 2017
073 | Building A Backcountry Rifle — Shoot Like A Sniper, Part 2
We are back with Ryan Cleckner! In this episode, we answer the questions of: What are the easiest and cheapest improvements that can be made to an average rifle and scope package? What is the best process for barrel break-in? How do angles and shooting up/down inclines in the mountains affect accuracy? And MUCH more! Don’t forget to visit to enter a giveaway for Ryan’s Book: The Long Range Shooting Handbook. We are giving away 10 copies through May of 2017. Please consider leaving us a review in iTunes if you are enjoying this Building A Backcountry Rifle Series. You can also reach us directly by email, as well as learn more about the podcast, by visiting
Apr 11, 2017
072 | Building A Backcountry Rifle — Shoot Like A Sniper, Part 1
We have a special guest AND a special GIVEAWAY in this episode. Our guest is former special operations sniper, Ryan Cleckner. Our first conversation with Ryan was so helpful and entertaining that we knew we’d have to have him back for a second show — and we did just that. Join us this week for Part 1 of our discussion, then be sure to subscribe to the podcast so that you don’t miss Part 2, which is coming soon. Most of the content in our Building A Backcountry Rifle series has been about equipment and/or technical knowledge. But our conversations with Ryan are all about shooting skills and the application of shooting knowledge. In these episodes you will learn about trigger control, sight picture, practice routines, shooting positions and supports, and much more. Ryan has graciously given us the opportunity to give away ten copies of his book: The Long Ranger Shooting Handbook. This book expands upon many of the topics that we discuss in this podcast series and is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their effectiveness with a rifle. To enter the giveaway, please visit before May 31, 2017.
Apr 05, 2017
071 | Building A Backcountry Rifle — Scope Selection
Scope selection is an extremely import aspect of any rifle build. In this episode of our "Building A Backcountry Rifle" series we speak with Mark Boardman of Vortex Optics to learn what hunters should consider when selecting an optic to top their big game hunting rifle. We discuss the technical details of scopes, such as zoom ranges, objective sizes, exit pupil, and more — but in the end our purpose with this show is to explain those specifications so that we can make a more informed decision about what really matters: how a scope performs in the field.
Mar 28, 2017
070 | Building A Backcountry Rifle — Bullet Selection
We all strive to end our hunts with a clean, one-shot kill. And when it comes to hunting with a rifle, the bullet is what impacts the animal to create the desired outcome. But a bullet is much more than a chunk of lead or copper. There are many types of bullets, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. When it comes to big game hunting, how do you know what bullet to select? That is the topic of this episode's discussion with our guest, Mason Payer of Nosler. Mason helps us understand the different types of bullets, the different performance characteristics of those bullets, and how to select the best bullet for the species we are hunting, the terrain we are hunting in, and the rifle we are hunting with. As always, you can learn more at
Mar 21, 2017
069 | Building A Backcountry Rifle — Caliber Selection
In this, the second episode of our "Building A Backcountry Rifle" series, we discuss the topic of caliber/cartridge selection with Joseph von Benedikt. Joseph is an editor and writer for numerous shooting and hunting publications, and has spent years both in the field in pursuit of game, as well as at the range in pursuit of rifle mastery. We discuss the variables that one should consider when selecting a rifle caliber, and get Joseph's recommendations for the top three do-it-all cartridges for western big game hunting.
Mar 14, 2017
068 | New for 2017 from Exo Mountain Gear
In this episode Mark is joined by Exo Mountain Gear co-founders, Steve Speck and Lenny Nelson, to discuss new Exo pack updates for 2017. You will not only hear what is new, by the why these changes and additions to the Exo lineup have taken place. Be sure to visit to see the new products. We will be returning to the Building A Backcountry Rifle series in our next episode, which is coming very soon!
Mar 13, 2017
067 | Building A Backcountry Rifle
We are kicking off a brand new series: "Building A Backcountry Rifle". In this series we have dedicated episodes on the various aspects of putting together a rifle package for western big game hunting. You'll hear about caliber/cartridge selection, bullet/projectile selection, optics selection, rifle selection, in-the-field shooting tips, and much more. In this, the first episode of the series, Mark & Steve kick things off by discussing the purpose of this series, their history with rifles, and what's in store for future episodes. As always, you can learn more and subscribe to future episodes at:
Feb 21, 2017
066 | Analyzing The Ideal Hunting Arrow with Easton Archery
There are many factors in arrow selection. How do attributes such as spine (static and dynamic), weight, straightness, diameter, materials (carbon, aluminum, hybrids), all come together to make the ideal arrow for your bow, your broadhead, and the game that you are hunting? In this podcast with Easton Archery’s Gary Cornum, we discuss what goes into selecting the ideal arrow for you. As always, visit to learn more or subscribe.
Feb 15, 2017
065 | Your Show, Your Story — Elk Hunting in Colorado
On this episode of the Hunt Backcountry podcast we interview Matt Gray. Haven't heard of Matt? That's because he is a regular guy, probably a lot like you. A husband, a father, a hard-worker, and now — en elk hunter. Matt embarked upon his first elk hunt in the fall of 2016 and was able to bring a bull back to his hometown in Texas. We loved talking with Matt and hearing what lessons he learned, what mistakes he made, what things he did right, and ultimately what helped him beat the odds and tag a bull on his very first elk hunt. We know that many of you are new to backcountry big game hunting. And many of you, like Matt, don't live in the Western states that provide opportunities to scout for and hunt big game near home. But, as Matt's story shows us, it is possible to make your backcountry hunting dreams come true. If you want to become a better elk hunter in 2017, we highly recommend that you check out the University of Elk Hunting Online Course from our friends at Use our discount code "BACKCOUNTRY" to save 40% on the course: To learn more about the podcast and subscribe to future episodes, visit:
Jan 31, 2017
064 | Beginner Basics Q&A, Part 2
There are no stupid questions. And, hopefully, there are no stupid answers in this Part 2 Q&A episode of the Hunt Backcountry podcast. Mark and Steve tackle a variety of listener questions. We discuss the importance and necessity of camouflage, along with our preferred patterns, as well as answer questions about finding water in the backcountry, what spare gear we keep in our packs, what resources are helpful to learn bow tuning and maintenance, as well as what tools every bowhunter should own for their bows, and a whole lot more. Submit your question for future episodes to Thanks for listening!
Jan 25, 2017
063 | Beginner Basics Q&A, Part I
There are no stupid questions. And, hopefully, there are no stupid answers in this Q&A episode of the Hunt Backcountry podcast. Mark, Steve, and Lenny tackle a variety of listener questions. We discuss hunting on public land, what state to choose for your first western hunt, how to deal with other hunters while on public land, how to select a camp site, advice for sleeping in the backcountry, and a whole lot more. Submit your question for future episodes to Thanks for listening!
Jan 18, 2017
062 | Become A Mountain Athlete with Coach Rob Shaul
It isn't about looking good. It isn't about impressing someone in the gym. Rob Shaul's experience-backed training philosophy is about forging mountain athletes that can perform when it matters, where it matters (in the mountains), and for what really matters (the outdoor pursuit of their choice, and often, profession). Rob's clientele is comprised of a diverse array of individuals from an equally diverse array of professions: rock climbers, special forces soldiers, skiers, wildland firefighters, and more. But for us, for you, and for Rob — the passion is backcountry big game hunting. Rob first joined us to discuss his training philosophy and programs waaaayyy back in Episode 5. He returns in this episode to discuss fitness, sure, but we also dissect Rob's 2016 hunting season; his first as a bowhunter, after many years of meat hunting with firearms. We hear about the lessons that Rob learned this year, such as the distractions of chasing the "latest and greatest" gear. As we usually say, and strive to make true: there's something for everyone in this episode. Be sure to check out the show notes at!
Jan 10, 2017
061 | Hunt, Harvest, Health with Ryan Lampers
In this timely New Years episode of the Hunt Backcountry Podcast, we speak with Ryan Lampers, aka @SthealthyHunter. Ryan is a dedicated do-it-yourself hunter that has been pursuing wildlife in the wilderness for decades. We discuss Ryan's 2016 Nevada mule deer hunt — how it all came together, and what it takes for non-residents to hunt Nevada. Additionally, because Ryan wants to ensure that he can hunt the backcountry for decades to come, he invests in his health in a serious way. It is a great time of the year to get some inspiration and helpful health advice from Ryan, so that we can also pursue our passion in the outdoors for many years to come. Be sure to visit to learn more about Ryan and check out his new "Hunt, Harvest, Health" podcast. As always, you can learn more about this episode and the Hunt Backcountry Podcast at
Jan 02, 2017
060 | The Mountain Project with Chase Christopher
From hunting Aoudad in Texas and Brown Bears in Kodiak, to discussing how to balance adventure and fatherhood, and raise pack goats — in this episode we have a fun and obviously wide-ranging discussion with Chase Christopher of The Mountain Project ( This is an informal and fun discussion that happens when two passionate hunters get together, so join us around this virtual campfire and enjoy.
Dec 23, 2016
059 | How To Hunt Giant Bull Elk in Arizona with Dan Adler of Diamond Outfitters
Arizona is the "Land of Giants" when it comes to elk. In this episode we discuss how you — yes, YOU! — can get an opportunity to hunt this place where 350-400" bulls are a reality. We're not saying it is guaranteed, we're not saying it is easy, but we are saying, and showing you in this episode, that it is very doable with a little bit of hard work and some patience. Our guest is Arizona hunter and hunting guide, Dan Adler, owner of Diamond Outfitters ( Dan explains why Arizona has such quality elk, how non-residents can get an opportunity at a tag (as well as some great money-saving tactics!), why he rarely calls elk, and much more. You are going to love this episode! Learn more at
Dec 12, 2016
058 | DIY Backpacking Meals, Late-Season Deer Tactics, Public Land Grab
We cover a variety of topics in this episode with guest, Brad Brooks, of Argali Outdoors. Our discussion ranges from late-season deer hunting tactics, to do-it-yourself dehydrated backpacking meals, to beginner archery lessons, to urgent conservation issues such as the potential transfer of federal lands into state management and what that means for the future of hunting and access on those public lands. There's truly something for everyone in this episode and we hope you enjoy it!
Nov 29, 2016
057 | Head-to-Head Spotting Scope Review
What if you could get your hands on the best spotting scopes from Swarovski, Leica, Zeiss, and Vortex — spending a couple months testing each of those models side-by-side in a variety of real world conditions? Certainly you would form some opinions and gain some experience on the pros and cons of each scope. Sadly, we can't offer you that experience for yourself, but we can give you the next-best thing: an in-depth discussion with two guys that did get to experience countless hours comparing these spotters. In this episode, we hear from Jason Wright and Steve Speck and gather their opinions on the best spotting scopes on the market. Whether you are shopping for a spotting scope or just want to learn more about what they have to offer, you will find this episode incredibly helpful. (We also have a special guest for this episode — Steve's two-week-old daughter. Sorry for a bit of crying in the background at a few moments. ;-) Access the show notes and the entire spotting scope review at:
Nov 16, 2016
056 | Hunting from Hollywood with Wes Siler
Wes Siler has been called a "Professional Wildman" that made a living testing motorcycles and fast cars. As a writer, Wes has been published in Wired, GQ, Rolling Stone, Jalopnik, and Playboy. So what in the world is he doing on our hunting podcast? Good question. Obviously, Wes is also a hunter. Hailing from Hollywood, he is a hunter that is surrounded by those that don't understand hunting, don't support it, and clearly don't participate in it themselves. Wes has found, though, that many people are open to hunting once they understand it better. And Wes is a great voice to help non-hunters understand hunting; we talk a bit about that in this episode. Of course, we also hear about some of Wes' own hunting adventures — including why he almost had to cancel one of his own hunting trips during the whole Cecil the Lion fiasco. We also hear about the important lessons that Wes learned during his own journey of becoming a big game hunter.
Nov 08, 2016
055 | Late-Season, Post-Rut Elk Tactics with Mark Kayser
When it comes to elk hunting, September gets all of the attention. But just because the most vocal and intense action tends to occur during that period, doesn't mean that hunting later in the season — even after the rut — can't be incredibly productive. Hunting in the late-season does, however, mean that you need to change your tactics. In this episode we are joined by freelance hunting author and successful late-season elk hunter, Mark Kayser. Mark helps us understand an elk's mindset in the post-rut period. We also discuss where and how to locate elk this time of year, what calling strategies can be used with success, and much more. Learn more at
Nov 01, 2016
054 | Going Guided: Essential Information To Get You Started
Many hunters are proud do-it-yourself guys that scout and hunt public lands on mostly general season tags — working hard for every opportunity and even harder for every punched tag. We know those guys, because we are those guys. But there might be a day when even the proudest DIY guy wants to hunt a certain species, or a certain location, and they discover that a guided hunt becomes a necessity. In this show we interview Chris Maxwell and discuss some of the essential first steps that hunters should know when thinking about choosing to go on a guided hunt. Whether you're in the process of booking now, or simply think that you might go on a guided hunt one day in the future, the information covered in this show will no doubt help you make an informed decision about "going guided." And, even if you are one of those guys that insists on never using a guide (and we do discuss why you shouldn't be so stubborn about that), you'll still find this episode valuable if you ever intend on traveling out of state, or out of the country, for a destination hunt.
Oct 25, 2016
053 | Next-Level Backpacking with "Adventurer of the Year" Andrew Skurka
Andrew Skurka is an accomplished adventure athlete, speaker, guide, and writer. He is most well known for his solo long-distance backpacking trips, notably the 4,700-mile 6-month Alaska-Yukon Expedition, the 6,875-mile 7-month Great Western Loop, and the 7,775-mile 11-month Sea-to-Sea Route. Skurka has been named “Adventurer of the Year” by both Outside and National Geographic Adventure, as well as “Person of the Year” by Backpacker. National Geographic described him as “a superman among trekkers” and “one of the best traveled and fastest hikers on the planet.” He has been featured by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fox News Channel, National Public Radio and dozens of local media outlets. In addition to all of that, Andrew has recently become a big game hunter. In this episode of the Hunt Backcountry podcast, Andrew provides us with some excellent information on how to take your backpacking to the next level. We discuss gear, food, and more — including many do-it-yourself alternatives to what the market offers. You will discover how you can make an incredibly lightweight and economical stove, how to pack your own food so that you're not stuck with freeze-dried entrees, why waterproof footwear may not be the right choice for your next adventure, and much more. We also hear why Andrew has lost many fans and followers because of his ventures into hunting, and what we as hunters can do to find common ground with non-hunting outdoor enthusiasts. If you are familiar with Andrew, you know how valuable this interview will be. If you have never heard of Andrew — and many of your probably haven't — you are in for a treat! Show notes and resources at:
Oct 18, 2016
052 | Lenny's Last Day Cliche (And His Surprising New Elk Tactic)
Exo Mountain Gear co-founder, Lenny Nelson, spent a good portion of September chasing elk around the Idaho backcountry with the Pure Elevation crew. Many bulls were encountered, and many close calls had, but not a single arrow was released over more than a dozen days of hard hunting. That is, until Lenny made a last-chance solo hunt on the final day of Idaho's archery season. Persistence paid off when Lenny found himself in the midst of multiple screaming bulls and was able to punch his tag on a nice bull. In this episode we discuss the ups and downs of Lenny's hunt, the lessons he learned this season, and hear how a surprising new tactic reaped big dividends.
Oct 11, 2016
051 | Mark's Buzzer-Beater Bull
It came down to the last hours of daylight on the last day of a week-long hunt, but Mark was able to kill his first bull this year. In this episode Mark and Steve discuss the success that they've each had during elk season this September, as well as the lessons they learned in the process of filling their tags. Have a seat around this virtual, digital "campfire" as we swap hunting stories from the field. Additionally, be sure to share your success with us by emailing your field photos to photos [at]
Sep 27, 2016
050 | Uniting For Conservation with the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership
The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership has a vision to: "Guarantee all Americans quality places to hunt and fish by uniting and amplifying our partners’ voices to strengthen federal policy and funding." There is a lot for you and for me in that vision, and on today's show we speak with TRCP's President & CEO, Whit Fosburgh about TRCP's work to strengthen the future of hunting. Learn more at
Sep 20, 2016
049 | Mental Battles of Hunting the Backcountry
We have all been shooting our bows relentlessly in preparation for that moment we have been dreaming about all year. That moment when time stands still and the only thing in your mind is the sight of your arrow sailing, at what seems to be the speed of molasses on a cold day, towards your quarry. A lot of us have also been paying attention to our physical fitness. Whether we have been hitting the gym or hitting the trail with our packs loaded, it is imperative that we make sure we are up to the task at hand come hunting season. Out of all of this preparation, there is another area though that can be detrimental to a hunt. That is the area that rests between your ears. The mental game of backcountry hunting, and just hunting in general, can really be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. The ability to grind through tough situations is going to be what either sends you back up the mountain after that elk, or sends you back to the truck to head home. Let’s take a look at a few bumps in the road that we all might encounter from time to time.
Aug 30, 2016
048 | Steve's Success on Opening Day
For the third year straight, Steve Speck killed a solid mule deer on opening day of archery season. In this episode, Steve shares the story of his 2016 Idaho mule deer hunt and how he managed to find success after two failed scouting trips before the season started. We also learn what has helped Steve find so much consistent success over the years and what lessons he is learning as a hunter. To see Steve's buck, follow Exo Mountain Gear on Facebook at
Aug 22, 2016
047 | How To Load, Adjust, and Fit Your Hunting Pack
In this episode Mark and Steve discuss the topics of loading, adjusting, and fitting your hunting pack for optimal comfort and performance. Common questions are answered. Common techniques are explained. We hope you find this episode valuable and that you get to put these tips into practice on a heavy hike out of the backcountry soon. To watch a pack fitting video and get more information, please visit:
Aug 16, 2016
046 | How To Save Your Meat From The Heat
You are miles-back and you just arrowed the animal you’ve been hunting for days-on-end. As the adrenaline and elation begin to subside, you quickly realize how much work you have ahead of you. Temperatures are rising and the clock is ticking. How do you process this animal and make sure that you harvest and preserve as much meat as possible? How do you get it back to the trailhead? How do you get it home? How do you get it in the freezer? Those are just some of the questions that we answer on this episode of the Hunt Backcountry Podcast with guest and author, David Draper.
Aug 09, 2016
045 | Northwest Blacktail Secrets with Tom Ryle
The Blacktail deer is incredibly elusive. The especially thick forests of the Northwest make hunting this stealthy animal extremely difficult, and incredibly rewarding. In this episode, we speak with a native of the Northwest, Tom Ryle, about his decades of experience hunting blacktail, as well as elk and other game. Tom also has some bonus content to share with us, including a delicious way to prepare your next wild game dinner. Learn more at
Aug 03, 2016
044 | A Death Hike — There's Only One Way Out
You are dropped off in the expansive Frank Church Wilderness. The plane that brought you here is now gone and there is only one way out. You hike, and hike, and hike. Heat, rattlesnakes, and blisters are just a few of your enemies. You question your sanity. Thankfully, you are not alone; there are other guys who were courageous (dumb?) enough to have joined you. This is the Exo Mountain Gear death hike...
Jul 26, 2016
043 | Find Your Next Honey Hole — Part 2 with Brian Barney
Brian Barney is a hard-working, do-it-yourself man that has dedicated himself to hunting the West. He has years of experience hunting trophy mule deer, elk, bears, and antelope, and he loves to share the experiences and lessons he has learned with you and me — everyday guys that are trying to become better hunters. In this episode, Part 2 of our discussion with Brian, we resume the discussion on the topic of Finding Your Next Honey Hole, and dive deep into understanding how Brian finds areas that lead to hunting success. Be sure to listen to Part 1, Episode 042, if you haven’t already.
Jul 19, 2016
042 | Find Your Next Honey Hole — Part 1 with Brian Barney
Brian Barney is a hard-working, do-it-yourself man that has dedicated himself to hunting the West. He has years of experience hunting trophy mule deer, elk, bears, and antelope, and he loves to share the experiences and lessons he has learned with you and me — everyday guys that are trying to become better hunters. In this episode we discuss the topic of Finding Your Next Honey Hole, and dive deep into understanding how Brian finds areas that lead to hunting success. This is just the first part of our discussion with Brian, so be sure to subscribe and come back for part two!
Jul 13, 2016
041 | Do-It-Yourself Bow Setup & Tuning
And we're back! In this episode, Mark & Steve open the Pandora's Box of bow setup and tuning. You'll learn the steps that Mark & Steve walk through as they take a brand new (or new-to-you) bow and work through getting it ready for hunting season. Questions answered in this episode include: What is a draw board, why do you need one, and how can you build one? Why is paper tuning a waste of time (or is it)? What is arrow spine and why is it so important? And much more! This is just the first of what will be more episodes on the topic, so be sure to let us know what you want to learn and what questions you want answered by emailing us: You can find the show notes for this episode, which include links to numerous helpful articles, by visiting:
Jul 06, 2016
040 | 3 Things Wrong With Your Diet and How Diet Affects Hunting Performance
Heather Kelly is an evolutionary sports nutritionist and certified psychology of eating coach. She is the owner/operator of OPENutrition and the creator of Heather’s Choice backcountry meals. In this episode we discuss what’s wrong with the standard american diet that most of us consume and how our diets affect our hunting performance for better or worse. We answer questions like: What is Paleo and is it right for you? Does eating fat make you fat? What’s wrong with the food you’re taking into the backcountry. And most importantly, what are some of the easiest decisions and choices we can make to improve our diets and our performance the backcountry. Visit for more.
Jun 21, 2016
039 | Everything You Need to Know About Elk Hunting with Corey Jacobsen
Corey Jacobsen's new University of Elk Hunting online resource contains everything you need to know about elk hunting. In this podcast episode, Mark speaks with Corey about this new resource. Use our unique discount code "BACKCOUNTRY" and save 40% off of the regular price. To learn more about the course or get immediate access visit: Mark and Corey discuss more than just this new resource though, as they dive into a variety of elk hunting topics — including what you should be doing right now to have a more successful season this fall.
Jun 15, 2016
038 | Introducing the Exo K2 Titanium Frame and 2000 Daypack
In this special episode, Mark joins Steve and Lenny to announce and discuss some brand new product offerings from Exo Mountain Gear. Join us for an in-depth discussion on the new K2 Titanium frame, the 2000 Daypack, and more. Whether you're an Exo fan that's interested in the latest and greatest, someone who's in a market for a new hunting pack in the future, or you just want to learn more about the technical design aspects of packs and frames and how they affect function and performance, you'll enjoy this episode. Learn more about the new Exo Mountain Gear products by visiting:
Jun 01, 2016
037 | Exo Pack Giveaway! And Part 2 with the "Elk Nut"
First, before we get to the show, a BIG announcement — we’re giving away an Exo Mountain Gear pack system! Be sure to visit the giveaway page to enter today. And as a bonus just for you, the podcast listeners, we have an extra way for you to enter the giveaway; so be sure to listen-in and take advantage of this special opportunity to increase your odds at wining the pack system. In this episode, we speak with Paul “Elk Nut” Medel on the topic of calling elk. This is our second part of the conversation, so be sure to catch Part One, if you haven't already.
May 23, 2016
036 | Don't Just Call — "Talk Elk" with Paul the "Elk Nut" Medel
First, before we get to the show, a BIG announcement — we're giving away an Exo Mountain Gear pack system!  Be sure to visit the giveaway page (link below) to enter today.  And as a bonus just for you, the podcast listeners, we have an extra way for you to enter the giveaway; so be sure to listen-in and take advantage of this special opportunity to increase your odds at wining the pack system. In this episode, we speak with Paul "Elk Nut" Medel on the topic of calling elk.  Specifically, we begin to learn about Paul's theories on calling, which are less about just "making noise" and more about speaking the "language" of elk.  Paul focuses on knowing what to say, and when to say it.  You are sure to learn more about elk in this two-part series with Paul. Visit to enter the giveaway and receive more resources from Paul.
May 19, 2016
035 | Life at Full Draw with Kody Kellom of the Full Draw Film Tour
Kody Kellom joins the show to talk about this year's Full Draw Film Tour (FDFT). We also dive into some elk hunting topics. You don't want to miss the FDFT, so be sure to check out the show notes and see when the tour will be coming to your area!
May 04, 2016
034 | 20lb Pack Weight for Multi-Day Hunts? That can't be right!
In this episode, Steve and Mark discuss the new "What's In Your Pack?" video series and address specific questions that viewers raised after seeing Steve's pack list for September Mule Deer hunting in the high country. With all of his gear — optics, shelter, clothing, emergency items, etc., but not including food and water — Steve's pack weighs just 20lbs! How can that be? Listen in and find out! To make sure you receive future videos and gear lists, please subscribe to Exo Mountain Gear on YouTube or join the Exo Newsletter. To do so, please visit
Apr 28, 2016
033 | The Northwest Mountain Challenge
The Northwest Mountain Challenge is back and better than ever for 2016! This year's events will held in Idaho (Tamarack), Washington (Stevens Pass), and Oregon (Hoodoo). Learn more about what makes this weekend so special, and why you should attend. More information is available at
Apr 21, 2016
032 | The New Era of GPS with onXmaps
Maps are maps...until you add the capabilities of onXmaps. Now you not only have a base map, you have hunting boundaries, public land boundaries, private land boundaries with landowner information, and so much more. In this episode we speak with Yana and Ed about the various products that onXmaps in their Hunting GPS Maps line. We learn about how the products enable hunters to become more effective. And we hear about some brand new features and products that you surely don't want to miss.
Apr 15, 2016
031 | What You Need To Know To Kill A Big Bruin — With Russ Meyer
This timely episode is packed with information to help you on your spring bear hunts. Our guest, Russ Meyer, shares his secrets on how he find, hunts, and kills BIG bears. Whether you are new to bear hunting or a seasoned veteran, you're sure to learn something from Russ in this episode.
Apr 07, 2016
030 | How to Find Success Hunting Solo with Travis Nowotny
Travis Nowotny kills more big game animals in one year than many of us kill in five years. In this episode, we speak with Travis about finding success in the field, even when you're hunting solo. We learn how Travis has faced and overcome the particular mental battles of solo hunting in the backcountry, how he's refined his skills, and what are the advantages/disadvantages of hunting solo vs with a partner. Learn more at
Mar 31, 2016
029 | Remote Pursuits in Alaska with Matt Wymer
Matt Wymer of grew up hunting in Washington state, but has spent the last 12 years living in and hunting in Alaska. We speak with Matt about the differences between hunting in the Lower 48 and hunting in Alaska. Matt, like us, is a gear junkie, so we spend some time discussing various aspects of gear as well. We also get to talk about the animal that Matt loves to hunt most — Dall Sheep. Enjoy this episode and be sure to check out the show notes at
Mar 22, 2016
028 | Capture the Hunt — Photo & Video Tips with John Abernathy
Hunters have been retelling the stories of their adventures since the dawn of man. In the current age, nearly every hunter will enter the woods with a smartphones or camera and will capture some aspect of their hunt with photos or videos. In this podcast episode, we speak with photographer and videographer John Abernathy about ways to improve the ways that we capture our hunts with photos and video. It doesn't matter if you're someone who takes photos for your personal memories, or you're a videographer that's trying to share hunts with the world — you'll learn something from what John has to share. To see some of John's work, as well as some of John's recommendations for cameras and equipment, visit:
Mar 08, 2016
027 | Skills for the Backcountry & Traditional Archery with Clay Hayes
Clay Hayes is an outdoors renaissance man of sorts. His skills are honed in the backcountry, allowing him to survive — even thrive — in harsh conditions. Clay partnered with Backcountry Hunters & Anglers to produce an instructional film series called The Backcountry College. In additional to woodsmanship skills, Clay is a very knowledgable resource in the area of traditional archery. Clay builds his own equipment by hand and has the skills to harvest big game with his simple, hand-crafted stick and string. Whether you want to learn some tips and tricks to help you survive in the backcountry or you want to learn a bit more about traditional archery, you'll enjoy this episode. You can get this episodes show notes, including links to more of Clay's work, here:
Mar 01, 2016
026 | UNCUT: New Exo Products, Hunter Survey Results, Western Hunting Expo
In this "UNCUT" episode, Mark, Steve, and Lenny announce some new Exo products that will be coming soon. They also discuss the recent Western Hunting Expo, as well as the results of a hunting survey that gives some insight into how you and other backcountry hunters approach hunting and gear. Be sure to check out the show notes and get a look at the new Exo products by visiting:
Feb 24, 2016
025 | Ground Hunting Strategies with ASAT’s Ben Guttormson — Part 2
This is Part 2 of our discussion with ASAT’s Ben Guttormson. Ben spends countless days in the field hunting numerous species each year. We continue to speak with Ben about specific strategies and tips for hunting from the ground — stalking, cover, concealment, movement principles, reading animal behavior, when to draw your bow, and much, much more.
Feb 15, 2016
024 | Ground Hunting Strategies with ASAT’s Ben Guttormson — Part 1
ASAT’s Ben Guttormson is a wealth of knowledge. Ben spends countless days in the field hunting numerous species each year. In this episode, we speak with Ben about specific strategies and tips for hunting from the ground. We talk about stalking, cover, concealment, movement principles, reading animal behavior, when to draw your bow, and much, much more. Be sure to come back for Part 2 (Episode 25) to learn more from Ben.
Feb 10, 2016
023 | First Lite's New Hunting Apparel for 2016
In this episode, Mark joins First Lite's co-founder, Kenton Carruth. They discuss First Lite's new gear for 2016, as well as some history of the company. More than just covering new products, they discuss the technical details of fabrics and features that will help you choose the best clothing for your hunting needs. What makes merino so great? How can it be better? Most companies market their outerwear as "waterproof" and "breathable", but can those attributes be tested and independently rated? Those questions, and many more, are answered in this episode. Learn more at
Feb 02, 2016
022 | Wolf Hunting with Jason Wright
Wolf hunting is a controversial topic that tends to bring up a lot of emotions from advocates for, and against, the issue. In this episode Jason Wright — a wolf hunter himself — shares his opinion on the subject...and its probably not exactly what you'd expect. We also get practical and talk about where, when, and how to hunt wolves.
Jan 27, 2016
021 | UNCUT: Best Bow of the ATA Show, New for Exo in 2016, BHA Winner
Mark and Steve are back from ATA Show and have an "uncut" discussion about a variety of topics. Who's the Backcountry Hunters giveaway winner? What's the best new bow in 2016? What's coming from Exo Mountain Gear? And much more...
Jan 14, 2016
020 | "Cut the Crap" — No BS Nutrition Advice from Dan Staton of
To hunt hard, to hunt effectively, one must be physically and mentally prepared for the harsh demands of the backcountry. Physical training is critical, but you can't out-work a crappy diet. Many hunters look to workouts and supplements, and afterwards (or if at all), they evaluate their day-to-day nutrition choices. But proper nutrition is really the foundation of quality training and effective hunting. In this episode with Dan Staton of, we "cut the crap", disregard the dogma, and provide you with a simple outline to improve your daily nutrition. Many people have fitness and weightless goals for the New Year, so now is the time to listen to this episode and put this wisdom to work for you. Be a healthier, stronger, leaner hunter in 2016!
Jan 01, 2016
019 | How To Select A Hunting Bow with Matt Davis of Hoyt Archery
In this episode of The Hunt Backcountry Podcast we speak with Matt Davis of Hoyt Archery and discuss what a bowhunter should look for when they're selecting a new bow — from Hoyt or from any of the numerous other great bow manufacturers on the market. We break down the anatomy of a bow and talk translate the technical specifications — such as speed ratings, brace heights, axle-to-axle length, etc. — and discuss how each one of these technical numbers should guide you in what you're looking for from your next bow. Additionally, we break down numbers traits of the draw cycle and explain terms such as "valley", let-off, and the "wall". Before we dive into that, we also have a brief chat about Matt's role as Hoyt's Pro Staff Manager and what a good industry Pro Staffer is and does.
Dec 20, 2015
018 | Techniques to Kill the Best Buck of Your Life with Robby Denning
Robby Denning joins us again in Episode 18 to talk about some very specific tactics that can help you take the best mule deer buck of your life. We're all familiar with the classic spot-and-stalk scenario of hunting high country bucks, but Robby explains that there are other tactics that help hunters take more mulies. If you're a mule deer hunter, or want to become one someday, you'll definitely want to learn about these tactics and become what Robby calls, "the complete hunter." Don't forget to enter the Exo Mountain Gear pack giveaway at And be sure to listen to the previous episode (017) with Land Tawney of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers to find out how yo can win a $50 gift card from S&S Archery.
Dec 15, 2015
017 | Backcountry Hunters & Anglers: Fighting For You
In this episode, we speak with Land Tawney, Executive Directory of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers (BHA). BHA is an organization that was started by, is run by, and is funded/supported by the organization's namesake — backcountry hunters and anglers. In this episode you'll hear Land explain the organization's grassroots history, current activities, and future mission. As well as how the organization is currently work for you. Yes, you. As an incentive to join BHA and support their great work, we're super excited to tell you about two very important specials! First, if you join or renew your membership to BHA, send us a message with the proof at podcast[at], and you'll be entered to win a $50 gift card from our friends at S&S Archery. Secondly, BHA is running a $15 membership special (normally $25) in the month of December, so the deal is even sweeter! This week's podcast contains a bonus keyword for our Pack Giveaway, so don't miss out on your chance at that bonus entry for a FREE Exo Mountain Gear pack system!
Dec 08, 2015
016 | "The Most Successful Hunter I Know"
In this episode, we speak with Russ Meyer. Russ is, as Steve puts it, “the most successful hunter I know.” So we talk to Russ about what it takes to be so successful. How has he found consistent success is 30 years of bowhunting? Topics address include… - Physical fitness for hunting performance and longevity as you age. - The importance (and dangers) of experienced hunters mentoring new hunters. - The special sentiments of hunting with your children. - Some of Russ’ keys to hunting success: - knowing your hunting area intimately - finding and hunting areas that other hunters won’t pressure - patience vs aggressiveness - calling vs stalking - positive mindset and confidence - realistic expectations - capitalizing on encounters and opportunities - And, conversely, common mistakes that keep hunters from being success - Russ’ work with Outdoors International Learn more at:
Dec 02, 2015
015 | Hunting Boot Selection & Fit Advice from the Experts at Lathrop & Sons
James and Stephen Latrop have over 50 years of specialized foot-care training. Combine that with the fact that they are DIY hunters and outdoorsmen, and you can see why we wanted to talk to them about the very topic that they specialize in — helping hunters select and fit the right boots for their needs. In this episode we talk about the construction and anatomy of boots, how a boot should fit, what’s the best way to break a boot in, how to choose the right sock and insole for your boots and more. Also, be sure to check out Lathrop and Sons site-wide 15% OFF DISCOUNT that is going on through November 30th. Use the code GOBBLE15 to get your savings. You can find more about this show at
Nov 25, 2015
014 | 200” of Heartbreak with Brady Miller of
In this episode of the Hunt Backcountry Podcast we talk with Brady Miller of We catch up on Brady’s hunting season, including the heartbreaking story of a GIANT mule deer that Brady shot in Colorado. We also get Brady’s opinions on bow setups for western hunting. Brady is a guy that is meticulous and thorough in his gear choices, testing, and setup — so it is great to hear his opinion on the topic. Finally, we talk with Brady and the founder of, Lorenzo Sartini, about the service — including a sneak peak at some brand new features that are about to be released to make planning your next hunting adventure more effective than ever. You can find all of the show notes for this episode at As always, we’d love to get your feedback! Please consider leaving us a review on iTunes, Stitcher, etc; and email us at podcast (at) with your questions and comments.
Nov 17, 2015
013 | How to Take the Best Buck of Your Life with Robby Denning
Robby Denning started hunting mule deer in the late 1970’s, only missing one season in 35 years. At 25, he gave up the pursuit of all other big-game to focus on taking the best bucks possible. He began hunting the West on a DIY budget hunting an average of 30 days a year for mule deer. Robby loves the hunt as much as the kill and the entire process from research to scouting to hunting. He’s killed four bucks over 200 inches in the last 15 seasons, mostly on easily-obtained tags. In this episode we talk about what it takes to hunt BIG mule deer. We’ll be having Robby back to dive deeper into the tactics side of things, so be sure and send us your questions for Robby to LEARN MORE:
Nov 11, 2015
012 | Everything Elk with Corey Jacobsen of
Corey Jacobsen is an 8-time World Champion elk call, a magazine publisher and editor, and the founder of More importantly, Corey is a down to earth, passionate elk hunter that loves to share his passion and knowledge with other elk hunters. In this show, we talk to Corey about a wide range of topics about elk hunting. Including… - After 30+ years of elk hunting, does he still learn from each hunt? And what lessons is hear learning now? - How does elk hunting change after September and what are some tips for pursuing post-September bulls? - How to get youth involved in elk hunting. - Why the bonus point system (for tag procurement) isn’t as helpful as most people think it is. - What the future looks like for Extreme Elk Magazine (now merged with Elk Hunter Magazine) and - The controversial, yet effective, “frontal shot” on elk. - And more! If you’re an elk hunter, you’ll no doubt love this episode with Corey!
Nov 03, 2015
011 | Understanding Effective Camouflage with Joseph Skinner of Veil Camo
Joseph Skinner is the founder of Veil Camo. Chances are, you've seen Joe's work as First Lite's proprietary camouflage pattern — Fusion. Joe worked with First Lite to develop the pattern, Fusion, to be an incredibly effective hunting pattern for a variety of terrains and environments. In this episode, we talk with Joe about what makes camouflage effective. We discuss what ungulates (deer, elk, caribou, etc) "see" in terms of color. How "macro" and "micro" disruption play a role in effective concealment. And why some of the most popular camo patterns on the market are built to look good to hunters, but are not really ideal for concealment while hunting.
Oct 28, 2015
010 | Failure Teaches — Colorado Elk Debrief
Failure is a great teacher. Well, that's partly true. The real truth in hunting, though, is that if you've learned, you haven't failed. In this episode, Mark and his hunting partner, Jerud, talk about their recent Colorado elk hunt. Steve also joins them on their post-hunt debrief, as well as to discuss his own elk hunting season in Idaho.
Oct 19, 2015
009 | An Awesome, Horrible Alaskan Adventure
Have you ever wanted to hunt a far away place for a majestic animal? Say, Bull Moose in Alaska? That’s exactly what we’re discussing in this episode. BUT, sometimes the dream or anticipation of such a hunt doesn’t live up to the reality of what’s experienced. We talk with Steve, Lenny, and Jason about their recent Alaskan adventure and find out why it was awesome and horrible at the same time. Not only will you be entertained to hear their stories, you’ll learn some valuable lessons that will help inform your future hunting plans. As always, be sure to send your questions and feedback to!
Oct 06, 2015
008 | Lenny’s 190’s Typical Buck from a Non-Typical Hunt
Lenny joins Steve and Mark again this week to discuss a non-typical hunt that led to Lenny killing a 190’s typical buck in “Wyoming”. We also hear about the story of Steve’s recent 2015 Idaho archery buck. We discuss why Lenny has reversed-course on some of his recent gear choices, how the mule deer tactics we discussed in previous episodes played-out in these recent successful hunts, and more…
Sep 09, 2015
007 | Wired to Hunt — Whitetails to Elk with Mark Kenyon
Mark Kenyon from joins us to talk about his story — how he transitioned from a hardcore whitetail hunter in the midwest to a successful elk hunter in the western backcountry. We talk about the changes in fitness, gear, mindset, and tactics that are necessary to move from whitetail hunting to western big game hunting.
Sep 01, 2015
006 | Food To Fuel Your Backpack Hunts
In this episode, Mark and Steve discuss the food that they use to fuel their backcountry hunts. They show that a little bit of thought, research, and analysis will allow you to not only ensure you're meeting the nutritional demands of backcountry hunting, but also allow you to do it by carrying no more than 1.5lbs of food per day. They discuss the key facts that you need to know about a food's weight and caloric density. For example, did you know that there's typically 4 calories per gram of carbohydrate and protein, but 9 calories per gram of fat? You will also hear what their daily menu looks like. And you can find that menu on the Pure Elevation blog at:
Aug 25, 2015
005 | Built for the Backcountry — Mountain Fitness with Rob Shaul
We all know that hunting the backcountry effectively requires a certain level of physical fitness. But how, specifically, should backcountry hunters train? What are the unique challenges that hunters face? How can hunters train effectively without spending hours and hours in the gym? Rob Shaul, founder of Mountain Athlete, helps us answer these questions and many more. Be sure to check out the Mountain Athlete website at: As always, we appreciate your feedback — consider leaving us a review in iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to this show.
Aug 18, 2015
004 | A-to-Z Gear Lists for Backcountry Hunting
In this episode, Mark, Steve, and Lenny discuss the gear they take on extended backcountry hunts. From the big items, like packs and tents, down to the nitty-gritty, like first aid and water filtration — it's all covered. The guys each have different styles, philosophies, and thus, gear lists. You're guaranteed to pick up a tip, trick, or learn about something that you can add (or remove) from your pack for your next hunt. Gear lists are available at and
Aug 11, 2015
003 | Mule Deer Scouting for Success with Jason Wright
In this episode, Jason Wright joins us to take us step-by-step through a pre-season scouting plan for mule deer hunters. We dive deep into selecting an area, evaluating that area, using optics, and much more. Experienced mule deer hunters and those that are new to the pursuit can both learn something from this episode!
Aug 04, 2015
002 | Muley Tactics, Elk Scouting, Rookie Mistakes with Exo Mountain Gear's Lenny Nelson
In Episode 002, Mark Huelsing and Steve Speck sit down with Lenny Nelson, co-founder of Exo Mountain Gear. We discuss a variety of topics and answer listener questions about elk scouting, mule deer stalking, camera gear for filming hunts, and more. We also learn why tandem mountain biking is the best way to train for hunting season.
Jul 28, 2015
001 | Introductions — Mark Huelsing & Steve Speck
In this episode you'll meet the co-hosts of the new Hunt Backcountry Podcast. They answer questions such as... What are the top 2-3 gear items that matter most when it comes to hunting the backcountry effectively? Are trekking poles worth it, or should you leave them to the mall walkers? What is a good goal pack weight for a 5-Day backpack hunt. And how to judge a bull elk’s aggressiveness and know when to make a move vs. when to stay in position and try to draw him in.
Jul 17, 2015